Managerial Accounting Practice in Bangladesh by SabbirBadhon

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Managerial Accounting Practices in

 Introduction about the topic

 Methodology

 Analysis & Interpretation

 Finding part

 Recommendation

 Conclusion
Management accounting practice helps an organization to survive in the
competitive, ever changing world, because it provides an important
    Introduction about the topic
competitive advantage for an organization that guides managerial action,
motivates behaviors, supports and the culture value necessary to achieve an
organization strategic objective. Management accounting is concerned
preliminary with the internal needs of management. it is oriented toward
evaluation of performance and development of estimate of the future as
opposed to traditional financial accounting which emphasize historical data
related to such legal financial matters as ownership, investment credit
granting, taxation regulation, and the building of foundations for consistent
and conservative external reporting in accordance with generally accepted
accounting principle.

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Personal Interview
 Analysis & Interpretation

Sunk Cost           Opportunity Cost
Total Quality Management

 Managerial accounting is concerned with providing
  information to manage

 We have learn about sunk cost that, all company have the
  sunk cost and this cost cannot be return or changed by any

 No regulatory bodies or other outsides agencies specify
  what is to be done

 Opportunity cost is the cost that is usually found in account,
  but they are costs that must be explicitly in every decision a
  manager make. Virtually, every alternative involves an
  opportunity cost.

• The development of management accounting is responsive to
  the demands of management and the environment.
  Management accounting adapts to organizational change and
  three major forces cause organizations to evolve: technological
  change, globalization, and customer need. In order to remain
  competitive in today’s global market, business must continually
  improve. Good management accounting practices help the
  organization to improve continually. Due to these all over the
  world there are so many management accounting tools &
  techniques developed and practiced. Bangladeshi organizations
  as a member of global market need to adopt these techniques in
  order to remain competitive. A survey has been conducted
  based on a questionnaire to examine the management
  accounting practices in the manufacturing sector of Bangladesh.

 Above of the information and data analysis we
 understand the how much important managerial
 accounting in the business organization. Without
 managerial accounting a organization can not
 survive in the competitive market. It is the
 process of identification and communication of
 financial information used by management to
 plan evaluate, and control within organization and
 assure appropriate use of and accountability of
 its resources.
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