Don’t like your nose? Now is the time to do something about it! by rhinoplastylosangele


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									Don’t like your nose? Now is the time to do something about it!
         It has been projected that by 2017, the American market for cosmetic surgery will reach
$3.2billion dollars. Even with the state of the economy these days, our quest for youth and enhancing
our physical appearance has only been exacerbated by the increasing popularity of weight loss and
reality television, tougher competition in workplaces, and the ever growing acceptance of elective
plastic surgery. But maybe, just maybe, plastic surgery can be worth it when trying to shave off a few
years from your looks: The Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery recently published a study that suggests
that patients who have had a beverly hills rhinoplasty procedure do indeed look younger- up to 1.5
years younger than their actual ages.

                                                                                       Rhinoplasty is a
                                                                              plastic surgery procedure
                                                                              which aims to restore the
                                                                              functions of the nose and
                                                                              to aesthetically enhance
                                                                              the nose by correcting
                                                                              and reconstructing the
                                                                              form      of   it.   Most
                                                                              rhinoplasty Beverly Hills
                                                                              patients share the same
                                                                              goal: to have a nose that
                                                                              is    more     attractively
                                                                              shaped and proportioned.
It has been estimated that there were 243, 772 nose reshaping/rhinoplasty procedures done in 2011,
making it the second most sought after cosmetic procedure; the first being breast augmentation.

          A recent poll amongst rhinoplasty patients has shown that almost 80% of the patients were
satisfied with their appearance after the operation. Perhaps this is due to the new technological
developments made on the plastic surgery forefront. One new development is a Swiss technology called
Crisalix, which is the first web-based simulator to use 2-D pre-op photo to create an accurate 3-D view of
what the patient would look like post-op. Allowing the patient to view what their faces will look like
beforehand gives them a sense of comfort as they can clarify desires and expectations, which lead to
better overall post-op contentment.

        So, if you do not like your nose, don’t hold back from doing what you need to do to become
comfortable with yourself. The first step after you have decided that you are going to do something
about your nose is to find an expert plastic surgeon. By viewing multiple before and after pictures of
their patients you can get an understanding of how many patients the doctor has worked with, as well
as the artistic ability they have when it comes to forming a nose that fits the patients face and
compliments there other features.

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