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									                                          Handout 1
                                Basic Text Structure
(w/graphic organizer)            Characteristics                          Examples
                          Major topic is addressed as a      A book about Italy might include a
     Topic/               series of subtropics. The          section on its people, their
    Subtopic              subtropics are often in no         language, their art, etc.
                          particular order

                          Major topic is addressed by        A book on rocks might be
       Listing            considering its components.        organized in three sections, one
        •   Fact          The components may be              for each major type of rocks. Each
        •   Fact          further subdivided. The            type might include subsections.
        •   Fact          components are not presented       (Ex. The section on sedimentary
        •   Fact
                          in a particular order – they are   rocks might include subsections
                          simply listed.                     on limestone and sandstone.)
                          Events are described in the        A novel or story
     Sequential           order they occur. In the case of
        •   Step
        •   Step          fiction, these events usually      Historical events
        •   Step          follow a standard story format
        •   Step          that centers on a problem that     A process that may be repeated
                          confronts the main character.      such as the water cycle.
Compare-Contrast          Two or more concepts are           A book on reptiles and amphibians
                          presented by indicating how        would need to address how these
                          they are the same and              groups are similar or alike and
                          different.                         how they are different.

Problem-Solution          The text centers on a major        A book about air pollution might
                          social or scientific problem       begin by defining the problem and
Problem      Solution 1   and presents possible              then outlining alternative
             Solution 2   solutions.                         approaches to contend with it.
             Solution 3

                                                         Walpole & McKenna; Bakken & Whedon (2002)

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