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					                                             Happy New Year
We extend our gratitude to those who attended and participated in our recent Town Hall Meetings. The positive response
to these events confirms our belief in the power of communication, especially in times of difficulty.

How do we stand on solid financial ground when the markets and economy are shifting beneath us so dramatically? One
way is to focus, with the help of your advisor, on financial issues over which you can exert control. These include, but are
not limited to estate and tax planning, mortgage refinancing, and asset protection issues

                                                 Estate & Tax Planning
The Federal estate tax exemption equivalent has increased in 2009 to $3.5 million per individual, with the top rate staying
at 45%. However, the estate tax is scheduled to be repealed for 2010, but revert to a $1 million exemption equivalent and
55% top rate in 2011. The probability is high that the new Administration and Congress will rework the estate tax,
requiring a review and possible revision of estate plans in the near future.

You have until April 15 to fund a 2008 IRA contribution. Limits for both 2008 and 2009 are generally $5,000 for those
under 50 and and $6,000 for 50 and over.  There is also an age 50 and over catch-up provision of up to $5,000 for 401k
and 403b plans. Also, if you believe that the market will recover in 2009, you may want to make your 2009 IRA
contribution now while prices are still low. Please contact your Abacus client service representative or advisor if you want to
set up a direct contribution to your account.

Due to tax-loss harvesting, you may have significant capital losses from 2008 which can be carried forward indefinitely. You
can typically deduct $3,000 of losses above and beyond realized gains each year.

Congress recently approved legislation that includes a one-year suspension of the required minimum distributions for 2009. 
Requirements for 2008 remain unchanged. If you are currently taking an RMD, you may wish to contact your Abacus
client service representative to suspend your 2009 distribution.

Annual tax-free gifting has increased to $13,000. This exclusion also applies to gifts made directly to 529 college savings
plans. In fact, one can lump five years of 529 plan gifting together for a maximum of $65,000 per donor.

                                                  Mortgage Refinancing
Given how low mortgage rates have dropped, now may be a great time to consider refinancing.  In addition to the difference
in rates between your current and available mortgages, other factors should be considered. These include how long you have
lived in and plan to live in your residence, closing costs, and whether the new lender will perform a consolidation and
assignment with the current loan. Your Abacus advisor can help you analyze the costs and benefits, and refer you to a
competent mortgage lender. The Federal Housing Finance Agency site,, provides data on the
conforming mortgage amount in your geographic area.

        A b a c u s We a l t h P a r t n e r s , L L C                                        Q1 2009 Newsletter
                                                    Investment Allocation
During times like these, it is common for investors to flee stocks for the perceived safe havens of Treasuries or high quality
bonds. This ignores the purchasing power risk posed by inflation, e.g. bond returns did not keep pace with inflation in the
US in the ‘70s, while hyper-inflation decimated bond investors in Germany in the early 20s. Stocks, perceived as so risky,
are investments in companies that generate products and services that we all use. Long term, most companies will survive
crises because the world moves forward by producing goods and services of value. So, given that there is a risk of loss with
both bonds and stocks, and given no clairvoyance regarding the markets in the short term, why not maintain a diversified
and well-balanced portfolio? It's the only source of true safety in an uncertain world.
(Adapted from The Cure for Money Madness blog)

                                                           Charitable Giving
In 2008, the Abacus Charitable Fund made contributions to 45 organizations as the result of suggestions by our clients and
staff. These organizations included the Cambodian Children’s Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Juvenile Diabetes Research
Foundation, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, International Medical Corps, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, and
Doctors Without Borders.

We urge our clients to continue to find ways to give, even if your charity budget is being cut along with other items. There
are a lot of low-cost/high-impact ways to help. For example, for our Annual Holiday party this year, Abacus decided to
include a community service event. Our Los Angeles office made sack lunches for the residents of the Ocean Park
Community Center shelter. Our Philadelphia office spent an afternoon in the warehouse of a hunger-relief organization
packing boxes of food for low-income seniors. Our Sebastopol office attended a dinner with 250 homeless people outside
City Hall in San Francisco with Curry without Worry and is headed to assist at the Sonoma County Food bank next month

                                                                           The Sebastopol Office
  JJ, Kari, Angela and Nadia                                               served food at Curry
       making snack bags                    Barrett and Brent                 Without Worry                     Carleen, Lisa, Gloria, Jason, Zivia
                                            making sandwiches                                                   and Barbara packing food boxes


          Greg Aloia                                                                   Jason Cole

Abacus Wealth Partners, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser. This publication is only intended for interested investors residing in states in which the Adviser is
qualified to provide investment advisory services. The Adviser does not attempt to furnish personalized investment advice or services through this publication.

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