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									RxMedCo – Transportation & Translation Services in US

I had to attend a family function, which required nearly 12 hours
traveling. My grandmother, who lives with me, was very much
eager to attend the function at any cost, but due to old age and
illness, long journey without proper medical assistance was risky.
One of my relatives, who had used service of RxMedco suggested
using them, as they provide well equipped transportation facilities
suitable for patients. I approached RxMedco and was pleased to
see that their transportation services included Ambulatory,
Wheelchair, Stretcher, ALS/BLS, and even Air Transportation in
all 50 states.
I took their service to and fro to attend function. I am completely
satisfied with the assistance provided by RXMedCo to take care of
my grandmother’s health.
In case of need, RXMedCo also have interpreters so that language
barring is not there and patients are at ease.
RXMedCo’s medical interpretation services are available round
the clock, either face-to-face or over the phone in over 250
If anyone asks me which transportation service provider to be
selected, I will surely suggest RXMedCo., as I don’t think anyone
can provide much better service than RXMedCo.
They are undoubtedly the best.

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