Setting Up A Custom UI - Addon In Wow In 8 Simple Steps!_ by Elizabeth357Franqui


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									Setting Up A Custom UI - Addon In Wow In 8 Simple Steps!
Listed here are 8 quick steps to set up a UI on the Mac or pc.
1. Download the Addon of your liking for your computer.
2. Extract the files to some folder on your pc (IE. Desktop).
3. Open your WoW Folder
• PC (C:Program FilesWorld of Warcraft)
• Mac (Macs Primary HD /Programs/Wow)
4. Inside your WoW directory open the Interface folder (Whether it does not exist, create it)
5. Within the Interface directory, open Addons (Whether it does not exist, create it)
6. Copy the folder that consists of your Addon in to the proper directory.
Your WoW Directory should now seem like this.
• C:Program FilesWorld of WarcraftInterfaceAddons"Module title"
• Macs HD/Programs/WowOrUser interfaceOrAdd-onsOrInchAdd-on title"
"Addon title" should retain the addon you want to set up. Make certain to put the whole folder to your
Addons directory and not simply its contents.
7. Launch WoW and login for your requirements.
8. In the character choose screen, there must be a control button that states "AddOns" within the
lower left corner. Click this and make certain all your addons are checked. Also click "Load OutDated
Thats it!
Frequent problems:
You will find 2 primary stuff that may cause your addon not to function besides being outdated.
1. The addon files were pulled towards the Addons folder outdoors of the primary folder. The whole
addon folder should be place into the Addon folder.
2. The addon ought to be saved in one level folder. If there's a subfolder within the addons folder,
then your addon won't work.

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