PowerSchool Student Portal User Guide by 9SeRyI80


									                                                       PowerSchool Student Portal User Guide
                                                                         Mercy High School - Burlingame

Accessing PowerSchool
    1. Launch your Internet browser (Explorer, Firefox, etc.)
    2. Enter the following URL into your address bar: https://mercyhsb.powerschool.com/; click enter.
       (You may want to add this page to bookmark this page for easy future reference.) You can also
       access this page via the QuickLinks on the Mercy High School website
       (http://www.mercyhsb.com/). Click on PowerSchool Parent & Student Login.
    3. The following log-on screen will appear –

    4. Type in your username and password as they are on the top of your letter; click Enter.
    5. PowerSchool will open up to the Grades & Attendance screen and Menu Bar.

* Please note that Mercy does not currently use the School Bulletin, Class Registration, or My Calendars

Viewing Current Grades & Attendance
    1.  The default screen is the Grades & Attendance screen. Here, you may view your schedule, your
       current grades, and attendance. This data is live and shows exactly what you are earning at that
           a. Please note that the column Exp represents the Class Period and Q1 represents quarter
           b. The Absences and Tardy columns show the totals for the number of instances in a single
               class. The Attendance Totals appears in a separate chart at the bottom of the page.
    2. You can also view grades for any individual assignment in any course.
           a. From the Grades & Attendance screen, click on the blue letter grade in the Q1 column
               next to the course you would like to view.

                                                        PowerSchool Student Portal User Guide
                                                                         Mercy High School - Burlingame

            b. The Class Score Detail screen appears. You will now see the list of assignments, tests,
               etc. with your scores and grades.

Viewing Grades History
As we move forward in PowerSchool, the Grade History icon will become available. Please note that
Mercy High School does not use Citizenship (Cit) or Hours (Hrs).

Viewing Attendance History
By clicking on the Attendance History icon, you may see your year-to-date attendance records for each
class period. A legend is below, indicating what each attendance code represents.

Having Trouble?
If you have trouble logging into your account, please contact Ms. Jewett via SchoolLoop or at


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