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									ENER-G Launches Collective Energy Purchasing Service

Independent energy intermediary ENER-G Procurement provides collective
energy purchasing scheme to give businesses access to more competitive,
flexible energy contracts.

Manchester, UK, May 24, 2012 -- Businesses facing rising energy bills are
invited to fight back by combining their collective purchasing power for
a better deal on gas and electricity contracts.

Collective energy purchasing can deliver better value, according to the
UK government, which has launched a new consumer guide. Energy Secretary
Edward Davey, said: “I want to help make collective purchasing become a
permanent feature of the UK energy market. This can be a really useful
tool for consumers by making it easier to move to a better deal and to
get real savings on gas and electricity bills, as well as helping boost

Independent energy intermediary ENER-G Procurement (www.energ.co.uk) is
making the benefits of collective energy purchasing available to
organisations of all sizes via its new ENER-G Collective service, which
enables companies to combine their consumption and benefit from more
competitive contracts in the live wholesale market.

ENER-G recruits and groups individual businesses together into purchasing
consortia, providing different collectives for gas and electricity
contracts, and for both large half-hourly metered customers and those
smaller consumers without half-hourly electricity meters.

ENER-G can also set up collective energy purchasing schemes on behalf of
trade organisations, housing associations, or membership groups.

With the consortia in place, ENER-G's analysts then constantly monitor
the wholesale gas and electricity markets to make purchases when market
conditions are most favourable. Purchasing is aligned with a detailed
risk management strategy that supports decision making and sets pre-
defined risk limits.

As part of its management service, ENER-G handles all supplier liaison,
purchasing and administration, and provides a full invoice validation
service to ensure accuracy of billing.

Collective purchasing also allows small and medium sized businesses the
opportunity to move from old fixed-price terms to new style flexible
contracts, which can be better value for money but are, otherwise, only
available to larger buyers. By purchasing flexibly, businesses can buy
'little and often' to take advantage of market dips and spread the
purchasing risk.

Mark Alston, General Manager of ENER-G Procurement, said: "Gas and power
prices increased by about 20% in 2011 and are predicted to continue
rising year-on-year, but there are always opportunities to buy in short-
term dips even when the overall trend is up. The new ENER-G Collective™
enables businesses to combine forces to increase their buying power and
to benefit from flexible purchasing options, irrespective of their
individual budget."

Although traditional fixed price contracts offer the advantage of budget
certainty, they can turn out to be poor value for money as they only
represent market prices at a single point in time. Since the energy
market is extremely volatile, this can prove to be the wrong time to buy,
especially if companies fail to secure a new contract well in advance of
their renewal date. Another advantage of flexible purchasing is that it
reduces risk for suppliers which can be passed onto customers via lower
risk premiums.

ENER-G Procurement is an independent energy purchasing specialist and a
founding member of the Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA), the
trade body that ensures the highest standards of operation in energy
procurement. ENER-G Procurement operates the Chamber Utilities™ service
on behalf of British Chambers of Commerce and is the delivery partner for
a number of leading membership organisations, such as EEF, The
Manufacturers' Organisation.

For further information contact: www.energ.co.uk/energy-procurement;
email em@energ.co.uk or call 01527 855088.

Janet Kilpatrick
ENER-G Holdings plc
ENER-G House, Daniel Adamson Road
Manchester, M50 1DT UK

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