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           Apple iPod Accessories and More…

Topics Covered:

    Jazz Up Your Player With iPod Accessories

    Quick Guide to iPod Accessories

    The iPod and the Cool Cases That Go With it

    What You Need to Know About iPod Cases

    You Gotta Love iPod's Covers!

    iPod Video Cases: Durable, Functional, Fashionable Protection for Your iPod

    Two iPod Headphones Clash

    Great Accessories for Your iPod Nano

    First-time iPod Nano User? A Quick Guide on Cases

    Should You Get a Skin for Your iPod?

    Guide to Good Software for Your iPod

    Finding the Perfect iPod Speakers For You

                  Apple iPod Accessories and More

Jazz Up Your Player With iPod Accessories

The iPod is the ultimate symbol of the digital age and if you haven’t heard about it, then you’ve
been in cave for a very long time. The iPod is today’s coolest gadget. Having one elevates you
to the status of the iPod people--audiophiles in love with their iPods. And what self-respecting
iPod person would you be if you didn’t dress up your iPod with iPod accessories? Luckily there
are hundreds of companies who offer the best and amazing hardware and software iPod
accessories to compliment and personalize your “baby.”

Let’s start with the basics of iPod accessories: iPod skins. The first, second and third generation
iPods often has to content itself with the iPod accessories of cases in leather, rubber, aluminum
or fabric to protect the iPod from scratches, dust and moisture. Depending on your needs, there
are covers that allow you to carry your iPod in all your activity. From water-resistant cases to
sweat proof sleeves, these iPod accessories define the meaning of portable.

The skins can also serve a fashionable function. has a vast array of iPod skins,
from your loud colors to your favorite anime characters, anything you can think of is possible.
You can even satisfy the abstract lover in you with graphic designs printed on your iPod skin.
Just make sure that the iPod accessories you get have a guarantee, in case of an inferior

The next basic iPod accessories you need are the headphones or earphones. Although the iPod
box set comes with earphones, there are but a few who prefer an all-surround sound
experience. Other iPod accessories for headphones include the retractable headphones, which is
great to use on the outdoors. And then there are the iPod accessories of headphones with
speakers, the infrared wireless earphones and water resistant earphones for those times when
you can’t even take a bath without listening to your iPod.

Aside from this basic earpiece, external speakers and the carry case ipod accessories are quite
popular. The “Boom iPod player has a dock for your iPod player with speakers on the side. It
fits perfectly for those picnics and beach outings where music is a must to liven up the party.
Another brand called the “Bag iPod player with FM stereo tote carrying bag adds more fun since
you have the option to surf through local radio stations for more hopping beats.

More iPod accessories are available to the iPod junkie via the Internet. A lot of websites do
product reviews of these iPod accessories and you can get a preview of the items you want to
buy through them. Among these sites are, and They
have a wide range of iPod accessories for all the generations of iPods. They not only give you
the price, features and product compatibility details but they also give you the pros and cons of
each iPod accessory.

Other iPod accessories that is a must have for any iPod warrior is the Belkin Voice Recorder that
lets you record reminders, meeting and notes into your iPod. Then there’s the hands free

accessory called the iPod remote and earphones. You don’t have to worry about fumbling over
the iPod controls as you drive or make that last 2-mile run. A stationary version of this remote
is available. Called the NaviPod IR Remote, it allows you to control your iPod’s audio from
across a room. Another one of the essential iPod accessories is the iPod Dock that charges iPod
at work or at home.

For the car lovers, iPod accessories have been created to accommodate your music players.
First of these is the Belkin TuneDok Car Holder that hold your iPod in place. Another one of
these nifty iPod accessories is the Sony Car Cassette Adapter that connects your iPod to the car
stereo. And not to forget is another one of those wonderful iPod accessories, the Griffin iTrip
FM Transmitter. Your ipod can now play your music through the FM radio of your car. All it
needs is the iPod dock connector to work. It draws a small amount of power from your iPod and
doesn’t need any batteries.

You can really personalize your iPod in more ways than one. These iPod accessories not only
enhance your iPod but it is also the number one status symbol for any true iPod lover.

Quick Guide to iPod Accessories

Since iPod's initial release in 2001, manufacturers of iPod accessories has grown so big and is
continuously growing that financial analysts now call the market of iPod accessories as "iPod

Engineers and stylist are not running out of ideas on how to accessorize an iPod from
generations one to five, including the nano and shuffle lines. Even the established corporations
such as the Altec Lansing and Bose joins the crowd of iPod accessories retailers. This shows
how iPod has etched its name as the leading brand for digital audio player market.

But beware. There are many iPod accessories out there that are expensive but useless. So as
for you to save time and energy in finding the most useful and least expensive iPod accessories,
we have scouted the net and listed the five (5) topmost iPod accessories worth saving money

1. Speakers

Companies such as Altec Lansing, JBL, Bose and Kessington jumped into the iPod accessories
bandwagon and started manufacturing speakers that are designed to work with iPods, using the
iPod's dock connectors.

Speakers come in the usual "Apple white" color, and sleek, lightweight design to complement
other iPod accessories. Although these speakers are smaller in size compared to the usual
speakers bundled with audio component systems, iPod speakers' sound remain crisp, there is
no cracking sound, and the bass booms in that thick, pumping sound.

We rated Altec Lansing inMotion iPod speakers as No. 1, for staying cheap while maintaining its
high quality. It is priced for only $149.

Why speakers?

Although iPod does have a small, built-in speaker, it is not working to emit sounds from audio
files. The small, built-in speaker's use is for warning tones only.

A separate speaker will allow you to play your favorite song outside of the earphones. The rich
and crisp sound of iPod speakers are good enough to play for small parties.

2. FM Transmitter

Companies such as Monster Cable and Griffin Technologies introduced to the iPod accessories
community the FM transmitter. With this iPod accessory, you can play not just the songs from
your playlist but also music played over the radio.

3. iPod Cases and Covers

These iPod accessories are designed, primarily, to protect iPods from dirt and scratches. iPod
skins and iPod cases manufacturers, so as to increase sales, came up with stylish and
innovative iPod skins. Known manufacturers of fashionable iPod cases are iSkin, Kate Spade,
Incase, Xtreme Iconz, Chums, and Speck. offers the best iPod skins in the market at low prices. These iPod accessories
are a must have for your iPods to last longer. Choose the silicone types than the leather ones
since silicone skins are much cheaper than leather skins and offers better insulation from heat.

4. Armbands

You can enjoy your iPods while running or jogging with iPod armbands.

iPod armband is one of the most innovative iPod accessories there is. It allows you to do your
daily workouts while listening to your iPod Abs Workout Music. You can even do the most
difficult Yoga position and still keep your iPod, playing a soothing crystal and waves sound, in

These iPod accessories keeps your iPod in place and screen scratch free with Screen Protector.

5. Sound Isolations Earphones

These iPod accessories are best for those who works as a transcriptionist, is a musician or a
student reviewing for the bar exams.

Etymotic Research ER-6i sound isolating earphones offer high accuracy in emitting sound treble
and bass, and keep all the noise at bay. It is lightweight and portable and comes in the usual
"Apple white" color.

Some Unique iPod Accessories

1. Car Integration Accessories

BMW is the first automotive company to release an iPod related accessory for its automobiles.
BMW introduced iPod automobile interface sometime in 2005. An iPod control was integrated
into the built-in steering wheel, alongside the control and radio head buttons. The iPod unit is
safely confined inside the glove compartment, and is attached to a cable harness to keep it in
place every time the car speeds up or is traversing rocky and bumpy roads.

The iPod steering wheel control allows the driver to create and shuffle five (5) "BMW playlist."
The playlist is displayed through the small LCD of the vehicle's radio head.

2. iTalk Voice Recorder for iPod

Tired of listening to your iPod everyday? With this iPod accessory, your iPod can now listening
to you.

The iPod and the Cool Cases That Go With it

Apple iPod users have always been satisfied with the music experience. Based from a survey
online, Apple iPod users love the following features of their iPod:

1. The original iPod have a hard drive space of forty gigabytes. This amount of space made it
possible for Apple iPod users to store up to five thousand songs.

2. The original iPod has a "Click Wheel," an ergonomic design for button controls on the iPod.
Instead of the usual play, stop, pause, fast forward, and reverse, you can also access the menu
with convenience.

3. The original iPod has a battery life that extends up to 12 hours. This time line is from a non-
stop usage of the Apple iPod.

4. The original iPod was also built with a design that would make it more convenience for users
to set up a playlist of songs. Apple iPod users can also activate the shuffle function and would
introduce randomness in listening to music.

The Sexy Apple iPod Mini

The latest collection on the Apple iPods is the Apple iPod mini. This iPod mini is usually
compared to a US$ 1, 200 Chanel bag. This is very true because the Apple iPod mini exudes
worldwide class and posh with its variety of iPod case. An iPod case has a variety of five colors.

iPod Case

An iPod case has an anodized frame made of aluminum. Apple iPod mini usually weighs 3.6
ounces. The frame measures 2 inches by 3.6 inches, with only half an inch in thickness. Though

it does not look like it because an iPod case is meant to camouflage the real weight. At first
glance, it would seem that an iPod case is made of heavy metals, but iPod skins such as that of
the Apple iPod mini can be weighed almost as light as a featherweight.

An iPod case is also silky and smooth to the touch. The frame of an Apple iPod mini fits
perfectly inside your palm and an iPod case is meant to give you more comfort while holding
your Apple iPod mini.

To give it a sleek design, an iPod case has no breaks in them, meaning Apple iPod minis have
no externally moving parts. Underneath the iPod case, however, is a sensitive circuitry that
provides the Apple iPod user convenience in using the Apple iPods.

This sleek design of an iPod case was supported by a highly ergonomic design of the control
buttons. A "Click Wheel" is available for the user if he wants to play music, pause, stop, fast
forward or reverse. The Click Wheel also provides access to the users for the menu.

The Click Wheel control buttons are located on the pad and matches whatever the color of iPod
case is. The Click Wheel buttons is a revolutionary design as compared to the original four
function buttons of the previous Apple iPods.

An iPod case is available in various warm minimalist choices of possible colors. Apple iPod users
can choose from pink, green, silver, blue and gold.

Other Features of the Apple iPod Mini

The Apple iPod mini was also incorporated with a tiny Hitachi hard drive. This hard drive can
hold various music files such as Audible, MP3, WAV, AIFF and AAC.

It is also possible for the iPod to integrate with iTunes. There is a software that enables this
integration. After the seamless integration, you would be able to cruise with the tunes.

Battery life is always important for Apple iPod users. The battery life of an iPod mini extends up
to 8 hours which is enough to listen to about 5,000 songs.

In addition to the options available when choosing an iPod case, the iPod mini have an array of
accessories that includes a USB 2.0 cable, a Firewire dock connector, an AC adaptor, a belt clip,
earbuds and the Apple iPod mini installation software. Another accessory available in the market
is the armband.

iPod Hacking

Over the years, due to technological advances, techies started to experiment with the iPod vis a
vis the cellphones. They started introducing modifications to the iPod case, themes and even

These modification were made to provide more power to the user for the customization of their

To define briefly, iPod hacking is done to introduce changes to the Apple iPod not only in terms
of software or hardware but also in appearance. There are many softwares and firmwares
available to the Apple iPod user to introduce modifications to their iPod case etc. such as the

What You Need to Know About iPod Cases

If you’re a music lover and updated on the latest technology, then the iPod is the thing for you.
It might be too much for your weekly allowance, but it is worth it. You would be heartbroken if
something damaging happens to it. So to keep our iPod safe and sound, the iPod case should
be on top of your list.

You do not have to worry about their durability because these iPod cases have been tested
since 2001. However, you must not forget the fact that not all companies that manufacture iPod
cases are very knowledgeable when it comes to case design.

So this leads us to the conclusion that some iPod cases may leave some parts of your iPod
scratched and decolored. Other iPod cases would make your iPod not so user-friendly, for you
would almost want to tear your hair out just moving the controls. This makes your iPod

But not to dampen your intention of purchasing an iPod case, lots and lots of iPod cases are
sellable. These cases are proved to be worthy of the market because these have undergone
various tests and juries.

iPod cases are reviewed on six main criteria. First, the appearance should be beautiful. The
design should be enticing and make you go gaga for that certain iPod case. Second, the quality
is considered. iPod cases should be of good quality before it hits the stores. Third is the ease of

These cases should be user-friendly and make it easier for you to manage the controls. Fourth,
innovations are improved. The special features of an iPod case should entertain you, at the
same time, helpful in your certain condition.

Some iPod cases are in the form of armbands, and this special feature makes the iPod a lot
more portable for you. Next, the protectiveness is justified. What’s the use of having an iPod
case if it can’t protect? (aside from its being fashionable, that is). Last, but certainly not the
least, is its value. The value assigned to a certain iPod case should be proportioned to its
quality. If it was built on cheaper material, then it must have a cheaper price. The price of an
iPod case should not be contrary to its value.

Most iPod cases sell for more or less $35, but those that are of premium quality cost under
$100. There are also multi-hundred and multi-thousand cases that are manufactured by certain
fashion houses. There is the iPod 5G case and has five interchangeable colored bungee cords
that accentuate the black and gray body, which makes the case look more slick.

This is appropriate for 30GB and 60GB iPods and it has a detachable and sturdy belt clip to go
along with the whole package. It is not all about looking good, it protects your iPod quite finely
as well. Another most-purchased iPod case is the Neoprene iPod 5G case. It protects your iPod,
just like any other iPod case would. Why wouldn’t it? It is made of tough material, which are
neoprene and plastic. So expect type-A protection for your iPod.

There are also art-covered plastic cases for your iPod. These make your iPod’s controls more
accessible. These are inclusive of lanyard and a rotating RevoClip belt clip. This kind of case
design has very usable and artistic features.

Iskin and Griffin, two of the most productive companies that release case designs for iPod
cases, sent out a new and unique case design, the iJacket. The iJacket is an iPod case that has
a colorful frontwork and a unicolor rear. The ipod cases manufactured by iSkin are called Vibes,
while those of Griffin are called Chameleons. The main feature of these said cases is their

Tokidoki is the one responsible for these artistic designs. The cartoony anime designs are very
impressive, because most of his designs have metallic paint and are always eye-catching. The
iPod cases manufactured by iSkin rate a whopping five, out of five. On the other hand, since
Griffin cases are more generic-looking, the excitement rate tends to be lower.

These only become advantageous when it comes to the terms of variety of designs. Chameleon
cases have twenty-six different designs that are also attention getters, compared to the eight
choices of Vibes.

There are lots of iPod cases to choose from. You only have to choose wisely to get an artistic
and attractive case that suits your iPod well. Don’t just buy an iPod case off the rack because
you need a case so badly. iPod cases also reflect your personality, so don’t purchase a design,
faute de mieux.

You Gotta Love iPod's Covers!

With the release of iPod in 2001, third party manufacturers of iPod covers and cases had
sprouted, offering iPod covers in various colors for first to fifth generations of iPods, the iPod
mini and the iPod nano, and the iPod shuffle.

iPod covers are created to protect or shelter the ultra sleek iPods from dust, dirt and scratches.
Most iPod users buy iPod covers to protect the iPod skin that they have dressed on for their

Fabric iPod Covers

iPod covers are usually made from cotton fabric. It may be stitched like a pouch bag or a slip
on. Some third party manufacturers create plastic iPod covers, but this kind of iPod cover is not
very popular.

Although iPod covers are not necessarily needed, most iPod users buy iPod covers to look
fashionable with the colorful designs of their iPods.

iPod covers made from fabric are washable and reusable.

1. Pouch iPod covers

Pouch iPod covers are usually made from cotton fabric. The added tie (to create a pouch)
serves like a lanyard so you can slip it on your wrists whenever you are in the move.

2. Slip on iPod covers

Slip on iPod covers may come with embroidery or printed image of your favorite character in a
movie or a book or even of your own face.

Lucas online arts store has some sets of Star Wars slip on iPod covers with an imprint of faces
of Princess Leia, Luke Sky Walker, Darth Vader, Hans Solo, Obi Wan Kenobi and the robots.
iPod covers containing scenes or faces in movies like Pirates of the Carribean or the iconic head
of Hello Kitty, are offered also in the net either as hard plastic iPod cover or fabric slip on iPod

3. Innovative iPod covers

Some designers offer innovative iPod covers. Like the handmade iPod cover muffs from
Australia which is made from print polyester canvas with a matching foam and polar fleece
inside to keep the iPod in place.

But the most innovated iPod covers are baby's socks. These iPod covers are very cute to look
at. They are offered in bold colors that is so striking to look at. These iPod covers are made
from yarn knits and are also washable.

Metallic iPod Covers

For those who wants to look techie and very modern, the metal iPod covers fit you perfectly.

Metallic iPod covers are made of aluminum, with grade of that anodized aircraft, and have
designs and sizes to fit first to fifth generations of iPod and also the mini, nano and shuffle

These metallic iPod covers are lighweight, and scratch-resistant, which means your iPod unit is
not only protected inside, but the protective metallic iPod cover is also protected from scratches
and could last for a longer time than washable iPod covers.

A lining called Neoprene holds the iPod securely in place and likewise cushions it from sudden

Metallic iPod covers have cut outs to give way for dock connector pork, headphone jacks, click
wheel and the hold switch, so the iPod is fully functional even though it is encased in the
metallic iPod cover.

Metallic iPod covers are priced slightly higher than the fabric iPod covers. Some says that the
high price is worthy considering that metallic iPod covers could last at least 100 times compared
to fabric iPod covers.

Leather iPod Covers

For those who wish to have an elegant cover for their iPod, they should look out for fine-grain
leather iPod covers.

Leather iPod covers are offered in cool tones. They have heavy-duty stitching around the edges
to ensure protection for your iPod. It comes with a detachable, rotating belt clip or lanyard.

Apple, in 2006, came up with their own line of iPod covers. Apple's iPod covers are made from
Italian, fine-grain leather, and are clearly aimed for the high-end market. Apple's leather iPod
covers has cutout to give access to important features of the iPod such as the ports for the
dock connector and the headphones, and also the click wheel.

Leather iPod covers are costly. They are priced more than half of the price of polyester or fabric
made pouch, slip on or baby socks iPod covers.

iPod Video Cases: Durable, Functional, Fashionable Protection for Your iPod

iPod is Apple Computer's brand of portable media player that provides a simple user interface
designed around a central scroll wheel. The standard iPod model has media storage devices
including a built-in hard drive while the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano use flash memory. It can
serve as an external storage device when connected to a computer.

Over the years, the line up of iPod has continuously evolved to the iPod models of today. The
iPod has five generations to its name while iPod mini has two generations. Apple also
introduced over the years other iPod models including iPod shuffle and iPod Nano.

To protect any of these iPod models, iPod video cases are now readily available in the market.
It is made of different materials including deluxe leather that features a rich leather exterior in
black, brown, dark brown and saddle with complimentary stitching. These have unique textured
exteriors as well that give your iPod a nice look.

These iPod video cases are designed to fit both the 60GB and 30GB iPod models with video.
The iPod video cases will keep your iPod securely closed with a tab and post closure. When it is
opened, you can see that it has a built-in protection for the screen, which is the most easily
damaged part of your iPod.

iPod video cases help prevent scrapes and scratches that will not only deteriorate the look of
your iPod but can be damaging in the long run as well. The outside of iPod video cases are
sturdy with layers and the insides are cushiony to protect your iPod from impact due to
improper handling. iPod video cases also features a soft grip material to keep it from slipping
from your hands.

iPod video cases can be Speck armband cases, aluminum hard cases, flip cover cases, leather
pouches, core cases, crystal clear hard cases, silicone skin cases, and more. Examples are:

A protective crystal clear hard case can help protect your iPod video from scratches in many
ways with its built in lanyard or neck strap, attachable swivel belt clip and belt loop.

Iconic characters can also be featured in your iPod video cases. You can take your pick from
Superman, Batman, Homer Simpson, Darth Vader of Star Wars and Tweety Bird with its see-
through back so you can see the shiny side of your iPod.

There are iPod video cases that are made to encapsulate your iPod video for protection and fun
with its vibrant colors. It is made of strong tear resistant material and includes a screen
protector and detachable belt clip for optimal performance and easy usage.

With more iPod video cases being released in the market each week, you can find more and
more features of these products and professional evaluations to check if they can measure up
to the standards of iPod users.

Leather iPod video cases offer a snug fit with quality leather to protect your iPod not only from
impact but from dust, fingerprints, and scratches as well.

iPod flip video cases are also trendy in its ultra-slim design that fits your iPod like a glove. There
is a multi-use soft clip on the back that easily snap into a belt or an armband.

iPod video crystal cases are quality clear cases that forms a protective hard case around your
iPod. It also comes with a clear belt loop, detachable belt clip and lanyard for carrying

iPod video soft skin cases protects your iPod from scratches, knocks, dusts and even bad breath
while still providing free access to your controls and connections.

iPod aluminum video cases are made of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum that features a form-
fitting design. Neoprene cushioning inside protects your iPod from harmful scratches and

Any of these iPod video cases can be bought at around $10 to $40 a piece.

iPod video cases also provide iPod headphones' jack and hold switch even when closed. The
cutouts in these cases can give you easy accessibility to all ports for your convenience while
giving your iPod's much needed protection.

These iPod video cases are also made fashionable with different basic and vibrant colors and
designs, durable with its protective materials and functional with its special features for
different iPod models.

Two iPod Headphones Clash

On the right red corner, weighing one ounce and priced at around $80 is Shure E2c Sound
Isolating Earphones. On the left blue corner, weighing one ounce and priced at around $30 is
the Apple In-Ear Headphones.

Let's get ready to rrrrrrrumble!

Which do you think is the best between these two iPod headphones?

For standard use, Apple iPod headphones seem to work fine. But the point will come wherein
you will wonder, is there any iPod headphones out there that could offer me better sound,
crisper, more booming base and has a surround sound quality?

This question will prompt you to Google for best iPod headphones in the market. After seeing
the search results, you will be amazed that there are handful of iPod headphones out there that
have features that may seem to read too technical for you.

We have tried a couple of those so called isolating Headphones and the aurally-probing ones
and we come up with the Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones to see if it really is better than
Apple in-Ear Headphones.

The one thing that we noticed that these two iPod headphones both share is the ability to lock
in the sound. The person sitting next to you wouldn't know that your iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod
video or iPod shuffle is actually on. He won't hear the treble or the bass sound that comes out
in that light scratching sound (which are the cons of some low standard iPod headphones
offered by third party manufacturers).

In fact, if you wear these two iPod headphones in public, you won't hear that a car is coming or
that the person beside you is being mugged. So, with this feature, these iPod headphones
should be better be used in-doors or when you are playing text-to-speech notes or recorded
lectures, or any listening activity that requires your full attention and focus.

Design wise

Apple In-Ear iPod headphones, aesthetically speaking, looks better than Shure E2c Sound
Isolating iPod headphones. Apple In-Ear Headphones has the standard Apple white and Apple
sleek design that most people has come to associate with beautiful and techie gadgets.

Shure E2c Sound Isolating iPod headphones look like two sets of mechanical bugs that are to
buzz their way inside your ears.

Fitting of earpieces

Shure E2c Sound Isolating iPod headphones fits better than Apple In-Ear headphones. Many
users complain that Apple In-Ear iPod headphones do not fit their ears and always slip even if
you choose the right size for you.

Shure E2c Sound Isolating iPod headphones come with a foam or flex earpieces to ensure that
the earpieces stays in place even if you move around. Shure E2c Sound Isolating iPod
headphones, however, seem not to have the right fit for people with small ears.

Putting on these two iPod headphones for the first time will give you a strange unfamiliar
sensation in your ears, such as a small pressure and a feeling of not being in this world (since
you won't hear any sound from the outside world). Don't worry, you will get used to it,

Sound Quality

Shure E2c Sound Isolating iPod headphones produce high quality sound. You will hear the deep
bass in perfect balance with the treble. White noise are blocked and you will hear every note
that is plucked on the guitar and every sigh and breathing made by the singer.

The sound quality of Apple In-Ear iPod headphones is disappointing. It can isolate sound, true
but the bass sound cracks, especially the deep ones. You would not want to listen with these
iPod headphones with fast and upbeat music because it will sound like a crackle. Best for use
with country or western music.

Shure E2c Sound Isolating iPod headphones' performance is far better than Apple In-Ear iPod
headphones. But this good performance comes with a price, an extra $50. If your purpose for
buying an isolating iPod headphones is to listen to iPod music with clearer lyrics, then the Apple
In-Ear iPod headphones fit you perfectly (or if you're a transcriptionist or a student who listens
and needs to understand the recorded spoken words). It is much cheaper and can do the job of
isolating of sound just right.

Great Accessories for Your iPod Nano

One of the latest iPod innovations is the iPod nano. Though it is a little more expensive than
you can imagine, lots still grab iPod nanos off the racks. Now, you think, what makes the iPod
nano click so much?

What Accessories Do You Need For Your iPod Nano?

iPod nano accessories give the iPod nano a unique look. iPod nano accessories aren’t all about
looking good. Most of these accessories help in the iPod nano’s portability and also in the
convenience of its use.

It comes with a leather case that is handcrafted from Italian leather. Touching it makes your
fingers feel ticklish because of its extremely soft and very durable lining that makes up for its
nice, fine, rich look. This iPod nano accessory secures your iPod nano like a baby snuggling in
its crib. It has a ribbon case design, wherein you just have to pull at the ends of the ribbon and,
voila! You’re iPod nano is in plain sight for you to manage and use again.

In-ear Lanyard earphones also accessorize the iPod nano. This accessory turns your iPod nano
into a wearable music player. Not only that, but these earphones are also very artistic, a
stunning piece of art indeed. These iPod nano accessories are unlike any other type of
earphones, for these increase the clarity and the bass response of the song you are listening to.

Most earphones look unmanageable because of the cluttered look they portray, which is not
offered by this iPod nano accessory. In-ear Lanyard earphones give an uncluttered look due to
the fact that the audio cable is integrated with the Lanyard itself.

You do not have to worry about using your iPod nano while busy with something else. The
armband is another iPod nano accessory that gives you easy access to the Click Wheel and also
to the other controls an iPod nano has. This iPod nano accessory can also be used for fashion
for it has a variety of hues and shades that you can choose from.

If you want a character of a hopeless romantic, the pink armband is perfect for you; if you’re
the nature person, either that or you’re a hippie, then the color green is the armband color
usually recommended for people of your genre; the shades of red depict confidence and
determination, the color usually bought by a dominatrix; and other colors like blue and gray,

The iPod nano dock is an iPod nano accessory that makes your residence, not only a home for
you, but also for your iPod nano. This accessory makes a convenient home base for charging
and syncing. With this iPod nano accessory, you can also connect your iPod nano to an audio
system, to share the good music, your iPod nano plays, with everyone else.

Together, with the aforementioned iPod ano accessories, is the USB power adapter. With this
adapter, you can charge your iPod nano when it is not connected to a computer. To do so, you
need to have with you your dock connector and USB cable.

iPod nanos do not just play what you have downloaded. You can also enjoy the good music of
FM radio on your iPod nano. With the radio remote, you can control everything you need to
control to set your FM radio. This iPod nano accessory also makes things a lot easier for you
because the remote is conveniently wired. With this package comes a shorter cable that seems
to fit the remote with perfection.

The tubes fit the iPod nano like a glove and gives you a full Click Wheel control form the
outside. This iPod nano accessory clothes your iPod nano, yet it doesn’t decrease your iPod
nano’s manageability. The tubes are also colorful; a set of the colors clear, blue, purple, green
and pink.

The last iPod nano accessory that completes the package is the AV connector kit. This kit is
inclusive of everything that you need to connect your iPod nano to your home stereo. With this

iPod nano accessory, you can enjoy your music library right in your home. You can share your
favorite tracks with your family and friends this way too.

“Accessories” may sound like all they do is accessorize. Well, they do, but that’s not the whole
story. They also make things easier or more manageable for you. That is exactly what iPod
nano accessories do.

First-time iPod Nano User? A Quick Guide on Cases

iPod nano cases are designed to shelter iPod nanos from dust, dirt, scratches, and from getting
wet from water or perspiration. iPod nano cases also protects the color screen and the click
wheel. Most iPod nano cases in the market have a built in cover that you can flip up or back to
cover the front screen.

What's the best iPod Nano case for you?

If you are in the lookout for the best iPod nano case, know first what kind of iPod nano user are
you and from there, you can select the best iPod nano case for you.

1. The Trendy iPod Nano User

If you like to name the colors in these manner: pink is to blush, blue is to atomic blaze, black is
to sonic eclipse, and white is to arctic, then we can say, you are a trendy user.

The best iPod nano cases for Trendy users are those that are silicon based and made by iPod
nano cases experts like: iSkin, Speck, and iCandy.

The silicon material of these iPod nano cases ensure that your iPod nano is free from dust and
stay inside the case even if you shop your way around the mall.

Silicon iPod nano cases, even those with colors, are translucent. So, if your iPod is black, don't
choose a light colored iPod nano case. Your pink case would look like as though it had been
smeared with black ink.

The best thing with silicon iPod nano cases, they have this anti-slip feature and is soft and cool
to the touch.

You can either have these cases with a rotating clip or a lanyard.

2. The Practical iPod Nano User

If you are the type of person who thinks shelling out $20 to $100 for an iPod nano case is
utterly ridiculous, the hard plastic iPod nano cases fit you perfectly.

Priced for as low as $2, these hard plastic iPod nano cases could also protect your iPod nano
from dirt and scratches. These cases could do the job of silicon iPod nano cases less the price.

Nanshield offers well designed hard plastic iPod nano cases that come in various colors, are see
through also, and bundled with a plastic lanyard or rotating belt clip.

The disadvantage of owning a hard plastic iPod nano case is that, unlike silicon iPod nano
cases, it does not offer the no-slip guarantee when the case gets wet or your hand perspires.
These iPod nano cases are also maleable and could easily break when dropped once or a few

3. The Elegant iPod Nano User

If you think black and ultra white are elegant, you should find your way in e-stores where a
collection of Italian leather iPod nano cases are showcased.

Apple released in 2006 its own line of Italian leather iPod nano cases, which were priced from
$89 up. It's true that leather iPod nano cases are pricey; but these iPod nano cases satisfy your
need for a fashionable yet elegant dress for your iPod nano.

Leather iPod nano cases also come in other colors: pink, red and blue, but in hues that don't
shout but merely whisper its presence with a simple, "Hello, I'm here." The texture of the
leather are soft to the touch.

Leather iPod nano cases have precise and detailed cut out to make way for the iPod nano's
important features such as the click wheel, jack and dock connector,

4. The Sporty iPod Nano User

You love snowboarding and swimming and you wish you could listen to your iPod nano playlist,
but you know you cannot possibly do this because your precious nano will get wet.

Well, this is the iPod nano case you have been waiting for.

H2O Audio, in April 2006, answered the wishes and prayers of sporty iPod nano users by
announcing the release of its Waterproof Housing or casing for iPod nano.

With this waterproof iPod nano case, users can dip their iPod nano by 10-feet without the nano
getting wet. The case is thin, waterproof and has a see through exoskeleton for the click wheel.

Better save some bucks for this iPod nano case for it costs $80.

Should You Get a Skin for Your iPod?

iPod came into the world of digital audio player in 2001, and since then, for a short span of five
years, the standard for digital audio player has never been the same. If it is not an iPod, it is
inferior; if it is an iPod, it should be the latest generation.

Third-party manufacturers of iPod accessories were born and are continually growing in number
like bunnies. Speakers, FM transmitters, Voice Recorder, BMW Playlist, these are just among the
few iPod accessories that keep our mouth agape with delight and expectation. There is,
however, a single iPod accessory that created a niche of its own in the "iPod ecosystem": the
iPod skin line.

The Line of iPod Skins

iPod skins are designed, initially, to protect iPods from scratches, dirt, and getting wet from
perspiration. iPod skins specifically shelters the screen and click-wheel. But iPod skins
manufacturers do not limit themselves to these basic iPod skin feature; for them, iPod skins
should be stylish, innovative, and fashionable.

There are iPod skins available for every generation of iPod, including the shuffle, mini and nano

There are wide arrays of iPod skins to choose from. iPod skins may be made from silicone, hard
plastic, thin vinyl, or leathers and comes in various colors. There some iPod skins that even
glow in the dark!

Known manufacturers of stylish and innovative iPod skins are Kate Spade, iSkin, Incase, Chums,
Speck and Xtreme Iconz,. offers the best iPod skins in the market at low prices.

Go Silicon, Hard Plastic or Leather With My iPod Skin?

- Silicon iPod skins

iSkin has the best line of iPod skins. It offers silicone and thin vinyl type of iPod skins. Its eVo2
line of iPod skins offers all-around surface protection, including screen and click wheel

Silicon iPod skins is cool and soft to the touch and keeps the iPod unit insulated from battery
heat. Although silicon felt like soft, gummy rubber, it stays in your hand with its anti-slip grip.

Silicon iPod skins comes with a rotating belt clip or a plastic lanyard (if you like) and spaces for
ipod, buttons, jacks, click wheel and dock port were cut out for easy access. If you want a glow
in the dark iPod skins, buy silicon made iPod skins.

You can dress up your iPod with silicon iPod skins for $20 to $30.

- Hard Plastic iPod Skins

Hard plastic iPod skins are the next best thing to silicon iPod skins. It is offered in various
colors, see through and with a plastic lanyard or belt clip. The best hard plastic iPod skin is from

Hard plastic iPod skins, unlike silicon iPod skins, does not have the no-slip guarantee when your
hand perspires. If you accidentally dropped your iPod, the hard plastic skin could crack and
shatter and might do more damage to your iPod than with your iPod unskinned.

Hard plastic iPod skins are the cheapest iPod skins in the market, offered on the internet for
just $9.

Some breaking news. This April of 2006, Gizmondo released The Jimi case, a 100-percent
recycled plastic iPod skin. Attached at the back of this iPod skin is a mirror which you can use
for make up touch ups or any other purposes that you could think of. This environment friendly
iPod skin comes in six different colors.

- Leather iPod Skins

This is the most expensive iPod skin in the market. Priced from $20 to as much as $200, those
who think they are in vogue and in style prefer the hot and tight leatherette to skin their iPods.
Kate Spade has a line of expensive but elegantly crafted leather iPod Skins.

Some leather iPod skins look more like a case rather than a skin because of a flip-flop top
cover. The leathery look, subdued hues and a flip-flop cover are the kind of design especially
preferred by the older crowd of iPod users.

A leather iPod skin has cut out to make way for dock connector, jack port, and click wheel. It
has a detachable rotating belt clip and a leather lanyard if you prefer to wear your iPod on your

Guide to Good Software for Your iPod

New users of the iPod are having difficulty putting on songs on their device. Some complain
about some of their play list getting lost after it has been uploaded from the computer. Some
are really just not used to it and are having trouble with the very process itself. Addressing this
problem, different companies have come up with software that will make the use of the iPod
not that stressful.

Adding and uploading playlist, songs, videos and etc. will no longer have a hard time as it has
been made easy for them. If you decide to use one of these software, you should not forget to
read instructions first.

Also, you will still be doing most of the work so do not expect the computer, the iPod, and the
software to do it all by themselves.

One thing that makes the apple iPod unique is the addition of different iPod software you can
add to your gadget. These software make it easy for you and add a little more spice to your
iPod. iPod software will help you personalize your little gadget as you use it throughout the day
and as you download music to it.

The software can be acquired through download and is very easy to install. Just connect your
iPod to your personal computer and wait for it to be transferred. After that, enjoy the wonders
of the software, which is so positively sure that you will definitely enjoy.

There is a lot of iPod software out there and here is just a small list you can use on your
gadget. But I have chosen to show you four software for a more easy and convenient use. It is
now up to you to choose which iPod software you need. On my list are the newest software
released up to date.

First on my list is the Anapod Explorer 8. Anapod Explorer 8 was created by Windows for the
sole purpose of serving iPod users. The anapod is basically an alternate for iTunes. It can copy
your music and back to your personal computer and brings your iPod into the windows

This can be found as a device under my computer. It will give you a more familiar windows
explorer interface and this will make it easier for you to transfer and manage your on-board
music, play list and more. Transfer from your computer to your iPod or from your iPod to your
computer does not get any easier than this.

There is also an add-on to this iPod software. It includes the AnapodSQL and the rare Anapod
Xtreamer which is a web based streaming interface. Basically, anapod is a backup software for
your easy use.

Another iPod software is the PodUtil 2.5.1. PodUtil is an Ipod software that is so easy to use. It
is for viewing the songs on your iPod and transferring it to your computer for a more
customizable an organized manner. Then, it will automatically add them to iTunes and you will
be able to rebuild your play list as you wish. Again, another iPod software that makes
organizing and transferring music and play lists easier.

Aside from the two mentioned, there is also the gtkpod 0.88. gtkpod is a platform independent
GUI for apple iPod that uses gtk2. This iPod software allows you to upload songs and play list to
your iPod. It supports ID# tag editing, multiple charsets for ID3 tags, detects duplicate songs,
and also allows offline modification of the database with later synchronization, and more.

Lastly, there is the ipod.itunes 3.0. This iPod software has the capability to add missing songs,
videos, playlist, ratings, played dates, and play counts in both directions between iPod and

This software is designed to keep songs, videos, and playlists on different Macs and iPods up to
date, and can perform a full restore of these items after a hard disk failure. Now, that is
efficiency. The software updates foreign iPods not linked to your iTunes library without deleting
its content.

Now remember, these iPod software are add-ons to your gadget for easy use, but that does not
mean that it will do everything for you. Of course, it is still you who will do all the work so that
you will have a good time with your iPod.

Finding the Perfect iPod Speakers For You

Nowadays, you can throw a party anywhere as long as you have an iPod and a set of iPod
speakers. They are so tiny, yet they can boom the bass and shake up the place.

iPod speakers are either portable, which you can carry around, or home models, which you
cannot carry around because of some restrictions like, it is bigger and heavier and is therefore
not handy, and it is not battery operated and work only when plugged into an electrical outlet.

The portable models are battery operated and has a size just slightly larger than iPod Nano and
some weighs only half an ounce! Although portable iPod speakers offer sound better than most
computer speaker, it can't compete with the home only or standalone iPod speakers that can
produce louder, crisper, and more booming sound, for these iPod speakers get their power
directly from an electrical outlet that gives much energy compared to a low voltage battery.

Below are the best in iPod speakers that could rock us out of our seat with their booming

- iBlasting the Room with iBoom iPod speakers

iBoom is the newest iPod speaker from DLO. The iBoom iPod speakers sport an amorphous
shape and has a slot in the front which serve as a hub for iPod or iPod mini. The four iPod
speakers only need 20 watts per channel to start producing sound. iBoom iPod speakers also
has a built-in handle, an AUX in port, and can run either on AC power or a with six "D"
batteries. When plugged in to an AC power, the iBoom iPod speakers will charge the cradled
iPod. Design wise, iBoom iPod speakers look pretty good with a white iPod cradled on it.

The plus points for iBoom iPod speakers are (1) low wattage consumption but could still
produce decent sound, (2) portable and (3) charge an iPod when it is running on A/C power.

- 'What's the new Black?'

For Altec Lansing, the answer is still black.

Altec Lansing's inMotion iM3 iPod speakers come in the usual Apple white and, now, in black. It
weighs around 15 to 16 ounces only and is sized just a bit larger than the iPod.

Altec Lansing is known for creating sound system that could produce sounds in different ranges
from the highest pitch to the lowest bass. And now that Altec Lansing has speakers for the
iPod, expect that these iPod speakers would be of high quality. In fact, these iPod speakers has
a class D amplifier to create rich, audible sounds.

It's quite unbelievable that these speakers could last 24 hours from four AA batteries. You can
carry these iPod speakers anywhere, and play it on for an all night party even on a place where
there's no power outlet, like the soccer field, basketball court, or the lakeside.

The black Altec Lansing iPod speakers has the same price as that of the Apple white version.

- Apple's Hi-Fi Shouts "Party!"

When iPod was released in 2001, the only way you could hear the playing songs is through
headphones. There were no Apple-branded iPod speakers then, yet. Third party manufacturers
and developers created their own iPod speakers to answer the growing demand for off-
headphones music playing.

In 2006, Apple realized that it was time to create one of its own. In February, Apple released
the iPod Hi-Fi. Priced at $349, Apple's eye is set on the high-end market.

Hi-Fi iPod speakers, according to Apple, creates a large soundstage and has a wide frequency
range. So, Hi-fi iPod speakers are not only portable speakers, they can be the only speaker for
a small house or an apartment, replacing the bulky speakers with separate woofer and sub-
woofers. With the sound of these Hi-Fi iPod speakers, you can shout "Party!" anytime you want.

Design wise, it looks cool. It bears the traditional Apple white color. It's size is bigger than most
portable iPod speakers and is the heaviest, weighs 15 ounces, in the entire line of third party
developed iPod speakers

Hi-Fi iPod speakers are powered in two ways, AC or DC (six D-cell batteries), comes with a
small, white remote control, and built-in handles to bring it anywhere you go.

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