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Having an Apple iPhone and like to have accessories. Here is a good one for you ....

Until Apple pumps out the next-gen iPhone with integrated solar
cells, we suppose Solar Arcadia's solar-powered boxes are your next best option.

Available in Both SideFlip and
Leather Flip models, the boxes not only offer protection for your Relatively stout hand
set, aim THEY aussi include a solar panel in order to Give your mobile a Few
More minutes of life while you're out and about in the sun . Each One
Is Constructed from ABS sheepskin and is available in Either red,
white or black (Leather Flip is black only) motifs; not too shabby for $ 45.95 - just do
not expect this thing to Dramatically Increase Your time of use.

Not a soul Will Possibly disagree save something for the iPhone made by Apple Was
The Most Excellent recent mobile made public in the year 2007. It
Has unbelievable year currency, wacky appearance, best advertising and application.
The iPhone revised the manuscript must Numerous cellular phone and of
the recent mobile Approaching on the marketplace are Trying
to duplicate Apple's plan.
However, Perhaps solitary of the Most
Excellent quality of this phone is the Apple truthfully unbelievable Variety of iPhone-
through boxes Merely Being Completed about EACH producer on
the globe. Here Are The Some of the best iPhone 4 squares and Their features:

Crystal Clear Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4

It Is Intended to follow the recent iPhone 4 by Apple
and shapes Entirely to the gadget's face to Emphasize icts loveliness. It is a
tough coat That crystal casing apparent allowded the consumer to notice the metal
band going in the area of the emblem at
the rear side. The casing as well Gives shields from dirt and
Other unkind constituents. Does
not obstruct the casing to whichever signal transmitter and Its modest currency Does
not put in largeness to the Apple iPhone 4.

Griffin iClear girdle casing with Clip

The Griffin crystal casing is tough to
get the everyday Sufficient Chastisement of Vigorous your way of
life. This casing surrounds your Apple iPhone in
full shield, however you present full right of entry screen to
feel, control, and link havens whilst your Apple iPhone is completely Call To
Be Able seen since crystal of apparent box. The package included up girdle clip for ea
sy manageability consumer and expediency.
GSP Ott Dye Gariz Mega Slim Case

This casing, fashioned together with Gariz Design as well as GSP United Company, is
 wonderfully tinted by moyen de Ott, a dye substance Particular That
Is not Simply fire resistant and temperature as well defiant purpose water proof,
moth resistant, sterile and uncontaminated. The casing Appears with a skin folder and
shields for the display and Apple Equally symbol. If You Desire to Have It, Even
If You Would better rush, barely 60 of this box Will Be Produced

Solar Energy Facts

Solar Energy Facts

Ok, so let's state the obvious. The
Sun's photovoltaic energy is responsible for much of the continuation of life on
earth. Do not believe me? Look
at plants and plankton. THEY make our oxygen, Which Creates Ozone, Which Protec
ts us from the sun.

Plants create MOST of the food on the planet for
everything from whales to grasshoppers. Even the dead dinosaurs That We burn
in our cars (fossil fuel) is derived, from animals ounces Which Lived off of seedlings.

Today, much of our food, lumber and fuel is derived from plants.

Let's face it. Photosynthesis is awesome.

Purpose will we ever see solar energy Become One Of Our primary sources of power?

Here are Some interesting facts about the power of the
sun and our modern photovoltaic systems.
How Does Solar Energy Work?

There are Two kinds of solar energy technology That
Are Currently used: Photovoltaic and Thermal.

Photovoltaic Energy is created photons When sunlight hit a solar
panel, knocking loose electrons in the material and Creating
an electrical current. Here is a more in-depth explanation I've Written on how solar
panels work.

Solar Thermal Energy is turning out much To Be Easier To harness. We all know the
sun Gives off heat, so solar
thermal energy is Simply That Harnessing via heat collectors and using it to power sol
ar-powered Electricity plants, roof-mounted solar hot water heaters and pool warmers.

Solar thermal energy Actually Seems To Hold Largest Some of
the potential electrical you as far as production goes. Some of
the Largest Currently electrical plants in the nation - for that Matter, in the world -
 is created by solar thermal energy, as Opposed to by photovoltaic cells.

If you are looking for Solar Energy Facts for Kids, try scrolling down Towards
the bottom of the page. Hopefully Some Of
These facts and ideas Will help with lesson plans

Interesting Facts About the Sun
One Million Could Earths made inside of the the Sun
 Sunlight Takes 8.3 minutes to reach earth's outer atmosphere. Could the
sun disappear and we still Would Receive sunlight for 8 minutes
   In one hour, enough sunlight strikes the Earth to provide statement The
Entire planet's energy Needs for one year.
   Fossil Fuel is a form of solar energy Stored. That formerly Biomass Used Solar
energy has-been changed Into earth's fuel by geologic activity.
   About 50% Of
That Reaches earth and sunlight is Absorbed by ict surface. Approximately 30% of
the sunlight is reflected back by the earth's surface.
   About 1.366 watts per
square meter of energy Reaches the earth atmosphere. DEPENDING on
location, about 1,000 watts per square meter per hour Reaches the ground.

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Facts

Solar Panels are regarded Somewhat inefficient To Be As They Can
Only convert a maximum of about 20% of the sunlight They
Are presented with. By comparison, a gasoline engine is about 18% efficient and a die
sel engine is Nearly 50% efficient. Solar Thermal Energy is Approaching 30% to
40% efficiency using Stirling engines, and anywhere from 25% to 35% using solar
powered steam generators.
    Solar Panels Will not reach grid parity -
matching the current cost of energy production - until it Reaches $
1 per watt to build panels.
    Some Estimates put solar panels output at about 10 watts per square foot
    A highly-efficient solar panel (one square meter in size) Cdn Produce up to
1.4 kWh / day DEPENDING on location. The further
Top you are away from the equator, the less sunlight - golden sunshine -
will Receive your area.
    DEPENDING Where you live, you may need more solar
panels to account for shorting days and less sun. See our Solar Full Report
for more calculations

Thermal Solar Energy Facts

According To Schott German solar-Based manufacturer, Solar Thermal Energy
Costs about 15 cents per kilo-watt hour. That is only about 5 cents
more per kilowatt Than Conventional solar energy Typically Costs
  The efficiency of
solar thermal electrical plants Increases the more Concentrated the heat is.
   Solar thermal power plants Typically Either use parabolic systems to collect heat, g
old mirror array to concentrate the power on a main power
   Concentrated solar power plants are more efficient, however the
Costs of Creating tracking systems for the
solar panel arrays are more expensive aussi. Moreover, material must Be Used That C
dn handle temperatures Above 800 degrees Celsius.

Facts About Home Solar Energy Systems

More than 10.000 homes in the United States Have solar energy installed.
    Solar panels cost about $ 3-4 per watt for a grid-tied system. Stand-
alone systems with battery backups are full considerably more. Complete grid-
tie kits (with the required inverter!) Can Be Purchased
from retailers Such as Amazon and Sams Club at about $ 4 per watt.
    Typically solar panels Increase
the value of your home. Currently, homes in Southern California That Have solar
panels installed Currently Have laundry charges year home value of $
5.50 per watt Approximately of solar energy. That means clustering That a solar
panel system That costs $ 20,000 to install Could bring a return + $ 30,000 (for
a 5 kW system).
    There are Many government and state Programs that provide
statement incentives and reimbursements for Installing solar panels.
    DEPENDING Where You Live, you may need more solar
panels to account for shorting days and less sun. See our Solar Full Report
for more calculations on solar concentrations

Solar Energy Vehicle Racing
Solar powered vehicle races Have Been around since 1985.
   The World Solar Challenge and the North American Solar Challenge are Two of
the Largest Such races Held EACH year
   The World Solar Challenge in
Australia is 1877 miles across and covers the continent. The solar
powered cars Exceed 90 mph!

Largest Solar Energy Plants In The World

 The Largest photovoltaic power plant is in Sarnia, Canada. It Has year
97 megawatt capacity. Most broad power plant facilities INSTEAD Rely on solar
thermal energy due to ict efficiency.
    The world s largest solar energy station is Currently the collection
of nine power plants Called the
Solar Energy Generating Systems (SEGS) Developed in the 80's
out in the Mojave desert with a production capacity of 354 Megawatts (MW).
    Spain aussi Has Two broad power plants. The plant is Solnova Three 50
MW towers for a total potential of 150MW. The plant Andasol Takes
the title as second-largest behind the SEGS facility with five, 50MW plant for
a total potential output of 250 MW.

Current Facts About US Energy Usage
8% of all energy use in the United States is created by alternative energy.
  Solar energy accounts for only 0.2% Of That.
  Nuclear Electric Power - 9%
  Coal Power - 21%
  Natural Gas - 25%
  Petroleum - 37%

Current Facts About Alternative Energy Usage US

Renewable energy accounts for 8% of the United States Energy Usage. It is
broken down as below:
   Of the Alternative energy sources, Solar Energy Creates about 1% Of That energy.
   Geothermal Energy accounts for about 5%
   Wind Energy is 9%
   Biofuels is 20%
   Wood is 24%
   Hydropower is 35%
   The United States is second in Producing renewable energy, behind China.
History of Solar Energy

In the 15th century, Leonardo Di Vinci WAS one of
the first year industrial design to use for the
sun. He has Designed system of concave mirrors to heat water.
    The photovoltaic properties
of some silicons Were discovered in 1954 by Bell Laboratories. The first functional p
hotovoltaic panels Were Developed for use on satellites.

Solar Energy Experiment Ideas For Kids

The sun is VERY dangerous. Especially When working with mirrors and magnifying
glasses. Children Should Never Be Allowed to handle equipment That Could Be hot
or redirect sun
rays as blindness and burns Could Easily result. Takes No Res
ponsibility for Any damages

As with any good experiment, make sure your experiment Provides That is:



   An Experiment with a Control, an Independent and a Dependent variable variable.

The Sun Provides about 300 BTUs of heat per square foot per
day. You might try experiments Demonstrate That this heat:

Cooking eggs in there sidewalk, gold was ugly frying pan in the sun.
   Using a magnifying glass to ignite paper
   Under Glass Thermometer, dark paper, light paper and in open air to compare
results. For a more visual effect You
Could use ice cubes INSTEAD of thermometers to show the differences
Electric potential energy
Electric potential energy, or electrostatic potential energy, potential
energy is a(Measured in joules) That results from conservative Coulomb force
s, and is associatedwith the configuration of a set of Particular Point Within
a Defined system loads. Not to
be confused with the term electric potential (Measured in volts), the term "elec
tricpotential energy" is Used To describe the potential energy in
systems with electric fieldsThat Change with
time (time variant), while the term "electrostatic potential
energy "Usedto describe is the potential energy in
systems with electric fields do not That changeswith time (time invariant).

One Point load
For one the point charge
q in the presence of electric field E year due to Another Pointcharge Q, the
electric potential energy is Defined as the negative of the work done tobring
it from the reference position to rref Some position r: this is
a mathematically lineintegral. [2] The
field is conservative, and one for radial load points, so it is pathindependent a
nd Equal to the differance in potential Between
the Two endpoints supportthe HAS moved. Mathematically:

r = position in 3d space, using cartesian coordinates r = (x, y, z), r = | r |
is the magnitudeof the position vector,
  is the work done to bring the load from the reference position to rref r,
F = force exerted on charge q by Q,
E = electric field due to Q
Usually EU is set to zero is infinity When rref:

Since E and therefore F, and
r, are all directed radially from Q, F and dr Must Beantiparallel and so

using Coulomb's law:

allows the integral to Easily Be Evaluated:

Sometimes the factor ke Called Coulomb's constant is Used in expressions th
esis. In SIunits, the Coulomb constant is Given by

,             ,
in turn is the electric constant.

Many development expenses
The electric potential energy of a system, EU, relative to phrasal zero
of potential (Whereposition is zero potential), is Defined Equal to
the total work W done
by That Must Be ahypothetical external agent to bring the loads Steady, one b
y one, from infiniteseparation, to the Stated system configuration.
In this process the gold absorbs external agent Provides Any work within, and
the PointLoad Being Moved Steady gains no kinetic energy. Sometimes refere
nce is made to thepotential energy load of a year in electrostatic field. This
Actually Refers to the potential energy of the system Containing the load and
the Other loads That created theelectrostatic field. [1]: § 25-1
Electrical energy is energy derived from newly electrical potential
energy. When Used Toloosely describe Absorbed energy gold Delivered
by year electrical circuit (for example,one year provided
by electric power utility) "electrical energy" Refers to energy Whichhas-
been her assets from electrical potential
energy. This energy is Supplied by thecombination of
electric current and electrical potential That Is Delivered
by the circuit.That this item at the electrical potential energy has-been her
assets to Another kind ofenergy, it ceases to Be electrical potential
energy. Malthus, electrical energy is allpotential energy is Before It Delivered
To The End-use. Once her assets from potential energy,
electrical energy Cdn Be Described as always Another kind of energy (heat,lig
ht, motion, etc..).
To calculate the work required to bring
a load developed Into the vicinity of other (stationary)
point loads, it is Sufficient to know only (a) the total field generated by The
Other expenses and (b) the load of the load points Being Moved . The
field due to theload and Being Moved the gains of the
Other loads are not required. Nonetheless, in Many Circumstances It Is Easier
To mathematically add up all the pairwise potentialenergies (as below).

Electrostatic potential
energy Stored in a configuration of discrete points loads

The mutual electrostatic potential energy is loads of Two EU Equal to
the potential
energy of a load in the electrostatic potential generated by the Other. That is t
o say, if q1Generates load electrostatic potential Φ1 year, Which
is a function of position r, then

Doing the calculation with respect to Sami The Other load, we Obtain

This Can Be generalized to Give year term for a group of N charges
q1, q2 ... qN atpositions r1, r2 ... rN respectively:

where, For
Each i value, Φ (r) is the electrostatic potential due to all points except the one
at loads laughed.
Note: The factor of one half accounts for the 'double-
counting' of peer support. Forexample, Consider the case of Just Two loads.

One Point load
The electrostatic potential
energy of a system item Containing only one load is zero, asThere are
no Other sources of electrostatic potential Against Which an
external agentmust do work in moving the load from the
point to infinity icts final location. One ShouldCarefully Consider The
Possibility of the load points interacting with Its
Own electrostaticpotential. However, since sa situation at
the potential location of the load points soi isinfinite, this "self-energy"
is intentionally Excluded from year assessment of
the total(finite) electrostatic potential energy of
the system. Moreover, one may argue since theelectrostatic potential That du
e to the load points soi Provides no work in moving theload around the
point, this interaction is unimportant for MOST practical purposes.

Two points loads
Consider bringing a second point charge, q, into its final position in the vicinity
of the first point charge, Q1. The electrostatic potential Φ(r) due to Q1 is

Hence we obtain, potential energy of q in the potential of Q as

where r1is the separation between the two point charges.

Three or more points loads
The electrostatic potential energy of q due to Two charges
Q1 and Q2 Should not BeConfused With The electrostatic potential energy of
the system of Three loads, Because
The lath aussi includes the electrostatic potential energy of the system of
the Twocharges Q1 and Q2.
Three more gold for the point charges, the electrostatic potential energy of
the systemmay Be Calculated by the total amount of work done by an
external agent in BringingPoint Individual loads Into Their final positions One
After Another.
NB: Here, is the relative permittivity of free
space. When the load is in a medium or free space Other
than air, the relative permittivity

Has To Be accounted for Where k is the dielectric constant of the medium.

Energy Stored in electrostatic field distribution year

One may take the equation for the electrostatic potential
energy of a continuous loaddistribution and put it in terms of
the electrostatic field.
Since Gauss' law for electrostatic field in differential form states

 is the electric field vector
 load is the total dipole density Including loads in a bound material,

so, now using the Following divergence vector identity

We Have
using the divergence theorem and Taking the area at infinity Where
To Be

So, the energy density, or energy per unit volume of the electrostatic field is:

Energy in electronic Elements
Some Elements in a Circuit Cdn convert energy from one form to
Another. For example,a resistor Converts electrical energy to heat, and a cap
acitor stores it in icts electric field.
The total electric potential energy Stored in a capacitor is Given by

                                Where C is the capacitance, V is the
electric potential difference, and the load Q Storedin the capacitor.

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           ROHIT MEHTA
1. Introduction
   Importance of Electrical Energy-Generation of Electrical    Energy-
Sources of Energy-Comparison of Energy Sources-Units of Energy-
Relationship among Energy units-Efficiency-Calorific value of Fuels-
Advantages of Liquid Fuels over Solid Fuels-Advantages of Solid Fuels over
Liquid Fuels
2. Generating Stations
    Generating Stations-Steam Power Station-Schematic Arrangement of
Steam Power station-Choice of site for Steam power stations-Efficiency of
steam power station-Equipment of steam power station-Hydroelectric power
station-Schematic Arrangement of Hydroelectric power station-Choice of site
of hydroelectric power stations-Constituents of hydroelectric plant-Diesel
Power Station-Schematic Arrangement of Diesel power station-Nuclear Power
station-Schematic arrangement of nuclear power station-Selection of site for
Nuclear power stations-Gas turbine power plant-Schematic arrangement of
Gas turbine Power plant- Comparison of the Various power plants.
3. Variable Load on Power Stations
   Structure of Electric Power System-Load curves-Important Terms and
Factors-Units generated per Annum-Load duration Curves –Types of Loads-
Typical demand and Diversity Factors-Load Curves and Selection of
generating units-Important points in selection of units-Base load and peak
load on power station – Method of meeting the load-Interconnected grid
4. Economics of Power Generation
   Economics of power Generation-Cost of electrical energy-Expressions for
cost of Electrical Energy-Methods of determining Depreciation-importance of
High Load Factor.
5. Tariff
   Tariff-Desirable Characteristics of Tariff-Types of Tariff.
6. Power Factor Improvement
  Power Factor-Power Triangle-Disadvantages of Low Factor-Causes of
Low Power Factor-Power Factor Improvement-Power improvement
Equipment-Calculations of power correction-Importance of power Factor
improvement-Most Economical Power Factor-Meeting the Increased kW
demand on Power Stations.
7. Supply Systems
   Electric Supply system-Typical A.C. Power Supply Scheme-Comparison of
D.C. and A.C. Transmission- Advantages of High Transmission Voltage-
Various Systems of Power Transmission-Comparison of Conductor Material
in Overhead System-Comparison of conductor material in Underground
System-Comparison of Various Systems of a Transmission-Elements of a
Transmission Line-Economics of Power Transmission-Economic Choice of
Conductor Size-Economic Choice of Transmission Voltage-Requirements of
satisfactory electric supply.
8. Mechanical Design of Overhead Lines
    Main Components of Overhead Lines-Conductor Materials-Line
Supports-Insulators-Type of Insulators-Potential Distribution over suspension
insulator string –String Efficiency-Methods of improving String efficiency-
Important Points-Corona-Factors affecting corona-Important Terms-
Advantages and Disadvantages of Corona-Methods of reducing corona Effect-
Sag in Overhead Lines-Calculation of Sag-Same Mechanical principles.
9. Electrical Design of Overhead Lines
   Constants of a Transmission Line-Resistance of a Transmission Line- Skin
effect-Flux Linkages-Inductance of a Single Phase Overhead Line-inductance
of a 3-phase Overhead Line- Concept of a self-GMD and mutual GMD-
Inductance Formulas in terms of GMD-Electric Potential-Capacitance of a
Single Phase Overhead Line-Capacitance of a 3-phase Overhead Line.
10. Performance of Transmission Lines
    Classification of Overhead Transmission Lines-Important Terms-
Performance of Single phase short Transmission Lines-Three-Phase Short
Transmission Lines-Effect of load p .f. on Regulation and Efficiency-Medium
Transmission Lines-End Condenser Method-Nominal Method-Long
Transmission Lines-Analysis of Long Transmission Line-Generalized
Constants of a Transmission Line-Determination of Generalized
Constants for Transmission Lines.
11. Underground Cable
    Underground Cables-Construction of Cables-Insulating Materials for
Cables-Classification of Cables-Cables for 3-phase service-Laying of
Underground Cables-Insulation Core Cable-Dielectric Stress in a Single Core
Cable-Most Economical Conductor size in a Cable-Grading of Cables-
Capacitance Grading- Intersheath Grading-Capacitance of 3-core Cables-
Measurement of Cc and Ce-Current carrying Capacity of underground
Cables-Thermal resistance-Thermal resistance of dielectric of single-core
cable-Permissible current loading-Types of cable faults-Loop tests for location
of faults in underground cables-Murray loop test-Varley loop test.
12. Distribution Systems-General
    Distribution System-Classification of Distribution Systems-A.C.
Distribution-D.C. Distribution-Methods of obtaining 3-wire D.C. System-
Overhead versus Underground System-Connection Schemes of Distribution
System-Requirements of a Distribution System-Design Considerations in
Distribution System.
13. D.C. Distribution
     Types of D.C. Distributors-D.C. Distribution Calculations-D.C.
distributor fed at one end (concentrated loading)-Uniformly loaded
distributor fed at one end-Distributor fed at both ends(concentrated loading)-
Uniformly loaded distributor fed at both ends-Distributor with both
concentrated and uniform loading-Ring Distributor-Ring main distributors
with Interconnector-3-wire D.C. system-Current Distribution in 3-wire D.C.
system-Balancers in 3-wire D.C. system-Boosters-Comparison of 3-wire and
2-wire d.c. distribution-Ground detectors.
14. A.C. Distribution
    A.C. Distribution Calculations-Methods of solving A.C. Distrbution
Problems-3-Phase unbalanced loads-4-wire,star –connected unbalanced loads-
Ground detectors.
15. Voltage Control
    Importance of voltage control-Location of voltage control Equipment-
Methods of voltage control-Excitation control-Tirril Regulator-Brown-Boveri
Regulator-Tap Changing Transformer-Induction Regulators-Voltage Control
by Synchronous Condenser.
16. Introduction to Switchgear
     Switchgear-Essential features of Switchgear-Switchgear Equipment Bus-
bar Arrangements-Switchgear Accommodation-Short circuit currents-Faults
in a Power system.
17. Symmetrical Fault Calculations
    Symmetrical Faults on 3-phase system-Limitation of Fault current-
Percentage reactance-Percentage reactance and Base kVA-Short Circuit
kVA-Reactor control of short circuit currents-Location of Reactors-Steps for
symmetrical fault calculations.
18. Unsymmetrical Fault Calculations
    Unsymmetrical Faults on 3-Phase system- Symmetrical Components
method-Operator ‘a’-Symmetrical Components in terms of phase currents-
Some Facts about sequence currents-Sequence impedances-Sequence
impedances of power system Elements-Analysis of Unsymmetrical Faults-
Single Line-to-Ground Fault-Line-to-line Fault-Double Line-to-Ground Fault-
Sequence Networks-Reference Bus for Sequence Networks.
19. Circuit Breakers
     Circuit Breakers-Arc Phenomenon-Principles of arc extinction-Methods
of arc extinction-Important Terms-Classification of circuit breakers-Oil
circuit breakers –Types of oil circuit breakers-Plain break oil circuit
breakers-Arc control oil circuit breakers-Low oil circuit breakers-
Maintenance of oil circuit breakers-Air blast circuit breakers-Types of air
blast circuit breakers-SF6 circuit breaker-Vacuum circuit breakers-
Switchgear Components-Problems of circuit interruption-Resistance
Switching-Circuit Breaker Ratings.
20. Fuses
     Fuses-Desirable Characteristics of fuse Elements-Fuse element materials-
Important Terms-Types of Fuses-Low Voltage fuses-High voltage fuses-
Current carrying capacity of fuse element-Difference between a fuse and
circuit breaker.
21. Protective Relays
    Protective Relays-Fundamental requirements of Protective Relaying-
Basic Relays-Electromagnetic Attraction Relays-Induction Relays-Relay
timing-Important terms-Time P.S.M. curve-Calculation of relay operating
time-Functional relay types-Induction type Over-current Relay-Induction
type directional power Relay-Distance or Impedance relays-Definite distance
type impedance relays-Time-distance impedance relays-Differential relays-
Current differential relays-Voltage balance differential relay-Translay
System-Types of Protection.

22. Protection of Alternators and Transformers
    Protection of Alternators-Differential protection of Alternators-Modified
Differential protection of alternators-Balnced Earth Fault protection-Stator
Inturn Protection-Protection of Transformers-Protective systems for
Transformers-Buchholz Reley-Earth fault or leakage Protection-Combined
leakage and overload Protection-Applying Circulating current system to
transformers-Circulatin Current scheme for Transformer protection.
    23. Protection of Bsbars and Lines
    Bus-bar Protection of lines-Time Graded Overcurrent Protection-Differential
    pilot –Wire Protection-Distance Protection.
    24. Protection against Overvoltages
        Voltage surge-Causes of Overvoltages-Internal causes of overvoltages-
    Lightning storkes-Harmful effects of lightning-The earthing Screen-Overhead
    Ground wires-Lightning Arresters-Types of lightning arresters-Surge
    25. Sub-Stations
         Sub-Station-Claddification of Sub-Stations-Comparision between
    Outdoor and indoor Sub-stations-Transformer Sub-stations-Pole mounted
    Sub-stations-Undeground Sub-stations-Symbols for equipment in sub-
    stations-Bus-bar Arrangements in Sub-stations-Terminal and through sssSub-
    stations-Terminalo and Through Sub-stations-Key diagram of 66/11kV Sub-
    statoin-Key diagrm of 11kV/400V indoor sub-station.

    26. Neutral Grounding
         Grounding or Earthing-Equipment Grounding-System Grounding –Un-
    grounded Neutral System-Neutral Grounding-
    Advantages of Neutral Grounding-Methods of Neutral Grounding-Solid
    Grounding-Resistance Grounding-Reactance Grounding –Arc Suppression
    Coil Grounding (or Resonant Grounding)- Voltage Transformer Earthing-
    Grounding Transformer.

                              Chapter 1
1.1 Importance of Electrical Energy
1.2 Generation of Electrical Energy
1.3 Sources of Energy
1.4 Comparison of Energy Sources
1.5 Units of Energy
1.6 Relationship Among Energy Units
1.7 Efficiency
1.8 Calorific Value of Fuels
1.9 Advantages of Liquid Fuels Over Solid Fuels
1.10 Advantages of Solid Fuels Over Liquid Fuels
       Energy is the basic necessity for the economic development of a country.
    Many functions necessary to present-day living grind to halt when the supply
    of energy stops. It is practically impossible to estimate the actual magnitude of
    the part that energy has played in the building up of present –day civilization.
    The availability of huge amount of energy in the modern times has resulted in
    a shorter working day, higher agricultural and industrial production a
    healthier and more balanced diet and better transportation facilities. As a
    matter of fact, there is a close relationship between the energy used per person
    and his standard of living. The greater the per capita consumption of energy
    in a country, the higher is the standard of living of its people.
       Energy exits in different forms in nature but the most important form is the
    electrical energy. The modern society is so much dependent upon the use of
    electrical energy that it has become a part and parcel of our life. In this
    chapter, we shall focus our attention on the general aspects of electrical

1.1 Importance of Electrical Energy
    Energy may be needed as heat, as light, as motive power etc. The present-day
    advancement in science and technology has made it possible to convert electrical
    energy into any desired form. This has given electrical energy a place of pride in
    the modern world. The survival of industrial undertakings and our social structures
    depends primarily upon low cost and uninterrupted supply of electrical energy. In
    fact, the advancement of a country is measured in terms of per capita consumption
    of electrical energy.

    Tamil Nadu PSC Executive Officer Jobs In 2012

             Tamil Nadu PSC Executive Officer Jobs In 2012
Organization Name: Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (PCS)

Job Position: Executive Officer

Location: Tamil Nadu

Jobs Details: - Application're invited for the Posts of Executive Officer in Tamil
Nadu Public Service Commission (PCS).

Post Name: Executive Officer

    Number of Post: 75 Post.
    Qualifications: Any Candidates pass
in the SSLC Examination with admissibilité for admission to
College courses of studies in the Universities
in this State. (11 years course of study) OR A pass in the SSLC Examination
of this State. (10 years course of study).
    Pay Scale: Rs.5200-20200 / - Grade Pay Rs.2400 / - PM.
    Age Limit: 25-40 Years

Important Dates:

   Date of Notification: 27.04.2012
   Last Date for submission of applications: 28/05/2012

   Last Date for Payment of Fee-through Bank or Post Office: 30/05/2012

   Date of Written Examination: 07 .07 .2012

Application Fee: Rs.150 Total. Claiming exemption from examination candidates Sho
uld pay only Rs.50 fee Towards Application fee. Have aussi candidates to pay the serv
ice charges applicable to the Bank or Post
Office or Agency Processing Fee. Those Who Have registered in the One -
 Time Registration System, and Paid the fee for
books of Rs.50 and received the registration ID Need not pay the application fee for
a Period of 5 years from the date of registration Applies Even If ET for Any
Other exemptant posts subsequently by the Commission. Those candidates aim Shall
pay examination fee, if applicable, is Any Other occasion. Online Payment is made-
through Net Banking, Credit card / Debit card. Offline Payment-through Indian
Bank or Post Office.

How to Apply: Candidates Should Apply online only-through. Can Be The
Online Application filled up to 28.05.2012.

Indian Army Technical Graduate Course Jobs In 2012

    Indian Army Technical Graduate Course Jobs In 2012

Organization Name: Indian Army
Job Position: Technical Graduate Course
Location: All India
Jobs Details: - Application Submitted for are the Posts of Technical Graduate Course
in Indian Army.
Post Name: Technical Graduate Course

  Number of Post: 60 Post.
  Qualifications: For Engineers: BE / B Tech in the Above Discipline, Candidates
Studying in the Final Year of Engineering Degree and Who are qualified Graduates of
the Degree Course in Engineering Engineering Will Be eligible to apply. For Army
Education Corps: MA / M Sc Degree in 1st or 2nd division in English / Economics /
History / Music / Geography / Political Science / Physics / Maths. For Military Farm:
A Degree in dairying or a degree in agriculture from a university with dairying
reconnu as One of the subjects or equivalent foreign qualification year in Agriculture.
  Age Limit:

                   For Engineering Graduates: 20 to 27 Years.
                   For ACS: 23 to 27 Years.
                   For Military Farms: 20 to 27 Years.

   Closing Date: 14-05-2012
Physical Eligibility:
(I) Height & Weight: the minimum acceptable height and weight for men is 157.5 cm
with weight correlated methods.(Ii) Visual standards: the acceptable minimum are
Visual Acuity, Distant Vision (corrected) better-eye 6/6, Worse 6/18.
How to Apply: Candidates Applying Online specificities, after submission of
Application take two copies of the Application printout and the Roll No. generated by
the system. One copy mailed Should Be Duly signed with a self attested photograph
and attested copies of 10th class, 12th class certificates and Degree / Provisional
Degree of BE / B.Tech or mark sheets of first six semesters of BE / B.Tech to
Additional Directorate General of Recruiting (Rtg-6), TGC Division, West Block-3,
RK Puram, New Delhi-110 066 and super scribe the envelope with "Online
Application TGC-116 and the Roll No. ............". Should APPEAR candidate for the
interview with the second copy of the printout along with original certificates. Should
candidates Applying offline super scribe the envelope with MILITARY FARMS and
"Army Educational Core" 116th TGC (Army Educational Corps) and feels to
Additional Directorate General of Recruiting (Rtg-6), TGC Division, West Block-3,
RK Puram, New Delhi-110066. Candidates Applying for Military Farms Should feels
the enforcement division to Integrated Head Quarters of Ministry of Defence (Army),
QMG's Branch Directorate of Military Farms (MF-1), West Block-III, RK Puram,
New Delhi-110066. The last dates for receipt of print outs Such is 14th June,
2012. Candidates shouls submit online Application After 14th May 2012.
NTC Manager Jobs In 2012

                       NTC Manager Jobs In 2012

Organization Name: National Textile Corporation Ltd.. (NTC)

Job Position: Manager, Management Trainees, Supervisor

Location: All India

Jobs Details: - Application're invited for the Posts of Manager, Management
Trainees, Supervisor in the National Textile Corporation Ltd.. (NTC).

1-Post Name: Manager

   Number of Post: 1 Post.
   Qualifications: MBA / MSW (2 years) or equivalent with Specialization in HR
and knowledge of Industrial.
   Experience: Relations / Labour Laws with 8 years of experience at middle
management in a manufacturing unit. Those with Degree in Law Would Be preferred.
   Pay Scales: Rs 24900-50500 / -

2-Post Name: Management Trainees

   Number of Post: 5 Post.
   Qualifications: MBA / MSW (2 years) or equivalent with Specialization in HR
and knowledge of Industrial.
   Experience: Relations / Labour Laws
   Pay Scales: 10000 / -
3-Post Name: Manager

   Number of Post: 15 Post.
   Qualifications: Diploma in Textile Engineering
   Experience: Diploma in Textile Engineering with 5 years of
experience. Preference Will Be Given To Degree in Textile Technology
   Pay Scales: Rs 11600-26000 / -

Closing Date: 19/05/2012.

Application Fee: Account Payee Demand Draft for Rs.300 / - drawn in Favour
Any Nationalized Bank payable at Coimbatore. Candidates Should Their Name and
Address mentioned on the reverse side of the DD. No fee
is payable by SC / ST candidates and persons with disability (PWD).

How to
Apply: Application in the prescribed formats Duly filled with prescribed fee and a set
of Attested Copies of the certificates under and affixing passport size photograph at
the space feels Should
Be Provided in a sealed cover superscribing Duly the "NAME OF
THE POST / CATEGORY "as the case may have to Be so at 19/05/2012 by Senior
Manager (HR)-HOD, National Textile Corporation Limited, Southern
Regional Office, 35-B Somasundaram Mills Road, Coimbatore-641009 Tamil Nadu.

Banaras Hindu University Project Fellow Jobs In 2012

    Banaras Hindu University Project Fellow Jobs In 2012
Organization Name: Banaras Hindu University

Job Position: Project Fellow

Location: Varanasi UP.

Jobs Details: - Application're invited for the Posts of Junior Resident in
Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer.

Name post: Project Fellow

   Qualifications: Graduate or Intermediate with 2-3 years' laboratory / field work
   Age Limit: 30 Years.
   Pay Scale: Rs.5000 / - pm (Consolidated)
   Closing Date: 14-05-2012

How to Apply: Applications Should Reach Within 14-05 - 2012.

                           BANK OF BARODA

Baroda, India's International Bank, with a network of more Than 3900 + branches in
IndiaEnjoys the unique distinction of overseas presence in 24 countries. The overall
business of the Bank is6,75,000 Crores over `as on 31.03.2012. The Bank's Mission is
"To be a top ranking National Bankof International Standards-committed to
augmenting stakeholder value-through concern, care andjurisdiction. "The Bank That
Believes Its People, process and technology are the key drivers forDelivering
customer service. Firmly Believes That The Bank icts Human Resources Are The
Most Valuableasset and the HR Mission of the Bank is "Creating Competence and
Passion for Business Excellence".Having Completed 103 years of our purposeful
existence, we are architecting and Laying a strong foundationfor Creating "A Bank of
the Future for the Next Century and for a Financial Conglomerate emery have and
have hadOne-Stop Shop for Financial Services ", to 'deliver world-class banking
experience to our CustomersWe are looking for talented professionals with winning
attitude to Be Partners in the growth journeyof the Bank-through shouldering the
responsibility, as Officers Specialists in the Following Disciplines:POST CODE
Treasury / Forex MMG / S II 1503 Human Resource Management MMG / S II 4004
Risk Management MMG / S II 1005 Credit MMG / S II 2506 Technical MMG / S II
20GRAND TOTAL 125* No. of openings and / or disciplines are provisional and are
subject to change According To the actualRequirements of the Bank.RESERVATION
IN POSTS: -Grade / Scale Total SC ST OBC GEN PWDOH HI VIMMG / S II 125
19 9 34 63 1 1 1Abbreviations stand for: MMG / S II - Middle Management Grade /
Scale II, SC - Scheduled Caste, ST -Scheduled Tribe, OBC - Other Backward Classes,
GEN-General, PWD - Persons With Disability, OHOrthopaedicallyHandicapped, HI -
Hearing Impaired, VI-Visually Impaired.IMPORTANT DATES: -Website Link
Open. From 01/05/2012 To 15/05/2012Last day for deposit of fees (Including for
candidatesfrom far flung areas) (ON LINE ONLY)05/15/2012Attempt dates for
interview. JUNE / JULY 2012SCALE OF PAY: - `19400 700 20100 800
28100.January 10Fees: -At present, initial monthly emoluments of Middle
Management Grade / Scale II Officers, Including DA,HRA & CCA are
`Approximately 34,000 / - per month in a Metropolitan Centre. Allowances may
varyDEPENDING upon the place of posting. In addition, Quarters facility (in lieu of
HRA) for Officers,Conveyance, Medical Aid, LTC and retirement Benefits are
eligible as per rules of the Bank, instrength from time to time.2 ...2 :: ::PROBATION
PERIOD: - The selected candidate Will Be on probation for a Period of 12 months (-1
-year) of active service from the date of his / her joining the Bank. There is no
mandatory provision ofBond by executing a Service selected candidates.AGE,
05.01.2012) Minimum-Maximum 21Years & * - 37yrs. * Relaxation in upper age
limit as perGovernment Guidelines.PostCodeEducational Qualifications discipline
havewe 01.05.2012Work Experience as on 01.05.2012(Below 6 months experience in
Any organismWould not Be regarded)Graduation from a 01 Security
reconnuUniversity or equivalentqualificationAn Officer with minimum -5 - years
Commissionedservice in Army / Navy / Air Force OR a Police Officernot below the
rank of Asst. SP / Dy. SP withMinimum 5 years of service in Such capacity
ORIdentiques officer of rank in para-military forces, withminimum 5 years service in
Such capacity.02 Treasury /ForexMasters Degree in Finance /Banking / Treasury /
InternationalTrade / CA / ICWAMinimum 3 years experience in. Officers' framework
inTreasury / Forex Operations in Large Banks / FinancialInstitutions.03
HumanResourceManagementMBA / PGDM (2 Years) inHRM / Personnel
Management /Industrial Relations / HRD or PostGraduation in Social Work
HAVINGSpecialization in HRM / PM / IR / HRDfrom reconnuInstitute /
UniversityMinimum of 3 years post qualification experiencein the Officers'
framework in Banks / Financial InstitutionsSpecialized in Area of Human
ResourcesIncluding Industrial Law Management / HRD.04 RiskManagementMBA
(Finance) preferably FRM /Post Graduate Diploma (2 Years)in Risk
Management.Post-qualification experience of 3 years in RiskManagement in Banks /
Financial Institutions.05 Credit MBA (Finance) / MBA (Banking &End.), ICWA /
CAPost-qualification experience of 3 years in theSpecialised area preferably in the
Banking /Financial Sector.Should Possess conceptual and analytical skill toEvaluate
Proposals Credit, Understand / interpretFinancial Statements, business climate
andConversing with Methodology and tools for projectappraisal.06 Technical B. E.
(Mech. / Elect /Electronics / Chem Civil) with MBAin Finance.Post-qualification
experience of 3 years in theSpecialised area in Banks / FI / Leading
consultancyorganizations in Project Finance activity.For All The Above disciplines,
candidates Should Produce Documents in Support of Their qualifications
andexperience in the respective field. In addition to the Sami, Certification / Diploma
in Computer ApplicationsProvided aussi Would Be The Same is essential not Covered
as subject or one of the subjects at Graduationand / or Post Graduate level.3 ...3 ::
::HOW TO APPLY: -1. Candidates are required to Apply Online website No Othermeans clustering / mode of Application
Will Be accepted.2. Candidates are required to Have a valid personal email ID and
Contact No. It Should Be KeptActive During The currency of this recruitment
project. Bank may send call letters for Written Test,interview etc.. -through the
registered email ID. Under no circumstances, he / she Should share /mentioned email
ID to / gold of Any Other person.3. In case, a candidate Does not Have a valid
personal email ID, he / she Should create his / her newBefore Applying Online email
ID.4. Applicants are first required to go to the Bank's website and open the
www.bankofbaroda.comlink 'Careers - Ongoing Recruitment Exercises'. Thereafter,
open the Recruitment NotificationEntitled Bank of Baroda 'RECRUITMENT OF -125
FOR POSTAGE: -The Amount of fee / postage costs To Be Paid is Indicated
below:Category of Applicant Amount of Fees / Charges for Posting(Non-
refundable)SC / ST / Persons with Disability (PWD) to 50 / -GEN / OBC `200 / -
MODE OF PAYMENT: -Have to put candidates through fees ONLINE ONLY
MODE.Under the On-line mode, the application form is integrated with the payment
gateway and thePayment Process Can Be Completed by FOLLOWING the
instructions. The payment made using Can Beonly Master / Visa Debit or Credit Card
by Providing information on the screen as Asked. It Successfulcompletion of the
transaction, an e-receipt Would Be generated. Candidates are required to take aprint of
the e-receipt Which Will Have to Be Produced, if Called for interview.After Applying
on-line, the registered candidates Should Obtain a system-generated print out of
theapplication. This system generated print out of the Application Should Be signed
by the candidate andKept With Him To Be Produced at the time of
interviews.Rating:1. The candidates Cdn Apply for one post only. In Other Words,
You Can Apply for only one discipline.The Registration for More Than One post Will
Be Treated as invalid for all the posts. More than oneRegistration for The Same post
aussi Will Be Treated as invalid.2. There is a provision to modify the Submitted
online application. Candidates are Requested tomake use of this facility to the right
details in online application, if any. This changeFacility Shall Be available After two
days of registration and upto 17.05.2012. Change isAllowed a maximum of 3
times. After the last date, no modification permitted Will Be.3. The name of the
candidate or his / her father / husband etc. Should Be Correctly spelled in
theimplementation as it Appears in the certificates / mark sheets. Any change /
alteration found maydisqualify the bid.4 ...4 :: ::Rating:1. Application Will not Be
Made oz Allowed To Be Withdrawn and fees Will Not Be Paid ozRefunded On Any
count nor can it be Held in reserve for recruitment Any Other or selection
process.2. The candidate must retain the photocopy of the Application print out, for
further Top reference.3. The candidate must posses a valid email id for filling the
application. In case, candidate is notHaving a valid email ID, he / she Cdn create a
new email ID. This Should Be valid email ID for theEntire duration of the
SIGNATURE:Before Applying online, candidate is required Will Be To Have a
scanned (digital) image of his / herphotograph and signature as per the specifications
Given below: -(I) Photograph Image: -? Must Be A recent photograph passport style
color picture.? That make safe the picture is in color, taken Against a light colored,
preferably whitebackground.? Look straight at the camera with a relaxed face.? If the
picture is taken on a sunny day, Have the sun behind you, gold spot yourself in
theshade, so That You are not squinting and There are no harsh shadows.? If you
Have to use flash, Ensure there 's no "red-eye".? If you wear glasses make sour That
There are no reflections and Your Eyes Can Be Clearlyseen.? Caps, hats and dark
glasses are not acceptable, religious headwear is allowed option it must aimnot cover
your face.? 200 x 230 pixels (preferred)? Size of the file Should Be Between 20kb -
50kb.? Ensure That the size of the image is scanned Not more than 50kb. If the size of
the file isMore than 50kb, then adjust the settings of the scanner Such as the DPI
resolution, No. ofcolors etc. During The process of scanning.(Ii) Signature Imaging: -
? The law Web Has To sign on white paper with Black Ink Pen.? The signing must Be
signed only by the competition law and not by Any Other person.? The signing Will
Be Used To put on the Hall Ticket and Wherever considers.? If the Applicant's
signature on the answer script at the time of the examination Does notmatch the
signature on the Hall Ticket, the law Web Will Be disqualified.? Dimensions 140 x 60
pixels (preferred)? Size of the file Should Be Between 10kb - 20kb.? Ensure That the
size of the image is scanned Not more than 20kb.(Iii) Scanning the photograph &
signature: -1. Set the scanner to a minimum resolution of 200 dpi (dots per inch).2. Set
the color to True Colour3. File size as specified Above4. Crop the image in the
scanner to the edge of the photograph / signature, then use theupload editor to crop the
image to the final size (as specified above) we.5. The JPG image file Should Be or
JPEG format. An example file name is: image01.jpg goldimage01.jpeg. Image
Dimensions Can Be checked by listing the files or moving the foldermouse over the
image icon file.5 ...5 :: ::Candidates using MSWindows / MSOffice Cdn Easily Obtain
photograph and signature in. Jpegsize 50kb and 20kb not conduire respectively by
using MSPaint or MSOffice PictureManager. Scanned photograph and signature Can
Be In Any Format saved in. Jpg formatby using 'Save As' option in the File menu and
size below 50kb Can Be Reduced(Photograph) & 20kb (signature) by using crop and
then resize option (Please see point(I) & (ii) Above for the pixel size) in the 'Image'
menu. Similar options are available inOther photo editor also.If the file size and size
are not as prescribed, an error Message Will Be Displayed as.While filling in the
Online Application Form, the candidate Will Be Provided with a link toupload
historical photograph and signature.(Iv) Procedure for uploading the Photograph and
Signature: -(I) There Will Be Two Separate links for uploading Photograph and
Signature.(Ii) Click on the respective link 'Upload Photograph / Signature ".(Iii)
Browse and select the location Where the scanned photograph / signature file has-
beensaved.(Iv) Select the file by clicking will on it.(V) Click the upload button.Your
Online Application Will not Be registered UNLESS you upload your photograph and
signature asspecified.Rating: -1. In the opposite box in the photograph is unclear or
signing, the applicant's implementation may BeRejected.2. After Registering online,
candidates are Advised to take a printout of Their system generatedApplication forms
online.3. In case, the photograph is unclear or signatures, the candidate may edit
historical purposes and reuploadhistorical photograph or signature.RESERVATIONS:
-A) Reservation for SC / ST / OBC / PWD Candidates Will Be Provided as per
Government guidelines.Belonging to candidates and Applying under 'Reserved OBC
Category' are required to submit aCertificate Regarding his / her 'Community' in the
GOVERNMENT OF INDIA "(Format available on Bank's website along with this
Notification)and the Certificate Should Contain the "NON CREAMY LAYER
CLAUSE-" which is not more Thanone year old. Candidates not Producing The
Above Will not Be regarded certificate from under theOBC Category.B) Persons with
Disabilities: - Under Section 33 of Persons with Disabilities (Equal
Opportunities,Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 only Such
persons eligible for Would BeReservation Who Suffer from not less Than 40% of
covered disability and are certified by a MedicalBoard Appointed by the Central /
State Govt. Accordingly, candidates with the FollowingDisabilities are eligible to
apply. Such applicants Claiming Benefits Should Produce certificate inin Support of
Their original claim at the time of Interview Conducted by the Bank, if Called bythe
Bank.6 ...6 :: ::As the booking for Persons with Disabilities is on horizontal Basis, the
selected candidate WillAppropriate Be Placed in the category (viz. SC / ST / OBC /
GEN) to Which THEY Belong.Visually Impaired (VI) -Blindness has Refers to a
person where condition suffers from Any of the Following Conditions: -i) Total lack
of sight ii) Visual acuity not conduire 6/60 or 20/200 (Snellen) in the better
eyeCorrecting lenses with (iii) Limitation of the field of vision subtending angle of 20
degrees year goldWorse.Low vision means clustering a person with impairment of
visual fonctionnement Even After Treatment goldWho correcting refractive objective
standard uses of gold is able Potentially using vision for theschedule or execution of a
task with Appropriate assistive device.Deaf & Hearing Impaired (HI) -Those are the
deaf persons in Whom the sense of hearing is non-functional for ordinary purposeof
life i.e. total loss of hearing in Both ears. They Do not Hear, Understand sounds at all
Even withamplified speech. Hearing impairment loss of sixty decibels means
clustering or more in the better ear inranks of the conversational
frequencies.Orthopedically Handicapped (OH): -OH is one person HAVING
minimum of 40% physical defect or deformity Which causes interferencewith the
normal fonctionnement of the bones, muscles and seals and is so certified by a
MedicalBoard Appointed by the State Government. Only Those Who Fall in the
Following categories areEligible to Apply: -? BL - Both Legs Affected but not
Arms;? OA - One Arm affected (Right or Left) - a) Impaired Reach b) Weakness of
grip c) Ataxia;? OL - One Leg affected (Right or Left);? MW - Muscular Weakness
Limited & Physical Endurance.The number of vacancies Indicated Above And Also
The number of reserved vacancies is provisionaland may Vary According To the
Requirement of the actual Bank.In case of non-availability of reserved candidates, the
Bank reserves the right to inter-change thesiscategories, as per Government
Guidelines.The selected candidate is linkable To Be posted, at the sole discretion of
the Bank and as per ictsexigencies, At Any of the Bank's branches / offices, anywhere
in India.It Is Clarified That Persons with Disabilities Will Have to work in branches /
offices Which Have postsIdentified by the Bank as Suitable for 'em.THE
ST / OBC / PWD AS ISUNDER: -For SC / ST / OBC: -District Magistrate /
Additional Dist. Magistrate / Collector / Deputy Commissioner / Additional
Dy.Commissioner / Dy. Collector / First Class Stipendiary Magistrate / Sub-Division
Magistrate / TalukaMagistrate / Executive Magistrate / Extra Assistant Commissioner
/ Chief7 ...7 :: ::Presidency Magistrate / Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate /
Presidency Magistrate / RevenueOfficer not below the rank of Tahsildar / Sub-
Divisional Officer of the area Where the candidateand / or family history Normally
Resides.FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITY: -Authorised Certifying Authority Will
Be a Medical Board constituted by the Duly Central / StateHAVING Government at
least three members characteristics of, Chief Medical Officer, Sub-Divisional
MedicalDistrict Officer in the year and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Ophthalmology
Surgeon, ENT Surgeon, as thecase may be.Relaxation in Upper Age limit for reserved
positions: -? Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe candidates by 5 years? Other
Backward Class candidates by 3 years? In the case of ex-servicemen and
Commissioned Officers Including ECOS / SSCOs Who Haverendered at least 5 years
military service and released it Have Been completion of assignment(Including Those
Whose assignment is due To Be Completed Within the next one year from the
lastDate for receipt of application) Other than by way of dismissal or discharge on
account ofmisconduct or inefficiency or on account of physical disability to military
service Attributable goldwe invalidment, by five years-through selection for Written
test & interview and by more than 3 yearsPeriod of service in armed forces, for
selection-through interview only, subject to ceiling as perGovt. guidelines.? All
persons Who Have beens ordinarily domiciled in Kashmir Division of J & K State
DURING01.01.1980 and 31.12.1989 by 5 years? For Persons with Disability by 10
years by Which Becomes accumulation (a) by 15 years for SC / ST (b)by 13 years for
OBC and (c) by 10 years for General.Rating:i. An ex-serviceman Who has joined a
Government Job ounce on the civilian side After availing theBenefits Given to Ex-
serviceman have HIM for historical re-employment Including a job in Public
SectorUndertaking, ceases to enjoy Ex-serviceman status for further Top emploi
history.ii. In the case of a candidate who is eligible for relaxation Under More Than
One Of The Abovecategories, the age relaxation Will Be available on cumulative
BASIS With Any one of theWhich Remaining categories for age relaxation is
permitted as Mentioned Above. This cumulativeage relaxation is available to SC / ST
/ OBC candidates only.iii. The candidate eligible for age relaxation Under 3 (iv)
Above Must Produce the certificate homeat the time of interview from the District
Magistrate in the Kashmir Division Within Whosejurisdiction he / she ordinarily
resided gold HAD Any Other autorité désigné, in this regard byGovernment of J & K
to the effect That the candidate HAD beens ordinarily domiciled in theKashmir
Division of the State of J & K DURING 1st January 1980 and 31st December
1989.iv. All persons eligible for age relaxation Under serial no. 3 (vi) Must Produce a
Certificate Issued bythe District Magistrate to the effect That They Are Eligible for
Relief in terms of rehabilitationpackage for 1984 riots Affected persons sanctioned by
Government and Communicated byMinistry of Finance, Deptt of Financial Services
Communication No. F.9/21/206-IR dated27/07/2007.v. There is no booking for ex-
Servicemen candidates in the Officers' framework.Rating: -1. The Relaxation in
Upper Age for Reserved Category candidates is as per governmentGuidelines.8 ...8 ::
::2. The Educational qualifications prescribed for the post is the
minimum.3. Candidates Should Possess the minimum work-experience as Mentioned
Above. However.Candidates Possessing more Than prescribed work experience in the
subject discipline Shallget preference.4. It Should Be Carefully Noted That only short-
listed candidates for interview Would Be Called.DEPENDING upon number of
vacancies and number of candidates, candidates Would Beshortlisted in the ratio of
1:4 and 1:5 for General Category for SC / ST / OBC candidates.Applicants not
fulfilling this Criterion Submitting proof and not as Stated Above, WILL
05/01/2012): -A candidate must Be Either i) a Citizen of India or ii) a subject of Nepal
or iii) subject of Bhutan or iv)Tibetan Refugee Who cam over to India Before 1st
January 1962 with the intention of PermanentlySettling in India or v) a person of
Indian origin migrated from Pakistan Who has, Burma, Sri Lanka,East African
Countries of Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika
andZanzibar), Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia and Vietnam with the intention of
Permanently Settling inIndia. Provided That a candidate Belonging to categories (ii),
(iii) (iv) & (v) Above Shall Be A person inWhose Favour a Certificate of Eligibility
has-been Issued By the Government of India. A candidate inWhose box is a
Certificate of Eligibility may Necessary Be Admitted to the examination /
interviewConducted by the Bank but on final selection, the offer of appointment may
Be Given only the after theGovernment of India Issued HAS admissibilité The
Necessary certificate to HIM.SELECTION PROCEDURE: -1. DEPENDING on the
number of vacancies, candidates fulfilling the General Eligibility Criteria Shall
BeCalled for a personal interview in the ratio of 1:4 and 1:5 for General category for
SC / ST / OBCcandidates. In Other Words, Against one vacancy 4 candidates in
General Category and 5Candidates Against one vacancy in respect of SC / ST / OBC
category Stipulated Would Be Called forpersonal interview. Candidates Possessing
more Than prescribed work experience in theShall get preference under
discipline. The Bank reserves right to call icts for the Interview,Otherwise candidates
Than The Above ratio in sole discretion at ict.2. A personal interview Shall Be
Conducted to Assess the candidate's personality, level ofcommunication, problem
solving & clarity innovativeness, level of efficiency, willingness to workIn Any share
of the country, suitability for the post etc.. The minimum qualifying marks Would
Be40% for General Category and 35% for Reserved Category. Candidates not
clearing the personalinterview Will not Be regarded for final selection.3. The
candidates Belonging to SC / ST / OBC / PWD Will Be Given relaxation in marks, as
per extantGovernment guidelines.4. Subject to the vacancies available from under the
respective category, only candidates Those Who Passthe personal interview
shortlisted for selection Will Be.INTERVIEW CENTRES: -The interviews are Likely
to Be Held at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Kolkata. However Bank reservesright to add
or delete centers Interview DEPENDING upon response and administrative
convenience.The list of shortlisted candidates and Other Interview viz details Date,
time came aussi Will BeDisplayed as on the Bank's website one week Before the
dates for commencement of interviews.9 ...9 :: ::CALL LETTERS FOR
INTERVIEW: -Call letters for the purpose of interview Will Be To The shortlisted
feels / eligible candidates only-through email at the email address Given by Them in
the application form / Will Be available fordownload from the bank's website. A list
of all candidates along with Such Such details as date, timeand came of the interview
Will Be aussi hosted on the bank's website are
Requested to Regularly visit the Bank's website and keep track of the status of
Theirapplication, from time to time. Kindly Note That No Other method of
communication Pertaining To TheOther than interview process Mentioned Above,
Will Be Followed.IDENTITY VERIFICATION: -Should the candidate, while
Appearing for the personal interview, Produce for verification in originalPhoto and
submit copies if required, the original call letter, fee payment receipt, photo identity
card,Such as PAN Card / Passport / Driving License / Voters Card / Bank Passbook. If
the identity of thecandidate is the candidate in Doubt Will not Be Allowed to
APPEAR for the interview.GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: -1. Candidates are required
to Apply only 'ONLINE'. Any Other form of implementation Shall Be
Rejected.2. Before Applying, the candidate Should Ensure That he / she fulfils
admissibilité the norms and OtherMentioned in this advertisement. Decision of the
Bank in all Matters Regarding Eligibility of thecandidate, the stages at Which Such
scrutiny of Eligibility To Be is undertaken, the documentation toBe Produced for the
purpose of the Conduct of examination, interview, selection and Any OtherMatter
Relating to Recruitment Will Be Final and binding on the candidate. No
correspondence orpersonal Enquiries Will Be entertained by the Bank in this
Behalf.3. In case, it is detected at Any placement of a candidate recruitment That Does
not Fulfill the admissibiliténorms and / or That he / she HAS Any furnished incorrect /
false information / certificate / documentsAny gold HAS suppressed material fact (s),
his / her candidature canceled Will Stand. If Any of Theseshortcoming / s is / are
detected Even After appointment, his / her services are linkable To
Beterminated.4. All Candidates Will Have to Produce original as well as attested
photocopies of certificatesRegarding Qualification, Work Experience, Age and Caste
(if applicable), in Support of Theiradmissibilité at the time of interview, failing Which
Will Be Their candidature canceled.5. In case of OBC category candidates Belonging
to, the certificate inter-alia Must Specify That theCandidate Does not Belong To
'CREAMY LAYER' section Excluded from The Benefits of reservationsfor OBCs in
Civil Post and Services Under Govt. of India. OBC certificate Should not Be More
Thanone year old as on the date of application.6. The Candidates Will Have to
APPEAR for interview at Their Own Expense. However, eligibleSC / ST / PWD
outstation candidates Attending the Interview Will Be reimbursed to and fro
secondclassordinary train / bus fare by the shortest route is generation of evidence of
travel.7. Only Candidates Willing to serve anywhere in India Should apply.8. Any
disputes arising Arising out of this advertisement Shall Be subject to the sole
jurisdiction ofSituated at the Courts in Mumbai. The Bank Takes No Responsibility to
connect AnyCertificate / Remittance feels separately.9. Candidates serving in
Government / Public Sector Undertaking (Including Bank) Should Produce has'No
Objection Certificate' from Their use at the time of interview, in the lack of Which,his
/ her application may not Be regarded.10 ...10 :: ::10. Any argument in case Arises on
account of interpretation of Version Other than English, EnglishVersion Will Prevail
& the Version Displayed on website Shall Be Final.11. Appointment of selected
candidates is subject to his / her Being Declared medically fit as per theRequirement
of the Bank. Such appointment aussi Will Be subject to the Service & Conduct
Rulesof the Bank.12. Canvassing In Any form Will Be a disqualification.13. Action
against candidates found guilty of misconduct: Candidates are Advised-In Their
OwnThat Should not THEY interest Furnish particulars That Are Any false,
Tampered, fabricated goldShould not suppress material information while filling Any
up the 'Online application.14. Bank reserves the right to change the selection
procedure, if considers. The changes, if any, ShallBe Communicated to the candidates
in advance.15. Bank Would Be free to reject the nomination of candidate At Any Any
course of the recruitmentprocess, if he / she is found To Be ineligible. If appointed, sa
situation candidate may summarily Beremoved and the fees Paid by the ineligible
candidates Shall Be forfeited.Merely satisfying the Eligibility Criteria norms do not
entitle the candidate to Be Called for interview.The Bank reserves the right to call
only the requisite number of candidates for interview AfterPreliminary screening /
short-listing with reference to the candidate's age, qualification,
essentialRequirements, etc. suitability.The Bank reserves the right to reject ANY
APPLICATION / At Any application or cancel the course conduiteof Written test and
/ or interview without Assigning Any Reason. Government Guidelines onreservation
in recruitment Shall Be applicable.Decision of the Bank in respect of all Matters
Pertaining to this final and recruitment Would Bebinding on all candidates.Detailed
advertisement Can Be viewed at our website - / -
GENERAL MANAGER (HRM)Date: 01.05.2012.

Punjab and Sind bank PO Recruitment 2012 900

        Punjab and Sind bank PO Recruitment 2012 900

Punjab and Sind Bank was formed in 1908 with head office ict in New Delhi. PSB
Bank HAS over 1,000 branches across nation with significant rise in amount of
business. Punjab and Sind Bank invited applications for 900 Probationary Officers
(PO) posts from IBPS Common PO Exam September 2011 Qualified candidates.

Vacancies and PayScale

Probationary Officers (JMG Scale-I) - Total Posts 900 (Approx Rs 25,400 / Month)

Important Dates

Fee Payment and Online Registration: Apr 24 to May 10, 2012

Eligibility Criteria

  Only for IBPS PO CWE Passed candidates.
  Age Should Be Between 21-30 yrs as on 07.01.2011 (Relaxation by 5 - SC / ST, 3 -
OBC 10 - PWD),
  Should be a Graduate In Any Discipline with min 55% and 50% for reserved
  Note That There Is No Minimum Required Score IBPS. Anyone passing IBPS MW
/ MT CWE may Apply for it.
   Computer knowledge preferred Will Be.

Selection Procedure

   Punjab and Sind Bank Will Call for candidates Interview That Will cross cut-offs
later Set To Be DEPENDING ON vacancies.
   Interview Will Have Total 100 Marks and Qualifying Will Be 40% marks for
General and 35% for reserved categories.
   For probation period selected candidates while 2 Years Will Be There Will Be a
leap of 3 Years of worth Rs 50,000.
   For Any Further details, Please see Punjab and Sind bank 900 PO Recruitment
2012 Advertisement

Application Procedure

   Fee of Rs 50 for SC / ST / PWD and Rs.200 for Others.
   Fee Can Be Paid At Any branch of Punjab and Sind Bank by Challan This gold by
NEFT Payment In Any Branch of Any Scheduled Commercial Bank. (See
advertisement NEFT Payment for details).
   After payment, Apply Online with all required details filled Properly (NEFT / CBS
   Keep Payment challan / NEFT Receipt print outs and Two of Application form for
future use as required if thesis Will Be Called for GD / Interview.
Shortlisted Candidates Will Be Notified about interview dates later-through E-
mail/SMS/Bank 's website.

Click here to Apply online for Bank PO Recruitment 2012 PSB.

Andhra Bank 600 Clerks Recruitment 2012

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