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					Past Continuous Tense

                     The Past Continuous Tense

Aims:             Students learn the past continuous tense in affirmative, negative
                  and interrogative forms and are able to make use of it in real life
Targets:          S.2 class
Background        Students have not learnt the past continuous tense so far but they
knowledge:        have learnt the past tense in S.1.
Language focused:      the past continuous tense is used to express an event
                          which was in progress (going on) around a particular past
                          e.g. Tom was having dinner at 8 o'clock last night.
                       the forms of the past continuous tense.

                            Affirmative: Subject + was/were + verb-ing.
                            Negative:      Subject + was/were + not +verb-ing.
                            Interrogative: Was/Were + subject + verb-ing?

                           use 'while' to link two events happening at the same time
                            in the past.

Power point Presentation Source:
Oxford English CD-Rom2, Longman English Express 1A

Time Steps                         Functions                     Aids
4           teacher asks                introduce the topic.         blackboard
mins         students what               encourage                    computer,
             they were doing              engagement                    projector, screen
             at that time on                                           power point
             Sunday morning.                                            presentation
            invite Ss to                                               (Slide 1, 2 & 3)
             introduce the
             forms of the past
             continuous tense.
            a time line is
             drawn to help
             clarify the

6           Ss imagine they             help to build up             computer,
mins         went for an                  confidence to                 projector, screen
             outing yesterday.            speak up.                    power point
            Activity 1: Ss              practise using the            presentation(Slid
             point out the 5              past continuous               e 4, 5 & 6)
             differences                  tense
             between Picture
             A and B. (things
             they saw when
             they were
             traveling on the
            choral repetition

5           introduce the use           consolidate their            computer,
mins         of 'while' to link           use of the past               projector, screen
             two events                   continuous tense.            power point
             happening at the                                           presentation
             same time in the                                           (Slide 7, 8, 9 &
             past.                                                      10)
            Activity 2 (pair                                           (Pictures
             work): What                                                downloaded from
             were your friends                                          Longman English
             and family doing                                           Express Power
             while you went                                             Point
             for an outing?                                             Presentation 1A)
            make sentences
             by referring to the
            read out the
             sentences to your

10          Ss are paired off.        consolidate their        computer,
mins        Activity 3(pair            use of different          projector, screen
             work) : Ss A and           forms of the past        power point
             Ss b get a                 continuous tense in       presentation
             different schedule         a contextualized          (Slide 11, 12
             of activities done         situation.                &13)
             for yesterday's           reinforce Ss to          a worksheet with
             outing.                    make natural              a table about the
            Ss ask each other          conversation in           outing for Ss A
             questions to fill in       daily life.               and Ss B.
             the table.                encourage
            after getting the          interaction
             answer, Ss are
             encouraged to
             give own
             response to end
             the conversation.
            invite students to
             report their

3           Ss choose their           practise linking 2
mins         favourite activity         events happening
             and make a                 at the same time in
             sentence by using          the past by using
             'while I ..., my           'while' in a
             classmates ....'.          contextualized
            invite Ss to read          situation.
             out their work.

12          Access to                 encourage self-          power point
mins         resources in the           learning                  presentation
             Internet                                             (Slide 14)

Web links

      ask students to do a revision exercise by linking to:
      recommend useful websites and softwares:
       http:// continuous.html
      Tense Buster at MMLC
PowerPoint presentation: Past Continuous Tense

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