happy birthday mr kang locate a sentence by zTwoaV


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                            Happy Birthday Mr. Kang
                              Locate a Sentence Activity

Locate each sentence below in the story. Write the page number of where you find each
sentence and write the page number on each line.

          Today is a special Sunday morning because Sam and Mr.
          Kang are going to the park together.

          “America is the land of the free,” said Mr. Kang.

          Just as they get to Mr. Kang’s apartment, there, on the
          railing sits the hua mei.

          Forty-three years before his grandson, Sam, was born in
          the new world, Mr. Kang left China and came to America.

          They sing without accent: we are Americans, by choice.

          “And I want a bird, a hua mei, of my own,” said Mr. Kang.

          “Ever since my birthday, I am a free man,” says Mr. Kang.

          “We both left our homeland,” said Mr. Kang.

          He (the hua mei) stops to sing a long, sweet note, turns his
          head to the breeze, and flies into the sky.

          “You should let him go,” said Sam.

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