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					            Rational Expression Worksheets
Rational Expression Worksheets

 Different rational expressions worksheets are available online to learn the concepts of rational
expressions. Let’s look at how the rational expressions can be solved. We know that the
rational expressions are the combination of rational numbers along with the mathematical
operators. Now let us look at how these operators are performed and how to get the result for
the mathematical expressions.
                      We will look at the addition and the subtraction operator first. We say that
the addition and the subtraction operation can be performed on the two rational numbers
which are like or unlike. In case the two rational numbers are like, it means that the
denominators of the two rational numbers are same.
                       We only need to perform the operation of addition or subtraction only on
the numerators of the rational numbers. Also we keep the denominator same and write the
resultant rational number.
                       Further if the resultant rational number is not in its standard form, which
means that the numerator and the denominator has the H.C.F. Other than 1, then we will
divide the numerator and the denominator by the H.C.F.

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 Another thing to be remembered while writing the result of the addition of the two rational
numbers is that if the denominator is a negative number, then we will multiply both the
numerator and the denominator by -1 and get the resultant rational number.

                   Now we look at how to solve the rational expression which has the operation
of multiplication. If we have two rational numbers with the operation of multiplication, then we
only need to multiply the numerator with the numerator and the denominator with the
denominator. Further the resultant rational number will be converted into its lowest form. If the
rational number so attained is not in its standard form, then the rational number will be
converted in its standard form.
                     The next operation between the two rational numbers is division. Division
operation can be performed between the two rational numbers too. For this we change the
operation of division to the operation of multiplication and the reciprocal of the divisor is

Now we observe that the expression of the rational number so formed has the simple
operation of multiplication and so it can be solved like this only.

                   This all is for the rational expressions which have only one operation to be
performed. But in case we have the larger number of rational numbers in the expression then
we need to remember the hierarchy of operation to be performed in order to get the proper
symmetry of the resultant rational number.

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           In case the hierarchy of operation is not taken care of , then surely we will get the
different rational number as the resultant rational number.
            So it becomes necessary for the learners to know that which operation is to be
performed first followed by the operation.

            In case we have the rational expression with more than one operation, then we will
first perform the operation of division, then the operation of multiplication is performed
followed by the operation of addition and then at last we perform the operation of subtraction if
exist in the rational expression.

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