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					National Association of Tax Resolution Companies Holds Inaugural
Conference, Sets Course

Tax Resolution Services, Co., CEO and founder Michael Rozbruch is
selected as President and Chairman of the Board for new association

Encino, CA, May 24, 2012 -- On May 20-21 in Washington, D.C., the
National Association of Tax Resolution Companies held its long-awaited
and highly anticipated inaugural conference and succeeded in
accomplishing its initial goals. The newly formed NATRC set out to
encourage tax resolution companies who employ best practices in their
firms and do legitimate business to unite and take steps to influence and
craft law: this in the recent wake of a handful of high-profile
nationally marketed firms going under and being charged with unscrupulous
business practices, creating doubt in the minds of consumers and a black
eye for an industry that has been working hard to establish a polished
image. Additionally, the conference accomplished its goal to elect its
board and leadership over the weekend.

“We set the bar very high for ourselves this weekend,” said founder and
CEO of Tax Resolution Services, Co., Michael Rozbruch, who was also
elected President and Chairman of the Board for the NATRC, “and I’m proud
to report that we achieved everything we had set out to do over these 2
days. I am honored to have been selected to serve in a leadership
position among my esteemed colleagues in a collaborative effort to
salvage all the hard work we have put in as individuals in the past.
However, we have much to accomplish in the days and months ahead.”

A total of 40 professionals representing 30 tax resolution firms attended
the conference and elected a four-member executive board that includes
Rozbruch (President and Chairman of the Board), Jeffrey Galante of JG Tax
Group (Vice President), Lawrence Levy of Levy & Associates, Inc. Tax
Consultants (Secretary), and Lawrence Lawler of the American Society of
Tax Problem Solvers (Treasurer). Conference participants selected an
additional five members to serve on the Board, which will work to craft
federal and state legislation, with the help of National Policy Group’s
Mark Guimond. National Policy Group will help manage the Association’s
legislative efforts. NATRC’s mission, in addition in helping regulate the
tax resolution industry, including the regulation of tax lead
aggregators, is to protect consumers from companies that utilize dubious
business practices: such as mass advertising of false and misleading
promises to obtain IRS settlements of “pennies on the dollar”; allowing
unsuspecting customers to make installment payments, to firms, but
failing to inform consumers that their cases were not being “worked”
until payments were made in full; and agreeing to take on clients who did
not qualify for tax resolution in the first place. Not only did these
practices harm the consumers who were lured in, they also caused
unnecessary damage to the credible companies that employ best practices
in their business models and provide an honest, professional service.

“We accomplished a lot at the conference, but there is still a lot of
hard work ahead of us,” said Rozbruch. “But we have assembled a group of
tax resolution pros who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves to get
the job done, and done right.”
The National Association of Tax Resolution Companies (NATRC) represents
the efforts of a broad spectrum of the industry located throughout the
United States. Its mission is to see the fair and reasonable regulation
of the tax resolution industry and to create a favorable public image of
the industry by promoting and ensuring the protection of taxpayers from
unfair and deceptive advertising claims by unscrupulous delinquent tax
debt representation providers. The association welcomes additional
members that support this mission. The association’s work will be
reported through its web page at and through its newsletter.

Becky Stephens
Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition
Washington, D.C. 2005

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Description: Tax Resolution Services, Co., CEO and founder Michael Rozbruch is selected as President and Chairman of the Board for new association