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									         Detainable and ISM Related Deficiencies noted in
   PSC inspection reports of Class NK & NK-SMC ships in March

(E/R vent fan fire damper defective, Dampers for A/C found jammed, Self closing device on
Fire door to engine room missing ) (5 cases)

2.Emergency Fire Pump and its pipes
(Emergency fire pump no suction, Emergency fire pump suction pipe in E/R not be provided
with substantial steel casing or "A-60" class insulation) (4 cases)

( Lifeboat could not be lowered, Lifeboat engine fail to start, Life boat stowage position found
un-stowage) (4 cases)

4. Fixed fire extinguishing installation
( One releasing cylinder for CO2 fixed extinguishing system no pressure, Engine room, fixed fire
foam installation, original cert. not available on board) (4 cases)

5.Sewage treatment plan
( Sewage treatment plant not put in use, vessel discharging sewage directly overboard,
Standard connection for shore reception not as per regulation) (3 cases)

6. Development of plans for shipboard operations
( The SMS fails to ensure that hours of work/rest are recorded correctly, SMS does not
ensure that essential shipboard operations can be carried out) (3 cases)

Case-1( Port in Australia )
                                                                                                  Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                       Details of deficiency
                                                                                                  Code   Code
01308       Records of rest           1.Records of rest for watchkeeping personnel do not          17      -
                                      reflect hours worked.
10111       Charts                    2.Withdrawn charts used for previous voyage and              17     -
                                      intended to use next voyage.
10135       Monitoring of voyage or   3.No record of ship’s position maintained for pilotage to    16     -
            passage plan              berth.
11117       Lifebuoys incl. provision 4.MOB lifebuoy light casing filed with water. (Rectified     17     -
            and disposition           during inspection).
03108       Ventilators, air pipes,   5.#4 WBT tank air pipe closing device defective.             17     -
            casings                   (Rectified during inspection).
07109       Fixed fire extinguishing  6.Fault indicated on panel of local water mist spray         17     -
            installation              system in engine control room.
07123       Operation of Fire         7.Local mist fire extinguishing system ; Water supply and    17     -
            Protection Systems        pump discharge valves closed. System not available for
                                      immediate use. (Rectified during inspection).
09233       Guards-fencing around     8.Bench grinder in engine room workshop Protection           17     -
            dangerous machinery parts guard broken. Safety guards missing.
14402       Sewage treatment plan     9.Sewage treatment plant not operating as per maker’s        17     -
                                      instructions. Sludge and scum return not visible through
                                      return pipes.

                                                      Page 1
03109       Machinery space openings    10.Unauthorized repairs (cement box) carried out to            17     -
                                        shipside storm valve in engine room.
07110       Fire fighting equipment and 11.Fire hoses in engine room (few) defective.                  17     -
15106       Development of plans for 12.The SMS fails to ensure that hours of work/rest are            30     7
            shipboard operations        recorded correctly. Master ISMC/S7 unable to ensure
                                        that watchkeepers are sufficiently rested.
15109       Maintenance of the ship     13.The SMS does not ensure effective maintenance of            18     10
            and equipment               the ship and equipment in accordance with regulations
                                        as evidenced by deficiencies number 4,5,8,10 and 11.
15105       Resources and personnel        14.The SMS has not ensured that the ship is supplied        18     6
                                           with appropriate and current charts for intended voyage.
                                           Crew unaware of cancelled charts.

Case-2( Port in Australia )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
10130       Other (navigation)             1.C/O and 3/O not adequately rested as per STCW for         17      -
                                           first and subsequent bridge watches. C/O 10/02/12 and
                                           3/O 14/02/12. Additionally no hours of rest records
                                           onboard for 2/O for period 01/02/12 to 12/02.
10128       Navigation bridge visibility   2.No bridge visibility calculation available for arrival    17     -
                                           Melbourne or departure Long beach.
11133       Other (life saving)            3.Port and Starboard lifeboat have not been                 15     -
                                           maneuvered in last 3 months.
06101       Cargo Securing Manual          4.Twist locks in use onboard are not contained in           99     -
                                           vessels Cargo Securing Manual.
06105       Other (cargo)                  5.Vessel has utilized defective and improvised lashing      30     -
                                           equipment extensively in cargo securing.
07109       Fixed fire extinguishing       6.Numerous oil tank gauges gagged open in E/R.              17     -
07117       Jacketed high pressure         7.ME fuel pumps No 2 and 3 fuel oil leak lines              17     -
            lines                          disconnected. No 2 Diesel generator No 4 fuel pump fuel
                                           leak line missing.
07123       Operation of Fire              8.No 1 Diesel Generator fuel oil leak alarm bypassed.       17     -
            Protection Systems
11135       Maintenance of Life Saving 9.EEBD marked No 5 in ER defective.                             17     -
15104       Masters responsibility and 10.SMS fails to ensure that bridge officers are fit for         18     -
            authority                  duty and that records are maintained of crew working
                                       hours as evidenced by deficiency number 1.
15109       Maintenance of the ship    11.SMS fails to ensure that vessel is maintained to the         18     -
            and equipment              required standard as evidenced by deficiencies 5,7,8 and

Case-3( Port in Australia )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
10111       Charts                   1.Navigation charts - photocopies of charts in use for            30      -
                                     previous voyage and photocopies used to plan proposed
14503       Garbage management plan 2.Garbage management plan - no reference to Great                  15     -
                                     Barrier Reef and limits for discharge not defined as per
                                     Marpol V.
10127       Voyage or passage plan   3.Passage plan does not take into consideration                   17     -
                                     environmental protection measures as per SOLAS
                                     74ChV R34.2.4.
01315       Oil record book          4.Oil record book not being kept as per MEPC 187(59).             99     -
07109       Fixed fire extinguishing 5.Fire main isolation valves deck/E.R. - not closing fully.       17     -

                                                         Page 2
04110       Abandon ship drills           6.Records of drills do not indicate that lifeboats (P&S)     16     -
                                          have been maneuvered in water in past three months.
07109       Fixed fire extinguishing      7.Hyper-LP water mist fire fighting system in manual.        17     -
03108       Ventilators, air pipes,       8.Aft peak tank air vents P&S defective.                     17     -
07119       Other (fire safety)           9.Bilge separating oil Tk & Bilge tank - air vent gauze      17     -

Case-4( Port in Australia )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
10112       Electronic charts (ECDIS)     1.Master & crew unable to demonstrate familiarity with       17      -
                                          nor ability to operate ECDIS as fitted on board.
04110       Abandon ship drills           2.Free fall lifeboat schedule of drills not in compliance    17     -
                                          with SOLAS74, ChapterIII, Regulation19.3.3.4.
04110       Abandon ship drills           3.Free fall lifeboat no record on board of lifeboat been     15     -
                                          free - fall nor simulated launched since delivery.
07109       Fixed fire extinguishing      4.Hyper mist LP system in manual.                            17     -
04114       Emergency source of           5.Emergency generator - crew could not demonstrate           17     -
            power - Emergency             auto load test.
07109       Fixed fire extinguishing      6.E.R. fire main isolating valve - crew not familiar with    17     -
            installation                  location.
07109       Fixed fire extinguishing      7.Paint locker - water spray nozzles blocked by paint        17     -
            installation                  cans being stored too close.
13107       Other (machinery)             8.Main engine oil mist detector - crew could not             17     -
                                          demonstrate function or alarm test.
15106       Development of plans for      9.SMS does not ensure that essential shipboard               30     -
            shipboard operations          operations can be carried out - objective evidence
                                          deficiencies 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8.

Case-5( Port in Australia )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
11131       On board training and         1.There is no evidence that freefall lifeboat drills have    30      -
            instructions                  been carried out as required specifically by SOLAS Ch
                                          III R19 every 3 months or 6 monthly for the past three
15111       Company verification,         2.There is no evidence that internal audits have found       30     12
            review and evaluation         or taken effective action as required by ISM Code
                                          Section 12 for the above deficiency.

Case-6( Port in Australia )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
07115       Fire-dampers                  1.Port Fwd E/R vent fan fire damper defective.               30      -
07101       Fire prevention structural    2.Stbd Fwd. E/R vent fan trunking in fan room opening        30      -
            integrity                     cut below fire damper in way of fan motor enclosure.
07110       Fire fighting equipment and   3.Two portable fire extinguisher missing from lower E/R      17     -
            appliances                    floor (No's 30- & 31).
07109       Fixed fire extinguishing      4.Fixed CO2 fire fighting system for E/R & Cargo Holds -     17     -
            installation                  5 transportation safety pins (nails) in position.
14405       Other (MARPOL Annex IV)       5.Sewage treatment plant not dosing correct to               15     -
                                          chemical as per equipment manual.
07119       Other (fire safety)           6.M/E/ T/B exhaust pipe flange insulation missing.           17     -
09204       Safe means of access          7.Emergency fire pump not accessible without passing         17     -
                                          through E/R. Steering space Aft W/T door /Grill locked
                                          from inside.
09213       Gas instruments               8.Personal Gas Monitor defective.                            17     -

                                                         Page 3
15109       Maintenance of the ship     9.The SMS does not ensure effective maintenance of             18     -
            and equipment               ship and equipment as evidenced by Def.: No's 1, 2, 6 &

Case-7( Port in Australia )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
11131       On board training and       1.SOLAS Training Manual not ship specific.                     16      -
10111       Charts                      2.AUS Chart 822 not on board for departure Gladstone.          17     -
06105       Other (cargo)               3.At Time of inspection Water Ingress Alarm showing            17     -
10109       Lights, shapes, sound-      4.Fwd. Mast light Blown at time of inspection.                 17     -
11129       Operational readiness of    5.Port and Starboard Liferaft Hydrostatic release units        17     -
            lifesaving appliances       incorrectly rigged.
10109       Lights, shapes, sound-      6.Navigation Side Lights screens not painted Matt Black.       17     -
03108       Ventilators, air pipes,     7.DBT 5 sealing rubber not in Place.                           17     -
09233       Guards-fencing around       8.Safety Flap on Engine Workshop grinder missing.              17     -
            dangerous machinery parts
11133       Other (life saving)       9.Secondary Escape from Engine workshop blocked by               17     -
                                      pipe storage.
15106       Development of plans for 10.No Records of Rest Hours for Master and Chief                  18     -
            shipboard operations      Engineer on board as per STCW 96 Reg VIII/1.
03104       Cargo and other hatchways 11.DBT 5 leaking into Cargo Hold 7, Ballast Pipe also            30     -
                                      showing evidence of leaking into Cargo hold.

Case-8( Port in China )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
04102       Emergency Fire Pump and     1.Emergency fire pump no suction.                              30      -
            its pipes
04103       Emergency lighting,         2.Two(2) off outside Emergency lights not working.             17     -
            batteries and switches
03112       Scuppers, inlets and        3.Boiler blow down valve leaking from gland and                17     -
            discharges                  corroded.
09131       Cold rooms                  4.Meat room inside handle frozen and inoperative.              17     -

Case-9( Port in China )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
11112       Launching arrangements      1.The modifications was made by crew for securing              30      -
            for survival craft          davit with cradle for two side L/B, but it not approved
                                        by class.
04110       Abandon ship drills         2.When exercising abandon ship drills ,no person was           17     -
                                        responsible for unlocking additional securing device .The
                                        L/B failed to be lowered rapidly(securing device is the
                                        modifications, mentioned in item 1).
11112       Launching arrangements      3.Manual releasing device for stbd. Side liferaft’s cradle,    17     -
            for survival craft          corroded seriously and malfunction.
11103       Stowage and provision of    4.Air motor for recovering of L/B inoperative.                 17     -
14402       Sewage treatment plan       5.No flow in activated sludge and floating debris return       30     -
                                        pipe when STP working, during PSCO’s inspection, so
                                        STP out of order.
17103       Other (MARPOL               6.Sewage not treated discharged overboard into sea in          30     -
            operational)                port.
05105       MF/HF radio installation    7.MF/HF radio installation not normally work when              30     -
                                        changing power supply from AC to DC.

                                                       Page 4
Case-10( Port in China )
                                                                                                  Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                         Details of deficiency
                                                                                                  Code   Code
01314       Shipboard oil pollution      1.Inspection record for oil spill equipment in SOPEP      17      -
            emergency plan (SOPEP)       from Sep. 2011 to Feb. 2012 not recorded.
11101       Lifeboats                    2.Motor for starboard side lifeboat unable to start.      30     -
07114       Means of control (opening,   3.Two ventilators of engine room holed.                   30     -
            pumps, ventilation, etc.)
            Machinery spaces
07114       Means of control (opening,   4.Skylight for E/R corroded seriously and holed.          30     -
            pumps, ventilation, etc.)
            Machinery spaces
15106       Development of plans for     5.SMS implementation onboard suspected due to above       30     7
            shipboard operations         mentioned major deficiencies No.2-4 not comply with
                                         requirement of SOLAS convention.
01308       Records of rest              6.Record of work/rest hours not comply with actual in     17     -
                                         Jan. 2012 and Feb. 2012.
09219       Pipes, wires (insulation)    7.440V insulation low.                                    17     -
09219       Pipes, wires (insulation)    8.110V insulation low.                                    17     -
07119       Other (fire safety)          9.Some non-combustible surface in E/R be covered by       17     -

Case-11( Port in China )
                                                                                                  Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                         Details of deficiency
                                                                                                  Code   Code
15104       Masters responsibility and  1.Alcohol test was conducted for captain, and result       30      -
            authority                   showed 0.11% within 4 hours before departure.
16101       Ship security defects       2.Access to ship not under control, during the PSC         30     -
                                        officers came on board, no crew was on duty at
                                        gangway and some restrict areas out of control.
01131       International Anti-fouling- 3.Date of application of AFS specified on IAFS             17     -
            System Certificate          certificate not correct.
07110       Fire fighting equipment and 4.Suction pipe for emergency fire pump not insulated to    17     -
            appliances                  class A-60 standard.
07116       Ventilation                 5.Skylight and funnel doors for engine room not ready      30     -
                                        for readiness use, and sealed pad for skylight missing
08103       Fire alarm                  6.Manually call point not provided at the exit of          17     -
                                        emergency generator room.
10109       Lights, shapes, sound-      7.NUC lights not installed permanently.                    17     -
05113       Radar transponder           8.Reserve source of energy for INMARSAT-C out of           30     -

Case-12( Port in China )
                                                                                                  Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                         Details of deficiency
                                                                                                  Code   Code
03102       Freeboard marks              1.Deck line & load line mark on Stbd side ; not clear.    17      -
10109       Lights, shapes, sound-       2.After mast navigation light malfunction.                17      -
07101       Fire prevention structural 3.Self-closing door from accommodation to bridge can        17     -
            integrity                  not closed automatically.
10111       Charts                     4.BA chart 2653 & 2654 not up to date due to the latest     17     -
                                       notices to mariners on is 12-01-2012.
11132       Maintenance and inspection 5.Monthly inspection (Feb 2012) for fire-fighting system    17     -
                                       ; not be recorded.
13104       Bilge pumping              6.One ballast pump in E/R leaking seriously.                17     -
04102       Emergency Fire Pump and 7.Emergency fire pump suction pipe in E/R not be               30     -
            its pipes                  provided with substantial steel casing or "A-60" class

                                                        Page 5
04103       Emergency lighting,           8.Emergency generator can not automatically start and        30     -
            batteries and switches        supply power to emergency equipment during black out

Case-13( Port in China )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
11104       Rescue boats                  1.No second starting method for engine of rescue boat.       30      -
11104       Rescue boats                  2.Exhaust pipe of engine in rescue boat not insulated        17      -
11104       Rescue boats                  3.Safety pin for releasing mechanism of rescue boat          17     -
07113       Fire pumps and its pipes      4.Emergency fire pump unable to be started.                  30     -
07117       Jacketed high pressure        5.Fuel leaking collect pipes of Aux engine not connected     30     -
            lines                         with fuel oil leaking alarm device.
14402       Sewage treatment plan         6.Sewage treatment plant not running and discharging         17     -
                                          overboard valve keep open.
07109       Fixed fire extinguishing      7.One releasing cylinder for CO2 fixed extinguishing         30     -
            installation                  system no pressure.
07106       Fire detection                8.Fire detection and alarm system not working by             17     -
                                          emergency power (24V).
08102       Emergency alarm               9.CO2 release alarm not sounded in E/R.                      17     -
09113       Access / Structure            10.Handrails not installed in all corridors in               17     -
                                          accommodation area.

Case-14( Port in China )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
11112       Launching arrangements        1.Limit switch for port side L/B out of order.               17      -
            for survival craft
11113       Launching arrangements        2.Stb side rescue boat cannot be lowered down by             17     -
            for rescue boats              remote releasing line from R/B inside.
11105       Rescue boat inventory         3.Two adjacent safe belts in R/B with same color.            17     -
03013       Railing, gangway, walkway     4.One section chain of guardrails on port side.              17     -
            and means for safe passage
03108       Ventilators, air pipes,       5.Flowing hole for No.2(p) WBT air pipe-edge seriously       17     -
            casings                       rusted and cannot keep werthertight.
10116       Nautical publications         6.Chart catalogue not be corrected.                          17     -
10109       Lights, shapes, sound-        7.No.2 stbd side navigation light unlit.                     17     -
07115       Fire-dampers                  8.One engine room ventilator can not be closed due to        30     -
04103       Emergency lighting,           9.Isulation mats behind main switch board missing partly.    17     -
            batteries and switches
07101       Fire prevention structural 10.Self-close control cock for sounding pipe of 5C F.O          16     -
            integrity                  tank not be provided.
13103       Gauges, thermometers, etc. 11.Revolution gauge for No.1 generator engine not work          16     -
04103       Emergency lighting,        12.One emergency illumination in emergency fire pump            17     -
            batteries and switches     room mulfunction.

Case-15( Port in China )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
01124       International Air Pollution   1.M/E power in iapp cert. not comply with IAPP cert.         17      -
            Prevention Certificate
01308       Records of rest               2.Record of hours of rest for 3/O in Feb 2012 not            17     -
                                          comply with actual.
10116       Nautical publications         3.Catalogue of charts and publications(NP131) not            17     -
10127       Voyage or passage plan        4.Last voyage plan not conformed by master.                  17     -

                                                         Page 6
10109       Lights, shapes, sound-        5.No.2 afte mastlight out of use according to Nav. light    17     -
            signals                       panel.
01201       Certificates for master and   6.Person in charge of enginnering watch,4/E. not hold       17     -
            officers                      approprriate endorsement cert.by F/S, according to
                                          watch keeping schedule and engine log book.
14608       Incinerator                   7.Incinerator malfuction.                                   30     -
13107       Other (machinery)             8.Remote control steel wire of safety valve for boiler      17     -
07117       Jacketed high pressure        9.Jacketed piping sys.for high pressure fuel lines for      30     -
            lines                         M/E malfuction.
13107       Other (machinery)             10.Steam valve of No.2 boiler water circ.pump leaking       17     -
14104       Oil filtering equipment       11.O.F.E malfuction due to oil level detector of oil        17     -
                                          discharge solenoid valve during inspection.

Case-16( Port in China )
                                                                                                     Act.   ISM.
Def. Code        Type of deficiency                         Details of deficiency
                                                                                                     Code   Code
11108       Inflatable liferafts          1.Liferaft re-inspection report as per SOLAS regulation     30      -
                                          III/20 11 expired.
07101       Fire prevention structural    2.Remote control for emergency generator oil tank quick     17     -
            integrity                     closing valve not separated from engine room oil tanks.

07116       Ventilation                   3.Safety valve of quick closing valve driven air bottle     17     -
                                          leaking seriously.
10114       Voyage data recorder          4.VDR not alarm when radar signal lost.                     30     -
            (VDR)/Simplified Voyage
            date recorder (S-VDR)
14104       Oil filtering equipment       5.O.W.S. supplying pump in poor condition.                  17     -

Case-17( Port in China )
                                                                                                     Act.   ISM.
Def. Code        Type of deficiency                         Details of deficiency
                                                                                                     Code   Code
10116       Nautical publications         1.NP131 chart catalogue not be corrected.                   17      -
10116       Nautical publications         2.IAMSAR Manual Volume III without latest                   17      -
10136       Establishment of working      3.Working language not be indicated deck log book.          17      -
            language on board
05105       MF/HF radio installation      4.MF/HF equipment's self check with no good condition       30     -
                                          due to NBDP not be connected.
05116       Operation/maintenance         5.Responsible officer not know how to test EPIRB.           99     -
10109       Lights, shapes, sound-        6.Fore anchor light upper unit                              17     -
10116       Nautical publications         7.Ship's routing expired.                                   17     -
10109       Lights, shapes, sound-        8.Both bridge wing Morse light button can not work.         17     -
11101       Lifeboats                     9.Lifeboat inside handholds partly missing.                 17     -
04103       Emergency lighting,           10.Emergency light at E/R funnel unit.                      17     -
            batteries and switches
11112       Launching arrangements        11.Emergency search light at STBD L/B deck can not          17     -
            for survival craft            be secured at outside.
03108       Ventilators, air pipes,       12.Steering gear room and dry provision store               17     -
            casings                       ventilators on poop deck can not be closed due to
                                          securing butterfly nuts missing.
03108       Ventilators, air pipes,       13.No.5 cargo hold ventilator cover hinge damaged.          17     -
07113       Fire pumps and its pipes   14.Emergency fire pump can not pump out any water.             30     -
13107       Other (machinery)          15.Sea water pipe for cooler of air compressor                 17     -
                                       temporarily repaired.
09232       Cleanliness of engine room 16.Generator engine oily.                                      17     -
04110       Abandon ship drills        17.Abandon ship drill item not be properly recorded on         17     -
                                       deck log book or relating files.

                                                         Page 7
Case-18( Port in Germany )
                                                                                                   Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                       Details of deficiency
                                                                                                   Code   Code
07113       Fire pumps and its pipes1.Main fire pump could not be started from bridge and           17      -
                                    fire station. Fire hose valve no.12 port side main deck
                                    defect. All valves to be checked by R.O.(ISM).
15113       Other (ISM)             2.Deficiencies marked(ISM) are objective evidence of a          18     -
                                    failure or lack of effectiveness of the implementation of
                                    the ISM Code. Internal audit required within 3 months.
14405       Other (MARPOL Annex IV) 3.No approval for temporary sewage tanks and its piping         17     -
                                    available onboard. To be checked by R.O.. Report to
                                    PSC office Hamburg(ISM).
01119       International Sewage    4.Temporary sewage holding tanks not mentioned in               17     -
            Pollution Prevention    ISPP-Certificate.
14405       Other (MARPOL Annex IV) 5.No table discharge rates of the temporary sewage              17     -
                                    tank onboard.(ISM)
14402       Sewage treatment plan   6.Sewage plant found out of service due to holed top            15     -
                                    plate, blocked disinfection feed pipe, holed aeration pipe.
                                    Plant was inoperative before shipyard time in December
                                    2011.There was possibility for repair. (ISM)
01315       Oil record book         7.Waste oil tanks no.1 and no.2 not mentioned in the oil        99     -
                                    record book.
04102       Emergency Fire Pump and 8.Crew needed more than 60minites for the emergency             17     -
            its pipes               fire pump to deliver water with sufficient pressure.(ISM)
14104       Oil filtering equipment 9.Heating coil of oily water separator out of service.          17     -

Case-19( Port in Spain )
                                                                                                   Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                       Details of deficiency
                                                                                                   Code   Code
14104       Oil filtering equipment    1.During trials O.F.E: crew not able to make it work.        30      -
14108       15 PPM alarm               2.Test of oil discharge alarm can not be carried out by      30      -
            arrangements               the crew after more than 20 minutes.
02122       Openings to cargo area,    3.Air intake to machinery: air ducts of main installation    17     -
            doors, . . . Scuttles      of E/R corroded.
07115       Fire-dampers               4.Opening of cargo hatch holds can not be closed.            17     -
09209       Electrical                 5.Low insulation in GMDSS Battery Panel.                     17     -
10114       Voyage data recorder       6.Alarm record on VDR on manual code say working not         17     -
            (VDR)/Simplified Voyage    properly working.
            date recorder (S-VDR)
09106       Sanitary facilities       7.Not hot water on crew "B" deck cold water brown.            17     -
                                      dirty curtain.
01214       Endorsement by flag State 8.Application for chief engineer override & no                17     -
                                      endorsement issued.
10130       Other (navigation)        9.Navigation area station "G" tariff not included in          17     -
                                      NAVTEX equipment so no local area information
11117       Lifebuoys incl. provision 10.Lifebuoys: helmet light missing.                           17     -
            and disposition
04114       Emergency source of       11.During test emergency generator by several means &         30     -
            power - Emergency         several times the crew was not able to start it.
11133       Other (life saving)       12.Other lifesaving: Hand flag missing.                       17     -

Case-20( Port in Indonesia )
                                                                                                   Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                       Details of deficiency
                                                                                                   Code   Code
13108       Operation of machinery     1.M/E Over speed trip simulation test found failure.         30      -
11101       Lifeboats                  2.Life boat stowage position found un-stowage.               30      -
15113       Other (ISM)                3.All engineer not familiar with operation procedure of      30      -
                                       overspeed M/E.

                                                      Page 8
07119       Other (fire safety)         4.Fire door entrance to E/R at Main deck, 1st Deck, 2nd      17     -
                                        Deck found Un-gastight.
10103       Radar                       5.Blind sector for Radar No.1 and No.2 not posted.           17     -
10127       Voyage or passage plan      6.Voyage plan/Passage plan not mentioned UKC.                99     -
07122       Fire control plan           7.Fire control plan not posted on Fire control plan box.     17     -
15113       Other (ISM)                 8.According deficiency ship ISM Code failure emergency       18     -

Case-21( Port in India )
                                                                                                    Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
                                                                                                    Code   Code
04102       Emergency Fire Pump and     1.Emergency fire pump unable to pressurize fire main         30      -
            its pipes                   (fail to take suction).
11101       Lifeboats                   2.Lifeboat could not be lowered.                             30     -
11101       Lifeboats                   3.Lifeboat engine fail to start                              30     -
01134       Other (certificates)        4.5 yearly lifeboat test and maintenance certificate         17     -
                                        could not be found onboard.
10111       Charts                      5.Charts found not corrected for T&P correction.             17     -
10116       Nautical publications       6.Annual summary of admirality notices to mariners part      17     -
                                        1 NP247(1) found for 2010 edition.
10116       Nautical publications       7.Admirality list of lights found not corrected.             17     -
10116       Nautical publications       8.IAMSAR Vol III found not corrected.                        17     -
10130       Other (navigation)          9.Passage plan for voyage not found.                         17     -
10111       Charts                      10.Large scale BS charts not used in last voyage.            17     -
04113       Water level indicator       11.Sensor failure alarm of water ingress system.             17     -
02131       Other (bulk carriers)       12.Bosun store dewatering system found not                   17     -
09222       Other (accident prevention) 13.Both winches in aft found leaking of oil.                 17     -

09231       Other (mooring)             14.Fairlead roller not rotating.                             15     -
01308       Records of rest             15.Rest hours record not maintained properly.                17     -
03107       Doors                       16.Most of the fire doors found not closing.                 17     -
13107       Other (machinery)           17.Oil leakage found from main engine, aux engine and        17     -
                                        HFO transfer pump.
10104       Gyro compass                18.Rudder angle indicator is not visible in the local        17     -
                                        steering gear location.
09222       Other (accident prevention) 19.Sounding pipe of aft peak tank found in open lashed       17     -
                                        condition with cap removed.
13107       Other (machinery)           20.Boiler gauge glass found leaking.                         17     -
01315       Oil record book             21.Ship officers not trained to make correct entry in the    17     -
09222       Other (accident prevention) 22.Port side platform on aft of hatch found corroded,        15     -
                                        wasted and damaged.
15107       Emergency preparedness 23.SMS fail to ensure effective implementation of                 30     8
                                        procedures and instructions for key shipboard
                                        operations concerning the safe navigation of vessel and
                                        operation of critical equipment.

Case-22( Port in India )
                                                                                                    Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
                                                                                                    Code   Code
01308       Records of rest             1.Record of rest hours indicate that actual rest hours       17      -
                                        are not being recorded thus master unable to ensure
                                        that ship staff provided with proper rest prior keeping
13108       Operation of machinery      2.Master informed that ship is UMS but Ch. Eng. keep         30     -
                                        oiler for E/R watched some time. Checking the rest
                                        hours of the engineers it is evident that there are no of
                                        days when E/R is not manned by watch keeping officer.
                                        No dead man alarm at E/R entrance.
04107       Emergency towing            3.Emg. Towing booklet does not confirm to ship               15     -
            arrangements                equipment i.e. not ship specific.

                                                       Page 9
10111       Charts                        4.BA charts used for present voyage found not               30     -
                                          corrected for T&P and navigational warning affecting the
                                          passage. Permanent corrections not endorsed correctly.

05114       Reserve source of energy      5.GMDSS log not maintained properly, record of any          30     -
                                          communication not entered at all. GMDSS battery not
                                          able to support for more than 5 mins.
04113       Water level indicator         6.Water ingress alarm for no.2 hold showing alarm and       30     -
                                          its been override
11118       Lifejackets incl. provision   7.Life jacket light expired.                                17     -
            and disposition
10107       Automatic radar plotting      8.ARPA does not show speed over water from log.             17     -
            aid (ARPA)
11102       Lifeboat inventory           9.Stbd life boat has only one smoke float one hand flare     17     -
                                         and 5 rockets.
02101       Closing devices/watertight 10.Natural vents rubber packing around accommodation           17     -
            doors                        has hardened, rubber packing of entrance door to
                                         accommodation found damaged.
07109       Fixed fire extinguishing     11.Paint locker provided with two sprinklers, one found      30     -
            installation                 chocked.
14501       Garbage                      12.Vessel has off landed plastic last on 24.01.2012 while    30     -
                                         checking garbage storage drum found all type of garbage
                                         drum empty and clean.
01320       Garbage record book          13.During inspection noted approx. 100kg of incinerated      30     -
                                         ash in E/R (half 200 liter drum) also noted 5 drums of
                                         20ltr filled with oily rages standby for incineration.
                                         However no entries in garbage log noted since Aug-11.
01117       Prevention of Pollution by 14.Oil pollution store room on deck has not anti               17     -
            Oil (IOPP)                   pollution items instead filled with deck store.
07108       Readily availability of fire 15.Fire hose used for demonstration was holed and            30     -
            fighting equipment           most of the fire hydrants without cap and leaking badly.
09207       Obstruction/slipping, etc. 16.Heavy leakage noted on steering gear and aft                16     -
                                         hydraulic power pack. Steering flat is slippery due to
04102       Emergency Fire Pump and 17.Emg fire pump can’t be started. Ship staff started             30     -
            its pipes                    the pump but due to heavy noise on pump it was
09232       Cleanliness of engine room 18.Heavy leakages noted on generator and main engine.          17     -
                                         Lots of oil socked rages found around these
13107       Other (machinery)            19.Self closing device for sounding pipe in E/R found        17     -
07115       Fire-dampers                 20.No.2 and 3 E/R blower fire dampers not operating.         30     -
                                         Dampers for A/C found jammed.
14402       Sewage treatment plan        21.Sewage treatment plant not put in use, vessel             30     -
                                         discharging sewage directly overboard. Standard
                                         connection for shore reception not as per regulation.
14102       Retention of oil on board    22.Entry of 10 March12 in ORB is showing 0.9cum in           30     -
                                         waste oil tank however local reading is about 1.75 cum.
                                         Discrepancy noted in transfer quantity of sludge in ORB.
                                         No sounding table available for sludge tank.

Case-23( Port in India )
                                                                                                     Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                         Details of deficiency
                                                                                                     Code   Code
04101       Public address system         1.PA system not operational on Emg. Source of power .       17      -
10109       Lights, shapes, sound-        2.Fwd. whistle not working.                                 17      -
09210       Machinery                     3.Air conditioner not working, accommodation observed       17     -
                                          to be very hot.

                                                       Page 10
01306       Schedules for            4.Record of rest Hours indicate that actual rest hours               30     -
            watchkeeping personnel   are not being recorded, if they were recorded then many
                                     officer and crew will not have appropriate test.
07115       Fire-dampers             5.Engine room blower and Lavatory blower fire dampers                30     -
                                     not closing . Self closing device on Fire door to engine
                                     room missing.
09210       Machinery                6.No Lube oil analysis has been carried out since April-             17     -
05114       Reserve source of energy 7.Emg. Source of Power for GMDSS not working                         30     -
                                     .Communication record not maintained in GMDSS log.
10100       Safety of Navigation     8.Passage plan from Kandla anchorage to berth for                    17     -
                                     Voy.20 not prepared.
14501       Garbage                  9.Lot of Garbage accumulated on deck, Garbage                        17     -
                                     segregation not done.
11101       Lifeboats                10.Stbd. life boat recovery system not working well, took            17     -
                                     about 40 min. to recover. Sheave of Fwd. floating block
                                     not working.
09227       Ropes and wires          11.Two ropes at Fwd. & two ropes at Aft are badly                    17     -
                                     damaged and spliced .Not fit for use.
07109       Fixed fire extinguishing 12.Fixed Fire Fighting system in Paint                               30     -
            installation             locker(Sprinkler)not operational.
14118       Other (MARPOL/Annex I) 13.Incinerator not operational.                                        17     -
14402       Sewage treatment plan    14.Blower for sewage treatment plant is out of order.                30     -
14405       Other (MARPOL Annex IV) 15.Operating handle for overboard valve missing .Vessel               17     -
                                     not fitted with holding tank.
14100       Pollution prevention     16.Oily water found in bilge tank.                                   30     -
            MARPOL - ANNEX I
08100       Alarm                    17.No bilge alarm provided for engine room bilges.                   30     -
08109       Boiler-alarm             18.Boiler low level alarm could not be tested.                       30     -
06109       Loading instrument       19.Loading instrument provided on board is Microsoft                 99     -
                                     excel based calculation without any Protection.
07100       Fire Safety              20.Foam Liquid for portable foam applicator not found.               17     -

Case-24( Port in India )
                                                                                                         Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                            Details of deficiency
                                                                                                         Code   Code
07108       Readily availability of fire   1.Emergency fire pump could not be started. However            30      -
            fighting equipment             equipment is operative.
14105       Pumping, piping and            2.Oily water separator, operation could not be done.           30     -
            discharge arrangements
11128       Line-throwing appliance        3.Line throwing appliance as apart of LSA item, expired        30     -
                                           since Feb. 2012.
07109       Fixed fire extinguishing       4.Engine room, fixed fire foam installation, original cert.    30     -
            installation                   not available on board.
03115       Other (load lines)             5.Engine room D.B.Tank sounding pipe self closing              30     -
                                           system, non operative.
09201       Ventilation (Working           6.Skylight door rail broken foundations.                       17     -
09232       Cleanliness of engine room 7.Lot of oil leakage in the various places of the engine           17     -
14608       Incinerator                8.Type of approval cert. of incinerator could not be               17     -
15113       Other (ISM)                9.Multi gas detector calibration cert. not available on            17     -

Case-25( Port in India )
                                                                                                         Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                            Details of deficiency
                                                                                                         Code   Code
14108       15 PPM alarm                   1.15 PPM alarm with automatic stopping device not              30      -
            arrangements                   working.
11101       Lifeboats                      2.Life boat could not be lowered by ship’s crew.               30     -

                                                          Page 11
07115       Fire-dampers                  3.Funnel fire damper found defective.                        30     -
07115       Fire-dampers                  4.Both engine room blower closing valves found               17     -
11101       Lifeboats                     5.Life boat (S) steering found defective.                    17     -
01308       Records of rest               6.Rest hours record for engine room not filled correctly.    17     -

10116       Nautical publications         7.IAMSAR Vol. III found not corrected.                       17     -
09232       Cleanliness of engine room    8.Oil leakage found from generator and main engine.          17     -
02112       Hull - corrosion              9.Hull found fully rusted.                                   99     -
03115       Other (load lines)            10.Mid ship draft mark not visible.                          17     -
01134       Other (certificates)          11.Life boat 5 yearly test certificate not found.            17     -
09222       Other (accident prevention)   12.Insulation on 440 V not found on Infinity.                17     -

09222       Other (accident prevention) 13.Port windlass operator stand plate found fully bent         15     -
                                        and damaged.
10111       Charts                      14.BA charts 3945,3946 and 3947 found cancelled.               17     -
                                        vessel calling to Singapore after Paradip.
13107       Other (machinery)           15.Ballast pump leaking from gland.                            17     -

Case-26( Port in Japan )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
04114       Emergency source of          1.Emergency Generator - not working.                          30      -
            power - Emergency
07105       Fire doors/openings in fire- 2.Self-closing door (Bridge) - kept opening by stringer.      17     -
            resisting divisions
11132       Maintenance and inspection 3.Maintenance for fire fighting appliance - not recorded        17     -
                                         the weekly inspection properly (since 06 Jan. 2012).
14504       Other (MARPOL Annex V) 4.Garbage on poop deck - not collected properly.                    17     -
10111       Charts                       5.Following charts for next intended voyage - cancelled       17     -
                                         version JP132, JP135, JP1262, JP1263, W141.
15106       Development of plans for 6.Development of plans for shipboard operations - not             18     7
            shipboard operations         implemented as evidenced - chart control.
15109       Maintenance of the ship      7.Maintenance of the ship and equipment - not                 18     10
            and equipment                implemented as evidenced - related to FFEA and E/G.

Case-27( Port in Japan )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
07101       Fire prevention structural    1.Self Closing Door of Stairway on Upper deck - Not          17      -
            integrity                     closed perfection.
04102       Emergency Fire Pump and       2.Emergency Fire Pump -Not Operated.                         17     -
            its pipes
03104       Cargo and other hatchways     3.Hatch Coaming of No.1 Cargo Hold (Forward starboard        30     -
                                          side)- Heavy corroded and made 3 holes.

Case-28( Port in Singapore )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
16105       Access control to ship        1.Insufficient access control was noted. Visitors were       17      -
                                          allowed to board the vessel without checking and
                                          verifying their identities and gangway watchman was
                                          deployed as escort for visitors with gangway left
11133       Other (life saving)           2.Quantity of life-saving appliances was not indicated at    16     -
                                          stowage places of each LSA item where the numbers of
                                          LSA are more than one.
10110       Signaling lamp                3.Day light signaling lamp in wheel house was not            16     -
                                          provided with battery for emergency power source
                                          supply and spare bulb.

                                                        Page 12
11129       Operational readiness of    4.Liferafts located on boat deck (P&S) were not               16     -
            lifesaving appliances       equipped with quick-releasing devices e.g. sen-house
                                        slips for quick manual releasing during emergencies.
01310       Signs and indications       5.Cargo hold ventilator flaps on the hatch cover sides        15     -
                                        were not marked with locations and identities.
07113       Fire pumps and its pipes    6.Emergency fire pump onboard was unable to build up          17     -
                                        pressure in the ship fire lines during operation test at
                                        time of inspection.
07109       Fixed fire extinguishing    7.HYPER-LP Local Fire Fighting System panel was               17     -
            installation                showing fresh water low level alarm.
01315       Oil record book             8.Incineration of garbage onboard was not recorded into       99     -
                                        oil record book as per book requirement part III-D 7.8.9.
15107       Emergency preparedness      9.With reference to deficiencies raised No.06 & 07. It        18     8
                                        was noted that insufficient preparations have been done
                                        for sea passage upon completion of ship's dry-docking.

Case-29( Port in USA )
                                                                                                     Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
                                                                                                     Code   Code
07120       Means of escape            1.4 doors: unable to be opened from machinery space, 3         30      -
                                       doors: seized, 1 door: locked from outside, 1 door:
                                       locked from inside, several engineer did not have the
13107       Other (machinery)          2.Oil & oily absorbent rags were discovered inside of the      17     -
                                       cascade tank, indicating a steam line leak inside of fuel
13107       Other (machinery)          3.Feed water pipe for boiler & aux. boiler were steel          17     -
                                       band clamps on a wasted pipe.
02101       Closing devices/watertight 4.Many exterior doors on main deck were wasted                 17     -
            doors                      gaskets & coamings with loose and/or missing dogs &
                                       are unable to provide weather tight integrity.
16106       Security drills            5.Master & security records indicated that security drill      17     -
                                       are to be conducted every 3 months, last drill was
                                       conducted in Nov., 2011.
15108       Reports and analysis of    6.NCs identified by the deficiencies of escape doors &         50     9
            NCs, accidents and         cascade tank were not reported to the company in
            hazardous occur.           accordance with Chap. 4 of SMS. recommended that
                                       the company conduct an internal audit to ensure that
                                       the ship's management is familiar with the periodic
                                       verifications, record-keeping, and reporting
                                       requirements of the ship's SMS.
16107       Other (Maritime security) 7.Some are locked from the exterior, completely                 50     -
                                       preventing a means of egress from inside. other exits
                                       are locked from the interior, & require that each
                                       crewmember carry a key at all times. The company
                                       should consider alternative means to rescuer restricted
                                       areas without negating means of egress and escape.
16105       Access control to ship     8.Many spaces beyond those described in ISPS were              50     -
                                       marked as restricted areas, and were not locked or
                                       secured. recommended that the company & ship
                                       security officer verify that all areas marked as restricted
                                       areas are indeed restricted areas & are locked or
                                       secured accordingly.
07118       International shore        9.Engine room doors currently do not latch closed.             50     -
02108       Electric equipment in      10.Plastic zip-ties were found throughout the steering         50     -
            general                    gear space & engine room.

Case-30( Port in USA )
                                                                                                     Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
                                                                                                     Code   Code

                                                       Page 13
14121       Suspected discharge         1.The piping from HFO Settling Tank into OWS and by-           30     -
            violation                   pass Oil Content Meter. After Filtration Unit was
                                        modified and not Class approved. Wiring for OCM is not
                                        correct. etc.
01315       Oil record book             2.Oil Record Book was entered not properly.                    30     -
14104       Oil filtering equipment     3.After Filtration Unit not logged as inoperable in the Oil    30     -
                                        Record Book Part 1.
14503       Garbage management plan 4.Garbage landing Receipt is falsified. Also, incinerated          30     -
                                        garbage did not log to the Garbage Log Book.
15108       Reports and analysis of     5.The Ship was not provided the Corrective Action              30     9
            NCs, accidents and          Reports for Lifeboat Engine.
            hazardous occur.
15112       Certification, verification 6.Additional External Audit of the company and internal        50     2
            and control                 audit of the DOC and SMS were recommended within
                                        30 days.
14501       Garbage                     7.The vessel is not segregating their garbage in               17     -
                                        accordance with their garbage management plan.

Case-31( Port in USA )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
01315       Oil record book              1.Oil record book entry was not inconsistent with             17      -
                                         through put of oily water separator.
01117       Prevention of Pollution by   2.Resolution of on board equipped oil content meter was       17     -
            Oil (IOPP)                   not met with IOPP Certificate of Supplement.
15109       Maintenance of the ship      3.Oil content meter was not maintained in accordance          17     -
            and equipment                with manual.

Case-32( Port in Viet Nam )
                                                                                                      Act.   ISM.
Def. Code       Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
                                                                                                      Code   Code
10111       Charts                       1.BA chart No.1016, 1261 not up date.                         16      -
10116       Nautical publications        2.Guide to port entry not up date.                            16      -
10116       Nautical publications        3.Notice to mariner not up date.                              16      -
10116       Nautical publications        4.IAMSAR vol.3 not up date supplement.                        16      -
10105       Magnetic compass             5.Magnetic compass deviation table has expired.               16      -
01310       Signs and indications        6.IMO symbol for lifeboat not enough.                         17      -
07116       Ventilation                  7.E/R ventilation No. 2 could not close tight.                17      -
07116       Ventilation                  8.Almost ventilation of ship not flame screen.                17      -
03108       Ventilators, air pipes,      9.Cargo hold ventilation not marking.                         17      -
03108       Ventilators, air pipes,      10.All of fuel oil air pipes not flame screen.                17     -
01106       Document of Compliance       11.Document of comply certificate not insert IMO              18     7
            (DoC/ISM Code)               company number.
01303       Unattended Machinery         12.Lifeboat deck guard railing not provided.                  16     -
            spaces (UMS) evidence

                                                        Page 14

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