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					When Should You Hire Your Own Insurance Claims

You should consider hiring a claims adjuster if your insurance company isn’t
acting quickly to replace your losses or you aren’t pleased with the terms of the
settlement. In a crisis situation, caring for loved ones and establishing a
temporary residence increase in priority. Do you feel confident that you will be
able to negotiate the best possible settlement in regards to your insurance claim
during this very difficult time?

Public adjusters are trained professionals that represent your best interests when
you have a large property claim to file with an insurance company. An
experienced insurance adjuster can offer the assistance and guidance necessary
to bring your claim to an equitable and speedy resolution. They have specific
industry knowledge and will be able to interpret your contract and better
determine your rights and the insurance company's responsibilities.

Here are some cases when it could be practical to hire a public adjuster:

-When a portion of the property has been destroyed by water, fire or wind
damage, and a public adjuster is needed to take inventory of which possessions
survived, those that are damaged beyond repair.

-In cases when it’s too time consuming to follow up on your claim and you don’t
have accurate records of your possessions or they were destroyed. Public
adjusters will be able to provide the correct information for your file.

-If loved ones were injured or perish as a result of a natural disaster or accident,
you might lack the piece of mind to negotiate with your insurance company

-If you are the owner of a commercial property, a certified public adjuster would
allow you to focus on the operations of your business and negotiate a more
favorable settlement.

Although you have to take a decision as quick as possible, you shouldn’t hire just
any public adjuster. After you’ve contacted the National Association of Public
Insurance Adjusters and/or the Texas Association of Public Adjusters, you should
consider interviewing possible candidates. Ask questions about their former
clients and circumstances surrounding those claims. Determine if he/she
performed over and above expectations. Contact their references to get their
feedback. Follow up with the industry association to validate their credentials.

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