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					                     DIVA FORM – YOUR GROUP’S DETAILS
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 For a large print version of this form or for help and advice on completing it, please ring
                 us on 01274 433657, 10.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

                                           Get Listed
Have you considered signing up to DIVA?              

DIVA brings information on voluntary and community sector (VCS) groups together in a single
database, from sports and leisure clubs, support and self-help groups, community centres and
campaign groups, to local non-profit bodies and advice centres. We aim to include organisations
right across the Bradford District - including Bingley, Ilkley, Keighley and Shipley, as well as the
city of Bradford - and to truly reflect the range and diversity of groups and activities in the area.

For DIVA to work properly, it needs as many groups as possible to sign up. For that reason, the
DIVA partners are writing to encourage your organisation to submit an entry. We have rules
about the data we hold that ensure you control what information is publicly available. If you
sign up, you can also ensure your group’s record is always up to date by returning the annual
update form we send you (in the prepaid envelope we supply) or by using our online feedback
form to let us know when your details change.

In addition, an important aspect of DIVA membership is that your group will receive occasional
notifications of events and consultations and targeted mailings, for example about new funding
sources. If you want your group to be more “in the loop”, and better placed to inform decision
makers about your needs and views, you should give serious consideration to joining DIVA.
(Responding to these communications is optional.)

DIVA is a partnership between local voluntary and community sector organisations and Bradford
Council, and works closely with the Building Communities Executive of the Safer and Stronger
Communities Partnership.
When you have completed the form           DIVA Partners
After completing this form, please
save it and then either email it to DIVA   Several local organisations are working together in
Admin as an attachment or sent it to       partnership to develop the DIVA database. These
us in the post. You will find the email    are currently: Bradford Association of Councils for
And postal addresses at the end            Voluntary Service, BRC (Bradford Resource Centre
of this form.                              and Community Statistics Project), CNet, plus the
                                           following departments of City of Bradford
For more information on DIVA               Metropolitan District Council: Adult and Community
please visit       Services, and Regeneration and Culture.

Yours sincerely                            DIVA partners operate to strict rules in dealing with
                                           public information provided by local groups and
Albert Freeman                             Database administration is undertaken by a small
Albert Freeman                             team working within Bradford Central Library.
DIVA Database Officer
On behalf of the DIVA partners
                        DIVA FORM – YOUR GROUP’S DETAILS
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               Name of Group / Organisation

                    Abbreviated name (if any)

               If your group is part of another
   organisation, (e.g. a local branch), please
 write the parent organisation’s name here...

 Please give the details that the public can use to contact your group. Boxes may be left blank if they do
 not apply. We are aware that some groups may not want members of the public to make contact. If this is
 the case with your group then ONLY complete the Administration Information section within the red box

     Contact person for Group:

 Role/Job Title (e.g. Secretary):


            Telephone Number:

                                                                Note: To prevent spam, e-mail details for contacting groups
                                                                will not be published. DIVA users will only be able to make
E-Mail Address:                                                 contact using an online form, which keeps your e-mail
                                                                address private

IMPORTANT – Administration Information (NOT for publication) - THIS MUST BE COMPLETED

The DIVA admin team need a full set of contact details for you as the person completing this form. This
information will only be used in case of any queries and/or when we next update. Information which you
write in this box (e.g. a home address/phone number) will be kept completely private.

Please write in any details that are different to above or enter ‘same’.

           Contact person for Group:

      Role/Job Title (e.g. Secretary):



                  Telephone Number:

                      E-Mail Address:

 If we write to you at this address, should the group’s name appear on the envelope? Yes                          No
                           DIVA FORM – YOUR GROUP’S DETAILS
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 If your group / organisation has any of the following it wishes to publicise, please give details…
   Website Address:

   Helpline Number:                                                  Mobile Number:

   Minicom Number:                                                       Fax Number:

 About your group / organisation – Details of activities / services offered (see note below)

NOTE: This is the most important information we ask you for. It is your chance to freely tell people just what your
group/organisation does. What you say will be very important when DIVA users search the database. Please write a
few sentences and try and make sure that you include all the main words that people looking for a group like yours
might type in to find it. If you offer activities/services in several different areas consider mentioning the place names to
help with searching, too. Also if your contact phone number is answered only at limited times, please specify.
 If you meet / operate from a different place to the public address on the previous page, please state

Who is your group / organisation aimed at?
If your group focuses on part of the community please explain who below. For example this might be people
of a particular age group, gender or sexuality, specific ethnic or faith groups, parents and carers, students,
people with a disability, asylum seekers, or any other distinction:

                                                                                              Yes           No         N/A

                             Does your group/organisation have a constitution?

                                                      Are you a registered charity?

                                                       Are you a limited company?

                                     Does your organisation have paid workers?

                            Does your organisation take short-term volunteers?
                                   (e.g. work experience, student placements)

                     Does your organisation take long-term voluntary workers?
                                  (except Management Committee Members)

    If your organisation has premises, can it offer room hire to other groups?

                                   Has your group formed in the last 12 months?
                        DIVA FORM – YOUR GROUP’S DETAILS
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Access to your services / activities                                         Yes          No         N/A

Is there flat / ramped access?

If the space used is not at ground level, is it accessible by lift?

Are there toilets accessible to wheelchair users?

Can disabled users park directly outside?

Do you have an induction loop for hearing aid users?

DIVA Terms
Please read the terms of the DIVA agreement below, and then tick the box to indicate that you have read
and accept them.

Use of confidential information
The information you have provided within the Admin Contact section of this form will be treated as
confidential and can only be accessed by the DIVA team. We will not make this information available to
anybody else.

Use of non-confidential information
By registering with DIVA, you are giving DIVA Partners permission to make publicly available the non-
confidential information you have supplied about your organisation. The main outlet for information on the
DIVA database is a searchable website, which aims to publicise groups to the widest possible audience.
Your non-confidential information may also be included in local directories as appropriate.

I have read and accept the DIVA terms                (please place a X in the box to accept terms)

If you require additional information on how we process and use the details you give us, please refer to
our statement on data protection at

Please return your completed for to us at or if you prefer, you can print it out
and send it to the address below.

 Return address:
 DIVA Database Administration
 Bradford Libraries
 4th Floor
 Central Library
 Princes Way
 BD1 1NN

 Telephone: (01274) 433657


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