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									      iPad IOS 5 App Development

                             Apple        stunning      its
                             competitors and customers
                             with the wide range of new
                             features in iOS 5. iPad app
                             developers loved iOS 5
                             because this new version of
                             Apple’s operating system
                             made it possible for them to
                             create incredible iPad apps.
                             The advanced iOS 5 allows
                             the programmers to build
                             more interactive and feature-
                             rich iPad applications.

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    Develop iPad IOS 5 Application

Notification      Center
Automatic  Reference Counting
Twitter Integration
Core Image

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    Advantage iPad iOS 5 Development
   Notification Center: Put all reminders in one place. It provides a free way to
    easily view and manage alerts apartment without disturbing any running
   iCloud is automatic and easy to interface seamlessly with all applications, and
    store media files that can be used in any Apple wireless devices.
   Newsstand: Kit offers everything that you have to update about new issues in
    the background, so you can always be in touch with the nearby and recent
   Twitter Integration: Including URL shortening, updating current location,
    character count and photo hosting on Twitter
   Automatic Reference Counting: new Apple LLVM compiler, you will never have
    to type retain or release again, considerably simplifies the development process,
    while reducing crashes and memory leaks.
   iMessage: Automatically Pushes all to iOS 5 devices

Toll Free: +1-888-655-1257                    hr@hiddenbrains.com
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