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									                             SCVAN Board of Directors Meeting
                                    October 7, 2010

Present:                                    Absent:
Brett Macgargle                             Dean Kilpatrick
Vicki Bourus                                Margaret Frierson
Jessica Freed
Ritchie Tidwell
Susan Quinn
Renee Mattox
Saylor Fox
Riley Bost
Patty Cavanaugh

Veronica Swain Kunz
Fabienne Deyoe
Nicole Goodwin
Shannon Geary
Jason Buffkin
Justin Ashley

Brett Macgargle called the meeting to order at 10:50 a.m.

Old Business:
Minutes of August 12, 2010 Board Meeting was reviewed. Motion to approve minutes – Ritchie
Tidwell; Second – Susan Quinn. Minutes were approved.

Results of electronic vote to approve Board membership: All board approved Susan Quinn and
Patty Cavanaugh to serve as Board Members.
Results of electronic vote to approve Budget: Budget for FY 2010-11 was approved by
electronic vote.

Financial Update: Fabienne Deyoe
At the end of VOCA grant year, deobligation letters must be rec’d before submitting RFP’s for
new grant year.
Thanks to the United Way PIC grant, Fabienne is currently working with an accountant to assist
with developing a new SCVAN Quickbooks account. She worked with one consultant to assist

with initial Quickbooks training, but SCVAN will work with another company for further
assistance. A meeting has been scheduled with Jackie Breeland to develop reporting templates.
Ritchie Tidwell requested SCVAN develop a report showing projected monthly revenue.
Fabienne and Veronica explained the complexities of SCVAN’s fluctuating grants budgets
(percentages may be allocated to line items for certain months within the year, then change due
to multiple funding sources and different begin/end dates of grants.) Thanks to the PIC grant,
Fabienne will work closely with a consultant to develop a more functional system for grant
management reporting. Vicki recommended Business Works grant management software,
offered by SAGE Publishing Company. Vicki invited Fabienne and Veronica to come to her
office to review it with Lori Boddie.

New Business:
Jessica Freed has served one year on the Board. Brett nominated her to fill an empty slot as an
elected Board member. The Board approved the nomination and voted unanimously in favor.
Jessica put us in contact with the USC School of Journalism for intern to help us write a
United Way Training: October 14 and 15: Understanding Poverty. Veronica and Ritchie will
Board members are requested to send Justin an update picture of themselves for the SCVAN

Update from Board Members:
Vicki Bourus, SCCADVASA, reports:
SCCADVASA has received the following grants:
     Services to Disabled People (3 year grant). The grant will offer:

                     Staff Training
                     Outreach
       Education and Technical assistance to all Headstart staff statewide:

                     How to identify kids living in violent homes
                     Will work with Headstart Coordinator (Belinda Cannon) to coordinate
       Verizon Grant: Train teachers in elementary schools
New Sexual Assault Coordinator: Rebecca Williams
Vicki accepted a position on the Board on the National Board in DC(?)
An Open Invitation: Partnering with Men. Presenters will discuss male victimization, and will
be working on more resources for men experiencing domestic violence. An existing shelter or

hotel may be set up for them to go to in a crisis. SCCADVASA will be working with Sistercare
to develop a needs assessment.

Brett Macgargle, Department of Juvenile Justice, reports:

      DJJ received a Bureau of Justice Assistance Technical Assistance Grant to offer Gang
       Resistance Education and Training. This week-long training will teach law enforcement
       and probation officers, and teachers about gangs. South Carolina is the first state to
       receive funding to train probation agents as “GREAT” trainers. Brett will send an
       invitation to the Board.
      DJJ now has hired 80 intensive supervision counselors with 20 young people to
      Statistics about gangs are available on DJJ’s website. Click on Reports. Richland
       County Sheriff Leon Lott also did a study about the family life of current gang members
      DJJ, partnering with SLED and the Dept. of Commerce, received a $200,000 grant to
       revitalize communities and open employment centers in Walterboro, Sumter, Colleton
       and Laurens.

Ritchie Tidwell reported:
A position is open for a Project Director Saluda County School District for a Safe Schools Grant.
Prefer the applicant to hold a Master’s Degree. The program will focus on
        School Safety
        Mental Health
        Summer programs
        Early Childhood

Ritchie can get more information about the position. He also recommends we check on Saluda
County School District’s website.

Ritchie has asked Department of Public Safety about the possibility of applying for VOCA funds
for a Faith Based Grant. DPS sent in a request to the VOCA national office for an answer.

Riley Bost reported:

      “Out of the Darkness” Awareness for Suicide Walk in Columbia on October 17.
      SLED’s Eric Skidmore currently provides outreach and crime victim awareness to the
       faith-based community.

The Summer newsletter has been written and is in the hands of a graphic artist. The PIC grant is
furnishing the funding for the newsletter, which will be out within a few weeks.

Veronica passed around SCVAN’s Annual Report for review by Board members. The Annual
Report was produced with funding secured by the PIC grant.

       Letter from Veronica
       Business model (for nonprofits) - will be looking into using instead of Paypal for donations

Parts of the Annual Report will be put on our website Veronica will resend the Annual Report
via Email since some board members did not receive the initial email. The goal is to have them
printed by the end of the month.

Program Updates

VIP Report:                  Nicole Goodwin

                              Has assisted 171 victims from July to date. She reports she’s
                               had an unusual number of arson cases. Nicole is developing
                               new accounts with vendors. Handymen are hard to find due to
                               reimbursement issues.

CVLN Report:                 Jason Buffkin
                             * Mentioned PCR Hearings and a referral from AG’s office
                             * Talks about a child molestation case and motion dismissal
                             * Study was done on previous victims for CVLN and most victims
                             were willing to participate.
                             *Influx of high profile cases
                             *CVLN trainings for pro bono attorneys at the end of October will
                              include Nettles and Solomon; and a US Attorney’s training in

                             Shannon Geary provided updates on:
                             *Enforcement 4 grant
                             *Quarterly Reports
                             *Budget Revisions
                             *Increase in calls/cases
                             *Male CDV victim charged

The Board commented on a case mentioned involving a mother who appear to collaborate with
abusive spouses. Vicki mentioned SCCADVASA are policy mentors for Ph.d. students. These
students are working on their dissertation/study to identify mothers that often discount their
children’s testimony.

CVISS Report                 Justin Ashley

                             *Working with SCIVN website (creating a bilingual resource
                             *Interns working to translate database

                              *New server with the PIC grant, VC3 (consultant)
                              *Training with PIC grant

Ritchie asked if there is a possibility to linking SCVAN to all school district sites? Are you a
victim of crime link….

Write a letter to all superintendents (Jim Rex)

Public Awareness - Send out information via Facebook

Veronica announced - Two New Grant Programs:

Expansion of SCIVN
Two Year Grant

      Awarded a grant for $393,000 to expand legal services to crime victims
      Moving back into our old office for the space, rent will be all paid for
      Possibility to charge for services after 2 years are over
      Adela Mendoza will be starting full time (Nov 1)
      Full Time Bilingual Advocate and Attorney (Nov 1)
      Clients: Women, Domestic Violence and children older than 13

Patricia Ravenhorst - awarded a Liberty Fellowship

VAWA Grant (October 1)
One year grant
Statewide SANE Coordinator –
Recommended by Terry Casto (Rebecca Eck) - Starting November 1st

              Help coordinate SANE Nurses statewide
              Train nurses
              Build teams (SART)

SCCADVASA applied for a grant - Training of SART Teams
SART Team includes Mental Health people – Lexington County has 22 people
Will be working to try to determine:
       Where functioning?
       Where not functioning?
       9 SANE Programs in the state

SOVA RFP Update:
Was written specifically for crime victims in courtrooms. Solicitor advocates applied but did not
receive an award.

Money will be put back into the compensation fund
$136, 000 was awarded to other agencies. .

Ritchie inquired about Board Training and when will the training be offered.
Veronica asked UWay and found out they are willing to extend. The training would be for board
Initially Veronica was using The Weathers Group. However they have been unable to get back
with us.

Recommended Moss Blackmon to help identify new board members.
Succession Plan – Weathers Group

Bunny recommended Holly Emore. Would be great to hire a part time fundraiser. The fundraiser
would go and find people that are willing to invest in our future. Use current grant stats for

Marriott $85/night April 13 -15, 2010
Include the march

Agreed to have General Membership meeting during VRW, hand out reports

Robert Wood Johnson –
Veronica will be applying for this grant. Wanda (UWay) applied for and won a grant…she
agreed to help Veronica with writing it.

Faith Based Communities – network with churches, huge gap of assistance - if they say no,
amend federal act…
Vicki has found that most of the faith based grants she has encountered have to be applied for by
churches or other faith based groups.

December 2, 2010 (Strategy Planning Meeting)


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