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Minutes of Community Council Meeting held on Tuesday 3 March 2009, Port
Seton Centre, 7.30pm

These minutes will be tabled for adoption at the next meeting of the Community
Council - their adoption, subject to any amendments, will be duly minuted.

Present Gordon Campbell (Chair), Paula McLay (Vice Chair), Alexanderina Bell
MBE (Secretary and Treasurer), Liz Clark, Bryan Green, Jackie McMillan, Jim
Melvin, Isobel Black (Co-opted Member)

In attendance Cllr S Currie, Cllr M Libberton, Andrea McCallum (Courier

1 Welcome Mr Campbell welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2 Apologies Cllr W Innes and Cllr P McKenzie

Amendments to Minutes of 3 February 2009

A.O.C.B - Promenade Lights
Minutes should state that all the Community Councillors who attended the
3 February 2009 meeting supported all funding applications for this project.

Councillor’s Report
Funding for the 2 police officers of the Prestonpans Initiative Team (PIT)) is
from the Community Safety Forum and Regeneration Funds (now Fairer

3 Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday 3 February 2009

a) Adoption of Minutes: These minutes were adopted on the proposal of CC
Green, seconded by Ms Black.

b) Matters Arising From Minutes:

Clarification of Power Station Land – This is in hand with the Advisory Group
and Sandra King, Community Development Officer.

You Pay, You Have Your Say, ELC Budget Consultation - see Councillors’
Report, Cllr Currie.

Cllr Currie/Speeding on Alder Road
Stuart Baxter, ELC Transportation had advised that there are to be speed
cushions installed in Alder Road. Speed cushions in Long Craigs had been asked
for in 2007 and this is being dealt.
Further discussion followed on the possibility of Fisher’s Road being a one-way
system. Cllr Currie advised: investigation into the technicalities of doing this (a
formal process which can take 12-18 months); letter to Stuart Baxter, ELC
Transportation, copying in Local Councillors; the importance of the consultation
process being carried out correctly.
CC Clark suggested forming an action group.
Discuss further at 24 March 2009 pre meeting.

LRT Buses - Alder Rd/Long Craigs Route
X26 route - Ms Black reported that she is awaiting a telephone call from Cllr
McLennan to arrange a date for the site visit regarding the issues with the buses
running in Alder Road/Long Craigs.

Police Report
b) CC Black advised that there have been more complaints regarding dog fouling
and that she had raised this issue again with Kenny Black, Anti-Social Behavior
Team Leader, at the February meeting of Community & Police Partnership
(CAPP). The Dog Warden will be asked by Mr Black to attend the next meeting of

Dog poop bags at the toilets – notices have still not been put up and attendants
have not been advised on how the bags should be given out.
(Bags cannot be left in the toilets due to people stuffing them down toilets!)
ACTION: Cllr Libberton

Regulation of Bus Services document – An e-mail has been sent agreeing with
main points and pointing out problems experienced in the village.

CC Cummiskey - CC Gordon Campbell has been unable to contact CC
Cummiskey and will keep trying.

jCC Glen Campbell - CC Glen Campbell has been unable to attend meetings due
to family illness.

Speed Reactive Variable Message Signs - Following discussions with Colin Baird,
ELC, the sign at the west entrance to the village is not being moved as had been
advised by C Baird.
A further application has been submitted for funding from Safer East Lothian
Fund, thanks to Mr Baird, for the second sign required at the east entrance.

Promenade Lights - CC Gordon Campbell reported that part of the funding has
been agreed. A meeting with Lilian Pryde, Community Council Liaison Officer, is
to be arranged regarding the question of £2000 cash payment which may be

Councillor’s Report
Letter to be send to 4 Local Councillor/Cllr Currie as Chair of the Community
Safety Forum regarding the success of the PIT and the importance of acquiring
new funding after Nov.

Repairs – Roads, etc
Repair to pavement at Power Station has been done; repair required at Fishers
Rd/North Seton Park junction is in hand.
CC Melvin will liaise with Keith Scott, Transportation, regarding any further pot
holes/road repairs required.
Also, CC Melvin reported that a resident at Cadell Place had complained about
the lack of lighting along the pathways in the area. This has been passed on to
ELC who have this in hand.

a) Installation of the Pelican Crossing on Edinburgh Road has commenced.
Reverend Glover had indicated that he had not been advised that the crossing
would be beside Chalmers Church. Cllr Libberton will speak with him re concerns.
ACTION: Cllr Libberton

c) Cockenzie & Port Seton Bowling Club - CC Bell had written to Landscape &
Countryside giving the Community Council’s support for the request for signs to
the Bowling Green. The letter was passed to Brain Cooper, Transportation, who
has suggested 3 signs but had indicated that ELC might not pay for these. Cllr
Libberton reported that she has previously asked for signs on behalf of the
Bowling Club and will pursue this matter copying in Cllr Currie.
ACTION: Cllr Libberton

f) Life After Work Event - CC Melvin and Ms Black set up the Community Council
stall at this event and received interest from various members of the public, one
of whom expressed intention to apply for existing vacancy.
Vacancy to be advertised.

11 A.O.C.B
Seton Sands Holiday Village - Joint committee to be formed to address issues
regarding expansion. CC McMillan to get in touch with ELC Planning Department

4 Any Matters/points of view raised by members of the public - None

5 Police Report - No attendance by Police and no report submitted.

6 Councillors’ Report -
Cllr Currie reported:
1. ELC Budget agreed on 24/03/09: Council Tax frozen; Education savings
requirement for Primary & Secondary Schools reduced; £2.5 million increase for
social care; no job losses.
2. Proposal for £50000 for safety improvements to car park at Port Seton Centre
3. Regulation of Buses Consultation: de-regulation of buses - East Lothian has
been badly affected and taking forward Quality Partnerships is welcomed by ELC.
4. Width of speed cushions needs to be looked at as they not effective enough in
calming traffic.

Cllr Libberton:
1. First Bus – notification of withdrawal of certain services: Cllr Libberton will
reply direct to First Bus due to the concerns from passengers and the need for
the X29 to be kept.
2. The Outdoor Classroom/In Bloom - a mural is to be made and sited at the John
Bellany Day Centre.
3. Local Priorities Scheme - unallocated monies:
Cllrs Libberton & Currie suggested including consideration of In Bloom for
unallocated monies. Ms Black explained it was only a small sum gained through
cuts in costs of some events in the year to March 08. The Community Council
had already discussed allocation and agreed to give the money to groups
involved with the elderly and infirm and also to children’s voluntary organizations.
The money would be for craft and recreation purposes.
However, CC McMillan will e-mail In Bloom to advise of funding which may be
available to them.

West Harbour Road - CC Green, CC Bell:
Further discussion took place and it has been clarified that this road belongs to
ELC and therefore should be upgraded by them.
ACTION: Cllr Libberton

7 Treasurer’s Report
CC Bell had distributed copies of the General Fund and reported a healthy
balance. Monies possibly needed for second speed sign and promenade lights.

8 Planning Applications .
CC Green reported that registration for preliminary work for the Blindwells
development had been made and this work was now commencing.

9 Correspondence
a) E-mail re boards in Goolwa Park: Landscape and Countryside department had
confirmed that new boards were in hand and also that some tree planting and
repair to seating at play area is to be done. Ms Black advised that she had left a
message re letter passed to her by chairperson from Kenny Munro on his
answering service but a response to Mr Munro’s letter is now required.
b) E-mail from Shona McMillan: People and Songs of the Sea –
Fisher Folk Recording “Will Your Anchor Hold” 18 March 2009 6.30 - 9 pm,
Church of Scotland, 44 High Street, Cockenzie
Exhibition 1-19 May 2009, Port Seton Library
c) E-mail re Guide to Mediation in Planning System Ministerial Launch:
16 March 2009 at Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue.
 CCs Clark and McMillan hope to attend.
10 Other matters to be discussed/decided
a) Local priorities 2008-2009 uncommitted monies - It was voted that £200 would
be given to John Bellany Day Centre, Osbourne Court Sheltered Housing Craft
Group, Seton Boys, Cubs, Boys Brigade, Rainbows, Brownies, Chalmers Church
and Elcho Place Hall Youth Groups (groups to be checked). This money is to be
used for Craft and Recreation.

b) Car Boot Sales - It was decided that there would be no regular car boot sales -
possibly 2 main fund raising events instead. CC Bell to write to the Ship Inn to
inform manager re boot sales. Other groups may be interested in doing car boots
and should contact the Ship Inn if so.

11 A.O.C.B.
CC Green reported a resident of Marshall Street had found needles in his garden
thought to be from Cockenzie House. The police had been informed.
Ms Black reported that, as advised at the February CAPP meeting, there have
been less problems with Cockenzie House and that Mr McDonald, the owner, will
be concentrating on incoming workers to the area and also tourist

Further to an e-mail enquiry re booklets “A Hundred Years New” and “Cockenzie
and Port Seton, 1591-1991 it has been reported that these books are now out of
print. As the booklets would tie in with the Homecoming Event it was agreed that
the possibility of having them reprinted should be explored.
CC Clark will seek more information on the booklets e.g. cost of republishing.
Ms Black will look into possible funding available for such a project.
ACTION: CC Clark and Ms Black

Osbourne Court Burns Supper - CC Melvin, having been asked if he could help
get an entertainer at short notice, had been successful in doing so.

In Bloom/ Community Groups/Community Council need to share information to
avoid duplication of work and minutes need to be passed between these groups.
Get together should be arranged. Further discussion required.

CC Clark requested that letters be sent to local farmers re ploughing of fields right
up to and over the footpaths.

The Spring/Summer Newsletter is due out in April and anyone wishing an article
to be included should submit it to

Pre meeting for Community Councillors will be Tuesday 24 March 2009.

12 Date, Venue and time of next Public Meeting -
Tuesday 7 April 2009 within Port Seton Centre (Resource Room 2), 7.15pm
for 7.30pm.

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