Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 5 May 2009 Port Seton Centre 7.30pm

  These minutes will be tabled for adoption at the next meeting of the Community Council - their
                 adoption, subject to any amendments, will be duly minuted.

Present Gordon Campbell (Chair), Paula McLay (Vice Chair) Alexanderina Bell MBE (Secretary
and Treasurer), Liz Clark, Bryan Green, Jim Melvin, Isobel Black (Co-opted Member)

In attendance Cllr Stuart Currie, Andrea McCallum (Courier Journalist), Carl Howman (Amenity
Protection Officer)

1 Welcome The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting

2 Apologies Cllrs Innes, Libberton and McKenzie; CC McMillan

3 Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday 7 April 2009

a) Adoption of Minutes: These minutes were adopted on the proposal of Ms Black

b) Seconder of Minutes: The proposal was seconded by CC Bell

Guest Speaker: Carl Howman, Amenity Protection Officer (APO), East Lothian Council (ELC)

Mr Howman spoke about the new dog fouling programme which should be in place throughout
East Lothian in July. The problem of dog mess not being cleaned up and binned by owners is so
prevalent in the county and such a problem that extra funding has been secured by ELC for a new
There will be designated Dog Watch Areas and residents will be encouraged to call in and report
anyone seen not cleaning up their dog’s mess. Community Wardens and the APO will follow up
reports and anyone caught not cleaning up will be fined £40. A database will be set up with
information on reports and offenders and complaints will be followed up every day. Anyone
persistently offending can be fined up to £500 in court.
There is the possibility of issuing an ASBO if someone continues to get fines.
The mobile CCTV van is being used and this has been successful in identifying culprits.
Community Wardens have been issuing fines but the new programme will result in more people
being caught and made aware that what they are doing is illegal, dangerous to health and will not
be tolerated.
Matters Arising from Minutes of 7 April:

LRT X26 - Alder Rd/Long Craigs route:
CC Melvin reported that LRT may be cutting more services.
Cllr McLennan has not been in touch with Ms Black for possible dates for a site visit regarding the
issues of safety, noise and disturbance to residents. To be chased up again. ACTION: Ms Black

CC Glen Campbell - As Glen had not actually attended any Public meetings since becoming a
Community Councillor, it was agreed that he could no longer be considered to be a member of the
Community Council.

Cockenzie & Port Seton Bowling Club - Cllr Currie reported that ELC would not fully fund signage
for the bowling green due to the fact that the ground is leased to the Bowling Club by the Council.
ELC would be setting a precedence for others if they paid for the three signs they had suggested.
Further discussion took place as to how the Community Council could facilitate the Club in
obtaining a sign/signs as the bowling green is a community and tourist amenity and can be used by
non-members of the Club. CC Melvin will talk further with the Club in the hope of reaching an
agreeable outcome.                                                             ACTION: CC Melvin

Boards in Goolwa Park - CC Clark to correspond with Kenny Munro re fact that ELC Countryside
Dept. have the replacement of the boards in hand.                            ACTION: CC Clark

Second Speed Sign - Ms Black has been in touch with C Baird regarding installation and exact
location near east entrance. There will be a delay in installing the new speed reactive variable
message sign due to a hold up with required paperwork as the person dealing with this is off work.
Ms Black is to let Cllr Currie know if this is not resolved soon.
Arrangements for a site meeting re exact location to be arranged.                ACTION: Ms Black

Promenade Lights - Ongoing

Spring/Summer 09 Newsletter - The newsletter had been circulated to the committee. Ms Black
reported that the last version now only needed a few changes and she could send the PDF to the
printer tomorrow morning, Wednesday 6 May, if approved by committee.
CCs Campbell and McLay to co-ordinate the deliveries.

Fishers Road, Concerns re work carried out - Cllr Currie said that there was a funding issue as
kerbing was required on both sides of the south area of the road. There is also an issue with the
status. Sub-group needs to look into this further.
Fireworks - Possibility of ELC funding: Cllr Currie to check with Cllr McKenzie.

Pelican Crossing, Edinburgh Rd - A member of the public had reported that they had been unable
to gain access to Osborne Court on Sunday 3 May. CC Melvin will look into this and report to
police.                                                                     ACTION: CC Melvin

Camera and equipment at roundabout at Coal Rd - this had been a traffic survey.

Funding for the PLRC Mini Section - a letter has been send with a funding leaflet from Local Grants
Scheme enclosed. It had been explained in the letter that the Community Council cannot give out
funding from Local Priorities until towards financial year end in March when the exact amount of
monies available for donations is known.                                    End of Matters Arising

4 Any Matters/points of view raised by members of the public - None present

5 Police Report – no police presence

6 Councillor’s Report - Cllr Currie reported:

New John Gray Centre, Haddington being built. Old burgh records are to be returned to East
Lothian and will be archived there.

CCTV – Completion hoped for in October; planning still to go through; key sites important; best
possible use of budget required.

Civic Pride Fund – letters going out to successful groups.
C&PSCC had not received applications forms. This had happened first time round also.
Ms Black will contact Maree Johnston, Countryside re this.             ACTION: Ms Black

7 Treasurer’s Report
The annual grant for administration costs has been received - £740

8 Planning Applications – None requiring discussion

9 Correspondence
Letter passed on from Cllr Libberton re BT Telephone kiosk at Gosford Rd – to be changed to

Letter from a local Chiropractor offering to give a talk - to be passed to Sandra King, CDO
BMA Consultation, “General Practice in Scotland: The Way Ahead” - passed to Ms Black: to be
discussed at next pre-meet

Environmental Fund - passed to Ms Black who will take forward request to bid for dual bins

Consultation on housing - passed to CC Clark: to be discussed at pre-meet

Assoc of EL Community Councils – Request from Stuart Baxter (Chair of AELCC) that he sign on
our behalf the Community Planning Single Outcome proposal. CCs Campbell and Clark dealing
with the email.

Signpost to Funding - Those on email had been forwarded the latest leaflet

Request for Plaque - A relative of the late Willie Begg who used to holiday at Seton Sands would
like information as to whether she could have a plaque placed at the bridge over the burn.
Ms Black is to get information and get back to the lady.                        ACTION: Ms Black

10 Other matters to be discussed/decided
Funding - CC Melvin is looking into fund raising events.

Newsletter - Discussion took place as to design. Payment to designer will be decided at pre-meet.
Ms Black handed two versions of the newsletter to the Chairman who will pass them on to the
designer who will be responsible for getting the final PDF file to the printer.

Fireworks - CC Green is negotiating with a supplier of fireworks. It is hoped that the spend will be
less than last year thus helping secure monies for donations at the end of the financial year in

11 A.O.C.B.
Carry forward

12 Pre-meeting for Community Councillors will be Tuesday 19 May 2009
Public Meeting – Tues 2 June 2009 Port Seton Centre (Resource Rm 2) 7.15 for 7.30pm


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