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					                                     Labor Day
End of Summer Blow-out:

   1. Offer a BOGO or sale:

         a. On the nail colors (pink sand and coral rose--)…$5

         b. Lip and eye liners in the limited editions…pink sand, coral rose,
            classic navy, turquoise waters, sage, white wash…

         c. Tinted Lip Balm Sunscreen SPF 15, $10

   2. Closeout sale $5 off of summer must haves: MKsunscreens, tanning
      lotions and lip protectors!!

         a. Or Buy Subtle Tanning Lotion OR SPF 30 Sunscreen and get the
            After Sun Replenishing Gel OR the Lip Protector Sunscreen SPF 15
            for 1/2 Price!!!

   3. Just because sandal season is coming to a close, Pedicure sets on sale!!!
      Reduce them from $22 to $20!!!

Labor Day marks the end of lazy summer days, “Laborless Day Spa Party.”
Set up a party where your customers can rotate through spa stations where you

      1. Satin Hands

      2. Satin Lips

      3. Feature all Forever Orchid, Cotton, Exotic Passionfruit and Warm
         Amber products… Try before they buy

             a. Sugar scrub station:

             b. Matching spa lotion:

             c. Sell in sets, Buy any 2, get the shower gel for $10
             d. Buy all 3, get the EAU DE TOILETTE for 50% off!

Laborless Shopping Bonanza: Place an online order or any orders on that day
or that weekend, customers can get free shipping. Use CDS!!!

“Summer to Fall Touch up” Appointments:

It's the perfect time to start over, recharge, renew. Do a POWERSTART/30 faces
in 30 days!!!

As the seasons change, make sure your customers know that their beauty
routine should too. They don't need to put away all the summer makeup after
Labor Day. Simply find a way to update the look by adding new fall lip or eye
colors into the mix.

A. First things first, make sure your customers have had a facial complete with
the Timewise Miracle Set.
        1. On a skin care regimen that does the 11 benefits including exfoliation.
        2. Adjust the skincare routine according to the change in weather. Now,
            upsell to your customers—Microderm Abrasion. We have to stress that
            they exfoliate their skin once a week to get rid of any summer
        3. This is a great time to switch to a slightly heavier moisturizer to
            protect your skin for the cooler and drier weather.
                a. Extra Emollient Night Cream--$13, sale $10
                b. Advanced Moisture Renewal Treatment Cream $19-sale $15
                c. Intense Moisturizing Cream $30-sale $25
                d. Oil free Hydating gel $30-sale $25

      4. They should still keep using the day solution because they still need to
         use a moisturizer with built-in sunscreen to protect skin from the sun's
         damaging rays.
      5. Keep notes on the profile card summer and fall colors

B. Some customers may want to put away the tinted moisturizer and opt for the
more polished look of foundation and concealer.

      1. Give your customers an option to take a break from our Tinted
      Moisturizer and buy any foundation and get ANY tinted lip balm sunscreen
      with SPF 15 for 1/2 Price!!!
      2. Fall's a good time to toss out old foundation (which can get
      contaminated by bacteria) and invest in a new one.
           a. Customers made need a new shade—different colors for
           fall/winter—make sure you retest their color
           b. Make sure they have the foundation brush and primer
                   1. Create a set to sell-bundle the primer, brush and
                   foundation—get a free eyeshadow.
    3. Concealer -- or what I call the secret to the universe, is great for
    covering up under-eye circles.
    4. Upsell the eye products
                   a. Revitalizer, b. Firming Eye Creams c. Age Fighting eye
                   cream and d. Soothing Eye gels

   Start talking to your customers about the transition to fall makeup shades,
   (the switch from summer to fall makeup doesn't have to be drastic)

   A. Simple adjustments like opting for warmer shades can make all the
          1. Switch the sheer summer lip gloss with a creamy lipstick or lip color
          2. Lipstick colors: Chocolates, reds, berries and neutrals
          3. Eyeshadow colors: sweet plum, midnight star, espresso…customers
             may want smoky eye colors
          4. Lashes—a MUST!!!
   B. Talk to them about products to replace the summer glow when it starts to
          1. Dust bronzing powders on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.
                  i. Add warmth
          2. Highlighting powders
                  i. give radiance
          3. Fall cheek colors, minerals or the cream blush
   C. Stock up on Primers (lip, foundation and eye)
                   Labor Day Pedicure Party
Ultimate Pamper Me Set: $205
Satin Hands Set
Mint Bliss Foot and Leg Cream
2 in 1 Body Wash
Mary Kay base/top coat plus the two nail lacquers
Satin Lips Set
Soothing Eye Gel
Miracle Set
Roll Up Bag

Perfect Pamper Me Set: $91
Satin Hands Set
Mint Bliss Foot and Leg Cream
2 in 1 Body Wash
Satin Lips Set
Soothing Eye Gel

Deluxe Pedicure Plus Set: $74
Pedicure Set
Mary Kay base/top coat plus the two nail lacquers
Extra Emollient Night Cream
Sugar Scrub

Deluxe Pedicure Set: $46
Pedicure Set
Mary Kay base/top coat plus the two nail lacquers

Satin Feet Set: $44
Satin Hands Set
Mint Bliss Foot and Leg Cream
Fabulous Divas:

I am having a special Labor Day party! Get this, you don’t have to
get dressed up and you do not have to arrive by a special time! Wow!

When: Midnight, Friday, September 5, 2011-midnight on Labor Day
Where: My website at Enter Your MK Website Address
Attire: Dress in your favorite sweatpants, t-shirt or PJ’s! Up to You!
Refreshments: Your favorite soda, latte or juice--anything goes!

Party with me on Labor Day and you will experience a HOT NEW
TREND—A Virtual Makeover! You’ve got to see it to believe it! You
can upload your very own photo or pick a model with a similar skin
tone to create a makeover look just for you! You can go dramatic,
classic or natural-you choose what catches your eye!!!

When you shop on my website that weekend, I will have “Buy One
Item, Get One Half Off “Specials going on! AND…I will also have a
drawing to win door prizes!

To sweeten the pie, the first person who pays for their order using
their MasterCard, Visa or Discover wins a prize!

Thanks so much for being my guest! Sit back, relax and have a great


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    “When In Doubt, Throw it Out”
                 Labor Day Weekend,
                 September 2-5, 2011

What to Do??
*Gather and trash old, out of date skin care & cosmetics

*Pick comparable Mary Kay products and receive $5 off for
any 5 items you "trash" with me!

*Order online and receive free shipping

**Set up a Complimentary Facial & Fall Color Makeover and
get an extra $5 off your order!! Get your skin ready for the
change in seasons while grabbing HOT, NEW Colors!!!

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                       Your MK Website
                         Your Phone

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