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									  Sales Manager


COMPANY:              Bissell
POSITION:             Senior Director, Sales – Consumer Products
LOCATION:             Grand Rapids, MI
TRAVEL:               Frequent

A History of Good Business Since 1876
BISSELL's goal is to help customers improve the ways you take care of your home. Since 1876, we've
spent years developing cleaning tools designed to keep your living environment up to the highest

In the mid-1800s, Anna and Melville Bissell owned a small crockery shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
While cleaning up after the day's work, Anna often became frustrated with the sawdust that was
embedded in the carpet. The tiny, stubborn particles clung to the carpet, and trying to sweep them up
was becoming a time-consuming nuisance. Anna presented the problem to Melville, her mechanically-
inclined husband. Melville designed and constructed a carpet sweeper machine that he hoped would
solve the problem once and for all.

Melville’s ingenious carpet sweeper design was a success, and word of Melville Bissell's carpet sweeper
spread quickly. People soon began asking where they could purchase a carpet sweeper for themselves.
The BISSELL Carpet Sweeper was patented in 1876, and in 1883 the first BISSELL manufacturing plant
was built in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Following Melville Bissell's untimely death in 1889, Anna Bissell stepped in and confidently took
control of the company, becoming America's first female corporate CEO. Under Anna's aggressive and
innovative management, BISSELL soon began to look in new directions in product development for
their budding carpet sweeper line and to expand their carpet sweeper business to include all the
continents of the world.

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As lifestyles changed, the company expanded beyond the carpet sweeper and introduced additional
products that helped people clean better while saving time. In the 1950s, BISSELL invented a new
multi-purpose formula and shampooer that reduced the time and drudgery involved in carpet
cleaning. To meet the growth of smaller living spaces, BISSELL introduced practical, lightweight
cleaners that people could use quickly and store easily. And BISSELL made deep cleaning (once the
exclusive domain of commercial providers) available to everyone with its introduction to the consumer
market of carpet deep cleaners that feature a built-in heater to optimize performance. Additionally,
BISSELL recently acquired the Woolite® Carpet and Upholstery business, which includes its renowned
line of carpet cleaning products. Today, BISSELL remains focused on the future.

Company Mission
We exist to satisfy the needs of our consumers and customers by providing superior value in home
cleaning products, exceeding corporate financial objectives in a challenging team environment and
creating satisfaction and pride for all associates.

Company Vision
We will build upon the BISSELL heritage of high quality, customer dedication and quick decision-
making in each of our businesses through the proactive introduction of innovative products and
services required in our changing markets. Our focus on the Customer Satisfaction Improvement
Process (CSIP) will ensure our continued financial success and allow us to remain a privately held

Quality is defined by our customers, whose complete satisfaction is our primary goal. Through a
company-wide initiative of continuous improvement, by managing against data and by showing
respect for our Associates, we will produce the highest quality products and provide the best service
(CSIP). We strive to:
    o Satisfy our customers and end customers.
    o Continuously improve our capabilities and processes.
    o Have Associate involvement.
    o Take pride in our work.

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Partnerships with our customers and suppliers are essential. We strive to:
    Have our customers know that we really care about them.
    Make it easy to work with us.
    Communicate mutual intentions and expectations.
    Deliver innovative products and services better and faster than our competition.

We have nothing of greater value than our Associates, and we view all individual contributions as
important. We strive to:
    Act with mutual respect.
    Work as a team.
    Have a productive and challenging work environment.
    Recognize and reward accomplishments.
    Clearly communicate intentions and expectations.
    Be a great place to work.
    Have each BISSELL Associate support the company and be responsible for his or her own

We know that sustained success depends on our ability to improve the quality, cost and timeliness of
our products and services. We strive to:
    Set challenging goals.
    Execute flawlessly.
    Assume responsibility.
    Confront and solve problems.
    Consistently make a reasonable profit.

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     Responsible for sales development and growth of the pet business in all classes of trade. This
      includes national chains, regional pet retailers, and local independent pet retailers.
     Set and manage overall market strategy.
     All merchandising activities relating to the sales and retail placement in all classes of trade.
     Develop and manage promotional programs and plans, and follow through to execution.
     Promotional Budget responsibility: Manage advertising budgets, determining most efficient
      means of spending funds while maintaining overall marketing goals, as well as meeting
      customer expectations for retail movement of product.
     P&L accountability for overall performance: Must maintain the profit objectives as established
      by BISSELL.
     Communication and coordination of all sales and marketing activities to sales force.
     Identify national network of distributors, negotiate contracts, train, manage and evaluate same.
     Identify national network of pet specialty representatives; negotiate contracts, train, manage
      and evaluate same.
     Develop annual sales plans and budgets, and provide input for financial updates.
     Monthly forecasting to ensure appropriate inventory to support the business.
     Maintain and develop trade customer account base through implementation of overall
      marketing plan. This is to be accomplished by means of account presentations and overall
      follow through with retail customer.
     Process and track advertising claims through internal BISSELL system. Fill out Marketing Funds
      Commitment Forms and maintain records of corresponding credit memos. Clear outstanding
      claims in an efficient and appropriate manner.
     Maintain and provide information regarding retail placement and price points of all
      competitive products sold at major retailers. Forward information to appropriate individuals
      within BISSELL organization.
     Develop, implement and maintain effective communication throughout the organization and
      within the department, distributing key information, materials, and samples to factory reps,
      brokers, distributors, directs, and Customer Service, including the Retail Account Coordinators
      and A/R Regional Coordinators.
     Support planning and implementation of trade shows, store checks, new store openings, store
      sets and sales calls.
     Devote time required, including unconventional hours, to respond to projects and other Sales
      Department efforts as required.
     May be required to perform other duties as assigned.

                         CHICAGO · PHILADELPHIA · TAMPA · HONG KONG
   Bachelor’s degree in related area required.
   Minimum 4 - 5 years of relevant experience required.
   4 - 6 years of relevant experience in related CPG and/or pet industry preferred.
   Ability to work effectively as a team leader, coaching and motivating others.
   Excellent communication skills.
   Very strong interpersonal and collaboration skills.
   Professional expertise.
   Continuous improvement experience.
   Demonstrated change management ability.
   Ability to effectively manage multiple changing priorities.
   Willingness and ability to actively seek and share information.
   Strong personal initiative.

    1 - 5 years:    10 days
    5 - 15 years:   15 days
    15+ years:      20 days

    Standard holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving
      Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day
    Three “floating” holidays

Tuition Reimbursement
    Classes must be approved before start of class (Master’s-level classes to be approved by
       President) and must apply to current or future position at Bissell.
    Reimbursements based on local university rate. 100% reimbursement for earned grade of B or
       up; 75% reimbursement for earned B-, C+, or C. No cap on annual reimbursement amount.
    Eligible after six months of employment.

Credit Union
    Provides full financial services.

Company Store
   Products can be purchased at discounted Associate rates.

    Open for breakfast and lunch at low costs.

                         CHICAGO · PHILADELPHIA · TAMPA · HONG KONG
Social/Community Events
    Opportunities include Corporate Sports Challenge, golf outing and leagues, summer outing,
       and softball teams.
    Involvement with JA, Ronald McDonald House and Stocking School business partnership.

    401(k) plan: Associate is eligible after ninety days of employment, and can contribute up to
       $16,500 annually. Pre-tax and Roth after-tax contribution options available.
    Safe Harbor Contribution by company is 3% of wages.
    Company match at 50/50 up to 4% of Associate contribution – maximum company match is 2%.

Short-Term Disability
    Bissell provides benefit at no cost to Associate. Disability payments based on length of service.
    Benefits begin the first day of work lost as a result of an accident/hospitalization, and on the
       eighth day of work lost if Associate is disabled as a result of an illness.
    Eligible the 1st of the month after hire date.

Long-Term Disability
    Protection of loss of earning for disabilities/injuries which last more than six months.
    Bissell pays the full premium.
    Eligible the 1st of the month after hire date.

                          CHICAGO · PHILADELPHIA · TAMPA · HONG KONG

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