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HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: is he just torturing us?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
doublebubble512: hi Lauren
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ben isnt talking to us but he just came in
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ahhhhhh
doublebubble512: He doesn't talk
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh
doublebubble512: usually
doublebubble512: sometimes he forgets he has this opened
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Baby voldemort's outside is on mugglecast
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: sorry
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: random
doublebubble512: haha really? I haven't gotten a chance to listen to the new one yet
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its funny
doublebubble512: I'm going to listen to it tonight, after family leaves
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i still cant get over johns voice
doublebubble512: I know!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its been like a week
doublebubble512: so Happy Christmas
EstherAdAstra has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
doublebubble512: hi new person
doublebubble512: That I've never seen before
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
EstherAdAstra: *laughs* Merry Christmas.
doublebubble512: okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
EstherAdAstra: Ally told me that there was a discussion on his voice going on in here.
EstherAdAstra: Wanted to add my three cents.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
doublebubble512: haha
doublebubble512: *hahe
gingernut17: no I didn't...I don't know her
EstherAdAstra: *stabs*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: uh
gingernut17: thanks
EstherAdAstra: She's me sister.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dead silence
doublebubble512: hahe
doublebubble512: yeah
doublebubble512: well, I have to go
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ok
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bye
doublebubble512: Families going to be here any sec
doublebubble512: bye
EstherAdAstra: BYEO.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: have fun
doublebubble512: yep
doublebubble512: My family is very amusing
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
doublebubble512: I like it
doublebubble512: bye
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HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im all alone
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Omg was that really emma?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: jk
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im so alone..... this sucks- Yoda
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im all alone, there's no one here beside me!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: atleast talking
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dots
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: mucho silenco
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my mom said i might be able to go to Lumos!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yay
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im talking to myself
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its actually fun
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: does anybody else like to talk to themselves?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i take that as a
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: no
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HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: welcome back...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dOtS DotS
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mArIcHaBaLdIs has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: is ne1 there?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Heya I'm here
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: LOL *waves*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: happy xmas
mArIcHaBaLdIs: same to you! Happy xmas =)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: XD
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I stayed up until like 4am
mArIcHaBaLdIs: listening to mugglecast XD
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: did u listen to the new 1?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: it has baby voldemorts outsid in it
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I heard that
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and happy christmahannakwansaka
mArIcHaBaLdIs: it was really cool to listen that again
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
mArIcHaBaLdIs: loilz
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh gosh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: everyone is using my mess ups
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its frightening
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i listened to the filkcast again like 5 times today so far
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha awww it's cool, it's not like we're making fun of you or anything :P
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i know
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its still kinda wierd
mArIcHaBaLdIs: =)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i like christmas
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i got a digital camera!!!!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: omg that is so cool! =) yay
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: what di dyou get?
x sweet harmony has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *did you
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
mArIcHaBaLdIs: heya
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hum money
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
x sweet harmony: Hey. =]]
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: happy xmas
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i only asked for money cause of my trip to canada on february so yeah..
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: that cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my parents actually said that they would discuss Lumos!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: and also this really cool fossil wallet (sp?)
mArIcHaBaLdIs: awesomeness!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: =D
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im just crossing my fingers
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: are you going?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: No i'm not lol. I wish
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh i probably wont but it still have hope
Sky4123 has entered the room.
Sky4123: HELLO
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
Sky4123: sorry..didn't know all caps was on...
Sky4123: how are ya?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: gurd
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: happy xmas!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: silince
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *silence
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hoho
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I'ma listen ep. 21 again now
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im going to leave another voicemail soon
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: silence
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol sorry I'm posting something on the forum
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: brb
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: in like 5-10 min
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: MERRY CHRISTMAS, ALL!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey!
Cannonsgirl2008: GUESS WHAT?????????
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: back
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: what?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Happy Xmas!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what?
Cannonsgirl2008: I'M GOING TO LUMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Really!?!
Cannonsgirl2008: yayayayyayayayyayayayyayay!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i might
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Really?! YAY! =D
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my parents are discussing it
mArIcHaBaLdIs: that is so cool
Cannonsgirl2008: my parents gave it to me as a Christmas gift
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: omg lucky
Cannonsgirl2008: how is everyone's christmas going?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: good
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i got a digital
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: camera
mArIcHaBaLdIs: really cool
Cannonsgirl2008: sweet
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i got money =)
mArIcHaBaLdIs: and my parents gave me a credit card for my trip, which is kinda money too he he
Cannonsgirl2008: wow!
Cannonsgirl2008: crazy
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: woah
mArIcHaBaLdIs: how is ur xmas going colleen?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: this software is taking forever to download
Cannonsgirl2008: AMAZING!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: Lumos seriously made my da
Cannonsgirl2008: day*
Cannonsgirl2008: you don't even understand
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: it would for me too
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ur really lucky, ur going to lumoss yay
Cannonsgirl2008: and, umm I got a whole bunch of other stuff
Cannonsgirl2008: like a quill set
Cannonsgirl2008: and some clothes
Cannonsgirl2008: where are you from again?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: coolness =D
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: who?
Cannonsgirl2008: Isabel?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: me? Ecuador
Cannonsgirl2008: cool
mArIcHaBaLdIs: =)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: thats far from Canada
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *stating the obvious*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i live far from canada too
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha yeah it is
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: it still isnt freaking downloaded
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what r u downloading?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: the picture software that came with my camera
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ohh whhat camera did you got?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: the olympus D-435
Cannonsgirl2008: sweet
Cannonsgirl2008: thats a nice camera
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: the funny thing is my dad works for fuji
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: thats actually halarious
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: we use kodak alot....
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: even wierder than olympus
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ha it finished
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yesh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: sorta
mArIcHaBaLdIs: whoot... haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *is bored*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: o tannenbaum o tannenbaum.............
Cannonsgirl2008: lalalalalalalala! *sings* I'm going to Lumooooooos la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aw I missed Micah on this ep. *random*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: me 2
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: not really
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: random
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: tannenbaum is his last name
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yeah i know
mArIcHaBaLdIs: but we were not talking about that XD
mArIcHaBaLdIs: micah is great
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *fangirls*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i would've been great to hear what he had to say about all the things they talked on the
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
mArIcHaBaLdIs: they talked about really interesting stuff =)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: in the christmas episode?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: I havn't heard it yet......... dang it!
Cannonsgirl2008: *is downloading it now*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: voldy's outside is on it
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i started laughing
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: XD
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha me too
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i was llike "what the heeck"
gingernut17 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
gingernut17 has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: heya
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: or not
mArIcHaBaLdIs: bye
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: bye
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ?
Cannonsgirl2008: to her
Cannonsgirl2008: shuttup
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm slow
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dOtS DoTs
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: mucho silenco
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm lookin up lumos stuff :-)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: which hotel?
Cannonsgirl2008: Courtside Mariott
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i think thats the only one with rooms avaliable isnt it?
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: somthing like that
Cannonsgirl2008: no big deal
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm ok
Cannonsgirl2008: I'll be there, right
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i hope i can go
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: tons of HP dorks in two hotels? Haven.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: or however you spell it
Cannonsgirl2008: Heaven I think
Cannonsgirl2008: actually, I don't think
Cannonsgirl2008: I know
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i knew that
Cannonsgirl2008: if thats what you were trying to say
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i was first out in our spelling bee at school
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i cant spell
pla30303 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
pla30303: Hi
pla30303: Happy christmas
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: you too
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hey
mArIcHaBaLdIs: happy xmas =)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its john noe! Its john noe! Its john noe!
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: when he finally gets it right, melissa just rolls her eyes. All the fangirls scream in
delight! Cuz he is the favorite guy!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i like that song
battys5115 has entered the room.
pla30303: Well.
battys5115: hi
pla30303: I have successfully told everybody Happy Christmas/Chanukah/kwanzah/winter solstace/yule
on my list
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
battys5115: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: you cant forget christmahannakwansaka!
battys5115: not much happening where i am
Cannonsgirl2008: gotta go
Cannonsgirl2008: love you all!
Cannonsgirl2008: merry holidays :-)
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: deaddeaddead
battys5115: lol
PrettyKittyMulu has entered the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hey
PrettyKittyMulu has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i hate it when ppl do that
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: es muy stupid
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: o
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my brain doesnt work too well on holidays
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: X|
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha x.x
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: sigh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im in spanish 1 even though i took spanish last year too... and i didnt fail or anything
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its probably like spanish 1.5
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: or something
macaRoni090 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: um...anyone here?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yesh
macaRoni090: oh woo thank god
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: happy xmas
macaRoni090: mc21 is out!!!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
macaRoni090: haha you too
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: di dyou listen to it yet?
macaRoni090: how come no ones talking about it?
macaRoni090: not yet its downloading
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its funny
macaRoni090: awesome
macaRoni090: i'm sooo exciiited
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: but micah isnt on it -.-
macaRoni090: aww yeah well we knew that already
macaRoni090: its sad
macaRoni090: but he'll be on next week hopefully
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *crosses fingers*
macaRoni090: lol yes *me too*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my parents said that they would *discuss* Lumos
macaRoni090: ooh awesome! good luck!!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i hope they say yes
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i would be like my birthday present
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: no
macaRoni090: when is your bday?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: the 28th of July
macaRoni090: ooo right
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey Roni =)
macaRoni090: hi!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *cough*slow*cough*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: sorry i was posting something on the forum
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: me too
macaRoni090: i said something about alfonso or whatev
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I saw that thread
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: brb
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i was on the dursleys giving harry presents thread =)
macaRoni090: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: somethig they discuss on mc. 21
macaRoni090: aw poor harry...
macaRoni090: its not done downloading on my computer yet
macaRoni090: :'(
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aww, slow internet right now?
macaRoni090: yep
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: back
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yesterday was really fast for me
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk
mArIcHaBaLdIs: luckily
macaRoni090: i'm having the DSL talk with my grandparents tonight
mArIcHaBaLdIs: it took like half an hour to download the ep.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ohh what DSL talk?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: half an hour?
macaRoni090: THE talk
macaRoni090: where i convince them its best
macaRoni090: to get DSL
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ... wrong thought
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *thoughts
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: silence
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ohhh good luck with the talk hehe
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
macaRoni090: lol thank you
macaRoni090: i think i'm going to have to pay for it
macaRoni090: oh well
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ouch
macaRoni090: yeahhh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i have lucius baby stuck in my head
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: i still havent finished the 2nd filkcast
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: really? i did but i wasnt really paying attention
macaRoni090: yeah i wasnt paying attention so i paused it
macaRoni090: and forgot to continue
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: what was your fav filk?
macaRoni090: the john and melissa one lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
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macaRoni090: and the one with john sue and melissa at the beginning
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I listened to filkcast 2 but didn't pay lot of attention to it lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i liked that one too
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hey!
Cannonsgirl2008: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! my iTunes won't open!
Cannonsgirl2008: dang it
macaRoni090: hey
macaRoni090: aww
mArIcHaBaLdIs: my fave is john melissa duet
Cannonsgirl2008: *cry*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aww that sucks
Cannonsgirl2008: yes. yes it does.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i liked the Guru one at the beginning and the john and melissa one and the won won
baby one
Cannonsgirl2008: I can't listen to the podcast!
Cannonsgirl2008: aaaah
macaRoni090: ooh yes i love won won baby
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ohh ouch
Cannonsgirl2008: me = dead
macaRoni090: i also love the i saw sue kissing sirius the night before he fell beyond the veil
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: that was funny
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and voldy baby
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah I wanted to do a parody to Santa Baby for all the Mugglecasters
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i saw ben kissing emma
macaRoni090: that wouldve been awesome
Cannonsgirl2008: but then I was afraid they might think it was a) too sexual (cus it totally was) and b) too
Cannonsgirl2008: so I decided not to
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: why too stalkerish
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ?
Cannonsgirl2008: it was really funny, though
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh wait i dont want to know do i?
Cannonsgirl2008: ha, no
Cannonsgirl2008: no you don't
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: no, it wasn't that bad
macaRoni090: i do...
Cannonsgirl2008: hahhaha
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah type the lyrics
Cannonsgirl2008: I havn't written the whole thing
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh
Cannonsgirl2008: when I finish, I will
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ok
macaRoni090: awesome
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i saw emma kissing ben schoen before he was recording episode 21
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *after
macaRoni090: a;regno aepoghae[90gah5 e4y;j ng;aelgj 30[ hj
macaRoni090: whoa
macaRoni090: i LOVE bemma
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
mArIcHaBaLdIs: bemma is cool
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i love it
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bemma=awesome
Cannonsgirl2008: yeeeess
Cannonsgirl2008: it is
Cannonsgirl2008: ugh! I hate my computer!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: it is awesome
mArIcHaBaLdIs: why?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: just like sues news +micah= love
Cannonsgirl2008: why isn't iTunes opening!
Cannonsgirl2008: ?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: pc or mac?
Cannonsgirl2008: pc
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm gonna reboot
Cannonsgirl2008: I'll rab
Cannonsgirl2008: heehee
macaRoni090: guys guys guys
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ok
macaRoni090: anyone in here watch lost?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: no
macaRoni090: well you should
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its on past my bedtime
macaRoni090: but if someone in here sees that question and watches it, say so
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *joking*
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
macaRoni090: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I don't lol
macaRoni090: ugh
macaRoni090: you all should
mArIcHaBaLdIs: wh u ask?
macaRoni090: its teh best show ever
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: are you getting payed?
macaRoni090: my friend saw someone from it walking down the street yesterday
Ironic affection has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
macaRoni090: and also its the best show ever
macaRoni090: pffft i'm not getting paid
macaRoni090: as melissa says, it's pure love
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
macaRoni090: not advertising
Ironic affection: happy holidays all
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hey toast
Ironic affection: hi!
macaRoni090: hi
macaRoni090: toast?
Ironic affection: yeah
Ironic affection: im toast
macaRoni090: cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ok
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: fun
Ironic affection: yup
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I'm mint =)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im.... Laurn
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *lauren
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh gosh im such a retard
Ironic affection: hi Lauren!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: HI!
Ironic affection: lol.... its ok we all misspell our names
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: just dont call me ashley
Ironic affection: ok...
macaRoni090: ashley?
Ironic affection: y would i?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ashley :P
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i'ma call u that
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol jk
Ironic affection: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: when my GS troop was camping everybody kept acidently calling me ashley
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i cant spell
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
Ironic affection: lol
Ironic affection: me either
macaRoni090: wb colleen!
Cannonsgirl2008: back
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
Ironic affection: and fixing typos is a pain in the ass
Ironic affection: hi!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hey colleen
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: wanna know what would be funny?
macaRoni090: ?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: if you had a typo while typing typo
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what?
Ironic affection: ive done that
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: tiop
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol!
macaRoni090: lol
Ironic affection: more like switching letters around like tyop
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i g2g me famila is here
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bye
Ironic affection: ok
Cannonsgirl2008: bye
Ironic affection: bye
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: probably be back later today
Cannonsgirl2008: so yeah... my iTunes still isn't working
Cannonsgirl2008: right
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *shrugs*
Cannonsgirl2008: dangggggggg
Ironic affection: that sucks
Cannonsgirl2008: it does
macaRoni090: byee
Ironic affection: im happy i get to download all missed podcasts on tues
Ironic affection: bye!
macaRoni090: happy christmas
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has left the room.
macaRoni090: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: stupid iTunes
macaRoni090: yeah i know
Ironic affection: i missed the one with singing
Cannonsgirl2008: I really want to curse at it, but its Christmas
Cannonsgirl2008: I don't think I should be cursing at all
Ironic affection: eh... that doesnt bother me
Ironic affection: ive done my fair share today
Ironic affection: while packing
Cannonsgirl2008: ahhaha
Ironic affection: so how was everyones xmas?
Ironic affection: or how is it?
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm going to Lumos
Cannonsgirl2008: its the coolest thing EVER
Cannonsgirl2008: dang it! I just realized that I wasn't picked for fan of the week
Cannonsgirl2008: AGAIN
Ironic affection: aww... im sorry
Ironic affection: an didno if im going to lumos
Ironic affection: im still trying to convince my mom
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *is jelaous of colleen* XD
mArIcHaBaLdIs: jk
Ironic affection: thatz still weird :sigh: seeing my name typed
Ironic affection: but not for me
Ironic affection: thats**
Cannonsgirl2008: heehee
Cannonsgirl2008: ok gotta go again
Cannonsgirl2008: this time for real
Cannonsgirl2008: bye
Ironic affection: byebye
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk bye
Cannonsgirl2008: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
madrigal817 has entered the room.
Ironic affection: hey
macaRoni090: hi
madrigal817: hey
Ironic affection: im toast
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey
madrigal817 has left the room.
Ironic affection: did i scare them?
macaRoni090: lol no no
macaRoni090: people are constantly in and out
macaRoni090: its alllll good
Ironic affection: i know
Ironic affection: i do it too
Ironic affection: but sometimes i scare people... :sigh:
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: i cant do it i'm too hooked
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lolz
Ironic affection: lol
Ironic affection: fake aim acts up all the time
macaRoni090: fake aim?
battys5115 has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: fake?
Ironic affection: aim express
Ironic affection: fake aim same thing
macaRoni090: ooo right
macaRoni090: aim express bothers me
gingernut17 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: its really slow whenever i use it
macaRoni090: hi ally
gingernut17 has left the room.
macaRoni090: okay bye ally
gingernut17 has entered the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aim express? never heard of it
macaRoni090: hi again
Ironic affection: hey
Ironic affection: im on my grandpas comp so i cant gte real aim
Ironic affection: so i have to use express
Ironic affection: if i wan tto use aim
gingernut17: hello, sorry, I was trying to close something and closed this instead
Ironic affection: its ok
mArIcHaBaLdIs: tis k
macaRoni090: yeah np
Ironic affection: i do it all the time with windows im using
gingernut17: =)
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I can't believe it's already 4:49 over here :O
Ironic affection: i know
Ironic affection: its so weird switching time zones
Ironic affection: its almost 4 here
Ironic affection: and for me it feels like its 2ish
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yeah same
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i felt sleep like 4am today though
Ironic affection: i went to bed at like 1....
Ironic affection: cuz we had all this family over and ate at like 9ish... which is crazy late
mArIcHaBaLdIs: stayed up listening to mugglecast :P
Ironic affection: lol
Ironic affection: i was doing that!
Ironic affection: old ones of course
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i listened ep. 21
Ironic affection: i got to the one with matt vines when he does flurs scream
mArIcHaBaLdIs: im listening 21 right now again
mArIcHaBaLdIs: im almost done
Ironic affection: i cant get it
Ironic affection: T_T
mArIcHaBaLdIs: which ep. is that one?
Ironic affection: i dont have 20 either
macaRoni090: mc 21 is a little over halfway downloaded now
Ironic affection: mini cast 1
Ironic affection: but i couldnt sleep cuz i would start laughing every 5 or 10 mins
macaRoni090: matt vines is awesome
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I never downloaded that one
Ironic affection: and then the scream came
Ironic affection: and i started crying cuz iw as laughing so hard
Ironic affection: and i had to turn it off or i wuld have never slept
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i'ma listen to mc 4
mArIcHaBaLdIs: after i listen john melissa duet :P
mArIcHaBaLdIs: <3
Ironic affection: john/ melissa
Ironic affection: duet/
Ironic affection: ?
macaRoni090: i'm re-listening to the end of mc 3 right now
macaRoni090: in 2 mins i'll be re-listening to mc 4
Ironic affection: i relistened to all of them
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lolz the song they sang on the filkcast
Ironic affection: and actually listened
Ironic affection: i missed so much listneing to them and doing work at the same time
mArIcHaBaLdIs: "Voldemort's outside"
Ironic affection: oh... i couldnt ge that either
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I love it
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I'm obsessed haha XD
Ironic affection: i getting it tuesday!
Ironic affection: wen im home!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: John's voice is b-e-a-utiful
mArIcHaBaLdIs: so kwel
Ironic affection: aww
Ironic affection: i cant wait to get it
macaRoni090: omg it is
Ironic affection: ....
Ironic affection: wat is?
macaRoni090: mArIcHaBaLdIs: John's voice is b-e-a-utiful
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *agrees* =)
Ironic affection: oooo
macaRoni090: lol isabel said that would make sense
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hahaha I know XD
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has entered the room.
macaRoni090: lol good job =p
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey yall
Ironic affection: hey!
Ironic affection: wb
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: thanks
macaRoni090: hii
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey wb
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: micah is on
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yay!
macaRoni090: yay micahhh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my grandparents are here
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aww yay micah =)
macaRoni090: lol coool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im gonna invite him
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: XD
macaRoni090: lol kk
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: nvm hes away
macaRoni090: haha now he's away
Ironic affection: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
Ironic affection: ok
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: he'll be back tho
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i hope
Ironic affection: yeah
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i'm listening ep. 4 =D
anir107 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey rina
anir107: hiya
Ironic affection: hey
macaRoni090: hi rina!
anir107: brb
Ironic affection: k
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: okey dokie smokie pokie
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: silence
mArIcHaBaLdIs: . . .
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dots
Ironic affection: ....
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: .
mArIcHaBaLdIs: dots?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ..
mArIcHaBaLdIs: dots
mArIcHaBaLdIs: .....
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ....
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ...
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ..
macaRoni090: emerson?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: .
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: emerson?
macaRoni090: dots
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dots
mArIcHaBaLdIs: wth O.o
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I don't understand what we are talking about
Ironic affection: i agree
Ironic affection: wtg?
macaRoni090: emerson does dots
Ironic affection: wth***
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: eww
Sejo Apex has entered the room.
Ironic affection: ...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ohhhh emerson XD
macaRoni090: hi sejo
anir107: .
Ironic affection: ill be back
Sejo Apex: hi
anir107: they're not dots!
anir107: they're plankton
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
macaRoni090: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: wha-?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: plankton are little
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: as are dots
mArIcHaBaLdIs: omg...
mArIcHaBaLdIs: .
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ..
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: .
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ..
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *dots confetti*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: .
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ....
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: that looks retarted
anir107: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i g2g
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ok
macaRoni090: aww
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: okey bye
macaRoni090: bye byee
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: byeee
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *late*
anir107: aww
macaRoni090: =(
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what?
macaRoni090: late bye's are sad
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aww lol yeah I know
anir107: Yeah
mArIcHaBaLdIs: so... what r u guys doing?
anir107 has left the room.
macaRoni090: listening to mugglecast...
macaRoni090: noo rina
macaRoni090: =(
macaRoni090: and u?
Ironic affection: updating my LJ and wanting the ep 20 and 21
mArIcHaBaLdIs: listening to mugglecast 4
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I'm kinda bored
macaRoni090: i'm on 4 too
macaRoni090: i'm just at the part with the eric, do you have something to say
macaRoni090: the jamie making fun of eric
macaRoni090: stuff
KDSFTW has entered the room.
macaRoni090: hi
Ironic affection: hey
KDSFTW:'s actually Kelazma (I left myself signed on at home...oops) I was just checking to see
what's going on today
KDSFTW: if anything
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hey kel
macaRoni090: i thought it mightve been actually
mArIcHaBaLdIs: not much lol
Ironic affection: not much really
KDSFTW: Anything fantastically interesting?
Ironic affection: yehai was just gonna ask wat ur sn stood for
KDSFTW: We're waiting for the ham...LOL
Ironic affection: then i got distracted
KDSFTW: well KDS is my initals
KDSFTW: and FTW stands for "Family Tree World"
Ironic affection: OOO
macaRoni090: awesome
mArIcHaBaLdIs: oh nice
KDSFTW: because this is the AOL address that I use for my family tree stuff.
Ironic affection: we had our big dinner yesterday
KDSFTW: so that I don't get things all confusedn stuff.
Ironic affection: tonight is left overs... yum ^-^
KDSFTW: Well everyone was doing everything else yesterday
KDSFTW: but I didn't know we were doing stuff my away message is all sad and pathetic i
Ironic affection: any one gonna go see Casanova?
KDSFTW: I wasn't planning on it
KDSFTW: But I'm a movie loser
KDSFTW: I don't pay a whole lot of attention to movies
Ironic affection: i wanna but i cant
KDSFTW: I'm sure Eric could tell you all about it...
KDSFTW: just ask him
KDSFTW: hehe
Ironic affection: effing rate R-NESS
Ironic affection: ok... will do
KDSFTW: ooooh....wait....sounds like we're getting ready to have a dinner thing now...
KDSFTW: 'cause my mom's telling the little kids to wash their hands
KDSFTW: Yeah...Eric's movie-theater-man
KDSFTW: pretty soon he'll know everything about every movie
Ironic affection: ok
Ironic affection: have fun and eat lots!
KDSFTW: LOL- no....can't eat too much....but I'll try everything at least.
KDSFTW: have a good day guys and gals and I'll be back later i'm sure
Ironic affection: lol
Ironic affection: ok
KDSFTW: because I can't get enough of youguys ~
KDSFTW has left the room.
Ironic affection: i g2g now too
Ironic affection: urgh
Ironic affection: i can twai tto be hoem and stting here for as long as i want
Ironic affection: night
Ironic affection: wai tnot night
Ironic affection: bye
Ironic affection: good i feel so stupid now
Ironic affection: anyways...
Ironic affection: byebye
Ironic affection: and happy xmas and merry holdidays!
Sejo Apex has left the room.
Ironic affection has left the room.
macaRoni090: its almost done!!!!!!
macaRoni090: but everyone is gone....=(
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Aw i'm here :p lol
gingernut17: awww
mArIcHaBaLdIs: almost done downloading?
macaRoni090: lol wb
macaRoni090: yeah
macaRoni090: it only has like, 5 minutes left to go or something
macaRoni090: i'm excited
mArIcHaBaLdIs: coolness
macaRoni090: rab
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im back again
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: XD
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i snuk away from my family watching football
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *snuck
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ...
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aw i have to go
mArIcHaBaLdIs: brb later i guess
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *ra
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: okey bye
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *rab
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lolz!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: loilz
mArIcHaBaLdIs: loilz! XD oh well, bubye!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: <33
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bi bi
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ttyl
mArIcHaBaLdIs has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: silence
macaRoni090: okay i am back
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: YAY!!!
macaRoni090: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i was alone
macaRoni090: aww
macaRoni090: yeah i know the feeling
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
macaRoni090: its so wierd that its completely dead in here
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: so does Yoda
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: thats cuz its xmas
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dots
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lotsa silence
macaRoni090: ahahahahahahahah
macaRoni090: yoda
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
macaRoni090: i love yoda
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *cough*slow*cough*
macaRoni090: lol nooo i was away
macaRoni090: temporarily
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: do you read fanfiction?
macaRoni090: not really
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i do
macaRoni090: awesome
macaRoni090: OMG MC21 IS DONE
macaRoni090: okay sorry bout that
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: YAY!!!!
macaRoni090: so bad to fanfic
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my hair is staticy
macaRoni090: micah IS in 21...
macaRoni090: i mean, he does the news
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: but he doesnt talk
macaRoni090: psh when does he ever talk otherwise
macaRoni090: (dont get me wrong i love micah)
macaRoni090: i'm just saying..its normal
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Ep 20
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ep 11
macaRoni090: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i liked 11
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Andrew: Thanks Micah
macaRoni090: i probably did
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Micah: You're welcome Andrew
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: one sec
macaRoni090: k
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Andrew: All right. Thanks, Micah... Micah: You're welcome!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Andrew: Guys, we have a big show... Eh, Micah? Micah: Yeah?
gingernut17: lol
macaRoni090: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Andrew: [Acting puzzled] Are you supposed to be here this week on the show? I
mean, we didn't have you scheduled in or anything.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Micah: Well, I came up for a breath of fresh air from the Transcript Dungeon, so I
figured I would stop in and see how things were going.
macaRoni090: ohhh okay in the top ten list this week number 1 is horrible!
macaRoni090: i mean, its hilarious
macaRoni090: but horrible
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Sibling Over
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Sholder
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: 123
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hes gone
macaRoni090: what is going on....
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my brother
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *strangles sam*
macaRoni090: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: brb
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: more presents
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: XD
macaRoni090: haha kk
anir107 has entered the room.
anir107 has left the room.
battys5115 has entered the room.
x sweet harmony: So how's everyone's Christmas going?
battys5115: um boreing
x sweet harmony: Aww. Why?
battys5115: well
battys5115: no 1 is comeing
battys5115: nothing is happening except dinner
x sweet harmony: Oh.
battys5115: i could of stayd at my friends house
x sweet harmony: My mommy and daddy are at work until late at night, so it's just my brother and I... my
mommy bought some pastries home before she left for work.
x sweet harmony: It's just like any other day this year...
battys5115: same
x sweet harmony: Not very much Christmas spirit... =[
battys5115: just the movies and the tree is up but ino 1 really cares about those
x sweet harmony: Yeah..
battys5115 has left the room.
battys5115 has entered the room.
battys5115: ugh
battys5115: stupid norton
battys5115: it blocks aim
gingernut17 has left the room.
battys5115: o well i get 2 see narnia
battys5115: i jsuyt finished ther book 15 mins ago
Sejo Apex has entered the room.
Sky4123 has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: back
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: more silence
battys5115: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: it kinda worries me when its quiet
battys5115: ooooh i am scared of quietness cause voldemort is going 2 (dies)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
battys5115: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i didnt get it at first
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: haha i got a FOB cd XD
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yesh
battys5115: erm nothings happening...bored
battys5115: boreing
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
battys5115: no 1 is comeing
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im going 2 invite Jamie
battys5115: and i cold of stayd at my friends house
battys5115: k lol
battys5115: could*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: k i invited him
battys5115: oooh
x sweet harmony: I feel like running around outside..
battys5115: lets hope he comes
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
battys5115: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hes not idle or away
x sweet harmony: !!! I got gum on my school sweater!
x sweet harmony: =[
battys5115: YAY
battys5115: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
battys5115: im bored
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
x sweet harmony: It's in the pocket thingy... because it's a hoodie. I tried to put my hands through it and it
was.. sticky.
battys5115: lol
x sweet harmony: Haha
Sejo Apex has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: thats not nice
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: jk
battys5115: must b 6 am where he lives
battys5115: or something
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
battys5115: lol
macaRoni090: what about jamie?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: he declined the chat invitation
macaRoni090: =(
macaRoni090: oh well
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: he came in on friday when it was 3 his time
macaRoni090: he's nocturna;
macaRoni090: *nocturnal
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
battys5115: me 2 lol
macaRoni090: yeah same
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
Sejo Apex has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i cant stand the mornings but i stay up all night if i can
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
battys5115: i read the lion the wiutch and the wardrobe
battys5115: finished 2day
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: random
battys5115: lol
battys5115: i am random
battys5115: a bit
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey hi merry christmas! :-)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: happy xmas lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i got a FOB cd!
battys5115: lol cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and a digital camera
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and the HP scene it game
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and the lumos book light
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and other things which i dont feel like typing haha all my relatives got me itunes cards lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
macaRoni090: hi hannah! so now i have lik 150 $ in songs hi roni!!! ohhh and i got the sims 2 which is totally addictingg *addicting
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: omg i love that game
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: do u wanna know the best cheat? lol yeah i have the kaching one
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled true
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: caps counts what?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and motherload lol the motherload didn't work for me
Sejo Apex has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: actually its motherlode
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i think oh that would explain it
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol oh! wait how do you get rid of the little cheat box??? becuase that was really bugging me
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: pres esc
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey lol hiii thnaks
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: np *thanks
Alikona0000: felices fiestes!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ? okkk
Alikona0000 has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: er ok then whatever
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: wth? haha
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *silence*
macaRoni090: haha allie ok i gtg eaet more chocolate and play more sims
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: k bi bi byeeee
macaRoni090: byeee has left the room.
macaRoni090: whoa jkr site updates are SOOOOO exciting
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh the diary thing?
macaRoni090: there are a bunch of updates
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Dance, Dance
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *hums random notes off key*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *starts to whistle* (off key i might add)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *sings quietley growing steadly louder)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: **
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *belts out singing*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *breaks
x sweet harmony has left the room.
x sweet harmony has entered the room.
anir107 has entered the room.
anir107 has left the room.
x sweet harmony: I've already used more than half of the 2GB of space on my iPod... x_X
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: nano?
x sweet harmony: Yeah.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i have a mini
x sweet harmony: Cool
x sweet harmony: Do you put MC on it?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *looks at like shes crazy* yeah...
x sweet harmony: lol
x sweet harmony: All the episodes?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im a subscriber
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and pc
x sweet harmony: Oh okay lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: are you watching oklahama again?
x sweet harmony: I think if I were to put PC on my iPod, i'd have no more room left...
x sweet harmony: Yup. ^_^
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
x sweet harmony has left the room.
battys5115 has left the room.
anir107 has entered the room.
anir107 has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Horcri do not draw attention to themselves by singing songs in front of large
macaRoni090: i love thjat
macaRoni090: *that
macaRoni090: it's in my profile
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: The Pyramids of Furmat lie a few miles east of the famous Fortress of Shadows, not
far from the magnificent Pillar of Storgé. Many tourists prefer to view these ancient monuments at night,
when they are illuminated by the Green
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: flame torch.
macaRoni090: lol! yes that too
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
macaRoni090: i love JKR she's amazing
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: halarious
kyrane7 has entered the room.
kyrane7: anyone here?????????
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yesh
kyrane7: hi
macaRoni090: hi
kyrane7: howre yall
kyrane7: having a gd day?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: happy day-after-birthday/christmahannakwansaka
x sweet harmony has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
x sweet harmony: Hey
kyrane7: thanks
kyrane7: its boxing day here tho
kyrane7: just bout
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: what time?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: is it
kyrane7: 0020
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ???
kyrane7: 20 after midnight
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh
macaRoni090: because its like, 00:00-24:00
khokokatt has entered the room.
macaRoni090: hi
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey katie
macaRoni090: jamieeeee is on
macaRoni090: and alive
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
khokokatt: Kt is in da house
kyrane7: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *whispers* this should be interesting *unwhispers*
macaRoni090: lol
kyrane7: whacha all had today
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: XD
kyrane7: ne thin nice?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: no
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: nutin
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: just rain -.-
macaRoni090: nothing here either
macaRoni090: yes! it rained here too!!
macaRoni090: ugh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
macaRoni090: where do you live?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Georgia
macaRoni090: oo ok
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: u?
macaRoni090: oh yeahhh because right you live like, 30 mins from laura
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
macaRoni090: i live in nyc
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lucky
macaRoni090: nah not really
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i love big cities
kyrane7: it been quite nice here
kyrane7: no rain
macaRoni090: i sometimes love big cities
kyrane7: or snow
macaRoni090: luckky
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: no typos on "cities" XD
macaRoni090: ooh i love snow though
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: me 2
kyrane7: nah i hate snow
macaRoni090: if it were under 32 degrees here it couldve snowed
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: O.O
macaRoni090: but it it didnt =(
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: you hate snow?!?!
kyrane7: yeh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *cough*Crazy*cough*
khokokatt: U luff snow
khokokatt: you don't don't wnat to admitt it.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yesh katie i luff snow
khokokatt: eveyrbody luffs snow.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: u suck at typing
macaRoni090: rab mc 21
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol k
kyrane7: i9 not listened yet
kyrane7: i listening to the pc filk thingy
khokokatt: i' typeing with one hand, sorry about the typos.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: XD ive listened to the first part so many times
kyrane7: i always type with 1 hand
kyrane7: it the only 1 i got
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ?
khokokatt: wow, I could never do that. I'm only doing it now because I'm talking to my friend on my NEW
kyrane7: woo new cell
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
kyrane7: cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i gots a digital camera
kyrane7: cool
khokokatt: coolio
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i took lotsa pictures of me and my dogs and my scene it game
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: XD
kyrane7: what you got the hp scene it
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
kyrane7: cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i havnt played it yet tho
kyrane7: are the questions easy tho
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i also got the Lumos book light
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: with a slytherin case
khokokatt: err... I got a harry Potter poster? Nothing else though.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: thats all you got for xmas?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: whats the poster look like?
khokokatt: haha no thats all the Harry Potter stuff I got.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ok i was like whaaa?
khokokatt: its the one you have. where he looks vair vair hot and you can see the scar n stuff.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: his eyes are actually green in that one!
khokokatt: yah
khokokatt: and its hot.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yesh
khokokatt: I put it above my bed (next to the donnie darko poster) so i can stare at them at night.
khokokatt: hahaha
khokokatt: I feel like a looser.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: thats cuz you are katie
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Somebody snitched on me! OhHHHHHHHH!!!! Stupid potter! I'm gettin nutin for
xmas! Mommy and Daddy are mad! Im gettin nutin for xmas! Cuz i aint been nutin but bad!!!
khokokatt: ....that sound familiar. did you force me to listen to that one?
khokokatt: *sounds
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
khokokatt: God I hate typos.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: tpios
khokokatt: ?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: nvm
khokokatt: coolio.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: it was the draco one
khokokatt: yeah! I remember now.. w00t.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Won won baby, Come over here and sit next to me , please! I wanna snuggle up
close, won won baby, just hurry outa azkaban tonite!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: * back from quidditch tonite
khokokatt: hahaha
khokokatt: I liekd that one.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
khokokatt: *liked
khokokatt: damnit
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i mixed the lucius and the won won one up
khokokatt: hahaha Ron want to jaaaiilll
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: try saying "Won won one" three times fast XD
khokokatt: hahahaha I tried. I kept on saying "one one one"
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: how much fud could a fud pucker puck if a fud pucker could puck fud
khokokatt: I tried and i said fuck about..3 times... lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: katie dont cus
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: in here
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: if you dont mind
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: you dont know who might be in here like a little kid
khokokatt: k sorry
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its ok
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *silence*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: roll call
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: <------------Lauren
khokokatt: <---------------------Da KT
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i just wanna know who is alive in here
khokokatt: hmm.. what should my new ringtone be? "Under the Rose" - HIm, "Yellow"- Coldplay, "Don't
lie" - black eyed peas, "poison" - groove coverage,
khokokatt: "soul meets body" -death cab for cutie, or "such great hieghts" - the postal service?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dont lie
khokokatt: siobhan said that to
JH AZ Frog has entered the room.
JH AZ Frog has left the room.
khokokatt: so black eyed peas it is.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: fpmy ;or
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: sorry
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yay laura is on
MuggleNetLaura has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey laura
MuggleNetLaura: Merry Christmas!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Happy Christmahannakwansaka!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: what did you get for christmas?
MuggleNetLaura: 40 glorious gigs of beauty
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: woah nice
MuggleNetLaura: *cuddles the pod*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i got a digital camera
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: YAY!!!
MuggleNetLaura: nice!
MuggleNetLaura: what did everyone else get? good hauls, I hope!
x sweet harmony: My iPod isn't responding... and it won't reset... =[
kyrane7: oh hey laura missed u getting here
MuggleNetLaura: what iPod did you get?
x sweet harmony: I got the nano... What kind did you get?
kyrane7: my stuff hasnt come yet. it was ordered from amazon. i have an mp3 player coming though. It
was my brithday on the 24th tho. I got some nice jewerly and money
MuggleNetLaura: next generation down from video
MuggleNetLaura: hmmm, did you install the software that came with it?
x sweet harmony: Fun stuff.
x sweet harmony: Yeah... It was working just fine earlier..
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: that sucks
x sweet harmony: I killed it... and I've only had it for a day.
MuggleNetLaura: nah, you haven't killed it
MuggleNetLaura: there just tend to be little bugs in the first run of new technologies
kyrane7: dont the screens break
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i got the lumos book light too! and the HP scene it game!!!!!1111
x sweet harmony: heh. And that's why I've never bought an apple product before...
MuggleNetLaura: which is why I held off on the video... I know three people who've had to send theirs off
for repair
kyrane7: ohh i got the hpgof diary.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: wow
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: cool
kyrane7: its awesome.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: katie got a new cell phone
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: shes not talking for some reason
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *silence*
kyrane7: shhhh
kyrane7: im trying to edit my podcast
kyrane7: fun stuff
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: What are you madme "Prince"?
kyrane7: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my parents said that they would concider taking me to lumos!
BrownyShahana has entered the room.
kyrane7: really?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
BrownyShahana: hi...?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
anir107 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
kyrane7: hi
anir107: 'ello
MuggleNetLaura: *throws tinsel*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: marry/happy xmas!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
x sweet harmony has left the room.
macaRoni090 has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: this room is dead
kyrane7: not really
anir107: it was dead a while ago
khokokatt: opps sorry, I forgot I was in here hahah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: sorta
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
kyrane7: it was dead earlier
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
anir107: laura, i will eventually figure out your LJ username...
MuggleNetLaura: hahahaha
BrownyShahana: I'm new...and ive never used AIM before
MuggleNetLaura: how so?
khokokatt: that doesn't sound like you are a stalker...
anir107: I really have no idea.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: really? Welcome!
anir107: But i wont give up.
MuggleNetLaura: hahahaha
anir107: *throws fist into air*
BrownyShahana: yep
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im not a stalker *looks around nerviously* *cant spell*
MuggleNetLaura: it's not a fascinating place, really
anir107: then telllll meeee
MuggleNetLaura: just occasional ramblings and loads of quiz results
anir107: yes, thats what most journals are
MuggleNetLaura: well then mine's nothing special :-)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: so>
anir107: oh, screw that
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *?
anir107: *rewinds*
anir107: telllll meeeee
MuggleNetLaura: hahaha
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
kyrane7: my lj is boring
kyrane7: i never know what to write
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i dont have an lj
MuggleNetLaura: part of the reason I don't give mine out is I have other staffers on my flist, and most of
them don't want people finding their journals
khokokatt: yus, wel, your ljs may be boring quiz result, ramblings, and etc. but mine is always exciteing,
exculsive, and uber hot.
khokokatt: jk
anir107: *cries*
anir107: ok i understand
anir107: no one trusts me, which is understandable... dumb but understandable
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
MuggleNetLaura: no, it's not that I don't trust you
MuggleNetLaura: it's that I can't pick and choose who I give stuff to... I'd feel bad
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: you dont trust that guy on the corner
anir107: Oh?
MuggleNetLaura: yea, that guy in the corner... he's pretty creepy
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
kyrane7: lol
anir107: MugglenetSanta
MuggleNetLaura: mugglenet santa provided me with my child this morning
MuggleNetLaura: *snuggle*
anir107: .........
anir107: that's so wrong
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
BrownyShahana: lol
MuggleNetLaura: I know. LOL
anir107: ooohhhh an old ipod
anir107: like mine
MuggleNetLaura: yea... last generation below video/photo, only... new?
MuggleNetLaura: I like oldschool ipods better anyhow B)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
anir107: i do as well
MuggleNetLaura: the video ones are too wide
anir107: i dont like the click wheel
MuggleNetLaura: you can't keep as firm a grip on them while you do the ipod dance
anir107: hence they have rubber cases
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
MuggleNetLaura: still
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i think katie forgot she was here again
anir107: laura what did you get for christmas? *is nosy*
MuggleNetLaura: ipod, mighty mouse, green day dvd, shirt, stocking stuffers
anir107: so is there one person who didn't get an ipod for chrstmas?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
MuggleNetLaura: and my mom got one of those HP themed crown thingies from the UK
BrownyShahana: meee!
anir107: oh cool
BrownyShahana: I must be like the last person on earth who does not have an ipod
anir107: yeah probably
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
anir107: lol kidding
MuggleNetLaura: I felt weird... being on a podcast, and not owning an ipod
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i have tons of friends who dont have ipods
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
BrownyShahana: its all good, i love my mp3
MuggleNetLaura: because my mom wouldn't let me put mugglecast on hers :p
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
anir107: aww
MuggleNetLaura: her old school ghetto generation one ipod
anir107: my dad had one of those
anir107: my sister lost it
MuggleNetLaura: hers finally kicked the bucket
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
MuggleNetLaura: I'm glad the wheels don't spin anymore
anir107: yeah that was funny
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: loilz
MuggleNetLaura: the wheel on that thing was a pain... you dropped it, the wheel would spin and crank the
volume up uber loud and kill your ears
anir107: my dad's friend keeps buying him ipods... we actually have extra ipods now
anir107: does it still work?
anir107: the G1 ipod
MuggleNetLaura: oh no, it died about a month ago
MuggleNetLaura: but we were pretty hard on it
anir107: Mac-only.... ahh good times...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
MuggleNetLaura: I dropped it on the driveway once :-X
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: why is my font green and bold?
MuggleNetLaura: she still doesn't know about that...
anir107: hehe
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ok that better
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *thats
anir107: laura what kind of mac do you have
MuggleNetLaura: eMac
anir107: spiffy.
MuggleNetLaura: I lurve it
anir107: ok, so is everyone in here dead?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ok i g2g
MuggleNetLaura: we have an old school imac
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: woah that looks retarted
MuggleNetLaura: one of the colored ones
anir107: hey
anir107: old school imacs rock
anir107: my sister had the first one
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i g2g
anir107: then she bought an ibook, so that computer passed down to my mom
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bi bi
MuggleNetLaura: it's so old it can't even run OSX properly
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has left the room.
anir107: but it was reeeeally slow... so my mom got a macmini
MuggleNetLaura: ooh, I heard the minis were great
anir107: my dad used to work on a 12 year old Macintosh... but that died about five years ago, so he
works on the cool iMac with the movable screen thingy
khokokatt has left the room.
anir107: i liked the movable screen thingy, they should have kept it :\
MuggleNetLaura: yea
MuggleNetLaura: my friend is getting the imac G5
MuggleNetLaura: *is jealous*
anir107: hot
anir107: yeah, you and i are the only ones talking
anir107: i feel odd
MuggleNetLaura: mac users, keep the chat alive!
anir107: lol
MuggleNetLaura: actually, I hear titanic on tv in the other room... haven't seen that movie in ages, been in
love with it since it came out... must go watch
MuggleNetLaura: adios!
x sweet harmony has entered the room.
anir107 has left the room.
MuggleNetLaura: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays!
MuggleNetLaura has left the room.
x sweet harmony: Laura is my hero... because she helped me fix my iPod...
x sweet harmony: I would've died if I broke it already
BrownyShahana: wish I had an ipod =(
kyrane7 has left the room.
BrownyShahana has left the room.
magical maladies has entered the room.
sweetsunshine940 has entered the room.
magical maladies has left the room.
sweetsunshine940: hey!
macaRoni090 has entered the room.
sweetsunshine940: hi
macaRoni090: hi
sweetsunshine940: everyones dead
macaRoni090: yeah
macaRoni090: its really depressing
sweetsunshine940: oh well. maybe it'll get more exciting later
macaRoni090: haha i've been hoping
macaRoni090: but usually by now there are a bunch of people talking
sweetsunshine940: have you been here earlier?'
sweetsunshine940: yeah
macaRoni090: its the whole xmas/hanukkah on the same day thing
sweetsunshine940: yeah
BrownyShahana has entered the room.
sweetsunshine940: hi!
BrownyShahana: hey
sweetsunshine940: who're u on the boards?
BrownyShahana: Shahana...I'm new to AIM...this is like my first time in the chat
sweetsunshine940: oh cool!
sweetsunshine940: I'm allyson
BrownyShahana: yep
BrownyShahana: *waves*
sweetsunshine940: hehe
battys5115 has entered the room.
sweetsunshine940: yay! more ppl!
sweetsunshine940: hi
battys5115: hi...
BrownyShahana: so how was everyones chirstmas?
battys5115: boreing and has been boreing since last night at midnight
battys5115: no 1 came
battys5115: could of stayd at friends
battys5115: and
battys5115: finished the lion the witch and the wardrobe but the movie was sold out
battys5115: worst christmas for me in history
sweetsunshine940: aww
BrownyShahana: yeah I'm re-reading that before I go see the movie...hopefully i'll see it sometime this
BrownyShahana: aww
BrownyShahana: i guess ive had better too, but i just got off school friday so im enjoying a break
mhwinnike has entered the room.
mhwinnike has left the room.
battys5115: im homeschooled
gingernut17 has entered the room.
so l cant live has entered the room.
sweetsunshine940: hi
battys5115: hi
so l cant live: hey guys
macaRoni090: hi
BrownyShahana: so do all of you live in the states?
sweetsunshine940: yup
macaRoni090: yep
BrownyShahana: that's cool
so l cant live: yeah
macaRoni090: there are some people who come in here that don't though
sweetsunshine940: thats true
BrownyShahana: I'm from Canada
sweetsunshine940: oh really? thats cool
macaRoni090: kyrane is from england
macaRoni090: but shes not here right now
BrownyShahana: yep, toronto to be exact
sweetsunshine940: there are alot of brits, actually
sweetsunshine940: well, more than one at least
macaRoni090: yeh
anir107 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: rina!
sweetsunshine940: hey rina!!
BrownyShahana: thats cool
anir107: Hi
macaRoni090: whats up?
anir107: No idea.
anir107: =D
macaRoni090: lol
sweetsunshine940: heehee
anir107: any topic of disccusion in here?
macaRoni090: hey have you talked to k'lyssa?
sweetsunshine940: uh...nope
sweetsunshine940: (to rina's Q)
macaRoni090: or...has she talked to brendan?
anir107: who?
anir107: *why?
macaRoni090: because she said she was going to talk to brendan to see if they were coming to nyc
anir107: oh yeah
anir107: party at barnes and noble
anir107: lol
macaRoni090: lol yessss
macaRoni090: i havent spoken to her since then
anir107: me neither
macaRoni090: so i dunno if she talked to him or not
macaRoni090: *fingers crossed*
anir107: be really funny if they actually did
anir107: go to nyc, that is
macaRoni090: oh my god it would be so much fun
anir107: who in this chat room is alive, right now?
macaRoni090: people
sweetsunshine940: *raises hand in a dead sort of way*
macaRoni090: aw
BrownyShahana: <--Shahana (new person here)
battys5115: lol
sweetsunshine940: <--Allyson...just for good measure, cuz no one can tell who I am by my SN
so l cant live: <Jessica ;/ just because.
BrownyShahana: lol
sweetsunshine940: yaaaaay
x sweet harmony: I'm partially here. =]
anir107: you're splinched
sweetsunshine940: haha! nice one!
anir107: ba-dum chhh
battys5115 has left the room.
gingernut17: blagh
anir107: what did people get for christmas
sweetsunshine940: /chanuka
anir107: or chanukah... but its only the first night so yeah...
so l cant live: mic :o <3
sweetsunshine940: lol
macaRoni090: okay i'm back
macaRoni090: haha splinched
LordMarvolo7 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: hi
so l cant live: what's everyone's skype name >_>
LordMarvolo7 has left the room.
anir107: skkkkyyypppeeeee
sweetsunshine940: I don't have it
anir107: you should get skype. yeah.
macaRoni090: maca-roni
macaRoni090: i lurrrv skype
sweetsunshine940: could someone explain exactly what it is? I don't really understand...
so l cant live: mine is reiira
anir107: its like AIM
anir107: but instead of instant messaging people
macaRoni090: but with your voice
anir107: you call them
anir107: and its freee
sweetsunshine940: really??
macaRoni090: =D
sweetsunshine940: wow
sweetsunshine940: so dyou have to have a mic for the computer?
anir107: well, yeah
gingernut17: yes
gingernut17: lol
anir107: you gotta talk to them lol
gingernut17: I'm on skypeeeeeee
macaRoni090: ally whats ur skype name?
so l cant live: what's everyones name :[ :[
sweetsunshine940: lol. i was having a spazzy moment, picturing myself speaking into the
speakers...yeah, im out of it
sweetsunshine940: lol
gingernut17: I have you on my list...but
gingernut17: allyweasley8817
macaRoni090: thats so cute
sweetsunshine940: it must be so awkward
macaRoni090: okay i'll check my list
gingernut17: haha, thanks, alrighty
anir107: i add people to my skype list, but i take them off if i feel like it....... soooo.. if you're added and
then taken off, no hard feelings ... just a warning
macaRoni090: ok yeah i have you
macaRoni090: =)
gingernut17: is there a Jessica in here?
so l cant live: I only add people I've talked to in here and my other friends
so l cant live: << me
gingernut17: thanks
macaRoni090: only one of my other friends has skype
macaRoni090: and my aunt
macaRoni090: otherwise everyone is from her
anir107: yeah but sometimes i add people and never call them, so there's just no point
gingernut17: I have 21 people...I'd have around 30 but I don't accept everyone
macaRoni090: *here
macaRoni090: i have 31 people
anir107: i have 14 lol
anir107: short and sweet.
gingernut17: I have all the MCers cept Ben and Andrew...darn them
macaRoni090: lol
anir107: lol do you call them?
so l cant live: I don't accept strange people I don't know.
macaRoni090: yeah i have all but ben and andrew too
gingernut17: haha, Micah and Eric yes...not so much on Jamie and Kevin...and I haven't talked to Laura
in a while
so l cant live: I have everyone but andrew.
macaRoni090: i have ben actually
macaRoni090: he's just not on
sweetsunshine940: waht do you talk about? that must be so weird
gingernut17: lol
anir107: eric called me one time
anir107: i was like "uhhhhhh"
x sweet harmony: I have like... 9 people on Skype. XD
macaRoni090: i've only talked to kevin and eric has called me twice
gingernut17: I'm good friends with those two so we just talk
anir107: and he was like "uhhhhhhh"
gingernut17: About the day, food, HP, silyl stuff...anything really
sweetsunshine940: omg
sweetsunshine940: that is SO cool
macaRoni090: lol
gingernut17: lol
macaRoni090: foooood
gingernut17: sure it is =)
gingernut17: lol
macaRoni090: i can talk for 24 hours straight about food
anir107: oh god
sweetsunshine940: lol
gingernut17: haha
sweetsunshine940: wait...Eric calle dyou?
macaRoni090: me?
sweetsunshine940: actually...called you?
sweetsunshine940: u and rina
anir107: its skype
anir107: you press "call"
macaRoni090: yeah he called my skype twice...they were going a conference
sweetsunshine940: awesome
macaRoni090: *doing
sweetsunshine940: sorry i must sound liek such an idiot
gingernut17: I've talked to him on the phone and on skype
macaRoni090: but i didnt have my mic yet so i couldnt talk
anir107: haha
sweetsunshine940: aww
anir107: one time i called someone but she didn't have a mic
anir107: so i was talking to myself
so l cant live: I just got a mic so I have yet to call anyone
anir107: it was fun
sweetsunshine940: lol
macaRoni090: lol yes! rina ive done that!
macaRoni090: only it was sort of scary
macaRoni090: and i was echoing
anir107: haha
anir107: allyson do you have a mic
sweetsunshine940: well, we have one at my house
sweetsunshine940: yes
sweetsunshine940: but I don't have skype
gingernut17: I'm skyping with Alice if anyone wants to join
anir107: get skype.
anir107: :-)
sweetsunshine940: maybe. I don't know how Ill convince my parents its safe
anir107: you have to accept buddy list additions
anir107: so you have total control
anir107: i'm pretty sure that no one in here is a forty year old alcohaulic guy living in a motel... but i could
be wrong...
sweetsunshine940: Ill think about it. I like AIM and things you type to talk, b/c I am SO not a
conversation-type person in real life
macaRoni090: its like myspace...only you cant see their info unless you're their friend
sweetsunshine940: haha!
anir107: well you can change those settings
gingernut17: I'm guessing that's a noooooooo
anir107: whatever
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: what about john?
sweetsunshine940: im bookmarking the download page
anir107: Johnmerson?
macaRoni090: johmerson or noemerson
gingernut17: *whistles*
anir107: hehe
macaRoni090: either one lol
macaRoni090: its 100% canon
sweetsunshine940: haha
anir107: lol
anir107: OTP!!!1!
gingernut17: * no one likes me everybody hates me I should go eat worms*
macaRoni090: yessss OTP
macaRoni090: ALLY
macaRoni090: what
gingernut17: I asked a question
gingernut17: lol
sweetsunshine940: I don't have skype
macaRoni090: lol wait...when
sweetsunshine940: so...sorry!
macaRoni090: what
magical maladies has entered the room.
macaRoni090: i'm so confused!!
anir107: no one wants to join ur stupid thing, omg
macaRoni090: oooh now i remember
sweetsunshine940: hiya
anir107: ;-)
x sweet harmony: I'll skype with you guys, Ally.
gingernut17: Is there anyone who wants to skype with Alice an I...and then you all went....OtP John and
gingernut17: lol
macaRoni090: oo righto
gingernut17: kk
macaRoni090: i'll skype with you
macaRoni090: but you wont be able to hear me well
anir107: you can invite me, it'll screw up my AIM... but you can skype me! lol
macaRoni090: or i'll probably end up breaking up
anir107: and my mic wont work...
anir107: and i'll be all annoying...
anir107: hmm, sounds fun
macaRoni090: lol yeah real fun
macaRoni090: hey! maybe its my aim thats screwing with my sound on skype
gingernut17: hahaha
fluffyredslipper has entered the room.
anir107: well, im not even using AIM right now, but whenever i get on skype it slows down my computer
like crazy
sweetsunshine940: hi
macaRoni090: hi slip
macaRoni090: per
macaRoni090: rina do you have broadband or cable or DSL or whatev?
anir107: no
anir107: cable
macaRoni090: dialup?
magical maladies: hey daisy
anir107: but a seriously old computer
magical maladies: y'all this is my sister
macaRoni090: rina i said cable
magical maladies: DAISY TALK
sweetsunshine940: really?
anir107: oh yeah
macaRoni090: good job
fluffyredslipper: hi who are these people alice?
macaRoni090: i have dialup
anir107: i need to update my system, thats all
macaRoni090: on a 3 yr old computer
magical maladies: these are the chatters
magical maladies: :D
magical maladies: they rule
macaRoni090: hi daisy
sweetsunshine940: hi!
fluffyredslipper: k
fluffyredslipper: hi everyone
anir107: skype is for the newer MAC OS system (tiger - 10.4) and i'm still using Panther (10.3)
anir107: so it goes slow
macaRoni090: i need to force my grandparents into paying for DSL
macaRoni090: if they dont i'll do it myself
anir107: what a threat
macaRoni090: i totally wasnt prepared for that
magical maladies: daisy is like vip treatment
magical maladies: she's my baby sister :D
anir107: oh snap
magical maladies: BE NICE TO HER Y'ALL K
anir107: i found emerson's skype name
magical maladies: really?
magical maladies: LMFAO
sweetsunshine940: surely
sweetsunshine940: how??
macaRoni090: oh emerson
anir107: yeah, im not gonna add him
gingernut17: lol
macaRoni090: aww u guys are so mean
anir107: heh, neither of the spartz brothers put in 'spartz' as their name... probably to avoid fangirls
sweetsunshine940: Hmm. that could be it...
sweetsunshine940: lol
retwisted LOGIC has entered the room.
magical maladies: heyeeyyy mary
macaRoni090: hi...
retwisted LOGIC: helloooooo
retwisted LOGIC: hi guys, I'm Mary Ann :-)
sweetsunshine940: hey, im allyson
macaRoni090: heyy whats up
gingernut17: Hi Mary Ann
retwisted LOGIC: hola :DD
x sweet harmony:
x sweet harmony: My baaaaby. <3
magical maladies:
magical maladies: that's when I was like
magical maladies: four
sweetsunshine940: aww that was really random but adorable!!!
sweetsunshine940: you're so cute!
retwisted LOGIC: it's not loading for me LOL
fluffyredslipper: alice was cute...
magical maladies: LOL
magical maladies: I was
anir107: haha
anir107: i was cute
anir107: dunno what happened
macaRoni090: lol
anir107: :-)
sweetsunshine940: aww lol
anir107: now i'm like Ew
anir107: XD
fluffyredslipper: nothing, ur still pretty
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: JACKIE
sweetsunshine940: hey
GymMidget415: and of course, i did not get my headset today
fluffyredslipper has left the room.
GymMidget415: but i was totally expecting that
GymMidget415: so...not really much of a disappointment there
sweetsunshine940: yeah, i used to be adorable also..but i had this really really really REALLY high
annoying voice
sweetsunshine940: thats annoying
GymMidget415: ...
macaRoni090: guys WHATS GOING ON
sweetsunshine940: ha sorry that must have seemed random
GymMidget415: yea it kinda was...
anir107: i know someone who had a really really really high annoying voice
anir107: ... she still does, as a matter of fact
macaRoni090: go there
GymMidget415: lol
retwisted LOGIC: LOL listening to the live GoF podcast currently
GymMidget415: mmm live podcast...twas fun
anir107: i saw that
sweetsunshine940: omg roni ur ADORABLE
macaRoni090: lol thank you
sweetsunshine940: awwwww and ally! u 2!
macaRoni090: haha people in skype with mic has been on mute the whole time and i didnt notice
magical maladies: LOLOL
gingernut17: ahhh
anir107: i'm sure at least one person in here has seen this picture... this was me when i was in Pre-K...
GymMidget415: lol
gingernut17: that's why I didn't here and extra person
gingernut17: lol
magical maladies: LOLOLOL
GymMidget415: aww!
sweetsunshine940: Awwww!!!
gingernut17: AWWWWWWWWW
GymMidget415: im soo pissed i didnt get my headset tonight...
gingernut17: Rina...awwws
anir107: who are you awwing to?
gingernut17: you silly
sweetsunshine940: rina!
macaRoni090: lol
BrownyShahana: lol
anir107: Lol
anir107: thankee
macaRoni090: sorry if i'm not talkin...i'm sort of scared of my mic
anir107: lol
anir107: it wont eat you
x sweet harmony:
GymMidget415: ?
GymMidget415: aww!
magical maladies: awwwwwww
anir107: BARBIE!
sweetsunshine940: AWW!
BrownyShahana: aww
gingernut17: my b-day
magical maladies:
sweetsunshine940: AHHH! im going to die of exposure to cuteness
anir107: i never had cool birthday parties with hats
magical maladies: LOLOLOL
BrownyShahana: lol
retwisted LOGIC: LOL awww
anir107: bigeyeswhoa
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
x sweet harmony: lol
x sweet harmony:
macaRoni090: who?
GymMidget415: aww!
anir107: omg bonnie
BrownyShahana: aww that is too cute!
GymMidget415: u guys are cuuute!
x sweet harmony: XD
x sweet harmony: I love my brother. I have the bestest brother.
macaRoni090: i want a brother
GymMidget415: aww *huggles*
anir107: i have a brother.
anir107: he's old
GymMidget415: me too
BrownyShahana: my brothers a bit annoying but hes not all that bad
Alikona0000 has left the room.
GymMidget415: someone can take him
sweetsunshine940: i have a younger bro
GymMidget415: he's 15
BrownyShahana: hes leaving for university after the holidays
retwisted LOGIC: only child! hah
macaRoni090: lol
sweetsunshine940: ill trade!
macaRoni090: jackie!
anir107: My brother is 25, and my sister is 22... im the baby. :P
x sweet harmony: Wow.
sweetsunshine940: aww lucky ducky
GymMidget415: aww!
macaRoni090: you're finally here i have a question
x sweet harmony: My brother is only a year older than me...
GymMidget415: ?
sweetsunshine940: o thats cool!
BrownyShahana: mine is 7 years older
GymMidget415: you just realized i was here?
anir107: so im like an only child right now
sweetsunshine940: i've always wanted a sibling close in age
macaRoni090: no no no
macaRoni090: i just remembered i had a question for u
GymMidget415: lol ok shot
macaRoni090: okay so have you talked to k'lyssa about nyc?
anir107: i like being the youngest. i mean, its pressure cuz my brother and sister are like super geniuses
sweetsunshine940: but you don't get blamed for every single thing
macaRoni090: has she talked to brendan has entered the room. hiiii
anir107: has k'lyssa even been online today
GymMidget415: only breifly yesterday...she still doesnt know whats going on
macaRoni090: hi! :-) whats shakin bacon?
GymMidget415: her away message says shes doing laundry, so im gonna assume that shes packing
right now
anir107: anyone who lives near NYC....
GymMidget415: she'll be on later im sure
anir107: party at b&n
sweetsunshine940: huh? lol
GymMidget415: yea, we gonna party
anir107: friday morning w00t
macaRoni090: awesomee
GymMidget415: and its gonna be all over mn and they'll be like wtf are fans are crazy!
sweetsunshine940: really? what, no school?
macaRoni090: she'd better come to nyc
anir107: (because i need to be home by four something...)
GymMidget415: lol, i think she will, she really wants to
anir107: i dont have school tomorrow, friday, or the next monday
anir107: Allyson, frisch still has school?
sweetsunshine940: oh, right
sweetsunshine940: yeah
GymMidget415: you have school this week?
sweetsunshine940: vaca in January
anir107: yeah same here oh
anir107: but we have a few days off cool
sweetsunshine940: what! you have both!
GymMidget415: ouch
anir107: no
GymMidget415: that sucks
sweetsunshine940: oh
anir107: we have three days of school this week
sweetsunshine940: well, i only have off monday
GymMidget415: that sucks
anir107: but its a blackout week
sweetsunshine940: yeah...
anir107: no tests/homework/quizzes allowed
sweetsunshine940: AHH!H!H awesome
sweetsunshine940: i have 3 huge tests!
anir107: and theres a blue fringe concert on thursday
sweetsunshine940: AHH! i hate you all'
GymMidget415: hmm well then what the hell is the purpose of school?/
sweetsunshine940: no, just kidding lol
sweetsunshine940: oh yeah, rina
anir107: blue fringe is gonna rock the hizzle
sweetsunshine940: aww i love them
GymMidget415: coolness
anir107: yeah, you people have no idea what we're talking about... lol
sweetsunshine940: haha
GymMidget415: nope lol
GymMidget415: but i can pretend you got that right
anir107: blue fringe = the only good jewish music out there
sweetsunshine940: haha!
sweetsunshine940: they rock the hizouse
sweetsunshine940: woot!
sweetsunshine940: wait a minute...rina, you going?
GymMidget415: lol awsome me and jackie will just sit in the corner and start our own little conversation
anir107: they're coming to my school on thursday....
anir107: not the NCSY thing
sweetsunshine940: o! thats cool
sweetsunshine940: my elementary school had a concert like that one time
GymMidget415: lol ok lets do that lol
anir107: lol jackie soooo jackie
sweetsunshine940: twas fun
anir107: did you go to yavneh?
sweetsunshine940: yup!
sweetsunshine940: i love yavneh
anir107: *shifty eyes*
sweetsunshine940: i miss it so much
sweetsunshine940: heeeeeeeeey
GymMidget415: so... hows the weather where your at?
anir107: thats like the main reason why i chose not to go to frisch... but im sure it was great :P
sweetsunshine940: lol, my friends and i were a perfect example of crazy fangirls at that concert
sweetsunshine940: wait, y?
anir107: yavneh kids are... um...
GymMidget415: wsuprisingly warm and rainy
sweetsunshine940: ok, jappy?
sweetsunshine940: i know hey thats cool
sweetsunshine940: i ...uh...dont liek them
anir107: yeh.
BrownyShahana: uh the snow melted a bit, and its warmer than usuall
sweetsunshine940: most of my friends went to maayanot
BrownyShahana: 3 degrees celcius i think
anir107: ah
GymMidget415: lol
sweetsunshine940: *sighs* but...alas... it's warm and rainy here too... but i live in san francisco so thats normal
GymMidget415: lol
GymMidget415: well i live in jersey, so its not normal
anir107: when i went to the frisch open house
anir107: the yavneh kids were all
anir107: chewing gum, and talking on their cell phones
sweetsunshine940: omg! i coudl have seen u there and not known it
GymMidget415: eww
sweetsunshine940: not jappy, don't worry
anir107: i just didn't like it.
anir107: haha, yeah, maybe
sweetsunshine940: my grade has the worst reputation in history
sweetsunshine940: the school hate us
anir107: lol
anir107: my school loves us
GymMidget415: rina has a picture of the back of my head...
sweetsunshine940: unfortunately, all the kids i didn't like went to frisch WITh me...
anir107: we're supposedly the best grade, i dont know why...
sweetsunshine940: aww
anir107: Aww has left the room.
anir107: do you know talia schlussel?
sweetsunshine940: yes, shes in my classes
sweetsunshine940: were u friends w / her?
anir107: hell no
anir107: i mean...
anir107: Erm, no.
sweetsunshine940: lol i was JUST going to say, im guessing NO
anir107: Not reeeally...
sweetsunshine940: lol, yeah....
sweetsunshine940: im not
sweetsunshine940: but she provides entertainment when the class gets borin
anir107: last year, everyone seemed like they wnated to be friends with her
sweetsunshine940: i can see why
anir107: and this year, they all talk about how much they hated her
sweetsunshine940: oh really?
anir107: but you didn't hear that from me
sweetsunshine940: *whistles innocently*
anir107: ok, Jackie, shall i stop my side conversation?
sweetsunshine940: no, of course I didn't
sweetsunshine940: heh, i feel obnoxious
sweetsunshine940: sorry everyone!
anir107: do you know Ike Sultan?
sweetsunshine940: *hugs to all*
sweetsunshine940: omg YES!
GymMidget415: lol that would be lovely
anir107: Resident Supergenius?
sweetsunshine940: hes in all my classes!
sweetsunshine940: yes!
sweetsunshine940: omg hes a genius
anir107: i heard he's taking eleventh grade math
sweetsunshine940: yes!!
sweetsunshine940: haha!
sweetsunshine940: yeah, its crazy
anir107: yeah, he was in my english classes last year
anir107: he used to argue with all the teachers
sweetsunshine940: OMG!
anir107: but i'll stop this conversation
sweetsunshine940: YES!
anir107: ... ok scratch that
anir107: so he argues with all ur teachers?
anir107: does he do the finger?
anir107: not "the finger"
sweetsunshine940: sorry one more thing--he complained to our history teacher, in the middle of class,
that he didn't think we should be learning what we were learning
anir107: but he like, points and stuff
sweetsunshine940: yeah
sweetsunshine940: lol
anir107: ok
anir107: SO , JACKIE
anir107: did you get any chanukah presents yet?
anir107: *sweet smile*
GymMidget415: yea, lame ones
sweetsunshine940: yes, actually, ...we got a pool/air hockey table, but it's for me AND all my siblings, for
like, all 8 nights, lol
sweetsunshine940: u?
GymMidget415: i just got finding neverland
sweetsunshine940: awesome
sweetsunshine940: good movie
GymMidget415: yea i know
sweetsunshine940: oo sorry u weren't talking to me...
GymMidget415: but i wanted my headset!!!
anir107: i love that movie
GymMidget415: yea, i do too
GymMidget415: but i wanted my headset...
anir107: ooohhh pool table
sweetsunshine940: yeah, i can't wait to play! it's so much fun
BrownyShahana: love that movie
anir107: jackie, maybe tomorrow night... lol
sweetsunshine940: yeah..did you ask for it?
GymMidget415: hopefully, but i wont be home tomorrow night
GymMidget415: it's hanukkah at grandma's...
anir107: partaaayy
retwisted LOGIC has left the room.
GymMidget415: so i'll come back with presents...
sweetsunshine940: cool!
anir107: allyson, if you're ever going to any frisch/kush games, let me know
anir107: back on topic
sweetsunshine940: yes, definitely
sweetsunshine940: *clears throat*
sweetsunshine940: so...
GymMidget415: ...
retwisted LOGIC has entered the room.
anir107: sorry, jackie
GymMidget415: lol its ok
retwisted LOGIC: sorry about that, AIM shut me off LOL
anir107: allyson, by any weird chance, did your grandparents take you to the podcast?
anir107: weird question, dont ask
sweetsunshine940: well they picked me up, yeah
sweetsunshine940: y?
anir107: because at the end of the podcast
anir107: my mom said she met these people
anir107: who were picking up their granddaughter
anir107: who went to frisch
sweetsunshine940: OMG!
sweetsunshine940: that was YOU!
sweetsunshine940: ahhh so cool!
anir107: wasn't me... my mom
sweetsunshine940: yeah, i meant ur mom
anir107: my mom has like, really curly gray hair
anir107: she told me on the way back
anir107: i was like FRISCH. COOL.
sweetsunshine940: well, i dont' know what she looked like, but my grandma told me afterwards that she
met someone who's daughter was here from kush
anir107: HAHA
anir107: thats amazing
sweetsunshine940: lol
GymMidget415: lol
sweetsunshine940: small world yall
GymMidget415: rina has a pic of the back of my head...
anir107: lol
anir107: i do
sweetsunshine940: haha!
anir107: crazilly small world
GymMidget415: so it really is a small world...
anir107: im gonna tell my mom that it WAS you afterall
anir107: yes, jackie
anir107: and may there be more pictures of your head in the future
sweetsunshine940: lol! I actually thought my grandma was talking about Liane, b/c i didn't know what
school she said
anir107: A-MEN
GymMidget415: w00t!
sweetsunshine940: haha!
anir107: i only recently found out that Liane was jewish
sweetsunshine940: me too, when she did that post "b/c eric is 2 cool for beit hasefer'
sweetsunshine940: i was like....OMG!
anir107: yeah
anir107: i wanted to meet Chaya as well
sweetsunshine940: yeah, her name gives it away, lol!
anir107: lol
anir107: they totally can't pronounce her name
anir107: Hiya!
GymMidget415: jew pride, baby
sweetsunshine940: i know! omg hilarious
anir107: jackie
anir107: you had a seat at the podcast, right
GymMidget415: yea
GymMidget415: why?
anir107: just confirming
GymMidget415: lol ok
sweetsunshine940: rina, did you?
anir107: nope
anir107: i came in late
anir107: i only left an hour after shabbat ended
anir107: so i got there towards the end of the raffle
GymMidget415: aww!
GymMidget415: that sucks
sweetsunshine940: oh, i left just when shabbat ended
anir107: and then Mike snuck me into the seating area
GymMidget415: you missed the crazy dancing...
BrownyShahana: at least you were lucky enough to be there
sweetsunshine940: yeah, i was so happy
anir107: but then Mr Assy manager kicked me out
sweetsunshine940: aww..i was behind the first bookshelf
anir107: my brother was driving me and my friend in, but he had to make a bunch of arrangements before
we left, and it took a while
GymMidget415: aww!
GymMidget415: that was such a great night
sweetsunshine940: u shoudl have seen my face when i realized eric was up the same ROOM
AS ME! lol i almsot died
sweetsunshine940: really, i had a heart attack
anir107: so if you were in the seating area, during the raffle... and by some weird chance, you looked to
your right and saw a girl following mike macauley... and then shortly getting kicked out...
sweetsunshine940: ha, no, sorry!
anir107: lol
anir107: well that was me. haha
anir107: there were like three empty seats, idk why they kicked me out
anir107: me and my friend were pretending to work for mugglenet
sweetsunshine940: omg it was so sad--my friend and i stepped out of the stupid designated area for half
a second, and then they wouldn't let us back in!!!
GymMidget415: lol well i dont know what mike looks like
sweetsunshine940: lol rina!
anir107: mike was like "yeah, they're with us..."
anir107: mike is, um. Big.
GymMidget415: i think you were on the other side
GymMidget415: i was sitting right next to the aisle all the staffers walked down
macaRoni090: this is the most fangirlie conversation ive ever seen
macaRoni090: its funny
GymMidget415: im not really fangirling...
anir107: we're just ranting
sweetsunshine940: spieling
anir107: well if you saw emerson sign a girl's boobs
anir107: i was standing on the podium behind him
GymMidget415: i didnt see that
anir107: some girl was like "WOW SHE'S TALL" and my friend was like "she's standing on a stage..."
sweetsunshine940: o, i saw eric do that
GymMidget415: i heard about it though
sweetsunshine940: but he was like, "O-KAAAAAAAAAY"
anir107: lol
sweetsunshine940: and my friend and i were like, "O-KAAAAAAAY"
anir107: and if anyone was trying to get melissa anellis autograph, but then couldn't because she got up
to go to emerson...
sweetsunshine940: 'can my piece of paper??'
anir107: Lol
sweetsunshine940: lol. how many ppls autographs did u guys get?
GymMidget415: well you know the girl who eric hugged and kissed on the cheek during the raffle?
anir107: i was like
anir107: Can you sign my ipod?
GymMidget415: yea, that was my friend...
anir107: and then everyone was like
sweetsunshine940: lol
anir107: IPOD?! COOL!!
sweetsunshine940: haha
anir107: except eric
sweetsunshine940: i saw ur thing online
anir107: because i told him i was bringing my ipod
anir107: but i didn't get him to sign a piece of paper
anir107: so if it ever comes off
anir107: i'll be upset
GymMidget415: lol
sweetsunshine940: aww
sweetsunshine940: i still have it right here
anir107: hehe
anir107: so i have like double-autographs
sweetsunshine940: im still deciding where to frame it and hang it up, lol
anir107: of everyone except micah and eric
GymMidget415: i felt wierd asking for autographs
GymMidget415: so i asked for hugs
anir107: dont wash your shirt
sweetsunshine940: omg i wish i were more...otugoing
lunibug4 has entered the room.
sweetsunshine940: *outgoing
sweetsunshine940: i was trembling!
x0xbeautifulsoul has entered the room.
sweetsunshine940: trembling, i tell you!
sweetsunshine940: hi everyone
anir107: you should have seen me
GymMidget415: hey, k'lyssa
macaRoni090: hey k'lyssa
lunibug4: yo.
anir107: melissa was like "Emerson... this is Rina..."
macaRoni090: hi cassi
x0xbeautifulsoul: Hey.
GymMidget415: oh, god...
lunibug4: heyyy roniii
anir107: i was like "this isn't embarassing or anything"
sweetsunshine940: lol i read ur thingie, rina
sweetsunshine940: wow. ur brave
anir107: heh
anir107: my face was bright red
GymMidget415: yea, your thingy was funny
anir107: i AM funny
anir107: oh snap
sweetsunshine940: yeah!!
sweetsunshine940: rina, u are so cool
anir107: haha jackie there are so many pictures of u in the MN gallery for the podcast
GymMidget415: hows the packing going, k'lyssa?
GymMidget415: i know
anir107: Allyson, i am such a loser, you have no idea.
GymMidget415: it makes me happy
GymMidget415: im famous
x0xbeautifulsoul: I haven't started yet. >.<
GymMidget415: lol
sweetsunshine940: aww but're like...the MCers KNOW YOU!
sweetsunshine940: i'm just another fangirl...
anir107: but i'm a LOSER
GymMidget415: lol, they dont really know me...
anir107: i'm like the freak in our grade at schooll
sweetsunshine940: but it doesn't matter!!
GymMidget415: eric and dylan know me, and maybe emerson
sweetsunshine940: that is SO AWEOSME jackie
sweetsunshine940: aww rina
sweetsunshine940: ur not
anir107: Jackie's cool.
GymMidget415: well yea
sweetsunshine940: jackie IS cool
GymMidget415: but, i mean, they're just normal people
anir107: she's hott
anir107: with two Ts
GymMidget415: me?
GymMidget415: lol
sweetsunshine940: rina, haven't u won the CC like...50 times?
anir107: nine.
sweetsunshine940: ahh!
anir107: and eric told me not to brag about that because it upsets people
sweetsunshine940: are you sirius??
GymMidget415: lol
anir107: im sure people have won more times...
sweetsunshine940: thats ok, i can brag about 3
anir107: i haven't won recently
anir107: i never really enter anymore
sweetsunshine940: aww!
anir107: but one week i won TWICE
anir107: shhh
sweetsunshine940: can i brag about one teensy thing?
heyitsme3871 has entered the room.
GymMidget415: sure
sweetsunshine940: (omg!! that is so cool. why, different names?)
x0xbeautifulsoul: Gah, I have 2 days to get those Lists up..
heyitsme3871: hi there.
anir107: well, eric IMed me
anir107: and he was like "give me another name"
heyitsme3871: KEL
anir107: 'you've won twice"
sweetsunshine940: OMG!
sweetsunshine940: that is so cooL!!!
heyitsme3871: KELAZMAAAAAAA
anir107: so one week, there are winning captions from both Rina and Sporcrux :P
heyitsme3871: wiat what Rina?
sweetsunshine940: o
sweetsunshine940: m
sweetsunshine940: g
GymMidget415: aww, k'lyssa, im sure you'll get it up
sweetsunshine940: fine, my turn! so you know the one eric recently expand on, the one about Andrew
saying DD was feisty?
anir107: K'lyssa you must come to NYC on friday morning
anir107: Yeah i know
anir107: that one was funnnnny
sweetsunshine940: w/ H, hr, and R in the library, right?
sweetsunshine940: that was mine!
anir107: NICE
sweetsunshine940: thanks!!
sweetsunshine940: I like, dropped dead
anir107: ok so you know the one with harry and ron falling asleep by the crystal ball?
x0xbeautifulsoul: Why Friday morning, Rina?
sweetsunshine940: nooo, the ill give you a link
anir107: because friday morning is a good day.
macaRoni090: i want DSL now
anir107: in which i'll probably be in the city...
x0xbeautifulsoul: Lol, all depends.
anir107: but only before, like, 3 something so.
anir107: i think its the place to be, you know what i mean? ;-)
sweetsunshine940: o its not working...well it was the one w/ harry ron and hermy in the library, staring at
something. Ron was holding hte golden egg
x0xbeautifulsoul: It depends on whether or not Rachel comes, and whether or not Catherine comes to
anir107: i know that one
sweetsunshine940: aww i wish i could come
anir107: i want to go to boston
sweetsunshine940: oo i have friends in boston'
anir107: i love boston like whoah
sweetsunshine940: me too!
heyitsme3871: KELAZMAA
macaRoni090: allyyyy
heyitsme3871: KellllllllllllllllllllL
gingernut17: heeeeeeeeeeeey
macaRoni090: ally could you hear my words?
gingernut17: yeah
macaRoni090: good good
x0xbeautifulsoul: I hate snow and rain. *dies*
macaRoni090: and...okay id say something but...can i IM u?
heyitsme3871: wow K'lyssa
heyitsme3871: how sad.
sweetsunshine940: aww
sweetsunshine940: dont die! we love you!
lunibug4: it's raininggg here. :-)
lunibug4: /random
macaRoni090: it just stopped raining here
anir107: it was pouring earlier
heyitsme3871: it's liek semi drizzling ehre
macaRoni090: and ally...i would IM you...but i cant
sweetsunshine940: same here
GymMidget415: its been raining here, like, all day
x0xbeautifulsoul: It was 80 degrees here today.
lunibug4: it just started raining here
lunibug4: woooahh it was pretty warm here too
GymMidget415: yikes
lunibug4: not sure exactly, but warm for maine
GymMidget415: it was 50 degrees here today
lunibug4: like maybe 40ish
anir107: heat wave
x0xbeautifulsoul: It's 58 here now.
GymMidget415: wow
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: and by warm, i mean warm for winter
sweetsunshine940: yeah, it was like, 20 degrees earlier in the week, and today it was like, 50
anir107: <-- i was
there towards the end of the raffle
anir107: at the podcast
sweetsunshine940: i dont' c you, rina
anir107: i know
anir107: im invisible
sweetsunshine940: oo
anir107: lol
sweetsunshine940: gotcha!
sweetsunshine940: ahh i want the video! im hoping im in it...even for liek, a split second
anir107: oh god its never gonna come out
BrownyShahana has left the room.
sweetsunshine940: yeah... i didn't know it was so time-consuming
anir107: they're just procrastinating
heyitsme3871: oh leave them alone..
GymMidget415: yea, im sure they'll get it up soon
anir107: *cough*
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: hi allie
Alikona0000: hey hey
anir107: Sup homes
macaRoni090: whats up
lunibug4: alllieeez
Alikona0000: can y ou dig it, man?
KelAzMA: Do government bastards...I mean....employees have tomorrow off?
anir107: i think so
lunibug4: o.O
anir107: which sucks
anir107: i need to send out letters
KelAzMA: *swears*
KelAzMA: stupid
anir107: why?
KelAzMA: because that means another day I won't get child support
anir107: ally
gingernut17: what?
anir107: whats ur icon jounral username
gingernut17: daydreamers_ic
gingernut17: why?
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
anir107: i feel like looking at it
HannahBanana5689: hey guys
KelAzMA: Heya Hannah....
gingernut17: lol
KelAzMA: if that's your REAL name
gingernut17: lol
HannahBanana5689: it is =)
sweetsunshine940: hi hannah!
anir107: aaaahhhh narnia
lunibug4: hey it's hannah
Alikona0000: madd narns
anir107: Ally why dont you make it a community
HannahBanana5689: everyone had a good holiday?
KelAzMA: I got pink fuzzy pajamas for Christmas....
HannahBanana5689: haha really?
sweetsunshine940: yup
sweetsunshine940: you?
HannahBanana5689: it's been awesome
KelAzMA: heheh and I hate pink and fuzzy....but they're JAMMAS!
anir107: like, a community, that only you can post in
KelAzMA: and no one will see them...
KelAzMA: so it's okay
HannahBanana5689: haha
anir107: cuz then you can get paid account features
KelAzMA: maybe I should make a live journal
KelAzMA: no one would read it
macaRoni090: someones not answering me on skype *cough*ally*cough*
HannahBanana5689: lol
anir107: LJ is love
gingernut17: Cause I don't know if anyone would join my icons...and it's just easier...i dunno, maybe later
lunibug4: lj <3
gingernut17: it doesn't say you are calling
gingernut17: soorrrrrry
macaRoni090: no no not calling
macaRoni090: the little chat box thing
gingernut17: chat?
macaRoni090: its like IM
heyitsme3871: Roni don't see you on..
gingernut17: it isn't up...hmmm...I gotta log off of it for a sec
macaRoni090: ok
anir107: can i randomly call someone with nothing to say?
heyitsme3871: sure.
sweetsunshine940: ha that sounds fun!
HannahBanana5689: i just got a mic!
heyitsme3871: yay!
HannahBanana5689: i am so excited
anir107: hmmmmmm
anir107: *closes eyes and points to a name on contacts list*
sweetsunshine940: coolio!
HannahBanana5689: haha
anir107: i pointed to someone whos not online.
HannahBanana5689: lol
sweetsunshine940: nice
anir107: oh well
gingernut17: I will Roni...if I talk to him =)
x sweet harmony: Keeeeeeeel!
Alikona0000: oh wellllll
lunibug4: allie
lunibug4: let's go to lumos
Alikona0000: yes.
macaRoni090: thank you ally you're my hero =)
Alikona0000: Let's.
lunibug4: right now.
Alikona0000: now
Alikona0000: ?
HannahBanana5689: haha
anir107: haha
lunibug4: yes.
HannahBanana5689: camp out
gingernut17: yeps
HannahBanana5689: until july
macaRoni090: haha
Alikona0000: no one would be there!
lunibug4: YES
lunibug4: lol
HannahBanana5689: haha
HannahBanana5689: i'm so camping out
Alikona0000: I didn't even camp out for NYC.
Alikona0000: hahaha
HannahBanana5689: forget a hotel
magical maladies: ppl can im me if they feel inclineed
anir107: camp out in jersey
magical maladies: inclined even
sweetsunshine940: w00t!
GymMidget415: w00t jersey!
gingernut17: inclined!
magical maladies: i'm back kinda lol OR NOT I'm waiting for ally to call
anir107: skype smilies are love
lunibug4: okay, well we should wait until it's actually july, but let's go. wwoooo.
magical maladies: they are freaky
magical maladies: eric is scared of them
Alikona0000: haha
lunibug4: skype smiles are love.
anir107: i have an equation...
lunibug4: they make me giggle.
anir107: beer + muscle = dancing dude
GymMidget415: ?
HannahBanana5689: what the? haha
so l cant live: I forgot I was here :o
lunibug4: how dare you.
gingernut17: :smooch
magical maladies: OLOLOL
lunibug4: ;-)
gingernut17: those were the scary ones Alice
gingernut17: lol
BrownyShahana has entered the room.
magical maladies: yes I remember
magical maladies: it happened more than once
magical maladies: lol
so l cant live: I was making smores :[
HannahBanana5689: mmmm
lunibug4: oooh smores
HannahBanana5689: i don thtink i'll ever eat again
so l cant live: I got a smores maker haha wth
HannahBanana5689: ever
sweetsunshine940: haha
heyitsme3871: lol smores maker?
HannahBanana5689: i am so stuffed
so l cant live: I don't know it was kind f random.
gingernut17: there is such thing?
HannahBanana5689: i've seem em
lunibug4: i got my ippppoooodddd
sweetsunshine940: awesome!!1
GymMidget415: w00t!
so l cant live: Yeah it's like a mini fire thing with linke...prongs..
HannahBanana5689: sweeeet
sweetsunshine940: i have the oldest ipod in history
HannahBanana5689: lol really
lunibug4: i haven't named it yet, i think i'll just call it "ipod"
gingernut17: mine is iTeacup
HannahBanana5689: oooh, crative
gingernut17: lol
lunibug4: yes
gingernut17: I named it when I got it
lunibug4: veryyy creative.
gingernut17: today
HannahBanana5689: *creative
gingernut17: lol
HannahBanana5689: crative.... me and spelling are not friends
heyitsme3871: lol.
magical maladies: mine is called lawrence
lunibug4: mine was going to be iMuggleUAllNightLong, but that is too long
magical maladies: three guesses why
magical maladies: XD
HannahBanana5689: haha
gingernut17: jamie
lunibug4: lol
macaRoni090: lol cassi its the best one though
sweetsunshine940: haha!
anir107: mine is iYeah until i think of a better name
gingernut17: muwhahaha
lunibug4: because
lunibug4: iYeah. lol
anir107: Yeah.
sweetsunshine940: Ispiel, lol
lunibug4: lol
HannahBanana5689: mine is.... benjamin
lunibug4: hahaha.
macaRoni090: mine is iStick
anir107: benjamin wtf
BrownyShahana: lol
lunibug4: i emailed ben and told him i hate his top ten
heyitsme3871: iSmile, iLaugh, iTrip, iLamp. lol idk!
macaRoni090: i[Caption]Stick
anir107: yes
lunibug4: Idk
sweetsunshine940: haha
lunibug4: lol
anir107: iThink
HannahBanana5689: haha
sweetsunshine940: i sent in a top ten, but apparetnly it wasn't 'worthy'
anir107: therefore
anir107: iMac
lunibug4: imaccc
anir107: ohsnap
Alikona0000: iSleep
anir107: allyson what was ur top ten
lunibug4: iSleepOnSkype
HannahBanana5689: lol
Alikona0000: CASSU
HannahBanana5689: i sent in a top ten too
Alikona0000: oops
Alikona0000: hahahahahhahaha
sweetsunshine940: it was, 'top ten ways you know u had the time of ur life at the live podcast'
HannahBanana5689: but i'm not cool enough i guess
sweetsunshine940: me neither, hannah!
Alikona0000: hahahahaha...hahaha
lunibug4: w/Allie, Chloe and Micah
lunibug4: lol
anir107: can i hear it, allyson?
macaRoni090: and you fell asleep
anir107: brb
HannahBanana5689: mmk
macaRoni090: my gosh
lunibug4: yeah i did
sweetsunshine940: i didn't save it on the computer...*sighs* sorry
lunibug4: i was in bed, and i was like... so tired. it was friday, and i had a LONG day and i just fell alseep
lunibug4: you know what. christmas
HannahBanana5689: pulling a ben
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: yup
HannahBanana5689: haha
Alikona0000: haha
anir107: oh ok
sweetsunshine940: hannah, wait just a second! u were cool enough to be the FIRST top whatever list
ever on MC!
heyitsme3871: i loved it when Ben fell asleep
heyitsme3871: i was laughing just as hard as Melissa
Alikona0000: when did he fall asleep?
anir107: ok my top ten list
HannahBanana5689: i was the first hehe
lunibug4: one of the leaky mugs or something
anir107: i'm going to make this up as i go along
sweetsunshine940: yes u were!
HannahBanana5689: ok
sweetsunshine940: i even put ur thing on my proflie, thats how cool u are
anir107: ok... top ten reasons ummmmm
HannahBanana5689: no way? awww
lunibug4: top ten reasons to send cassi and allie to lumos
sweetsunshine940: yes! and it's still there!
Alikona0000: YES
Alikona0000: write it
lunibug4: lol
anir107: ok.
sweetsunshine940: ahah
HannahBanana5689: i'm trying to make a "top 10 sings that remind me of hp"
anir107: 10. They're cool
anir107: 9. the names Cassi and Allie rhyme
sweetsunshine940: uh...kinda
BrownyShahana has left the room.
HannahBanana5689: close enough
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: yeahhh
anir107: 8. they want to go really badly
Alikona0000: yessss
Alikona0000: true
anir107: 6. Your mom said so
lunibug4: really really bad
anir107: 5. there is no number 7
HannahBanana5689: haha
Alikona0000: HAHAHAHA
lunibug4: lol
HannahBanana5689: nice
sweetsunshine940: haha!
anir107: 4. i think dumbledore would appreciate it if there was a little more love in the world
HannahBanana5689: awww
sweetsunshine940: AWWW
HannahBanana5689: thats a good one
anir107: ha, like that girl at the podcast
Alikona0000: haha
sweetsunshine940: omg that was hilarious at the live podast
HannahBanana5689: lol yeah
sweetsunshine940: hey!
sweetsunshine940: lol!
anir107: umm
lunibug4: um
GymMidget415: wait, what was hilarious?
sweetsunshine940: ....
so l cant live: I felt embaressed for her.
lunibug4: i'm listening to mugglecast, and really, i block it all out because it's not very interesting anymore.
anir107: i was like
anir107: wtf
lunibug4: *is a bad fan*
sweetsunshine940: aww
GymMidget415: wait, what?
so l cant live: I'm going to hell obviously.
Alikona0000: I'm a WORSE fan
anir107: jackie
lunibug4: maybe it's just because they are talking about christmas
HannahBanana5689: ben and andrew singing my favorite U2 song... <3
magical maladies: nooooooooo
anir107: the girl at the podcast
anir107: who was like
sweetsunshine940: lol
anir107: "im really sorry about jo's husband..."
GymMidget415: oh yea, her
GymMidget415: the love comment?
so l cant live: That was so akward
anir107: "and i think it's rally cool that they love each other so much"
HannahBanana5689: mhmm
lunibug4: o.O
lunibug4: oh my
anir107: "because dumbledore, R.I.P, would be really happy to know that there was more love in the
so l cant live: They were like "Yeah..."
sweetsunshine940: randomness--did anyone write an opening to book 7 for the MN contest?
lunibug4: nope
HannahBanana5689: i was like.... okkaaaaaay
anir107: everyone was like
GymMidget415: i mean, it was sweet, but she could have said it another time
anir107: *crickets a chirpin*
lunibug4: i can't write ot say my life
sweetsunshine940: it was awkward, lol
heyitsme3871: i need to leave them a voicemail.
so l cant live: so lame
Alikona0000: 3 more reason to send Allie and Cassi to Lumossssss
sweetsunshine940: i sent in a voicemail
heyitsme3871: what's the number? oh nvm i'll find it..
lunibug4: wait, did we finish the reasons/"
anir107: i'm going to leave mugglecast a voicemail asking them if the rum is gone
GymMidget415: i still need to call pottercast and do potterpuppet pals...
HannahBanana5689: DO IT
so l cant live: haha
HannahBanana5689: hahaha
GymMidget415: i told them i would...
HannahBanana5689: i adore that movie
sweetsunshine940: OMG LOL
sweetsunshine940: did anyone catch the PPP line in GoF???
GymMidget415: omg yes!!!!
sweetsunshine940: ' I LOVE magic!' HAHAHA DIES
Alikona0000: I love magic?
Alikona0000: hahaha
Alikona0000: yeah
lunibug4: lol
GymMidget415: i love you, harry!
sweetsunshine940: that was absurd!
anir107: "Hi mugglecasters! This is rina from new jersey... and i was wondering if you knew why the rum
is gone. thanks! love the show!"
sweetsunshine940: HAHAH
sweetsunshine940: lol rina!
HannahBanana5689: do it
lunibug4: do it rina
sweetsunshine940: rocks
HannahBanana5689: do it
Alikona0000: rina, what the heck ahhaa
HannahBanana5689: do it
GymMidget415: no, just say "this is therina"
lunibug4: do it
lunibug4: do it
HannahBanana5689: yeah, therina
HannahBanana5689: haha
lunibug4: THE rina, kthx
anir107: "keep up the great work!"
lunibug4: say it like that.
sweetsunshine940: oh yeah, lol
anir107: XD
Alikona0000: and hope kevin picks it
lunibug4: everyone who voicemails the show says that
anir107: not like it'll make it to the show...
anir107: i know!
x0xbeautifulsoul has left the room.
anir107: like
GymMidget415: it may make the bloopers...
anir107: no one wants to hear how you like the show
heyitsme3871: how do i call them on Skype?
lunibug4: "I LOVE THE SHOW EYEYEYE!!!!"
heyitsme3871: i'm so lost.
anir107: everyone likese the show
HannahBanana5689: i know
lunibug4: or they wouldn't listen. yes.
lunibug4: lol
HannahBanana5689: "thanks, love the show. bye."
sweetsunshine940: duh, if you send in a voicemal, you obviously like the show
Alikona0000: you can bribe him to pick it!!
HannahBanana5689: everyone says that
lunibug4: *wonder what the other three reasons are* XD
anir107: heh, i just recorded the voicemail
anir107: but im going to delete it
sweetsunshine940: seriously?
lunibug4: awww
GymMidget415: ?
anir107: lmao
lunibug4: send itt
HannahBanana5689: yes
HannahBanana5689: do it
GymMidget415: you should send it
anir107: my voice is odd
Alikona0000: So Cassi can fall asleep in Micah's presence and not just on Skype - and Allie can laugh at
GymMidget415: if you do, i'll call pc and do ppp right now
lunibug4: LMAO
heyitsme3871: hey - help?
lunibug4: #3
sweetsunshine940: aww i wanna do ppp
sweetsunshine940: so much fun
anir107: 2. So Allie can finally meet Eric
heyitsme3871: how do i leave a voicemail for MC on skype?
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
anir107: 1. because its the freakin weekend baby, and they're bout to have them some fun....
Alikona0000: Meet Eric? hahaha
sweetsunshine940: nice one!!!
GymMidget415: i lioke that one
Alikona0000: Yeah, I didn't meet him. I stood right next to him. lol
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
lunibug4: lol yes
anir107: Lol
heyitsme3871: HEY!
heyitsme3871: CAN ANYONE TELL ME. how to leave a voicemail.
magical maladies has left the room.
Alikona0000: so I can meet kevin! haha
anir107: you either call their 800 number
Alikona0000: still haven't
sweetsunshine940: wb, hannah
anir107: or record a voicemail, and send it to
HannahBanana5689: haha, thanks
heyitsme3871: okay.
heyitsme3871: i need to do it by skype.
HannahBanana5689: skypeeeeee
heyitsme3871: i thought the number was 1 218 20 MAGIC
lunibug4: SkYpE
anir107: well.. just record it using some thingamabobber on ur comp
anir107: skypeeee
BrownyShahana has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: so lost.
HannahBanana5689: i still have the # on speed dial 1
HannahBanana5689: lol
lunibug4: lost lost
heyitsme3871: lol!
sweetsunshine940: lol!!!
sweetsunshine940: i don't know what i would do if someone acually picked up
lunibug4: wtf email
HannahBanana5689: oh i know
heyitsme3871: LOL i SO wanted to know!
HannahBanana5689: that was like... weird
lunibug4: i mean, voicemail
sweetsunshine940: that was just an example
HannahBanana5689: lame voicemail
heyitsme3871: i wrote that question down once
lunibug4: bad bad
HannahBanana5689: no offense to the person
heyitsme3871: in a reread of SS
sweetsunshine940: it was an example!
sweetsunshine940: it wasnt' me, dont worry
sweetsunshine940: but im just saying
sweetsunshine940: they were giving an example
heyitsme3871: and i was like HEY how does he have glasses?! but i pretty much guessed the answer
so... yeah/
retwisted LOGIC has left the room.
so l cant live: ahh why do non english speaking people keep adding me on skype
HannahBanana5689: i agree with ben about the whole gift thing
so l cant live: Autorize-me a ver quando estiver online
anir107: Lol
lunibug4: do you have "skype me" on?
sweetsunshine940: huh
so l cant live: no I have away on
lunibug4: weeerid
lunibug4: NEVILLE
Alikona0000: ahhh brb
anir107: heh, i've never put skype me on
lunibug4: me either
anir107: and i think that 'do not disturb' is pointless
so l cant live: this is like the 5th person ;/
anir107: just sign off
HannahBanana5689: yeah
sweetsunshine940: lol
so l cant live: me neither
lunibug4: haha i have that up right now
lunibug4: because
sweetsunshine940: did everyon start getting skype after you learned that thats what the MCers were
lunibug4: i sm cool
sweetsunshine940: or did you ahve it b4?
HannahBanana5689: haha
HannahBanana5689: coo' like dat
anir107: i knew about it before
anir107: but i didn't care to get it
sweetsunshine940: sorry for all the typos--its late, im lazy
sweetsunshine940: lol
so l cant live: same
anir107: i got it like a month ago cuz someone asked me to
lunibug4: i got it after, but not because that's what the mcers were doing
anir107: ironically, i've never spoken to this person on skype
HannahBanana5689: i just wanted to be able to actually talk to people
sweetsunshine940: thats funny, rina
lunibug4: but because everyone was having a good time
sweetsunshine940: well...phones?
lunibug4: and i wanted to play. eyeyyeeey
anir107: screw phones lol
lunibug4: gosh
HannahBanana5689: well, that cost money
lunibug4: who has a phone?
sweetsunshine940: ahhh!
HannahBanana5689: sirisuly
heyitsme3871: lol
gingernut17 has left the room.
lunibug4: really
anir107: i have a house phone lol
sweetsunshine940: lol
lunibug4: i got rid of mine
lunibug4: like, years ago.
HannahBanana5689: lol
sweetsunshine940: nobody near me knows what skype is
anir107: me neither
sweetsunshine940: at least, i don't think
anir107: then again, i live near you
HannahBanana5689: same
sweetsunshine940: yeah
lunibug4: haha
lunibug4: sammme
lunibug4: well none of my friends know
HannahBanana5689: i'm so alone!
HannahBanana5689: haha
anir107: this sucks
lunibug4: and they see it on my com and are like "wtf?"
sweetsunshine940: lol! so who do you all talk to!??!
gingernut17 has entered the room.
lunibug4: um
anir107: i dont talk to people
anir107: im antisocial
lunibug4: chloe
HannahBanana5689: lol
gingernut17: damn effing computer
heyitsme3871: ahah Rina
sweetsunshine940: haha!
lunibug4: and allie and caitlin
so l cant live: I made my friends get it
lunibug4: and
sweetsunshine940: its okay rina, me 2
anir107: i talk to chloe
lunibug4: other random people
anir107: occasionally
lunibug4: chloeis fun to talk to
anir107: she's talkative
lunibug4: she cracks me up
anir107: i probably sound really dead on the phone
HannahBanana5689: haha yeah
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
anir107: chloe's a cracker
sweetsunshine940: awwwwwwwwwkwaaaaaard
lunibug4: lara listens to chloe, caitlin and i talk all the time. so funnn
anir107: yessss
lunibug4: awwwkard?
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
HannahBanana5689: stupid aim hates me
sweetsunshine940: skype
lunibug4: aw
lunibug4: skype?
anir107: i skyped Ally once or twice
sweetsunshine940: aww hannah
HannahBanana5689: skyppeeeeeeeee
HannahBanana5689: haha
lunibug4: skypey
anir107: and i skyped Allie twice... one of those times i was taling to myself
sweetsunshine940: my butt is starting to hurt from sitting her so long
anir107: *talking
HannahBanana5689: lol
anir107: my butts been hurting all day, haha
sweetsunshine940: lol
Alikona0000: wait, who wants to skype
sweetsunshine940: *here
lunibug4: let's skype
anir107: allie, do you have a mic?
lunibug4: right now
HannahBanana5689: i'll do it
Alikona0000: yeah
lunibug4: everyone
anir107: reallyyy
sweetsunshine940: *Sighs*
sweetsunshine940: oh well
anir107: how come you have 'unavailable' up then
Alikona0000: cause thats me being snobby
anir107: Ah.
lunibug4: because they didn't talk about hermione enough last mc
lunibug4: ...
sweetsunshine940: wha...?
lunibug4: nothing
Alikona0000: haha
sweetsunshine940: ok
lunibug4: *shuts mc off.
anir107: allie i added mike to my skype contacts
anir107: for no reason at all
Alikona0000: haha, I added him too.
lunibug4: skype?
anir107: he said you did too... did you talk to him?
lunibug4: i won't fall alseep this time
Alikona0000: But I love him
Alikona0000: so yeah
anir107: yeah
Alikona0000: <3 haha
Alikona0000: ok, so yeah
macaRoni090: help me guys i have a question for you
anir107: allyson
sweetsunshine940: thats me!
macaRoni090: which mugglecast was the Draco cast?
anir107: do people know what you're talking about in your away messages
macaRoni090: someone please please answer
sweetsunshine940: nope
sweetsunshine940: never
anir107: lol
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: thanks
sweetsunshine940: it's kind of sad, its like i ahve a personal joke with myself, lol
anir107: lol
anir107: you're on my other s/ns buddy list
macaRoni090: lol
sweetsunshine940: actually, i DO have a mugglecast obsessed friends, so SHE knows
anir107: your profile and away messages are all MC stuff
Alikona0000: MINE TOO
sweetsunshine940: yup! and im proud of it!
sweetsunshine940: lol
macaRoni090: Draco Mugglecast= Mugglecast_____________???
anir107: mine's sort of yeah sort of... yeah...
sweetsunshine940: do you c mine now?
anir107: but everyone was like wtf so i changed half of it
HannahBanana5689: same here
HannahBanana5689: brb
gingernut17: 16 I think...dunno though
sweetsunshine940: hmm...i only talk to like, 5 ppl on my buddylist anyway
macaRoni090: thank you ally!
macaRoni090: genius girl
anir107: i was talking to my friend about andrew in school, and i have like three andrews in my grade, and
they were like 'wtf'
anir107: people who were eavesdropping
sweetsunshine940: haha!!
gingernut17: so not 16
gingernut17: sorry
lunibug4: SKYPE
anir107: i was like "oh, not andrew israeli..."
sweetsunshine940: well, there are no Eric's in my grade, so thats ok
macaRoni090: lol okay
macaRoni090: its okay ally at least you answered my question
macaRoni090: even if it wasnt the right answer
sweetsunshine940: no Jamie's either
anir107: lol
sweetsunshine940: and no kevins!
sweetsunshine940: definitely no emersons
anir107: i have two andrews. two bens.
sweetsunshine940: but i live next to a street called emerson!
anir107: SWEET
sweetsunshine940: o yeah, a few bens and andrews
sweetsunshine940: I KNOW!
sweetsunshine940: omg lol
sweetsunshine940: i shall
HannahBanana5689: mmmk back
anir107: i used to have a Laura
anir107: but not anymore :P
sweetsunshine940: yup, now i do!!
anir107: hehe
HannahBanana5689: so
gingernut17: It's 11
anir107: yeah, i dont have an emerson in my grade, either
gingernut17: why I thought 16...dunno
gingernut17: Sorry
sweetsunshine940: but then again, i don't know everyone in my grade
macaRoni090: 11? wow
macaRoni090: awesome
macaRoni090: thank ytou
macaRoni090: *you
gingernut17: yeps
anir107: you're in a big school, allyson
lunibug4: allie talk to usss
sweetsunshine940: yes...its so annoying
anir107: i pass the same people five hundred times a day
sweetsunshine940: 5 katrillion ppl in my grade
sweetsunshine940: lol
HannahBanana5689: lol
Alikona0000: ok
sweetsunshine940: but that sucks if you don't like them
anir107: you'll be in the new building next year, right?
sweetsunshine940: hopefully
sweetsunshine940: its supposed to be AWESOME BEYOND AWESOME
anir107: lol
HannahBanana5689: lol
HannahBanana5689: thats awesome
anir107: looks huuuuuge
HannahBanana5689: haha
sweetsunshine940: yeah...
HannahBanana5689: yeah yeah yeah
sweetsunshine940: hehe
HannahBanana5689: so, um
HannahBanana5689: yeah
sweetsunshine940: yeaaaaaaaaaaah
anir107: ALRIGHT
HannahBanana5689: yeah! yeah!
sweetsunshine940: "oh, geeze"
anir107: SO one day two squirrels are taking a bath.
HannahBanana5689: ahhh man
sweetsunshine940: "dont stop now, ur on a roll!!"
heyitsme3871: LMAO
anir107: The first one says to the other "Hey, pass me a towel". So the other one says, "WHAT? What do
i look like, a toaster?"
heyitsme3871 has left the room.
HannahBanana5689: what the
sweetsunshine940: OMG LOL!!!
sweetsunshine940: HAHAAH!
anir107: So the first one looks, and lo and behold, the second one IS a toaster. The toaster then plugs
himself in and they both die.
lunibug4: so
lunibug4: who
lunibug4: knows who santa was
HannahBanana5689: um
sweetsunshine940: look botyh ways b4 u cross the street
KelAzMA: never trust a toaster?
sweetsunshine940: *both
anir107: Dont take baths with squirrels. They might turn into toasters and kill you.
HannahBanana5689: haha
sweetsunshine940: yay!
HannahBanana5689: nice
sweetsunshine940: *claps*
heyitsme3871 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: SO one day two squirrels are taking a bath. -- This is what i walk into..
HannahBanana5689: lol
sweetsunshine940: HAHA
sweetsunshine940: oooh the muffin joke! THE MUFFIN JOKE!
sweetsunshine940: so there were 2 muffins in an oven...
anir107: you can find the story in my other s/ns profile (SporcruxSpartz) if you ever want to look it up
HannahBanana5689: oh my gosh, muffin jokes
sweetsunshine940: :D
lunibug4: SANTA
HannahBanana5689: BABY
anir107: one muffin says tot he other muffin
x0xbeautifulsoul has entered the room.
anir107: boy its getting hot in here
KelAzMA: I don't joke about my muffins
anir107: and the other muffin says
KelAzMA: heheheh
sweetsunshine940: OMG A TALKING MUFFIN!!!!!!!!
HannahBanana5689: haha
macaRoni090: wb k'lyssa
sweetsunshine940: *dies*
x0xbeautifulsoul: Thanks.
HannahBanana5689: that joke...
HannahBanana5689: goodness
anir107: K'lyssa walked into "its getting hot in here" lmao
HannahBanana5689: haha
sweetsunshine940: hahah!
x0xbeautifulsoul: Lmao.
HannahBanana5689: oh geez
macaRoni090: lol
KelAzMA: How come 'muffins' spelled backwards is "sniffum"
KelAzMA: that's just not right
anir107: :-\
HannahBanana5689: because you can.. sniff um?
macaRoni090: kel only you would think like that
HannahBanana5689: lol
sweetsunshine940: ...hehe
KelAzMA: yeah
KelAzMA: I'm a damn perv
KelAzMA: and I've had coffee today
HannahBanana5689: lol
sweetsunshine940: my name backwards sounds liek a cross btwn 'godzilla' and 'snot'
HannahBanana5689: all day
HannahBanana5689: my name backwards is....
HannahBanana5689: hannah
anir107: sdrawkca *ittefnoc*
sweetsunshine940: hannah!
HannahBanana5689: whoo
sweetsunshine940: lol i know thats SO cool
KelAzMA: that's like a crack head getting his hands on some cocaine....
KelAzMA: it's just not right
anir107: My name backwards....
anir107: is anir
anir107: OH SNAP
GymMidget415: eikcaj
sweetsunshine940: yup!
HannahBanana5689: no flipping way
HannahBanana5689: lol
x0xbeautifulsoul: My name backwards looks stupid. K'lyssa Elise Selmon assyl'K esilE nomleS
sweetsunshine940: mine = nosylla
sweetsunshine940: gross
HannahBanana5689: haha
KelAzMA: my name backwards is a secret
KelAzMA: hehe
anir107: Taverk Anir
HannahBanana5689: ppppp
HannahBanana5689: i mean
macaRoni090: my name backwards is Inor
HannahBanana5689: oooo
HannahBanana5689: lol
macaRoni090: YES
lunibug4: :-D
macaRoni090: iNor
HannahBanana5689: haha
anir107: if you rearrange the letters in my name
sweetsunshine940: Haha!
macaRoni090: omg
lunibug4: >:o
sweetsunshine940: rain!
anir107: you can get Rain
lunibug4: :-\
HannahBanana5689: oooh!
sweetsunshine940: ooooh who said it
anir107: Iran
x0xbeautifulsoul: Ass is in my name. >.<
macaRoni090: :-*
HannahBanana5689: what the
anir107: K'lyssa puts the 'ass' in K'lyssa
anir107: oh snap
lunibug4: k'lyssa
HannahBanana5689: oooh
macaRoni090: lol
Chlojo3 has entered the room.
sweetsunshine940: ass would be my initials if i married eric!!
lunibug4: were you santa?
anir107: Chloe!
KelAzMA: So if it's "a secret" i guess my name is "terces a"
macaRoni090: hi chloeee
lunibug4: where*
KelAzMA: which it's not
KelAzMA: so I guess I'm a liar
Chlojo3: *christmas tackles*
lunibug4: CHLOE
KelAzMA: HEYA Khloe!
KelAzMA: heheh
anir107: If i married eric my initials would be RS
sweetsunshine940: hiya!
anir107: but i'd rather not marry eric
sweetsunshine940: thats more normal than mine
gingernut17: haha
gingernut17: aww
sweetsunshine940: ooh i would!
lunibug4: giggle
anir107: Liane loves him.
gingernut17: Mine would be AES
Chlojo3: lol, liane...
gingernut17: or AS
KelAzMA: If I married Eric...I'd get arrested for being a iPdo
GymMidget415: my initials (minus my middle one) are JK
macaRoni090: rina...if you married emerson you're initials would be RS
gingernut17: lol
sweetsunshine940: mine would be, ASS
sweetsunshine940: sucks to be me
sweetsunshine940: *pouts*
HannahBanana5689: psh, forget eric
anir107: i know
KelAzMA: and then my initials wouldn't change....but it would n't matter....
lunibug4: i like
lunibug4: me
anir107: Rs... it has a nice ring to it
lunibug4: kthx
x0xbeautifulsoul: My initials are boring..
KelAzMA: because I'd be known as inmate 546546575
HannahBanana5689: kthx
Sejo Apex has entered the room.
x0xbeautifulsoul: KES
HannahBanana5689: lol
macaRoni090: if you married either eric, dylan, emerson, ben, kevin, or andrew, you're initials would be
lunibug4: SEJO
HannahBanana5689: hmm, HS
anir107: i know
gingernut17: hahaha
KelAzMA: in the AZ state prison
HannahBanana5689: interesting
lunibug4: yeaahh
gingernut17: that sucks
anir107: RS IS MEANT TO BE!
macaRoni090: lol
lunibug4: mine are CLM omgz
anir107: i'm falling in love wtih Andrew so yeah
GymMidget415: why do all their last names start with s?
sweetsunshine940: apparetnly, mine aren't ment to be
lunibug4: o.O
gingernut17: Mine are AEP
anir107: I DONT KNOW
lunibug4: RINA? what
Alikona0000: rina?
GymMidget415: its crazy
sweetsunshine940: but ill make it work
anir107: they should have a podcast
anir107: with just Ss
macaRoni090: where are all of their middle names James?!
sweetsunshine940: they all have the middle name james
Alikona0000: NO
sweetsunshine940: lol yeah!
anir107: I KNOW
sweetsunshine940: how cool is that!
anir107: ERIC
anir107: EMERSON
HannahBanana5689: oh my gosh
lunibug4: what about emerson?
macaRoni090: its scary
anir107: ANDREW
GymMidget415: yea!]
sweetsunshine940: I KNOW
gingernut17: lol
anir107: all James
HannahBanana5689: weird
sweetsunshine940: its SO cool
KelAzMA: Well ALL of my initials...."Kdrms"
anir107: CAHrazy
KelAzMA: heheh
anir107: i want to name my son James
Chlojo3: but rina!
heyitsme3871: RONI
anir107: i love that name
sweetsunshine940: lol rina
HannahBanana5689: and then there is ben
Chlojo3: what about emerson!!!!!
anir107: i'm serious
natsawee has entered the room.
KelAzMA: if I got married maybe I'd just hyphenate it
GymMidget415: BS!
KelAzMA: and have ANOTHER initial
HannahBanana5689: haha yeah
anir107: i was saying how much i loved the name james...
anir107: and then the next week i find out emersons middle name
sweetsunshine940: it is a nice name
sweetsunshine940: lol!!
HannahBanana5689: oh la la
natsawee: hi guys
HannahBanana5689: hey
anir107: i was like aahhh hes perfect yeah
anir107: i'm listening to Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down wow old song, yah ok
HannahBanana5689: haha
lunibug4: HI
sweetsunshine940: good song
GymMidget415: im listening to rent
sweetsunshine940: ooo yay!!
HannahBanana5689: i'm listening to.... um nothing
KelAzMA: I have a funny question.....
sweetsunshine940: but the songs are so RANDOM, lol
anir107: i'm listening to my itunes music library on random
x0xbeautifulsoul: I'm listening sister watching Jumanji.
HannahBanana5689: because i'm all music-ed out
heyitsme3871: Roni
macaRoni090: Oreo
sweetsunshine940: haha
gingernut17: I'm listening to my iPod
BrownyShahana: haha my brothers watching that right now too
heyitsme3871: skype?
lunibug4: IPODS
anir107: Hey!
macaRoni090: in a little bit
Chlojo3: K'lyssa!!!!!!!! *tackles*
natsawee has left the room.
anir107: Watch out for that tree!
heyitsme3871: mhhmm
anir107: ah, wrong movie
KelAzMA: If you got married...and decided not to take his last name exclusively...would you be surprised
if he was offended?
HannahBanana5689: haha
sweetsunshine940: haha
x0xbeautifulsoul: Hey Chloe!
gingernut17: lol
x0xbeautifulsoul: I still have to call you today, Jackie. =P
GymMidget415: yea, you do
anir107: Yess
GymMidget415: but im home now so its not desperate
Sejo Apex: wow
sweetsunshine940:, where has the day gone...
anir107: CALL HER
lunibug4: WOW
GymMidget415: before i was stuck watching football...
anir107: AND GO TO NYC
lunibug4: someone call me
lunibug4: now
lunibug4: bitches.
x0xbeautifulsoul: I'M WORKING ON IT RINA!
gingernut17: I'm on if anyone wants to talk
anir107: Heehee
KelAzMA: so eh....
lunibug4: go to BOSTON
anir107: that was supposed to be subtle
GymMidget415: and i wanted to die bc i was bored and wanted to go home
macaRoni090: lol good luck!!
anir107: oops
KelAzMA: where's Bonnie?
Chlojo3: hey, k'lyssa....
Sejo Apex: i still cant fucking believe I have such a shitty life that i am forced to come here
x0xbeautifulsoul: Lol, I'm talking about calling her on the phone. =P
Chlojo3: did you ever send me a christmas card?
HannahBanana5689: um
HannahBanana5689: forced
x0xbeautifulsoul: Yes.
anir107: dude,even if you go to new york city, i'd never see you
sweetsunshine940: um...
KelAzMA: Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie
HannahBanana5689: i think not
anir107: but its a cool prospect
sweetsunshine940: okkk
gingernut17: Don't come here then
x0xbeautifulsoul: ..but I have a feeling they're still in the post office.
Chlojo3: o, ok
anir107: post office is closed
Chlojo3: pooey
HannahBanana5689: curse you post office
GymMidget415: why wouldnt you see k'lyssa?
KelAzMA: because the post offices are bitches
x0xbeautifulsoul: Jackie, I was sleeping whenI got your text messages.
HannahBanana5689: for no reason at all
gingernut17: lol
sweetsunshine940: calm down
anir107: K'lyssa you should come to New Jersey
macaRoni090: i would =D
KelAzMA: they don't give a crap if my mails late...LOL
GymMidget415: lol its ok
anir107: and visit Andrew
x0xbeautifulsoul: ..I couldn't figure out why Harry Potter kept playing and I was extremely confused. =P
macaRoni090: haha
KelAzMA: but oh...crapp if a holiday is on Sunday...let's screw up the world
anir107: and pass through Clifton on the way, yeah
GymMidget415: i ended up playing this the dog
GymMidget415: LOL!
HannahBanana5689: somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend....
KelAzMA: hehehe
Alikona0000: Rina love Andrew?
heyitsme3871: lol
x0xbeautifulsoul: New Jersey is too far away from Boston.
GymMidget415: i need an hp ringtone
sweetsunshine940: my dad works in clifton, rina
Alikona0000: loves*
HannahBanana5689: that sonh = stuck in my head
lunibug4: o.O
anir107: I KNOW
lunibug4: oh my
anir107: My mom told me
KelAzMA: Hannah- I used to wear a shirt that said "your girlfriend thinks I'm hot"
sweetsunshine940: ??
anir107: cuz she spoke with your grandparents... yeah...
BrownyShahana: awesome song
HannahBanana5689: haha
anir107: lolol
sweetsunshine940: oooooo
sweetsunshine940: lol
anir107: small world
sweetsunshine940: right
KelAzMA: people totally thought I was a lesbo-....but it was funny
anir107: we went through this
HannahBanana5689: lol
anir107: i think its the coolest thing ever
KelAzMA: and I'd's YOUR girlfriend....who has the problem
anir107: allyson
HannahBanana5689: its a small world after all
x sweet harmony: It'sssss Kel!
sweetsunshine940: yeah, but i didnt' know my grandma gave ur mom the info of my life
sweetsunshine940: haha
HannahBanana5689: its a small world after all
anir107: lol
HannahBanana5689: its a small small world
anir107: dude, this world is tiny
sweetsunshine940: teensy!
HannahBanana5689: it is
GymMidget415: it really is
HannahBanana5689: yet not
HannahBanana5689: at the same time
GymMidget415: i mean, rina has a pic of the back of my head!
anir107: Allyson and i have been in the same places so many times and not known it
HannahBanana5689: haha
sweetsunshine940: its also crazy how many ppl llive in NJ from the MC fansite
macaRoni090: RAB
anir107: yeah
anir107: go jersey
GymMidget415: i know right?
sweetsunshine940: w00t!
anir107: represent
HannahBanana5689: and i'm stuck here, in cali
GymMidget415: jersey rox my multi-colored socks
anir107: yeah, allyson, your dad works on clifton avenue, right?
sweetsunshine940: haha
x0xbeautifulsoul: Jaaacckkiieee..
sweetsunshine940: yes
anir107: :P
GymMidget415: represent!
GymMidget415: yesssss?
sweetsunshine940: lol rina!
x0xbeautifulsoul: When shall I call you on el cellular?
anir107: cellular
anir107: just learned that word
anir107: in spanish
anir107: XD
GymMidget415: whenever you want
sweetsunshine940: haha
HannahBanana5689: oh la la
Alikona0000: K'lyssa did you talk to Brendan yet?!
x0xbeautifulsoul: BRENDAN IS AWAY.
GymMidget415: im doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the night, so...
Chlojo3: CHLNOE
anir107: No me gusta hablar por telefono
lunibug4: CHLNOE
sweetsunshine940: HAHA
x0xbeautifulsoul: I should just give you his phone number so you can harass him, Allie. =P
HannahBanana5689: i parle le francais
sweetsunshine940: im learing that too!
lunibug4: allie pwnz
HannahBanana5689: where is caitlin when you need her
anir107: if i went to frisch i'd learn latin
sweetsunshine940: really?
anir107: yeah
Alikona0000: except that...
GymMidget415: lol, harassment is fun
sweetsunshine940: kool
anir107: SAT prep like whoah
Alikona0000: I dunno who he is
lunibug4: allie and i are going to lumos now
sweetsunshine940: oh thats true
anir107: kush only offers spanish
anir107: cuz no one signed up for french
sweetsunshine940: aww
anir107: which ruined my plan
GymMidget415: aww that sux
macaRoni090: lol wow everyones gonna be after brendan now
anir107: because i wanted to sign up for spanish
sweetsunshine940: i wanted to do french, but it seemed pointless
MuggleNetLaura has entered the room.
anir107: and then transfer into french
anir107: if i hated it
HannahBanana5689: *gasp*
x0xbeautifulsoul: I told him we need to make plans.
macaRoni090: hi laura
x0xbeautifulsoul: ..and I told Mike te same thing.
GymMidget415: i take french
Alikona0000: Laura dahling.
sweetsunshine940: hey laura!!
MuggleNetLaura: Merry Christmas to you too!
anir107: Mikey mike
HannahBanana5689: french is awesome
lunibug4: hey laura
GymMidget415: he, merry christmas, laura
HannahBanana5689: heeeeeeeeeey laura
Alikona0000: I NEED SOME STRUCTURE! lol
anir107: while Mike was podcasting
Sejo Apex: Yay for non political correctness
anir107: he was like
anir107: "yeah that would be cool if they...
x0xbeautifulsoul: I take Spanish because that's all my school offers. >.>
anir107: OMG SPIDER"
macaRoni090: lol okay guys! Remember its maybe dont harass brendan TODAY
Alikona0000: rina, he asked me to be on it...
Alikona0000: to sing
KelAzMA: I forgot
anir107: REALLY
x0xbeautifulsoul: No, Brendan needs to be harassed.
KelAzMA: to say it
x0xbeautifulsoul: I leave in 3 days.
anir107: you probably have a good voice
macaRoni090: hmm yeah
Alikona0000: lol, I do.
sweetsunshine940: ok i can't stand it anymore, whos brendan?
so l cant live: I don't take a language because I don't like the ones my school offers
Alikona0000: jajja
Alikona0000: jk
HannahBanana5689: i leave in, 20 minutes
anir107: you sound like you would
x0xbeautifulsoul: In fact, 3 days from right plane will have already landed and I'll be at Brendan's
macaRoni090: i was just thinking since its the holiday...
anir107: allie, call me and sing
macaRoni090: but its true
anir107: :-)
macaRoni090: things must be worked out
Alikona0000: Rina, call cassi and talk with us
sweetsunshine940: um..anybody?
lunibug4: waitt
anir107: i dont have her on my contacts
lunibug4: call me?
HannahBanana5689: la da da
lunibug4: lunibug
Sejo Apex:
anir107: oh yeah, i took you off earlier lolol
gingernut17: I'mmmmmmmmm bored
x0xbeautifulsoul: Anyone want to 3way on the phone with Jackie and I?
gingernut17: blagh
macaRoni090: never miss a beat
macaRoni090: i will!
Sejo Apex: no i dont
anir107: lol sounds fun!
GymMidget415: w00t 3-way!
Sejo Apex: i never will
HannahBanana5689: 3-way is fun
anir107: Is this on a phone or on skype
anir107: phone, right
Sejo Apex: threesome?
macaRoni090: but if you mean phone, don't call my cell phone
Sejo Apex: me like
anir107: yeah, you can pay for long distance...
HannahBanana5689: psh, phones...
GymMidget415: no, real phone
KelAzMA: Yeah...well...I don't GOF.........Give 'o F....
Alikona0000: wait..RINA.
GymMidget415: no headset yet...
anir107: what?
Alikona0000: on Skype
macaRoni090: okay jackie
anir107: yes
KelAzMA: hehehe
HannahBanana5689: skypeeeeeeee
gingernut17: *headdesk*
anir107: skypeeee
Alikona0000: hahaha
anir107: what, allie
Alikona0000: oh, I though you wanted to Skype
anir107: i do.
anir107: im in the mood to screw up my AIM
sweetsunshine940: you may now kiss the bride...
sweetsunshine940: sorry, random
Sejo Apex: AIM sucks, we should have a better chat
sweetsunshine940: cuz rina said 'i do'
anir107: has anyone in here seen the princes bride?
Alikona0000: haha
sweetsunshine940: yes!!
HannahBanana5689: ME
anir107: MAWWAGE
sweetsunshine940: best mvie EVER
sweetsunshine940: YES!!
anir107: Mawwage is what bwings us togevah
Sejo Apex: i could shit a better chat than this
anir107: Today.
sweetsunshine940: hahahaha!
HannahBanana5689: brb
sweetsunshine940: nice rina!
Sejo Apex: no sounds? and smileys suck
anir107: Mawwage... that bwessed awwangement...
anir107: a dweam. wivin a dweam.
anir107: /rant
sweetsunshine940: teacher once did that in color war...twas HILARIOUS
gingernut17: I'm like...dead from boredom...I'm playing tic tac toe with myself
gingernut17: lol
anir107: allie if i call you will it confrence me in
sweetsunshine940: and he sounded exactly liek the guy inthe movie
sweetsunshine940: aww
KelAzMA: any program I use.....I totally destroy every sound it makes
Alikona0000: it will?
KelAzMA: system sounds make me ill
anir107: i asked if it will
anir107: you know what, lets try this out...
sweetsunshine940: brb
anir107: if i dont talk in here, its cuz skype screwed it up, warning
Alikona0000: ok
HannahBanana5689: ooookay back
Alikona0000: ok
x0xbeautifulsoul: Jackie..
anir107: ringing, allie
GymMidget415: yess?
x0xbeautifulsoul: Maybe we should call Eric. xD
Sejo Apex: its hard to play games with yourself, theres always a bias to one team
x0xbeautifulsoul: ..or Dylan and Em, or even Ben and blast Rent.
Alikona0000: waaait
anir107: if you call eric, you call me. lmao
GymMidget415: ahh yes we should
lunibug4: BLAST RENT
macaRoni090: lol
GymMidget415: ahh that'll be so much fun!
HannahBanana5689: call ben and call me
anir107: this sounds fun.
anir107: call me?
HannahBanana5689: because hannah would love to speak to that kid
GymMidget415: im playing the rent sountrack right now
x0xbeautifulsoul: I should just go through the list here..3waying on the phone with all of you and calling
each of the guys as a Christmas present.
HannahBanana5689: YES
HannahBanana5689: haha
gingernut17: call me if you want =)
GymMidget415: w00t!
anir107: come on K'lyssa
Alikona0000: huh?
anir107: call meeeeee
Alikona0000: whats going on!!!!
lunibug4: okay
x0xbeautifulsoul: But I can't use Skype 'cause my computer hates me, therefore it has to be on the phone.
lunibug4: lol
anir107: i have a house phone right in front of me
x0xbeautifulsoul: And so..yes. =P
Sejo Apex: Saturday, When these open doors were open-ended,
anir107: so you dont have to go through any parents
HannahBanana5689: ooo
Sejo Apex: Two more weeks My foot is in the door Me and Pete In the wake of SaturdaySaturday
gingernut17: I'm lost
lunibug4: LOST
anir107: good show
lunibug4: yes
HannahBanana5689: mhmm
gingernut17: yes
x0xbeautifulsoul: Never seen it.
HannahBanana5689: haha
lunibug4: omg
lunibug4: you shoulddd.
anir107: allie why did you refuse my call
GymMidget415: wait, what?
anir107: or just... not asnwer
GymMidget415: im lost again...
Alikona0000: cause I don't know what the hell I am doing
HannahBanana5689: lol
gingernut17: Allie has to call you Rina
Alikona0000: how do I conference you in?
x0xbeautifulsoul: Andrew is online, let me ask him if he wants to talk on el telefono.
anir107: k'lyssaaaa
x0xbeautifulsoul: Wwwwhhhaattt?
GymMidget415: yay talking!
anir107: confrence meeeeeeeee
gingernut17: I could confrence Allie, Rina, Cassie, and me if you likes...
anir107: : D
Sejo Apex: Falcon Beach hah, they call themselves an ORIGINAL series, pure BS
gingernut17: but that's me...
gingernut17: lol
x0xbeautifulsoul: Anyone I call has to be called on the phone.
lunibug4: Cassi ;-)
Alikona0000: rina, you can call cassi
anir107: ok
x0xbeautifulsoul: Dial-up+Skype=sad
HannahBanana5689: aww
anir107: hehe
HannahBanana5689: poor k'lyssa
lunibug4: my skype is lunibug
Sejo Apex: dial up + anything = sad
GymMidget415: call my house phone, k''ll last longer than my cell
HannahBanana5689: true
gingernut17: I have you already Cassi
x0xbeautifulsoul: I have just doesn't get along with my computer.
anir107: yeah, call my house phone
lunibug4: aww call meee.
HannahBanana5689: call moi
x0xbeautifulsoul: I will, Jackie. I added it to my cell last night.
x0xbeautifulsoul: I don't have all of your numbers!
GymMidget415: w00t!
HannahBanana5689: haha i know
x0xbeautifulsoul: Only..Roni, Jackie and Rina.
anir107: sooooo
anir107: you have my number?
lunibug4: you guys have to call me. lol
GymMidget415: cell phone + long conversations = icky
x0xbeautifulsoul: No, not Rina.
x0xbeautifulsoul: Wait..I don't know!
anir107: lol
x0xbeautifulsoul: Lol.
Sejo Apex:
anir107: you dont have my number.
x0xbeautifulsoul: No to Rina, lol.
x0xbeautifulsoul: But yes to Jackie and Roni.
anir107: but i can give my house number to you if you want.
anir107: which of course you do...
x0xbeautifulsoul: Of course!
anir107: Hah.
x0xbeautifulsoul: Well, I hope you all like late phonecalls - 'cause I have to ask the guys first. =P
gingernut17: Ok, I'm bored and no one is takling to me, lol
gingernut17: *talking
Alikona0000: ALLY
lunibug4: ALLY
Alikona0000: call cassi
gingernut17: ALLIE
lunibug4: call meee.
gingernut17: lol
GymMidget415: lol i dont care
GymMidget415: im a night owl
x0xbeautifulsoul: Mmk, if you want a call..I need your numbers.
x0xbeautifulsoul: I know you don't care, Jackie. =P
MuggleNetLaura has left the room.
Sejo Apex: I hope you choke on those words, that kiss, that bottle
gingernut17: kk
GymMidget415: lol :-)
Sejo Apex: So bury me in memory His smile’s your rope So wrap it tight around your throat
sweetsunshine940: i wanna get skype
HannahBanana5689: too bad i'll be on a plane tonight
KelAzMA: oh that's so sweet
Sejo Apex: Stop burning bridges and drive off of them So I can forget about you
KelAzMA: OKie
HannahBanana5689: because i like late phone calls hehe
KelAzMA: I gotta go feed my dogs
KelAzMA: before they eat each other....
HannahBanana5689: ug. have fun
KelAzMA: hey wait....
x0xbeautifulsoul: IM them to me and I'll call when I get back online in a bit.
KelAzMA: that's not a bad idea
KelAzMA: heheh
HannahBanana5689: haha
KelAzMA: okay...brb
Sejo Apex: Let’s play this game called “when you catch fire” I wouldn’t piss to put you out, no
GymMidget415: lol ok
Sejo Apex: "Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today"
Sejo Apex: good song
HannahBanana5689: one day more
HannahBanana5689: another day another destiny
HannahBanana5689: <3
HannahBanana5689: um
HannahBanana5689: guys
HannahBanana5689: i feel so
HannahBanana5689: alone
anir107: yeah i left
HannahBanana5689: haha ok
anir107: on purpose, though
Sejo Apex: I will sever the tie, sever the tie with you You can thank your lucky stars That everything I wish
for will never come true
HannahBanana5689: everyone like left at the same time
HannahBanana5689: and i got confused!
lunibug4: rina :-(
Sejo Apex: I've seen sinking ships go down with more grace than you
anir107: from thes kype chat?
Sejo Apex: I will forget when you go I will forget everything about you when you go I will forget
everything about you
HannahBanana5689: huh
anir107: it was slowing this down, and i didn't know what people were talking about and um...
anir107: i might call in again in a bit
anir107: whoa where did jackie go
Sejo Apex: When I sayTwo more weeks My foot is in the door I can't sleepIn the wake of Saturday
SaturdayWhen these open doors were open-ended Saturday When these open doors were open-ended
sweetsunshine940: disapparated
anir107: oh right there, nevermind
Sejo Apex: I'm good to go And I'm going nowhere fast It could be worse            It could be taking you
there with me I'm good to go But it looks like I'm still on my own
anir107: o.o;;
Sejo Apex: Saturday, When these open doors were open-ended
Sejo Apex: Fall Out Boy - Switchblades and Infidelity
macaRoni090: oh my god sejo is talking
sweetsunshine940: erm...singing
Sejo Apex: again! Oh no
macaRoni090: lol
HannahBanana5689: yeah, more like singing
Sejo Apex: if i were singing youd be dead
macaRoni090: mm truew
macaRoni090: *true
HannahBanana5689: and it's fall out boy
HannahBanana5689: so all is well
sweetsunshine940: lol
macaRoni090: but its been awhile since he hasnt just posted a link and went away
HannahBanana5689: haha
GymMidget415: ?
sweetsunshine940: she lives!
Sejo Apex: ive decided to stop posting links for a little while
KelAzMA has left the room.
Sejo Apex: like 2 minutes
GymMidget415: what?
sweetsunshine940: nothing, rina was just looking for you
macaRoni090: thank you sejo
Sejo Apex: Fallout Boy - Yule Shoot Your Eye Out (Acoustic)
GymMidget415: she was?
Sejo Apex: but lyrics stay
sweetsunshine940: i think so
GymMidget415: oh...
macaRoni090: the lyrics i can handle for a bit
macaRoni090: after awhile itll get annoying again though
GymMidget415: well i was having another conversation, so...
Sejo Apex: Don't come home for Christmas You're the last thing I wanna see Underneath the tree (Don't
come home for Christmas) Merry Christmas, I could care less
lunibug4: hey sejo
macaRoni090: I <3 Love Actually
lunibug4: shuddup
GymMidget415: omg me too
sweetsunshine940: does anyone know when they're gonna pick the winners fo r the soundtrack
lunibug4: LOVE ACTUALLY>
macaRoni090: omg cassi
Sejo Apex: love actually is ghey
macaRoni090: you watch lost right?
GymMidget415: i have love actually...
macaRoni090: shush sejo
macaRoni090: ME TOO
macaRoni090: okay but cassi....lost?
HannahBanana5689: yessssss it works
HannahBanana5689: lol
anir107: no.
lunibug4: andrew is ghey
Sejo Apex: im just putting in a vote for the entire male population
lunibug4: so there
gingernut17: hahahahahaha
lunibug4: hahahahahaa
Sejo Apex: i know he is
macaRoni090: lol
HannahBanana5689: aww
Alikona0000: hahaha.
anir107: ok, i have a feeling no one can ever hear me on that program...
Alikona0000: oh mee gee
Sejo Apex: i don't really give a shit
macaRoni090: yeah same with me rina
gingernut17: no swearing
lunibug4: yeah
sweetsunshine940: um..
HannahBanana5689: please
lunibug4: rina we can't hear you
Sejo Apex: shit is not a swear word
macaRoni090: Cassi seriously
anir107: someone just personally skype me so i can see if my mic is working
HannahBanana5689: yess
gingernut17: is
lunibug4: seriously what?
anir107: ok
macaRoni090: you watch lost, yes?
sweetsunshine940: well, i gtg bye everyone!
HannahBanana5689: bye
macaRoni090: bye!
anir107: Bye
anir107: 'night
Sejo Apex: Don't come home for Christmas you're the last thing I wanna see underneath the tree merry
Christmas, I could care less
sweetsunshine940: gnite!
anir107: i should probably go to bed as well...
anir107: eh
sweetsunshine940: lol
HannahBanana5689: yeah i have to get going
lunibug4: awww
GymMidget415: la vie boheme
HannahBanana5689: airplanes....
macaRoni090: =(
HannahBanana5689: are not fun
sweetsunshine940: omg i bet u right when i leave, the whole MC comes in
HannahBanana5689: haha
sweetsunshine940: it happened last time
lunibug4: LA VIE BOHEME
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: aww
GymMidget415: lol
HannahBanana5689: happens to me
sweetsunshine940: o well. im going to pass out...
sweetsunshine940: bye!
sweetsunshine940 has left the room.
HannahBanana5689: bye
Sejo Apex: no they have lives
GymMidget415: lol bye
HannahBanana5689: um
HannahBanana5689: so
Sejo Apex: yeah
HannahBanana5689: do we have lives
GymMidget415: nope...
lunibug4: uno
Sejo Apex: a few of us may have half lives
macaRoni090: no
GymMidget415: no lives
HannahBanana5689: half lives, haha
MuggleNetLaura has entered the room.
MuggleNetLaura: sorry.. got disconnected and didn't notice
macaRoni090: are you kidding, sejo?
GymMidget415: yea, i like half lives
macaRoni090: wb laura
GymMidget415: lol, its ok laura
lunibug4: welcome back
Sejo Apex: yeah, i have no life, im in denial
HannahBanana5689: howdy laura
Sejo Apex: Don't come home for Christmas You're the last thing I wanna see Underneath the tree Merry
Christmas, I could care less
HannahBanana5689: howdy is such a fun word to say
Sejo Apex: incredible song
macaRoni090: whoot
HannahBanana5689: howdy howdy
Sejo Apex: howdy is aa hic word
HannahBanana5689: so
macaRoni090: ian somerhalder
HannahBanana5689: it's still fun
HannahBanana5689: alrighty i gotta go guys
macaRoni090: aww
HannahBanana5689: i'll see you in... a week!
lunibug4: bye hannah
HannahBanana5689: bye
macaRoni090: bye!!
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
Sejo Apex: Tru Calling
macaRoni090: oh god
macaRoni090: please
lunibug4: OMG
lunibug4: !!!
macaRoni090: what?
lunibug4: i luv it
macaRoni090: tru calling?
lunibug4: no
Sejo Apex has left the room.
lunibug4: cheese
macaRoni090: okay
macaRoni090: sounds like a party
lunibug4: it is a party
macaRoni090: sweet
Sejo Apex has entered the room.
lunibug4: SEJP
lunibug4: SEJO*
lunibug4: MY PAL
macaRoni090: hey sejo
Sejo Apex: hey
Sejo Apex: they cancelled tru calling wtf, i know old news but i just realised it
battys5115 has entered the room.
battys5115: hi
anir107: tru calling? i remember that show
anir107: yeah, never watched it
Sejo Apex: it rocked
lunibug4: me either
Sejo Apex: well tru rocked, but its the same thing
macaRoni090: joan of arcadia rocked
macaRoni090: and they cancelled it because theyre retards
anir107: Allie you need to sing
anir107: im not in there anyomore though
Alikona0000: whhhhhat
anir107: nevermind
anir107: you know what they cancelled?
anir107: Caitlin's Way
Alikona0000: why do you keep leaving
Sejo Apex: FOX is ****ing stupid, cancelling Futurama, Family Guy (bringing it back), they continue to
cancel all the good shows
anir107: because no one can hear me
MuggleNetLaura: I loved Caitlin's Way
macaRoni090: me too!
GymMidget415: omg laura, me too!
Alikona0000: a show with a horse girl?
anir107: yeah
macaRoni090: that was such a good show!
Sejo Apex: FOX is a bitch
MuggleNetLaura: yea
macaRoni090: i miss old school nick so much
anir107: Mike Macauley loves Fox like whoah
MuggleNetLaura: me toooo :-(
GymMidget415: me too
GymMidget415: old school nick rocked
macaRoni090: it really did
anir107: YES
Sejo Apex: then mike is ghey
anir107: DOUG
macaRoni090: i have an old tape of JUST old school nick
Sejo Apex: RUGRATS
Alikona0000: Sejo!!!!
lunibug4: WTF NO
Alikona0000: no
anir107: Mike Macauley wants to marry the fox lawyers
lunibug4: sejo
Alikona0000: he's NOT
anir107: :-)
Sejo Apex: who the hell is he?
anir107: Mike Macauley?
Sejo Apex: Lost right?
GymMidget415: the only things on new nick thats good are sponge bob and fairly odd parents
lunibug4: your mom
GymMidget415: thats about ti
lunibug4: no
Alikona0000: no. not lost.
lunibug4: nothing to do with lost
macaRoni090: i LOVE fairly odd parents
GymMidget415: seasons of love!
Sejo Apex: then what is he
battys5115: same
anir107: <-- i'm mentioned in the image, cuz im special
Sejo Apex: or who
KelAzMA has entered the room.
macaRoni090: Cassi! My friend saw Ian Somerhalder walking down the street the other day
Sejo Apex: wow he has a blog, but who is he?
lunibug4: oh
lunibug4: cool
lunibug4: he's hott
macaRoni090: he really is
lunibug4: with two ts
anir107: ian somerhalder is like whoah
macaRoni090: lol with 2 ts
KelAzMA has left the room.
lunibug4: I saw JKR walking down the street the other day
Sejo Apex: i swear im going to start talking about hott women in here just so you know how
uncomfortable it is for moi
lunibug4: and she's so skyping with me now]
macaRoni090: yeah sure cassi
anir107: cool
lunibug4: really
macaRoni090: whatev
lunibug4: her fake name is "Allie"
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: or micah?
anir107: Hehe
lunibug4: no
Alikona0000: yeah,shhhh
macaRoni090: nooo you're joking
anir107: Allie's so cool.
macaRoni090: i seriously thought Micah was JKR
lunibug4: yeah
Alikona0000: jajaja
anir107: nope
lunibug4: NOPE
anir107: i feel so siiiiiiick right now
Alikona0000: why
anir107: too many radioactive sound waves running through my brain
anir107: my head keeeeeeeeels
anir107: anyways
Alikona0000: keels
lunibug4: BATTY
Sejo Apex: Firefly, Keen Eddie, Tru Calling, Profit, Futurama, Wonderfalls, The Critic and Arrested
Development all cancelled
Sejo Apex: by FOX
anir107: Last Comic Standing
anir107: oh, that was NBC
macaRoni090: arrested development is AWESOME
anir107: reunion just got cancelled
anir107: you know what needs to get cancelled? american idol
anir107: that season lost its fun three seasons ago
anir107: *show
macaRoni090: yes!
lunibug4: HP movie 5 got cancelled.
macaRoni090: thank you rina
BrownyShahana: yeah, thats getting really annoying now
anir107: Lolol
macaRoni090: lol yeah cassi
KelAzMA has entered the room.
KelAzMA: There was this one time....when AIM didn't piss me off...
KelAzMA: but that was in the 1990's
lunibug4: and
Sejo Apex has left the room.
lunibug4: they are replacing dan radcliffe with emerson for movie si
lunibug4: x
Sejo Apex has entered the room.
macaRoni090: haha
anir107: Emerson *sigh*
Alikona0000: yes. sigh.
Alikona0000: what a hott drunk.
anir107: shutup
gingernut17: lol
macaRoni090: lol
Sejo Apex: Arrested Development WAS awesome
macaRoni090: fattowles
anir107: hotttttttt
macaRoni090: john noe's fattowles
lunibug4: ALLIE
lunibug4: i love you.
Chlojo3: no, they're replacing him with john noe
anir107: Aww
Chlojo3: fattowles? what?
lunibug4: john is playing ron
Chlojo3: are you insulting my john?!
lunibug4: and chloe is going to play hermione'
anir107: Chlnoe
Chlojo3: YAY
macaRoni090: no john named them himself, chloe
anir107: i would be such a good hermione
anir107: im ugly enough, y'know
Chlojo3: what are fattowles?
anir107: unlike emma watson
anir107: hem hem
macaRoni090: his humungo towels with his name on them
Chlojo3: aw, rina!
anir107: swish DIE
macaRoni090: lol
anir107: sorry, please cut that out andrew
lunibug4: i'm playing
lunibug4: tonks
lunibug4: and rina is playing ginny
anir107: ummm?
macaRoni090: and me?
anir107: i could play luna lovegood
lunibug4: um
anir107: i'm weird enough
lunibug4: you want to be ginny so you can make out with emerson
lunibug4: he'splaying harry
anir107: oh right
anir107: hmm
Sejo Apex: bye
Sejo Apex has left the room.
macaRoni090: in case anyone didnt notice, eric is ron weasley
lunibug4: no
macaRoni090: the real life version
anir107: soo ill just go dye my hair red... straighten it... cut off two feet.... get some plastic surgery... BAM
macaRoni090: i'm not saying he should be him in our movie
macaRoni090: i'm just saying he is ron
lunibug4: aw rina
anir107: Heh
lunibug4: john noe is ron
lunibug4: eric can be draco
anir107: and Allie is millicent bulstrode
anir107: OH SNAP
macaRoni090: haha
lunibug4: or andrew
lunibug4: or ben
anir107: just kiddddinnnggggg
lunibug4: or whoever
macaRoni090: i want a part
anir107: K''lyssa can play Angelina Johnson
lunibug4: okay
GymMidget415: wait, what?
Alikona0000: haha
macaRoni090: who's voldemort?
GymMidget415: i came back at the wrong time...
macaRoni090: can greg be voldemort?
anir107: Jackie can be Michael Corner...
lunibug4: laura is hannah abbottttt
GymMidget415: wait, no way!
anir107: I said maybe Michael Corner would like some porrige?
GymMidget415: i AM ginny weasley, i swear to god
lunibug4: no
anir107: Ally's ginny weasley
GymMidget415: no, i really am...
gingernut17: Yay!
gingernut17: lol
GymMidget415: i act like her...
macaRoni090: yeah
gingernut17: I always am...
GymMidget415: we have the same personality
gingernut17: poo
macaRoni090: me too
macaRoni090: same
anir107: i act like Rina...
anir107: sometimes.
macaRoni090: thats why i didnt mind harry/ginny because it felt like roni/harry
GymMidget415: im a dangerous mixture of ginny weasley and sirius black
macaRoni090: YO can i be dumbledore!?
anir107: i'm a dangerous mixture of luna lovegood, hermione granger, and andrew sims
GymMidget415: w0w
GymMidget415: scary
anir107: lol
anir107: HAHA
anir107: i scare you all bwaahaha
BrownyShahana has left the room.
anir107: oh please, its midnight, im acting odd for a reason...
GymMidget415: i scare lots of people
GymMidget415: all the time
macaRoni090: we all know
alysonmarie says has entered the room.
MuggleNetLaura has left the room.
macaRoni090: hi
GymMidget415: ...bye laura?
alysonmarie says: this room is like crack...there's no other way around it.
lunibug4: okay so
macaRoni090: was she AIMAKed?
GymMidget415: lol yea
GymMidget415: she proabaly was...
anir107: i'm getting some sleep. bye pepolaz.
macaRoni090: bye!!
Alikona0000: byebye
GymMidget415: lol, ttyl rina
macaRoni090: good night
macaRoni090: happy xmas
GymMidget415: happy chanukkah
anir107: morning, actually
macaRoni090: and hanukkah
anir107: Yes.
anir107: bye
anir107 has left the room.
GymMidget415 has left the room.
macaRoni090: so this is fun
alysonmarie says: oh you guys are party animals
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: hi
GymMidget415: ...i was actually AIMAK'ed
macaRoni090: wb
macaRoni090: aww
macaRoni090: i'm sorry
GymMidget415: im rarely every AIMAK'ed
macaRoni090: lucky
macaRoni090: mine switches off weeks
lunibug4: omg
macaRoni090: one week i'll get AIMAKed every 2 seconds, the next its never
lunibug4: HELLO
macaRoni090: hello
lunibug4: chloe likes hippos
macaRoni090: hippos are cute
macaRoni090: sometimes
GymMidget415: oddness
macaRoni090: i like cartoon hippos
lunibug4: i like
lunibug4: myself'
macaRoni090: do you really?
macaRoni090: now thats a surprise
lunibug4: what/
Alikona0000: wow. scathing sarcasm!
lunibug4: you know wht
lunibug4: what *
lunibug4: i'm hott
lunibug4: and your not
macaRoni090: thats not nice
heyitsme3871 has left the room.
lunibug4: i know
Alikona0000: e. e. e. e. e. e.
Alikona0000: e......
lunibug4: e. e. e.
lunibug4: e.......
macaRoni090: cassi you're being coooold tonight
Alikona0000: lol
lunibug4: SEND
lunibug4: ALLIE
lunibug4: AND
lunibug4: CASSI
lunibug4: TO
lunibug4: LUMOS
Alikona0000: holla
lunibug4: actually, it's rather warm here
macaRoni090: i said being
lunibug4: aw
lunibug4: i was
lunibug4: kidding?!
macaRoni090: oh my GOD i had no idea
lunibug4: REALLY?
macaRoni090: REALLY!
Alikona0000: lol
lunibug4: OMGZ
Alikona0000: what
Alikona0000: thefcku
lunibug4: allie
lunibug4: what is that?
gingernut17: hahaha
lunibug4: SEND ME TO LUMOS
lunibug4: NOW
gingernut17: what the fudge cause kelpies urge--fcku
Alikona0000: HAHAHAH
Alikona0000: thefcku
lunibug4: thefckiiiuuu
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: 3
lunibug4: damnit
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 3
GymMidget415: pwn!
gingernut17: PWN
lunibug4: FUCU
lunibug4: FUKU*
lunibug4: screw it
gingernut17: hahahaha
Alikona0000: thefcku!
macaRoni090: fcku
lunibug4: fcku
lunibug4: yessss
KelAzMA: iPdo
lunibug4: best time ever
Alikona0000: fcku that!
lunibug4: :-D
lunibug4: :-[
lunibug4: :-(
lunibug4: :-\
lunibug4: 8-)
gingernut17: =)
gingernut17: =P
gingernut17: =D
lunibug4: skype faces are better
gingernut17: =(
macaRoni090: =/
x sweet harmony: Kel, get your ass on Skype.
Alikona0000: moonie suzuki
macaRoni090: lol
Alikona0000: I dunno
lunibug4: allie what?
Alikona0000: type something ridiculous
gingernut17: burger fickle
gingernut17: nice
alysonmarie says: yall are crazy
macaRoni090: yeah
lunibug4: THANKX
gingernut17: you are crazy
lunibug4: your mom is crazhy
alysonmarie says: this is true.
gingernut17: Aly number 4576
macaRoni090: swankified!!
alysonmarie says: haha i am the number one aly, no lie.
macaRoni090: allie that's amazing
x sweet harmony: She so just totally ignored me.. =P
KelAzMA: if I put my ass on skype...someone will arrest me, eh?
lunibug4: ammazzzing gracee
gingernut17: no
KelAzMA: I did not
gingernut17: lol
x sweet harmony: lmao
lunibug4: how sweet the sounddd
KelAzMA: anyways....
KelAzMA: hold on
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: BATTY
gingernut17: that saved a wretch like meeeeeeeeeeeee
KelAzMA: today we were talking about my cousin Amber's girlfriends' brother
Alikona0000: winderful, they call me
Alikona0000: haha
lunibug4: i once was lost
gingernut17: wunderful is I
KelAzMA: and how he can play any instrument
Alikona0000: thats amazing.
KelAzMA: ever
lunibug4: but now i'm found
macaRoni090: but now am fouuund
KelAzMA: in the world
lunibug4: was blinddddddd
lunibug4: but now i seeee
macaRoni090: but now
x sweet harmony: o.o;;
macaRoni090: crap
gingernut17: lol
KelAzMA: and then Amber was sayin' I should totally talk with him because I can do just about the same
KelAzMA: and my Aunt Laura says ...." I can't play any instrument"....
KelAzMA: and Amber says "you can play the butt flute"
KelAzMA: and then everyone died
macaRoni090: lol
battys5115: lol
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: hey that was funny!!
gingernut17: bah humbag
gingernut17: yes humbag
macaRoni090: thats like when this one kid told my friend that she had "a moustache growing out of your
KelAzMA: Now why do I need to be on skype?
gingernut17: Cause you're silly
gingernut17: I luff you
KelAzMA: nothing shady.....
macaRoni090: aw ally thats so sweet
gingernut17: call me Kel
lunibug4: KEL
x sweet harmony: Because I suck and am addicted to Skype
x sweet harmony: And you know that.
KelAzMA: okay...
KelAzMA: it's not like...anything eh...creepy
alysonmarie says: hahaa
KelAzMA: or sneaky
x sweet harmony: lol No, it's not what you thinking
KelAzMA: okay
x sweet harmony: Nothing involving a specific MCer.
alysonmarie says: sneaky sneaky
lunibug4: everyone call me
lunibug4: and
x sweet harmony: =P
lunibug4: skype with all the kids
KelAzMA: i tried to wear my headset on the other way
KelAzMA: so the Mic's on the other side
alysonmarie says: how'd that work out
KelAzMA: and I felt like a rejectified retard on the normal kid bus
lunibug4: <lunibug
lunibug4: on skype
lunibug4: call it
lunibug4: now
alysonmarie says: lol
lunibug4: CALL
lunibug4: ME
lunibug4: NOW
GymMidget415: guys, ima go and watch the rest of phantom of the opera
lunibug4: :-D
GymMidget415: laterz
macaRoni090: bye jackie
lunibug4: phantom blowz
KelAzMA: wow...that's the way to attrackt friends, eh?
GymMidget415: i hate you
x sweet harmony: lol
lunibug4: awww bust
lunibug4: um
GymMidget415: ok, bye guys!
GymMidget415 has left the room.
lunibug4: :-D
macaRoni090: mmkay
lunibug4: kelazma, i was kidding
lunibug4: O:-)
KelAzMA: uh huh
alysonmarie says: oh you hurt her feelings now
alysonmarie says: nice job.
alysonmarie says: nicceeee.
KelAzMA: it takes a lot more than that to hurt my feelers
alysonmarie says: <3
lunibug4: :-D
lunibug4: wtf?
lunibug4: no one hurt my feelings
lunibug4 has left the room.
macaRoni090: okay
lunibug4 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: wb
gingernut17: lol
lunibug4: i was busy crying, but i'm better now
macaRoni090: :'(
lunibug4: :'(
lunibug4: :'(
macaRoni090: =)
JH AZ Frog has entered the room.
macaRoni090: hi
JH AZ Frog: hello!
JH AZ Frog: how is everyone tonight?
gingernut17: good
macaRoni090: splendid
macaRoni090: hahah kel
alysonmarie says: horrible. i keep losing at mario
alysonmarie says: i don't know what the heck has gotten into me
macaRoni090: =(
macaRoni090: how long have you been playing?
battys5115: were playing a 3 card battle with magic decks on a yugioh site lol
macaRoni090: how many hours/minutes i mean
alysonmarie says: just the past hour
macaRoni090: cool
alysonmarie says: my brother took over for a bit
macaRoni090: what time is it where you are?
lunibug4: :-D
alysonmarie says: 1234
alysonmarie says: if you're talking to me
macaRoni090: yeah
macaRoni090: same over here
alysonmarie says: yeah reppin east coast style
macaRoni090: lol most def
alysonmarie says: i think however, i'm going to get to bed.
alysonmarie says: its been a loooong day
macaRoni090: alright
macaRoni090: i was about to say
alysonmarie says: lol
macaRoni090: probably why mario isnt working out so well
macaRoni090: good night
alysonmarie says: lol
alysonmarie says: hahaha
Alikona0000: whooops
alysonmarie says: yeah
JH AZ Frog: nght
alysonmarie says: aloha kids, much love and goodnight.
Alikona0000: I just got kicked out
Alikona0000: low virtual memory or something
macaRoni090: =(
alysonmarie says has left the room.
JH AZ Frog: never heard of that error before
macaRoni090: i get that error alot
Alikona0000: boo, that sucks
lunibug4: allie
Alikona0000: yeah
lunibug4: i miss you
MuggleNetLaura has entered the room.
MuggleNetLaura: boo
gingernut17: ah!
lunibug4: AHHHH
lunibug4: scarty
x sweet harmony: Kel's siiiinging!!
x sweet harmony: She could give John a run for his money.
macaRoni090: hi laura!
macaRoni090: welcome back
MuggleNetLaura: thanks :-)
macaRoni090: so how has your christmas been?
MuggleNetLaura: great, yours?
JH AZ Frog: hello!
macaRoni090: i'm jewish but hanukkah was okay
macaRoni090: nothing special
MuggleNetLaura: :-)
macaRoni090: but you finally got your ipod!
macaRoni090: woohoo!
MuggleNetLaura: :D
macaRoni090: what kind is it?
MuggleNetLaura: the last normal one that came out before the photo/video ones
MuggleNetLaura: *huggles it*
macaRoni090: lol aww
MuggleNetLaura: I danced with it earlier today
x0xbeautifulsoul: I need an iPod.
macaRoni090: thats adorable
x0xbeautifulsoul: ..too bad I'll have to buy it myself.
macaRoni090: i got my mini right before minis stopped being sold
macaRoni090: its blue and i lubb it
macaRoni090: yeah i bought mine myself because no one in my family was willing to dish out that much
x0xbeautifulsoul: If I can ever stop going random HP-related places, I can buy myself one.
x0xbeautifulsoul: ..but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. =P
macaRoni090: but its fun going to HP-related places
macaRoni090: i know i wish i could
macaRoni090: you should open up your own ipod fund
x0xbeautifulsoul: Lol, I should.
macaRoni090: =) eventually you'll get it
macaRoni090: sooner rather than later
lunibug4: chloe says :
x0xbeautifulsoul: Someone needs to take this bag of candy away so I'll stop eating it. >.>
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: i ate a whole bag of marshmallows
macaRoni090: its the whole...if food is there, it needs to be eaten thing
x0xbeautifulsoul: It's a bag of those..Hershey Assorted Miniatures, which I love.
macaRoni090: oh my god
macaRoni090: those are amazing
macaRoni090: my favorite hersheys are the white chocolate chippy ones
macaRoni090: i'm jealous
x0xbeautifulsoul: Lol.
macaRoni090: i'll trade the marshmallows
JH AZ Frog: mmm you're both making me hungry...
x0xbeautifulsoul: No thanks. =P
macaRoni090: ugh
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: have any good food in the house?
Alikona0000 has left the room.
JH AZ Frog: haha, a ton of sugary stuff, cookies, candy, carmel popcorn, everything
macaRoni090: wow you're lucky
JH AZ Frog: but i don't feel like getting up... too lazy ;-)
macaRoni090: lol that makes sense
macaRoni090: i understand
JH AZ Frog: oh, well three's 8 people living here right now
macaRoni090: wow
macaRoni090: where do you live?
JH AZ Frog: Arizona
macaRoni090: oh cool
JH AZ Frog: :-P
JH AZ Frog: not really
macaRoni090: good weather?
JH AZ Frog: well, i suppose
JH AZ Frog: but i love snow
macaRoni090: mm snow is good
JH AZ Frog: i'm from Cleveland and i miss it
macaRoni090: aww
macaRoni090: do you visit cleveland?
JH AZ Frog: yeah, usually twice a year
macaRoni090: awesome
JH AZ Frog: but this year our first day off of school was the 24th and the airports would be disgusting then
macaRoni090: 24th of june?
JH AZ Frog: no
x0xbeautifulsoul: I hope the airports aren't too bad on Wednesday.
JH AZ Frog: december
macaRoni090: aww k'lyssa
x0xbeautifulsoul: I know my way around DFW, and I'm being picked up in Boston - but I have no idea how
big Minnesota is. Hm.
macaRoni090: ooh wow your first day off was xmas eve?
JH AZ Frog: yeah, very much not cool
macaRoni090: hmm minnesota
JH AZ Frog: especially the studying for finals with my little cousins running everywhere
macaRoni090: *checks the map*
macaRoni090: ooh thats not cool
JH AZ Frog: haha, i'm pretty sure minnesota is a fairly sizable state
MuggleNetLaura has left the room.
macaRoni090: minessota is a tiny bit larger than NY
macaRoni090: and according to this map, it's mostly democratic...
macaRoni090: whoot
JH AZ Frog: haha yay
macaRoni090: so its 1:02am
macaRoni090: and i think i'm going to go
x0xbeautifulsoul: Christmas is over, how sad. =/
macaRoni090: ='(
JH AZ Frog: one more hour left for me :-)
macaRoni090: yep tis sad
JH AZ Frog: and two weeks off from school!
macaRoni090: and you're lucky
macaRoni090: awesome
macaRoni090: okay well...i'm gonna go
JH AZ Frog: good night
macaRoni090: talk to you laterr much love to everyone
macaRoni090: and happy holidays
macaRoni090: good night!
lunibug4 has left the room.
macaRoni090 has left the room.
gingernut17 has left the room.
Chlojo3 has left the room.
JH AZ Frog has left the room.
JH AZ Frog has entered the room.
magical maladies has entered the room.
JH AZ Frog: hello!
magical maladies: hello
JH AZ Frog: how are you do this lovely evening?
magical maladies: bored
magical maladies: lol
magical maladies: you?
JH AZ Frog: haha about the same
magical maladies: haha nice
magical maladies: okay I gotta go y'all
magical maladies: bye
magical maladies has left the room.
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
GymMidget415: guys my brain isnt working anymore
GymMidget415 has left the room.
camel4792 has entered the room.
camel4792: merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
camel4792: wat do u all get?
JH AZ Frog: merry christmas
camel4792: ?
JH AZ Frog: i got the goblet of fire soundtrack and i'm listening to it! Yay!
JH AZ Frog: what did you get?
camel4792: several ps2 games etc.
JH AZ Frog: cool cool
camel4792: anyone else?
JH AZ Frog: no one's been tlaking much...
JH AZ Frog: :-(
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
camel4792: HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GymMidget415: sdfgsdg my brain is ddead
camel4792: wake up
JH AZ Frog: :-)
GymMidget415: im not asleep
GymMidget415: im just brain dead
camel4792: y?
GymMidget415: because my brain died on me
camel4792: lol
camel4792: that was...
camel4792: informative
GymMidget415: yes
GymMidget415: it was
camel4792: whos listened to mugglecast?
GymMidget415: um, i think we all have...
camel4792: i havent yet
camel4792: lol
JH AZ Frog: i haven't yet either
JH AZ Frog: not awake enough
Johnboy865 has entered the room.
camel4792: is it good?
JH AZ Frog: and there was too much going on during the day
GymMidget415: john noe!
KelAzMA: Heya John
Johnboy865: mery merry
camel4792: john
JH AZ Frog: hello
GymMidget415: my brain is dead, john!
camel4792: hey
GymMidget415: fweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Johnboy865: :D
KelAzMA: hehe
KelAzMA: So....did you hear yourself on MuggleCast?
camel4792: wat did ya get john?
GymMidget415: ahh i loved that
Johnboy865: the buttheads
Johnboy865: yeah
x sweet harmony: lol
GymMidget415: did santa visit you, john?
camel4792: thyats wat i just said
camel4792: yay
KelAzMA: Copyright violation much?
GymMidget415: ...what?
camel4792: u owe mw 80 bucks
GymMidget415: what?
Johnboy865: haha yeah
camel4792: gor ayiong my copywrited phrase
Johnboy865: and santa did alright
camel4792: wat did ya get?
KelAzMA: did he bring you computer parts?
Johnboy865: hehe, i got an ipod
Johnboy865: and some clothes
GymMidget415: w00t ipod!
camel4792: thats good
KelAzMA: whatcha name your ipod?
GymMidget415: w00t clothes!
camel4792: iPod
camel4792: YAY
camel4792: so john can i have a job at leaky?
camel4792: lol
JH AZ Frog: haha
KelAzMA: I don't know if he can hand those out, eh?
JH AZ Frog: good luck
GymMidget415: i dont think it works that way...
camel4792: its christmas come on
JH AZ Frog: :-)
GymMidget415: not anymore...
KelAzMA: it's not like handing out stickers at a podcast, eh?
camel4792: still is where i am
JH AZ Frog: yup same here
KelAzMA: So are you back home yet?
JH AZ Frog: i'm going to go now, night all
camel4792: night
JH AZ Frog has left the room.
GymMidget415: nighty night
camel4792: so john was up?
camel4792: no burritis for christmas?
camel4792: burritis*
camel4792: i cant spel
camel4792: spell*
camel4792: burritos*
camel4792: gosh
GymMidget415: i never sent john his burrito
KelAzMA: give up while you're not so far behind
GymMidget415: sorry, john
camel4792: i give up
GymMidget415: how about a virtual-burrito?
camel4792: yum
GymMidget415: for john
camel4792: me too
camel4792: i want a virtual burrito
GymMidget415: no, for john
GymMidget415: i give john virtual-burrito's
camel4792: comeon y is he sooo special?
camel4792: lol
GymMidget415: because i promised...
camel4792: burritos for everyone
KelAzMA: *hides under a box*
GymMidget415: nope, just john...
GymMidget415: lol, sorry kel
GymMidget415: im scaring you
GymMidget415: again
camel4792: john can i have one of urs?
camel4792: please?
KelAzMA: .
camel4792: john did u die?
KelAzMA: psh....he probably ran for the hills
camel4792: didnt want to share his burritos
KelAzMA: if that's the reason you wanna believe...go for it
camel4792: :'(
KelAzMA: heya...don't cry about it.
KelAzMA: ever think he might be busy, eh?
KelAzMA: something at Leaky could have blown up...
KelAzMA: and he's gotta fix it
camel4792: john? wat does he have to do?
KelAzMA: I wouldn't know...I'm not John (obviously)
camel4792: i was jk
lunibug4 has entered the room.
lunibug4: yo.
camel4792: yo
camel4792: dog
camel4792: dude
camel4792: man
lunibug4: but
lunibug4: i'm a girl.
camel4792: dudette
lunibug4: yey
camel4792: wo-man
camel4792: dog
camel4792: yo
camel4792: instead of dog go cat
lunibug4: i hate dogs.
camel4792: that was fun
GymMidget415: i love dogs
camel4792: same
camel4792: abot lovin dogs
lunibug4: huh?
GymMidget415: guys, ima go to bed
camel4792: me too
GymMidget415: i stayed up waay too late yesterday, so...yea
lunibug4: bye yo.
camel4792: john if ur out their
lunibug4: and yo.
camel4792: adios amigo
camel4792: lol
GymMidget415: happy chanukkah
camel4792: and christmas
lunibug4: merry day after christmas?
GymMidget415: tisnt christmas anymore...
camel4792: its still christmas where i am
GymMidget415 has left the room.
camel4792: for 8 minutes
camel4792: bie
camel4792 has left the room.
KelAzMA: It's Christmas EVERY day for me
Chlojo3 has entered the room.
lunibug4: accio chloeee
lunibug4: darrn
Chlojo3: lol
lunibug4: i suck at lifee
Chlojo3: *snuggles* nah
Chlojo3: i love you
lunibug4: *snugglesss*
lunibug4: :-D
Chlojo3: *tackles john, k'lyssa, colleen and everyone else*
lunibug4: and cassi
lunibug4: way to leave me out
Chlojo3: i already snuggled you!
Chlojo3: you're special!
lunibug4: oh okay
lunibug4: YES
Chlojo3: *tackles* but since you asked...
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: gosh this place is hoppin'
KelAzMA: like that
lunibug4: yes
gingernut17 has entered the room.
gingernut17: ear hurts
lunibug4: ally is in the hizouz
gingernut17: KEL!
gingernut17: I am
gingernut17: *dances*
lunibug4: yey
lunibug4: dancing is fun
Johnboy865 has left the room.
lunibug4: CRUSH
lunibug4: chloeeee
x sweet harmony:
x sweet harmony: I thought I should show it to Kel before I show it to John. =]]
KelAzMA: shhhh
gingernut17: lol
lunibug4: o.O
lunibug4: random
KelAzMA: She's gonna blow my cover
lunibug4: but funny
gingernut17: I just IMed Micah and told's blown
lunibug4: micah makes me sleepy. apparently
KelAzMA: oh Micah already knows...LOL
KelAzMA: It's John that doesn't know....*shhhh*
gingernut17: lol
KelAzMA: I'm posing as a JSN fangirl *laughs*
Chlojo3: *snuggles john* poor john
lunibug4: CHLOE
lunibug4: CHLNOE
x sweet harmony: Edited version:
x sweet harmony: Oh bulldinkle
x sweet harmony: Wrong one. Sec.
lunibug4: ?!
lunibug4: bulldinkle? lol
lunibug4: thats cute
KelAzMA: it's like bullshit...
KelAzMA: but only dinkley
x sweet harmony: Okay, edited:
Johnboy865 has entered the room.
lunibug4: looks the same to me o.O
x sweet harmony: LMFAO
Johnboy865: internet dieded
KelAzMA: *dies*
gingernut17: awws
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: omg
x sweet harmony: Sec.
KelAzMA: what'd you do to it John?
x sweet harmony: Re-uploading.
Johnboy865: nothing im super nice to my internet
KelAzMA: uh huh...
KelAzMA: is it wireless?
Johnboy865: yep
lunibug4: wirelesss.
KelAzMA: 'cause when it's's only "user error"
KelAzMA: heheh
gingernut17: lol
Johnboy865: :P
gingernut17: sllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy
KelAzMA: ah jinjah...
Chlojo3: john is bak!
KelAzMA: have some soda
KelAzMA: apparently, eh?
Chlojo3: *back...i can spell i swear
Chlojo3: *tackles john* hullo
gingernut17: lol
lunibug4: i cannn spell too. haha
lunibug4: ally, be awake.
KelAzMA: soda is good for being awake
gingernut17: sorry
lunibug4: chloe doesn't hates me so much she needs to find someone else to talk to on skype
gingernut17: falllllllllllling aslllllllleeeeeeeeeep
KelAzMA: I had coffee today
KelAzMA: *spaz*
Chlojo3: NO!!!!!!!!!!
lunibug4: i mean
Chlojo3: i dont hate you
lunibug4: she does hate me
KelAzMA: I'm not supposed to have coffee
lunibug4: ew coffeee
Chlojo3: i wuv you *snuggles*
lunibug4: aw
lunibug4: *snuggles*
KelAzMA: I only talk to Bonnie on Skype...
KelAzMA: 'cause she rules n stuff
lunibug4: you only love me when i fall asleep
KelAzMA: and she doesn't breathe into her mic
x sweet harmony: Damn straight.
lunibug4: aww lol
lunibug4: chloe doesn't either
KelAzMA: and she doesn't record me secretly when I'm singing and she's in room
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: but
lunibug4: you can sing pretty like with the won won ness
KelAzMA: eh...she heard me REALLY singing tonight....
lunibug4: aw
Chlojo3: 7 is my favorite letter
lunibug4: lol
KelAzMA: not in a won-won voice
lunibug4: CHLOEEE
lunibug4: it was still cute, the won wonthing
lunibug4: :-)
lunibug4: i was singing with a few people on earlier. i think they left because it was so bad.
x sweet harmony has left the room.
KelAzMA: Hey....
KelAzMA: she got AIMAK'd
lunibug4: :-(
KelAzMA: 'cause she's still on skype...LOL
lunibug4: gosh chloe like, is in HOTT persuit of someone else to skype with
Chlojo3: i love cassi
KelAzMA: skype with John
x sweet harmony has entered the room.
Chlojo3: *cries*
KelAzMA: hehehe
lunibug4: but she just sent me a kiss
lunibug4: so it's all good
KelAzMA: Welcome back!!
lunibug4: :-[
Chlojo3: john "forgot" his mic
lunibug4: :-*
KelAzMA: devil AIM
lunibug4: like kevin?
Chlojo3: i love cassi *snuggles*
x sweet harmony: It's allllll gravy.
lunibug4: i love chloe
Chlojo3: lol, yeah, just like kevin
lunibug4: lol
KelAzMA: eh....where did he forget it?
KelAzMA: Guam?
Chlojo3: cept kewler
Chlojo3: lol, no, in florida
lunibug4: guam. omg
lunibug4: lol
Chlojo3: he's visiting family now *is on the up and up*
lunibug4: or sumthingzzz
lunibug4: chloe knowz
gingernut17: lol
Chlojo3: ba dump ch
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: omg
lunibug4: chloe i love you
lunibug4: like, let's get married.
KelAzMA: there was this one time...
KelAzMA: in high school...
KelAzMA: when I actually stayed awake
KelAzMA: it was weird
Chlojo3: yes, lets
lunibug4: WOOT
lunibug4: VOOT
lunibug4: oh shawn
KelAzMA: heheh
KelAzMA: It's voot...for all of our Eastern European friends out there...
lunibug4: lmao
lunibug4: yes
battys5115: ..
lunibug4: batty
battys5115: ?
lunibug4: what is shakin'?
battys5115: i think a earthquake
lunibug4: um. aw
KelAzMA: earthquake?
KelAzMA: We don't have those in Arizona
battys5115: or a milkshake
lunibug4: you might want to not be on the computer if there's an earthquake
Chlojo3: *tackles the world*
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
KelAzMA: If I wanted Earthquakes I'd move to California
lunibug4: ~~~
lunibug4: *tackles chloe*
battys5115: i wouldnt want 2 b in california
battys5115: or arizona
battys5115: tornadoes
lunibug4: chloe, what is he talking about?
lunibug4: CHLOE
lunibug4: jeeez
lunibug4: *cries*
Chlojo3: *tackles*
Chlojo3: i dunno
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: it's silly
lunibug4: omg mugglenet santa
lunibug4: for real
Chlojo3: *talks to cassi*
lunibug4: yey skype
gingernut17: yay death
lunibug4: aw
lunibug4: death
gingernut17: I'm dead
KelAzMA: Mugglenet santa didn't give me what I wanted for Christmas
lunibug4: stupid santa
gingernut17: Me either
gingernut17: I hate Santa
lunibug4: i got what i wanted
lunibug4: but
lunibug4: i already knew i was getting it
lunibug4: what did you guys want?
KelAzMA: Mugglenet santa said he could only bring me G rated presents
KelAzMA: *swears*
lunibug4: lol
KelAzMA: ....*grumble*.....
lunibug4: so no micah with a bow?
Chlojo3: over certain things?
KelAzMA: *hides under a box*
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: LMAO
lunibug4: CHLOE BAD
Chlojo3: what?!
lunibug4: aw kell
lunibug4: don't hid
lunibug4: e
KelAzMA: and it's called strategic placement...btw
KelAzMA: sheesh
lunibug4: lmao
lunibug4: omg i am dying.
KelAzMA: <--too old for fangirling....
KelAzMA: *acts mature*
lunibug4: lol
Chlojo3: *laughs*
Chlojo3: i can be immature! hahahaha!
Chlojo3: *points and giggles*
lunibug4: chloe
lunibug4: TONY IN THE MAFIA?!
Chlojo3: lol
Chlojo3: tony in the mafia?
lunibug4: god i love skype
lunibug4: yeszzz
Chlojo3: nah...he's the phantom!
lunibug4: phantom <3
KelAzMA: -records-
lunibug4: oooh?
lunibug4: :-D
battys5115: ...
lunibug4: ?
battys5115: ?
lunibug4: gosh
battys5115: ?
battys5115: ?
lunibug4: ?
lunibug4: ?
battys5115: ?????
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: oh my
battys5115: .
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
lunibug4: ALLIE
lunibug4: i thought you were going to bed
Alikona0000: I went to go read
lunibug4: oh
lunibug4: hehe
battys5115: lunibug4(time):VV00000t
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: that was like days ago.
lunibug4: or not even me
lunibug4: kthx
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: gosh
lunibug4: CHLOE wtf?
battys5115: Chlojo3(time):IM CHLOJO3 NOT CHLOE!!!
Chlojo3: wtf?
lunibug4: o.O
Chlojo3: batty....shoo
lunibug4: goo gooooo
battys5115: lol
battys5115: *flys over chlojo3*
lunibug4: :-D
lunibug4: wtf?
Chlojo3: *pouts*
KelAzMA: John? Did you insult your internet connection again?
Chlojo3: *ducks and coers*
Chlojo3: JOHN! *tackles*
lunibug4: omg
battys5115: im not john
lunibug4: giggle
Chlojo3: of COURSE your not...
battys5115: lol
Alikona0000: ooooh John is around.
Alikona0000: how loverly
lunibug4: ALLIE lets go to lumos
gingernut17: =)
lunibug4: yey
Alikona0000: ok
Alikona0000: let us make haste
lunibug4: HASTE
lunibug4: lol
Alikona0000: lol
lunibug4: gosh
battys5115: lunibug4(time):....................................................................................................................
lunibug4: o.O
lunibug4: yey ignore button <3
Chlojo3: ..............
KelAzMA: hahahahaha
Chlojo3: CHLNOE
lunibug4: hey allie i saved rina's list :-)
lunibug4: CHLNOEEE
Chlojo3: CHLNOE
Chlojo3: 1
battys5115: lunibug4(time): HAHA I IGNORED MYSELF
Chlojo3: 2
Chlojo3: 3
Alikona0000: which one
Chlojo3: CHLNOE
lunibug4: CHLNOEEE
battys5115: stoppiung
lunibug4: the one she made about sending us to lumos
battys5115: luni can u hear this?
Alikona0000: saweeeet
Alikona0000: you guys skyping john, huh?
KelAzMA: nope
lunibug4: what is skype
KelAzMA: only with Bonnie
lunibug4: i'm talking to chloe
Alikona0000: cassi...what is sleep?
lunibug4: and one of her friends
lunibug4: lol
x sweet harmony: =D
lunibug4: who sleeps?
lunibug4: his name is tony
battys5115: KelAzMA(time): WOOHOO!!!
lunibug4: and he's from the mafia
Alikona0000: SHHHHHH
Alikona0000: omg
Alikona0000: don't JOKE
lunibug4: o.O
Alikona0000: about the mafia~
lunibug4: shhhh
KelAzMA: I'd skype with John...but the last time he was in the same place I was on skype I almost
coughed out my lungs
lunibug4: aw
lunibug4: i hate being sick
Alikona0000: if you can joke about La Cosa probably aren't in it
lunibug4: i am right now. and i keep coughing
Alikona0000: fo rill
lunibug4: allie, fur rizzle
Alikona0000: haha
Johnboy865: merry xmas to all
Johnboy865: and to all
Johnboy865: an imouta here
battys5115: uh
battys5115: john
battys5115: xmas is over
lunibug4: christmas is over. XD
battys5115: lol
KelAzMA: Bye John :-)
Alikona0000: awwwww, let him have his fun
lunibug4: but merry christmas
Chlojo3: *snuggles john* g'nite!!!!!!!!!!!!
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: aw
Johnboy865: its xmas still in Cali
battys5115: bye john
lunibug4: oooh
battys5115: lol
Johnboy865: :-) lata
Alikona0000: hahaha, bye john
KelAzMA: But you're not, eh?
lunibug4: are you in cali?
battys5115: no
battys5115: hes est
battys5115: like me
Johnboy865 has left the room.
lunibug4: i know.
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: well chloe knows
lunibug4: and therefore, i know.
Chlojo3: lol, i know where he is
lunibug4: me too. oh chloe
lunibug4: ohio
lunibug4: chloooe
lunibug4: imma come visit tomorrow, okay?
battys5115: u 2 r close 2 each other in ohio?
lunibug4: no
lunibug4: i live in maine
Chlojo3: heh, ok
lunibug4: but i can still visit
lunibug4: ;-)
Alikona0000: hey, how many pages was OOTP?
lunibug4: lots
lunibug4: lol
battys5115: ootp longest book up 2 date
battys5115: lol
battys5115: longest childrens book ne ways
lunibug4: ne ways?
Alikona0000: guys, I'm trying to read the chronicles of narnia
Alikona0000: lol
lunibug4: is that long?
battys5115: i finished lion witch and wardrobe
battys5115: yesterday
Alikona0000: no, all the books are pretty short.. but...yeah
battys5115: well in my opinion it depends on what pace u read at
Alikona0000: I don't like CS Lewis's style, I just wanna know what all happens
lunibug4: aw
lunibug4: i read one when i was little
battys5115: then u probobly wouldnt like tolkien books
lunibug4: and
lunibug4: i forgot it all
Alikona0000: I just don;t like how he stops and goes "do you remember the first time you rode a horse?
this is what that should be like"
Alikona0000: and i'm like....ugh...ok
battys5115: well remember this was written in like the 1950s
Alikona0000: and?
battys5115: actually 1949 i think
battys5115: thats like 50 years ago
Alikona0000: yeah, ok...
Alikona0000: what are you getting at
battys5115: its a long time ago
lunibug4: GUYS
lunibug4: I
lunibug4: chloe said so
battys5115: ...
battys5115: in a certain way alot of ppl probobly r
lunibug4: um
battys5115: its just that he has a podcast and u dont lol
Alikona0000: It's just his personal style, I don't really care how long ago it was written
battys5115: o
lunibug4: i have several podcasts
Chlojo3: john noe is awesome
Chlojo3: so is cassi
battys5115: what podcasts?
lunibug4: um
lunibug4: 'lumoslosers"
lunibug4: not yet avalible to the public
battys5115: wow lol
Chlojo3: yeah
Alikona0000: haha
lunibug4: for the people who are to cool to go to lumos
lunibug4: basically, it's chloe and i talking
lunibug4: it's amazing
battys5115: lol
battys5115: i have never even been 2 a book party
battys5115: and i go on skype
battys5115: but no 1 is there
battys5115: lol
battys5115: nvm
battys5115: im random sometimes
battys5115: and stupid
Alikona0000: this is random...but someone wrote Ben/Andrew and I automatically thought
Alikona0000: Bendrew
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: whatthefcku?
lunibug4: lol
Alikona0000: hahahaha
battys5115: ben isnt even gay not even close 2 gay lol
battys5115: rofl
Alikona0000: Bendrew would be SO cute tho
lunibug4: allie\
KelAzMA: *vomits*
battys5115: lol
Alikona0000: tee hee hee
battys5115: i have no friends really
battys5115: i have like 1 friend then another friend which i only go 2 during the summer
battys5115: late spring and early fall
battys5115: ne 1 want 2 skype?
battys5115: lol
battys5115: *never done it*
lunibug4: i domn
lunibug4: t have skype
lunibug4: don't *
battys5115: o
lunibug4: actually. i do
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: but
lunibug4: i am talking to chloe
battys5115: cant u have like a group chat
battys5115: theres a thing that does that
battys5115: lol
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
lunibug4: yo.
Cannonsgirl2008: hey guys!
Chlojo3: chloe is as cool as mashed potatos
lunibug4: yeah she is
battys5115: lol
x sweet harmony: Colleeeeeen!
Cannonsgirl2008: Bonnnnnnnnnnnnnnie!
Cannonsgirl2008: whats up, guys?
Cannonsgirl2008: hey, is anyone here going to Lumos?
x sweet harmony: Did you buy your ticket to Lumos yet?
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
battys5115: u hav 2 buy a ticket 2 lumos...
Cannonsgirl2008: my mom bought it a week ago
battys5115: o....great
lunibug4: awww
lunibug4: lucky
lunibug4: allie and i are going
Cannonsgirl2008: I'M SOOOOOOOO PSYCHED
x0xbeautifulsoul: I'm going.
Cannonsgirl2008: sweet
Cannonsgirl2008: yes!
lunibug4: yey
Cannonsgirl2008: I get to meet you all!
x0xbeautifulsoul: I just haven't..booked my plane, my hotel, or registered. =P
lunibug4: well we don't know yet
lunibug4: but we want to
lunibug4: :-D
battys5115: now i dont eventhink ill b going *parents anniversary july 4th* im trying 2 delay it now they
hav 2 buy a ticket for the thing
lunibug4: what?
battys5115: its there 30th anniversary they got married in las vegas
battys5115: on july 4th
lunibug4: oh
lunibug4: IPOD
lunibug4: :-D
Alikona0000: yaaaaay
lunibug4: yes yay
lunibug4: who sleeps? relaly
lunibug4: really*
Cannonsgirl2008: nooooot me!
lunibug4: me either
lunibug4: good thing i don't have to work tomorrow
battys5115: im finally able 2 listen 2 episode 18 of potttercast
battys5115: stupid internet wasnt working
lunibug4: guys
lunibug4: i'm going to bed
lunibug4: night
Cannonsgirl2008: what??
Cannonsgirl2008: loser
battys5115: ...
battys5115: y am i a loser?
lunibug4: no me
lunibug4: :-)
Cannonsgirl2008: si
lunibug4: ;-)*
lunibug4: lol
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: well my brain stopped functioning hours ago.
lunibug4: night ya'll
lunibug4 has left the room.
battys5115: lol
battys5115: rofl
battys5115: WTF
battys5115: ALVIN
battys5115: SINGING
x sweet harmony: Colleen,
Alikona0000: <3 bye!
Alikona0000 has left the room.
battys5115: ROFL
Chlojo3 has left the room.
x0xbeautifulsoul has left the room.
gingernut17 has left the room.
x sweet harmony: KelAzMA: and sometimes when we cough...we pee a littleKelAzMA: *snortlaugh*
battys5115: lol
KelAzMA: that wasn't today
battys5115: hi
battys5115: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: heheh
battys5115: ....
battys5115: SILENCE!!
JenAl8914 has entered the room.
JenAl8914 has left the room.
x sweet harmony: +
x sweet harmony: I might be back a little later.
battys5115: ?
battys5115: +
so l cant live has left the room.
battys5115: -
battys5115: ƒ
battys5115: ¦
x sweet harmony has left the room.
battys5115: Æ
battys5115: £
battys5115 has left the room.
kayleYr0x has left the room.
kayleYr0x has entered the room.
battys5115 has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
KelAzMA has left the room.
KelAzMA has entered the room.
battys5115: ...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey yall
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Is anybody alive in here?
sweetsunshine940 has entered the room.
sweetsunshine940 has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: brb
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
GymMidget415 has left the room.
kyrane7 has entered the room.
kyrane7: hi
BrownyShahana has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
kyrane7: howre you
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: good
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: u?
kyrane7: im ok
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: more people should be in here today
kyrane7: hope so
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
kyrane7: read this its funny
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: okey
BrownyShahana: people are out boxing day shopping so they wouldnt be here
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh
kyrane7: stupid ppl with lives
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
kyrane7: did it get interesting yday?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: no
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: not when i was there
kyrane7: ok
kyrane7: u were here when i was i think
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: were you here when laura was here?
kyrane7: yeah
kyrane7: on buot her ipod
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
BrownyShahana: my first time in the chat was when laura was on
BrownyShahana: which was yesterday
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
BrownyShahana: i was pretty freaked out lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
kyrane7: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its normaly much crazier
kyrane7: extremly crazy
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and i only started on friday
kyrane7: lol
kyrane7: i been here a while
kyrane7: except no1 interesting on when im here
BrownyShahana: id probably die if like andrew and ben and eric came on
kyrane7: stupid time diff
kyrane7: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
kyrane7: i skyped eric
kyrane7: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Jamie is online now
BrownyShahana: !!
kyrane7: or did he skype me i forget
BrownyShahana: lol
kyrane7: it was werid neway
BrownyShahana: i dont have skype, sadly
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: his sn is.... Charikuk
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i do
kyrane7: yeah
kyrane7: theres a list of every1 aim names somewhere
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: woah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: some one invite him
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *bossy*
kyrane7: lol
kyrane7: i dont invite ppl
BrownyShahana: i have no one on my buddy list as i dont use aim...MSN is the one for me
kyrane7: yeah
kyrane7: same here
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh
kyrane7: i only got aim to come in here
BrownyShahana: me too
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: fine than ill invite him
kyrane7: ok
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: like yesterday
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: emerson is away right now
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: as is kevin and micah
kyrane7: Eric l MuggleNet - Eric           BenSchoen2 - Ben           MuggleNetLaura - Laura MNet
Micah - Micah             Asimz89 - Andrew            Charikuk - Jamie         DratonMN - Kevin   fre
ezepaintball - Emerson        dylnhp - Dylan
kyrane7: if u wanted to know
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh i have all of those
kyrane7: yeah i guessed u did
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
BrownyShahana: im like hesitant to add those
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im not a stalker
Charikuk has entered the room.
BrownyShahana: id feel like a stalker
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey jamie
kyrane7: Hi Jamie
Charikuk: Hey
kyrane7: that took me a while to type ..i chad to work out how to spell ur name
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
BrownyShahana: lol
kyrane7: i put jaime 1st then thought. no thats not right
Charikuk: lol
kyrane7: im stupid
kyrane7: but nvrmind
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: no ur not
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dead silence
BrownyShahana: so how was your christmas jamie?
kyrane7: .............
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dOtS
kyrane7: mhm
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yet more silence
kyrane7: only come here to stop the invites
Charikuk: sorry
Charikuk: nope im here :-P
kyrane7: gdgd
Charikuk: it was ok... quiet! but good
Charikuk: you ?
kyrane7: mine was good. stopped in. It was my bday xmas eve so went out then though
BrownyShahana: didn't do much, sat around and watched tv lol
Charikuk: so happyh birthday for today?!
Charikuk: oh wait
kyrane7: saturday
Charikuk: don't tell anyone i said that
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: the day before the yesterday
Charikuk: lol
kyrane7: lol
BrownyShahana: Happy belated birthday!!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
kyrane7: thanks
Charikuk: i thought it said "bday eve"
kyrane7: lol
BrownyShahana: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: loilz
kyrane7: dont worry i couldnt spell ur name
BrownyShahana: how old you you?
kyrane7: thatd be telling
BrownyShahana: *are
kyrane7: how old r u
BrownyShahana: me?
BrownyShahana: im 14
kyrane7: ok
kyrane7: older than u then
BrownyShahana: 15 in 2 months!
kyrane7: cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i think i am younger than anybody in here
Charikuk: how old?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: 13
Charikuk: awww
Charikuk: *feels old*
BrownyShahana: lol
kyrane7: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im not THAT young
kyrane7: jamie is the oldest i think
kyrane7: ur at uni right?
Charikuk: yeah
kyrane7: what u studying/
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: there is a comercial for a new show on TLC right now
Charikuk: political science
kyrane7: cool
kyrane7: i go to uni in Sept
Charikuk: awesome
Charikuk: to study what?
kyrane7: cant wait
kyrane7: computer animation
kyrane7: or visual effects
Charikuk: you in the US?
kyrane7: no UK
Charikuk: oooh
Charikuk: which uni?
kyrane7: Bournemouth hopefully
Charikuk: nice
kyrane7: Beach!
Charikuk: lol
Charikuk: whats your second choice
Charikuk: ?
kyrane7: bradford
kyrane7: not as nice but the course looks good
Charikuk: what offer did bournemouth give you?
kyrane7: they aint yet, i have to go 4 an interview on the 11th
Charikuk: good luck!
kyrane7: but its 320 points i think
Charikuk: ABB ?
kyrane7: yeah
Charikuk: actually i could be wrong
Charikuk: oh ok
kyrane7: somethingl ike that
Charikuk: you'll love university :-)
Charikuk: i hated sixth form
Charikuk: but this is sooo much better
kyrane7: i dont like college really
kyrane7: will be good at uni cuz i can move out my house
kyrane7: which uni r u at?
Charikuk: lol aww
Charikuk: Durham
kyrane7: oh cool
kyrane7: i applied to Teeside
Charikuk: the politics course isn't the best actually, but i love the uni so much i'm not that bothered
Charikuk: ooh awesome
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: whatd yall get for xmas?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: brb
BrownyShahana: 2006 canadian olympic sweatshirttt! =) and a book, deception point-dan brown
kyrane7: allegedly an mp3 player but it not come yet...Mr Amazon still got it
kyrane7: cool
BrownyShahana: lol
kyrane7: yeah stupid amazon
kyrane7: not delevering it for another 1-2 weeks
Charikuk: lol awww
BrownyShahana: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: back
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: silence
kyrane7: wb
BrownyShahana: *akward silence*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
kyrane7: i got a hp diary - the only hp related thing
kyrane7: its cool tho
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i got the HP scene it and the Lumos book light with a slytherin cover
kyrane7: lots of gof pics in it
kyrane7: cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and i digital camera
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *a
kyrane7: i remeber that from last nite i think
BrownyShahana: ooo cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yet more silence
kyrane7: i got loads of stationary to go to uni with
kyrane7: lol
kyrane7: fun stuff
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im listening to the filkcast again
kyrane7: cool
kyrane7: which 1
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: part one
kyrane7: k
kyrane7: mine dint get on either
BrownyShahana: im not creative enough to even think of one
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
kyrane7: putting it on my own podcast tho
Sejo Apex has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i liked the "Baby, Voldemort's Outside" one
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *like
kyrane7: hey sejo
BrownyShahana: lol yeah that was good
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: when i was listening to MC 21 i heard that i was like What?
kyrane7: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: than i started laughing
BrownyShahana: yeah me too,
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i still cant get over Johns voice
kyrane7: its awesome
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: who would have known?
kyrane7: lol
BrownyShahana: i know!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i also like Won Won baby
kyrane7: yeah kelazma is great
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *yeah
kyrane7: lol
BrownyShahana: lol
kyrane7: i love that
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ya
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: 7 sues a squeeing
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: silence
d491210 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
kyrane7: i trting to mulitask sorry
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
JH AZ Frog has entered the room.
kyrane7: sound editing
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
JH AZ Frog: hello!
BrownyShahana: *waves*
JH AZ Frog: :-) how is everyone today?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: tired
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Lauren replied honestly
JH AZ Frog: heh, why is that?
BrownyShahana: I'm good
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i always am in the morning
JH AZ Frog: :-)
BrownyShahana: I'm not a morning person either
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im a night owl *Tries to hoot like an owl but fails*
kyrane7: lol
BrownyShahana: lol
kyrane7: i was up till 2am
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: wow
kyrane7: early 4 me
BrownyShahana: i was up till 1:30...just couldnt get to sleep
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: 12
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: for me
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: parents
BrownyShahana: and i ended up listening to MC 21 and PC again
kyrane7: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
kyrane7: when i get my mp3 player i dont think ill ever sleep
Sejo Apex: i got shiat for christmas, im gonna go and burn all my gifts today and blow the little money i
got on useless shit
kyrane7: no way
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
BrownyShahana: nice
kyrane7: ok peeps i going to go "socialise" with family...watching madagascar
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
kyrane7: good stuff
BrownyShahana: well i gotta go, boxing day shopping time =D
Charikuk: always the optimistics one, sejo
JH AZ Frog: byebye
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bye
BrownyShahana has left the room.
kyrane7: Bye eveyone
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bi bi
JH AZ Frog: have fun
kyrane7: will do
kyrane7 has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ok who is alive in here now?
JH AZ Frog: me
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yay!
JH AZ Frog: haha everyone else died :'(
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its very dead in here in the morning
Sejo Apex: yeah jamie im always the optimist in the bunch
JH AZ Frog: everyone must be night people like you
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: either that or they have a life unlike me
Sejo Apex: im gonna go to sherway or dufferin and spend all my money in 30 minutes
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: fun
JH AZ Frog: you have a life, MuggleCast!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol and harry potter
JH AZ Frog: ;-)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im gonna see hp in imax this week
JH AZ Frog: ooo cool
JH AZ Frog: that would be so awesome
Sejo Apex: or Ill go to Bratislava, i heard the exchange rate there is awesome
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Very big Draco and Harry.... life is gurd
JH AZ Frog: :-)
JH AZ Frog: Draco wasn't in the movie very much though
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: atleast he was in it more than dobby
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and winky
JH AZ Frog: haha very true
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and Sirius
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i hated that scene
JH AZ Frog: mm that fire scene was weird
JH AZ Frog: yeah
JH AZ Frog: he was supposed to be in the fire not the embers
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: they need to get sirius in it as much as they can before....
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
JH AZ Frog: h! don't say it, it's not true :-(
Sejo Apex: stupid kid
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im not going to say it
JH AZ Frog: *snif*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: if i did i'd start crying
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: wanna know what i hate?
Sejo Apex: choose three colours that match with lue quick
Sejo Apex: blue*
JH AZ Frog: what?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: orange
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yellow
JH AZ Frog: green
Sejo Apex: wtf
Sejo Apex: wtf x2
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i dunno
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: you put me on the spot
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and orange and blue are my teams colors
Sejo Apex: you guys should sue your dealer
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dots
JH AZ Frog: hmm, ok... i need to go now
JH AZ Frog: nice talking to you all
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: okey bye bye
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: you too
JH AZ Frog has left the room.
Sejo Apex: hey i want to rent a good senseless killing movie today maybe war style or spec ops any good
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: no
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: sorry
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: brb
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: back
Sejo Apex: wb
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *is bored*
Sejo Apex: *is sad*
Sejo Apex: mine PWNS yours
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: why are you sad?
Sejo Apex: i have to redo 2 entire sites
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ouch
Sejo Apex: so download each html page, fix it (over 100 pages) , then re upload
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: that sucks
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my mom is playing with this space hover thinggie right now
Sejo Apex: right now i need to get a few things, but i need my on credit card, a paid host, a domain, and
maybe another host
Sejo Apex: gra,N
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ?
Sejo Apex: i dunno
Charikuk: is this for andrews site ?
Sejo Apex: yeah
Sejo Apex: jamie your advice would be to burn the rhing down
Charikuk: why? :-P
Sejo Apex: cuz your just.... you
Charikuk: well thanks for the diverse and thorough psychological profile
Sejo Apex: my pleasure, any time
Sejo Apex: why pay some guy 100 dollars an hour when you have me
Charikuk: lol
Sejo Apex: or you could pay some girl 2000 dollars for 2 hours and you wouldn't have any mental
Charikuk: 1,000 an hour.. wow
Sejo Apex: yeah
Sejo Apex: she has to be good eh?
Charikuk: i'd expect her to be a fiend
Sejo Apex: well 2000 CAD is what 25.38 pounds
Charikuk: oh. in that case i'd expect her to be a he
Sejo Apex: lol
Sejo Apex: but then you only get the back
Charikuk: better than nothing
Sejo Apex: maybe
Charikuk: very straight, nice
Sejo Apex: the funny thjing is that here politicians support prostitution because they use them so much
Charikuk: lol
Sejo Apex: they are very subtle about it though
mArIcHaBaLdIs has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
Sejo Apex: Canada is one fucked up country
Sejo Apex: whatever
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
Sejo Apex: timw to download all the files
mArIcHaBaLdIs: heya
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *cough*slow*cough*
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
dylnhp has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
GymMidget415: hi
d491210: hi
Sejo Apex: my server is a junkheap, i have images everywhere, tml files where they shouldnt be
GymMidget415: are we all just saying hi?
dylnhp: hi
Sejo Apex: hi dylan i presume
GymMidget415: psh you guys are boring this morning
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
dylnhp: hi
GymMidget415: yes, hi dylan
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey =) *coughslowcough* XD
GymMidget415: again
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
GymMidget415: why you coughing?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: she has a cold
GymMidget415: aww!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im kidding
Sejo Apex: man im getting high off chewing my figer nails
mArIcHaBaLdIs: mmm no o.o
Sejo Apex: n*
GymMidget415: eww
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ...
Sejo Apex: i kno
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: um
d491210: ...
Sejo Apex: i swear i feel like im gonna spontaneously combust
GymMidget415: so how was everyone's christmas/1st night of chanukkah?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i had a good time =)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: gurs
GymMidget415: what'd you get?
Sejo Apex: hahahahahahhahahaahah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *gurd
dylnhp: a trip to hawaii
mArIcHaBaLdIs: money =)
mArIcHaBaLdIs: owah
d491210: wow
GymMidget415: shutup, dylan
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *woah
Sejo Apex: i got shit which im gonna burn in a few hours, then spend the rest on ho's
GymMidget415: all i got was a dvd....
GymMidget415: and yuou get a trip to hawaii...
dylnhp: :-\
dylnhp: lol
Sejo Apex: your not christian so it gradually gets better
d491210: some of us get all the luck
GymMidget415: psh no
GymMidget415: my mom does the cheap thing
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hey, a dvd is cool
GymMidget415: she buys me things i need so she doesnt have to get it for me later
Sejo Apex: a present a day is teh teh ghey
GymMidget415: i bet you anything i wont get my headset till the last night
Sejo Apex: hah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
GymMidget415: no, i like a present a day
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i have to buy my headset on canada
mArIcHaBaLdIs: that means on february
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
GymMidget415: in fact, im going to my grandmas house later for more presents
mArIcHaBaLdIs: my mom doesn't want to buy it here
GymMidget415: why not?
Sejo Apex: on the eighth day of hanukkah my rabbi gave to me.... eight dreidels spinning, seven...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: because is too expensive here
mArIcHaBaLdIs: everything is too expensive here
dylnhp: like two of my best friends are jewish
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i really don't have a prob
GymMidget415: i have about 8 dreidels actually...
dylnhp: cool guys
Sejo Apex: seven circumcisions
GymMidget415: aww really?
dylnhp: yeah
GymMidget415: jews rock
dylnhp: I'm at their temple like 5 times a year for something
Sejo Apex: do they?
GymMidget415: jeeze, i only go to temple 2-3 times a year
Sejo Apex: i feel like causing a little contraversy
Sejo Apex: synagogue
GymMidget415: no i feel like a bad go to temple more than i do...
GymMidget415: dude, its the same thing
Sejo Apex: a bad jew, thats new *sarcasm*
dylnhp: hahahaha
Sejo Apex: i loved this job
GymMidget415: i go once on the new year and once on yom kippur
Sejo Apex: the day of atonement
GymMidget415: i used to have to go all the time before my bat mitzvah
Sejo Apex: confuciusism
GymMidget415: and now i cant even read hebrew, so im a really bad jew
Sejo Apex: hahahahahha
GymMidget415: h/o
Sejo Apex: mitzvah.... funny words
Sejo Apex: did anybody watch MADtv on the 24th?
Sejo Apex: they were parying jewish prayers with yellowcard or some band
Sejo Apex: at the billboard awards
GymMidget415: ack sorry guys, i have to go
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: okey bye
GymMidget415: my moms being stupid again
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol ok
mArIcHaBaLdIs: bye
GymMidget415: im going to my grandmas house at like 4, so everyone call me please so i dont bore
myself to death?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: =)
GymMidget415: 201-230-4445
Sejo Apex: so what religions are present, i dont want to insult anyone
GymMidget415: <~~~jewish
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: christian
GymMidget415: oh yea and dylan, i hate you
GymMidget415: you get a trip to florida for your bday and a trip to hawaii for christmas
GymMidget415: no fair
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i'm catholic
mArIcHaBaLdIs: wow lucky dylan
Sejo Apex: roman catholic
Sejo Apex: any zaoists?
Sejo Apex: or confucists?
Sejo Apex: or asome other crazy made up religion
Sejo Apex:
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what's that?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i dunno if i wanna click it
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *same*
Sejo Apex: a siggy
Sejo Apex: fable
Sejo Apex: rate
Sejo Apex: plz
GymMidget415: ok guys i really have to go
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bi
GymMidget415: spmeone plz call me later so i dont bore myself to death
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha ok :P I'll try
GymMidget415: 201-230-4445
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: glad you trust us
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i shall
GymMidget415: lol i always give out my phone number
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
GymMidget415: ok, bye
GymMidget415 has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: im listening to pottercast 17 =)
Charikuk has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my brother is watching spiderman 2
d491210: ok, i don't live in the US, so i was wondering what it means when the mugglecast number has
the word 'MAGIC' in it..
d491210: do you have alphabets in your phone numbering system?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: wow since when Jamie was on?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I think magic would be 62442? I have no idea
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: since 10:47
mArIcHaBaLdIs: that's they way it is here
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
mArIcHaBaLdIs: oh ok
d491210: oh, so that's it?
d491210: sheesh, i've been overanalysing things!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: like in the ministry
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: of magic
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: fifth book
d491210: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: so email us what songs you want us to butch---- sing.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ??
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: thats what John says in the filkcast
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ohh ahha I remember now
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: because Him and Melissa make such a good duet
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *him
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: did i spell that wrong?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh.... uh nvm
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: they do
d491210: *agree
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: eyah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *yeah
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Melissa was like so nervous, but she did a good job
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ira was awesome
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *it
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: wtf?
d491210: ??
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ira?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i cant sperl
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *spell
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: tipyo
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: tpio
dylnhp: guys *girls* I gotta go
mArIcHaBaLdIs: loilz yeah tipyo
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bye
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aw ok
d491210: bye
Sky4123 has entered the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: bubye!
dylnhp: but I want an invite like in two hours
Sky4123: hello
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ok
dylnhp: can I trust you with that?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
Sejo Apex:
dylnhp: allright later
dylnhp has left the room.
Sejo Apex: im replacing two sections, which ones?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: g2g
mArIcHaBaLdIs: brb
mArIcHaBaLdIs: RAB
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
Sky4123: so who's in here?
mArIcHaBaLdIs has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
d491210: LOL
d491210: and so am i
Sky4123: hello
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
Sky4123: i'm lizzie incase anyone doesn't know
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Im Lauren w00t!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: but every1 knows that
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: jk
d491210: i'm nora... sparkling86 on the forums
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im... Totallyobsessedwidhp on the forums
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dead freaking silence
d491210: ...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yet more dead freaking silence
d491210: so....
d491210: anyone going to say anything?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: What houses are yall in?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: or would you be
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: in
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: sorry if i disappear for a little while im reading a fanfic
Sky4123: sorry...i am here
Sky4123: checking my email....
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: okey
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: some one invite micah
Sky4123: i am in Gryff...
Sky4123: ok i will
Sky4123: i invited him
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: okey
Sky4123: so what are you up too today?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: nutin
Sky4123: me 2....i am just trying to learn my photoshop i got for christmas
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im listening to the filkcast again.... and agian.... and again...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *again
d491210: i have some relatives over at my house, and we're not very close so i have no idea what to say
to them!
d491210: *sighs*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh that sucks
d491210: yeah, tends to get awkward
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i know the feeling
d491210: coz we end up sitting in silence
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: like in here
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: jk
d491210: LOL
d491210: only in here it's not really awkward
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: just....................................... dead
d491210: lol, and you feel pressured to start a conversation
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im going to see GOF this week in imax
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im going to start drooling
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: jk
d491210: over whom?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Tom Felton
d491210: lol..
d491210: he's only in the movie for like... 5 minutes!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: so
d491210: yeah, that'll be enough time to start drooling
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and im going to start laughing at the most innapropate times
kyrane7 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
kyrane7: hi
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: like in the graveyard scene and at the end when harry wont let go of Cedrics body
kyrane7: i went to sleeep
kyrane7: wow
kyrane7: were talking hp!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
kyrane7: wow
kyrane7: that scene made me cry
d491210: you laughed?
Sky4123: i cried
d491210: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i... uh read slash fanfiction....
d491210: so did i..
d491210: owhhh
d491210: LOL
d491210: no wonder
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
kyrane7: :S slash
Sky4123: i really don't like slash
d491210: harry/cedric?
kyrane7: ewww
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i dont read that
Sky4123: ewww.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: paring
Sky4123: who do you read...
kyrane7: harry/draco?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yesh
kyrane7: eww
d491210: i don't read them either
Sky4123: that just doesn't work.....
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im not a shipper though
Sky4123: i'm not a shipper either
d491210: i'm attracted to the marauder's era
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
d491210: don't really know why
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: brb
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *rab
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im cooking lunch
d491210: you cook?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: soup
d491210: *impressed
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: in the microwave and popcorm
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *popcorn
d491210: ...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: with butter
Sky4123: i have to go sort my mountains of laundry....i have offically run out of clothes... just like
emerson's away message
Sky4123: be back later
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: okey
d491210: i really should get arounf to getting my assignments done
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
d491210: *sigh
battys5115: back just saw narnia
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: does the sound of music remind yall of HP?
d491210: not really
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i was watching it and th4 end.... That dude the boyfriend reminds me so much of
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *the
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i forgot his name
Sejo Apex has left the room.
anir107 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
anir107: everyone dead?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah but i survived
anir107 has left the room.
d491210: huh...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i hate it when people do that
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dead silence
d491210: yeah, well...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i wish i had a laptop
d491210: why?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i have to share my CPU with my brother
d491210: aww, that's crap
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
d491210: i have to share my LAPTOP with my brother!!
d491210: that's worse!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: woah yeah
kyrane7 has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: read emersons profile/away message
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its funny
d491210: on AIM?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im not a stalker
d491210: err.. well;, i'm kinda new on AIM, so i don't really have him on my list
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh its...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: fre ezepaintball
d491210: err...
x0xbeautifulsoul has entered the room.
d491210: truely???
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: he was in here on friday
d491210: oh now i'm totally begining to feel like a stalker..
d491210: but THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i am SO not a stalker
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol np
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Eric l MuggleNet - Eric              BenSchoen2 - Ben           MuggleNetLaura - Laura
MNet              Micah - Micah            Asimz89 - Andrew           Charikuk - Jamie         DratonMN -
Kevin     fre ezepaintball - Emerson        dylnhp - Dylan
d491210: oh wow..
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
d491210: you're the greatest!!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: np
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: but micahs sn is MNet Micah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: not micah
d491210: ok, thanks!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: np
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh and Johns is Johnboy865
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: once again im not a stalker
x0xbeautifulsoul: Now if I wasn't here, I'd have been saddened that you didn't give her mine. =P
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
d491210: lol
x0xbeautifulsoul: I may not be a MuggleCaster, but I am a MuggleNet staffer!
x0xbeautifulsoul: Lol.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and thats still awesome
d491210: yeah
d491210: we'd die to be a mugglenet staffer
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: it would rock so hard
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: but ya know im only 13 so i cant really get a job
x0xbeautifulsoul: I was only 13 when I started. =P
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im 13!]
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: [:-| <--- Frankenstein
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: sorry RaNdOm
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: XD
d491210: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dead silence
d491210: is this a really inconvenient time, coz not many are online
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
d491210: what time is it on your end?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: 1:18
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: in the PM
d491210: owhh..
d491210: that';s not too bad
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yet im still in my PJs
d491210: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: what time is it where you are?
d491210: 2.18
d491210: in the AM
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: wow
d491210: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: the 26th of December?
d491210: err.. no..
d491210: 27th
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: wow
d491210: yeah.. and guess what?
d491210: i'm in my PJs too!
d491210: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: what?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: The best three words that describe her are as follows: Not. Snapes. Mum.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i just now got that
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my brother and his friends are watching Spiderman 2
d491210: i've never really liked spiderman
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its ok
x0xbeautifulsoul has left the room.
battys5115: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *bored*
battys5115: silence
d491210: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: mucho silenco
battys5115: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i love doing that
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my parents get so ticked off at me
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: micah is no longer idle
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *is not a stalker*
d491210: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im going to invite him
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: k i inviteded him
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *invited
macaRoni090 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
macaRoni090: hi
macaRoni090: whats up
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: nothing
macaRoni090: cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: u?
macaRoni090: nothing really
macaRoni090: sorta bored
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *still not over Johns voice*
macaRoni090: lol me neither
macaRoni090: ooh i finished mc 21 though!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
macaRoni090: its soooo good
macaRoni090: i love it
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i was laughing so hard at the night before mugglecast
macaRoni090: its so cute!
d491210: lol so was i
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and than when Voldemorts outside started playing....
macaRoni090: did jamie say "on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me..5 negatiiiive Bens"?
d491210: i didn;t really catch that
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ?
macaRoni090: at the very end
macaRoni090: the last like, 10 seconds
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh i didnt really payattention
macaRoni090: of mugglecast
macaRoni090: ooh you should listen to it then
macaRoni090: its wierd
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: all i remember is the story and Voldemorts Outside
macaRoni090: lol the outtakes of mc 21 are hilarious though
d491210: *suddenly hungry
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
macaRoni090: haha
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: do you guys know if its possible to get to this chat room from your buddy list?
macaRoni090: i keep wondering that too
d491210: don't ask me, i'm new to AIM
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: because i got this thing, its a portable AIM thing and... yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i cant go to the website from it
macaRoni090: hmm i was going to say put the address of the chat in your profile so you can get it from
macaRoni090: but that wouldnt really work because...yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hmmm
d491210: gonna get myself a quick snack
d491210: brb
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: okey
d491210: back
d491210: is emerson home from college?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i dunno
d491210: should have asked dylan when he was in here
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: do you, for lack of a better word, "fangirl"?
d491210: errr...well...
d491210: i don't think so..
battys5115: im a fanboy
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
GymMidget415 has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: or not
battys5115: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Who?
d491210: lol...
d491210: what do you define as 'fangirling'?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: uh..... i dunno, really
d491210: ohh..
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: sorry
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: look at your icon
battys5115: lol
battys5115: what about fanboying? lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: that counts
d491210: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Lauren 'fangirls' Micah
battys5115: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: From Our News Center In New York.....
d491210: i know this is a random question, but at what age d'u plan to get married?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ...
d491210: it's for my assignment
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ok i was like... woah
battys5115: ...
d491210: i'm supposed to be handing our surveys, but i was too lazy to do it so i decided to make up the
d491210: so, anyone gonna answer that?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: uh i dunno
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my love life is like.... i dont have one
d491210: well, neither do i
battys5115: .....................................dont know that depends on age oppinions ect. ready or not even frogr
a gf yet
d491210: just... give me an age!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: probably about 25....
battys5115: sorry but i am honest almost 24/7
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: at the earliest
d491210: ok, thanks!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: np?
d491210: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Now you see why we cant be together. Spiderman will always have enemys.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *cheesest scene in the movie*
battys5115: lol
battys5115: but it isnt that cheesy and not always :p
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
battys5115: lol
battys5115: now wat i would want 2 see in those movies is the sinister 6
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dwhat was the cheesest scene in all of the hp movies for yall?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *what
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
d491210: *thinking
GymMidget415: anyone want to trade parents?
GymMidget415: or siblings?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *rases hand*
d491210: you can have mine
battys5115: if u knew about spiderman comics/cartoon u would know wat the sinister 6 is
GymMidget415: ok, come here and take them off my hands
GymMidget415: please
battys5115: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Ok
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: shal do
d491210: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *shall
GymMidget415: good
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
battys5115: it consists of doc ock, mysterio, venom, sandman, goblin and scorpion
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i know who doc ock and the green goblin are...
battys5115: venom is basicly the evil spiderman but is a alien unless u meen ultimate spiderman thats a
different story
battys5115: mysterio isbasicly jsut a whole bunch of trickery uses holograms ect.
battys5115: sandman obviusly sand aand can turn body parts into a hammer ect.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: a hammer?
battys5115: ya
GymMidget415 has left the room.
battys5115: nvm
battys5115: 2 many spidey villains
heyitsme3871 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
heyitsme3871: hey Lauren
battys5115: theres like 20 forms of sinister 6
battys5115: or something
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: emerson has returned from away XD
heyitsme3871: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *not a stalker*
d491210: lol
d491210: and you're not a stalker
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yesh
heyitsme3871: is John on?
d491210: try inviting emerson in
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: uh... hes on a mobile deviece
battys5115: (can b a stalker if felt like it as well as law)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *device
heyitsme3871: i want to tell him how awesome "Voldemort's Outside" was
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i dont think he can come in tho
heyitsme3871: oh alright.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: sum1 else invite emerson in
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im to lazy
heyitsme3871: too*
Sky4123: hello...i am back
battys5115: lol
heyitsme3871: hey Lizzie
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
d491210: hi
heyitsme3871: so what did everyone get for Christmas?
Sky4123: the mountain of laundry is getting shorter...
heyitsme3871: haha yay!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i gots a digital camera and the HP scene it and the Lumos book light
Sky4123: it now closely resembels a hill per say
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
heyitsme3871: lol awesome.
d491210: should i congratulate you?
heyitsme3871: ... who?
Sky4123: i got photoshop elements 4.0, a northface jacket (very warm! ), harry potter scene it deluxe
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: awesome
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: brb
heyitsme3871: rab*
heyitsme3871: i want photoshopppppppppppppppppppppppppp
heyitsme3871: ahem. yeah.
Sky4123: its awesome...
heyitsme3871: lol i'll bet it is..
Sky4123: i just installed it last night
Sky4123: so i am still confused but... i a learning...
Sky4123: i am*
heyitsme3871: haha that would be me too.
Sky4123: so what did you get for christmas?
heyitsme3871: nothing lol. i don't celebrate Christmas.
Sky4123: ok...
heyitsme3871: anyhoo.
Sky4123: what do you celebrate?
heyitsme3871: eh, my celebrations go by the lunar calendar so there will be something in January
heyitsme3871: it's called Eid-ul-Adha
d491210: hey!
Sky4123: that's cool
heyitsme3871: HI!
Sky4123: hey!
d491210: i celebrate that too
heyitsme3871: no way!
heyitsme3871: awesome.
d491210: yes way
d491210: where r u from?
battys5115: ....
battys5115: i didnt reall celebrate christmas
heyitsme3871: where are you from? like your her -- LOL! i'm from Palestine but i live in SoCal
battys5115: no 1 came
heyitsme3871: how sad Batty. i saw Nemo on Ice yesterday.
d491210: i'm in Malaysia
heyitsme3871: oh awesome!
heyitsme3871: dude what time is it there?
d491210: 3.24 AM
d491210: zzzzzz
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: woah
heyitsme3871: nniiiiice
heyitsme3871: 11.24 am here
heyitsme3871: ok 1..25
heyitsme3871: 11*
heyitsme3871: jeez.
d491210: lol
heyitsme3871: ANYWAYS
Sky4123: it is 1:25 PM on Dec. 26 here
d491210: lolyou're one day late
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its 2:26 here
heyitsme3871: Oi! i'm supposed to buy my CDs today!!
d491210: or i'm one day early
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: on dec 26
heyitsme3871: it's Dec 27 in Malay now right?
Sky4123: that is so weird
d491210: yeah
heyitsme3871: coool..
Sky4123: you are in tomorrow...
heyitsme3871: lol!
d491210: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: so itll be 2006 there before us
heyitsme3871: in the future.
heyitsme3871: lol YEAH
d491210: yeah
Sky4123: i have to throw a new load of laundry in the washer...bbl
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: okey have fun
heyitsme3871: have fun.
d491210: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *cant spell*
heyitsme3871: loL!!
heyitsme3871: cholocate !
battys5115: .
heyitsme3871: in Sydney it's 6 27
battys5115: .
heyitsme3871: am
heyitsme3871: wow
battys5115: .
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: stop being emerson
heyitsme3871: lol seriously.
battys5115: lol
d491210: being emerson?
battys5115: i made whole thing blank
Sejo Apex has entered the room.
d491210: owh..
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
d491210: hey, we promised to invite dylan back in, remember?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i dont think hes online
d491210: nope, he's not
heyitsme3871: i wouldn't know..
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh well sorry dylan
heyitsme3871: lol
battys5115: >>
battys5115: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: whos going to lumos?
Sejo Apex has left the room.
Sejo Apex has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: i wish i was
battys5115: maybe
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my parents said they would *discuss* it
heyitsme3871: i could drive thereeeee
heyitsme3871: well not ME drive
heyitsme3871: but you get my point.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeaah
heyitsme3871: it would be like 6 hours or something i think..
heyitsme3871: but worth itttt.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: wow
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: it would be like a whole day if i drove there
battys5115: parents anniversary is july 4th but then they also hav 2 pay for the tickets for lumos
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: or more
heyitsme3871: wooooow.
battys5115: so i dont know
heyitsme3871: oh.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my birthday is right in the middle of it
heyitsme3871: lol awesome!
heyitsme3871: mine .. isn't/
heyitsme3871: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: July 28 XD
d491210: if only i have enough money to fly out there
d491210: *sighs
heyitsme3871: i know seriously.
heyitsme3871: but i can't complain.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: it would be my bday present, my ONLY bday present
heyitsme3871: lol good idea.
anir107 has entered the room.
anir107 has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: John:"What do you think i am italian?" Melissa:"... You are italian!"
heyitsme3871: lol!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its like a play on words
heyitsme3871: LMAO !!
heyitsme3871: i heart Noe.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Noelover42
Sky4123: ok back now
heyitsme3871: wb
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
Sky4123: i hate laundry
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: who is noelover42?
d491210: lol
Sky4123: that is why i waited until i had absolutely nothing left to wear..
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: she.... or he..... is like famous
heyitsme3871: hahaha
heyitsme3871: lol who Lauren/
Sky4123: who is that?
heyitsme3871: idk..
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i dunno
Sky4123: i invited emerson.....
heyitsme3871: lol joy.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yay!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
Sky4123: he probably won't come in though
heyitsme3871: will he come if no other MCers or PCers are here?
Sky4123: he is very anti social
heyitsme3871: yeah ..
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: he came in on friday
heyitsme3871: was it here?
heyitsme3871: yeah i as
Sky4123: i missed it....argh
heyitsme3871: was
d491210: and to think i missed that...
heyitsme3871: Jamie was in here and Melissa
heyitsme3871: and Kevin
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i'll send it to anyone who wants it
heyitsme3871: and "greg"
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i ts saved
Sky4123: what is melissa's sn?
heyitsme3871: yeah mine save auto
heyitsme3871: missee3
battys5115: same
heyitsme3871: but she's blocked everyone who's not on her list
Sky4123: thankyou
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh
heyitsme3871: np.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: like andrew
heyitsme3871: so has Ben and Eric
heyitsme3871: i've never seen andrew on here!
heyitsme3871: unless he came and i didnt know who he was
heyitsme3871: what's his sn?
d491210: this is only like my third time in here
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Asimz89
heyitsme3871: lol welcome to insanity
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
heyitsme3871: oh wait i have that sn already
d491210: lol
heyitsme3871: lol NVM
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
heyitsme3871: rab
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: okey
Sky4123: my dad is currently lectureing me about the importance of being responisble and that soon i will
be able to make my own decisions with parental consent...
Sky4123: snore
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: AKA Regulus Black AKA Stubby Boardman
d491210: jeez
CrazyCorranH has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
Sky4123: also about the importance of making good new years resolutions...
macaRoni090: hi
Sky4123: snore.......
Sky4123: he has no idea i am in the chat room right now
Sky4123: hehe
Sky4123: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
macaRoni090: he?
macaRoni090: regulus?
d491210: lol
Sky4123: Sky4123: my dad is currently lectureing me about the importance of being responisble and that
soon i will be able to make my own decisions with parental consent...Sky4123: snore
Sky4123: roni...that i what i am talking about
macaRoni090: ooh okay
Sky4123: slience......
battys5115: parental consent?
macaRoni090: i hate parental speeches
Sky4123: i do too
battys5115: my parents dont give me speeches
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
battys5115: my parents dont really talk 2 me at all
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Parental Constraints
Sky4123: my dad normally doesn't...
macaRoni090: i get them once a year maybe
Sky4123: yep....this is my yearly one
heyitsme3871: back
Sky4123: argh
battys5115: i was able 2 see pg 13 movies when i was 3 :p
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: O.O
Sky4123: so boring and annoying
Sky4123: i can see rated R...
macaRoni090: yep
battys5115: i can see rated R now tho i was also watching a rated R when i was 7
gingernut17 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my parents are like over protective
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
gingernut17: hi
heyitsme3871: Lizzie - he can't see you typing?
Sky4123: my parents are in the middle...
heyitsme3871: or he's not in your room?
macaRoni090: hi ally
Sky4123: he can...but he thinks i am listening
d491210: lol
Sky4123: hahaha
heyitsme3871: lol nice.
battys5115: my mom is jsut a bit over protectve about chat rooms but u know how chat rooms go
heyitsme3871: yeah same
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
battys5115: so i guess its ok
Sky4123: i am in the bonus/home theather/computer room right now
heyitsme3871: wow
macaRoni090: yeah my mom doesnt let me go in chat rooms...not that shed know if i did
heyitsme3871: hahahahah
battys5115: lol
Sky4123: my dad would mom doesn't care....
Sky4123: as long as i am not in one of those creepy cyber ones
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
macaRoni090: yeah
macaRoni090: exactly
heyitsme3871: my dad probably wouldn't cre hed jsut say be careful
macaRoni090: you guys are awesome
Sky4123: thanks
Sky4123: you are too
macaRoni090: anytime
heyitsme3871: yay Roni you too
battys5115: thats wat my mom basicly does 2
Sky4123: i just wish i was going to lumos
macaRoni090: aw thank you
Sky4123: i want to meet you all
heyitsme3871: me toooo Liiiizziiiee
heyitsme3871: :'(
fre ezepaintball has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: hey.
battys5115: but i already know like a billion times
macaRoni090: i knooow
Sky4123: we will just have our own party...
d491210: *is going to scream
heyitsme3871: an online not going to Lumos party
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey emerson
fre ezepaintball: going to see some movie about an ape
fre ezepaintball: .
fre ezepaintball: .
fre ezepaintball: .
fre ezepaintball: .
heyitsme3871: ugh lucky
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh god
fre ezepaintball: bye
heyitsme3871: bye.
Sky4123: hey emerson
fre ezepaintball has left the room.
battys5115: i already saw it
Sky4123: byebye
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bye
macaRoni090: :'(
d491210: bye
heyitsme3871: lamoo.
d491210: awwwww....
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: woah that was short
d491210: he was on!!!!!!!!!!!!
macaRoni090: plankton!!!
Sky4123: omg...that was so stupid
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
d491210: *faints*
heyitsme3871: lol!
macaRoni090: lol oh emerson
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: thats what a fangirl is
heyitsme3871: Emerson is so wackd.
Sky4123: oh yeah...
heyitsme3871: ed*
d491210: in that case, yes to your earlier question
Sky4123: he just loves teasing us
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
macaRoni090: but he's still awesome
battys5115: who cares about emerson?
d491210: yeah!
d491210: i do!!
battys5115: ...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: you sound like my friend
d491210: *still recovering*
macaRoni090: yeah
macaRoni090: well
Sky4123: haha
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: not katie
battys5115: all he did was build a site
Sky4123: i was like 'what??" when he just suddenly showed up
macaRoni090: all he did was build the BEST SITE EVER
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: battys5115 (2:48:29 PM): all he did was build a site WTF?!?!
Sky4123: i am partial to leaky...that i the one i started with...but don't get me wrong...i love mugglenet!
Sky4123: its awesome
d491210: i love emerson's wall of shame
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah me 2
macaRoni090: lol its hilarious
Sky4123: wall of shame... sooo funny
heyitsme3871: wall of shame is my pick me up site
d491210: i love that he's so sarcastic!
Sky4123: yeah
battys5115: i started with mugglenet but perhaps i should jut leave this thing
Sky4123: huh?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Go smoke some floo powder you friggin fairy!
Sky4123: why are you leaving?
macaRoni090: lol
heyitsme3871: LOL
Sky4123: haha
heyitsme3871: i started with MuggleNet
heyitsme3871: but i go on Leaky occasionally
Sky4123: Thank you Captian Obvious!
heyitsme3871: delayed reaction sorry
macaRoni090: me too
battys5115: i didnt know who emerson was till like half way through the podcasts
heyitsme3871: lol!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: O.O
battys5115: and i was like who is emerson?
d491210: lol
Sky4123: i didn't know who he was until THE INTERVIEW
d491210: no way!!
heyitsme3871: i introduced my friend to MuggleNet and Emerson last Friday
heyitsme3871: when he was on.
lunibug4 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: because he's too cool for life
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
lunibug4: yo kids.
d491210: *still trying to recover from the fact that emerson was in here*
macaRoni090: hey cassi
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: friday was awesome
lunibug4: how is everyone?
heyitsme3871: goodgood
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ok
lunibug4: :-)
heyitsme3871: you changed your font colour.
macaRoni090: good
lunibug4(time): who cares about emerson?
heyitsme3871: it threw me off.
lunibug4: >.>
heyitsme3871: lol
lunibug4: me?
lunibug4: oh
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: better?
lunibug4: ;-)
battys5115: lunibug4(time): WHOOHOOO!!!
heyitsme3871: ahha lol i don't care
heyitsme3871: i was kidding
lunibug4: lol
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: man i love cookies
Sky4123: hey
macaRoni090: cookies are good
lunibug4: so what is everyone doing on this lovely monday?
battys5115: .
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: having no life
macaRoni090: yep
heyitsme3871: i concur!
battys5115: 25302 pm
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: and staying in my pjs
Sky4123: i just invited kyrane....
d491210: you should ask: what should everyone be doing this lovely monday
kyrane7 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: hi!
kyrane7: omg my 1st invite!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeha
Sky4123: hey kyrace!
battys5115: garbage..
lunibug4: lol try.
lunibug4: true*
Sky4123: kyrane! ***
lunibug4: hello there.
kyrane7: i was like wtf what this noise
battys5115: sleeep
kyrane7: and it was an invite
macaRoni090: lol
kyrane7: so hi
Sky4123: haha....i thought i should invite you
d491210: lol
Sky4123: as you weren't in here already
kyrane7: whats going on
Sky4123: nothing...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: nothing at all
Sky4123: you just missed emerson
macaRoni090: nada
battys5115: kyrane7(time): IM CRAZY!!!
d491210: lol
Sky4123: for like 2 seconds he was in here
kyrane7: what?
kyrane7: no way
Sky4123: yeah
d491210: no it was more like 5 seconds
kyrane7: i nvr been here when he is
lunibug4: did everyone have a good christmas?
kyrane7: yep
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeaj
Sky4123: fre ezepaintball: going to see some movie about an apefre ezepaintball: .fre ezepaintball: .fre
ezepaintball: .fre ezepaintball: .
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: than he signed off
macaRoni090: ape and some plankton
macaRoni090: then a bye and he left
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: oh are we freaking out about emerson?
battys5115: spongebob meets kong
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
macaRoni090: i'm not...
Sky4123: hahaha
d491210: llol
Sky4123: i'm not
macaRoni090: spongebob
lunibug4: haha
macaRoni090: lol
battys5115: lol
Sky4123: i was like 'what?" "oh thats emerson" then he was gone
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
Sky4123: so yeah...not very exciting
macaRoni090: i dont think i realized he was in until he left
battys5115: spongekingkongpants
macaRoni090: i was like "hmm i know that sn..."
macaRoni090: and then he was gone
Sky4123: yeah
lunibug4: when was this?
heyitsme3871: 5 minutes ago
macaRoni090: like, 5 minutes ago
Sejo Apex: i like to move it, move it... you like to... move it
lunibug4: oh
Sky4123: a few minutes ago
lunibug4: interesting
Sky4123: i love that movie!!
battys5115: spongekongkingpants
Sky4123: sejo... i just got it for christmas
heyitsme3871: ahah go Sejo
heyitsme3871: break it down
lunibug4: what movie?
Sky4123: madagascar
lunibug4: oh never seen it
kyrane7: i saw tht this afternoon
Sky4123: soooo funny
kyrane7: !
macaRoni090: madagascar was good
kyrane7: i went 2 sleep
macaRoni090: david schwimmer was funny
Sky4123: i love those peguins!
kyrane7: i seen it before tho
d491210: i like the move it move it song
macaRoni090: "nature...its all over me!"
Sky4123: haha
heyitsme3871: LOL
lunibug4: i'm watching gilmore girls. yey
macaRoni090: awesome
Sky4123: dead silence....
lunibug4: lol
macaRoni090: yeahhh
lunibug4: i got season 5 for christmas
Sky4123: i love being lazy...i am still in my pjs!
heyitsme3871: me too.
heyitsme3871: well it's only 12
heyitsme3871: so whatever
macaRoni090: yep its fun
heyitsme3871: i need breakfast though.
macaRoni090: oh...its 3:01 here
Sky4123: i love barnes and noble...i have a private online preview for a lot of things 80% off!!!
heyitsme3871: w00t
heyitsme3871: lol
heyitsme3871: i need to buy books.
macaRoni090: lol
anir107 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: i'm going to make myself a library
Sky4123: i am such a bookworm
heyitsme3871: me tooo
macaRoni090: nice
lunibug4: hello rina
anir107: 'ello
heyitsme3871: i remember when i was in the 5th grade we had to read like 600 pages and i read 1400+
heyitsme3871: and people were like you're insane.
Sky4123: 2
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
heyitsme3871: w00t
Sky4123: they still do...when we have to read a book for class....i am done the first week...and have
already analized it
Sky4123: lol
heyitsme3871: ahhaha
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
lunibug4: want to know something werid. i always gets tons of books for christmas, but i didn't get one this
year. o.O
Sky4123: i read extremely fast
Sky4123: me 2!!
Sky4123: i only got 2
heyitsme3871: gasp!
Sky4123: and i had already read them
anir107: which ones
Sky4123: Sloppy First, and Second Helpings
Sky4123: great books btw!
lunibug4: yes they are
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i got none but i did get barnes and noble gift cards
Sky4123: lucky you
anir107: Barnes and Noble = Love
lunibug4: i can't wait for charmed thirds :-)
Sky4123: yes
Sky4123: me either!!!
Sky4123: i am so exctited!! it comes in April
lunibug4: yes!
anir107: i have a huge two floor barnes and noble five minutes away from me with huge sitting areas,
music store and a starbucks... omg... heaven
lunibug4: oh gosh. that would be cool.
heyitsme3871: lol
lunibug4: we have a borders... but it only has one floor.
heyitsme3871: we have a 2 floor one.
lunibug4: and
Sky4123: me 2
anir107: i dont like borders that much
lunibug4: we have
lunibug4: a walden books
lunibug4: in the mall.
Sky4123: my barnes and noble is only one floor too
lunibug4: there are no barns and nobles around here.
heyitsme3871: how sad
lunibug4: really.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: we have a walden books in our mall too
Sky4123: J K Rowling is not a real person, but the name given to a group of anonymous writers
anir107: so sad
Sky4123: This theory originated in Norway, which figures... nobody who is familiar with the UK press
could possibly imagine that such a massive fraud would remain unexposed for longer than ten minutes.
anir107: ..
heyitsme3871: lolll
lunibug4: um no.
lunibug4: lol
macaRoni090: ugh
lunibug4: yes it is sad
anir107: lol
anir107: kbai
heyitsme3871: that's on her site too.
Sky4123: yep
Sky4123: that's where i got it
Sky4123: it just cracked me up
heyitsme3871: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
heyitsme3871: it was on MuggleNet too
lunibug4: yeah
Sky4123: yeah
heyitsme3871: yeah
heyitsme3871: im just staing hte obvious
lunibug4: and everywhere.
heyitsme3871: because i want to
heyitsme3871: go me
anir107 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: stating*
Sky4123: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Horcri do not draw attiention to themselves by singing in front of large audances.
lunibug4: yeah they do.
lunibug4: Horcri is my favorite singer.
macaRoni090: i love that
d491210: lol
macaRoni090: LOVE
Sky4123: haha
Sky4123: awesome
heyitsme3871: where does it say that what?
heyitsme3871: ok.
d491210: errr..
heyitsme3871: lol
macaRoni090: unless you dont speak english
lunibug4: lol
macaRoni090: in which case its not
macaRoni090: en
heyitsme3871: lol Roni
lunibug4: i don't speal englisj
lunibug4: english*
macaRoni090: i know you dont cassi
heyitsme3871: lol we can tell Cass
heyitsme3871: lmao jk
lunibug4: i speak.... something eles.
lunibug4: else*
lunibug4: i call it "typo"
d491210: lol
macaRoni090: thats a pretty cool language
macaRoni090: what the fcku
lunibug4: lol
heyitsme3871: lol!
kyrane7 has left the room.
lunibug4: thefcku
macaRoni090: oo right
macaRoni090: sorry
lunibug4: that was not my typo thoo.
macaRoni090: *thefcku
macaRoni090: i know
macaRoni090: it was allie's
lunibug4: ;-)
macaRoni090: but we adopted it
lunibug4: i love allie
lunibug4: gosh.
macaRoni090: allie is pretty awesome
Sky4123: haha
lunibug4: hey guys. chloe told me that i'm as cool as john noe.
Sky4123: i don't know allie
macaRoni090: hahahahaha cassi
macaRoni090: no jk of course you are
lunibug4: well coming from chloe
macaRoni090: yeah...
lunibug4: that's a pretty big complement
macaRoni090: chlnoe
heyitsme3871: compliment*
lunibug4: yeah that too.
heyitsme3871: [ attackes herself for correcting people ]
heyitsme3871: attacks*
macaRoni090: lol no but it's correct
heyitsme3871: sigh
lunibug4: no it's okay, i can't spell to save my life.
macaRoni090: because cassi speaks typo
Sejo Apex: you fool me once................... you cant get fooled again
heyitsme3871: lol right
macaRoni090: so if she spells it wrong, it's right
lunibug4: true. lol
heyitsme3871: lol OKAY THEN
d491210: lol
lunibug4: dean/rory = not cool
heyitsme3871: last night i was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
heyitsme3871: The End.
Sejo Apex: Gene Wilder is insane
lunibug4: omg he hit his head on the top of the car. lmao.
macaRoni090: the original?
heyitsme3871: no
heyitsme3871: the new one
macaRoni090: o cool
lunibug4: that's willy wonka and the chocolate factory
Sejo Apex: the ghey one then
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i tryed out for violet
lunibug4: the old one.
macaRoni090: oh
heyitsme3871: no way?
heyitsme3871: lol awesome
lunibug4: for the movie?
macaRoni090: wow okay i dont know the differencec
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
macaRoni090: *difference
lunibug4: cool
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i totally messed up tho
lunibug4: aw
lunibug4: i bet you did fine.
macaRoni090: yeah
heyitsme3871: im gonna listen to the PotterCast subscriber special.
macaRoni090: i auditioned for a cingular commercial...
heyitsme3871: rab
macaRoni090: and got a callback...
macaRoni090: but i was i couldnt make it...
macaRoni090: and i cried for a while
lunibug4: the girl in the movie, the one that played the other girl, not violet, but what's her name
lunibug4: she scared me
macaRoni090: veruca?
heyitsme3871: salt
heyitsme3871: lol
macaRoni090: lol yeah
battys5115: ..
lunibug4: yes
macaRoni090: she was creepy
macaRoni090: especially when she was like "LETS BE BEST FRIENDS"
lunibug4: *did not know how to spell it*
lunibug4: YEAH omg
macaRoni090: i was like WHAT THEFCKU
lunibug4: i was like .... ahhhh
lunibug4: scary
macaRoni090: yeah
macaRoni090: freddie highmore is so adorable
lunibug4: aw yeah he is
lunibug4: i looved him in finding neverland
macaRoni090: ive never seen that
macaRoni090: i still need to
lunibug4: aw
lunibug4: it's so good.
heyitsme3871: me too Roni
lunibug4: and really sad
macaRoni090: that and the notebook
heyitsme3871: SAME HERE RONI
heyitsme3871: gasp
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: niice
lunibug4: the notebook is bad
heyitsme3871: let's movie marathon it.
macaRoni090: i'm not alone
macaRoni090: really?
lunibug4: well
heyitsme3871: i heard it was good.
heyitsme3871: lol.
macaRoni090: yeah me too
heyitsme3871: i started watching it for like 10 mins
macaRoni090: extremely sad but good
heyitsme3871: and then i had to leave.
lunibug4: i love nicolas sparks, and they always ruin his books when they turn them into movies
macaRoni090: that sucks
heyitsme3871: yeah..
CrazyCorranH has left the room.
macaRoni090: i didnt read it or anything so it probably wouldnt matter so much for me
macaRoni090: but i hate it when movies ruin books
macaRoni090: like PoA
lunibug4: i'm really a sucker for romance books.
lunibug4: yeah.
lunibug4: sad stuff
macaRoni090: me too
macaRoni090: i'm a sucker for romance
macaRoni090: period
lunibug4: yeah
macaRoni090: its ridiculous
x sweet harmony has entered the room.
lunibug4: me too. lol
heyitsme3871: Bonnie
x sweet harmony: Hey. =]
macaRoni090: have you seen girl next door?
lunibug4: hey there.
macaRoni090: its advertised as so anti-romantic but its really such a sweet movie
lunibug4: me? no.
x sweet harmony: That movie was like softcore porn.
d491210: yeah
d491210: lol
macaRoni090: lol well not really
macaRoni090: only some parts
heyitsme3871: wonderful.
lunibug4: she was in love actually, that girl on the cover
macaRoni090: the rest was just like, a romantic comedy. it was so cute
macaRoni090: yeah! the girl in the bar
macaRoni090: with the other people
lunibug4: yes
macaRoni090: elisha cuthbert
lunibug4: yup
macaRoni090: something like that
lunibug4: and january jones
macaRoni090: yep
macaRoni090: denise richards
lunibug4: hehe
heyitsme3871: ...
macaRoni090: love actually has the best cast
lunibug4: yes
lunibug4: omg I LOVE that movie
macaRoni090: me too
macaRoni090: its my faavorrite
lunibug4: :-)
macaRoni090: thomas sangster= sooo adorable
battys5115: ...
lunibug4: it's one of my too.
lunibug4: mine*
macaRoni090: which others do you like?
lunibug4: movies?
macaRoni090: yeah
lunibug4: um. tons
Sky4123: hey...sorry i disappeared...i am answering all of the unanswered Hello posts...they need a
macaRoni090: lol well top 3 then
lunibug4: oh my god
lunibug4: i can't do top three.
lunibug4: lets see.
macaRoni090: top 5?
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: pirates of the carribean
heyitsme3871: mm love it
macaRoni090: goood movie
d491210: narnia
lunibug4: who doesn't? :-)
lunibug4: i haven't seen narnia
d491210: it brilliant
macaRoni090: me neither
macaRoni090: i was going to today...but i didnt
lunibug4: um
macaRoni090: keep going, keep going
Sky4123: i want to see it...but i want to reread the book first
d491210: especially if you've read the books, you should really see the movie
lunibug4: phantom of the opera.
heyitsme3871: never seen it.
macaRoni090: me neither
d491210: didn';t like that much
lunibug4: the show is better
lunibug4: but i still love the movie
lunibug4: um
lunibug4: you guys need to throw out some movie names
lunibug4: too
macaRoni090: i love the brothers grimm
macaRoni090: just bought it
lunibug4: haven't seen it
macaRoni090: bend it like beckham was good
macaRoni090: eurotrip i loooove
heyitsme3871: i saw Brothers Grimm
lunibug4: hehe that was cute.
lunibug4: never seen eurotrip
Sky4123: 1. Bend It Like Becham 2. Harry Potter GoF 3. The Notebook 4. Pirates of The Caribbean 5.
heyitsme3871: i ahvent seen Beckham or Eurotrip
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
heyitsme3871: havent seen it
lunibug4: i didn't like that either.
lunibug4: sisterhood, the books were better.
heyitsme3871: but i read the books
Sky4123: you have to see becham and eurotrip!
lunibug4: the books are always better.
Sky4123: scotty doesn't now! best song ever!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: agreed
lunibug4: the movie was okay... i guess.
macaRoni090: i LOVE Dirty Dancing Havannah nights
heyitsme3871: but the books werent that good either lol
heyitsme3871: i meant he way it was written and stuff
lunibug4: dirty dancing
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i liked it
heyitsme3871: the&
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *them
heyitsme3871: yeah teh stories were good
lunibug4: i never saw havannah nights
heyitsme3871: the************
Sky4123: i have a friend named scotty....i feel sorry for her...we all tease her about it
macaRoni090: you should
macaRoni090: its amazing
macaRoni090: and diego luna is smoookin
Sky4123: its halirous
lunibug4: it can't be better the tne first one
macaRoni090: i never saw the first one
macaRoni090: so i dunno
Sky4123: i love dirty dancing havannah nights
lunibug4: aw what
macaRoni090: yeah i know
macaRoni090: i need to
macaRoni090: i LOVE LoTR
heyitsme3871: yay!
lunibug4: LOTR
macaRoni090: pure 100 percent love
lunibug4: yey
Sky4123: its ok...not my fav
lunibug4: um
lunibug4: notting hill is love
macaRoni090: yes
Sky4123: but harry potter really really need peter jackson to direct the movies
macaRoni090: notting hill is amazing
lunibug4: and bridget jones's diary
Sky4123: never seen them
lunibug4: yupp
lunibug4: aw
macaRoni090: romantic comedies are so cute
lunibug4: NO
lunibug4: noooo
macaRoni090: no?
heyitsme3871: lol
lunibug4: no
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: aww
lunibug4: i loove peter jackson
lunibug4: but no.
macaRoni090: i'd welcome peter jackson for HP
battys5115: same
Sky4123: oh yeah
lunibug4: i don't think it would work.
macaRoni090: I really want to see how David Yates does
macaRoni090: because...i'm scared
heyitsme3871: lol same
battys5115: but peter jackson is probobly done with series/trilogys lol
heyitsme3871: it's his first movie rigt.
heyitsme3871: right*
macaRoni090: but so far we know that lockhart is going to be in movie 5 so i have faith
heyitsme3871: ?
lunibug4: i don't think so
macaRoni090: if they include that, they're on the right track
heyitsme3871: lol.
heyitsme3871: but thats just the script
Sky4123: yeah.. look at what peter did with the LOtR movies...he made them just as long as the needed
to be...and PEOPLE STILL WENT!!!
macaRoni090: i'd rather have the script be good than the acting
macaRoni090: honestly
Sky4123: these last books need to be long movies
d491210: *agree
lunibug4: but
heyitsme3871: yeah
macaRoni090: i love peter jackson
macaRoni090: for everything
lunibug4: lotr is NOT a kids book
lunibug4: harry potter IS
Sky4123: i now
macaRoni090: harry potter isnt really
macaRoni090: not after 4
Sky4123: i know...i don't agree
lunibug4: no, it still is.
Sky4123: harry potter is now a lot older
lunibug4: harry potter is a kids book, or a young adult book
Sky4123: but more adults read it...
heyitsme3871: nu uh
heyitsme3871: everyone reads it
Sky4123: it is an everyone book
lunibug4: um no.
heyitsme3871: but probably more kids
lunibug4: not everyone.
macaRoni090: JK Rowling said herself that Harry Potter is NOT a kids book
Sky4123: yes! thank you
heyitsme3871: lol
macaRoni090: people just assumed it was when 1 came out
lunibug4: but you have to look at it this way:
macaRoni090: and its hard to get that out of peoples minds now
macaRoni090: but she said it was never meant to be a childrens book
lunibug4: the target audence for the MOVIES are
lunibug4: KIDS
lunibug4: and therefore. they can NOT make the movies any longer then they are
Sky4123: but they are going PG-13 now...they are getting the adults into it more now
macaRoni090: yes but if they mature the movies, sure less kids will go, but more ADULTS will go,
therefore making up for the loss of kids
lunibug4: not really.
Sky4123: and the books just get darker from now on
lunibug4: adults bring their... KIDS
macaRoni090: okay as much as i want to stay and finish this conversation with you guys, i gotta go
Sky4123: bye roni
macaRoni090: talk to you later
macaRoni090: bye byee
lunibug4: bye yo.
Sky4123: i still think if the movies were longer the kids would still come...
macaRoni090 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: yeah agreed
Sky4123: i would have...when i was little
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
lunibug4: no way
lunibug4: i work with kids, and trust me
lunibug4: kids today
lunibug4: wouldn't
heyitsme3871: lol..
Sky4123: i wouldn't want little kids to see the movie version of book 6
Sky4123: anyway
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: brb
Sky4123: toooo dark
lunibug4: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *rab
lunibug4: i agree with that.
heyitsme3871: book 6 is gonna be ahrd ot do as a movie
Sky4123: i had issues with them seeing this one
heyitsme3871: that's the first hting i thought when i finished it
lunibug4: but the thing is... i still don't want peter jackson.
heyitsme3871: hard*
heyitsme3871: lol ok Cass.
lunibug4: lol
x sweet harmony: Well think about the logic.. By the time movie 6 comes out, the little kids now will be
grown up and the new little kids won't have interest.
x sweet harmony: =P
heyitsme3871: lol
kayleYr0x: nice
d491210: lol
lunibug4: well
Sky4123: you do have a point..but i don't want them to lose intereset
lunibug4: that depends, really.
x sweet harmony: So dark and horrid is a-okay. =P
x sweet harmony: And most likely, the new little kids who DO have interest will be mature enough to have
gone back to see the previous.
lunibug4: in how fast it happens.
x sweet harmony: And the new little kids who don't are just lazy and wouldn't bother.
lunibug4: the movies
lunibug4: heh
x sweet harmony: haha my logic sucks balls. Thanks.
Sky4123: what?
Sky4123: i am confused now...
kayleYr0x: mmmm same
heyitsme3871: LOL
heyitsme3871: nice Bonnie
x sweet harmony: XD
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: well
lunibug4: i still dunno about peter.
Sky4123: lets close that topic
heyitsme3871: LMAO
heyitsme3871: NEW SUBJECT
lunibug4: UM
lunibug4: accio caitlin
MajestiCRadiO3 has entered the room.
lunibug4: oh who rules?
kayleYr0x: ooooooh
x sweet harmony: If someone tried to IM me, I'm terribly sorry. Someone IMed me when I was typing that
and so when I kept typing, I guess that hit 'No'... I don't know if it was anyone in here or someone else.
lunibug4: <3
MajestiCRadiO3: YEY
lunibug4: caitlin, chloe said that i'm as cool as john
MajestiCRadiO3: ooh, that is madd cool!
Sky4123: whosh...right over my head
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: aw lizzie :-(
Sky4123: don't know who chloe is
lunibug4: WHAT? but she's ... chloeee.
kayleYr0x: gasp.
heyitsme3871: ahha same Lizzi
heyitsme3871: e
lunibug4: what?
MajestiCRadiO3: chlooeeeeeee
LordMarvolo7 has entered the room.
Sky4123: i'm new...i have only been here for a week
LordMarvolo7 has left the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: ok marvolo
d491210: lol
x sweet harmony: lmao
battys5115: lunibug4 there r many ppl that r cool as john noe its jutst that he has a famous podcast while
yours isnt even up yet
lunibug4: accio chloeee
Sky4123: i have to go take care of my laundry...argh...i hate laundry
d491210: lol
battys5115: lol
d491210: have fun
Chlojo3 has entered the room.
Chlojo3: hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MajestiCRadiO3: chloeeeeeee!
d491210: hi
lunibug4: batty
lunibug4: no.
lunibug4: CHLOE
lunibug4: that is chloe
Chlojo3: *tackles everyone and snuggles cassi*
lunibug4: guys THE CHLOE
x sweet harmony: Holiday is over and everyone is back.
heyitsme3871: oh look Lizzie it's Chloe
x sweet harmony: Oh dearie.
battys5115: chlojo3(time): I HAVE RETURND!!
lunibug4: *snuggles*
MajestiCRadiO3: yay for chlnoe!
Chlojo3: cept, batty dear, the real me can spell returnEd
Chlojo3: CHLNOE forever
x sweet harmony: Whoops! **Christmas is over. Not Holidays.
battys5115: Chlojo3(time): GET OFF OF ME
Sky4123: hello!
lunibug4: CHLNOE!
Chlojo3: so, how are you all on this lovely day after christmas?
Sky4123: bored
Sky4123: lol
d491210: sleepy
kayleYr0x: tired
d491210: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: yeah, tirrred
lunibug4: me too
lunibug4: cause i was up until forever last night
MajestiCRadiO3: chlnoe 4eva
lunibug4: yeah dude
Sky4123: i have to go take care of my laundry and then do the dishes
Sky4123: argh
lunibug4: i have to do laundry too
MajestiCRadiO3: ooh have fun
Sky4123: be back later
lunibug4: but i'll wait
MajestiCRadiO3: yeah, so do i, but i'm being lazy!
lunibug4: me too caitlin
lunibug4: bye lizzie
MajestiCRadiO3: yess, lazy confetti
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: yes
lunibug4: CHLOEE
lunibug4: hold on
MajestiCRadiO3: *silenco*
d491210: errr..?
lunibug4: caitlin
MajestiCRadiO3: ahhhh!
heyitsme3871: w00t.
lunibug4: WOOT
lunibug4: VOOT aw shawn
heyitsme3871: ...
lunibug4: aw chat died
d491210: lol
d491210: new topic anyone?
lunibug4: um
lunibug4: chloe says : potatoes
heyitsme3871: potatoes.
heyitsme3871: potatoes potatoes!
heyitsme3871: haahahhaha
Chlojo3: chloe is as cool as mashed potatoes
MajestiCRadiO3: mmm mashed potatoes
lunibug4: yesss chloe yesss
lunibug4: i'm cooler then ben
lunibug4: oooh bust
Chlojo3: potatos backwards= otapas!!!!!!!!
heyitsme3871: mashed potatoes = <3
MajestiCRadiO3: beeen
heyitsme3871: lol no?
lunibug4: lol yes.
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: you misspelled it backwards
heyitsme3871: lol
lunibug4: ALLIEEEE
MajestiCRadiO3: allie!
Alikona0000: hi
heyitsme3871: potatoes seotatop
heyitsme3871: potato otatop
MajestiCRadiO3: yeah, don't ask
lunibug4: allie lets go to lumos
Alikona0000: ok, lets
MajestiCRadiO3: i'm jealous
Alikona0000: i'm watching 'tPotO'
heyitsme3871: ?
heyitsme3871: the p of the o?
Alikona0000: uhhuh
heyitsme3871: wha?
heyitsme3871: what's p and o?
Alikona0000: phantom
heyitsme3871: OH
lunibug4: PHANTOM
MajestiCRadiO3: with that mousy girl!
heyitsme3871: nvm
heyitsme3871: brain fart
lunibug4: we're going to listen to phantom all the way to las vegas
Alikona0000: NO we aren't
Alikona0000: lol
lunibug4: lol
Alikona0000: i refuse
lunibug4: allie
heyitsme3871: lol
lunibug4: okay
heyitsme3871: are oyu guys going together?
MajestiCRadiO3: lol allie
lunibug4: we have a plan
MajestiCRadiO3: we're bringing rent too
heyitsme3871: lol...
Alikona0000: rent works
lunibug4: we're going to drive to las vegas
lunibug4: and
lunibug4: imma pick you all up
lunibug4: you and caitlin and chloe
lunibug4: and then
lunibug4: we're going to kidnap john so he can be chloes chaperone.
Alikona0000: HAHA ok
MajestiCRadiO3: yess
lunibug4: and then
MajestiCRadiO3: best, plan, EVER.
lunibug4: we're going to DRIVE all the way to las vegas
lunibug4: bring some gas money, guys
Alikona0000: lol
lunibug4: like lots
lunibug4: we don't need to
lunibug4: buy a hotel room
lunibug4: cause we can live in my car
MajestiCRadiO3: lol cassi
Sejo Apex:
lunibug4: sejo wanna come?
Alikona0000: or.
Sejo Apex: layout is up
lunibug4: oh too bad
lunibug4: because
lunibug4: there isn't enough room
Alikona0000: we can live on johns floor
lunibug4: okay
lunibug4: YES ALLIE
lunibug4: allie is too cool to skype with us
Sejo Apex: my uncle owns a casino in sin city
lunibug4: oh
lunibug4: cool
Alikona0000: right now, i am. lol
MajestiCRadiO3: coolio
lunibug4: i own
lunibug4: a car
MajestiCRadiO3: geez louise allie
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: back
heyitsme3871: wb
MajestiCRadiO3: hello
Alikona0000: parents r watchin a movie...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey ppl who came in while i was away
Alikona0000: dont wana be rude
lunibug4: aw okay
MajestiCRadiO3: aww, you're so nice allie
lunibug4: :-D
anir107 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
MajestiCRadiO3: theRina
Alikona0000: I think I'm actually gonna go, my dad want to see Narnia, so I think I might take the
opportunity to see it with him and for FREE
anir107: Hi.
MajestiCRadiO3: oooh, have fun!
anir107: i still haven't seen that
anir107: >.<
Alikona0000: GO SEE IT. Peter is so Hot.
Alikona0000: ttyl
MajestiCRadiO3: haven't seen it either
Alikona0000 has left the room.
anir107: yeah, but, i dont have time... :-(
anir107: Hah, is that all people care about?
anir107: how peter is hot?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: but its true
heyitsme3871 has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dead silence
anir107: yesss
MajestiCRadiO3: oops, forgot about the chat! lol
anir107: everyone does
MajestiCRadiO3: i still haven't listened to the xmas MC
MajestiCRadiO3: oops
anir107 has left the room.
lunibug4: me either caitlin
Chlojo3: i listened
MajestiCRadiO3: was everyone on it chloe?
d491210: micah wasn't
MajestiCRadiO3: aww micah
battys5115: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
lunibug4: BATTY
lunibug4: and that's as many as you can get
lunibug4: i win
d491210: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: i wanted to win!
lunibug4: aw caitlin
lunibug4: you win too
MajestiCRadiO3: CHLOE: the biography
lunibug4: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: by cassandra
lunibug4: lynn
lunibug4: mancini
MajestiCRadiO3: pretty name!
lunibug4: aw thanksssssss
MajestiCRadiO3: yeey!
gingernut17 has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dots
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: silence
MajestiCRadiO3: basically, we're the coolest EVER
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: hey guys!
MajestiCRadiO3: hiii!
battys5115: hi
Cannonsgirl2008: I stayed up till 330 last night and for the first time in my entire life I slept until 130 in the
Cannonsgirl2008: I've never done that before!
Cannonsgirl2008: its weird!
Cannonsgirl2008: I feel like I've lost half the day!
Cannonsgirl2008: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
MajestiCRadiO3: haa, good job colleen!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i g2g
Cannonsgirl2008: bye
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bi bi
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: anyways, I'm gonna go do.... productive things
MajestiCRadiO3: ok, bye!
Cannonsgirl2008: so, uhhhh
Cannonsgirl2008: bye
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
kyrane7 has entered the room.
kyrane7: hi
MajestiCRadiO3: hi
kyrane7: dead in ere
MajestiCRadiO3: its pretty quiet right now
kyrane7: wasnt before
kyrane7: there was too many ppl typing
kyrane7: was scary
MajestiCRadiO3: really? eee
x sweet harmony: Yes! I just mailed out my very last Christmas card(yes, after Christmas)...
x sweet harmony: And my hand is cramped. I've written about 40 cards this year... 30 for school and 10 to
MajestiCRadiO3: aww, well, at least you got them done!
lunibug4: yes
kyrane7: ok...
MajestiCRadiO3: yey!
MajestiCRadiO3: nevada here we come
kyrane7: really?
kyrane7: omg
kyrane7: lumos
kyrane7: ?
MajestiCRadiO3: yesss
kyrane7: wow
kyrane7: awesome
lunibug4: okay i fixed it
lunibug4: yeah we're leaving tomorrow
lunibug4: actually.
lunibug4: i'm going to pick up chloe, allie, caitlin and
lunibug4: we're kidnapping john noe to be chloe's chap.
kyrane7: what bout me
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has entered the room.
lunibug4: my car only fits five people
lunibug4: you can ride in the trunk with micah if you must
lunibug4: wait
lunibug4: we have to bring six months worth of stuff
x sweet harmony: Hye Lauren!
lunibug4: so i guess not
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im not supposted to b eon the cpu
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *be on
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: shhhh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: rab
Chlojo3: RABBI
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: back
MajestiCRadiO3: rabbi
lunibug4: rabbittt?
Chlojo3: RABBI
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ?
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 3
lunibug4: RABBI
MajestiCRadiO3: rabbi!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: rabbi?
lunibug4: rabbi is the new pwn
MajestiCRadiO3: lmao
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh lol
MajestiCRadiO3: rabbi totally is!
Chlojo3: chipotle
MajestiCRadiO3: chipotle
lunibug4: chipotle
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: is chipotle the new rabbi?
lunibug4: yes
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: i honor of john
MajestiCRadiO3: in
lunibug4: IN
lunibug4: caitlin
lunibug4: in is the new chipotle
MajestiCRadiO3: obviously!
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 3
lunibug4: IN!
MajestiCRadiO3: in
Chlojo3: RIP
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: dumbledore
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: wrong screen
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: sorry
lunibug4: allie
Alikona0000: yeah
Alikona0000: hi
lunibug4: hey
Alikona0000: I'm back
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
Alikona0000: lol
lunibug4: okay
MajestiCRadiO3: hii allie
MajestiCRadiO3: no narnia?
Alikona0000: Narnia isn't until 6:50...
Alikona0000: bah
lunibug4: bring snacks
MajestiCRadiO3: ooooh
MajestiCRadiO3: yes for snacks
lunibug4: yesss
Alikona0000: lol, I like how it starts all nice....AND THEN....
lunibug4: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: then 'tis crazy!
lunibug4: yeah after we pick up chloe it gets crazy
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ahhh i g2g... again for real this time
Alikona0000: oooh, I get it
lunibug4: bye
MajestiCRadiO3: ok, bye!
lunibug4: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: stupid parents
Alikona0000: bye
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has left the room.
Alikona0000: omg....Nevada
Alikona0000: is SO far away
MajestiCRadiO3: i know! unbelievable!
lunibug4: yes it is
lunibug4: they need to hold lumos closer to me
lunibug4: now kthx
MajestiCRadiO3: i knoooow
Alikona0000: they need it in Boston
lunibug4: yeah
lunibug4: BOSTON
lunibug4: that's even closer to me then NYC
MajestiCRadiO3: definitely boston
MajestiCRadiO3: that is a good plan
Alikona0000: I pick Boston over NYC cause they always get shafted
Alikona0000: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: aww poor boston
lunibug4: yeah
MajestiCRadiO3: bean town!
lunibug4: are you still going to boston to see k'lyssa
lunibug4: allie
Alikona0000: I have NO idea
lunibug4: aw
Alikona0000: I don't think I am, cause they are WAY too late in telling me plans
MajestiCRadiO3: aw!
anir107 has entered the room.
lunibug4: aww allie
Alikona0000: two weeks ago was ONE thing, you know.
Alikona0000: but shes coming up in DAYS
lunibug4: yeah
anir107: fill me in?
Alikona0000: and no one can tell me whats going on
Chlojo3: THERINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MajestiCRadiO3: rinaaa
lunibug4: hey rinna
anir107: who are you talking about
Chlojo3: *huggles*
Sejo Apex has left the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: k'lyssa
lunibug4: k'lyssa coming to boston
anir107: oh
anir107: so whats this "two weeks ago was one thing" ?
Alikona0000: when I was first invited to come
anir107: Allie wants to spend time aloooone with mike or something? XD
Alikona0000: yes, I do.
Alikona0000: Steal his innocence.
anir107: oh really, i was right?
magical maladies has entered the room.
Alikona0000: huh?
magical maladies: i just tried to go into migglecastfan
MajestiCRadiO3: alice!
magical maladies: hi y'all
anir107: Alice!
MajestiCRadiO3: lol
lunibug4: hey alice
magical maladies: how are we all?
anir107: So Allie, are you teh jealous of K'lyssa?
MajestiCRadiO3: allie, stealing someone's innocence? oh snap!
magical maladies: I'll just pretend I know what you guys are talking about
magical maladies: lol
Alikona0000: haha, cradle snatching, yup
anir107: Allie's jealous of K'lyssa
magical maladies: she is?!
magical maladies: whyfore?
anir107: because she wants to spend time with mike
MajestiCRadiO3: oooooohhhhhhh
anir107: aloooooone
Alikona0000: HAHAHA.
anir107: and make babbies
Alikona0000: babbies
magical maladies: :O
anir107: i mean, to eat porrige....
Alikona0000: hahahahhaha
anir107: *babies
magical maladies: babbies LMFAO
anir107: BABBIES
anir107: XD
MajestiCRadiO3: babbies! best ever!
anir107: i'm cracking up r ight now
Alikona0000: yeah me too
anir107: ok, so yeah
anir107: but she can't spend time alooooone
anir107: cuz k'lyssa is coming
anir107: little do they know i'm coming too
anir107: oh snap
magical maladies: LOLOL
anir107: .... kidding
Alikona0000: haha, you should come
anir107: *sigh*
anir107: Boston is Love, but i have school this week
MajestiCRadiO3: this week??
Alikona0000: nasty
anir107: tuesday, wednesday, and thursday
Alikona0000: omg
Alikona0000: evil
MajestiCRadiO3: ah!! how is that allowed?!
anir107: its a jewish thing
magical maladies: rina
anir107: winter vacation is in january
MajestiCRadiO3: ooohh, i see
anir107: What?
magical maladies: who is the random anon person on your journal? O_O
anir107: Alex Geller
anir107: guy in my grade
magical maladies: LOL nice
anir107: why?
magical maladies: just curious
magical maladies: lol
anir107: heh
Alikona0000: who did I tell about the toilephone?
magical maladies: the wha?
Alikona0000: On skype.
anir107: yeah, alice, he tells me like every day to rent 'Kings Ransom' so if you look a the message, it
says 'rent kings ransom' at the end... really gives him away...
Alikona0000: I think John was there, so yeah
anir107: skypeeee
anir107: no one ever can hear me on that program
MajestiCRadiO3: skypeeeey
Alikona0000: Yeah, what's up with that!
anir107: i have my mic on medium
anir107: but that should be loud enough
Alikona0000: then FIX it
Alikona0000: haha
magical maladies: ahahahaa oka
magical maladies: y
anir107: allie, go on skype and tell me how loud it is :\
Alikona0000: I can't right now, I have an audience
anir107: Gotcha
anir107: who?
Alikona0000: Matt and my mom
Alikona0000: I mean, my brother
anir107: lol
lunibug4: what?
Chlojo3: i dont wish i was a hipster
lunibug4: chloe
anir107: Lol Liane
MajestiCRadiO3: idontiwshiwasahipster
lunibug4: LONG
MajestiCRadiO3: speled wrong too!
lunibug4: *goes to las vegas*
anir107: chloe do you want to be my experiment and tell me if i'm audable?
anir107: *audible
Chlojo3: yeah, sure
Alikona0000: brb guys
lunibug4: CHLOE
Chlojo3: WHAT?!
Chlojo3: *salutes*
battys5115: ?
lunibug4: LUV
lunibug4: batty
lunibug4: s
MajestiCRadiO3: you're leaving already cassi?
lunibug4: 5115
lunibug4: what?
lunibug4: no
lunibug4: yes
lunibug4: i am
lunibug4: right now
MajestiCRadiO3: whoaaaa
Chlojo3: rina......are u here?
lunibug4: BUBBLES
MajestiCRadiO3: my bubbles!
BrownyShahana has entered the room.
lunibug4: hi
BrownyShahana: hey
lunibug4: :-D
anir107: f'n mic
lunibug4: aw rina :-(
MajestiCRadiO3: rina1
MajestiCRadiO3: !
lunibug4: we love you rina
anir107: lol
anir107: it worked last week... *sniffle*
lunibug4: :-(
anir107: maybe its just not cool enough for confrences
MajestiCRadiO3: awww!
lunibug4: weeeir
lunibug4: d
anir107: hehe
anir107: wtvr
MajestiCRadiO3: it needs to be
anir107: silence...
MajestiCRadiO3: silencio!
BrownyShahana: any of you guys do boxing day shopping?
MajestiCRadiO3: noo
MajestiCRadiO3: <-- lazy
BrownyShahana: lol
magical maladies: dead lazy
magical maladies: may go another day this week
magical maladies: but still probs just gonna be lazy
magical maladies: lol
anir107 has left the room.
kyrane7 has left the room.
lunibug4: lazy
MajestiCRadiO3: laaazy!
Chlojo3: hey guys, guess what
Chlojo3: jk isn't really a real person
Chlojo3: *cough*sarcasm*cough*
lunibug4: I AM JKR
magical maladies: LMAO
lunibug4: and]
lunibug4: I AM DAN RAD
lunibug4: and
lunibug4: EMMA WATSON
MajestiCRadiO3: and hermione jane rickman
lunibug4: caitlin
lunibug4: i love you
MajestiCRadiO3: i looove hermione jane rickman!!
MajestiCRadiO3: dan rad!!
MajestiCRadiO3: <---padma
lunibug4: <--- parvati
magical maladies: lolololol
lunibug4: we recast for movie si
lunibug4: x
BrownyShahana has left the room.
lunibug4: shawn is luna lolz
MajestiCRadiO3: shawn is totally luna!
lunibug4: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: so whos neville?
lunibug4: um
lunibug4: i dunno
magical maladies: so we died
MajestiCRadiO3: dead as a doornail
magical maladies: yup
KelAzMA: Okay guys
KelAzMA: wanna help me?
magical maladies: sure what is it?
MajestiCRadiO3: with what?
KelAzMA: Okay...
KelAzMA: if Ron were professing his love to Hermione....what kinda things would he say?
Chlojo3: hey, babe, let's go play some quidditch
BrownyShahana has entered the room.
Chlojo3: lets go snog in the corner
MajestiCRadiO3: totally chloe
KelAzMA: okay
KelAzMA: I'll give you a better scenerio
KelAzMA: The Trio has destroyed all of Voldy's horcri
KelAzMA: and tomorrow is the day that Harry is going to fight Voldy
KelAzMA: and Hermione/Ron are going with him to fight off the Death Eaters while he's bastardizing
KelAzMA: what would he say to Hermione.....
MajestiCRadiO3: whoa, um, i don't know
MajestiCRadiO3: thats intense!
KelAzMA: so good it's not just me that can't think
KelAzMA: it wasn't so hard to write hermione's part
Alikona0000 has left the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: haha, ron is just not very expressive
KelAzMA: I know
KelAzMA: and I'm so damn Hermioneish
KelAzMA: I can express her fairly well
KelAzMA: she reminds me of "joey" from Dawson's creek
MajestiCRadiO3: yeah, she is joey
MajestiCRadiO3: and ron is pacey
MajestiCRadiO3: lol
KelAzMA: I meant she uses really big words
KelAzMA: when smaller word would be sufficient
lunibug4: what
lunibug4: ev.
lunibug4: slughorn
MajestiCRadiO3: horace
mArIcHaBaLdIs has entered the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey!
MajestiCRadiO3: aw hey isabel!
doublebubble512: hello
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *waves* =)
MajestiCRadiO3: kathleen! i didn't see you here
doublebubble512: I just got on
MajestiCRadiO3: hey dude
mArIcHaBaLdIs: so, how's everyone??
lunibug4: yo kidz.
doublebubble512: I'm great how are you?
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: micahwave.
MajestiCRadiO3: goood
lunibug4: hahaha
doublebubble512: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: christmas tree!
doublebubble512: *hahe
mArIcHaBaLdIs: loilz
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I'm great.., soo bored though
MajestiCRadiO3: yeeeaah, boredom
doublebubble512: I'm about to call MuggleCast
lunibug4: oh say hi
lunibug4: to them
MajestiCRadiO3: oooh! thats exciting!
doublebubble512: I know
doublebubble512: question time
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what are you going to ask?
doublebubble512: What they think of the Maurader's dieing thing, with the map in the oposite order of
how they died.
MajestiCRadiO3: oooh, cool question
lunibug4: moony, wormtail, padfoot, and prongs....... cool
lunibug4: that means lupin lives longer then wormtail
doublebubble512: yep
lunibug4: lupin <3
magical maladies: GOD I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING
doublebubble512: hahe
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol why did he im her?
magical maladies: because she's in the next room and I was talking to him about it
magical maladies: and he's like "what's her AIM?"
MajestiCRadiO3: haha, silly eric
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha loilz
lunibug4: oh lolz
doublebubble512: haha Andrew's voice squeaks in the voice mail message thing
magical maladies: it does? LMAO
Chlojo3: next time give him my s/n!
MajestiCRadiO3: omg does it?!
lunibug4: i wanna call it now just to hear it
MajestiCRadiO3: funniest ever!
doublebubble512: hahe yeah it's great!
MajestiCRadiO3: i'll listen for you kathleen
lunibug4: batty
MajestiCRadiO3: s
Chlojo3: you should try it in heels
Chlojo3: alice! get eric to come in the chatroom!
lunibug4: omgz no
lunibug4: NEVILLE
MajestiCRadiO3: accio neville!
lunibug4: yes
MajestiCRadiO3: ninja arthur
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what's the number for calling and leaving a voicemail?
doublebubble512: hold on
doublebubble512: 1218
doublebubble512: 206
doublebubble512: 2442
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk
doublebubble512: It's programmed into my phone now
MajestiCRadiO3: haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i'm so aking permission to call now XD
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has entered the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *asking
mArIcHaBaLdIs: urgh typos
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hey!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
doublebubble512: Lauren!
MajestiCRadiO3: eee typos!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hahe
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: brb
lunibug4: OMG
lunibug4: i just called it and it does
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my moms having technology problems
doublebubble512: hahe, told you!
Eric l MuggleNet has entered the room.
doublebubble512: Hi Eric
Eric l MuggleNet: Chloe, your wish is granted.
gingernut17 has entered the room.
magical maladies: there you go chloe :P
Eric l MuggleNet: HI EVERYONE!
BrownyShahana: omg! its eric!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Loilz
KelAzMA: *laughs* OMG!
BrownyShahana: yeah sry im new
doublebubble512: hahe
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey Eric *waves*
magical maladies: okay
magical maladies: what's with the loila thing?
magical maladies: *loilz
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: back
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
JenAl8914 has entered the room.
Eric l MuggleNet: ROLE CALL
mArIcHaBaLdIs: typo :P
doublebubble512: wb lauren
KelAzMA: ERIC! *dies* hehe
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: uh it was my typo
gingernut17: lo out loud in le zoo
magical maladies: because i'm so confused
doublebubble512: <---- Kathleen
gingernut17: *laugh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: <---------Lauren
MajestiCRadiO3: <-- caitlin
Chlojo3: <--CHLOE
mArIcHaBaLdIs: <----- Isabel! w00t w00t
gingernut17: <---Me
JenAl8914: <-----Jenny
Chlojo3: ERIC *tackles*
KelAzMA: <---Kellee (I have a name...don't die)
magical maladies: <- bob the builder
Chlojo3: Guess what! guess what!
lunibug4: < Cassi
doublebubble512: *gasp*
lunibug4: can we fix it?
magical maladies: i work at st mungos
MajestiCRadiO3: yes we can!
gingernut17: YES WE CAN
Chlojo3: eric!!!!!!! guess what! *hops up and down*
doublebubble512: What?
magical maladies: :-)
Eric l MuggleNet: =) Kathleen, Lauren, Caitlin, Chloe, Isabel, Me, Jenny, Kellee, Bob the Builder, Cassi
MajestiCRadiO3: lmao!!
gingernut17: hee
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lmao bob the builder wth?
magical maladies: kind of dead
lunibug4: lolz
magical maladies: but good
Chlojo3: its great! u gotta guess what, thou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
magical maladies: i wanted to be original
BrownyShahana: <---Shahana
JenAl8914: bore
JenAl8914: d
MajestiCRadiO3: bored
doublebubble512: boring
gingernut17: bored and down in the dumps....
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
doublebubble512: day
gingernut17: lol
lunibug4: <- Parvati
Chlojo3: *boings* guessssssss whaaaaaaaaatttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
MajestiCRadiO3: <-- padma
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I'm always bored lol
JenAl8914: what??
magical maladies: i'm actually hermione granger
Sky4123: hey! i am back!
lunibug4: <3
magical maladies: this is my secret identity
mArIcHaBaLdIs: eric please answer Chloe
Chlojo3: nah, eric has to guess what
Chlojo3: *pouts*
Eric l MuggleNet: what?
lunibug4: hermione jane rickman.
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
lunibug4: lolz
doublebubble512: ERIC I want to tell you something too!
Eric l MuggleNet: oooh!
Chlojo3: yay....ok....we're casting HP6....right?
magical maladies: LOLOLOL
KelAzMA: we?
Eric l MuggleNet: yay Kathleen!
Chlojo3: and you're casted as Neville.....
Cannonsgirl2008: whats up yall?
KelAzMA: *laughs*
Eric l MuggleNet: umm
Sky4123: we are?
Eric l MuggleNet: i am?
Cannonsgirl2008: oh my god!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey Colleen
lunibug4: yes
MajestiCRadiO3: heey colleen
KelAzMA: I had no idea
KelAzMA: damn
Eric l MuggleNet: but what's wrong with Matt Lewis?
Chlojo3: yes, cause you're cute like neville!
lunibug4: nothing
Eric l MuggleNet: Why can't I be Cedric Diggory?!
Eric l MuggleNet: =D
Chlojo3: nothin
KelAzMA: I thought being in here 24/7 was enough
Chlojo3: cause he's dead
MajestiCRadiO3: cuz he's dead!
Eric l MuggleNet: aw
lunibug4: he died
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
gingernut17: Cause we don't like you dead
Eric l MuggleNet: his name wasn't April
KelAzMA: he's dead?
Chlojo3: i said that at first....but i didn't want u to die
Cannonsgirl2008: I wan't to be cast as Lavender!
gingernut17: It's out again
KelAzMA: *dies*
magical maladies: AHAHAAAHA
magical maladies: rent
gingernut17: Sorry bout your friend
Eric l MuggleNet: sorry bout Harry's friend
Cannonsgirl2008: that way I can make out with Ruper
Chlojo3: no, i'm lavender
Cannonsgirl2008: Rupter*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I want to be lavender
gingernut17: heehee
mArIcHaBaLdIs: oh darn it!
Cannonsgirl2008: Rupert!
KelAzMA: Rupter?
Cannonsgirl2008: aaaah
Chlojo3: so i get to snog john noe, lol
KelAzMA: hehehe
Cannonsgirl2008: can't type
Eric l MuggleNet: =P But Neville wasn't in HP6!
KelAzMA: that's his new name
Cannonsgirl2008: oh
KelAzMA: Rupter
Chlojo3: we'll MAKE him in HP6
Cannonsgirl2008: well, john noe, not rupert
Eric l MuggleNet: haha
lunibug4: um yes he was
KelAzMA: Rupter?
Cannonsgirl2008: Rupter
lunibug4: oh my
magical maladies: rupter
Eric l MuggleNet: REPTAR!
Chlojo3: who would u wanna be? cause we couldn't think of anyone...
doublebubble512: hahe
magical maladies: that's awesome
Sky4123: awesome
MajestiCRadiO3: stop lying eric, he totally was
Cannonsgirl2008: he sounds like an infection
Sky4123: haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol!
Chlojo3: lol, reptar
BrownyShahana: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: ahhahahahhahaha
Eric l MuggleNet: REPTAR!
lunibug4: rugrats!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I'm luna!!
magical maladies: it's like
magical maladies: pwn
Cannonsgirl2008: from Rugrats
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *bounces*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lmao
Eric l MuggleNet: HALT! I AM REPTAR!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: wow
doublebubble512: I love Rugrats
Chlojo3: andrew was malfoy...ben is both crabbe and goyle *they are now twins*
KelAzMA: The best toy ever!
Eric l MuggleNet: HALT! I AM REPTAR!
Sky4123: awesome!
Cannonsgirl2008: wow
MajestiCRadiO3: reptar!
Eric l MuggleNet: =P
KelAzMA: *cowers* oooh
Cannonsgirl2008: ok
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hyper much yall?
Sky4123: i used to love that show
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I soo remember reptar oh god
Sky4123: haha
magical maladies: *sings*
KelAzMA: have some more coffee Eric
Eric l MuggleNet: LOL
Eric l MuggleNet: haha
Eric l MuggleNet: hey now Kellee
Eric l MuggleNet: i hate coffee
Eric l MuggleNet: I answered that question
Sky4123: me 2!
Eric l MuggleNet: didn't I?
Chlojo3: i LOVE coffeee
Eric l MuggleNet: =P
doublebubble512: Eric guess what, guess what?
lunibug4: ew coffeee
doublebubble512: !
Chlojo3: coffee=GOD
Sky4123: i hate coffee
Sky4123: ewwww
MajestiCRadiO3: coffee is loooove
lunibug4: tea=god
Eric l MuggleNet: Oooh WHAT, Kathleen?!
KelAzMA: *shrugs* I don't read the boards....
mArIcHaBaLdIs: coffee is love!
BrownyShahana: coffee isss gooood!
KelAzMA: I think I tolda ya that, eh?
doublebubble512: I left a voice mail!
Eric l MuggleNet: lol
Eric l MuggleNet: OOOH
Eric l MuggleNet: SO DID IZZY
doublebubble512: hahe
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
magical maladies: ........he did
Eric l MuggleNet: yeah!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: reallyy?
doublebubble512: Izzy rocks!
magical maladies: AHAHAHAAH
Eric l MuggleNet: I hope it makes it on the New Year's show
Chlojo3: *tugs on eric's sleeve* eric! eric!!!!!!!!!!!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: oh god *dies*
doublebubble512: Me too!
Eric l MuggleNet: so I can expose the conspiracy
magical maladies: do they know yet?
KelAzMA: I don't leave my voice....anywhere...unless it's singing...'cause my voice sucks LOL
Eric l MuggleNet: before the year is over
Chlojo3: can i have a hug? *puppy eyes*
KelAzMA: conspiracy?
KelAzMA: eh?
Eric l MuggleNet: =D
Cannonsgirl2008: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
Eric l MuggleNet: I was Izzy
doublebubble512: Yeah say it Eric
KelAzMA: oi
Eric l MuggleNet: it was a plot to get on the show
Cannonsgirl2008: ok
Eric l MuggleNet: =D
Sky4123: huh??
doublebubble512: Tell the world!
Eric l MuggleNet: when it wasn't my week
Eric l MuggleNet: haha
lunibug4: o.O
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha Izzy rocked
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm officially lost
magical maladies: ally's singing to me :P
Sky4123: sooo confused....i think i missed something
KelAzMA: There was this one time
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: me 2
Cannonsgirl2008: Izzy from Oz?
Eric l MuggleNet: IT was my plot to control the conversation even though I wal elsewhere
KelAzMA: when I knew what was going on
KelAzMA: and right now
KelAzMA: isn't one of them
Eric l MuggleNet: Izzy from Oz
Eric l MuggleNet: =D
KelAzMA: it was weird
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Izzy from Oz!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i like toto
magical maladies: only not
Cannonsgirl2008: Kel, I'm with you
Chlojo3: i'm hungry
Eric l MuggleNet: This time I ask about the topic I want to control too.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: it was awesome
doublebubble512: Episode 18
Chlojo3: i wish i had some fried chicken
Sky4123: so pretended to be izzy...then you left a voicemail?\
MajestiCRadiO3: KFC
Cannonsgirl2008: I wish my iTunes was working
lunibug4: me too chloe
Eric l MuggleNet: yeah lol
Chlojo3: no, popeye's is better
Sky4123: oh that awesome
BrownyShahana: bestest voicemail =)
Eric l MuggleNet: adn now i left another one in case I'm not on the New Year's show
KelAzMA: You sending yourself Christmas Cards too?
Eric l MuggleNet: I'll be out of state
KelAzMA: hehehe
Chlojo3: NO!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I'm sure they already know so they will put the voicemail on :P
Chlojo3: *gunna cry*
MajestiCRadiO3: as izzy again?
lunibug4: out of state
Eric l MuggleNet: yep
Chlojo3: my new year wont be good unless i hear eric....:-(
doublebubble512: hahe
KelAzMA: the "state" of reality, eh?
lunibug4: me too. i'll be out of state for the next six months
Cannonsgirl2008: HAHAHAHAH
Sky4123: that's very sneaky eric
Cannonsgirl2008: kel, you win
Sky4123: haha
Cannonsgirl2008: at life
Eric l MuggleNet: =P
Chlojo3: o, well, can i call you to wish you happy new year, eric?
MajestiCRadiO3: yes you will cassi!
KelAzMA: 'cept that one time
lunibug4: with chloe and caitlin and allie
Eric l MuggleNet: no
KelAzMA: when I lost
Eric l MuggleNet: lol
lunibug4: and john
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ahhh *crazy chat again*
KelAzMA: this time around
Eric l MuggleNet: but you can on the forums
lunibug4: lolz
anir107 has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: damn it why the hell is it going so fast????
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
Cannonsgirl2008: I can't catch up
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
lunibug4: therina
Chlojo3: aw....
MajestiCRadiO3: therina
KelAzMA: because I'm talking
BrownyShahana: yeah i cant keep up!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
KelAzMA: on one line
Chlojo3: ok....*pouts*
anir107: Hi
KelAzMA: at a atime
Sky4123: read fast colleen!!
anir107: oh sweet this chat isn't dead
KelAzMA: instead of all together
Chlojo3: THERINA *snuggles*
KelAzMA: in a paragraph
Cannonsgirl2008: I know, I'll try
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey rina
KelAzMA: Colleen....just use one eye
KelAzMA: it's easier to follow
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahahhaa
Sky4123: its hard...i am getting motion sickness... lol
wishiwasaHIPSTER has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: I can't wink though!
lunibug4: hahaa
anir107: hehe
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
KelAzMA: use one eye helps
anir107: LIANE
x sweet harmony: Colleeeeeen's here! During the day!!
lunibug4: SNAPE!
MajestiCRadiO3: snape!
Chlojo3: SNAPE
Cannonsgirl2008: yes!
Sky4123: thanks kels
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahah
anir107: or not
Cannonsgirl2008: ai am
KelAzMA: Bonnie..she's always just didn't know
Cannonsgirl2008: I am*
x sweet harmony: It's still light out!
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
KelAzMA: she's as bad as me...
Cannonsgirl2008: I am
wishiwasaHIPSTER: hey dudes
KelAzMA: 'cept not as old
Cannonsgirl2008: always
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: rase your hand if you are as confuzzled as I....
Chlojo3: *huggles Radar the teddy bear*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *raise
Eric l MuggleNet: LIANE
Cannonsgirl2008: EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE
Sky4123: i have been here all just didn't see me!
Cannonsgirl2008: *dies
Eric l MuggleNet: HAPPY HANNUKAH
Sky4123: lol
anir107: *raises hand*
x sweet harmony: lmao I added you to my list today. =DDD
wishiwasaHIPSTER: youve said that 50 times
mArIcHaBaLdIs: brb guys =)
anir107: Thank you, Eric
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *RAB
KelAzMA: I'd raise my hand...but it would neccessitate me taking my hands off the keyboard
Eric l MuggleNet: RAB
anir107: Happy Chanukah, Liane
wishiwasaHIPSTER: i got the point
KelAzMA: and I'm trying to write, eh?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i know i know
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *leaves*
anir107: i can actually spell it correctly....
Sky4123: yeah...same here kel
KelAzMA: gotta finish this song before my voice is completely back...
Cannonsgirl2008: ummmmmm I don't know why I'm raising my hand
anir107: exactly!
KelAzMA: so when it's done...I can kick ass singing it, eh?
Cannonsgirl2008: and my buffalo's don't work when I raise my hand
KelAzMA: hehehe
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhaha
Sky4123: what
KelAzMA: *herding buffalo*
Sky4123: ???
MajestiCRadiO3: yeah kel
KelAzMA: hey it's Colleen
x sweet harmony: lmao
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahaha
x sweet harmony: I could add it to my iPod, Kel.
KelAzMA: or not
Cannonsgirl2008: I swear! they follow me everywhere!
x sweet harmony: Crap, we're awesome.
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhaha
Sky4123: going crazy from all the "family time"
Cannonsgirl2008: we are
KelAzMA: hehe I wonder if Eric ever heard the Greg song
Cannonsgirl2008: a littel
KelAzMA: *dies*
Sky4123: me 2
Cannonsgirl2008: little*
lunibug4: yey iPods
x sweet harmony: lol
Sky4123: they finally left today
KelAzMA: then he'd really be scared.....
Eric l MuggleNet: iMuggle!
Eric l MuggleNet: rules the world!
Sky4123: iPWN...
Sky4123: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: ?
Eric l MuggleNet: 1, 2, 3....!
Eric l MuggleNet: PWN
lunibug4: iMuggleUAllNightLong
anir107: iYeah
Sky4123: PWN
anir107: PWN
lunibug4: IN
wishiwasaHIPSTER: hey guess what
BrownyShahana: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: IN
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: PWn
doublebubble512: PWN
Cannonsgirl2008: OWN!
KelAzMA: iPdo!
Sky4123: what?
KelAzMA: heheh
wishiwasaHIPSTER: its late december, and i look out the window and see palm tress
wishiwasaHIPSTER: *trees
Sky4123: lucky you
anir107: are you in Eilat?
Cannonsgirl2008: (I'm being a nonconformist)
wishiwasaHIPSTER: and normally i expect the cold winter of NY
Sky4123: i will be seeing them on Friday
KelAzMA: It's late december...I look out the window...
wishiwasaHIPSTER: but im in tel aviv
anir107: oh
x sweet harmony: lol Colleen. Individualism? Pssh. So 10 minutes ago.
Cannonsgirl2008: I see grass when I look out my window
KelAzMA: and see my neighbor's overgrown palm trees dropping crap into my back yard
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahah
anir107: Liane is so cool yeah
Sky4123: i see...blackness...and just freezing cold weather...with NO SNOW!!!
x sweet harmony: Eric, did you sleep well last night?
wishiwasaHIPSTER: and i realized... this is where it all happebned right? so actually i have it right
Cannonsgirl2008: oh and a big wooden fence
wishiwasaHIPSTER: some white christmas
Cannonsgirl2008: I have a wonderful view
anir107: Liane can i add you to my LJ friends?
wishiwasaHIPSTER: jesus probably never saw snow
wishiwasaHIPSTER: yes you can
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: PSHHHHHHHHHT
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: it never snows in georgia
KelAzMA: Bonnie...sure he did.....after he filled out the restraining order....
magical maladies: lj is love!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: like ever
KelAzMA: heheh
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahaha
x sweet harmony: It's colder today than yesterday.
magical maladies: everyone should be an ljers
x sweet harmony: lmao Kel
wishiwasaHIPSTER: lj is definitely love
magical maladies: *lers
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Back =D
anir107: Yeah
magical maladies: *LJER AHH CAN'T TYPE
wishiwasaHIPSTER: except mine is sooooooooo incriminating
BrownyShahana: its warmer in toronto than it should be...there's stiill patches of green
Sky4123: omg...guys...i am going to have to go 10 DAYS with out internet service!!!!!!!!!
Cannonsgirl2008: eric gave up
KelAzMA: First Kevin...then Eric....who's next?
wishiwasaHIPSTER: and i have teachewrs who read it
Cannonsgirl2008: trying to understand us
x sweet harmony: MICAH.
magical maladies:
KelAzMA: eh...
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: but its not fair we almost had an ice day and forsyth county got out of school but not
magical maladies: *pimps journal*
Cannonsgirl2008: MICAAAAAAAAAAH
KelAzMA: I won't get close enough to Micah, eh?
x sweet harmony: Oh you know he's next.
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhahaha
Eric l MuggleNet:
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
magical maladies: LOLOLOL
x sweet harmony: lmfao
Chlojo3: gah, no
BrownyShahana: lol
KelAzMA: Ben's next?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: omg
Cannonsgirl2008: heehee
wishiwasaHIPSTER: dont you start that eric
magical maladies: eric pimp your own community
magical maladies: :P
anir107: <-- coming... EVENTUALLY!
Sky4123: thanks if i don't already have it memorized
Sky4123: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: wait, we can't get micah in here, because then kel will leave
Cannonsgirl2008: for ever
magical maladies: rina's site is just speculation
KelAzMA: Ookay...I guess I'm starting on Ben next LMAO...scarring him for life is next
anir107: Hehehe
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
x sweet harmony: Kel would have a heart attack.
Cannonsgirl2008: heehee
Cannonsgirl2008: si
Sky4123: awesome rina
Cannonsgirl2008: si senorita
KelAzMA: Micah gives me a heart attack anyways
Cannonsgirl2008: to add to the list of her medical issues
x sweet harmony: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhaha
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: no, no more spanish please
KelAzMA: yeah
x sweet harmony: Hahah.
Sky4123: haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: why no more spanish?
anir107: Me gusta mucho Micah
mArIcHaBaLdIs: spanish rocks man
KelAzMA: put it right next to "spaz"
KelAzMA: and "dork"
mArIcHaBaLdIs: =)
Sky4123: espanol es muy bueno
x sweet harmony: There was this one time...
mArIcHaBaLdIs: si =)
Cannonsgirl2008: how do you say buffalo in spanish?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i like spanish but....
KelAzMA: when I didn't suck
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahha
KelAzMA: and it was weird
Cannonsgirl2008: it was weird
mArIcHaBaLdIs: bufalo?
x sweet harmony: It was weird.
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahahaahahahhaha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
x sweet harmony: lmao!
BrownyShahana: *confused cuz she doesnt know spanish becuase she is forced to learn french*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: urgh french
Cannonsgirl2008: yes buffalo
KelAzMA: Quebec?
Eric l MuggleNet: FRENCH
BrownyShahana: toronot
magical maladies: french rules
BrownyShahana: *toronto
anir107: i wanted to learn french
MajestiCRadiO3: <3 french
mArIcHaBaLdIs: BUFFALO =BUFALO colleen
Sky4123: i am in Spainsh right now
magical maladies: I spoke it for four years
Cannonsgirl2008: ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
x sweet harmony: I'm taking French I. Haha. -awesomeness-
Sky4123: in school i mean
wishiwasaHIPSTER: i hate french
Cannonsgirl2008: heehee
BrownyShahana: cant wait to drop french next year
magical maladies: I was taught it from when i was like...two?
wishiwasaHIPSTER: im so glad im done with it
anir107: i hate hebrew
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
Eric l MuggleNet: bur you love frenching, Liane
Eric l MuggleNet: =D
Cannonsgirl2008: ME GUSTA EL BUFALO!
KelAzMA: See...Eric ran to mail off the restraining order, Bonnie
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
Eric l MuggleNet: your boyfriend told me
KelAzMA: but the mails out today
x sweet harmony: HAHA.
Sky4123: haha...eric
magical maladies: aahahah rina I spent most of yesterday with our jew friends
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
Sky4123: lmao
x sweet harmony: It is, Kel?
wishiwasaHIPSTER: i cant believe you have the balls to say that eric
Cannonsgirl2008: so does someone else that I can name, but wont ;-)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i am SOOOO not a stalker
magical maladies: whoa font
x sweet harmony: Hahahah!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ahh orange and blue
KelAzMA: those who say that....
wishiwasaHIPSTER: we both know im a free agent =P
KelAzMA: are
BrownyShahana: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: >.<
x sweet harmony: Kel, mails out today?
Cannonsgirl2008: wow don't know whats happening?
lunibug4: mail
Cannonsgirl2008: free agent?
KelAzMA: Yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: ooh I want an agent!
magical maladies: i need to send my christmas cards out ;__;
Sky4123: orange and blue...nice gator colors!!
Cannonsgirl2008: for free
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: no
x sweet harmony: Crap.
anir107: eric is too cool for beit hasefer
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: auburn!
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
KelAzMA: agent? like Hockey?
magical maladies: what is beit hasefer?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha}
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhahahhahaha
gingernut17: school
KelAzMA: *starts beating random people up*
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaharh
magical maladies:
wishiwasaHIPSTER: beit hasefer is hebrew for school
BrownyShahana: woot for hockey!...yeah sry i know that was random
wishiwasaHIPSTER: hockey?
KelAzMA: Hockey is life....
x sweet harmony: I had two Christmas cards left to mail and I rushed to get them done today. XD
Cannonsgirl2008: kel = hockey
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: [:-|<---- Frankenstein
KelAzMA: until you beat someone down
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhah
KelAzMA: and get thrown out
Sky4123: i love hockey!!
wishiwasaHIPSTER: i was talking about lack of boyfriend
x sweet harmony: I wrote 40 cards this year@!
KelAzMA: pregnant
BrownyShahana: i also <3 hockey
Cannonsgirl2008: not as much as kel
wishiwasaHIPSTER: i wrote 2 christmas cards
motherninja has entered the room.
wishiwasaHIPSTER: one i sent to eric
anir107: i wrote three lol
KelAzMA: Bonnie- did you do the..."dear reverend....."
lunibug4: NINJA wooot
Chlojo3: i'm gunna go get dinner, guys
KelAzMA: have a happy lesbian
MajestiCRadiO3: ninja!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I gave presents to all my class =)
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk
KelAzMA: damn it!
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahhaha Kel's the amazing pregnant hockey wrestler
anir107: i was going to send one to eric... but i dont trust the PO box, and he doesn't trust me with his
x sweet harmony: 40 freakin Christmas cards. Seriously. My hand was so cramped.
BrownyShahana: lol
Chlojo3: *huggles everyone*
Sky4123: i am going to write mine...just haven't gotten around to it yet
x sweet harmony: LMAO Kel!!
wishiwasaHIPSTER: the other went to a friend of mine in london
KelAzMA: It's sad when 2 chicks get beat up by a pregnant chick
Chlojo3: i might be back...bye!
KelAzMA: so sad so sad
mArIcHaBaLdIs: bye!
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
Chlojo3 has left the room.
KelAzMA: it's like getting schooled by Neville
Cannonsgirl2008: you do them good
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahha
x sweet harmony: Hahaha.
Sky4123: kels...are you ok??
Sky4123: haha
Sky4123: lol
KelAzMA: me?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hahaha
KelAzMA: I'm never okay
Cannonsgirl2008: she's AFREAKINIMAZING thats what she is
KelAzMA: especially when I've had coffee
KelAzMA: me?
KelAzMA: no
KelAzMA: I'm nuts
Sky4123: awesome
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
KelAzMA: and rate limited too
x sweet harmony: This... is what happens when you have 3 girls on crack on skype at 5am.
Cannonsgirl2008: only a little
KelAzMA: that's so nice
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yep
wishiwasaHIPSTER: i love christmas cards... i worked so hard on them this year which is why i only made
anir107: Lolol
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
Sky4123: haha
KelAzMA: psh...what happens on skype
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
KelAzMA: stays on skype
Sky4123: haha
Cannonsgirl2008: stays on skype
anir107: I made the coolest christmas card ever, yeah
x sweet harmony: lmao
KelAzMA: unless it's just too damn funny
anir107: Ally... be afraid
Cannonsgirl2008: we are so stupid
x sweet harmony: Hahaha Damn straight.
Cannonsgirl2008: its amazing
gingernut17: haha
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i have skype but its reeally messed up
gingernut17: I will be
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *realy
KelAzMA: Like Eric wondering wtf an old lady is doing hanging out with teenagers
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *really
Cannonsgirl2008: oh, Bonnie!
x sweet harmony: lmao
KelAzMA: now that's too fookin' funny
Sky4123: i ordered the headset...just waiting for it to get here
lunibug4: hey how many?
x sweet harmony: Yup?
MajestiCRadiO3: 5
motherninja: No.
Cannonsgirl2008: I went to sleep at 330
lunibug4: oh wow five?
x sweet harmony: fookin? HAHA DORK.
MajestiCRadiO3: not 5?
Cannonsgirl2008: and woke up at 1:30 in the afternoon
lunibug4: oh not five
KelAzMA: because It was 5 here
x sweet harmony: Haha lucky.
Cannonsgirl2008: it was so funny
MajestiCRadiO3: i guess not , ninja said so
x sweet harmony: When I hung up, it was 5:30am. XD
Cannonsgirl2008: I've never slept that late
Sky4123: i woke up at 10:30...and not by choice
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
lunibug4: arg pirates
motherninja: Arrggg
x sweet harmony: And I woke up at like... 2. XD
KelAzMA: and then my daughter woke up
Cannonsgirl2008: HAHHAHAHA
lunibug4: ARRG
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol!
Cannonsgirl2008: awww poor kel
KelAzMA: and cried and cried.....
magical maladies: I GOT MY WEBCAM WORKING
Cannonsgirl2008: no sleep
x sweet harmony: Awww.
Cannonsgirl2008: that because of us :-)
Sky4123: i would have slept until like 3..but my dog had other plans
magical maladies: lol, I'm so random it hurts
Sky4123: argh
KelAzMA: and I gave her medicine
lunibug4: alice is hott
Eric l MuggleNet: OMG
magical maladies: ahahah
lunibug4: roarrr
Eric l MuggleNet: WTF
Eric l MuggleNet: HORSYBIRD
Cannonsgirl2008: what?
Eric l MuggleNet: ALICE IS SO HOT
magical maladies: ..
KelAzMA: ah!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what?
Cannonsgirl2008: ?
Cannonsgirl2008: right
Eric l MuggleNet: o.o
KelAzMA: Eric?
magical maladies: go away you
lunibug4: i said it first.
Eric l MuggleNet: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: qwtf
BrownyShahana: lol
KelAzMA: (dang shift at random)
Eric l MuggleNet: yeah, she said it first
Eric l MuggleNet: oh well
lunibug4: lol
x sweet harmony: o.o;;
Cannonsgirl2008: hmnahargarg?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: O.o
gingernut17: o k
lunibug4: chloe is hotter,
KelAzMA: Eric did you ever hear the greg song?
lunibug4: haha..
wishiwasaHIPSTER: horsybird!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what greg song??
Sky4123: the greg song???
lunibug4: the greg song/?
Cannonsgirl2008: colleen is so not hott
Cannonsgirl2008: damn I hate that girl
x sweet harmony: lmao
KelAzMA: shhh....I wasn't talkin' to you guys
Cannonsgirl2008: she's so freakin annoying
x sweet harmony: -Plays on iPod-
anir107: rina is so not hott
lunibug4: colleennnn
gingernut17: Ally is fat
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahaha
Sky4123: colleen...stop talking about your self in the third person
doublebubble512: nice Rina
MajestiCRadiO3: aww, colleen
anir107: Ally, you are so frickin skinny
lunibug4: awwww
Sky4123: rina you too
anir107: rina is fat.
KelAzMA: oi
x sweet harmony: -.-;;
Cannonsgirl2008: AHHAHAHHA
motherninja: SO ANYWAY
MajestiCRadiO3: :u
wishiwasaHIPSTER: we're all phat
KelAzMA: *out of the fat/skinny conversation*
wishiwasaHIPSTER: with a PH
anir107: lolol
x sweet harmony: If that's not attention whoring, god knows what is..
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
Sky4123: yeah
anir107: i need to go eat LOL
Cannonsgirl2008: *was joking*
Sky4123: that can get dangerous
motherninja: Go.
anir107: be back later, doods
KelAzMA: not
anir107 has left the room.
Sky4123: bye rina
Cannonsgirl2008: whoring!
Cannonsgirl2008: yess!
MajestiCRadiO3: CAPSSSS
x sweet harmony: lmao
BrownyShahana: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm all for that~
KelAzMA: gotta find my whoring hat
Cannonsgirl2008: kel, me and you
KelAzMA: for Vegas
mArIcHaBaLdIs: whoring?
magical maladies has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: yessssss
x sweet harmony: Or maybe a MASK would be better, Kel?
Cannonsgirl2008: Kel, we'll whore in vegas together~
x sweet harmony: A certain TYPE of mask.
lunibug4: my new years res is to learn to fly. kthx.
Cannonsgirl2008: ahhahHAHAHHAHAHAAH
doublebubble512: My New Year Resolution is to not be on Skype fall all hours of the night
KelAzMA: shhh
x sweet harmony: lmao. XD
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i might be going to lumos!!!!!!!
KelAzMA: I wanna be spiderman
MajestiCRadiO3: lol cassi
KelAzMA: hehehe
doublebubble512: *for
MajestiCRadiO3: coolest person ever
Cannonsgirl2008: I'll be superman
Sky4123: brb...stupid dishes i forgot about...argh
lunibug4: orange and blue = not cool.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lucky people lucky people going to lumos lucky...
motherninja: Siezure Salad Font Colors.
lunibug4: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: yes
KelAzMA: Hm....
Sky4123: brb
KelAzMA: what can bonnie be?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *rab
lunibug4: i wanna caitlin for halloween
KelAzMA: oh I know
x sweet harmony: Your mom.
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 3
motherninja: IN
lunibug4: IN!
MajestiCRadiO3: IN
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: IN
Eric l MuggleNet: PWN! Oh, wiat..
Cannonsgirl2008: in?
Cannonsgirl2008: what?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: IN?!
KelAzMA: eh...
mArIcHaBaLdIs: why?
KelAzMA: i donno 'bout the "in"
KelAzMA: 'cause I'm out
mArIcHaBaLdIs: no PWN?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: in isthe new rabbi which is the new pwn
motherninja: We're with Verison
KelAzMA: have some more coffee
lunibug4: no
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
motherninja: We have the "In" Network.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol im out too *confused*
KelAzMA: "can you hear me now"
MajestiCRadiO3: can you hear me now?>
lunibug4: lamo
KelAzMA: "can you hear me now"
motherninja: GOOD
Cannonsgirl2008: bonnie is officially Robin
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: no
x sweet harmony: Oh god.
MajestiCRadiO3: good!
KelAzMA: Bonnie how do you look in tights?
Cannonsgirl2008: hahhahah
x sweet harmony: LMAO.
KelAzMA: HOTT!!!
KelAzMA: id' say
motherninja: No
x sweet harmony: Wow.
lunibug4: HOTTTT with four ts
MajestiCRadiO3: um
Cannonsgirl2008: WITH TWO T'S
MajestiCRadiO3: no
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
KelAzMA: hotter than greg?
lunibug4: um.
KelAzMA: dayum!
lunibug4: no
MajestiCRadiO3: no one is hotter than greg!
lunibug4: i'm hotter then greg
lunibug4: kthx
KelAzMA: hehehe
Cannonsgirl2008: I love how only the three of us actually get this
MajestiCRadiO3: stop lying cassi
x sweet harmony: Ms. Manuel, the GSA coordinator at my school, had to wear tights for the pep rally for
homecoming because our theme was superheros.
KelAzMA: hehehe
x sweet harmony: lmao. It's because we're amazing insomniacs, Colleen.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol!
Cannonsgirl2008: heehee
KelAzMA: better a MS than a MR in tights, eh?
lunibug4: CAITLIN YES I AM
KelAzMA: ugh....
MajestiCRadiO3: you know what cassi
x sweet harmony: Oh so true.
MajestiCRadiO3: maybe you are
magical maladies has entered the room.
doublebubble512: I bet the three who get it are talking on skype
magical maladies: *bangs head on desk*
doublebubble512: cuz I'm confused
x sweet harmony: Not at the moment...
Cannonsgirl2008: have talked
motherninja: Not true.
BrownyShahana: im just lost...
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yeah
doublebubble512: oh
KelAzMA: okay....Colleen you need to ask Eric if he heard the Greg song...'cause he's ingoring
me...'cause I"mc reepy...
KelAzMA: brb
mArIcHaBaLdIs: rab
x sweet harmony: Peeeedo.
Cannonsgirl2008: oh
Cannonsgirl2008: hey ERIC~
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol!
Cannonsgirl2008: !*
Eric l MuggleNet: Hey!
motherninja: HO!
Cannonsgirl2008: have you heard the greg song?
MajestiCRadiO3: what ho!
Cannonsgirl2008: eric?
motherninja: It's a song.
x sweet harmony: I'm listening to it right now..
Cannonsgirl2008: hahhahah he's ignoring me too
x sweet harmony: Hahaha.
magical maladies: brb guys
Cannonsgirl2008: eriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic?
Cannonsgirl2008: have you heard it?
Cannonsgirl2008: you should
mArIcHaBaLdIs: loilz
x sweet harmony: It's amazing.
Cannonsgirl2008: (he isn't listening)
magical maladies: i'm gonna shower, i'll be back soon!
MajestiCRadiO3: ok alice!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk
Cannonsgirl2008: wow I was gonna say somethingREALLY lesbianic right htere
Eric l MuggleNet: Think of us!
Cannonsgirl2008: there*
Cannonsgirl2008: but decided not to
magical maladies: you
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ... o k
Eric l MuggleNet: lesbianic?
Eric l MuggleNet: =P do share
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hahe
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha wouldn't you like to know
doublebubble512: hahe
kayleYr0x: haha
lunibug4 has left the room.
x sweet harmony: lmao
Eric l MuggleNet: yes, i would...
Eric l MuggleNet: er..
Eric l MuggleNet: =D
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhaha
Eric l MuggleNet: I asked Alice to think of us while she was in there
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I love that =D face
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: I know
Cannonsgirl2008: I saw
Eric l MuggleNet: I think that's pretty funny
Eric l MuggleNet: =D
Cannonsgirl2008: I can read, eric, thank you
wishiwasaHIPSTER: story
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
Eric l MuggleNet: so you should say what you were gonna see
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i like XD
Eric l MuggleNet: cause I can read too
Eric l MuggleNet: XD
x sweet harmony: Calm your hormones, children. =P
Cannonsgirl2008: I was gonna say 'can I join you?'
wishiwasaHIPSTER: yay literacy!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *dead silence*
doublebubble512: hahe
Cannonsgirl2008: but then I realized that you all would think I'm a lesbian
motherninja: Get dead.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: w.w
Cannonsgirl2008: which I'm not
motherninja: :U
mArIcHaBaLdIs: X.x
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm pansexual! (was anyone in there for that convo?)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: +.+
Cannonsgirl2008: ok
motherninja: >:<>
lunibug4 has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: 'parently not
doublebubble512: I was but I didn't get it
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: [:-|
mArIcHaBaLdIs: . . . I wansnt'
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
Cannonsgirl2008: its cool
mArIcHaBaLdIs: argh typoos
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm straight
Eric l MuggleNet: haha
Eric l MuggleNet: damn
Cannonsgirl2008: hahha
KelAzMA: you know what I LOVE LOVE LOVE?
Eric l MuggleNet: *flicks fingers*
Eric l MuggleNet: GIRLS
KelAzMA: besides reading myself type
Cannonsgirl2008: ahhahahha
Eric l MuggleNet: lol
Eric l MuggleNet: DO YOU?!
KelAzMA: and hearing myself talk?
BrownyShahana: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: was anybody here when Khokokatt was in here?
Cannonsgirl2008: what kel?
Eric l MuggleNet: haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what?
x sweet harmony: What?
KelAzMA: when I go into the hallway...
wishiwasaHIPSTER: im bisexual
Eric l MuggleNet: YAY
Eric l MuggleNet: wiat
Eric l MuggleNet: you are?
KelAzMA: and see that Julliann has papered it with Toilet Paper
Cannonsgirl2008: nice
x sweet harmony: Awwww!
Cannonsgirl2008: thats pretty sweet
KelAzMA: it's my total fave!
lunibug4: TEN TIME TEN IS
KelAzMA: well
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahha
KelAzMA: beside that
Cannonsgirl2008: 10 points for Julliann
KelAzMA: I love singing songs with myself
Cannonsgirl2008: !
Eric l MuggleNet: 100!
KelAzMA: gives me a complex
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
lunibug4: YES!
KelAzMA: told John I can't sing with myself anymore or I'm going to need therapy
x sweet harmony: And we love hearing you sing duets with yourself.
lunibug4: caitlinggg
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im going to the GA aquarium on thursday
Cannonsgirl2008: HAHHAHA
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: I seriously sing to myself
MajestiCRadiO3: cassssi!
KelAzMA: because my self-duets are sexy
Cannonsgirl2008: basicaly 24/7
x sweet harmony: Damn straight.
KelAzMA: I was singing on Skype yesterday
KelAzMA: serenading Bonnie
x sweet harmony: -records-
KelAzMA: heheh
Cannonsgirl2008: nine times out of ten you'll walk up to me and I'll be singing or humming
x sweet harmony: XD
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
KelAzMA: heheh
lunibug4: panties
Cannonsgirl2008: I remember you humming
MajestiCRadiO3: lacy
KelAzMA: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: we were singing for a while
KelAzMA: I was full blown singing
Cannonsgirl2008: a couple seconds
Cannonsgirl2008: ahhahaha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: eh coolness
Cannonsgirl2008: I wasn't there for that
KelAzMA: but not like a man
KelAzMA: hehhe
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahahahah
KelAzMA: 'cause I can sing like a man too
KelAzMA: heheh
Cannonsgirl2008: cus you totally are a man
motherninja: edable panties.
KelAzMA: isn't it weird
KelAzMA: that I go no attention
lunibug4: kelly <3
KelAzMA: from anyone
Eric l MuggleNet: Kelly =D
Cannonsgirl2008: edible panties, you mean
x sweet harmony: So much for what happens on skype stays on skype. Except for that one thing.
Everything else is too damn funny.
motherninja: Edible
KelAzMA: until I sang like a man?
Cannonsgirl2008: I read the labels
motherninja: Si, se puede.
MajestiCRadiO3: <3 kelly!!!
Eric l MuggleNet: Emma in edible panties
Eric l MuggleNet: for Ben
Eric l MuggleNet: =P
motherninja: LOL
Cannonsgirl2008: wow
Eric l MuggleNet: you should draw that
lunibug4: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
Eric l MuggleNet: for his birthday
BrownyShahana: lol!
Eric l MuggleNet: haha
Cannonsgirl2008: *shudder*
kayleYr0x: oh my
mArIcHaBaLdIs: oh LOL
doublebubble512: oh my goodnetss
motherninja: >D
KelAzMA: I mean....John only loves me 'cause I sing like a man
Eric l MuggleNet: but don't show it ot us
mArIcHaBaLdIs: oh god
Eric l MuggleNet: we don't want to die
MajestiCRadiO3: oh snap!
x sweet harmony: Ew.
doublebubble512: *goodness
KelAzMA: isn't that sad?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: no
KelAzMA: I'm ignoring the panty things
motherninja: I think my paper would burn if I attempted
Cannonsgirl2008: holy crap! lots of people
Cannonsgirl2008: typing
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: at the same time
lunibug4: lol yes
No1 cello queen has entered the room.
KelAzMA: 'cause I'm not a iPdo
No1 cello queen has left the room.
No1 cello queen has entered the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: omg nat!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Nat!}
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its not dead today
KelAzMA: jum back now!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
x sweet harmony: Pssh, Kel. Don't deny it.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Heyy!!
No1 cello queen: heeeeeeey
Cannonsgirl2008: NAT!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: wow
motherninja: omg jk, jkrowling.
KelAzMA: I don't go iPdo
MajestiCRadiO3: heeeey natalie!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: long time no see nat!
Cannonsgirl2008: I havn't talked to you in freakin EVER
No1 cello queen: Did every one have a good Christmas!!!!?
Cannonsgirl2008: she isn't talking to me
motherninja: brb...r.a.b
Cannonsgirl2008: I feel so sad
No1 cello queen: Lol
lunibug4: RAB
Cannonsgirl2008: oh! yay!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i did! w00t
MajestiCRadiO3: yes, i did! did you nat?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: RAB=Regulus Black=Stubby Boardman
Cannonsgirl2008: me tooooooooo
No1 cello queen: It was ace!!!
lunibug4: no i had really bad christmas
KelAzMA: I did....I had a good xmas....Eric talked to me *fangirls* [/sarcasm...really]
Cannonsgirl2008: colleen = GOING TO LUMOS
KelAzMA: *hides under a box*
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: luckyyyyy
lunibug4: aw lumos
No1 cello queen: I'm listening to my new Les Miserables CD! WOOOT!!!
lunibug4: caitlin and i are going
lunibug4: and chloe and
mArIcHaBaLdIs: coolness!
KelAzMA: Kellee = going to lumos (to get arrested)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Lauren might be going to lumos
lunibug4: allie
lunibug4: and roadtrip
No1 cello queen: Ooooooo no fair!
No1 cello queen: Me wanna go
x sweet harmony: Kel is my mommy and is going to take me(haha psssh.)
magical maladies: our new conditioner smells like candy canes
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: for my bday
BrownyShahana: *sadness* I can't go...went to vegas in '03 though
Cannonsgirl2008: hey, eric implied that he wanted me to be a lesbian *sqee!* *fangirls*
magical maladies: and I'M going to lumos!
Cannonsgirl2008: hahhaha just kidding
JenAl8914 has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Colleen we had a plan of sleeping in the car for lumos, now I don't have anyone to join
me =(
Cannonsgirl2008: awwwwwwwwwww
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I don't have a car
lunibug4: i do
Cannonsgirl2008: I'll let you chill in my hotel room
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: My bday is right in the middle of lumos
No1 cello queen: Lol
KelAzMA: iDyk, eh?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aww yay!
KelAzMA: *laughs*
KelAzMA: sorry
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
Cannonsgirl2008: I am
lunibug4: we're drvinging to lumos
Cannonsgirl2008: iDyk
lunibug4: driving*
KelAzMA: I"m driving too
x sweet harmony: lol
motherninja: I got lots of Trival Pursuit games.
battys5115: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
No1 cello queen: I'm so jealous
KelAzMA: and I'ma hit hookers
lunibug4: from maine?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i would have to fly to lumos
KelAzMA: and hobo's
KelAzMA: heheh
Cannonsgirl2008: with our masks?
Cannonsgirl2008: hahhahaha
KelAzMA: WHOOT! for Hobos!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
x sweet harmony: MASKS. Yes!
MajestiCRadiO3: we're driving!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: death masks?
KelAzMA: maybe I can find a Hobo to be Batman
Cannonsgirl2008: we can go Hooker Shooting!
No1 cello queen: I'd drive but I'd get a bit wert
MajestiCRadiO3: 6 month plan
KelAzMA: and I can kick his ass
No1 cello queen: *wet
Cannonsgirl2008: thats my FAVORITE passtime
lunibug4: we're driving, i have to pick people up in my cizar.
MajestiCRadiO3: aw, nat, not cool
KelAzMA: LOL...bit of an ocean in the way? or do you really enjoy driving
Cannonsgirl2008: I love beating up hobos on GTA
MajestiCRadiO3: hitch a ferry across the atlantic!
KelAzMA: crap
No1 cello queen: Well the Atlantic is wet
Cannonsgirl2008: and running over hookers
KelAzMA: that was pervy
No1 cello queen: plus I can't drive
KelAzMA: iPdo...reporting for duty
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahha
lunibug4: aw
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol aww
motherninja: the Atlantic is Titanic.
motherninja: OHHHH SNAP.
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: ooooooh
x sweet harmony: Old lady + coffee = oh noeeees.
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhahah
lunibug4: BATTTY
KelAzMA: where's my teeth
Cannonsgirl2008: does anyone else play Grand Theft Auto
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i got this really cool thing that i can im without my CPU
KelAzMA: *gets them outta a cup*
x sweet harmony: haha.
Cannonsgirl2008: I play when I go to my friends house
lunibug4: ten
KelAzMA: Hey Colleen?
lunibug4: times t
lunibug4: wo
x sweet harmony: Next thing you know, you'll be asking Santa for a vaporizer for Christmas.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: cassi
KelAzMA: hehehe
lunibug4: 20
MajestiCRadiO3: is
Cannonsgirl2008: when you pass by a hobo they say "GETTOUTA MY LIVING ROOM!"
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: but i dunno how i can get into this chat room from it
MajestiCRadiO3: typing
Cannonsgirl2008: its halarious
lunibug4: cool
MajestiCRadiO3: like
MajestiCRadiO3: eric
Cannonsgirl2008: what kel?
lunibug4: so
lunibug4: is
lunibug4: caitlin
battys5115: KelAzMA(time): i just reemberd my teeth r in my mouth
Cannonsgirl2008: what?
KelAzMA: can you either send or delete what's in the IM
lunibug4: no.
MajestiCRadiO3: no
motherninja: No
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol i was
anir107 has entered the room.
KelAzMA: because it's still saying you're typing
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: 2
mArIcHaBaLdIs: typing like that
lunibug4: 3
motherninja: No
KelAzMA: and it's driving me nuts
lunibug4: NO
Cannonsgirl2008: hmmm
MajestiCRadiO3: no
Cannonsgirl2008: sorry
motherninja: hahahaha
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: lolz
Cannonsgirl2008: I don't know
lunibug4: who is on skype?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *loilz
KelAzMA: Batty....don't attempt to type for me
lunibug4: not us
doublebubble512: Dinner time... g2g... someone skype me later (doublebubble512)
battys5115: me
motherninja: What's SKYPE?!
KelAzMA: because no one is funnier than me, eh?
motherninja: LOLZ
anir107: skypeeeee
lunibug4: your mom
MajestiCRadiO3: i dunno
No1 cello queen: Not me no Skype on my home comp
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: okey
Cannonsgirl2008: done
Cannonsgirl2008: sorry
KelAzMA: thanks :-)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: my skype is really messed up
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: like i already said
lunibug4: mr interenet?!
KelAzMA: *singin*
Cannonsgirl2008: I can see how that would piss you off (or at least me)
x sweet harmony: I'm on, just not talking to anyone. So whoop.
lunibug4: OMG WHERE?!
KelAzMA: g
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahha
motherninja: Mrs. and Mrs. .Com
Cannonsgirl2008: me too
MajestiCRadiO3: <3 mr. internet!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I'm on skype too w00t
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i like mr internet
mArIcHaBaLdIs: skype is love
No1 cello queen: I miss skype
Cannonsgirl2008: agreed
Cannonsgirl2008: why?
Cannonsgirl2008: I don't miss it because its right there
No1 cello queen: I use the home comp more while I'm here
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aw, why?
Cannonsgirl2008: *points*
No1 cello queen: No skype on it
mArIcHaBaLdIs: where are you nat?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: I think Mr internet will go out with Skype soon
lunibug4: tello
No1 cello queen: At home
anir107: Aww
lunibug4: yellow *
No1 cello queen: Before I was at uni
MajestiCRadiO3: tello!
lunibug4: wtf?
magical maladies: my sister (from the next room) fluffyredslipper (12:32:40 PM): tidy up the bathroom
lunibug4: best typo ever = memberson
Cannonsgirl2008: fun
KelAzMA: *sings the other part*
anir107: next room?
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhahahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: agreed
magical maladies: memberson was awesome
magical maladies: next room yes lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: you just gave ur sis sn
magical maladies: haha everyone spam her
anir107: whats the next room?
No1 cello queen: lol
magical maladies: the next room
lunibug4: spam who?
magical maladies: like
anir107: i just saw that as a play...
magical maladies: the room beside me
anir107: Newsies
MajestiCRadiO3: your mom
Cannonsgirl2008: yes
anir107: ooooohhhhh
wishiwasaHIPSTER: ewsies!
magical maladies: LOL
MajestiCRadiO3: newsies!!
Cannonsgirl2008: I love that play!
anir107: My friend was just in a JCC production of Newsies, yay
wishiwasaHIPSTER: *newsies!
Cannonsgirl2008: the movie was actually better
MajestiCRadiO3: christian bale!
Cannonsgirl2008: yay1
KelAzMA: damn
Cannonsgirl2008: !*
KelAzMA: that song is gonna be hott
Cannonsgirl2008: yesss
KelAzMA: as long as I don't have to sing it with myself
Cannonsgirl2008: I want to do a filk with you kel
Cannonsgirl2008: we should
lunibug4: damn is a bad word
KelAzMA: *snort*
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: door bell!!!!!!!!!
anir107: so is your mom
No1 cello queen: I love filks
anir107: ohsnap
KelAzMA: it's Eric's police man
lunibug4: OH SNAP
Cannonsgirl2008: the three of us! bonnie you and I
anir107: Eric, you alive?
KelAzMA: with the restraining order
Cannonsgirl2008: we'll do one
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
doublebubble512: Nevermind I'm back
x sweet harmony: Kel is in trooouble.
Cannonsgirl2008: we need to find a three part song
MajestiCRadiO3: heey kathleen
mArIcHaBaLdIs: wb!
x sweet harmony: Kel has heard me sing. It just... doesn't work. XD
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *slow internet*
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: its ok
Cannonsgirl2008: we can work something out
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
magical maladies: i think eric died
anir107: Yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: agreed
doublebubble512: yep
anir107: *sniffle*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: :O
x sweet harmony: lol
doublebubble512: Poor Eric
mArIcHaBaLdIs: no *cries*
No1 cello queen: *revives Eric*
x sweet harmony: Ooooklahoma!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aww yay
anir107: when eric dies, it is a sure sign that a midget in glasses is being born.....
Cannonsgirl2008: right
No1 cello queen: LMAO
doublebubble512: hahe
motherninja: huhn?
wishiwasaHIPSTER: hahaha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hahaha loilz!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
BrownyShahana: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: :u
lunibug4: ten
motherninja: :U
lunibug4: :U
mArIcHaBaLdIs: :U haha
MajestiCRadiO3: 10
lunibug4: TENN
Cannonsgirl2008: mehergh?
MajestiCRadiO3: yes
lunibug4: yesss
lunibug4: ten
motherninja: We killed the chat!
No1 cello queen: Awwww my fave Les Mis song is on
lunibug4: chat = aked
motherninja: *chants*
No1 cello queen: *sings*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: coolness
MajestiCRadiO3: omg! we killed the chat!
No1 cello queen: Like kenny
MajestiCRadiO3: om
motherninja: Ohmmm
lunibug4: ooooomm
No1 cello queen: and sue
doublebubble512: hahe
motherninja: Ommmm
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
Cannonsgirl2008: me = ... can't think of anything that I am
magical maladies: omg! I killed harry potter!
MajestiCRadiO3: kenny/sue! yes
magical maladies: *is voldemort*
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
BrownyShahana: lol
anir107: omg! they killed eric!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *GASP*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: my keyboard is making this wierd soung arrhh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
lunibug4: NO
Cannonsgirl2008: BONNIE! KEL
Cannonsgirl2008: where'd you go?
x sweet harmony: Yah?
x sweet harmony: I'm here. ^_^
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
motherninja: I totally Voldemorted it.
doublebubble512: hahe
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
lunibug4: lol
anir107: you avada kedavrad it
MajestiCRadiO3: voldy!
kayleYr0x: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: my keyboard sounds like buffalo
Cannonsgirl2008: ....
x sweet harmony: lmao
doublebubble512: That's not good
mArIcHaBaLdIs: you avada confettified it
magical maladies: kedavrad? LOL
x sweet harmony: Buffalo!
anir107: my keyboard sounds like your mom, ohsnapcracklePOP
magical maladies: that's the best word
Cannonsgirl2008: sorry that actually had to do with Isabel's comment
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
No1 cello queen: *wonders what buffalos sound like*
magical maladies: confettied! ehehehheeheh
No1 cello queen: OMG guys I saw a shop near me called confetti!
lunibug4: confetti?
x sweet harmony: Skype Colleen and you'll find out.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol!
MajestiCRadiO3: confetti?
Cannonsgirl2008: jhahahahhahahah
anir107: oh wow i'm listening to an old song
No1 cello queen: I wanted to take a piccy
wishiwasaHIPSTER: i am so not following any of this
MajestiCRadiO3: confetti!
No1 cello queen: But I didn't have a camera
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *confetti*
MajestiCRadiO3: omg, what do they sell nat?
No1 cello queen: Wedding stuff
lunibug4: piccccy
Cannonsgirl2008: now I'm not gonna type when people skype me
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i hadn't confettified this chat in like forever
No1 cello queen: obviously
No1 cello queen: hehe
anir107: skypeeeeeeee
MajestiCRadiO3: haha, that so funny natalie
Cannonsgirl2008: YALL WILL HAVE TO LIVE WITHOUT ME!!!!!!!!!
Cannonsgirl2008: or not
lunibug4: SKYPEY
MajestiCRadiO3: skypeeeeeyyy
No1 cello queen: Mum though I was mad
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aww
mArIcHaBaLdIs: who is skyping?
anir107: got my stains on my t-shirt... *sings*
Cannonsgirl2008: not me
lunibug4: your mom
anir107: ohSNAP
mArIcHaBaLdIs: loilz
doublebubble512: Everyone Add me on Skype
x sweet harmony: Haha awww.
MajestiCRadiO3: your mother?
No1 cello queen: I shouted LOOK CONFETTI!!! in the middle of a busy street
anir107: LOOK! A DEAD BIRD!
lunibug4: your mutha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
Cannonsgirl2008: I had a barbeque stain on my white t-shirt
anir107: *looks up* where?!
Cannonsgirl2008: she looked good in that miniskirt
motherninja: No
MajestiCRadiO3: no
lunibug4: no
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah it was killing me
Cannonsgirl2008: in that miniskirt
Cannonsgirl2008: sorry
lunibug4: no
Cannonsgirl2008: misquote
No1 cello queen: is lost
anir107: someone should make a chat called "Hufflepuff Common Room"
mArIcHaBaLdIs: no?
MajestiCRadiO3: no
No1 cello queen: who in a miniskirt
No1 cello queen: ?
lunibug4: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: YES!
lunibug4: rina
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its a song
magical maladies: have any of you guys ever rped harry potter?
Cannonsgirl2008: its a song
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
mArIcHaBaLdIs: rped?
doublebubble512: I have
anir107: role play
magical maladies: roleplayed
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: go to
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ohh
lunibug4: ROLEPLAY
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I haven't
magical maladies: I really want to start a pre-war rpg
Cannonsgirl2008: its the BEST roleplaying site!
magical maladies: first war
Cannonsgirl2008: it is
lunibug4: i haveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
mArIcHaBaLdIs: it sounds fun
No1 cello queen: I went on a rp board once but I got kinda confused
anir107: ok, Alice, lets start...
anir107: Voldemort: Kill Everyone
magical maladies: really?
motherninja: Ohhh to RP
magical maladies: LOLOLOL
lunibug4: lol
motherninja: The old days
MajestiCRadiO3: yeah, i don't really like the rp-ness
anir107: Harry potter: iz ded
Cannonsgirl2008: its a text based rpg
lunibug4: Cassi : Is cool.
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
lunibug4: no
magical maladies: LMFAO
anir107: hokay, so, dis is de earth...
wishiwasaHIPSTER: liane: is leaving
Cannonsgirl2008: ERIC
MajestiCRadiO3: cassi: is almost as cool as john noe
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ok...
BrownyShahana: i went there already!
doublebubble512: He lives!
Cannonsgirl2008: HE'S ALIVE
MajestiCRadiO3: yes
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *Goes to
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahha
lunibug4: YES CAITLIN I AM
anir107: oh, that is SUCH B.S....
wishiwasaHIPSTER has left the room.
lunibug4: visit :
Cannonsgirl2008: I actually went to bs/com
motherninja: LOL!!!!!
motherninja: GOLD
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what is
MajestiCRadiO3: pure
motherninja: SOLID GOLD.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i meant
mArIcHaBaLdIs: loilz
anir107: ben got a 71 on his physics test haha
motherninja: 14KT. GOLD
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i'm to lazy to ty´pe the complete site
MajestiCRadiO3: nice
Cannonsgirl2008: damn
lunibug4: yyesss sir'
Cannonsgirl2008: there is no
anir107: Go to
Cannonsgirl2008: I was kinda looking forward to it
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aw
anir107: silencio
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: mucho
MajestiCRadiO3: rina i was just going to say that!
lunibug4: crucho
Cannonsgirl2008: wow
mArIcHaBaLdIs: silencio
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: crucio
Cannonsgirl2008: that is AMAZING
anir107: no me gusta mucho silencio
lunibug4: cruncho*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ow
anir107: whats amazing?
Cannonsgirl2008: like NO ONE would have thought of tha
Cannonsgirl2008: tt
anir107: your mom?
Cannonsgirl2008: that*
Cannonsgirl2008: your mom!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: crucioff
motherninja: tu mama
MajestiCRadiO3: no
Cannonsgirl2008: don't talk smak about my mom
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: tu madre
Cannonsgirl2008: she didn't do anything to you
lunibug4: your dad
Cannonsgirl2008: OH!
Cannonsgirl2008: dis
lunibug4 has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: dissed and dismissed
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: el novio de tu papa!
Cannonsgirl2008: OOOOH
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: figure it out
motherninja: The wife of your father?
lunibug4 has entered the room.
lunibug4 has left the room.
battys5115: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I know what it means
anir107: did we ever find out what the *beep* was?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: but why did you say that?
motherninja: Tal vez
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: novio=boyfriend
Cannonsgirl2008: el novio de el gato de su padre!
Eric l MuggleNet: Rina
Eric l MuggleNet: i'm not telling you
magical maladies: ahahahahah
mArIcHaBaLdIs: you father's boyfriend
mArIcHaBaLdIs: that
anir107: Eric, why would you?
Eric l MuggleNet: nor will anybody ever know
No1 cello queen: I missed the thing
anir107: grr
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aw
No1 cello queen: I downloaded it too late
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahah
anir107: espinthtebottle?
Cannonsgirl2008: I want to know
No1 cello queen: Damn this dial up
Cannonsgirl2008: I've been there
mArIcHaBaLdIs: it was hilarious XD
Cannonsgirl2008: its pretty funny
lunibug4 has entered the room.
motherninja: HAH
anir107: i will eventually find out...
MajestiCRadiO3: yes
lunibug4: HAH
Cannonsgirl2008: I think I still have an acount at espinthebottle
anir107: just like i will eventually find out laura's lj username...
Cannonsgirl2008: I did it as a joke
Cannonsgirl2008: to my friend
Cannonsgirl2008: it was funnu
anir107: oh me too
Cannonsgirl2008: funny*
motherninja: Funnu?
anir107: i had fun filling out the profile
lunibug4: FUN
Cannonsgirl2008: definatley
lunibug4: NU
motherninja: Like, the new Macarena?
MajestiCRadiO3: YES
lunibug4: HEY
Cannonsgirl2008: F is for friends who do stuff together
motherninja: Huhghg uhuhg HEEEE FUNNU Hiiyaa
battys5115: lol\
mArIcHaBaLdIs: omggggg
Cannonsgirl2008: U is for you and me
battys5115: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lmao
motherninja: :U
lunibug4: :U
mArIcHaBaLdIs: sorry caps
MajestiCRadiO3: :u
mArIcHaBaLdIs: :U
Cannonsgirl2008: N is for nething at netime at all!
MajestiCRadiO3: mini :u
lunibug4: NO
Cannonsgirl2008: down here in the deep blue sea
kayleYr0x: niiiice
Cannonsgirl2008: F is for FIRE that burns down the whole town
battys5115: F is for fire that burnsdown the whole town
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hahaa
x sweet harmony: Hm... Where'd the pedo go, Colleen?
Cannonsgirl2008: U is for Uranium BOMBS
lunibug4: s is for shuddup
battys5115: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
lunibug4: SNAP
MajestiCRadiO3: oooohhhh
doublebubble512: N is for no survivers!!!
Cannonsgirl2008: N is for no survivooooooooooooooors
MajestiCRadiO3: shut down
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
battys5115: WHEN YOU
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
motherninja: Moving on...
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i was going to type that in spanish
MajestiCRadiO3: not a fan
lunibug4: NOT
lunibug4: a
lunibug4: FAN
mArIcHaBaLdIs: but no one wouldve understand that
Cannonsgirl2008: wait bonnie
motherninja: I concur.
Cannonsgirl2008: ?
Cannonsgirl2008: pedo?
Cannonsgirl2008: what?
lunibug4: me too keeellllyyy
x sweet harmony: Kel lol
motherninja: :D
doublebubble512: Okay now dinner
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahaha
doublebubble512: bye everyone
No1 cello queen: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Cannonsgirl2008: I don't know!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: bye
Cannonsgirl2008: she's gone!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: =D
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bi bi
doublebubble512: skype me later (doublebubble512)
x sweet harmony: Oh no.
Cannonsgirl2008: I don't think I've ever seen her not on!
x sweet harmony: lol
lunibug4: LOOLLLZ
motherninja: kbythnxplz
lunibug4: kdie
motherninja: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: plllzzzzz
lunibug4: burn
motherninja: btch, plz
MajestiCRadiO3: <3
motherninja: <333
Cannonsgirl2008: KELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL comback!
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
lunibug4: <33333333
Cannonsgirl2008: hey guys, guess what?
motherninja: <everyone3
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: what?
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm going to old navy! to get jeans!
motherninja: Que?
No1 cello queen: what colleen?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what?
anir107: jeeeeannnssss
Cannonsgirl2008: I have seriously one pair
mArIcHaBaLdIs: coolness
Cannonsgirl2008: the rest don't fit
No1 cello queen: ooooh
anir107: i have one pair that fits me... *sigh*
Cannonsgirl2008: or I've lost them
lunibug4: CHLOE
MajestiCRadiO3: chlnoeee
Cannonsgirl2008: but I wear that pair like every day
lunibug4: CHLNOE
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i luv jeanss
Cannonsgirl2008: so it'll be exciting to have different jeans!
Cannonsgirl2008: woot for jeans!
Sky4123: hello!
anir107: I do too, but i need bigger ones, ugh
mArIcHaBaLdIs: whoot for jeans!
anir107: damn chocolate
Sky4123: i finally finished the mountain of dishes from christmas dinner
Cannonsgirl2008: I still don't get the extra 'h' in woot
No1 cello queen: Mmmmm Christmas dinner
mArIcHaBaLdIs: me either
Cannonsgirl2008: eric, whats up with that?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: XD
motherninja: FAME!
Cannonsgirl2008: he isn't listening to me damnit
lunibug4: SOMETHING
motherninja: I gonna make for everrr
motherninja: alkjdlkjflkjf FAME
No1 cello queen: awwww *accios*
Sky4123: what are we talking about??
lunibug4: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: whoot
x sweet harmony: He hates the trio, Colleen. =[
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahaha
motherninja: I don't know the words -.-
Cannonsgirl2008: he does
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol eric what's up with the h in whoot?
anir107: fame was that show a billion years ago that got cancelled....
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aw
MajestiCRadiO3: me either! i'm blanking!
Cannonsgirl2008: we are the new trio
x sweet harmony: We are.
Sky4123: is only eric in here?
Cannonsgirl2008: damn it that means two of us need to be guys
No1 cello queen: I think so
lunibug4: no
Cannonsgirl2008: well, Kel has the voice down
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hahe
Cannonsgirl2008: she can be Harry
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahah
lunibug4: eric is the ONLY person in this chat.
x sweet harmony: lmao
Cannonsgirl2008: what?
No1 cello queen: Hey has anyone played the GoF game?
lunibug4: duh,
MajestiCRadiO3: clearly
anir107: we are all aliens
motherninja: We are all robots.
MajestiCRadiO3: only eric
Cannonsgirl2008: are we chopped liver?
No1 cello queen: I got it for Christmas
lunibug4: robotz
anir107: Soy roboto.
Cannonsgirl2008: (I sound like my mother!)
MajestiCRadiO3: mr roboto
Cannonsgirl2008: Domo oregato, Mrroboto!
Sky4123: i want the gamecube version
lunibug4: yo mama?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: My brother is getting the psp hp game next week
mArIcHaBaLdIs: so i'ma play it ofcourse
Cannonsgirl2008: DOMO domo Domo domo
MajestiCRadiO3: tu mama
No1 cello queen: I've got the PC one
Cannonsgirl2008: I am the modern man
Sky4123: but it didn't make it on my list in time..soo..yeah
No1 cello queen: I'm kinda stuck at the mo
Cannonsgirl2008: machine or maniquin
Cannonsgirl2008: with parts made in japan
Cannonsgirl2008: I am the MODERN MAN!
Sky4123: are insane
Sky4123: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: I know
anir107: lets go bounce around hogwarts collecting jelly beans. yay!!
Cannonsgirl2008: it is regrettably so
Cannonsgirl2008: lets not!
Cannonsgirl2008: that was Domo Oregato by Styx by the way
Cannonsgirl2008: not just me making shit up
No1 cello queen: *smiles and nods*
Cannonsgirl2008: but I do tend to do that sometimes
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
anir107: Lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i say we talk about hp again
No1 cello queen: (In other words I don't get it)
No1 cello queen: hehe
Cannonsgirl2008: WHAAAAAAAAAAT
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i liked our little chat the other day
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: )
anir107: Where's Eric's funeral being held?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: =)
mArIcHaBaLdIs: loilz
anir107: let's have it right here, right now.
Cannonsgirl2008: At your mom's house
lunibug4: hawaii
Cannonsgirl2008: in her backyard
anir107: *laments*
Cannonsgirl2008: under the pile of old Home and Garden magazines
Cannonsgirl2008: *is making shit up again*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: dude this chat always links me to the Joe Millionaire chat wth?
No1 cello queen: I see that
lunibug4: and
motherninja: NOOOOO
MajestiCRadiO3: yes he does
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
motherninja: YOU RUINED FOR ME
anir107: oh?
Cannonsgirl2008: I HATE it when that happens
motherninja: >.<
MajestiCRadiO3: basilisk
Cannonsgirl2008: wouldn't that be funny if they made Prank copies of CoS
lunibug4: and the basilisk takes poly juice potion
lunibug4: and
Sky4123: i can't believe it is ruined!!!!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: nooo
lunibug4: he's harry
Cannonsgirl2008: that had one random page where the basilisk eats harry
mArIcHaBaLdIs: giant squid hooks up with grawp
Cannonsgirl2008: like right in the middle
lunibug4: for the other books
MajestiCRadiO3: polyjuice potion! yess
lunibug4: and
Cannonsgirl2008: I'M MAKING THOSE!
Cannonsgirl2008: HAHAHHAAH
mArIcHaBaLdIs: noo
lunibug4: hermione hooks up with your mom
MajestiCRadiO3: thats the monster in book 6
Cannonsgirl2008: I think that would be halarious!
motherninja: I <3 dentists
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Sqawp
mArIcHaBaLdIs: <3
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
anir107: noooooooooooo
anir107: Squon
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lmao
No1 cello queen: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: <33
anir107: its ron and the giant squid, wth
lunibug4: hermom
Cannonsgirl2008: watch, the squid is gonna turn out to be an animagus and its like voldemort
mArIcHaBaLdIs: man, read the fanfics, sqawp is love
Cannonsgirl2008: he's like BWAHAHAHAHHA I HAVE YOU NOW!
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhahhahaha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: omg!!
anir107: tack that Al Franken!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: rina rina ur soo right!}
lunibug4: OPRAH
No1 cello queen: I thought that was the twins
anir107: *take
lunibug4: for
lunibug4: PREZ
mArIcHaBaLdIs: omg
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *rofl*
Sky4123: omg...this is getting really weird
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i know
anir107: thats my favorite MC line that no one paid any attention to
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: Squinz
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i'm not like that at all
mArIcHaBaLdIs: XD
mArIcHaBaLdIs: im really really hyper
No1 cello queen: lol
Sky4123: brb...stupid drier is calling me
Cannonsgirl2008: mewhargharg
No1 cello queen: I'm not
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kkk
Cannonsgirl2008: I make up words
anir107: what, are you racist?
Sky4123: brb...laundry again
lunibug4: on the phone?
No1 cello queen: Been visiting my nan anbd it got kinda crazy
lunibug4: caitlin
MajestiCRadiO3: rab
Cannonsgirl2008: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think its about time for me to go get jeans
anir107: and i can't make it on my own
lunibug4: okay
lunibug4: bye caitlin
anir107: because my heart is in ohio
Cannonsgirl2008: okey dokie
MajestiCRadiO3 has left the room.
motherninja: bye!
anir107: so cut my wrists and black my eyes
anir107: so i can fall asleep tonight or die
Cannonsgirl2008: I'll be back later
battys5115: im a goofy goober ya your a goofy goober ya were all goofy goober's YA!!!
anir107: *sings*
No1 cello queen: Byee
Cannonsgirl2008: gbye
Cannonsgirl2008: BYE BONNIE! hahahhaa
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk
mArIcHaBaLdIs: bye!!
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
x sweet harmony: Ah she left... that's what I get when I don't pay attention.
lunibug4: brb
lunibug4: or... rab
No1 cello queen: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: rab guys dinner!
anir107: Really Abnoxious Bogies?
anir107: yeah, RAB is Ginny Weasley.
anir107: bat bogey hex
No1 cello queen: Really?
anir107: AND
No1 cello queen: Wow
anir107: if you look at the letter from RAB...
anir107: its in the shape of a bat
anir107: ohSNAP
motherninja: ...
No1 cello queen: *gasp*
No1 cello queen: I think you solved it rina!
anir107: *curtsies*
No1 cello queen: :-)
motherninja: . . .
anir107: ;-)
anir107: HEAR THAT, ERIC?
anir107: nope.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: woah. Erics still in here!
anir107: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: or is he dead?
No1 cello queen: Lol you're desperately trying to get him back into the conversation aren't you?
anir107: ded
x sweet harmony: I smell like crap, so I'm going to go shower... because I'm sure you all wanted to read
that. =P
x sweet harmony: Brb.
anir107: i wanted him to hear my ingenious theory
No1 cello queen: Oo luvverly
anir107: you know when you hit your knee really hard, and ur knee buckles?
battys5115: lol
anir107: im doing that right now
anir107: it feels weird
motherninja: Be kind to your knees
battys5115: 2 some of us it really doesnt matter as long as we dont know u in real life lol
No1 cello queen: You kneed them
No1 cello queen: hehe
anir107: i'm keeping the chat ALIVE
motherninja: Exactly!
battys5115: lol
No1 cello queen: sorry
anir107: i know you dont care about my life
motherninja: What was everyone's coolest Present?!
No1 cello queen:
motherninja: Tell me.
anir107: The Rina... saving one MuggleCast chat at time.
No1 cello queen: Oooooh I think my DVDs I have loads
No1 cello queen: They're all cool
motherninja: oo what kind?
anir107: I only got one present. then again i dont celebrate Christmas.
No1 cello queen: Dragon Heart
Sky4123: ok back
Sky4123: i HATE LAUNDRY!!!
No1 cello queen: Robin Hood Prince of Theives
No1 cello queen: Peter Kay
No1 cello queen: Finding Neverland
motherninja: Robin Hood, men in tights. :3
battys5115: lol
No1 cello queen: Vicar of Dibley
anir107: Robin Hood and Finding Neverland
anir107: men in tights
anir107: aaahhh cary elwes
BrownyShahana has left the room.
motherninja: Call the locksmith!
No1 cello queen: Alan Rickman is great in robin hood
motherninja: Alan Rickman is great: PERIOD.
No1 cello queen: Oh and Charlie and the Chocloate factory
No1 cello queen: Yeah he so is kelly
motherninja: my sister got that. :D
motherninja: hehe
No1 cello queen: Love that film
No1 cello queen: The songs are awesome
battys5115: chewing gum is really gross chewing gum i hate the most (then why make it?)
No1 cello queen: *sings* the great big greedy nincompoomp
battys5115: lol
motherninja: You really shouldn't mumble.
No1 cello queen: Lol too true
motherninja: I can't hear a WORD you're saying. xD
battys5115: lol
doublebubble512: back
motherninja: haha
battys5115: (owns the book)
No1 cello queen: Even I'm edible but that is called cannibalism my dear children and is frowned upon in
most societies
battys5115: lol
motherninja: LOL
doublebubble512: hahe
anir107: but...
anir107: why is the rum gone?
doublebubble512: hahe
doublebubble512: I love that movie
No1 cello queen: Johnny Depp is amazing
doublebubble512: he's awesome
battys5115: i dont know which bu the males or females r suppost 2 b nude in the books while the other
just barely nude i htink?
battys5115: of the oompa loompas
anir107: IM that to Emerson
anir107: and he'll put it in his profile
anir107: ok, sorry, random
battys5115: ill hav 2 recheck the book lol
battys5115: o ya by the waty its books
anir107 has left the room.
motherninja has left the room.
No1 cello queen: Lol I could check cos the book is within arms reach
battys5115: there is a sequel 2 charlie i nthe choclate factory
No1 cello queen: But I'm lazy
No1 cello queen: I know I don't like it
doublebubble512: There is?
battys5115: ya\
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its the great glass elevator
doublebubble512: oh okay
battys5115: pretty much picks up where the 1st left off
No1 cello queen: I didn't like it when I was little
No1 cello queen: I've never re read it
Sky4123: i am starting to reread Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
No1 cello queen: Ooooh cool
battys5115: i finished that yesterday
doublebubble512: I really want to read that
battys5115: and saw the movie 2day
No1 cello queen: I still haven't seen it
Sky4123: i want to see the movie
Sky4123: but i want to reread it first
No1 cello queen: All my family has seen it pretty much and they've never read the books
No1 cello queen: I'm hoping to go with my friends some time soon
battys5115: altho u rnt missing much when u see the movie
battys5115: itspretty much the same thing
battys5115: almost
Sky4123: yay!!
No1 cello queen: It's still fun to watch it
No1 cello queen: I've only seen the BBC version
No1 cello queen: And the animated one
Sky4123: ti closer to the book than say... PoA was?
No1 cello queen: Lol
doublebubble512: hahe
battys5115: lol
Sky4123: lol
battys5115: they only make minor changes and something u dont get 2 see in the movie
No1 cello queen: The book is much smaller though
battys5115: but i can tell u if u want me 2 spoil u
Sky4123: ok good
No1 cello queen: Nah don't
battys5115: lol
No1 cello queen: Wanna see it
Sky4123: no don't spoil me!!
No1 cello queen: Seen King Kong yet anyone?
No1 cello queen: I haven't
doublebubble512: nope
battys5115: ya
No1 cello queen: It reduced my friend to tears
No1 cello queen: She told me it was good
battys5115: it was
Sky4123: i haven't seen it...don't want too
No1 cello queen: Dad doesn't want to see it
battys5115: its just more of the original movie
No1 cello queen: He's fed up of King Kong
doublebubble512: I don't want to see it
battys5115: lol
Eric l MuggleNet: G'BYE EVERYONE! *peace out to ALL*
Eric l MuggleNet: Happy Hannukah!
Eric l MuggleNet has left the room.
Sky4123: bye Eric
No1 cello queen: He watched the 70s one loads when he was a kid
battys5115: i didnt see the original 2 so it was kinda new 2 me
No1 cello queen: Ooh he went
doublebubble512: I miss that fake looking monkey
No1 cello queen: *waves anyway*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bye eric!!!!
No1 cello queen: Lol yeah it's new to me too
battys5115: the 70's 1 doesnt have ne dinosaurs tho
magical maladies has left the room.
battys5115: my dad saw both of them
No1 cello queen: I think mine's seen both too
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: rab
doublebubble512: kk
No1 cello queen: k
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lunibug4 has left the room.
battys5115: alrigh well your dad isnt missing 2 much they jsut added (spoiler) and (spoiler)
No1 cello queen: lol
doublebubble512: ha nice
KelAzMA: okay sorry
battys5115: lol
KelAzMA: I'm back finally
No1 cello queen: Very revealing
No1 cello queen: Hi
battys5115: lol
doublebubble512: hi
battys5115: more action on the island basicly
doublebubble512: I'm sooooo bored
battys5115: altho theres a funny part in it
No1 cello queen: Well I think I'm gonna read another chapter or so of Eldest and then sleep. Ttyl guys!!!
battys5115: or 2
doublebubble512: bye
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bye
No1 cello queen: C ya!!! :-P
No1 cello queen has left the room.
doublebubble512: and then the room died
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: some1 needs to invite emerson
KelAzMA: *dies*
KelAzMA: psh...
KelAzMA: Memberson?
doublebubble512: Everyone would come back again
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: thatll make the room be alive agian
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yaeh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *yeah
KelAzMA: LOL yeah sure
KelAzMA: not me
doublebubble512: I don't know how they know a mugglecaster is here
doublebubble512: guys, read my profile
doublebubble512: The bottom part
doublebubble512: you'll see him in a whole new light
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ,,, commas are cooler
KelAzMA: Well I was on skype one day
KelAzMA: and I heard him drunk
KelAzMA: so well...
KelAzMA: yeah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: olo
KelAzMA: oh crap
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *lol
KelAzMA: brb
doublebubble512: k
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: okey
lunibug4 has entered the room.
doublebubble512: cassi!
battys5115: lunibug4(time): hi
lunibug4: hey
battys5115: lol
battys5115: u jsut said hi 2 yourself
lunibug4: i did'?
battys5115: ya
lunibug4: ok. no
battys5115: lol
doublebubble512: R.A.B
battys5115: lunibug4 (7:24:25 PM):
battys5115: lol
battys5115: lunibug4 (7:24:25 PM): WOOHOO!!
battys5115: .
doublebubble512: back
macaRoni090 has entered the room.
doublebubble512: hi Roni
macaRoni090: hi!
macaRoni090: how r u
doublebubble512: I'm great
doublebubble512: how are you?
lunibug4: hey roni
macaRoni090: good, good
macaRoni090: hi cassi
macaRoni090: how did the HP debate thing go after i left lol?
doublebubble512: which one?
macaRoni090: cassi and lizzie were talking about HP being a childrens book or not or w/e
doublebubble512: Oh I wasn't here for that
macaRoni090: lol i wouldnt expect was at like, 3ish this afternoon
lunibug4: oh it kinda died
macaRoni090: aw
lunibug4: heh
macaRoni090: i just saw The family stone
doublebubble512: how was it?
macaRoni090: sooo good
macaRoni090: i cried alot
doublebubble512: it was sad?
lunibug4: aw
macaRoni090: very sad
macaRoni090: but also funny
macaRoni090: its a good blend
doublebubble512: ok
macaRoni090: so what did you do today?
doublebubble512: umm... nothing
doublebubble512: and try to find scissors! Where are they!
macaRoni090: ?
lunibug4: scissors
macaRoni090: i'm so confused
KelAzMA: but it's so much fun
doublebubble512: I can't find my scissors
macaRoni090: whats fun?
macaRoni090: oh my god am i losing my mind?!
doublebubble512: yeah, what's fun kel?
doublebubble512: I found them@
doublebubble512: *!
macaRoni090: woohoo!
KelAzMA: confusion is fun
doublebubble512: oh
magical maladies has entered the room.
macaRoni090: maybe for you
macaRoni090: hi!
KelAzMA: Maybe I'm just used to it, eh?
doublebubble512: hi
macaRoni090: lol sure
magical maladies: hi hi
doublebubble512: ow ow ow
doublebubble512: I just sliced two of my fingers with plastic
doublebubble512: ow
macaRoni090: i did that yesterday!
KelAzMA: oh snap!
macaRoni090: but only one finger
macaRoni090: it hurts so much
KelAzMA: like those hot sealed things?
doublebubble512: what?
KelAzMA: like CD players come in?
doublebubble512: yeah
macaRoni090: yah
KelAzMA: they heat the plastic to form it
KelAzMA: ugh....
KelAzMA: those are the DEVIL
doublebubble512: yeah
KelAzMA: I have a three-year old daughter
macaRoni090: do they have any consideration for the wellbeing of other's fingers?!
doublebubble512: I'm trying to cut it opened
doublebubble512: with scissors
KelAzMA: and every damn thing is like that
KelAzMA: and then they're twist-tied in
Sky4123: i have to go...may come back later tonight
Sky4123: byebye
doublebubble512: bye
KelAzMA: bye
macaRoni090: kk bye lizzie!
Sky4123 has left the room.
KelAzMA: I can't wait for things to get back to normal
KelAzMA: this holiday stuff is so much crap some days
MuggleNetLaura has entered the room.
doublebubble512: hi laura
KelAzMA: Heya Laura
MuggleNetLaura: Hi!
macaRoni090: hi laura
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi laura
KelAzMA: What part of MN do you work on?
doublebubble512: fanfiction right?
MuggleNetLaura: I maintain stuff on the main site
MuggleNetLaura: nah, I moved over to the main site
doublebubble512: oh
KelAzMA: oh aight :-)
doublebubble512: cool
MuggleNetLaura: I used to do both
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: oh
MuggleNetLaura: became too much :-)
macaRoni090: brb i gotta eat dinnnerrr
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: okey
doublebubble512: k
KelAzMA: so what's up with ya today?
MuggleNetLaura: me?
KelAzMA: yah
MuggleNetLaura: not much
MuggleNetLaura: being lazy
KelAzMA: seems to be the theme, eh?
KelAzMA: well that and mutilating one's self with sealed plastic presents LOL
doublebubble512: yep
MuggleNetLaura: I stayed up till 4 last night... woke up at noon, and slept from 1:30-5:30
doublebubble512: wow
KelAzMA: wow...I was up until late this morning too
KelAzMA: but laughing with Colleen and Bonnie on skype (devil program)
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i woke up really early
doublebubble512: speaking of skype
doublebubble512: add me
doublebubble512: kel
KelAzMA: what's you're handle?
doublebubble512: or who ever
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i g2g
doublebubble512: bye
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: X(
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i have to play this stupid game with my family
doublebubble512: my name thing is doublebubble512
KelAzMA: awe...have a good evening Lauren
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i shall
KelAzMA: LOL we're so creative
doublebubble512: awww have fun
KelAzMA: and there you are
KelAzMA: it's amazing.
doublebubble512: thank you
KelAzMA: y'welcome :-)
battys5115: hi laura
KelAzMA: now there's 16 people on there
KelAzMA: wow...accidental BOLD there...
battys5115: lol
doublebubble512: I only have 15 friends
doublebubble512: ha
KelAzMA: Well...I really only talk to 2 of them
KelAzMA: and 2 I talk to "rarely"
doublebubble512: i see
KelAzMA: and Melissa and John are on there...LOL...but yeah....that doesn't happen...
KelAzMA: it's just for me to look at
doublebubble512: ha yeah
battys5115: john more often then melissa
KelAzMA: huh?
battys5115: john is more ofen on here then melissa
KelAzMA: well I was talking about skype...
battys5115: o
battys5115: lol
KelAzMA: and I only see them if they want me to see them...
KelAzMA: and that's been like once...hehe
x sweet harmony: Kelkelkellll
KelAzMA: so well..yeah...
battys5115: same
KelAzMA: Heya Bonnie
KelAzMA: you're back
x sweet harmony: Blabbering on again?
battys5115: i was also able 2 get a hold of sue
KelAzMA: I mean...I don't just add random people....they usually have to add me first
KelAzMA: unless someone asks specifically
battys5115: kelazma next time say instead of heya bonnie sing my bonnie lies over the ocean
KelAzMA: why?
battys5115: lol
KelAzMA: that would be lame?
battys5115: (is wierd)
battys5115: (laughs so hard he almost spits his soda out)
MuggleNetLaura has left the room.
doublebubble512: DARN PLASTIC!
KelAzMA: burn it
doublebubble512: That was more painful then it needed to be
magical maladies: mmmded
KelAzMA: if you heat's easier to cut with stuff
doublebubble512: good to know
doublebubble512: I'll be sure to remember that
thunderpants08 has entered the room.
thunderpants08 has left the room.
lunibug4: THUNDER
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has left the room.
magical maladies has left the room.
gingernut17 has entered the room.
gingernut17 has left the room.
doublebubble512: is anyone still here, I have a funny story
KelAzMA: I'm here
KelAzMA: always
lunibug4: oh yey funny
doublebubble512: so you know how in "The Night Before MuggleCast" They said "while visions of
Emerson danced in their head"
doublebubble512: Well, I had a dream about Emerson on Christmas Eve
KelAzMA: about what?
doublebubble512: That he was staying at my house
doublebubble512: it was weird
doublebubble512: and he went to my school
KelAzMA: LOL...weird
KelAzMA: so did you guys hang out
lunibug4: o.O
doublebubble512: I don't remember
doublebubble512: It was just that
KelAzMA: I wonder what I would dream about if I ever slept....
doublebubble512: why don't you sleep?
KelAzMA: LOL...I sleep
KelAzMA: just not a lot
doublebubble512: oh
doublebubble512: okay
KelAzMA: it was [/sarcasm]
KelAzMA: sorry
doublebubble512: Well I can't tell
KelAzMA: I know...I'm sorry
doublebubble512: That's okay, It might just be because I'm slow
KelAzMA: recently I haven't been sleeping 'cause I have a sick daughter
KelAzMA: and I've been sick so it's cut into sleeping time
doublebubble512: aww
battys5115: calling ben schoen on skype lol
doublebubble512: what's his name?
KelAzMA:'s complicated
battys5115: y should i tel u
battys5115: ya
doublebubble512: aww
doublebubble512: okay
battys5115: its complicated
battys5115: i was even lucky enough 2 find out
KelAzMA: yeah it's not like it's his name
KelAzMA: *eyeroll*
doublebubble512: ha
battys5115: lol
doublebubble512: have you guys ever heard the Toast song?
anir107 has entered the room.
KelAzMA: no...all i know is that Micah ate the Dumbledore Toast
doublebubble512: ha
anir107 has left the room.
d491210 has left the room.
KelAzMA: that's why he's so smart
doublebubble512: ha yeah really
doublebubble512: it's so funny
battys5115: what the
battys5115: lol
KelAzMA: oi
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: TOAST
doublebubble512: isn't it awesome?
KelAzMA: yall are nuts
KelAzMA: okay I gotta hold my daughter no...
KelAzMA: so I won't be talking
lunibug4: to fruits
doublebubble512: okay
battys5115: lol
lunibug4: ten
lunibug4 has left the room.
lunibug4 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has entered the room.
doublebubble512: Hi Lauren
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
doublebubble512: and Cassi
lunibug4: hey
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im going to leave in a sec, and can some1 invite me plz?
doublebubble512: huh?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im going to be on this device that doesnt let me go into chat rooms unless im invited
doublebubble512: oh
lunibug4: oh werid
doublebubble512: okay
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: thanks
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: than ill Rab
battys5115: YREAH TOAST!!!!!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has left the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: thanks
doublebubble512: yep
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: :D
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: silence
doublebubble512: yeah
doublebubble512: it's dead
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol yeah
lunibug4: dead
KelAzMA: SOrry\
KelAzMA: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: acts dead*
doublebubble512: ha
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: but im not really xD
pla30303 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi
pla30303: Hey
lunibug4: yo.
lunibug4: dwaggg
pla30303: dwag?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: its dead in here fyi
pla30303: Mmhmm
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: see?
lunibug4: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im going to leave a voice mail at pc
pla30303: Kay
lunibug4: pc as in pottercast?
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: so rab
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ya
lunibug4: cool
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
lunibug4: hey hannah
HannahBanana5689: hey guys
doublebubble512: hi hannah
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: if i can work up the courage to say what i wanna say
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
HannahBanana5689: so
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lets just say im going to show some house spirit
doublebubble512: oh no
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: XD
lunibug4: TEN
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ten?
lunibug4: ten
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: is ten the new in?
pla30303: ??
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: uh rab
pla30303: Fudge
pla30303: nugget
Ponyjockey123 has entered the room.
Ponyjockey123: hey guys
doublebubble512: Chaya
doublebubble512: !
lunibug4: HIYA CHAYA
Ponyjockey123: vermont has internet after all
lunibug4: um
doublebubble512: ha YAY
lunibug4: yey?
HannahBanana5689: on vacation?
lunibug4: so does maine, beleive it or not
pla30303: ....
Ponyjockey123: I am using the comp in a hotel so I dunno how long I can stay
HannahBanana5689: guys i took over my grandpa's computer
HannahBanana5689: haha
doublebubble512: nice hannah
Ponyjockey123: how is everyone
MajestiCRadiO3 has entered the room.
lunibug4: accio caitlin
lunibug4: darn
HannahBanana5689: caitlin!
Chlojo3 has entered the room.
lunibug4: and chloe
MajestiCRadiO3: hey guys!
anir107 has entered the room.
doublebubble512: caitlin!
MajestiCRadiO3: hannah!
lunibug4: and rina!
HannahBanana5689: !!!
doublebubble512: and cloe
MajestiCRadiO3: kathleen!
Ponyjockey123: chloe
HannahBanana5689: whoo!
lunibug4: heyyy
Ponyjockey123: and rina
doublebubble512: and rina
doublebubble512: wow
Chlojo3: *tackles everyone*
Chlojo3: how are you?
lunibug4: annnd!?
Ponyjockey123: good
HannahBanana5689: good
doublebubble512: good
HannahBanana5689: exausted
HannahBanana5689: i flew ALL night...
lunibug4: aw
MajestiCRadiO3: ooh redeye?
HannahBanana5689: but its ok
HannahBanana5689: yeah
lunibug4: where are you?
HannahBanana5689: VA
lunibug4: virgina?
HannahBanana5689: mhmm
anir107 has left the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: fun times
HannahBanana5689: yup
doublebubble512: fun
lunibug4: and chaya is in vermont
MajestiCRadiO3: family?
HannahBanana5689: yeah
lunibug4: or something
Ponyjockey123: yes
HannahBanana5689: granparents... and good friends
Ponyjockey123: correct cassi
lunibug4: cool
lunibug4: chaya, that's almost close to me
lunibug4: lolz
MajestiCRadiO3: almost!
pla30303: I'm in CA
doublebubble512: I'm in MI
Ponyjockey123: yay cassi where are u
doublebubble512: so not close to anyone
MajestiCRadiO3: PA!
Ponyjockey123: i luv PA
HannahBanana5689: whoooo
lunibug4: ME!
Ponyjockey123: I go there alot
Chlojo3: OH
Ponyjockey123: yeah you
MajestiCRadiO3: why chaya?
Ponyjockey123: i keep a horse there
lunibug4: IO
doublebubble512: *gasp* OH, that's right by me! I'm not in a lonly state!
MajestiCRadiO3: oooh, i see
Ponyjockey123: huh
HannahBanana5689: man
Ponyjockey123: IO
Ponyjockey123: what is that
MajestiCRadiO3: flippin fosh
lunibug4: ME = pwnzzz
lunibug4: lol
HannahBanana5689: i am totally taking over my grandpas computer.. its making me laugh
Chlojo3: OH! IH!
Chlojo3: *IO
lunibug4: the rest of ohio
Ponyjockey123: oh ohio
MajestiCRadiO3: go hannah!
doublebubble512: hah
Ponyjockey123: nice
HannahBanana5689: oh, hi yo!
MajestiCRadiO3: lmao!
doublebubble512: hahe
HannahBanana5689: haha
Ponyjockey123: lol
KelAzMA: Eh...there was this one time...
KelAzMA: okay...there wasn't
HannahBanana5689: lol
KelAzMA: I've run out of times.
MajestiCRadiO3: omg, hannah did you get a mic??
HannahBanana5689: really
doublebubble512: ha
HannahBanana5689: I DID!
HannahBanana5689: TWO
lunibug4: YEY HANNAH
MajestiCRadiO3: YES
doublebubble512: YAY
lunibug4: two!
HannahBanana5689: hehe
lunibug4: yey
Ponyjockey123: yay
HannahBanana5689: and i brought it
HannahBanana5689: so
KelAzMA: So did Jackie get her mic?
Ponyjockey123: too bad I don't have mine with me
KelAzMA: does anyone know?
HannahBanana5689: i dunno
Ponyjockey123: dunno
KelAzMA: She'd been on about it...and I haven't seen her happy about it yet....
doublebubble512: I got a mic, so now I don't have to be talking to my computer!
KelAzMA: thought I mightya missed it
HannahBanana5689: flipping fosh
lunibug4: silly hannah
lunibug4: i have a mic omgz
HannahBanana5689: hold on a sec, i need to see if this stupid thing will plug in
KelAzMA: I've always had one, eh?
KelAzMA: heheh
MajestiCRadiO3: do it hannah!!
KelAzMA: so I could hear myself sing, eh?
HannahBanana5689: i'm totally messing with his computer... i feel kinda bad
doublebubble512: rab
HannahBanana5689: oh well
HannahBanana5689: its for a good cause
MajestiCRadiO3: 'tis
lunibug4: good cause = awesome time
Ponyjockey123: I am on a comp that i think is just supposed to be for email
lunibug4: CHHAT
Ponyjockey123: o well
lunibug4: Caaaitlinnnnng
HannahBanana5689: i need to find a flashlight....
lunibug4: o.O
lunibug4: why?
KelAzMA:'s pink
doublebubble512: back
MajestiCRadiO3: caaaaaaassi
KelAzMA: w/b
doublebubble512: nice Chaya
MajestiCRadiO3: hi kathleen!
HannahBanana5689: to see where to plug my mic in
doublebubble512: Hi Caitlin!
HannahBanana5689: brb
lunibug4: I LOVE MCF
Ponyjockey123: how bought turn on the light
lunibug4: FOREVERRR
lunibug4: woudl you light my candlle?
MajestiCRadiO3: fo eva!
Ponyjockey123: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: what
MajestiCRadiO3: oops
KelAzMA: So have any of you guys seen Wicked the Musical?
doublebubble512: I want to see it sooooooo bad
lunibug4: nope
lunibug4: have you?
MajestiCRadiO3: nooo, i wish
KelAzMA: no
lunibug4: aw i want to see it
doublebubble512: I'm posibly seeing it in March or May or something
doublebubble512: with my sis
KelAzMA: I was wanting to get a synopsis about a part of it....LOL
doublebubble512: In Canada
KelAzMA: something that Colleen said and didn't elaborate on
KelAzMA: heheh
KelAzMA: then she left
KelAzMA: punk
Ponyjockey123: i still haven't seen it
KelAzMA: eh I haven't seen not a damn thing
Ponyjockey123: i really should
macaRoni090: chaya!!!
KelAzMA: unless the Wiggles in concert counts
macaRoni090: you're back!
Ponyjockey123: i live in nyc afterall
doublebubble512: ha
doublebubble512: The Wiggles scare me
Ponyjockey123: yeah roni not back exactly I am using a hotel comp
MajestiCRadiO3: eeew, the wiggles
Ponyjockey123: it is "email only"
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: thats still awesome though at least you're here@
macaRoni090: *!
HannahBanana5689: hot potato hot potato
KelAzMA: My daughter loves the Wiggles
lunibug4: omg
MajestiCRadiO3: wtf hannah?
doublebubble512: ha
lunibug4: so do the kids at toddle inn
HannahBanana5689: its a wiggles song
lunibug4: which is where i work
MajestiCRadiO3: oooh, eeee
lunibug4: *shudders*
Ponyjockey123: thanx but I can't download the new mugglecast
KelAzMA: and well....Ben Murray is HOT
MuggleNetLaura has entered the room.
KelAzMA: heheh
KelAzMA: heya Laura
lunibug4: hey laura
KelAzMA: welcome back
MuggleNetLaura: heyyyy
doublebubble512: hi again Laura
macaRoni090: hi laura
MajestiCRadiO3: hi laura!
lunibug4: who is ben murray?
KelAzMA: I've got a coffee maker now
Ponyjockey123: hi laura
lunibug4: is that a wiggle?
KelAzMA: Um...he's a red-haired dancer of their
KelAzMA: s
KelAzMA: no
KelAzMA: he's one of the Redcoat dancers
lunibug4: oh
lunibug4: okay
macaRoni090: lol cassi
lunibug4: lol roni
Chlojo3: *is in need of hugs*
Chlojo3: hullo laura
lunibug4: *huggles chloe*
KelAzMA: he looks like that
macaRoni090: what are you loling at me for
macaRoni090: gosh
Chlojo3: *huggles back*
doublebubble512: scary
KelAzMA: he looks better with his mouth shut
KelAzMA: but that doesn't happen very often
Johnboy865 has entered the room.
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bck
macaRoni090: hi john
doublebubble512: hi John
Chlojo3: john! *huggles*
KelAzMA: Heya John
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hi john
Ponyjockey123: john
MuggleNetLaura: 'ello
MajestiCRadiO3: john!
Johnboy865: heylo
doublebubble512: guys my finger hurts!
lunibug4: hiya....!
KelAzMA: What's the good word?
Chlojo3: *huggles laura*
Ponyjockey123: john I haven't yet got to tell you how much I love your wonderful voice
lunibug4: squidward?
MuggleNetLaura: *hugs chloe*
doublebubble512: John your voice is amazing
Johnboy865: aww thanks
Chlojo3: yay! i got a hug
macaRoni090: i lubb squidward
Ponyjockey123: your welcome
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i second it
Chlojo3: john!!!! we have to tell you about our plan to get to las vegas
lunibug4: lol
Johnboy865: Kel and i are gunna sing something for a future show
lunibug4: waittt. i have a map.
Ponyjockey123: i heard
macaRoni090: awesome
doublebubble512: cool
Ponyjockey123: I am excited
Chlojo3: yay! i cant wait
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: cool
MajestiCRadiO3: ooh, i'm so excited for the kel/john duet!
lunibug4: yey!!!
doublebubble512: It's going to be awesome
KelAzMA:'ll be WAY more fun than singing with myself
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
Johnboy865: lol
macaRoni090: haha
KelAzMA: or with 2 of myself...I did that for Guru's filk on the filkcast
macaRoni090: won won baby was amazing though
Ponyjockey123: kel can you email me the words to the gloria parody please
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: rab
MajestiCRadiO3: yeah, won won baby PWNed
macaRoni090: kk
lunibug4: PWNed
macaRoni090: haha yes it did PWN
lunibug4: caitlin <3
KelAzMA: Those weren't my words. So i don't know if it's right to pass them on though...I know they're
listed on the Leaky Lounge
KelAzMA: lemme see if I can find where and direct ya
Ponyjockey123: thanx
MajestiCRadiO3: <33 casssi
anir107 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: rina!
lunibug4: lame
lunibug4: that was for you caitlin
anir107: <-- scroll to the bottom and read
andrew's comment
anir107: they love me so much its not funny
lunibug4: hey rina
MajestiCRadiO3: thanks cassi
anir107: lol Hi
pla30303: Hello
lunibug4: rina, i saw that
MajestiCRadiO3: lame shoutout
lunibug4: and i was like "lol. lame"
MuggleNetLaura: Well, Rina, calling Andrew lazy was a bit inaccurate ;-)
anir107: <3 Andrew
pla30303: Yeah...
KelAzMA: it's the 31st post I believe
lunibug4: LAME! <best word ever.
anir107: oh, i was being serious, but you didn't have to know that, yeah
kawichan has entered the room.
pla30303: Wait
pla30303: I just noticed
macaRoni090: hi
anir107: 31st post for what?
pla30303: That was my thread
kawichan: Hey yall
pla30303: I feel special
doublebubble512: hi
macaRoni090: whats upp
lunibug4: hello
KelAzMA: it's the 31st post in the thread?
lunibug4: or yo.
macaRoni090: lol
MuggleNetLaura has left the room.
Ponyjockey123: hold on I was looking at rina's thing
kawichan: this is lauren.... just on a diff sn
KelAzMA: someone AK'd Laura!
kawichan: lol
lunibug4: aw laura
macaRoni090: oo ok cool
pla30303: Xd
macaRoni090: AIMAK!!
macaRoni090: noooo
KelAzMA: exactly
doublebubble512: oh okay
macaRoni090: :'(
kawichan: poor laura
MuggleNetLaura has entered the room.
doublebubble512: she lives
MuggleNetLaura: god aim is being a bitch today
kawichan: Laura!!! Your alive!!!
MajestiCRadiO3: roll call guys?
KelAzMA: So are you recovering from the holiday weekend John?
Ponyjockey123: kel what page?
pla30303: Why
macaRoni090: welcome back laura =)
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hey guys back =)
MuggleNetLaura: thankies
KelAzMA: I don't know what page....'cause mine's set to view like 40 posts a page...
KelAzMA: i don't know how many it lists by default
KelAzMA: sorry.
Ponyjockey123: ok i'll find it thanx
KelAzMA: but it's post 31 LOL
KelAzMA: that's all I know
KelAzMA: DID I TELL YOU GUYS I GOT A COFFEE POT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kawichan: woah
KelAzMA: isn't that totally what I needed?
KelAzMA: *spaz*
kawichan: lol
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
KelAzMA: my coffee killed Hannah
anir107: Laura, i haven't given up
Ponyjockey123: lol
MuggleNetLaura: on what?
anir107: Your LJ name
MajestiCRadiO3: lol, it did kel
KelAzMA: it's okay
kawichan: your coffee AKed Hannah
macaRoni090: lol
KelAzMA: it's almost 3 times as strong as normal human coffee
kawichan: yikes
KelAzMA: my mom says if my coffee any stronger it would be gelatinous
Ponyjockey123: i luv strong coffee
MajestiCRadiO3: *hugs to chloe*
kawichan: my font looks so little
macaRoni090: i HATE coffee
Ponyjockey123: not 2 me
kawichan: compared to normal
kawichan: me 2
macaRoni090: ewww
KelAzMA: well I go through coffee stages
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
anir107: coffee = ew
MajestiCRadiO3: hannaaaaah
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
macaRoni090: thank you rina and lauren
kawichan: np
lunibug4: coffeeee yuckkk
KelAzMA: someone needs to nail that girls feet to the floor
macaRoni090: i know!
Chlojo3: *hugs cait*
macaRoni090: i lub tea
KelAzMA: I got a teapot too
KelAzMA: 'cause well...i like tea too
macaRoni090: i'm like, a brit on the inside
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
KelAzMA: and capppppoooooshino!
HannahBanana5689: ok
KelAzMA: hehe
MuggleNetLaura: lol, Rina... it's all friend locked anyway
MajestiCRadiO3: casssii
pla30303: I am an exploding teapot
KelAzMA: *BAM*
kawichan: short and stout
HannahBanana5689: i have an announcement to make
kawichan: did i spell that right
macaRoni090: lol
kawichan: what?
macaRoni090: yes hannah?
pla30303: What
KelAzMA: you're getting married?
Ponyjockey123: what
HannahBanana5689: i hannah marin hosking am skype-alicious
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
HannahBanana5689: like
Ponyjockey123: yay
MajestiCRadiO3: hannah!
HannahBanana5689: i made it work
macaRoni090: haha
macaRoni090: whoot!
KelAzMA: forgot the H
HannahBanana5689: whoooo
pla30303: Whoot
HannahBanana5689: haha ok so yeah
KelAzMA: I'm turning into a skype hussy
HannahBanana5689: carry on
kawichan: my skype is messed up
KelAzMA: I so have to stop
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yay!
macaRoni090: lol yeah i know kel...whats up with that
KelAzMA: brb....more coffee
KelAzMA: more more more
MajestiCRadiO3: lol kel
KelAzMA: maybe I'll get this song done
Ponyjockey123: i wish i was at home, i miss my skype
HannahBanana5689: haha
macaRoni090: chaya when are you getting back?
kawichan: some 1 fix my skype
pla30303: I'm too lazy to get skype
Ponyjockey123: friday
KelAzMA: sloth
lunibug4: CAITLIN
macaRoni090: ooh not bad
lunibug4: AND CHLOE
lunibug4: AND CASSI
lunibug4: ALL START WITH C
Ponyjockey123: and chaya
lunibug4: yeah
MajestiCRadiO3: thank you cassi
macaRoni090: and Coni
pla30303: Wow
macaRoni090: Croni
MajestiCRadiO3: chipotle
lunibug4: CRONI!
KelAzMA: Hella....Kellee starts with a K but it doesn't sound much different, eh?
lunibug4: lol
KelAzMA: I'm an anomoly
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol!
macaRoni090: haha and Chipotle
Ponyjockey123: lol
kawichan: im listening to the filkcast again XD
kawichan: lol
lunibug4: &      cash
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *slow internet*
doublebubble512: Kathleen starts with a K too!
macaRoni090: lol yeah Croni..thats my new name ppl
lunibug4: starts with c
KelAzMA: I got Chipotle gift cards for Christmas *giggles*
kawichan: lol
macaRoni090: aw
Ponyjockey123: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: loilz nice
KelAzMA: and I was a bad girl too!
KelAzMA: amazing!
pla30303: My new name is The_sploded_teapot
pla30303: No
macaRoni090: ooh wow
KelAzMA: Santa got snowed this year
lunibug4: what?!
macaRoni090: but santa loves everyone
KelAzMA: *laughs*
lunibug4: SPLODED?1
anir107: pwn
lunibug4: 1
KelAzMA: I totally snowed Santa this year
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 3
lunibug4: NO!
MajestiCRadiO3: nooooo
kawichan: NO
macaRoni090: NO
doublebubble512: no
HannahBanana5689: huh
mArIcHaBaLdIs: NO
doublebubble512: I don't know, I'm confused
HannahBanana5689: yes
kawichan: is no the new in?
KelAzMA: I don't know either
MuggleNetLaura: ...pwn
lunibug4: yes
KelAzMA: iPdo
KelAzMA: heheh
MajestiCRadiO3: yes it is!
KelAzMA: that's all i know
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I don't get the whole "no" thing, but whatever
macaRoni090: PWN
lunibug4: and in was the new chipotle ... and
lunibug4: that was the new
lunibug4: rabbi
HannahBanana5689: OMG
lunibug4: and that was the new pwn
macaRoni090: haha rabbi
lunibug4: long story
KelAzMA: yeah
HannahBanana5689: i saw a sign....
HannahBanana5689: and
KelAzMA: and then it sucked
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
KelAzMA: and it was good
HannahBanana5689: it was suppose to saw pawn
HannahBanana5689: but the a was gone
KelAzMA: okay
macaRoni090: rabbis are so funny
KelAzMA: more coffee
kawichan: is no the new in which is the new chipotle which was the new rabbi which is the new pwn?
doublebubble512: haha
HannahBanana5689: so it said PWN
MajestiCRadiO3: yes, PWN
HannahBanana5689: hahahha
pla30303: Pwn
doublebubble512: Hannah that's awesome
MajestiCRadiO3: too funny!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha cool
HannahBanana5689: it was great
mArIcHaBaLdIs: pwn
mArIcHaBaLdIs: pwn
Ponyjockey123: pwn
lunibug4: YES CHLOEEE
pla30303: PWNZZRRZZ
lunibug4: we are insync with our PHANTOMZ
HannahBanana5689: pppppppppwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnn
kawichan: im going back to hpfreakslytherin...... brb
macaRoni090: omg phantom again?
MajestiCRadiO3: nsync
pla30303: Pwnzeroni
mArIcHaBaLdIs: whoot pwn
madrigal817 has entered the room.
lunibug4: um
lunibug4: yeah
HannahBanana5689: whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ohhh lauren i had no idea it was u
Ponyjockey123: neither did i
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bck
mArIcHaBaLdIs: loilz
doublebubble512: she said it was here
HannahBanana5689: i am a little hyper right now.....
doublebubble512: *her
MajestiCRadiO3: hyyyyper!
lunibug4: NO
pla30303: I'm bored
Ponyjockey123: i missed it
madrigal817 has left the room.
HannahBanana5689: so if i do something weird
HannahBanana5689: forgive me
mArIcHaBaLdIs: im kinda hyper too
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: and stupid internet is slooow
KelAzMA: yeah
doublebubble512: I'm kind of not hyper
pla30303: I feel like saying something really random
mArIcHaBaLdIs: argh
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im just hungery
MajestiCRadiO3: we forgive you in advance hannah
HannahBanana5689: its just the excitment of being on vacation, and getting my mic to work
KelAzMA: I've had 8 cups of coffe
HannahBanana5689: ok thanks caitlin
HannahBanana5689: haha
KelAzMA: in the last 90 minutes
Ponyjockey123: my second night hanuka present was very cool
lunibug4: chloe
KelAzMA: *bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*
HannahBanana5689: woah dang
doublebubble512: hannah, what's your skype?
HannahBanana5689: same as my sn
HannahBanana5689: squee
lunibug4: my skype ......
KelAzMA: I LOVE that map
lunibug4: is
Ponyjockey123: i got the golden lightening bolt with diamonds in it
KelAzMA: it totally PWNS
KelAzMA: any map
HannahBanana5689: *drum roll*
doublebubble512: can I add you Hannah?
HannahBanana5689: mhmm
doublebubble512: k
pla30303: I'm boreddddddddd
Ponyjockey123: i want my skype
lunibug4: OMG
BrownyShahana has entered the room.
KelAzMA: yknow
Ponyjockey123: :-(
HannahBanana5689: yay
macaRoni090: pla30303: Pwnzeroni
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey
macaRoni090: ??
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: rab
KelAzMA: i'm supposed to be doing this little intricate bead thing right now....
MajestiCRadiO3: rab dudes
anir107: Laura
KelAzMA: and I'm so spazzed out from coffee
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk
BrownyShahana: hey
KelAzMA: that I can't function properly
macaRoni090: k caitlin
doublebubble512: ha
HannahBanana5689: haha
Ponyjockey123: java java java java
lunibug4: aw the white horses
KelAzMA: I"m like Beavis right now
pla30303: Java is cool
macaRoni090: whaaaat
MuggleNetLaura: Rina?
anir107: Yeah
anir107: You're going to hate me
anir107: I pwn
KelAzMA: I'm about to pull my shirt over my head and start chanting
pla30303: I'm confuzzled
HannahBanana5689: hahaha!
MuggleNetLaura: why?
anir107: *evil grin*
Ponyjockey123: *drum roll*
MuggleNetLaura: *arched eyebrow*
macaRoni090: *more drum roll*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *lol*
pla30303: IS
anir107: ERIC
HannahBanana5689: dudududuuduuduududdddddduuuu
doublebubble512: ha
pla30303: Yeah
HannahBanana5689: haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hahaha
Ponyjockey123: lol
macaRoni090: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hahe
macaRoni090: you win ERIC
HannahBanana5689: no thats second place
pla30303: Oh
KelAzMA: heh
pla30303: A NEW CAR
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yay eric!
HannahBanana5689: haha
HannahBanana5689: yeah
HannahBanana5689: good times
macaRoni090: okay rab
anir107: LOl
Ponyjockey123: rina, why is laura gunna kill you
HannahBanana5689: ok guys, episode 22
anir107: a new car
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk
HannahBanana5689: ben and andrew singing my favorite u2 song
HannahBanana5689: yesssssssssssssssss
Ponyjockey123: don't tell me
MajestiCRadiO3: U2!
Ponyjockey123: aaahh
MajestiCRadiO3: *dies*
KelAzMA: y'know....when I was a young lass....
HannahBanana5689: i was like YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
Ponyjockey123: I can't download it
KelAzMA: u2 sucked
lunibug4: lass
pla30303: The U2 frontman won the time people person
MajestiCRadiO3: omg kelazma
KelAzMA: and so I just can't get used to them pwning anything
pla30303: thingerwinger
doublebubble512: Episode 22 isn't out yet
HannahBanana5689: and then the whole poem thing
MajestiCRadiO3: U2 is my fave
HannahBanana5689: or 21
lunibug4: lolz
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ep. 22?
HannahBanana5689: whatever
KelAzMA: eh...
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *confused*
HannahBanana5689: sorry!
Johnboy865 has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ohhh ok
HannahBanana5689: i haven't had much sleep
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
KelAzMA: sleep is for weiners
HannahBanana5689: in the past two days....
HannahBanana5689: i've slept
HannahBanana5689: 4 hours
HannahBanana5689: so yeah
pla30303: You don't sleep and we telly ou what kinda idiot you are
HannahBanana5689: anyays
anir107: aww we scared john away
Ponyjockey123: o well
HannahBanana5689: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: yeah we did
BrownyShahana: that was john noe?
HannahBanana5689: dont we alwaus
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol john was here?
lunibug4: nope
MajestiCRadiO3: all the U2 ness
KelAzMA: was.......
lunibug4: that was john mayer
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lolz
Ponyjockey123: lol
pla30303: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hahaha
MajestiCRadiO3: john mayer!
KelAzMA: John Bon Jovi
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: loilz
lunibug4: John my grandpa
pla30303: It was John Bob
BrownyShahana: yes lets just keep naming random johns
anir107: John? John who?
HannahBanana5689: ok
KelAzMA: John my Pedo Dad
anir107: John Smith?
HannahBanana5689: haah
HannahBanana5689: yes
lunibug4: Pope John Paul
doublebubble512: ha
Ponyjockey123: john as in the bathroom
MajestiCRadiO3: john smith! thats the best!
HannahBanana5689: haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol!
lunibug4: John McCartney
pla30303: Wait
Chlojo3: Johnny Depp!
anir107: hah, i rule
HannahBanana5689: YES
pla30303: YEAH
KelAzMA: John Lennon
lunibug4: yeah hi
HannahBanana5689: johnny depp is love
lunibug4: lmaoooooooo
BrownyShahana: o johnny depp!
pla30303: Yeah
BrownyShahana: <3
lunibug4: or Paul McCartney
Ponyjockey123: rina. we already knew that
pla30303: He shoulda played sirius
lunibug4: hahaha omg
pla30303: XD
HannahBanana5689: hahaha
lunibug4: that was... the best thing ever
mArIcHaBaLdIs: paul??
mArIcHaBaLdIs: XD
KelAzMA: Paul?
MajestiCRadiO3: john mccartney! yess
lunibug4: never mind
Ponyjockey123: who
BrownyShahana: im amazed at how fast the topic changed
Ponyjockey123: is that
HannahBanana5689: haha
MuggleNetLaura has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: john mccartney?
Ponyjockey123: ?
lunibug4: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aw Laura
doublebubble512: and Laura's AIM died again
HannahBanana5689: sad
pla30303: =(
anir107: topic?
doublebubble512: or she just left
anir107: what topic?
pla30303: Laura left
HannahBanana5689: aimAK
MajestiCRadiO3: do we have a topic?
lunibug4: um
pla30303: No
MajestiCRadiO3: noooee
lunibug4: john.......
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol aimAK
HannahBanana5689: um
pla30303: We're naming random johns
MajestiCRadiO3: the name john
HannahBanana5689: BEN
HannahBanana5689: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: HEN
lunibug4: BEN
lunibug4: HEN
pla30303: BORK
HannahBanana5689: HEN
lunibug4: MEN
HannahBanana5689: BEN
pla30303: ERIC
MuggleNetLaura has entered the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: HEN
lunibug4: invalid
mArIcHaBaLdIs: BEN
HannahBanana5689: yes
Chlojo3: laura! *tackles*
pla30303: Yes
HannahBanana5689: ben ben ben
MajestiCRadiO3: laura
lunibug4: welocme back laura
MuggleNetLaura: :-)
anir107: Lolol
pla30303: Hey lauraa
HannahBanana5689: haha
KelAzMA: psh
mArIcHaBaLdIs: people
Ponyjockey123: I have to go, I might be back later
KelAzMA: wtf are you talkin' 'bout
KelAzMA: heheh
Ponyjockey123: bye guys
lunibug4: SHAWN
HannahBanana5689: ben schoen, duh
MajestiCRadiO3: shawn
lunibug4: EDWARD?
pla30303: Eric.mate
lunibug4: where is edward?
lunibug4: .com
Ponyjockey123: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: paging edward
Ponyjockey123: I'm leaving
Ponyjockey123: bye
HannahBanana5689: ok
mArIcHaBaLdIs: .edu
HannahBanana5689: bye
HannahBanana5689: hahah yessss
anir107: suckupppp
lunibug4: bye?1
pla30303: Micahtaunenbaum NOT dot com
lunibug4: lol
doublebubble512: bye
HannahBanana5689: ah man
MuggleNetLaura: LOOOOOOOL
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hahaha
lunibug4: lol
anir107: tannenbaum
anir107: not taunenbaum
Ponyjockey123 has left the room.
anir107: thats ben being dumb
pla30303: I think I spelled Michahs last name wrong
pla30303: Yeah
pla30303: I knew it
lunibug4: oh christmas treeee.
HannahBanana5689: good stuff
MajestiCRadiO3: ooh rina
BrownyShahana: lol
pla30303: I fail'd spellin
anir107: my friend's last name is Tannenbaum... MAYBE THEY'RE RELATED LYKE OMG
HannahBanana5689: ninja
HannahBanana5689: kevin
pla30303: OMG
lunibug4: omg
MajestiCRadiO3: ninja kevin!
lunibug4: ninja kevin
HannahBanana5689: omg
HannahBanana5689: haha
lunibug4: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: omg coolness
MajestiCRadiO3: nanja arthur
lunibug4: LMAO
lunibug4: caitlin <3
MajestiCRadiO3: *ninja
HannahBanana5689: nanja
HannahBanana5689: haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: nanja arthut
HannahBanana5689: i love typos
MajestiCRadiO3: nanja!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: loilz
HannahBanana5689: retarted
HannahBanana5689: haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: typos rock
HannahBanana5689: fosh
mArIcHaBaLdIs: :P
MajestiCRadiO3: lol! retarted is the best
mArIcHaBaLdIs: nanja loilz
MajestiCRadiO3: flippin fosh! those typos!
lunibug4: omgz
HannahBanana5689: you're so retarted!
lunibug4: memberson
HannahBanana5689: ah man
mArIcHaBaLdIs: omg
pla30303: I gotta show you my favorit ninja
kawichan: 1234 open the door
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 3
lunibug4: NO
mArIcHaBaLdIs: memberson? what is that?
MajestiCRadiO3: NO
anir107: NO
HannahBanana5689: i have sweet spelling skills, i swear
mArIcHaBaLdIs: NO
HannahBanana5689: NO
HannahBanana5689: YES
lunibug4: a typo
HannahBanana5689: NO
HannahBanana5689: YES
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: o
MajestiCRadiO3: stop lyin ghannah
pla30303: NES
HannahBanana5689: huh
lunibug4: not ben/emerson/melissa.
lunibug4: it's a TYPP
lunibug4: and
lunibug4: by that i mean TYPO
kawichan: 1234 open the freakin door
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha omggg
MajestiCRadiO3: its a typp!
lunibug4: what door?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Typp
mArIcHaBaLdIs: !!
pla30303: My fave ninja
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: im about to leave my house spirit voicemail
pla30303: Kay
lunibug4: christine is your mom
HannahBanana5689: kevin is my favorite ninja
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: XD
kawichan: hi lauren
MajestiCRadiO3: mee too, ninja!kevin PWNs
HannahBanana5689: heck of
pla30303: Xp
HannahBanana5689: so guys
MajestiCRadiO3: omg, heck of! yes
HannahBanana5689: haha
HannahBanana5689: yeah
lunibug4: NINJA
lunibug4: KEVIN
lunibug4: hahahahaha
HannahBanana5689: lara needs to finish that picture
mArIcHaBaLdIs: this chat has like its own language
pla30303: Ah
mArIcHaBaLdIs: its crazy
pla30303: Yeah
HannahBanana5689: haha, we do
BrownyShahana: yeah i can see that
HannahBanana5689: and i love it
BrownyShahana: im so totally lost
HannahBanana5689: haha
lunibug4: PRETTY
MajestiCRadiO3: yeah lara does!! c'mon lara
pla30303: And a 1000000000000 page dictionary
doublebubble512: MCisms
HannahBanana5689: we should make one
mArIcHaBaLdIs: typps pwn
lunibug4: lara?!
MajestiCRadiO3: where is that lara? we need her!
lunibug4: where
pla30303: MCisms
HannahBanana5689: a MCisms page
mArIcHaBaLdIs: MCisms yess
kawichan: i like harry potter
lunibug4: lol
MuggleNetLaura: I have to go.. I'm doing a huge file transfer and it's killing my bandwidth
lunibug4: awww
pla30303: Kay
HannahBanana5689: aww ok
pla30303: Byebye
doublebubble512: aww okay
HannahBanana5689: bye laura
MajestiCRadiO3: ok bye laura!
lunibug4: bye laura
doublebubble512: bye Laura
mArIcHaBaLdIs: awwww kk}
kawichan: bye
anir107: bye laura
MuggleNetLaura has left the room.
anir107: i will dominate your livejournal
mArIcHaBaLdIs: bye!
anir107: aww too late
lunibug4: dominateee
HannahBanana5689: i hate it when that happens
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *lateee*
MajestiCRadiO3: too bad rina
pla30303: Yeah
HannahBanana5689: you're like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
kawichan: im loopy im loppy
pla30303: Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
HannahBanana5689: energy
HannahBanana5689: energy
lunibug4: i'm loony
HannahBanana5689: energy
pla30303: I'm still an exploding teapot
anir107: oh SNAP just found Georga's account as well
MajestiCRadiO3: looooony lovegood
HannahBanana5689: awww!
lunibug4: SNAP
HannahBanana5689: haha
doublebubble512: how are you all so hyper?
kawichan: is lauren
HannahBanana5689: i dunno
kawichan: ther
HannahBanana5689: i just am
MajestiCRadiO3: delerious
mArIcHaBaLdIs: im hyper w00t w00t
HannahBanana5689: mhmm
HannahBanana5689: basically
pla30303: Wh00t
mArIcHaBaLdIs: slow interneeet i hate ittt
BrownyShahana: I gotta go...back to watching my leafs hockey game
BrownyShahana: bye people
HannahBanana5689: mmmk
HannahBanana5689: have fun
HannahBanana5689: bye
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk
pla30303: My screen's dying
MajestiCRadiO3: bye!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: bye
doublebubble512: bye
BrownyShahana has left the room.
pla30303: Bye
HannahBanana5689: s
HannahBanana5689: k
pla30303: s?
pla30303: sk?
doublebubble512: k?
HannahBanana5689: y
MajestiCRadiO3: skype?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: k?s
MajestiCRadiO3: lol
doublebubble512: skype?
anir107: skypeeeeeeee
HannahBanana5689: and caitlin is the winner
HannahBanana5689: ding ding idng
pla30303: XD
anir107 has left the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: *bows*
pla30303: I wouldn;t of guessed
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hhaha
lunibug4: SKYPE
HannahBanana5689: *clap clap*
HannahBanana5689: can i have your autograph
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *is slow*
HannahBanana5689: caitlin
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: rab
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk
MajestiCRadiO3: *signing autograph*
HannahBanana5689: omg omg omg it's caitlin's autograph
lunibug4: CAITLINNN
kawichan: WAT IS HpFrEaKs
HannahBanana5689: *squee*
kawichan: sorry thats my brother
lunibug4: lolz
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: those brothers
lunibug4: omgz
HannahBanana5689: guys
lunibug4: BROTHER
lunibug4: is he hotttt?
MajestiCRadiO3: brotha
HannahBanana5689: double t
lunibug4: bro-there
pla30303: ?
HannahBanana5689: brotha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: with 4 t's? wow
lunibug4: brotherrrz
HannahBanana5689: thats heck of hot
MajestiCRadiO3: thats pretty hot
pla30303: Confuzzled
HannahBanana5689: 4 t's
Ponyjockey123 has entered the room.
Ponyjockey123: i'm back
MajestiCRadiO3: chaya
doublebubble512: HI
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hey wb =)
Ponyjockey123: couldn't leave
HannahBanana5689: guuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyysssssssss
Ponyjockey123: what
doublebubble512: what?
HannahBanana5689: so much energy
HannahBanana5689: i cant even
Ponyjockey123: funny cassi
doublebubble512: rab guys I got to walk the dogs
Ponyjockey123: aaww
Ponyjockey123: i love dogs
doublebubble512: I'll be back in a few
lunibug4: god i hate dogs
Ponyjockey123: don't have one
mArIcHaBaLdIs: dogs <3
HannahBanana5689: dogs are.... eww
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I have a dog
doublebubble512: my dogs are stuped
doublebubble512: beyond stupid
mArIcHaBaLdIs: is the cuttest thing ever
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aww don't
MajestiCRadiO3: haa, i have 2 dogs
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!!!!!
doublebubble512: and they are not cute
lunibug4: phantom
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!!!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: my dog is cuute
lunibug4: :-D
mArIcHaBaLdIs: o.o
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!!!
doublebubble512: I love the dog at my dad's
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!!!
lunibug4: map
doublebubble512: but these are horrid
doublebubble512: ha
pla30303: Dumbledore toast
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!!!
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!!!
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!!!
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!!!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what is that road trip map? OLO
doublebubble512: That's what battys talking about
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *LOL
lunibug4: um lumos
HannahBanana5689: road trip
HannahBanana5689: road trip
HannahBanana5689: road trip
pla30303: It's a Troad
MajestiCRadiO3: road trip!
HannahBanana5689: roaaaaaaaad trip
mArIcHaBaLdIs: troad?
Ponyjockey123: to where
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!!
doublebubble512: okay, now I'm going
pla30303: A troad
doublebubble512: be back in a few
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aww road trip? to where?
HannahBanana5689: lumoooooooooooooooooooooos
lunibug4: LUMOS
mArIcHaBaLdIs: awwwwwwwwwwww lumos
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *sigh*
MajestiCRadiO3: lumos!
HannahBanana5689: is love
battys5115: TOAST1!!!!
HannahBanana5689: because ben will be there
ECD22887 has entered the room.
lunibug4: EEDEFkd;lafkdasl;fkd;lsaf kw
Ponyjockey123: Lumos
lunibug4: EDDWARRD
pla30303: Tork!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: all of the mugglecasters there
battys5115: TOAST!!!!
MajestiCRadiO3: edward!
HannahBanana5689: eeedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddward
Ponyjockey123: Edwad=rd!
lunibug4: <3<3<3<3<3
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ...
ECD22887: HELLO!
Ponyjockey123: woops
HannahBanana5689: whoop there it is
MajestiCRadiO3: lmao hannah
ECD22887: what's up?
HannahBanana5689: what comes next
lunibug4: edward
lunibug4: skype
HannahBanana5689: in that song
lunibug4: know
lunibug4: ... k now
ECD22887: I'm listeing to the pottercast special
lunibug4: aw
lunibug4: edward who cares?
ECD22887: hahaa
ECD22887: i do
HannahBanana5689: forget pottercast
mArIcHaBaLdIs: coolness, the filkcast?
pla30303: If you press space like azillion times and press entre nothing happense
ECD22887: yeah
MajestiCRadiO3: we=cooler
mArIcHaBaLdIs: loilz
HannahBanana5689: we=
lunibug4: pottercast = not as cool as cassi, hannah, chloe and caitlin
HannahBanana5689: yeah
ECD22887: well, i have obligations
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!!!
HannahBanana5689: what caitlin said
ECD22887: i work for them now
lunibug4: i mean
lunibug4: pretty close
pla30303: Toast.
lunibug4: OH
lunibug4: too good for us now?
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!!
ECD22887: noooooooo
Ponyjockey123: edward, work for them?
lunibug4: TOAST = NOT YOU
HannahBanana5689: toast is
ECD22887: you guys are the best
HannahBanana5689: yeah
Ponyjockey123: what ya doin
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!!
MajestiCRadiO3: you know we are edward
HannahBanana5689: um
lunibug4: aw edward <3
HannahBanana5689: no
MajestiCRadiO3: no
HannahBanana5689: no
MajestiCRadiO3: nooooo
lunibug4: NO
HannahBanana5689: noooooooooooooooo
pla30303: No?
MajestiCRadiO3: aw, hannah won
HannahBanana5689: thats right
HannahBanana5689: no
lunibug4: no
HannahBanana5689: bring it
HannahBanana5689: no
pla30303: Kay
lunibug4: no
HannahBanana5689: no
MajestiCRadiO3: no!
lunibug4: no
HannahBanana5689: times a thousand
pla30303: Timesazillikon
lunibug4: ten times ten
MajestiCRadiO3: 10
lunibug4: =
HannahBanana5689: 11
pla30303: Times infinity
HannahBanana5689: 12
lunibug4: your mom
MajestiCRadiO3: 13!
HannahBanana5689: lets COUNT
lunibug4: 14
HannahBanana5689: 14
pla30303: 42
HannahBanana5689: 15
lunibug4: 15
pla30303: 42
HannahBanana5689: 16
lunibug4: 10
HarryPotter46198 has entered the room.
lunibug4: 3
pla30303: 17
pla30303: 18
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 1
MajestiCRadiO3: shawn
pla30303: 19
pla30303: 20
HannahBanana5689: shaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn
pla30303: 42
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk guys i'ma leave. Tty tomorrow <3
lunibug4: SHAWNYYY
MajestiCRadiO3: bye!!
ECD22887: Shawn!
HannahBanana5689: poo
lunibug4: bye
HarryPotter46198: helllooo <3
pla30303: Byebye
MajestiCRadiO3: :u
HannahBanana5689: shawy poo
lunibug4: <3
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: back
lunibug4: I FINDDD
mArIcHaBaLdIs has left the room.
Ponyjockey123: edward are you an elf?
lunibug4: the PHANTOM OF OPERA
HannahBanana5689: the pahntom
lunibug4: is thereeee
HannahBanana5689: inside my minddddddddd
HarryPotter46198: aaaaaaaaaaand
lunibug4: inside MY MINDDDD
HarryPotter46198: i die
HarryPotter46198 has left the room.
lunibug4: lalalalalal
battys5115: the toast!!!!!!
lunibug4: aaaa
ECD22887: yep!
lunibug4: bye shawny
battys5115: YEAH TOAST!!!!!
Ponyjockey123: coolness
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: rab
pla30303: My mind is full of splosions
MajestiCRadiO3: invalid
battys5115: lol
battys5115: k
ECD22887: yeah, lucky number 13 to join the elves
battys5115: stopping
HannahBanana5689: invalid
Ponyjockey123: haha
HannahBanana5689: kthx
MajestiCRadiO3: gooo edward!
battys5115: lol
ECD22887: lol
Sky4123 has entered the room.
Ponyjockey123: well congrats edward
Sky4123: hello!!
HannahBanana5689: beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
Ponyjockey123: lizzie!
ECD22887: thank you
Sky4123: i just finished watching "the polar express"
HannahBanana5689: drop it like its hot
lunibug4: ERIK
Sky4123: it was cute...but really really boring
MajestiCRadiO3: drop it like its hott!
lunibug4: ERIK
HannahBanana5689: ooooh double t
Sky4123: drop it like its hottt!
lunibug4: no
Sky4123: lol
lunibug4: drop it like its ...... smelly
Sky4123: that song is soo....
MajestiCRadiO3: so much hotness
lunibug4: sry
MajestiCRadiO3: and semlliness i guess
lunibug4: shawny hates us
lunibug4: wtf caitlin
MajestiCRadiO3: shut up parvati!
lunibug4: f u padma
lunibug4: PADMA
Sky4123: ok ok now...calm down
doublebubble512: back
HannahBanana5689: hannah
pla30303: That's not very nmice
lunibug4: HANNAH
MajestiCRadiO3: abbott!
HannahBanana5689: yesss
Ponyjockey123: nmice
Ponyjockey123: no it's not
lunibug4: ABBOOTTT
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: silence
HannahBanana5689: niiiiiiiiice
MajestiCRadiO3: heck of
HannahBanana5689: heck of
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: ?
Ponyjockey123: who is padma?
doublebubble512: what's going on?
Sky4123: i am going to go shower then go sleep....i have to get up really early tomorrow!! no sleeping in
til 2 for me tomorrow
HannahBanana5689: heck of flipping fosh
Sky4123: have fun everyone!!
Ponyjockey123: bye lizzie!
MajestiCRadiO3: byee!
doublebubble512: bye
Sky4123: byebue
Sky4123: and play nice!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: bi bi
Sky4123 has left the room.
lunibug4: hannah loves ben
HannahBanana5689: yes
lunibug4: HEN
HannahBanana5689: i do
MajestiCRadiO3: HEN!
HannahBanana5689: hen for life
MajestiCRadiO3: <33
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: yeeeey 4 hen
pla30303: Hen
doublebubble512: hah
doublebubble512: I support hen
MajestiCRadiO3: leaky cauldron=requirement for friendship
ECD22887: not hah, HEN
HannahBanana5689: yes
HannahBanana5689: yes
lunibug4: edwardz
MajestiCRadiO3: thats right edward
ECD22887: lolz
lunibug4: edward <3
Ponyjockey123: hen!
HannahBanana5689: vegas
HannahBanana5689: veeeeeeeeeeeegas
Ponyjockey123: baby
doublebubble512: Edwards here! *waves* hi edward
ECD22887: *waves back* HI!!!
HannahBanana5689: viva
HannahBanana5689: las vegas
HannahBanana5689: *sings like andrew and john*
MajestiCRadiO3: U2
HannahBanana5689: U2
doublebubble512: no more U2
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: omg
doublebubble512: what?
Ponyjockey123: I love U2
MajestiCRadiO3: always U2
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: i just sent the stupidest voicevail
HannahBanana5689: beep
MajestiCRadiO3: bono foreva
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: *mail
doublebubble512: I really hope they use my voicemail in 22
gingernut17 has entered the room.
doublebubble512: *crosses fingers*
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: hey
HannahBanana5689: all about ben
doublebubble512: hi
MajestiCRadiO3: you had a good question kathleen so i bet they will!
MajestiCRadiO3: hi ally!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: what was it?
gingernut17: hi
pla30303 has left the room.
lunibug4: fail
lunibug4: allyyy
Ponyjockey123: ally!
MajestiCRadiO3: flailing
HannahBanana5689: benjamin
HannahBanana5689: is my hero
lunibug4: benjamin
MajestiCRadiO3: carl
HannahBanana5689: SCHOEN
lunibug4: CARL
lunibug4: lolz
Ponyjockey123: who's carl
lunibug4: LYNN
HannahBanana5689: marin
lunibug4: Hannah Marin
lunibug4: Cassandra Lynn
lunibug4: Caitlin ...
doublebubble512: Grace
Ponyjockey123: huh
MajestiCRadiO3: Caitlin Rooney
MajestiCRadiO3: Irish
doublebubble512: Kathleen Grace
lunibug4: Chloe Jean
MajestiCRadiO3: thats pretty kathleen!
lunibug4: aw that is pretty
HannahBanana5689: mammy
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
lunibug4: ALLIEEE
MajestiCRadiO3: allie!
HannahBanana5689: allieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
HannahBanana5689: heck of EEEEs
Alikona0000: omg!
lunibug4: yes
MajestiCRadiO3: you have fans allie
lunibug4: lol
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: zzzzzll
Alikona0000: lol
anir107 has entered the room.
Alikona0000: hahaha, I like fans
HannahBanana5689: fans
HannahBanana5689: of the fan
MajestiCRadiO3: did ya see narnia?
HannahBanana5689: s
HannahBanana5689: of the fans
lunibug4: fansss of the fans of the FANS of thefannaz
Ponyjockey123: yes
anir107: Fans of the fans!
ECD22887: Hey Rina and Allie!
HannahBanana5689: fannas
lunibug4: of the fans of jkr
Alikona0000: lol, no I didn't. Haha, but at least I got out of the houese
anir107: fanettes
HannahBanana5689: oooooooh snap
Alikona0000: hey edward
Ponyjockey123: fanettes cute
MajestiCRadiO3: yes fanettes
HannahBanana5689: kthx
HannahBanana5689: kdie
anir107: kbai
HannahBanana5689: kyeha
Alikona0000: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: khen
lunibug4: KDIEEE
Alikona0000: what the heck
anir107: no idea
lunibug4: lol
HannahBanana5689: KHEN
anir107: skypeeeeeeeeee
lunibug4: KHEN
HannahBanana5689: KKKKKKKKKKKKhen
HannahBanana5689: skpyeeeeeeeee
MajestiCRadiO3: skypeeey!
lunibug4: kskype
HannahBanana5689: henkthx
lunibug4: kurmam
Alikona0000: what about skypeee
HannahBanana5689: k
MajestiCRadiO3: allie skypeeey
HannahBanana5689: kyeah
lunibug4: i love skype
HannahBanana5689: kme too
Alikona0000: I'm watching house!
lunibug4: he's my boyfriend
HannahBanana5689: skype=BF
MajestiCRadiO3: skype=best friend
Ponyjockey123: i wish i had myskype
HannahBanana5689: BFF4EVA
anir107: HOUSE
lunibug4: HOUSES
HannahBanana5689: hizouse
anir107: there's this rabbi at my school who looks like dr house
HannahBanana5689: hiz-ouse
lunibug4: hizouse
Alikona0000: OMG, I would crush on the Rabbi
MajestiCRadiO3: really rina?
anir107: yeah
lunibug4: caitlin says your rabbi is hott
HannahBanana5689: no flipping way
anir107: its really freakky
MajestiCRadiO3: hugh laurie!rabbi?
lunibug4: with two tz
Alikona0000: Hugh Laurie
MajestiCRadiO3: yes cassi, yes
HannahBanana5689: always two t's
Alikona0000: ahhhh
Alikona0000: he's so British
HannahBanana5689: hott
MajestiCRadiO3: brits PWN
Ponyjockey123: my rabbi is not hot
anir107: Rabbi Chamudot
lunibug4: im british
Ponyjockey123: at all
HannahBanana5689: your mom is british
HannahBanana5689: oooooh
lunibug4: hermione jane rickman = me
Ponyjockey123: lol
lunibug4: your face is british
lunibug4: SNAP
MajestiCRadiO3: ooooh
HannahBanana5689: burn
anir107: speaking of british and teachers...
lunibug4: BURN
anir107: the guys gym teacher at my school
Ponyjockey123: I wish I was british
anir107: is british
anir107: and hot
HannahBanana5689: flippingfoshkthx
lunibug4: ooh
lunibug4: i woulld love gym
Alikona0000: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: amazing gym!
anir107: he's from liverpool
anir107: he's SO COOL'
lunibug4: membersonkthx
HannahBanana5689: anything with kthx= YES
MajestiCRadiO3: chocolatekthx
HannahBanana5689: BENkthx
lunibug4: hannah
Ponyjockey123: sounds cool
HannahBanana5689: benjamincarlKTHX
HannahBanana5689: flippingfoshkthx
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: carl
HannahBanana5689: carl
anir107: lmao
HannahBanana5689: benjamin carl
HannahBanana5689: is
HannahBanana5689: um
lunibug4: ben
HannahBanana5689: beeeeeeeen
lunibug4: lol
Alikona0000: SEX
lunibug4: lmao allie
HannahBanana5689: mhmm
lunibug4: SEXXXX
HannahBanana5689: kthx
lunibug4: XXX
kawichan: ?
HannahBanana5689: MINE
lunibug4: kawichan
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: hannah <3
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: yeah?
HannahBanana5689: yes
HannahBanana5689: <3
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: rab
lunibug4: RABBB
HannahBanana5689: r
HannahBanana5689: a
HannahBanana5689: b
lunibug4: B
HannahBanana5689: or not
lunibug4: A
lunibug4: R
anir107: skypeeeee
anir107: Babar?
doublebubble512: barbie
anir107: wasn't he that elephant?
HannahBanana5689: babar
lunibug4: elephant
Ponyjockey123: yes
MajestiCRadiO3: babar!!
HannahBanana5689: green suit
HannahBanana5689: is hott
HannahBanana5689: i want some
HannahBanana5689: of that
MajestiCRadiO3: babar oh yeah
HannahBanana5689: babarkthx
lunibug4: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: YES!
Ponyjockey123: you people are hyper
lunibug4: caitlin and hannah are really like
lunibug4: cracking up
lunibug4: like a lot
lunibug4: omgz
MajestiCRadiO3: babar!!
BrownyShahana has entered the room.
HannahBanana5689: babarkthx
lunibug4: CHLOE
lunibug4: CAITLIN
lunibug4: HANNAH
lunibug4: and
lunibug4: CASSI
lunibug4: PWN
lunibug4: THIS
HannahBanana5689: PWN
lunibug4: CHAT
MajestiCRadiO3: PWN!
lunibug4: ohhh kthx
HannahBanana5689: heck of
MajestiCRadiO3: we PWN life
HannahBanana5689: heck of
lunibug4: YES WE DO
HannahBanana5689: we PWN babar
lunibug4: edward could pwn with us
lunibug4: but
Ponyjockey123: lol
doublebubble512: ha
lunibug4: he's too busy with his beloved pottercast
ECD22887: PWN
HannahBanana5689: oooh
MajestiCRadiO3: he's a little elf now
ECD22887: not beloved
lunibug4: elf elf
HannahBanana5689: ELF
ECD22887: equal love for muggle and potter cast
HannahBanana5689: elfkthx
lunibug4: um
lunibug4: edward
HannahBanana5689: i'll always be a MC fangirl
lunibug4: mugglecast
lunibug4: and pottercast
lunibug4: = not as cool
Ponyjockey123: edward do you wear a pillow case
lunibug4: as me
Ponyjockey123: jk
lunibug4: no
Chlojo3: buddy the elf, whats your favorite color?
MajestiCRadiO3: lol cassi
lunibug4: he wears boxers
HannahBanana5689: mugglecast HAS BEN
HannahBanana5689: i mean
MajestiCRadiO3: buddy the elf!
lunibug4: hahahah
HannahBanana5689: buddykthx
ECD22887: boxer briefs
lunibug4: mugglecast has ...
ECD22887: no pillowcase
kawichan: back
HannahBanana5689: buddytheelfktx
lunibug4: spy on spartz
Ponyjockey123: o man
lunibug4: which is ...
lunibug4: the worst thing
KelAzMA: Spartz will brb
anir107: whatever happened to Hott Greg?
KelAzMA: get over it
anir107: lol
Ponyjockey123: haha
KelAzMA: I wrote him a song
anir107: Emerson will be right back......
KelAzMA: and he ran off
HannahBanana5689: he is soo hott
HannahBanana5689: that he
HannahBanana5689: um
lunibug4: ever.
doublebubble512: I had a dream about Emerson on Christmas Eve
lunibug4: he is hotter the
lunibug4: n
Ponyjockey123: aaw
macaRoni090: hey
anir107: i had a couple dreams about emerson
Ponyjockey123: do tell kathleen
Alikona0000: Emerson is my homeboy
BrownyShahana: lol
anir107: all really weird
HannahBanana5689: GREG
lunibug4: Emerson is my brother
HannahBanana5689: emerson is your face
macaRoni090: lol
Alikona0000: AHHHH
kawichan: emerson is your moms face
macaRoni090: then she has a hoTT face
MajestiCRadiO3: yes he is allie
anir107: Greg is Hott
Alikona0000: -TEARS OFF FACE-
anir107: Ben is Nott
macaRoni090: they're both hoTT
HannahBanana5689: BEN
lunibug4: Greg . haha
Ponyjockey123: lol
HannahBanana5689: BEN
doublebubble512: It was just weird... he was staying at my house and went to my school... and that's all I
HannahBanana5689: BEN
macaRoni090: aww i love ben
lunibug4: aw ben
MajestiCRadiO3: gregory
HannahBanana5689: NO YOU DONT
lunibug4: not as much as hannah
Ponyjockey123: huh
anir107: i had one dream about emerson... i was like stalking him... weird dream....
MajestiCRadiO3: invalid
HannahBanana5689: invalid
ECD22887 has left the room.
HannahBanana5689: heck of
anir107: oh wait, that was real life, yeah
lunibug4: EDWARD
macaRoni090: no, not as much as hannah
anir107: ;-)
lunibug4: WHAT THE FUCK
Ponyjockey123: code for you love him kathleen
HannahBanana5689: eddie poo
MajestiCRadiO3: failing!
lunibug4: MY EDWARD KTXH
MajestiCRadiO3: edward=failing
HannahBanana5689: way to suck
Alikona0000: FATAL ERROR
doublebubble512: what? I do not I love Eric
BrownyShahana: ok i'm so lost...i think i need to learn some names
MajestiCRadiO3: yes allie
lunibug4: lolz
ECD22887 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: NO
macaRoni090: hi edward
HannahBanana5689: horcri not foynd
ECD22887: damn aim
lunibug4: <~ Caitlin
anir107: does anyone get it?
MajestiCRadiO3: <---cassi
HannahBanana5689: found
KelAzMA: bastards
macaRoni090: lol kel
HannahBanana5689: AIMAK
anir107: it says dumbledore died on page 606....
anir107: so...
HannahBanana5689: awwww
anir107: ERROR 606
BrownyShahana: ok that helps a bit
Ponyjockey123: ok Kathleen but while closely examining your highly complicated dream ...
HannahBanana5689: dd
ECD22887: <------- Emma
anir107: instead of error 404
macaRoni090: thats like 66
anir107: it was a joke, ok
macaRoni090: *666
Alikona0000: wow. you are a potter FREAK
HannahBanana5689: <-loves BEN kthx
MajestiCRadiO3: hi emma!
anir107: Who?
lunibug4: <~~~~~~~~~~ Hermione Jane Rickma
lunibug4: n
magical maladies has entered the room.
Chlojo3: CHLNOE
magical maladies: hiiiii allll
macaRoni090: I
doublebubble512: okay Chaya what ever you say
HannahBanana5689: chlnos
lunibug4: the third
ECD22887: Hi
macaRoni090: LOVE
anir107: <---- Rina Sims
MajestiCRadiO3: hi alice!
macaRoni090: ALAN
macaRoni090: RICKMAN
HannahBanana5689: chlnoe
anir107: Chaya? where?
HannahBanana5689: hannah schoen
Ponyjockey123: I am the dream master lol
lunibug4: o.O
Ponyjockey123: here
BrownyShahana: lol
macaRoni090: lol Chlnoe
anir107: ok
MajestiCRadiO3: caitling
anir107: i can't see screen names, just fonts
HannahBanana5689: HANNAHSCHOENkthx
anir107: but now i can identify you
lunibug4: casseh
Ponyjockey123: Rina sims no way
anir107: hellz yes
Ponyjockey123: he is mine
magical maladies: wait
magical maladies: rina's marrying andrew?
HannahBanana5689: chloe noe
anir107: Yup
HannahBanana5689: for life
HannahBanana5689: vegaaaas
Alikona0000: Andrina
macaRoni090: apparently
Alikona0000: whooooo
anir107: he doesn't know it
anir107: but he loves me
magical maladies: ally scull
magical maladies: LMAO
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn: gtg
BrownyShahana: lol
anir107: Scully!
HpFrEaKsLyThErIn has left the room.
lunibug4: scully
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: z
gingernut17: hahaha
macaRoni090: lol iScully
gingernut17: no
doublebubble512: ha
HannahBanana5689: zzzz
HannahBanana5689: lolz
HannahBanana5689: haha
gingernut17: lol
anir107: lol ally
magical maladies: LOLOLOLOL
gingernut17: hahaha
anir107: Allie... Boberina
Alikona0000: HAHAHAHA
anir107: *Roberina
Alikona0000: Bob!!!!
lunibug4: flipping frosh
gingernut17: lol
lunibug4: fosh
anir107: bob cox, everyone..
lunibug4: whatever,
HannahBanana5689: fosh
doublebubble512: Not a shipped with anyone and glad
magical maladies: errmmmm
macaRoni090: what thefcku
Alikona0000: I love making up ship names.
HannahBanana5689: HEN
anir107: Hehe
Alikona0000: its my hobby
MajestiCRadiO3: frossshhhhh
anir107: so if ship a was made out of teak wood, and then dismantled
lunibug4: i ship
MajestiCRadiO3: good hobby there
Ponyjockey123: he knows it now rina
HannahBanana5689: your mom
macaRoni090: i ship Dork
Alikona0000: haha, I remember that
lunibug4: Caitven
HannahBanana5689: YES
doublebubble512: Dork?
anir107: :-)
lunibug4: lolz
anir107: Dork?
HannahBanana5689: caitven
macaRoni090: Dylan +spork=Dork
MajestiCRadiO3: weirdest ever!
HannahBanana5689: for life
doublebubble512: oh
anir107: WTF
doublebubble512: okay
anir107: Dylan's not a dork!
anir107: XD
lunibug4: DORK
macaRoni090: no hes not dylan is awesome
doublebubble512: I'm a cassward fan
HannahBanana5689: kevin + caitlin = LOVE
Alikona0000: Wasn't I in a ship with Bob? Albert? lol
anir107: my personal favorite Spork ship is Sporcrux
anir107: LOL
BrownyShahana: dyalns hot
lunibug4: loollzzzzz
macaRoni090: lol
anir107: Albert!
lunibug4: kevinnn
MajestiCRadiO3: albert + allie
lunibug4: ninja
macaRoni090: sporcrux is awesome
HannahBanana5689: ninja kvein
anir107: you were Kellie
lunibug4: ninjlin
macaRoni090: ninja!!
lunibug4: lmao
Alikona0000: oh god.
HannahBanana5689: YES
anir107: yeah, Sporcruxspartz everyone! my other screen name
Alikona0000: kellie
Alikona0000: hahahaha
HannahBanana5689: ninjlin
lunibug4: best
anir107: ninjen
lunibug4: ship
lunibug4: ever
HannahBanana5689: EVER
HannahBanana5689: pwn
lunibug4: VALID
anir107: best ship ever is Kellie
MajestiCRadiO3: <--- dead
anir107: Allie *points*
HannahBanana5689: heck of
anir107: and Kevin
lunibug4: Kellie?
lunibug4: lol
Alikona0000: haha, yeah, rina made it up
anir107: Alikona0000 + DratonMN
macaRoni090: thats pretty cool
MajestiCRadiO3: thats cute rina!
anir107: they used to be in love
KelAzMA: huh?
HannahBanana5689: heeeeeeeeck of
MajestiCRadiO3: kellie 4 life
lunibug4: awww
anir107: but then Allie fell in love with Mike Macauley
HannahBanana5689: aw
HannahBanana5689: ninjalin
macaRoni090: haha
HannahBanana5689: for life
anir107: broke Kevin's heart
HannahBanana5689: never forget
lunibug4: aw
macaRoni090: ninjalin?
Ponyjockey123: <---- Chaya Pattinson
macaRoni090: oo
lunibug4: poor kevin
MajestiCRadiO3: poor kevin!
HannahBanana5689: about ninjalin
lunibug4: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
doublebubble512: nice Chaya
macaRoni090: Robert Pattinson is LOVE
MajestiCRadiO3: byeeeee!
Ponyjockey123: bye
anir107: Chaya, you never told me you got engaged!
HannahBanana5689: BYE
MajestiCRadiO3: <3 hannah
lunibug4: bye hen
Ponyjockey123: you are the maid of honor rina
lunibug4: <3
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
anir107: Yesss
lunibug4: aw yey
Alikona0000: omg, rina.
anir107: What?
Alikona0000: when you said I loved Kevin and Mike...
Alikona0000: my DAD comes over my shoulder...
anir107: LOL
Alikona0000: and OHHH geeze
macaRoni090: lol aww allie
lunibug4: aw allie
MajestiCRadiO3: lmao! poor allie
Alikona0000: haha, yeah.
Alikona0000: I'm kinda sad I won't get to see Mike this week though
Alikona0000: oh wellll
anir107: :-(
lunibug4: :-(
anir107: *:-(
macaRoni090: :'(
lunibug4: :-(
lunibug4: :-(
anir107: everyone cry!
macaRoni090: =(
anir107: *cries*
lunibug4: :'(
Alikona0000: it's sad!
macaRoni090: *bawls*
lunibug4: *cries lots*
anir107: Lol
macaRoni090: *like a baby*
lunibug4: edward
lunibug4: what is that
lunibug4: edward
lunibug4: chloe says
lunibug4: GET ON SKYPE NOW
doublebubble512: why is everyone crying?
Chlojo3: edward.
Chlojo3: skype.
Chlojo3: now.
anir107: oh wow i'm listening to "This is Me" by Dream
anir107: HA
macaRoni090: because allie cant see mike
ECD22887: in
ECD22887: a
ECD22887: little
ECD22887: bit
lunibug4: cassini
anir107: dont type like eric
lunibug4: er
lunibug4: ic
lunibug4: ty
MajestiCRadiO3: geez louise edward
lunibug4: pes
lunibug4: li
lunibug4: ke
lunibug4: th
macaRoni090: eric
lunibug4: is
macaRoni090: is
macaRoni090: awe
macaRoni090: some
lunibug4: cassi
lunibug4: is
macaRoni090: ________
MajestiCRadiO3: computer hates cassi
macaRoni090: yes, cassi is.
lunibug4: awesomer
MajestiCRadiO3: cassi is da bomb
ECD22887: ...half of cassward
Alikona0000: haha
lunibug4: that two
macaRoni090: <
macaRoni090: cass
macaRoni090: ward
macaRoni090: 3
lunibug4: it like wouldn't let me send it cause i sent to much stuff
lunibug4: when i was being ericlike
MajestiCRadiO3: yeah it just hated you
macaRoni090: aw :'(
lunibug4: lol <cassward#
lunibug4: oopz
macaRoni090: hah
macaRoni090: typos rule your life
lunibug4: yeah they do
lunibug4: gosh
MajestiCRadiO3: typpp
lunibug4: i started
anir107: Typos Pwn
lunibug4: a word file with all my typs
lunibug4: typos*
lunibug4: and
anir107: lol... did anyone get that pun?
lunibug4: yeah
macaRoni090: lol
lunibug4: lolz
Ponyjockey123: i g2g go=uys
MajestiCRadiO3: yesss rina
lunibug4: and
ECD22887: lolz
macaRoni090: and?
MajestiCRadiO3: bye chaya1
anir107: ok, anyways
doublebubble512: bye Chaya
anir107: BYE CHAYA
ECD22887: bye
macaRoni090: bye chaya!
macaRoni090: yes, cassi?
lunibug4: and it was too much to update it every two seconds
macaRoni090: aw
anir107: ever notice how the 'a's in chaya blend perfectly with the 'y' when capitalized?
Ponyjockey123: rina, andrew finds your new name interesting
anir107: wow random.
macaRoni090: that
macaRoni090: is
macaRoni090: depressing
Ponyjockey123: bye everyone
Chlojo3: mmm....
anir107: Andrew what?
Chlojo3: cheese.
MajestiCRadiO3: chlnoe
lunibug4: CHLNOE
anir107: WAIT
Ponyjockey123: thinks calling yourself rina sims is interesting
Chlojo3: chlnoe!
anir107: you're talking to him
macaRoni090: <chlnoe3
Chlojo3: chlnoe likes cheese
Ponyjockey123: yes
Alikona0000: OH MAN
anir107: excuse my french
Alikona0000: haha
lunibug4: and phantom
Ponyjockey123: well i just said
Ponyjockey123: bye
MajestiCRadiO3: chloe noe
Chlojo3: yupper
Alikona0000: Rina, welcome to my life.
anir107: you've GOT to be Shitting me
Ponyjockey123: nope
macaRoni090: bye chaya
lunibug4: lol
Ponyjockey123: bye all
anir107: holy frickin crud
macaRoni090: happy holidays
anir107: don't leave
anir107: DUDE
anir107: im me
Chlojo3: *huggles*
lunibug4: what is going on
macaRoni090: i dont know
doublebubble512: I don't know
doublebubble512: I'm confused
macaRoni090: rarely do any of us know what's going on
macaRoni090: ever
anir107: lol
anir107: ok
doublebubble512: but Chaya told Andrew that rina said Rina Sims.... I think
anir107: go on with your life
gingernut17: i'm boerrreddd but happy!
macaRoni090: gasp
macaRoni090: why so happy ally?
MajestiCRadiO3: happy ally!
gingernut17: things
gingernut17: hahaha
macaRoni090: aw, things are good
gingernut17: and me and Alice are being dorks
macaRoni090: things are very good
anir107: YEAH
anir107: DORKS
macaRoni090: haha
anir107: dylan + spork
MajestiCRadiO3: dorks PWN
gingernut17: lol
macaRoni090: all me, guys
macaRoni090: all me
macaRoni090: I set Dork to sail the seven seas
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
anir107: lmao
doublebubble512: hi
macaRoni090: hi colleen
Cannonsgirl2008: hey
Cannonsgirl2008: whats up?
macaRoni090: nuthinn u
Cannonsgirl2008: wow
Cannonsgirl2008: its dead
lunibug4: chhhhlllllnoooe
lunibug4: cassward
MajestiCRadiO3: we just died
lunibug4: ninjlin
lunibug4: and lawn
doublebubble512: haha, I've been away on skype that whole time
lunibug4: and hen
lunibug4: rock
doublebubble512: oops
MajestiCRadiO3: <33 ninjlin
Alikona0000: I'm just ADD
Alikona0000: ninjlin?
lunibug4: yes
lunibug4: ninja and caitlin
Cannonsgirl2008: I officially hate Old Navy
Alikona0000: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: lol, cassi made up ninja kevin + caitlin
Alikona0000: wow, I really need to talk to him.
macaRoni090: aww why?
lunibug4: ninja kevin, not ninja as in kely
Alikona0000: thanks for reminding me
macaRoni090: old navy
lunibug4: wtf old navy?
lunibug4: SAY YOU'LL NEED ME
macaRoni090: she said she hated old navy
MajestiCRadiO3: hee, go talk to that boy allie
macaRoni090: i'll need you?
Alikona0000: but he won't talk cause he's
macaRoni090: haha
doublebubble512: ha, are you listening to Phantom?
MajestiCRadiO3: aw, silly boy
lunibug4: watching it
lunibug4: with chloe
Chlojo3: cause john was, too
doublebubble512: ah okay
lunibug4: lolz
lunibug4: and john
lunibug4: and say you'll share with me
lunibug4: one love
lunibug4: one life time
lunibug4: um
macaRoni090: i want to see that movie
lunibug4: ded
lunibug4: OMG
doublebubble512: I love that movie
lunibug4: SEE IT NOW KTHX
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: yeah
macaRoni090: sure
lunibug4: lol
Chlojo3: its such a phantastic movie
lunibug4: the show is better
macaRoni090: so i've heard
lunibug4: lol phantasticcc
doublebubble512: ha nice Chloe
macaRoni090: lol
Alikona0000: lol, I watched that movie today
lunibug4: yeah
lunibug4: lol
Chlojo3: *awesome pun*
Alikona0000: and openly criticized it
macaRoni090: that was kinda like a play on words, chloe
lunibug4: awww allie
Chlojo3: ALLIE!
Alikona0000: cause I don't like it....hahahahaha
Ponyjockey123 has left the room.
gingernut17: my ear hurts
Alikona0000: whoops
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm sorry
lunibug4: GIRLY HAIR
gingernut17: it's ok
macaRoni090: aw ally
Chlojo3: raoul
macaRoni090: feel better
macaRoni090: to your ear
gingernut17: damn piercing
gingernut17: hurttts
lunibug4: RAOUL has GIRLHAIR
MajestiCRadiO3: poor ally!
Alikona0000: guys, Boston Lager is BAD
doublebubble512: ha
Chlojo3: Raoul=girly man
lunibug4: GIRLY MAn
macaRoni090: girly men are funnnyyy
Chlojo3: just as
MajestiCRadiO3: ahh, the resident drunk knows
lunibug4: girly man
Chlojo3: orlando bloom=girly man with facial hair
MajestiCRadiO3: yes chloe
lunibug4: AWWW
macaRoni090: i luff orlando bloom
lunibug4: :'(
MajestiCRadiO3: eeeeewww
Chlojo3: GIRLY MAN
Chlojo3: GMWFH
Chlojo3: he's cute...but he's girly
macaRoni090: maybe a wee bit
lunibug4: he is cuteee
macaRoni090: but the point is, he's cute and british
Chlojo3: he's not as cute as john noe, thou
macaRoni090: lol of course not
lunibug4: o.O
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
macaRoni090: someone was AIMAKed
gingernut17: I can't wait for Lumos
macaRoni090: i hate you ally
anir107: HA
macaRoni090: just kidding
gingernut17: aww
gingernut17: *cries*
anir107: andrew's like "i see, thats very interesting"
magical maladies: that's mean
macaRoni090: but i want to go
magical maladies: don't be mean to ally
Alikona0000: andrew?
macaRoni090: badly
anir107: oh andrew got an electric guitar for christmas
x sweet harmony: I just asked my mommy and she said maybe. =]]]
macaRoni090: i'm not being mean to ally!!
MajestiCRadiO3: rina sims
anir107: pwn
magical maladies: or you will suffer the WRATH OF ALICE TILL-CARTY
macaRoni090: i would NEVER be mean to ally!!
lunibug4: OMG CHLOE
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
magical maladies: that doesn't have the same effect as ben schoen
magical maladies: .com
magical maladies: BUT LIKE
Cannonsgirl2008: argh
macaRoni090: lol
x sweet harmony: Colleen!
magical maladies: still
anir107: yeah, chaya just sent me her convo with him
x sweet harmony: My mommy said maybe!
magical maladies: I'M WORSE THAN BEN
anir107: he has no emotion whatsoever
Chlojo3: lol
macaRoni090: really alice
Chlojo3: andrew....
macaRoni090: no emotions?
battys5115 has left the room.
macaRoni090: andrew sims?
Alikona0000: is a HOTTIE
anir107: yeah
magical maladies: what?
magical maladies: REALLY.
macaRoni090: gasp
MajestiCRadiO3: lol, hottie
Alikona0000: oh yeah oh yeah
Alikona0000: and I can say that cause he doesn't know me
anir107: Lolol
Cannonsgirl2008: *doesn't know whats happening*
macaRoni090: yeahhh
Alikona0000: But really, when I saw him in NYC I almost jumped him
macaRoni090: i'm sort of..confuzzled as well
MajestiCRadiO3: omg allie!
MajestiCRadiO3: lmfao!
Alikona0000: I had to hold myself back
macaRoni090: lol
anir107: allie
anir107: who are you talking about
Alikona0000: Andrew
macaRoni090: siiiiims
anir107: *blinks*
Alikona0000: he is OH SO HOTT
anir107: yeah
anir107: i mean
anir107: NO
anir107: ewwww andrewww
Alikona0000: hahaha
macaRoni090: dont be like thaaaat
anir107: skypeeeeee
macaRoni090: skypelove
MajestiCRadiO3: skypeloooove
gingernut17: I'M EVIL
macaRoni090: are you really?
MajestiCRadiO3: um, ok, ally
doublebubble512: sorry... i just missed a lot... what are you all talking about?
anir107: oh god i have a spanish test tomorrow that i DID NOT study for. daaaaaaaaaaaaarnit
Alikona0000: thats not cool.
macaRoni090: you have school tomorrow?!
Alikona0000: Study Andrew instead
macaRoni090: haha
anir107: ....
anir107: ALLIE
BrownyShahana has left the room.
Alikona0000: it could be...physical education
anir107: ALLIE
Alikona0000: <3
doublebubble512: oh my goodness
anir107: *headdesk*
macaRoni090: allie
doublebubble512: I came back at a bad time
Alikona0000: hahaha
anir107: tears of laughter right now
macaRoni090: *censored information*
Alikona0000: I CAN SAY IT cause andrew has no idea who I am.
macaRoni090: if you say so
Alikona0000: he doesn't haha.
MajestiCRadiO3: keep saying that allie
anir107: we'll MAKE HIM know you
macaRoni090: yeah allie keep telling yourself that
lunibug4: BAM
Alikona0000: I will, cause he doesn't know me.
macaRoni090: KABLAM
macaRoni090: is more like it
MajestiCRadiO3: kazaam
Alikona0000: haha, only eric knows me, and only barely.
macaRoni090: kazaa
macaRoni090: sucks butts
macaRoni090: limewire is love
MajestiCRadiO3: stop lying allie
Alikona0000: fine.
macaRoni090: yeah allie SERIOUSLY
Alikona0000: only Andrew DOESN'T know me
MajestiCRadiO3: siriusly!
MajestiCRadiO3: yess
macaRoni090: siriusly!!!
anir107: yay for limewire
macaRoni090: lol
anir107: you
doublebubble512: Is anyone Skyping right now?
anir107: state your screen name, so i can identify fonts with people and screen names
anir107: stupid iChat
macaRoni090: i'm signed onto skype
macaRoni090: <----Roni or macaroni090
Alikona0000: ALIKONA000000000000000000
doublebubble512: <---- doublebubble512
anir107: yeah i know your font, allie
Chlojo3: eric
anir107: ok thanks
Alikona0000: hahaha
anir107: thats all i need to know
anir107: i think i know the rest
Chlojo3: eric
doublebubble512: ha
kawichan: <-----------Kawichan
macaRoni090: skating?
macaRoni090: whoa
lunibug4: out with guys
HarryPotter46198 has entered the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: lmao!
macaRoni090: spartz
MajestiCRadiO3: shawwwwnnnn
HarryPotter46198: omgzzzzzzz
Alikona0000: spy on shawn
doublebubble512: hi shawn
kawichan: hi
macaRoni090: heyy thats in NYC!!
kawichan: ?
macaRoni090: i was there like, today
lunibug4: OUT WITH GUYZ
lunibug4: SHAWNYYY
HarryPotter46198: OUT WITH GUYZ OMG
lunibug4: OMGZ
lunibug4: that's where i am
HarryPotter46198: LAWLZ
kawichan: im in georgia
MajestiCRadiO3: lawlz!
HarryPotter46198: I'm not.
lunibug4: :U
HarryPotter46198: :U
MajestiCRadiO3: :U
lunibug4: :U
Alikona0000: ...
kawichan: Im not a stalker
Alikona0000: loilz
HarryPotter46198: ...
Alikona0000: HAHAHAHA
MajestiCRadiO3: allliiieeee
HarryPotter46198: LAWLZ
lunibug4: allie skype?!
HarryPotter46198: plz
Alikona0000: thefcku?
kawichan: no its loilz
lunibug4: lolz
HarryPotter46198: um
MajestiCRadiO3: oooh allie
HarryPotter46198: no.
Alikona0000: haha
Alikona0000: you want me to?
lunibug4: out with guys
lunibug4: yes
HarryPotter46198: do it
lunibug4: allie
lunibug4: duh
HarryPotter46198: out with guys.
Alikona0000: soon, I swears
lunibug4: oka
lunibug4: y
MajestiCRadiO3: just. do. it.
HarryPotter46198: kthx.
Chlojo3: *brups*
lunibug4: OUT WITH GUYS
lunibug4: chloee
Chlojo3: *burps...
HarryPotter46198: ...
lunibug4: lolz
Alikona0000: my dad is SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME, sooo...give it a few minutes
lunibug4: ......
MajestiCRadiO3: lawlz
HarryPotter46198: lawlz.
lunibug4: why!
HarryPotter46198: CAUSE.
lunibug4: lalllawwalzzz
lunibug4: gosh shawnyh
HarryPotter46198: gawsh
lunibug4: ohmigwaddd
kawichan: my dad says its time for lauren to go nighty night
MajestiCRadiO3: shawnee
lunibug4: good.
MajestiCRadiO3: good
HarryPotter46198: good
lunibug4: what?!
HarryPotter46198: WHAT
lunibug4: WHAT
HarryPotter46198: >:V
Alikona0000: who is out with guys?
MajestiCRadiO3: um, what?
kawichan: bi bi
kawichan: yall
lunibug4: us
HarryPotter46198: we are
doublebubble512: Emerson is out with guys
MajestiCRadiO3: bye
macaRoni090: okay what does :u mean??
lunibug4: :U
Alikona0000: huh...
HarryPotter46198: if you dont know
Alikona0000: k.
macaRoni090: same thing
HarryPotter46198: then dont ask
kawichan has left the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: oooooh
macaRoni090: thats nice of you
magical maladies: WAIT FOR IT
Eric l MuggleNet has entered the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: shawnee
gingernut17: He's coming....
doublebubble512: hi ericx
lunibug4: out with guys
doublebubble512: *eric
MajestiCRadiO3: eric
macaRoni090: hey!
anir107: Ericcccccc
magical maladies: LMAO
lunibug4: hey eric
Eric l MuggleNet: Hiya
Cannonsgirl2008: nice snort
macaRoni090: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: sorry
HarryPotter46198: >:|
Cannonsgirl2008: kel
Alikona0000: someone snorted?
Chlojo3: eric! *tackles*
KelAzMA: shaddup hoochie
lunibug4: >:|
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahaha
KelAzMA: I snorted laughing
lunibug4: mad
doublebubble512: ha
lunibug4: face
Alikona0000: oh, sweet.
Cannonsgirl2008: I AM NOT A HOOCHIE
macaRoni090: eric how was your christmas?
anir107: your mom snorted, yeah
lunibug4: LARA
Chlojo3: how is you, eric?
KelAzMA: so what?
MajestiCRadiO3: accio lara
HarryPotter46198: :OOOOOOO
anir107: eric, wanna see andrew and ben blow up at me?
magical maladies: LOLOLOLOLOLOL
HarryPotter46198: :|
anir107: dead silence, there we go
lunibug4: what
lunibug4: i do
lunibug4: lolz
Alikona0000: I DO.
Cannonsgirl2008: I prefer the term "sex vendor"
macaRoni090: hah
HarryPotter46198: lawlz
macaRoni090: me too
anir107: i think you saw
anir107: its a thread on the forums
lunibug4: sex vendor
Alikona0000: I did?
Cannonsgirl2008: hoochie is so out of date
Eric l MuggleNet: oooh
lunibug4: wtf
Eric l MuggleNet: Yeah I'd like to see that Rina
Alikona0000: I don't much on the forums
KelAzMA: blah blah blah
Alikona0000: whoot
doublebubble512: oh yeah I saw that
magical maladies: oh yeah I saw it too
macaRoni090: me too but only the andrew part
magical maladies: I was like wtf pplz
lunibug4: forum
HarryPotter46198: omgz
anir107: Allie, you really dont have anything to do with MC except this chat so....
Alikona0000: hahaha.
lunibug4: pink
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm crazy up on the forums
Eric l MuggleNet: Umm
Eric l MuggleNet: I don't get this Rina
Alikona0000: THANKS rina
anir107: just scroll down
Eric l MuggleNet: it seems like on one hand you're saying that the segments are crap
HarryPotter46198: hates us.
Eric l MuggleNet: but at the same time
Eric l MuggleNet: bitching that htey aren't in 21
anir107: no
anir107: no
anir107: no
HarryPotter46198: OLD
macaRoni090: Kel who is making fun of you?
lunibug4: shawn
anir107: forget it then.
KelAzMA: Colleen
KelAzMA: sorry.
macaRoni090: because i'll whoop them
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
Chlojo3: *huggles eric*
lunibug4: shawn omg
Cannonsgirl2008: I am
magical maladies: ummmmm
Eric l MuggleNet: Soooo
Cannonsgirl2008: because she's a whore with me
Eric l MuggleNet: Rina
Cannonsgirl2008: we compete
lunibug4: SKYPEEEYZ
Eric l MuggleNet: can you clear this up for me?
Eric l MuggleNet: you're prob the only person who gets it
Cannonsgirl2008: for the rich ones
Eric l MuggleNet: or the best person to explain
Chlojo3: *pouts to go get coke*
KelAzMA: *speechless*
lunibug4: what?
lunibug4: is
lunibug4: going
lunibug4: on
HarryPotter46198: >:U
macaRoni090: on
lunibug4: >:U
Eric l MuggleNet: Um. Rina?
magical maladies: wow confused
anir107: Ah, well you'll see that Andrew and Ben say that what i have to say means nothing, and is just
mere pessemism, i should probably hold my tongue.
Alikona0000: yikes.
doublebubble512: I don't know cassi, I'm confused too
HarryPotter46198: umplz
KelAzMA: *random angry face*
magical maladies: go figur
magical maladies: e
Eric l MuggleNet: So what is it that you're saying that they say is pessimism?
lunibug4: oooyuchhh
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahahha
anir107: which is true
anir107: im not denying it
lunibug4: lol
Eric l MuggleNet: Well do you know what killed Socrates?
Alikona0000: I DO.
anir107: yeah
Alikona0000: whoo
anir107: i just learned that
Eric l MuggleNet: what was it?
anir107: hemlock
KelAzMA: Lightning?
Alikona0000: Socrates was my homeboy
anir107: :-)
Eric l MuggleNet: lol
KelAzMA: family?
Alikona0000: yeah
macaRoni090: haha
lunibug4: mine too allie
Alikona0000: hemlock
HarryPotter46198: :|
KelAzMA: Bemma?
Alikona0000: haha
Cannonsgirl2008: it was the drink right?
MajestiCRadiO3: hemlock?
KelAzMA: heheh
anir107: socrates and i are both INTPs and proud of it.
lunibug4: BEMMAlol
Eric l MuggleNet: anyway it was either Socrates or his mentor
Eric l MuggleNet: who was ARRESTED
macaRoni090: no! i love bemma!
Eric l MuggleNet: in ROME
Eric l MuggleNet: for "Corrupting the youth"
lunibug4: Bemma killed Socrates
Eric l MuggleNet: basically
lunibug4: lol
anir107: yeah i just got a 92 on that test
x sweet harmony: In my opinion, towards Rina's case... If Andrew wants a segment, he should hold it up.
If he isn't going to do it, then just kill it off instead of torturing us.
macaRoni090: that is purrdy cool
KelAzMA: What are you trying to say Eric?
lunibug4: eric, what?
KelAzMA: that I"m corrupting the youth?
Alikona0000: socratic method works amazingly well, btw.
anir107: what i want to say
Alikona0000: try it
doublebubble512: I agree bonnie
macaRoni090: kel!
anir107: is that andrew sh ouldn't have a lame segmenet
Eric l MuggleNet: he complained alot and asked young people to question authority, but never offered any
real solutions
anir107: he should either think about it
Chlojo3: *hugs her teddy bear and sings to phantom of the opera*
anir107: or not do it at all
lunibug4: PHANTOM
Eric l MuggleNet: Well I agree with that Rina
anir107: the fact that he doesn't seem to care about his own segment
anir107: makes it dumb
Eric l MuggleNet: but you can't call it a crappy segment
Eric l MuggleNet: and at the same time
Eric l MuggleNet: complain that it's not on
anir107: i didn't complain that its not on
Eric l MuggleNet: Then who is?!
macaRoni090: not offer constructive criticism?
Alikona0000: what, you gonna poison rine with hemlock?
anir107: some dude?
HarryPotter46198: hey
lunibug4: spy on spartz is stupid.
HarryPotter46198: cassi
HarryPotter46198: wanna
Alikona0000: rina*
lunibug4: kthxbia
HarryPotter46198: skype
HarryPotter46198: plz
lunibug4: yes
lunibug4: shawn
anir107: me and hemlock go way back
Eric l MuggleNet: Well somebody's calling Andrew lazy for not putting it on
HarryPotter46198: then we can
HarryPotter46198: talk about
HarryPotter46198: random things
anir107: i said he was lazy
anir107: when he put it on
anir107: ok
anir107: let me reword myself
lunibug4: yes
lunibug4: we
lunibug4: can
lunibug4: all
lunibug4: day
doublebubble512: can someone skype me so they can help me understand what's going on?
magical maladies: okay enough of the fighting guys
anir107: Andrew has his little segment that he just inserts passivly into the episode, and does nothing
more than say "ok, no listener challenge" or "last weeks challenge"
macaRoni090: Well it makes sense that it wasn't on....MC 21 was already very long without it
macaRoni090: plus there were other things on MC 21 that aren't usually on
lunibug4: out
lunibug4: with
lunibug4: guys
magical maladies: it's not important, whether they're there or not
anir107: andrew should either keep his challenge in, while actually ahve a well thought out challenge, or
just take it out
HarryPotter46198: im not paying attention to anyone but cassi and caitlin and chloe so i dont knwo what
ppl are saying
lunibug4: lol
macaRoni090: thanks dude
lunibug4: shawny
Alikona0000: eeee, I didn't finish 21
Cannonsgirl2008: ok, its time to stop typing one word at a time
lunibug4: i love you
anir107: allie
HarryPotter46198: um
HarryPotter46198: no
anir107: you never finished episode 1
macaRoni090: 21 was AWESOME
Alikona0000: yeah?
Cannonsgirl2008: ugh
Alikona0000: HAHAHAHA
Alikona0000: true
x sweet harmony: If he takes it out, though, you know there will be some type of protest.
anir107: :-)
magical maladies: okay guys seriously
Cannonsgirl2008: my iTunes won't work
magical maladies: like andrew said
Alikona0000: but that's misleading
Cannonsgirl2008: I can't download 21
magical maladies: it's impossible to please everyone
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm gonna cry
macaRoni090: Just because it wasn't on MC 21 doesn't mean that it's out forever though
doublebubble512: OK I am sooo confused! Someone skype me
magical maladies: LOL
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 3
Chlojo3: emerson
Chlojo3: is
lunibug4: OUT WITH GUYS
HarryPotter46198: out with guys
Chlojo3: out
MajestiCRadiO3: out with guys
Chlojo3: with
Chlojo3: guys
magical maladies: yes exactly roni
lunibug4: lolz
KelAzMA: Well really...I just think that these last few weeks have been really hectic for I
don't understand why it's such a big deal this week
anir107: i like guys...
HarryPotter46198: um
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
macaRoni090: thank you alice
KelAzMA: it's the holidays dmanit
Alikona0000: I listened to like ...about HALF of the podcasts, rina!
KelAzMA: damnti
lunibug4: we just did spy on spartz, kthx
KelAzMA: damn it
anir107: REALLY, ALLIE?
macaRoni090: haha
Chlojo3: *just spied on spartz*
KelAzMA: wow
anir107: wow, i didn't know that
Alikona0000: I think?
lunibug4: lolz
Alikona0000: I dunno.
Chlojo3: *official spartz spy*
magical maladies: you don't have to like every episode of mc
HarryPotter46198: :|
lunibug4: chloe
magical maladies: no one is telling you to like/love/hate each episode
Alikona0000: I listened to at least 6 of them
KelAzMA: *random angry face*
magical maladies: just leave it alone
macaRoni090: Isn't it enough that we had extra things in this MC21 and that half the reason SoS wasn't
on this week was because Andrew is trying to make it better?
anir107: i'm partial to episode 3
lunibug4: :|
lunibug4: :U
x sweet harmony: -face-
magical maladies: yes exactly
HarryPotter46198: :U
Cannonsgirl2008: -your mom's face-
KelAzMA: *random face*
anir107: ohsnap
macaRoni090: i like SoS
macaRoni090: that sounds wierd
Alikona0000: and dear, INVITED me here.
x sweet harmony: -colleen's oogly face-
HarryPotter46198: -your dad's face-
x sweet harmony: =P
Alikona0000: the first time
anir107: i know
macaRoni090: lol
KelAzMA: -old face-
Alikona0000: and then Kevin got mad at me, so YEAH
lunibug4: your fae
HarryPotter46198: correct.
x sweet harmony: Colleen knows I love her
lunibug4: face*
Cannonsgirl2008: -bonnie's retarted face-
x sweet harmony: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahahha
anir107: kevin got mad at you because i invited you in here?
Cannonsgirl2008: ok
x sweet harmony: lmao
Cannonsgirl2008: we're even
lunibug4: >:X
Alikona0000: yeah, a little
HarryPotter46198: >:B
anir107: kevin got mad at you, because you were the one who gave me his screen name in the summer,
which eventually led to kevin being invited into the chat room
Cannonsgirl2008: Bonnie knows I love her too
macaRoni090: haha shawn its extremely bucktoothed
macaRoni090: HERMIONE
x sweet harmony: Squee.
Eric l MuggleNet: The MuggleCast guys do stuff for the fans at their own comfort level
macaRoni090: its like angry hermione
Eric l MuggleNet: you entered Kevin's bubble
Alikona0000: yeah, well, sort off.
anir107: and then hagrid told dean who told parvati who told lavendar who told hermione that you're to
MajestiCRadiO3: hermione jane rickman
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: oh rickman
macaRoni090: <3
anir107: hah, bubble
Eric l MuggleNet: Ben's bubble is actually a black hole, he asks people to go to his 'personal' blog
gingernut17: hahahaha
magical maladies: LOL
macaRoni090: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhahaha
Alikona0000: the bubble was burst like 5 months ago, on my part
Eric l MuggleNet: my bubble is an amoeba, i'm touchy on certain things but absolutely not on others
Eric l MuggleNet: so it's freeform
anir107: your bubble is green
anir107: i'm using ichat
Eric l MuggleNet: thank you, Rina
macaRoni090: that's a good type of bubble to have
anir107: and people talk in speech bubbles
lunibug4: bubble?
magical maladies: nice analogy eric
KelAzMA: well it's everyone's own zone...
lunibug4: no
anir107: and you're talking with green text and a green bubble
magical maladies: pop!
anir107: and my bubble is gray
Cannonsgirl2008: ok, I hate to say it, but you guys are basically celebrities... personal bubbles are ...
difficult to keep
Eric l MuggleNet: a gay bubble?
Eric l MuggleNet: oh, gray.
anir107: ....... its a mac thing, you wouldnt understand
Eric l MuggleNet: right.
KelAzMA: hehehe
doublebubble512: bubble?
Chlojo3: lol
KelAzMA: I have a gay bubble
lunibug4: what
gingernut17: you butt
HarryPotter46198: :|
anir107: yeah, a gay bubble
KelAzMA: but I don't use it
lunibug4: VOOT
macaRoni090: they're PEOPLE
Eric l MuggleNet: =P
KelAzMA: *eyeroll*
Alikona0000: weird?
Alikona0000: maybe.
lunibug4: shawn
lunibug4: VOIT
x sweet harmony: Celebrities are people... but there's a thing called stalkers.
Alikona0000: Well, acknowledge it.
MajestiCRadiO3: vooooot
HarryPotter46198: VOOT
Chlojo3: *sniffles* are you guys all fighting? *sniffles*
HarryPotter46198: VOOT
Alikona0000: Then...embrace it.
lunibug4: best typo
lunibug4: love
KelAzMA: best typo?
macaRoni090: well i think if there are mugglecast/mugglnet whatev stalkers, we should hunt them down
lunibug4: yes
MajestiCRadiO3: voit
macaRoni090: thats a little scary
lunibug4: voit
KelAzMA: Ben had the best typo of all time!
MajestiCRadiO3: best
Chlojo3: *doesn't like fighting....wishes we would be happy*
lunibug4: other then memberson
macaRoni090: tities!!!
HarryPotter46198: *doesnt care*
x sweet harmony: Oh the irony of this. lmao.
KelAzMA: exactly!
lunibug4: wtf?
macaRoni090: lol!
Alikona0000: I already have a title.
macaRoni090: that was amazing kel
Alikona0000: caitlin, whats my title.
x sweet harmony: Well, do we hunt down stalkers of Paris Hilton or whatever? Um. No.
MajestiCRadiO3: resident drunk!
Chlojo3: so are we happy now? *looks hopefully at therina and eric*
KelAzMA: I was in total shock for like 2 seconds
lunibug4: lolz
MajestiCRadiO3: yess
KelAzMA: then he corrected it
Alikona0000: haha
macaRoni090: Paris Hilton flaunts herself though
KelAzMA: because Paris is a slut
macaRoni090: the mugglecast guys do this stuff for our enjoyment
x sweet harmony: Fine, Johnny Dep.
Cannonsgirl2008: paris is a slut
x sweet harmony: Depp*
Chlojo3: *thinks they're not happy*
anir107: Oh, and Eric, i'd send you a holiday card, but i dont trust the PO box, so consider this your card.
macaRoni090: its ridiculous to like, hunt them down
lunibug4: >.>
x sweet harmony: Pick one. Anyone. I don't care.
lunibug4: <.<
Cannonsgirl2008: A Night in Paris
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhahahaha
KelAzMA: EVeryone can have one
macaRoni090: ohhh groosss
KelAzMA: for a price
Cannonsgirl2008: HAHHAHAHA
lunibug4: say
lunibug4: what
Cannonsgirl2008: don't you guys know?
anir107: karaoke
Chlojo3: ok, so rina, are you happy now? *snuggles*
Cannonsgirl2008: thats her porn video!
macaRoni090: lol
anir107: say what karaoke... that was that show from such a long time ago....
KelAzMA: iPdo!
macaRoni090: that was wierd
KelAzMA: I never saw it
Cannonsgirl2008: its called A Night in Paris
macaRoni090: peeeeeeeeedo
x sweet harmony: Colleen watches it every night.
Cannonsgirl2008: no joke
HarryPotter46198: out with guys.
macaRoni090: i'm sure
Chlojo3: *wonders if she's invisible*
KelAzMA: heheh
lunibug4: out with guys
anir107: Hi chloe
lunibug4: 1
Chlojo3: *makes faces at eric to see*
lunibug4: 2
MajestiCRadiO3: out with guys
lunibug4: 3
KelAzMA: you're not inviz Chlojo
macaRoni090: out with guys
lunibug4: NO
Chlojo3: o, ok
HarryPotter46198: NINJA
Chlojo3: yay
anir107: NO
Chlojo3: good:-)
MajestiCRadiO3: ninja
lunibug4: KEVIN!?
Chlojo3: *huggles rina*
MajestiCRadiO3: kevin
macaRoni090: ninjalin
lunibug4: no
Alikona0000: lol
KelAzMA: Just for this moment
lunibug4: ninjlin
KelAzMA: As long as you're mine
MajestiCRadiO3: ninjlin
anir107: did someone just say something?
KelAzMA: Come be how you want to
Cannonsgirl2008: *patches kevin's bubble*
macaRoni090: ooh okay sorry cassi =(
KelAzMA: And see how bright we shine
KelAzMA: Borrow the moonline
KelAzMA: until it is through
anir107: i dont see chloe anywhere..
Cannonsgirl2008: ok, its good now
KelAzMA: And know I'll be here holding you
Chlojo3: *sniffles*
Cannonsgirl2008: he doesn't need to be mad
KelAzMA: As long as you're mine
Cannonsgirl2008: I fixed it
anir107: where's chloe?
Chlojo3: *going to cry*
anir107: i miss her.
Chlojo3: therina!!!
anir107: what?
anir107: sounds like the wind...
Alikona0000: thanks for fixing it!
Chlojo3: *sniffles, sniffles*
lunibug4: out
lunibug4: with
macaRoni090: chloe is all around you, rina
lunibug4: guys
macaRoni090: in the air
anir107: dunudnudn
KelAzMA: Jules is Crying brb
macaRoni090: whoooo
Alikona0000: yay for fixed bubbles
Alikona0000: I DO BUT I CAN'T
macaRoni090: me!
HarryPotter46198: well you cant.
macaRoni090: or..maybe
Alikona0000: right there
Alikona0000: wooooops
Alikona0000: ahahahaha
HarryPotter46198: but allie can
MajestiCRadiO3: <---- dead
Chlojo3: *cries* i'm invisible!
lunibug4: lol
HarryPotter46198: <--- dying
macaRoni090: <---is willing to attempt at skyping
lunibug4: <~~~ almost dead
doublebubble512: *confused*
Chlojo3: <--is the holy spirit
lunibug4: skype is full
MajestiCRadiO3: <--- 83% dead
HarryPotter46198: cept
Chlojo3: <--cause she's everywhere
macaRoni090: thats so not cool
HarryPotter46198: ME TO.
macaRoni090: haha
lunibug4: LOL
doublebubble512: Shawn can I skype with you guys?
lunibug4: SHANW
lunibug4: kfldsa;fkdl;safkd;'as';;ldl;dl;dl;d
lunibug4: SHAWN*
lunibug4: full
HarryPotter46198: fullness
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 3
lunibug4: FUK
HarryPotter46198: NINJA
macaRoni090: FULL
MajestiCRadiO3: full
anir107: FUK
lunibug4: lol
anir107: XD
MajestiCRadiO3: fuk!!!!
macaRoni090: haha cassi queen on typos
ECD22887: PWN
HarryPotter46198: SIK
lunibug4: omg
ECD22887: wait, what?
HarryPotter46198: FUK
anir107: NO
Eric l MuggleNet: 1, 2, 3
macaRoni090: *of
ECD22887: lol
macaRoni090: WHOOT
lunibug4: it was a typo
HarryPotter46198: :|
MajestiCRadiO3: cassi! best typo ever
anir107: FEMALE DOG
lunibug4: lol
HarryPotter46198: BESSSSSST
Eric l MuggleNet: o.o
anir107: skypeeeee
macaRoni090: coffee is GROSS
Chlojo3: *sniffles*
lunibug4: tea?
anir107: Mr. Teacup?
Alikona0000: I LOVE COFFEE
lunibug4: yes?
Chlojo3: i'm invisible
Eric l MuggleNet: iTeacup
doublebubble512: ewww coffee
ECD22887: green tea
Chlojo3: *cries*
macaRoni090: I HATE COFFEE
x sweet harmony: Tea > coffee.
lunibug4: erika
KelAzMA: Coffee makes me crack up
doublebubble512: tea is good
Alikona0000: and MR. TEACUP
HarryPotter46198: ERIka
Cannonsgirl2008: guat?
Chlojo3: iNvisible
x sweet harmony: Chinese tea > coffee
KelAzMA: like *spaz*
lunibug4: CHLOE
lunibug4: i love you
Chlojo3: *cries*
x sweet harmony: But that's just because I'm asian.
macaRoni090: tea is good
anir107: Chai
Cannonsgirl2008: *has no idea what is happening*
HarryPotter46198: CLROE
anir107: STOP TYPING
lunibug4: >.>
anir107: thanks.
HarryPotter46198: thats right
Chlojo3: therina says i'm invisible!!!!!!!!!
KelAzMA: But I don't hate Eric for his Tea
lunibug4: FUK = FULL
HarryPotter46198: chrloe
lunibug4: kthx
MajestiCRadiO3: aawww chloe!
anir107: who said that?!
MajestiCRadiO3: chlnoe
lunibug4: CHLNOE
HarryPotter46198: EDWARD
macaRoni090: cass
lunibug4: EDWARD
macaRoni090: ward
Chlojo3: <--john noe fan....also half the ship
anir107: yess
lunibug4: lol half the ship
anir107: half the ship
HarryPotter46198: I DONT CARE
anir107: without the other half... its just a half a ship
ECD22887: okay, in like 15 minutes, i think
macaRoni090: half-ships sink
anir107: And when all else fails...
lunibug4: edward
HarryPotter46198: eeeeeeeeedward
macaRoni090: so thats not good
anir107: stop using all else.
lunibug4: some of us have to sleep
HarryPotter46198: in 15 minutes
macaRoni090: its only 10:53,...
Alikona0000: so how about if ship A was in the water...and then...
HarryPotter46198: we will be dead
anir107: Lol Allie
doublebubble512: sleep?
Alikona0000: it was dismantled....
Chlojo3: *pouting*
lunibug4: SOME OF US
macaRoni090: ship B was at shore?
lunibug4: WORK
lunibug4: kthx
doublebubble512: what are you talking about?
anir107: numerically weaker than ship b
doublebubble512: oh okay
macaRoni090: if it was dismantled, Ship C would come to rescue it
macaRoni090: therefore making a new ship\
macaRoni090: *ship
Alikona0000: LET ME GET TO IT
anir107: No?
ECD22887: i have to get up at 5:15 tomorrow
MajestiCRadiO3: ignore button
doublebubble512: wow
HarryPotter46198: well
lunibug4: aw edward
Alikona0000: hahaha
lunibug4: why
macaRoni090: wow edward
HarryPotter46198: THEN GET ON NOW
doublebubble512: that's early Edward
MajestiCRadiO3: why edward???
Alikona0000: this is PHILOSOPHICAL
lunibug4: i get up at six
anir107: YES
ECD22887: early work stuff
Chlojo3: *pokes therina*
macaRoni090: i get up at 12:30
lunibug4: SHAWN
Chlojo3: amd i still invisible?
HarryPotter46198: I AM NOT
lunibug4: no chloe
Alikona0000: and then all the peices were brought into dry dock
lunibug4: i love you
Alikona0000: and it was rebuilt
anir107: did someone just poke me? *looks around*
lunibug4: i'm as cool as john noe
lunibug4: guys
HarryPotter46198: i love
Alikona0000: is it the SAME ship!?!?!
Chlojo3: *cries*
HarryPotter46198: ..
Alikona0000: lol
lunibug4: CASSI
macaRoni090: aww cassi
HarryPotter46198: CASSI
Chlojo3: *sobs* I'M INVISIBLE
HarryPotter46198: and
lunibug4: YES
HarryPotter46198: CAITLIN
lunibug4: LARA
HarryPotter46198: and
HarryPotter46198: CHLOE
lunibug4: KELLY
HarryPotter46198: and
Chlojo3: *pokes Eric* ERIC! am i invisible?
HarryPotter46198: LARA
HarryPotter46198: and
ECD22887: I see you Chloe!
HarryPotter46198: KELLY
lunibug4: aw shawnyyy
macaRoni090: i see chloe too
Chlojo3: thanks edward *sniffles*
lunibug4: you but me first
Chlojo3: thanks
MajestiCRadiO3: shawnnneeeeee
lunibug4: and JAMIE
lunibug4: ;-)
Eric l MuggleNet: I spy with my blue eyes, CHLOE!
Chlojo3: but rina and eric say i'm invisibable
macaRoni090: aw thats cute
Chlojo3: YAY! *huggles eric* YAY!
lunibug4: aw blue eyes
doublebubble512: awww
lunibug4: are love
Chlojo3: so just rina says i'm invisible *sniffles*
macaRoni090: yes yes
lunibug4: melissa pwnz
macaRoni090: apparently rina cant see anyone though
Alikona0000: well rina is....
Alikona0000: BLIND
Chlojo3: CHLNOE
macaRoni090: allie
Alikona0000: hmm?
Eric l MuggleNet: that's because we're all positive people
MajestiCRadiO3: chlnoeee
Eric l MuggleNet: and Rina only sees negatives
macaRoni090: +
Eric l MuggleNet: =)
macaRoni090: +
anir107: Erm, right
HarryPotter46198: -
Alikona0000: gaso!!!
lunibug4: kbie
Alikona0000: i mean
macaRoni090: +!!
Eric l MuggleNet: Hehehehe
Eric l MuggleNet: just kidding Rina
Alikona0000: gasp???
Chlojo3: aw.....lets be happy
HarryPotter46198: lets
Eric l MuggleNet: i agree with both you and Andrew and Ben
ECD22887: *happy*
anir107: the glass is neither half empty nor half full, eric :P
HarryPotter46198: eat snow
Eric l MuggleNet: everyone on that forum
lunibug4: eat snow
macaRoni090: lol
Chlojo3: lets be happy...happy...happy...
Eric l MuggleNet: =P
macaRoni090: eric that was brilliant
Chlojo3: please be happy!
lunibug4: eric.
anir107: it is twice as large as it needs to be.
Eric l MuggleNet: haha
lunibug4: =P
Eric l MuggleNet: brilliant
Chlojo3: lets please not fight *sniffles*
HarryPotter46198: um
Eric l MuggleNet: the brilliantest thing you've ever said
HarryPotter46198: no.
Alikona0000: lets talk about Andrew, rina.
anir107: ALLIE
macaRoni090: twas the brilliantest thing
Alikona0000: what?!
lunibug4: NO
MajestiCRadiO3: nooooooo
Chlojo3: lets not be mean....
Alikona0000: hahaha
Chlojo3: lets talk about Chlnoe....
anir107: yea
anir107: i mean
lunibug4: CHLNOE
ECD22887: oh so brilliant
anir107: did someone just say chlnoe?
macaRoni090: haha
anir107: sounded like the wind...
MajestiCRadiO3: chlnoe!
Chlojo3: because chloe and noe rhyme...
HarryPotter46198: SHAWN
KelAzMA: eh....there was this one time
lunibug4: SHANW
lunibug4: NOE
Alikona0000: Ninjlin!!!
KelAzMA: that someone caught this trash can on fire
macaRoni090: <
Chlojo3: *sniffles* ERIC! *tugs on his sleeve* rina's ignoring me!
macaRoni090: chl
macaRoni090: noe
macaRoni090: 3
MajestiCRadiO3: ninjlin!
anir107: yeah, eric, i stole that from a random away message site like five years ago, but you didn't need
to know that.
KelAzMA: and almost caught the whole house on fire
lunibug4: NINJLIN
MajestiCRadiO3: caitling
KelAzMA: and then it sucked
KelAzMA: because it was me
HarryPotter46198: oooooooooooooh
HarryPotter46198: :D
anir107: the fact that i remember it five years later, i should ge credit... yeah, ok, anyways
Eric l MuggleNet: do you suck, kellee?
lunibug4: :D
Eric l MuggleNet: =P
lunibug4: o.O
Eric l MuggleNet: Thanks Rina for clearing your conscience
Alikona0000: I stole a beer from my dad, but you didn't need to know that.
macaRoni090: lol
Alikona0000: hahaha
HarryPotter46198: o.O
anir107: Lol
Eric l MuggleNet: I appreciate it
anir107: :-)
JH AZ Frog has entered the room.
Alikona0000: jaaaaaaaykaaaaaay
KelAzMA: you want me to answer that in here?
Alikona0000: or not.
Chlojo3: i like beer
macaRoni090: oh but we did
HarryPotter46198: BAD ALLIE.
lunibug4: bad allie
MajestiCRadiO3: allie! resident alchie!
Eric l MuggleNet: PM me
anir107: lol allie
Eric l MuggleNet: LOL
anir107: Eric
macaRoni090: alchie...thats good
lunibug4: ew beer
Eric l MuggleNet: nono
x sweet harmony: For the first time... I feel.... dun dun dun.... wicked!
anir107: you need to introduce allie to andrew
Chlojo3: wut nono?
Chlojo3: nono...sounds like bobo
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahah
KelAzMA: Everyone has a hobby
anir107: right, allie?
KelAzMA: *dies*
Alikona0000: haha, I'm too much for Andreq
macaRoni090: are you joking?
Alikona0000: www
anir107: lol
macaRoni090: thanks
Alikona0000: aandreww*
HarryPotter46198: no
HarryPotter46198: no
HarryPotter46198: no
MajestiCRadiO3: allie! omg!
anir107: EricScull.Info
Eric l MuggleNet:
Alikona0000: what?
lunibug4: LOL
macaRoni090: haha
macaRoni090: .MAN
lunibug4: = CASSI AND SHAWN
Eric l MuggleNet:
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhaha
lunibug4: haha
KelAzMA: He's the man, eh?
macaRoni090: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: he is
lunibug4: mAn
macaRoni090: he's THE man
Eric l MuggleNet: and we won't have any redirects
Alikona0000: how about.
KelAzMA: no redirects
lunibug4: :U
Eric l MuggleNet: people will have to get the exact amount of A's right every time
anir107: hahaha
Eric l MuggleNet: or the link won't work
Alikona0000: withouth the L
KelAzMA: just the man
Eric l MuggleNet: tha twill piss SO many people off
Eric l MuggleNet: =D
anir107: Lolol
HarryPotter46198: :|
doublebubble512: ha
macaRoni090: oh my god it would
Eric l MuggleNet:
Eric l MuggleNet: 7 a's
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhahahaha
lunibug4: okay
lunibug4: noi
KelAzMA: I'm anti detail
Cannonsgirl2008: thats AWESOME!
lunibug4: no*
Eric l MuggleNet: people who wanted to find it in a hurry
anir107: i like it!
Eric l MuggleNet: would have to like
doublebubble512: That would be so hard to remember
lunibug4: iNo
Eric l MuggleNet: bookmark it
Chlojo3: jamie+shawn=LOVE
Eric l MuggleNet: lol
macaRoni090: favorite it
anir107: lol eric
lunibug4: lol chloe
anir107: ingenius
macaRoni090: or bookmark
ECD22887: lol
macaRoni090: same thing
lunibug4: anti
lunibug4: old
macaRoni090: cream
Chlojo3: Shawn+Jamie=love
HarryPotter46198: LAWLZ
HarryPotter46198: WHAT
macaRoni090: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: NOOOOOOOOOOOO
MajestiCRadiO3: chloeeeeee
lunibug4: LOL
macaRoni090: yes
lunibug4: chloeee
Chlojo3: *giggles*
macaRoni090: definetly
lunibug4: omg
MajestiCRadiO3: lawlzzzzzz
Cannonsgirl2008: that ruins all my plans
Chlojo3: Jawn
ECD22887: haha!
lunibug4: JAWN
KelAzMA: shhhhhhhhhh
x sweet harmony: So, we've come to the conclusion that Jamie's atleast partially gay, right?
lunibug4: lolz
Alikona0000: lol
anir107: my spoon is too big.
x sweet harmony: I so typed that just to piss Colleen off. XD
macaRoni090: that's nice
Chlojo3: *dies laughing*
lunibug4: SPoooN
HarryPotter46198: MAH
Cannonsgirl2008: what?
HarryPotter46198: SPOON
HarryPotter46198: IS
macaRoni090: SPWN!
anir107: "Rejected" the dvd
HarryPotter46198: TOO BIG
Chlojo3: *cackles and falls over*
ECD22887: spOOn
Cannonsgirl2008: why would that piss me off?
Alikona0000: hahaha
anir107: I poke badgers.
anir107: with spoon.
ECD22887: lol
anir107: *spoons
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahha
macaRoni090: spwns
x sweet harmony: Because it would ruin your master LV plans.
KelAzMA: *spaz*
ECD22887: an original sin
ECD22887: poke a bagger with a spoon
macaRoni090: i love LV
doublebubble512: Happy 11:00 everyone
macaRoni090: like no other
MajestiCRadiO3: i'm drunk
HarryPotter46198: im naturally drunk
lunibug4: i'm drunk.
Eric l MuggleNet: Badgers fear you, Rina
anir107: badger badger badger badger
lunibug4: shawn
lunibug4: lol
anir107: MUSHROOM
MajestiCRadiO3: shawn!
Alikona0000: no you aren't don't lie
macaRoni090: haha shawn
anir107: Ah yes, the badgers shall fear me.
lunibug4: or tired
HarryPotter46198: >.>
KelAzMA: There was this one time
anir107: Take that, Hufflepuff common room!
KelAzMA: when I was on skype
ECD22887: i'm like that sometimes too
KelAzMA: and we had fangirl wars
x sweet harmony: Oh jeez.
x sweet harmony: lmao
MajestiCRadiO3: we're just trying to copy you allie
KelAzMA: and it sucked
KelAzMA: because they were being dorks
x sweet harmony: It was weird.
KelAzMA: and it's weird
Alikona0000: haha, but I really am not drunk
Cannonsgirl2008: bonnie = evil
KelAzMA: because it's RIGHT NOW
macaRoni090: Dork!!
Alikona0000: this time.
lunibug4: micha makes me sleepy.
Chlojo3: micah
HarryPotter46198: MICAH
x sweet harmony: DAMN STRAIGHT.
lunibug4: awafdsafkds;alkfd;sla
Chlojo3: john noe=awesome
lunibug4: oopz
macaRoni090: yeah cassi
anir107: I'm not drink... i thunk...
macaRoni090: we know
Cannonsgirl2008: she's a whore
Cannonsgirl2008: we all know it
macaRoni090: zzzzzzz
anir107: whos a whore?
MajestiCRadiO3: your dunk
anir107: jenna?
lunibug4: who's a whore?
x sweet harmony: I am!
Cannonsgirl2008: bonnie
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
Alikona0000: your DUNK
x sweet harmony: lmao
Alikona0000: hahhahahahahahahaha
Chlojo3: micah in chinese= micha
doublebubble512: ha
anir107: jajaja
Alikona0000: BEST THING EVER
KelAzMA: They're calling me a whore a lot...
Eric l MuggleNet: Meeeeeeecha
doublebubble512: Emerson was so funny
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
KelAzMA: because they're mean
KelAzMA: and jealous
MajestiCRadiO3: heee! i <3 being dunk
Chlojo3: lol, eric
Chlojo3: meeeeeeecha
macaRoni090: yeah
Alikona0000: "remember the time I burned myself on your iron?"
anir107: wth
macaRoni090: great accent you got there
MajestiCRadiO3: hotter than that!
Cannonsgirl2008: whaaaaaaaaat
Alikona0000: HAHAHAHAH
Chlojo3: lol
lunibug4: Mischa.
Chlojo3: allie
anir107: Micah Tannenbaum.
HarryPotter46198: No.
Chlojo3: chloweey is hottt...
macaRoni090: Mischa Tannenbaum
Chlojo3: with 3 t's
Eric l MuggleNet: I wonder what his middle name is
Eric l MuggleNet: pester him
anir107: Severus Snape.
Eric l MuggleNet: until he tells ou
Alikona0000: "are you hotter than john?" "no. too hott. limits"
anir107: Did not like book five.
macaRoni090: Stir
KelAzMA: I wanna burn myself on Micah's iron
macaRoni090: knee
KelAzMA: *snortlaugh*
macaRoni090: oh
macaRoni090: low
Chlojo3: no! eric, he'll get mad at me
x sweet harmony: LMAO
anir107: ok, lets guess micah's middle name
MajestiCRadiO3: limits!!!
Cannonsgirl2008: you SO stole that!
macaRoni090: i bet its james
Chlojo3: cause....i was being a curious little reporter
Eric l MuggleNet: lol!
KelAzMA: you were too chicken to say it
x sweet harmony: You didn't have the balls to say it
Cannonsgirl2008: agreed
MajestiCRadiO3: shawwwwwwn
HarryPotter46198: CURIOUS
Eric l MuggleNet: Micah James Tannenbaum
Eric l MuggleNet: yeah
KelAzMA: I'm only too chicken when Micah's here
Eric l MuggleNet: sounds right
anir107: lol its sooo james
Chlojo3: and they got me in trouble *points at all her accomplishes*
Cannonsgirl2008: except it wasn't exactly micah
macaRoni090: lol it works
Alikona0000: Emerson said he burned himself on my iron. hahaha
KelAzMA: well yeah
KelAzMA: I had to adapt it
x sweet harmony: Because he makes you all weak in the knees.
Chlojo3: i like raoul
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
ECD22887: *points back*
ECD22887: lol
KelAzMA: Micah makes me die
Chlojo3: Micah Raoul Tanenbaum
macaRoni090: haha
KelAzMA: like this *dies*
doublebubble512: haha
ECD22887: hahaha
anir107: Raul?
macaRoni090: Micah is a girly man
MajestiCRadiO3: raoul!
doublebubble512: *hahe
anir107: ah hes not online. :-(
Chlojo3: no, Raoul
Cannonsgirl2008: bonnie = a stalker
KelAzMA: and he was on skype one day
Chlojo3: like in phantom of the opera
KelAzMA: and I dided
macaRoni090: Feisty FEllow
x sweet harmony: Eric, thanks for coming in here. I'm ever so grateful.
anir107: maybe.... Jacob
Chlojo3: oh, hey allie
Alikona0000: yeah?
macaRoni090: if it starts with a J, it's James
macaRoni090: its like, the law
Chlojo3: did i tell you about john's drunkenness?
anir107: Veni Vidi Velcro
Eric l MuggleNet: Aw well you're welcome
Eric l MuggleNet: Hey! that's MY quote!
Eric l MuggleNet: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: aww bonnie
Alikona0000: NO
KelAzMA: I heard John's drunkenness
Cannonsgirl2008: so polite
macaRoni090: in the job description: your middle name must be James
Chlojo3: lol, u didn't?
KelAzMA: and Emerson's
anir107: its from the CC
anir107: my caption week, eric
Chlojo3: he was like....
anir107: July 11
x sweet harmony: I could so totally make fun of Colleen and Kel for their obsession, but you're in here and
everyone knows you're my favorite.
Alikona0000: I LOVE drunkness.
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhahaha
KelAzMA: it was sad
MajestiCRadiO3: jacques
Cannonsgirl2008: awwwwwwwww
x sweet harmony: lmao
Alikona0000: I'm well aquainted with emersons and kevin drunkness
x sweet harmony: We're the trio on crack. I swear to god.
Chlojo3: "chloweey is hottt...with three t's"
MajestiCRadiO3: terrence!
Cannonsgirl2008: HAHHAHAHA
macaRoni090: emersons drunkness is funny
Cannonsgirl2008: so true
anir107: lolol
macaRoni090: especially in fattowles
lunibug4: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: except crack is for losers
doublebubble512: Emerson's a funny drunk
Chlojo3: then he was like "i love fclloge"
x sweet harmony: The things that go on on skype... damn.
Cannonsgirl2008: lets be on.... marshmallows or something
macaRoni090: drugs are for losers
macaRoni090: always and forever
x sweet harmony: Snowman poop!
Cannonsgirl2008: agreeed
Alikona0000: he's hot and drunk, according to himself
anir107: hugs not drugs
Chlojo3: SNOWMAN
KelAzMA has left the room.
anir107: everyone, IM EMERSON AND SAY 'DRUNK'
anir107: yeeeahhh
macaRoni090: thats like make love, not war
MajestiCRadiO3: sturniolo!
anir107: snurniolo!
x sweet harmony: -sidenote- Eric, I'm not a stalker. XD I just get to make fun of Colleen and Kel.
lunibug4: STURNIOLO
anir107: *sturniolo
macaRoni090: STURNIOLO
doublebubble512: sturniolo!
Cannonsgirl2008: oh yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: she isn't
anir107: John Sturniolo
doublebubble512: I forgot about that
Chlojo3: JSN
Cannonsgirl2008: I was lying
lunibug4: NOE
Cannonsgirl2008: to get back at her
lunibug4: lol
Chlojo3: Stir
Chlojo3: Knee
Chlojo3: Oh
macaRoni090: oh
Chlojo3: Low
macaRoni090: low
Eric l MuggleNet: it's confirmed
macaRoni090: oh cra
anir107: lol
macaRoni090: o
macaRoni090: p
Eric l MuggleNet: Micah's middle name is not James
anir107: what is, eric?
Cannonsgirl2008: what?
anir107: oh
anir107: dang
x sweet harmony: Aww Colleen's so nice.
macaRoni090: awww eric!
doublebubble512: It's not
macaRoni090: why?!
Alikona0000: omg, that name makes me hot.
Alikona0000: hahahahahaha
anir107: what is it?? what is it??
Cannonsgirl2008: BONNIE'S so nice!
anir107: i think it's Elliiot.
x sweet harmony: lmao
anir107: ... not
macaRoni090: elliot?
anir107: random name. yeah.
Cannonsgirl2008: we are on crack, now
macaRoni090: i know i'm not
x sweet harmony: Heck yes.
macaRoni090: whoot
MajestiCRadiO3: <--- guido
anir107: i know someone named Elliot Tannenbaum... used to live up the street from me...
macaRoni090: i'm on...floo powder
Alikona0000: me too, lol.
ECD22887: lol
anir107: father of Jennifer and Ricki Tannenbaum
ECD22887: high on the floo
anir107: i wonder if they're related
macaRoni090: lol
doublebubble512: ha
Alikona0000: DUDE, caitlin. my dad made an xmas toast...
lunibug4: guito
macaRoni090: yep always high on the floo
Alikona0000: and it went like...
lunibug4: i dunno caitlin
KelAzMA has entered the room.
macaRoni090: wb kel
KelAzMA: there was this one time
KelAzMA: and AIM didn't suck
Cannonsgirl2008: it was weird
KelAzMA: but it was 1997
x sweet harmony: It was weird
doublebubble512: ha
anir107: Eric are you talking to Micah online
macaRoni090: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: ahhahahahhahaha
x sweet harmony: lmao
Alikona0000: and here's to the Goomba's on 116th street, we pray that they don't stick our feet in
KelAzMA: Micah makes me giggle like a girl
MajestiCRadiO3: OMG
anir107: Micah.
lunibug4: micah makes me sleepy
anir107: more of a physical being.
MajestiCRadiO3: allie
Cannonsgirl2008: your mom makes me......... ok I'm not gonna go on
x sweet harmony: lmao
macaRoni090: 116th street is a place id never ever venture into
Chlojo3: eric
alysonmarie says has entered the room.
anir107: too sexy for your mom?
Chlojo3: is it johnathon?
KelAzMA: you don't have to say
Cannonsgirl2008: yes
KelAzMA: My mom told me
Alikona0000: what?! why NOT
Cannonsgirl2008: most definately
doublebubble512: hello
Cannonsgirl2008: hahhaha
macaRoni090: too sexy for your FACE
Alikona0000: 116th steet PWNZ
MajestiCRadiO3: your dad made that toast?! yessss
anir107: yehhhh
Eric l MuggleNet: 1, 2, 3
Eric l MuggleNet: 116th!
Alikona0000: yea, he made that toast
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm too sexy for your mom
alysonmarie says: chloe, caitlin, cassi and shawn...your away messages are awesome.
macaRoni090: 116TH
anir107: 17th!
Cannonsgirl2008: too sexy for your mom
HarryPotter46198: LOL
Chlojo3: lol, thanks
MajestiCRadiO3: haha alyson!
Alikona0000: hahah eric
Chlojo3: :-D
Eric l MuggleNet: 423rd!
lunibug4: thanks
Cannonsgirl2008: too sexy like a ... bomb
macaRoni090: 405th!
ECD22887: 519th
Cannonsgirl2008: ok, that reallydidn't wokr
anir107: 1230th!
Chlojo3: *check out my away message*
KelAzMA: psh
Cannonsgirl2008: work*
lunibug4: 10000000000000th
KelAzMA: I'ma not tellin ya 'cause it's so *R*
Chlojo3: SHAWN'S A JUNKIE!!!!!
Cannonsgirl2008: ahhahahahahha
macaRoni090: lol out with guys
anir107: 1,2,3...
magical maladies: whoa confused
anir107: 217
anir107: or not
lunibug4: 1
Chlojo3: shawn
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 3
Chlojo3: is
Chlojo3: a
lunibug4: NO
Alikona0000: my dad is MADD goomba
Chlojo3: junkie
anir107: NO
Chlojo3: GOOMBA
lunibug4: yes RINA
macaRoni090: no
anir107: Mr. Polesel is madd?
Alikona0000: he is a madd goomba
macaRoni090: madd with 2 d's, eh?
anir107: madd hott
Alikona0000: lol
doublebubble512: and I officially have a headache
macaRoni090: lol rina
lunibug4: guido
anir107: Gregg
Alikona0000: wow.
macaRoni090: gregg is hott
anir107: Lolol
KelAzMA: I'm officially a fangirl....LOL
MajestiCRadiO3: greg
KelAzMA: *laughs*
Cannonsgirl2008: your mom is.. hott
anir107: officially?
macaRoni090: nott
HarryPotter46198: EDWARD
Cannonsgirl2008: ok, shuttup
anir107: as in you weren't before?
anir107: 11:11 pm everyone
HarryPotter46198: 15 MINUTES
Alikona0000: 1112
Cannonsgirl2008: I have nothing better to say
alysonmarie says: can i make you a certificate, kel?
macaRoni090: 11:11!
lunibug4: EDward
MajestiCRadiO3: edmund
KelAzMA: yep
Alikona0000: hee hee hee
ECD22887: omg
Alikona0000: edmund?
anir107: all-american rejects song...
lunibug4: it's been more then 15 mins
Chlojo3: god give me courage to show you
Cannonsgirl2008: woot 811!
macaRoni090: edmund roy
Chlojo3: you are not alone
Cannonsgirl2008: yayyyyyyyyy
ECD22887: okay, hold on
HarryPotter46198: EDMUND
Alikona0000: is a traiteeeeeer
ECD22887: let me get my mic
anir107: O.o;;
lunibug4: EDWARDO
alysonmarie says: oh i will after i'm done playing mario
Alikona0000: but I loves him anyway
HarryPotter46198: EDWARDO
macaRoni090: SPONGEBOB
lunibug4: <3
alysonmarie says: ciao guys..nintendo calls <3
lunibug4: cassward
anir107: ok, just do me a favor....
doublebubble512: Spongebob?
macaRoni090: <
lunibug4: on the phone?
macaRoni090: cass
macaRoni090: ward
alysonmarie says has left the room.
macaRoni090: 3
lunibug4: nintendo called her on the phone
lunibug4: cool
macaRoni090: i love moses
Alikona0000: ugh...yeah cross the red sea, please.
macaRoni090: cmon people show moses the love
lunibug4: shawn is a dirty bird
lunibug4: :U
anir107: whats micah's middle nameeee
Chlojo3: take the boat, swear to me, never to tell
Alikona0000: Moses.
KelAzMA: SEXYness
lunibug4: john
KelAzMA: sheesh
macaRoni090: Micah NotJames Tannenbaum
Chlojo3: of what you know, of the angel in hll
Chlojo3: *hell
Chlojo3: JOHN?! where?!
anir107: is micah a journalist?
macaRoni090: john is no where
macaRoni090: nowhere
anir107: because i looked up 'micah tannenbaum' on google...
Chlojo3: *sobs*
Alikona0000: he is an ORANGEMAN!
anir107: does he go to syracuse?
Cannonsgirl2008: noooo
anir107: cuz if he does
Alikona0000: he did.
lunibug4: ne makes me sleepy
Chlojo3: yes
Cannonsgirl2008: not at aaaaaaaaaaaaaall
macaRoni090: maybe there are multiple micah tannenbaums
Chlojo3: he did
anir107: his middle name begins with a J
Cannonsgirl2008: ahahah
lunibug4: he*
lunibug4: it does
anir107: yeah
lunibug4: it's JOHN
Chlojo3: we knew that
macaRoni090: rina, are you sirius?
anir107: i bet its Jacob
Alikona0000: yeah, he went to syracuse
Chlojo3: *knkew that cause she got in trouble*
macaRoni090: that's ridic
lunibug4: what's JAMIE's middle name
Chlojo3: if its jacob, that'd be mean
anir107: look at his email address
Alikona0000: he was a sports fella
macaRoni090: Jamie is british
heyitsme3871 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: e
Chlojo3: cause he'd have a holy name
macaRoni090: hey!
Chlojo3: HEY ITS YOU
Alikona0000: we talked about college ball.
x sweet harmony: Nooooor!
anir107: mjtannen @
Alikona0000: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: sports fella?
Cannonsgirl2008: I bet its hott
anir107: it is a j
anir107: oh snap
MajestiCRadiO3: hee
heyitsme3871: indeed it is
macaRoni090: Jamie TheMAn Lawrence
Alikona0000: OMG
doublebubble512: hi
Alikona0000: FACEBOOK?
magical maladies: THEMAN
MajestiCRadiO3: facebook?
Alikona0000: haha
magical maladies: isn't that a last name
anir107: look him up, allie
Alikona0000: is he on it?
macaRoni090: i have facebook
macaRoni090: lol maybe alice
Cannonsgirl2008: the man, the myth, the legend
anir107: i really think it's jacob
anir107: or john
macaRoni090: john
anir107: or jeramiah
lunibug4: it's John
magical maladies:
heyitsme3871: wow delayed reaction
doublebubble512: hi Oreo!
Alikona0000: someone try facebooking him
ECD22887: fine who then
MajestiCRadiO3: jeremiah!
lunibug4: Jose
macaRoni090: jeremiah would be funny
Alikona0000: I don't want to
Alikona0000: lol
heyitsme3871: HI KATHLEEN
anir107: you try, allie
macaRoni090: maybe its Josephine
lunibug4: Jack
lunibug4: Jim
lunibug4: James
lunibug4: Jamie
anir107: its jacob
lunibug4: Jeff
MajestiCRadiO3: jeffrey
Chlojo3: i lik3 jacob
macaRoni090: Jeff!
macaRoni090: HPANA
heyitsme3871: what the heck are we talking about?
lunibug4: JEFFERS
anir107: wanna know why its jacob?
Chlojo3: wait
Chlojo3: ERIC
Alikona0000: Joseph
anir107: cuz i said so.
Alikona0000: why is it
macaRoni090: ine
Chlojo3: what's your middle name?
Alikona0000: ok
JH AZ Frog: micah's middle name
ECD22887: so who should i call?
heyitsme3871: Eric's is James isn't it?
doublebubble512: Eric James Scull
anir107: yes
Cannonsgirl2008: just ...update.... there is not
Chlojo3: o, yea
anir107: Andrew James Sims
Chlojo3: i did know that
macaRoni090: Eric/Emerson/Andrew James
macaRoni090: S
Chlojo3: really?
heyitsme3871: lol
anir107: Emerson James Spartz
anir107: Harry james Potter
macaRoni090: precisely
Cannonsgirl2008: no*
anir107: EJS and EJS have the same initials
macaRoni090: yeah its funny
lunibug4: o.O
Eric l MuggleNet: yeah
anir107: Eric
Cannonsgirl2008: its HALARIOUS
lunibug4: CLM
Eric l MuggleNet: Emerson hired Eric first
anir107: i think it's Jacob
macaRoni090: its also funny how Andrew, Eric, Emerson, Dylan, Ben, Kevin, etc all have S last names
Cannonsgirl2008: halarious I tell you
Eric l MuggleNet: there were two EJSs working for MN
Eric l MuggleNet: in 2002
macaRoni090: wow
Eric l MuggleNet: and we were the only ones
Eric l MuggleNet: for like
Eric l MuggleNet: a day
Eric l MuggleNet: before he hired damon
anir107: lol
heyitsme3871: wow.
anir107: and then jamie
Eric l MuggleNet: in January
anir107: eric, how did you meet emerson
Eric l MuggleNet: 4th actually
macaRoni090: cool
Cannonsgirl2008: thats AMAZING
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm stunned
Cannonsgirl2008: really
Eric l MuggleNet: I met Jamie actually
Cannonsgirl2008: realy?
Eric l MuggleNet: before he was hired
anir107: Oh?
Eric l MuggleNet: I recommended him =)
Cannonsgirl2008: really?*
macaRoni090: THANK YOU ERIC
Eric l MuggleNet: That's a good feeling seeing how awesome he is
macaRoni090: just saying...
Eric l MuggleNet: on MC
anir107: hellz yes
Eric l MuggleNet: but yeah
heyitsme3871: [ dances ]
heyitsme3871: does anyone here like Jason Mraz?
lunibug4: eric, what?
Chlojo3: eric...what are you talking about?
lunibug4: no.
macaRoni090: Mr. A-Z
magical maladies: JASON MRAZ RULES
anir107: yeah?
Eric l MuggleNet: I got Jamie connected with the MN people
Chlojo3: we're confuzled
lunibug4: eric, we lost you.
anir107: YEAH
Cannonsgirl2008: wow
magical maladies: okay back to lingering now
lunibug4: oh
Chlojo3: o, cool
anir107: ALRIGHT
lunibug4: jamie pwnz
Eric l MuggleNet: and I said it was great
Cannonsgirl2008: I love you for that, eric
Alikona0000: good job eric
Chlojo3: *huggles eric*
Eric l MuggleNet: because Jamie's freakin awesome
Chlojo3: i love jamie
Cannonsgirl2008: agreed
macaRoni090: jamie does PWN
lunibug4: YEY
anir107: Eric ruless
Chlojo3: he skyped with was fun
Chlojo3: o! guess what!
lunibug4: SKYPE
Eric l MuggleNet: I didn't have anything to do with Ben being hired that I recall
anir107: your mom?
macaRoni090: skype!
Eric l MuggleNet: only I was there when he was.
Chlojo3: he said he'll send me a b-day card
lunibug4: LOL
anir107: Lol Eric
Chlojo3: jamie did, that is
macaRoni090: haha
macaRoni090: aw thats sweet chloe
Chlojo3: i'm esssited
Eric l MuggleNet: And Ben hired Andrew so that wasn't my decision and I had nothing to do with it
Eric l MuggleNet: but
anir107: eric, close your ears
Eric l MuggleNet: it's all good and jiggy
heyitsme3871: i want a birthday card from the MCers
Chlojo3: i'll be 16 next month
Eric l MuggleNet: ... *closes ears*
Alikona0000: BRB, lovelies
macaRoni090: very jiggy
anir107: people, send me birthday cards
Cannonsgirl2008: jiggy?
Eric l MuggleNet: lol
anir107: ok, eric, open up your ears
KelAzMA: ...and who hired John....oh wait....
anir107: if you can hear me
KelAzMA: wrong podcast
lunibug4: jiggy
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahahah
Chlojo3: lol
KelAzMA: *laughs*
Chlojo3: john
Chlojo3: is
Chlojo3: my
lunibug4: i dated a guy named will smith once
Chlojo3: hero
heyitsme3871: lol nice Cass
macaRoni090: haha cassi
lunibug4: chloe
lunibug4: is
x sweet harmony: How did you guys particularly start MC? Are you all just closer than the rest or
lunibug4: my
lunibug4: hero
KelAzMA: apparently he taught you to scroll too
Chlojo3: i'm someone's hero!
MajestiCRadiO3: chloe=hero!
anir107: dude, it was originally just andrew ben and kevin
ECD22887: cassi is my hero
macaRoni090: yeah
anir107: andrew probably thought of it
anir107: cuz he has a mac
Chlojo3: cassi=drugs
Cannonsgirl2008: I dated a guy named Mr. Incredibleman once but then I realized that he was a blowup
MajestiCRadiO3: cassi=heroine!
lunibug4: edward <3
anir107: and mac users are uber smart
macaRoni090: haha colleen yeah
Eric l MuggleNet: i find it really funny that RIna doesn't know how I met Emerson
anir107: and andrew lurves ben
lunibug4: cassi = better then drugs
MajestiCRadiO3: edward is my hero
Eric l MuggleNet: I've kind of said it like a hundred times on the site
lunibug4: SPICE
Eric l MuggleNet: but kind of not
anir107: Yeah, one thing that i dont know about Emerson....
lunibug4: GIRLS
Eric l MuggleNet: at the same time
macaRoni090: true
x sweet harmony: Well, I'm just wondering how this whole MC group came about.
macaRoni090: ?
anir107: Yeah, Ok
anir107: I'm ignorant, get over it
HarryPotter46198: spice girlllllls
Eric l MuggleNet: generally speaking it was the Profile
Eric l MuggleNet: everybody knows that's how I got started
macaRoni090: Eric you killed everyone in HP
macaRoni090: EVERYONE
macaRoni090: no joke
lunibug4: aw ded
Cannonsgirl2008: yup
anir107: everybody loves raymond, so yeah
Eric l MuggleNet: it' seven on my AboutUs page, renditions of that bio have all included it
Eric l MuggleNet: I've killed everyone in HP?
anir107: potter profile?
macaRoni090: yes
Eric l MuggleNet: umm
Eric l MuggleNet: Rina if you don't know that
macaRoni090: you've also killed Harry
lunibug4: wtf
Eric l MuggleNet: you're not a fan
Eric l MuggleNet: lol
lunibug4: WTF
Eric l MuggleNet: which means find it fast
anir107: i know that
anir107: duh
macaRoni090: btw
KelAzMA: oh sh.........damn
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 3
Chlojo3: out
MajestiCRadiO3: out with guys
anir107: No
Chlojo3: with
HarryPotter46198: out qith guys
Chlojo3: guys
lunibug4: OUT WITH GUYS
ECD22887: out with guys
Cannonsgirl2008: ok, I have been trying to be fan of the week for years
Cannonsgirl2008: YEARS I tell you
lunibug4: with * for shawn
macaRoni090: aw
ECD22887: *guys, shawn
Cannonsgirl2008: actually, I stopped after a while
anir107: ok, i, unlike all of you... have school tomorrow... so im gonna go to bed
macaRoni090: bye rina!
JH AZ Frog: night
Cannonsgirl2008: but I just submitted another one last week
KelAzMA: hehehe
anir107: Bye.
Cannonsgirl2008: and I'm STILL not fan of the week
Eric l MuggleNet: Happy ChanachhkhkhkkkhskshhkshkshskkkkkkaaaaH!
lunibug4: bye
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm such a LOSER!
KelAzMA: you're gonna be Stalker of the week
lunibug4: wtf
MajestiCRadiO3: bye!
anir107: Chanukah, yeah
Eric l MuggleNet: *does the jewish CH sound*
Chlojo3: is eric leavin?
Eric l MuggleNet: *hacks*
anir107: YES
x sweet harmony: You are, Colleen.
macaRoni090: lol slacking off abit?
anir107: CHHHH
Eric l MuggleNet: *coughs*
heyitsme3871: nice Eric
Eric l MuggleNet: *chokes*
Cannonsgirl2008: do I get an award?
anir107: whats wrong with the Ch sound?
KelAzMA: *hands Eric a glass of water*
heyitsme3871: only in Hebrew and Arabic is there that sound
Eric l MuggleNet: I LOVe that sound
macaRoni090: its...jewish
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
macaRoni090: and it hurts
lunibug4: what sound?
anir107: yeah, you wouldn't understand
heyitsme3871: w00t for Arabic
Eric l MuggleNet: haha
Eric l MuggleNet: the SOUND
anir107: it doesn't hurt
heyitsme3871: khhhhh
heyitsme3871: kkhhhhhh
lunibug4: i love it when shawn make the :U sound
macaRoni090: it hurts me
macaRoni090: and i'm jewish
Chlojo3: :U
x sweet harmony: Listen to that jewish guy on the filkcast if you want jew-ness.
Chlojo3: that is the best sound
heyitsme3871: lol Roni.
macaRoni090: that says something
Chlojo3: the :U sound
heyitsme3871: what's that sound?
KelAzMA: wtf does :U sound like?
heyitsme3871: lol!
Cannonsgirl2008: I wasn't aware that that was a sound
magical maladies: jews rule
macaRoni090: haha bonnie that was funny
anir107: chanukah christmas filch?
anir107 has left the room.
magical maladies: just randomly
lunibug4: like a :U
magical maladies: okay lol
heyitsme3871: filch
magical maladies: bye rina
macaRoni090: yeah alice, yeah they do
lunibug4: i can't tell you AIM
Cannonsgirl2008: filchwhatfilch
heyitsme3871: lol
magical maladies: :D
lunibug4: what the filch
x sweet harmony: COUNTDOWN.
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahaha
lunibug4: 10
Eric l MuggleNet: 3, 2, 1
Eric l MuggleNet: PWN
lunibug4: 9
Cannonsgirl2008: 9
lunibug4: 8
Cannonsgirl2008: 7
lunibug4: 7
x sweet harmony: LMAO.
heyitsme3871: ...
lunibug4: 5
heyitsme3871: so lost.
lunibug4: i mean
Cannonsgirl2008: 4
HarryPotter46198: good
lunibug4: 6
Chlojo3: PWN
x sweet harmony: 3
macaRoni090: yeahhhh
x sweet harmony: 2
lunibug4: 2
magical maladies: pwn?
ECD22887: belated PWN
x sweet harmony: 1
lunibug4: UNO
Chlojo3: *delayed reaction PWN*
macaRoni090: PEN
x sweet harmony: ... Still here.
doublebubble512: *scratches head*
x sweet harmony: LMAO.
Cannonsgirl2008: hmmm
macaRoni090: oh sorry
lunibug4: NO
MajestiCRadiO3: no
macaRoni090: PWN
Alikona0000: durka durka!
KelAzMA: now....
Cannonsgirl2008: eeeeeeeeenteresting
MajestiCRadiO3: durka durka!!!
doublebubble512: Oreo do you have skype?
KelAzMA: it didn't happen, eh?
macaRoni090: durka durka!!!!!
heyitsme3871: i sure do
lunibug4: alliez
x sweet harmony: No no...
lunibug4: skypex
Cannonsgirl2008: hmmm I wonder where Eric went
Cannonsgirl2008: ..........
heyitsme3871: Eric died
doublebubble512: what's your name?
Alikona0000: haha, yeah.
x sweet harmony: IT WORKED.
lunibug4: ERIC / rip
heyitsme3871: oreosandmilk
macaRoni090: died from too much exposure to us
Alikona0000: One minutes
Cannonsgirl2008: whos?
lunibug4: ok
lunibug4: 1
doublebubble512: I'm adding you okay?
lunibug4: 2
heyitsme3871: okay!
lunibug4: 3
lunibug4: 4
Cannonsgirl2008: ok
lunibug4: 5
Cannonsgirl2008: we win
Cannonsgirl2008: at life
lunibug4: 6
x sweet harmony: Heck yes.
lunibug4: 7
MajestiCRadiO3: heck of
Cannonsgirl2008: no more countdown
lunibug4: 8
x sweet harmony: No more. It worked.
macaRoni090: 10
MajestiCRadiO3: cassi=hero
macaRoni090: oh
heyitsme3871: stop the numbers dudettes
Chlojo3: 11
Chlojo3: 9
macaRoni090: chloe no
Chlojo3: 12
Chlojo3: 13
Chlojo3: 14
Chlojo3: 15
macaRoni090: haha
Chlojo3: 16
Chlojo3: 17
lunibug4: 17
Chlojo3: 18
macaRoni090: 20
lunibug4: 19
Eric l MuggleNet: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, sinco, ses, siete, ocho, nueve, dies. Once, doce, trece, catorce,
quince, dies y ses!
macaRoni090: whoot!
macaRoni090: good job
ECD22887: yay
Cannonsgirl2008: WHAAAAAAAAAT?
JH AZ Frog: yay spanish
gingernut17: une deux trois
MajestiCRadiO3: uno dos tres catorce!
Cannonsgirl2008: how ???????
Cannonsgirl2008: ok
Cannonsgirl2008: we lose
Cannonsgirl2008: now
KelAzMA: so Eric...where did you copy/paste that from?
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahaha
macaRoni090: un duex trois quatre cinq six sept
lunibug4: 21
macaRoni090: huit
lunibug4: 22
magical maladies: french!
MajestiCRadiO3: un deux trois!
magical maladies: woot!
lunibug4: 34
macaRoni090: neuf
lunibug4: 24
lunibug4: lol
macaRoni090: dix
x sweet harmony: dix
lunibug4: 25
KelAzMA: I get snippy when I et called grandma LMAO
x sweet harmony: onze
lunibug4: 26
Chlojo3: where's my johnny noe?
x sweet harmony: douze
lunibug4: ALLIE
x sweet harmony: treize
lunibug4: it's been a minuet
KelAzMA: get*
macaRoni090: lol
Eric l MuggleNet: ein, zwei, drei, fiers, fumf, zex, zeben, oct, noin, zehn, elf, zwolf, dreizehn, fierzehn,
fumfzehn, sexzehn, zebenzeihn, octzehn, noinzehn, swanzig
macaRoni090: you're so ahead of me
lunibug4: fkldaskfda; DIGIMON
x sweet harmony: quatorze?
lunibug4: eric no
Chlojo3: wow....
KelAzMA: german?
macaRoni090: eric
MajestiCRadiO3: digimon
macaRoni090: wow
x sweet harmony: queinze
x sweet harmony: Monkeys. I butchered that.
JH AZ Frog: yay german!
Alikona0000: I'm putting my headset on...
lunibug4: une!
macaRoni090: monkeys?
MajestiCRadiO3: allie!
lunibug4: yes allie
Cannonsgirl2008: la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Cannonsgirl2008: *sings*
x sweet harmony: Damn straight monkeys./
Alikona0000: yay
macaRoni090: like "drunk like a monkey"
Cannonsgirl2008: only bonnie and kel know that I'm not actually singing
macaRoni090: i'm drunk like a monkey
Cannonsgirl2008: BWAHAHAHHAHA
lunibug4: allie call me when you get on
macaRoni090: but not
Chlojo3: one-ay, oo-tay, ree-thay, our-fay, ive-fay, ix-say, even-say, eight-tay, ine-nay, en-tay
ECD22887: nice
macaRoni090: i know gibberish
x sweet harmony: Colleen has a diiiiiiiiirty mind!
Eric l MuggleNet: oechlay eedsnay to go to edbay
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
x sweet harmony: Hahah
BrownyShahana has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: ok, she said it not me
macaRoni090: lol
Chlojo3: loech?
Chlojo3: loech?
lunibug4: mafia
Chlojo3: what's loech?
MajestiCRadiO3: the sopranos
lunibug4: skype
Eric l MuggleNet: oeChlay
Chlojo3: o.....
Eric l MuggleNet: said no l, look again
Cannonsgirl2008: what?
Chlojo3: why do i need to go to bed?
Cannonsgirl2008: chloe needs to go to bed?
Eric l MuggleNet: haha
macaRoni090: lol
Eric l MuggleNet: first of all
Cannonsgirl2008: YOUR bed maybe
Eric l MuggleNet: you don't understand piglatin
Eric l MuggleNet: it's sounds
x sweet harmony: lmao
macaRoni090: piglatin pwns
Eric l MuggleNet: not letters
Eric l MuggleNet: so CHL
Eric l MuggleNet: can go at the end
lunibug4: NOE
Eric l MuggleNet: so it's not loech
Chlojo3: i do too....*sniffles* i'm sorry
Eric l MuggleNet: it's chloe
Eric l MuggleNet: aw
Eric l MuggleNet: :huggles:
Eric l MuggleNet: i meant my bed anyway
lunibug4: CHLNOE
Eric l MuggleNet: goodnight peeps.
Chlojo3: i haven't gone over it since 4th grade
Alikona0000: AAWWW
JH AZ Frog: night
Chlojo3: *giggles and huggles back*
x sweet harmony: pig-latin is a lame language for people who can't speak a real one
Alikona0000: bye baby
Chlojo3: hey, go away
KelAzMA: longer than usual?
Eric l MuggleNet: there's nothign wrong with speaking no real language!
Eric l MuggleNet: I speak English and Bad English
KelAzMA: heh
Alikona0000: <3
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahha
heyitsme3871: go Eric
Chlojo3: i speak chloese
macaRoni090: yeah i mean, cassi speaks typo
Eric l MuggleNet: HAHA
Chlojo3: lol
Chlojo3: typo
lunibug4: yeah i do
Eric l MuggleNet: Roni, make that your siggy
Cannonsgirl2008: colleen speaks...colleen
Eric l MuggleNet: "yeah, I mean, Cassi speaks typo"
Cannonsgirl2008: I need a freakin' translator
macaRoni090: lol sure
Eric l MuggleNet: =P
Alikona0000: she speaks sleep
lunibug4: lol
x sweet harmony: I love how everyone just sticks 'ese' at the end and BAM. It's a language.
macaRoni090: thanks for the suggestion eric
Eric l MuggleNet: haha
KelAzMA: I speak Batman
lunibug4: that is soooo not my fault
Eric l MuggleNet: you speak Batman?
lunibug4: micah makes me sleepy
Cannonsgirl2008: YESSSW
x sweet harmony: LMAO
macaRoni090: how would that work?
KelAzMA: *snotlaugh*
Eric l MuggleNet: I speak Spiderman, my language kicks your language's ass
x sweet harmony: YES!!!
Chlojo3: micah makes cassi go to sleep
KelAzMA: nevermind
Cannonsgirl2008: me too
lunibug4: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: mischa
macaRoni090: mischa tannenbaum
BrownyShahana: i speak x-man?
Chlojo3: eric said a naughty word!!!!
macaRoni090: oh my!
ECD22887: FCC
Eric l MuggleNet: i said bitch before when I was referring to Rina
Eric l MuggleNet: =P
KelAzMA: Micah makes
Chlojo3: *gasp*
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
Eric l MuggleNet: nobody picked up on it cause it was a verb
KelAzMA: nevermind
BrownyShahana: lol
doublebubble512: If they said it in HP it's fair game
macaRoni090: lol trueeee
Alikona0000: eric YOUR MOUF!!!
KelAzMA: it's not PG
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
Chlojo3: *sniffles* be NICE eric...
Chlojo3: i like therina
Chlojo3: she makes me giggle
lunibug4: ASS is in my name
MajestiCRadiO3: eric! wash your mouth out with soap! geeeez
Eric l MuggleNet: hey
Alikona0000: hahaha
lunibug4: so it's okay
Eric l MuggleNet: i say the same thing to everyone else
macaRoni090: hyman is in my name
Eric l MuggleNet: thanks for sharing...
Alikona0000: watch yo MOUF
macaRoni090: pfft
lunibug4: lolz
Eric l MuggleNet: but is it in you?
Chlojo3: *huggles* i tell everyone to be nice
Eric l MuggleNet: that's the question
Chlojo3: fighting makes me sad:-(
KelAzMA: shit
Chlojo3: :'(
Chlojo3: like that
macaRoni090: thats a question that roni will not be answering thank you very much
Eric l MuggleNet: Well you brought it up
Eric l MuggleNet: =P
lunibug4: are you santa?
macaRoni090: yeah i did
Eric l MuggleNet: so I'm sorry to offend
macaRoni090: this is true
heyitsme3871: lmao CHloe
MajestiCRadiO3: muggle net santa?
macaRoni090: no offense taken
macaRoni090: or..sure
Eric l MuggleNet: lol
Eric l MuggleNet: goodnight
Cannonsgirl2008: HAHAHHAHAHAA
macaRoni090: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: eric, you make me happy
KelAzMA: yeah....on that note
Alikona0000: he's avoiding the question!!!
KelAzMA: *eric Runs for the hills*
x sweet harmony: Colleen so just ditched Jamie.
macaRoni090: haha
Eric l MuggleNet: wait
Chlojo3: *hugs eric* are you goin to sleep?
lunibug4: question avoider
Eric l MuggleNet: what question am I avoiding?
Cannonsgirl2008: I HATE YOU
lunibug4: are you santa?
x sweet harmony: Haha.
Alikona0000: do you love me?
Eric l MuggleNet: no
KelAzMA: Don't worry
Cannonsgirl2008: with every fiber of my being
Eric l MuggleNet: i told you i wasn't santa
x sweet harmony: I LOOOVE YOU x 10, COLLEEEEEEN.
lunibug4: hahaha
Eric l MuggleNet: and I love everybody
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahha
Alikona0000: hahahahaha
KelAzMA: she was on about Micah the other night
Alikona0000: thanks
macaRoni090: aw thats so sweet
Alikona0000: ok, yeah.
Chlojo3: yay! eric loves me!
Cannonsgirl2008: cha
Eric l MuggleNet: somebody invite Alice back into this chat
lunibug4: is micah santa?
Cannonsgirl2008: I get around
Eric l MuggleNet: some of you test me
Chlojo3: *wants to make a shirt that says "Eric Loves Me"
MajestiCRadiO3: micah=santa!
Eric l MuggleNet: but as of now I still love all of you
magical maladies: .....i'm here
Chlojo3: do I test you? *sniffles*
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
ECD22887: lol
Alikona0000: eric is my homeboy
Cannonsgirl2008: I probably test him
Cannonsgirl2008: a lot
Eric l MuggleNet: Somebody invite Alice in, she's had to resort to porn on Limewire
x sweet harmony: o.o;; Eric probably hates me by now
Cannonsgirl2008: sorry, babe, I'm staying
Eric l MuggleNet: so entertain her for me
magical maladies: GOD ERIC
KelAzMA: Hey I'm still wondering where I"ma get the answer to my question
magical maladies: I AM HERE
Eric l MuggleNet: while you're gone
x sweet harmony: But that's a-okay.
macaRoni090: haha
KelAzMA: Limewire Porn is crap
lunibug4: o.O
magical maladies: is he ignoring me or something
Cannonsgirl2008: HAHAHAHAH
Eric l MuggleNet: yeah, everybody knows iTunes is better
macaRoni090: alice
macaRoni090: yes
Eric l MuggleNet: =P
magical maladies: because I'm talking
x sweet harmony: iTunes sucks.
Cannonsgirl2008: agreed
KelAzMA: yeah MuggleCast Porn
macaRoni090: itunes does not suck
KelAzMA: Jamie told me about it
Eric l MuggleNet: lol!
Cannonsgirl2008: thats hott
Alikona0000: haha, yeck hes!
Eric l MuggleNet: leave it to Jamie
HarryPotter46198: jamie
lunibug4: mugglecast porn = no
x sweet harmony: lmao
Cannonsgirl2008: yessss
macaRoni090: are you joking
Cannonsgirl2008: leave it to jamie....
KelAzMA: He's all about the porn
Eric l MuggleNet: spin. Rina would have a field day
lunibug4: JAMIE
ECD22887: unless jamie
Eric l MuggleNet: if she knew
x sweet harmony: HAHAHA.
HarryPotter46198: >.>
Eric l MuggleNet: what he linked to.
KelAzMA: ....ssssssssspin
lunibug4: lmao edward
MajestiCRadiO3: yes!
macaRoni090: lol
Alikona0000: spin?
MajestiCRadiO3: edward!
KelAzMA: heheh
BrownyShahana has left the room.
HarryPotter46198: edward!
lunibug4: edwardo
KelAzMA: He's a dirty little .man
Chlojo3: spin wasn't a porn site...thou...
Cannonsgirl2008: Mugglecast porn would be..... quite entertaining
macaRoni090: well at least that's something
Cannonsgirl2008: to say the least
Chlojo3: it confused me...
Alikona0000: HAHAHA
x sweet harmony: You just sparked everyone's interest all over again, Eric.
heyitsme3871: um
BrownyShahana has entered the room.
Chlojo3: lol, mugglecast porn!
Cannonsgirl2008: I would probably laugh has entered the room.
macaRoni090: colleen is interested now
KelAzMA: flesh colored panties
macaRoni090: hi hannah!
Cannonsgirl2008: PSHA!
x sweet harmony: It'd be kiddy porn, but okay. hiii
KelAzMA: the whole lot
heyitsme3871: I LOVE HW TOO HANNAH Q
KelAzMA: iPdo!
x sweet harmony: A little underage there. lol
KelAzMA: gotta go
Cannonsgirl2008: jamie'd hit that shit
KelAzMA: hehehe
macaRoni090: ipeedo
x sweet harmony: lmao oh wow thats from a looong time ago
Eric l MuggleNet has left the room.
KelAzMA: I'm hearing the sirens
macaRoni090: bye eric
magical maladies: bye eric lol
Cannonsgirl2008: right
macaRoni090: yeahhh
Cannonsgirl2008: whatever
KelAzMA: you're so mean
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha I'm sorry
macaRoni090: my friend has been IMing me all night
macaRoni090: and i'm ignoring her for you guys
doublebubble512: Oreo add me!
macaRoni090: i'm showin the love
BrownyShahana has left the room.
macaRoni090: appreciate
macaRoni090: it lol
heyitsme3871: i didnt get anything from you Kathleen i love you roni
doublebubble512: you didn't?
macaRoni090: lol aww <3 <3
macaRoni090: lurrrv u haha
JH AZ Frog has left the room.
doublebubble512: well I just accidently called you
macaRoni090: no ones called me in like, a century
heyitsme3871: lol nice
doublebubble512: awww
macaRoni090: yeah really
macaRoni090: so i go to this site
macaRoni090: and it says my last visit was january 1st 1900 which site?
macaRoni090: and i'm like no haha
magical maladies: last phone call I got was from my friend natalie in auckland
magical maladies: but I missed it
heyitsme3871: lamo what are you doing
magical maladies: last text was from eric
magical maladies: lol
macaRoni090: aww auckland?
macaRoni090: texting + me=obsession
macaRoni090: to the point that my mom yells at me
magical maladies: auckland
magical maladies: new zealand
macaRoni090: and almost kills me oh ok lol
macaRoni090: i LOVE NZ
Cannonsgirl2008: aukland?
magical maladies: *lives in nz*
macaRoni090: omg
Cannonsgirl2008: an auk in flight is sheer delight
macaRoni090: someone is extremely lucky
magical maladies: haha yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: and auk on land is not as grand
magical maladies: not really no
magical maladies: nz sucks
heyitsme3871: rab guys
macaRoni090: :'(
Cannonsgirl2008: for an auk walks auk-wardly ok lol
macaRoni090: lol kk
magical maladies: i never text anyone really
magical maladies: LOL
magical maladies: OLOL haha guess what guys?
macaRoni090: really?
macaRoni090: i cant stop texting
doublebubble512: what? i just offically filled a trash can with tissues!
doublebubble512: wow
macaRoni090: my hand is like, permanently on my phone buttons
doublebubble512: congrats
lunibug4: OMG XD lol
macaRoni090: feel better?
macaRoni090: =(
MajestiCRadiO3: ninja psh me?
macaRoni090: ninjilin
macaRoni090: yes you
macaRoni090: of course you no not at all but thats ok
macaRoni090: if you filled a trash can with tissues
macaRoni090: unless you're sad... no lol
macaRoni090: in which case its still feel better it's my nose and my head
macaRoni090: well i hope your nose feels better then
macaRoni090: and your head i have a cold
lunibug4: JKR
macaRoni090: i like having colds my head is extremly stuffed up...but i can't blow that
doublebubble512: what?
macaRoni090: they make my voice sound really cool haha
doublebubble512: Your odd roni
macaRoni090: thanks
macaRoni090: but i knew that already yeah but they make the rest of you feel like crap lol
macaRoni090: lol true
macaRoni090: but you get to have tea
macaRoni090: and soup
macaRoni090: and special treatment yes soup is good and i get allll the computer time i want
macaRoni090: special treatment is good =) plus extra TV which is rockin
macaRoni090: yes exactly!
macaRoni090: see, this is why i love colds haha
macaRoni090: its not like i like to feel myself in pain except for the whole, felling horrible part
mhwinnike has entered the room.
macaRoni090: its just..i have my reasons
macaRoni090: which is good yup
doublebubble512: hi
macaRoni090: lol yeah apart from that
lunibug4: FIVE
MajestiCRadiO3: five
ECD22887: five
Chlojo3: five
Alikona0000: 5IVE five? whaaaaaat?
doublebubble512: you're all skyping aren't you
Alikona0000: NO
lunibug4: nooooooooooo sure
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm skyping
Cannonsgirl2008: weeeeeeeeeeeee
doublebubble512: whatever you say lol
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
x sweet harmony: DOTTO.
x sweet harmony: Ditto* lol dotto
Cannonsgirl2008: HHAHHAHAH
KelAzMA: good job
macaRoni090: FIVE lol roni, a little late
macaRoni090: only a bit
macaRoni090: =D i am totally addicted to sims 2
macaRoni090: its funny because on my skype list, cassi and edward are right next to eachother
macaRoni090: its funny it's my latest obesession haha
macaRoni090: i said its funny like, 5 times very funny
lunibug4: OUT WITH GUYS
macaRoni090: i cant think about the sims without thinking about andrew
MajestiCRadiO3: out with guys
Alikona0000: out with guys funny funny funny
ECD22887: out with guys
macaRoni090: OUT WITH GUYS
doublebubble512: OUT WITH GUYS
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 3 why andrew?
lunibug4: no
doublebubble512: no
MajestiCRadiO3: nooooo
macaRoni090: andrew sims
macaRoni090: NO NO
lunibug4: no ahahaha i get it
lunibug4: no 123 andrew sims
lunibug4: no
MajestiCRadiO3: invalid
Alikona0000: ....sejo.....
macaRoni090: andrew wasnt a part of it cassi
MajestiCRadiO3: omg allie nooo way
lunibug4: OMG ALLIEEE
macaRoni090: lol
mhwinnike has left the room.
lunibug4: SEJO IS MY BFF
macaRoni090: oh mai gawwd
MajestiCRadiO3: 4 eva!
macaRoni090: sejo is cool
lunibug4: best friend forever
macaRoni090: sure pffft
KelAzMA: he's my PITA
lunibug4: lol kel
x sweet harmony: ^^ oh hahahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: SEJO IS SO MY BEST FRIEND!
x sweet harmony: Right there. yes i agree
Alikona0000: PETA, stop wearing fur!
Cannonsgirl2008: OMG GUYS!
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
MajestiCRadiO3: sebastian!
lunibug4: :-D lol
lunibug4: shawnathan
Chlojo3: meat ok who's NOT skyping?
lunibug4: me
macaRoni090: me besides moi?
macaRoni090: cassi you lie oh sure cassi
Alikona0000: spin?
MajestiCRadiO3: spin!
macaRoni090: PIN
macaRoni090: SPIN lol
lunibug4: .
Alikona0000: com spin?
magical maladies: i'm skyping oh
MajestiCRadiO3: *plankton*
magical maladies: and have been for four hours straight
lunibug4: skyperz hahaha
gingernut17: me too
ECD22887: .
ECD22887: .
ECD22887: .
ECD22887: .
MajestiCRadiO3: >
Alikona0000: no not
MajestiCRadiO3: .
MajestiCRadiO3: .
magical maladies: rate limited
Alikona0000: hahahahahhaha
magical maladies: pwn
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: back
GymMidget415: hey guys awesomeness
GymMidget415: how goes it?
lunibug4: caitlin hey jackie
Chlojo3: NO
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: 3
MajestiCRadiO3: cassi
HarryPotter46198: No.
gingernut17: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
doublebubble512: no
Alikona0000: NO
MajestiCRadiO3: no
lunibug4: NO
Chlojo3: NO
GymMidget415: ew
HarryPotter46198: plzithurts they're all skyping
macaRoni090: JACKIE
GymMidget415: yea hey
MajestiCRadiO3: allyyy <3 lol hey jackie
macaRoni090: whats new jackie
lunibug4: allie and i are going to lumos lucky duckies
Chlojo3: me too
macaRoni090: i hate you cassi
MajestiCRadiO3: and caitlin
Chlojo3: AND CHLOE
Alikona0000: yeah we aereerereaarew
lunibug4: and john
macaRoni090: chlnoe is going to lumos lol
lunibug4: yes
macaRoni090: sailing to lumos
Chlojo3: lol
GymMidget415: ehh got back from my grandmas house
macaRoni090: how was that?
GymMidget415: twas long and boring as i expected um, cool? lol
macaRoni090: aw
lunibug4: go back
MajestiCRadiO3: go back my space bar is making
macaRoni090: go back?
gingernut17: OLD MAN #! an odd clicky sound
macaRoni090: making love?
gingernut17: *#1
magical maladies: AHAHAHAHAHAA
lunibug4: to san fan
magical maladies: BEST EVER
macaRoni090: my space bar is makin looove
gingernut17: I KNOW! sorry clicking noises haha
GymMidget415: ...
macaRoni090: lol arent space bars supposed to do that?
GymMidget415: i walked into a wierd conversation, didnt i?
macaRoni090: generally speaking my space bar is making clicking noises
macaRoni090: yes jackie you sort of did
heyitsme3871: Hannah Q no it never did that before Oreo
heyitsme3871: inanswer to your question 600 yrs aago
macaRoni090: but when are there ever normal conversations in here?
heyitsme3871: i am not skyping.
MajestiCRadiO3: never oh lol
GymMidget415: that is true...
macaRoni090: thank you caitlin
MajestiCRadiO3: no normal yess that makes, 4 of us?
macaRoni090: ever
ECD22887: yes
GymMidget415: none of us are normal...
heyitsme3871: i wanna skype thoughh.
macaRoni090: me too
Alikona0000: talk to yourself! pfft
heyitsme3871: lol
GymMidget415: well i want my headset...
GymMidget415: which i am yet to recieve...
macaRoni090: you still havent gotten it?
heyitsme3871: where did it go Jackie?
macaRoni090: aw
heyitsme3871: lol oh.
GymMidget415: nope
GymMidget415: to my moms closet
macaRoni090: lol i was about to say
GymMidget415: wrapped up as a chanukkah present you can't understand me right now cause i'm so stuffed up
heyitsme3871: lol oh.
heyitsme3871: lol so wha so no skypie for me
heyitsme3871: t
heyitsme3871: yes skypie!
macaRoni090: i love cold voices!
heyitsme3871: me too! hahaha
macaRoni090: luff
MajestiCRadiO3: i'm speaking1
macaRoni090: speaking you can't understand bme
macaRoni090: in general *me
macaRoni090: ?
macaRoni090: haha bme
heyitsme3871: lol we will Hannah Q
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 3
lunibug4: NO
macaRoni090: thats like...cold talk..but here
MajestiCRadiO3: no
macaRoni090: NBO
doublebubble512: no
macaRoni090: crap!
ECD22887: no plus i blow my nose every like, second
Alikona0000: nee!
HarryPotter46198: No.
macaRoni090: NO
lunibug4: non
MuggleNetLaura has entered the room.
GymMidget415: hey guys, wanna hear something wierd?
heyitsme3871: so who is skyping right now? no
macaRoni090: hi laura!
heyitsme3871: sure?
ECD22887: Laura!
gingernut17: I am
HarryPotter46198: Hey, Laura. <3
MuggleNetLaura: Hi!
MajestiCRadiO3: laura!
lunibug4: hey laura
GymMidget415: ok, so picturetrail sends me an email telling me the top viewed images
doublebubble512: hi Laura
MuggleNetLaura: Hey Shawn! everyone but me, you, jackie, roni, and now laura
d491210 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: LAURA LAURA LAURA i bought the new Ok Go CD!
magical maladies: *is skyping* hi laura
magical maladies: four hours y'all ahaha
lunibug4: shawn <3
MuggleNetLaura: EEEE, isn't it BRILLIANT?
macaRoni090: awesome
heyitsme3871: IT"S WONDERFUL!
magical maladies: I have ok go!
MuggleNetLaura: I was dancing with my iPod to It's a Disaster this morning
MajestiCRadiO3: bye alice
heyitsme3871: absolutely fantastic
lunibug4: chloe
lunibug4: is too good for us
magical maladies: LOL not going anyway
GymMidget415: and ever since i posted the link in here, there has been an incres in the number of times
the eric podcast pic has been viewed...
magical maladies: *anywhere
magical maladies: the song
magical maladies: band
magical maladies: even
macaRoni090: haha
magical maladies: argh
magical maladies: LOL lol
MajestiCRadiO3: chloe noe! loquatious
lunibug4: ninjlin
macaRoni090: loquatious!! yessss
heyitsme3871: loquacious ***
macaRoni090: haha ninjlin
MajestiCRadiO3: ninjlin
heyitsme3871: ..wha/ ninjin?
macaRoni090: ninjilin
heyitsme3871: lol OKAY THEN has left the room.
macaRoni090: i keep spelling it wrong
macaRoni090: there are too many dots has entered the room.
macaRoni090: wb hannah whoopsies
heyitsme3871: wb Hannah Q lol
macaRoni090: ol
macaRoni090: *lol ol hahaha
macaRoni090: out loud!
macaRoni090: whoot or old
heyitsme3871: w00t
Alikona0000: TOE-LEE-TOE like you ol dog
heyitsme3871: lmao or whatever
macaRoni090: toleto
macaRoni090: torpedo
MajestiCRadiO3: toleto! toleto
macaRoni090: haha you ol' fart
heyitsme3871: lol!! hahah yeah oh dead
macaRoni090: i'm have a brothers grimm party tomorrow
macaRoni090: oh dead!!!!!
heyitsme3871: cool!
MuggleNetLaura: I love that movie brothers grimm party?
heyitsme3871: me too
macaRoni090: it was sooo good!!
GymMidget415: i havent seen it yet oh the movie
heyitsme3871: so funny
macaRoni090: i own it!
macaRoni090: whoot i thought you meant like, the fairy tales hahaha
heyitsme3871: you know when that mud blob comes on screen?
MuggleNetLaura: my brother got it for my dad for christmas
heyitsme3871: the SECOND it materialized i was LAUGHING SO HARD
GymMidget415: i was supposed to see it in theaters, but we missed the movie and ended up awwing
charlie and the chocolate factory
heyitsme3871: until the gignerbread man ran off
macaRoni090: that thing scared the CRAP out of me
heyitsme3871: i was laugh so freaking hard lol
macaRoni090: the blob thing and then the kid had no face!!! omg
heyitsme3871: laughing
heyitsme3871: LMOA YEAH
heyitsme3871: LMAOOO
macaRoni090: heath ledger + matt damon= Dynamic HOTT duo
heyitsme3871: " i taste good "
macaRoni090: hotttttt
MuggleNetLaura: I love Terry Gilliam haha
macaRoni090: I've never seen Monty Pythin
macaRoni090: *python
macaRoni090: :'(
GymMidget415: me neither
macaRoni090: i feel lost in life
MuggleNetLaura: you need to remedy that aww thats so sad
macaRoni090: i really do
GymMidget415: my brother just got it, so... i'll netflix it for you
macaRoni090: ive rented it about 500 times
MuggleNetLaura: Gilliam is a brilliant director too... <3
heyitsme3871: achoo bless you
heyitsme3871: achoo
heyitsme3871: thank you
macaRoni090: well from what ive seen aka brothers grimm i agree omg the second you said the second achoo i sneezed
heyitsme3871: lol!
heyitsme3871: i caught your cold.
macaRoni090: oh just to add to things in that moviee that scared the crap out of me....when the kid was
swallowed by the horse!!
MuggleNetLaura: you should rent Lost in La Mancha
heyitsme3871: did you see it's belly? but i sneeze every other second so thats not a big deal lol
macaRoni090: it was huuge
heyitsme3871: lol! yess
macaRoni090: lost in la mancha?
heyitsme3871: so biggg AHHH
heyitsme3871: hey guys i might end up accidentally leaving
macaRoni090: ive never heard of that
MuggleNetLaura: yes, Gilliam's attempt at making a Don Quixote film why?
heyitsme3871: that would be because my comp froze oh
heyitsme3871: so. ok
macaRoni090: ah sounds like fun lol
heyitsme3871: lol JUST WARNING YOU
MuggleNetLaura: it was failure after failure, so they made a documentary out of it :-)
heyitsme3871: lol
MuggleNetLaura: very amusing
heyitsme3871: i'm sure
lunibug4: oh my
MuggleNetLaura: and it has Johnny Depp... *drool*
macaRoni090: lol im sure oh daed lol
heyitsme3871: DEpp!
macaRoni090: oh dead
lunibug4: johnnny
lunibug4: depppppppp
GymMidget415: mmm...johnny depp Johnny Depp
macaRoni090: johnny depp
macaRoni090: is yummy mmpfh
macaRoni090: old but yummy
lunibug4: LUMOS
MajestiCRadiO3: eeew shawn
ECD22887: lol
lunibug4: shawnny
heyitsme3871: speaking of Depp i watched CatCF twice int eh alst 24 hours
lunibug4: ew
doublebubble512: eww
GymMidget415: yes, but he is yummy wow
macaRoni090: i want to see Chocolat
d491210: lol why?
MajestiCRadiO3: shaaaaawneeee
MuggleNetLaura: Chocolat = awesome
macaRoni090: my mom went to see it and didnt take me
macaRoni090: because shes mean
heyitsme3871: Depp has done a lot of movies when you think of it. oh tas so sad
GymMidget415: chocolate... pffft no chocolat...
heyitsme3871: i saw an 8th grader spell Chocolate wrong
macaRoni090: I have also never seen Edward Scissorhands come to think of it
GymMidget415: pirates = teh awsome haha
heyitsme3871: me neither.
MuggleNetLaura: never?!3
heyitsme3871: piratesss
MuggleNetLaura: wnsirheiofnfdeget
MuggleNetLaura: RENT IT
macaRoni090: never
heyitsme3871: lol Laura
macaRoni090: lol
heyitsme3871: wow. what?
macaRoni090: Laura you're giving me Homework
heyitsme3871: Roni and i will add it to our movie marathon
GymMidget415: i saw a preview for potc2 at narnia...
d491210: lol
MuggleNetLaura: Edward Scissorhands is my FAVORITE Tim Burton film of all time okk
GymMidget415: *fangril squee*
macaRoni090: thers so much i need to see AWESOME yes i know
macaRoni090: *there's
d491210: POTC2 is coming out...when?
d491210: July or something?
GymMidget415: july 7
MuggleNetLaura: June 7
macaRoni090: July 7th
Chlojo3: july 7
Chlojo3: o, laura
d491210: oh right
d491210: wow
MuggleNetLaura: I thought it was JUNE?
MuggleNetLaura: *cries* lol
macaRoni090: nope, july
GymMidget415: nope, its july
d491210: lol
MuggleNetLaura: NOOO
GymMidget415: aww, its ok laura!
lunibug4: july?
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: laura, you'll be alright
lunibug4: potc
d491210: u have to wait one more month
MuggleNetLaura: that's a whole extra month I have to wait and i thought we were harry potter fans!
lunibug4: yeah
GymMidget415: we all have to wait that long... lol
GymMidget415: it may kill us, actually...
macaRoni090: yeah but theres no new harry potter anything until 2007
GymMidget415: but, we can do it
heyitsme3871 has left the room. thats ture *true
macaRoni090: oops she was AIMAKed
d491210: we're just filling up our time waiting for HP
GymMidget415: huh?
macaRoni090: its melissa bday?
lunibug4: even if she's not in the chat :-)
macaRoni090: wha? naw her computer froze
lunibug4: apparently
ECD22887: Yay, Happy Birthday Melissa!
GymMidget415: aww, itsher bday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY
lunibug4: No pfft well then
macaRoni090: yeah i know i just like saying AIMAK
Chlojo3: who isn't here
ECD22887: Shawn says Happy Birthday
heyitsme3871 has entered the room.
lunibug4: awww
MajestiCRadiO3: shawn says happy birthday
Chlojo3: but its the thought that counts
heyitsme3871: ugh yeah
lunibug4: yes wb oreo
macaRoni090: welcome back! lol
Alikona0000: yeah, oh well.
heyitsme3871: ty
lunibug4: oreo
lunibug4: ?
heyitsme3871: cassie
lunibug4: no
heyitsme3871: Cassi*
macaRoni090: cassi
heyitsme3871: lol sorry.
MajestiCRadiO3: no
macaRoni090: lol
lunibug4: NO
macaRoni090: no? lol
lunibug4: cassie = NO
GymMidget415: no?
macaRoni090: no
heyitsme3871: Sorrysorrysorry omg
macaRoni090: cassi=yes noooooooooooooooooo *waves*
lunibug4: cassie = gross
heyitsme3871: jeez im in here one second and i offend the world
macaRoni090: lol hahaha laura king kong
macaRoni090: i <3 cassi
lunibug4: BATTYS
d491210: lol
lunibug4: where is?
macaRoni090: how long is king kong? whaa?
MuggleNetLaura: too long dunno
macaRoni090: that rhymed
lunibug4: LOONG
GymMidget415: long like 7000000 hours
macaRoni090: like, LoTR long?
lunibug4: rhyme
MuggleNetLaura: yea yeah
lunibug4: duh
d491210: i haven't watched it yet
heyitsme3871: yeah i heard it was long
MuggleNetLaura: too many hours of cheesiness
macaRoni090: wow
d491210: is it good?
GymMidget415: yes
lunibug4: LoTrz
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: Laura doesn't like it?
macaRoni090: i think it's funny that it has Jack Black in it
heyitsme3871: lol so do i..
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: wb Colleen
macaRoni090: he doesnt seem the not do school of rock
MuggleNetLaura: no, Laura laughed through the whole thing space bar making clicky sounds again
heyitsme3871: yeah
lunibug4: HaRryPoTtEr4six1nine8
macaRoni090: lol layra
heyitsme3871: lol yay for Laura
macaRoni090: *laura
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah why thank you lol
macaRoni090: oh my god whats wrong with my hands ???
heyitsme3871: i don't know!
MuggleNetLaura: dunno
macaRoni090: i'm speaking cassi!
macaRoni090: oh gosh
heyitsme3871: lol oh has left the room.
lunibug4: wtf?
lunibug4: it's called
macaRoni090: typo
macaRoni090: whatever
lunibug4: speaking typo
macaRoni090: same dif
macaRoni090: f
MajestiCRadiO3: typo
MajestiCRadiO3: typp
lunibug4: no
lunibug4: actually
d491210: lol
lunibug4: typp
macaRoni090: o
MajestiCRadiO3: love actually
macaRoni090: LOVE ACTUALLY
lunibug4: love nottually
MajestiCRadiO3: natch
macaRoni090: best movie ever
lunibug4: hitch?
macaRoni090: dont mess
GymMidget415: love that movie
heyitsme3871: LAURA
macaRoni090: whoa
MuggleNetLaura: yes?
heyitsme3871: what is that last thing on the oh no CD
MuggleNetLaura: I have no clue
MajestiCRadiO3: hitch sucks!
heyitsme3871: that last song. it's not a song
MuggleNetLaura: it's silent the whole way through
macaRoni090: i never saw hitch
heyitsme3871: oh okay
MuggleNetLaura: I have no clue what it's for, lol
heyitsme3871: because i was trying to upload it and it kept freezing has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: lol alrighty then!
lunibug4: laura when's your birthday?
heyitsme3871: wb Hannah Q lol
heyitsme3871: dec 19 ty
MuggleNetLaura: dec. 19
heyitsme3871: HA
heyitsme3871: i win
lunibug4: oh cool
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: thats great
MuggleNetLaura: lol
lunibug4: happy late birthday? lol go oreo
d491210: lol
heyitsme3871: i saw it on MuggleNet this morning
MuggleNetLaura: you beat me to my own birthday!
d491210: belated
macaRoni090: we all said happy bday laura
heyitsme3871: lol
macaRoni090: when she wasnt here
lunibug4: mine is the tenth. :-)
macaRoni090: on dec 19th
MuggleNetLaura: awwww whoot
doublebubble512: Happy belated birthday
heyitsme3871: im just so damn cool like that Laura
MuggleNetLaura: thanks :_
MuggleNetLaura: :-)*
lunibug4: december birthdays are fun
MuggleNetLaura: eh, I don't like mine
macaRoni090: anytime =) (on dec 19th)
heyitsme3871: once upon a decemmberrr
MajestiCRadiO3: yesss
MuggleNetLaura: being born the week before christmas isn't cool
macaRoni090: anastasia!
MajestiCRadiO3: anastasia why not?
heyitsme3871: why not Laura? anastasia?
lunibug4: ANASTASIA <3
heyitsme3871: lol
macaRoni090: once upon a december
macaRoni090: is
macaRoni090: anastasia oh got it
lunibug4: yeah lol
d491210: owhhh
d491210: yeah got it
lunibug4: john.
lunibug4: aw
d491210: lol i was obesessed with that movie
macaRoni090: chlnoe
MajestiCRadiO3: mee too when i was like 7
MajestiCRadiO3: anastasia was my love ack ok guys
GymMidget415 has left the room.
d491210: i loved it!
MuggleNetLaura: hehe, I loved that movie
macaRoni090: i got a toy of the dog in anastasia
macaRoni090: and it barked
lunibug4: anastaia?
macaRoni090: it was cute i'm gonna go lie down
MuggleNetLaura: I liked the bat
heyitsme3871: ahaha
macaRoni090: the bat was funny
lunibug4: bartok
heyitsme3871: he was so funny! because my head huts
MuggleNetLaura: and rasputan
lunibug4: or watever
MajestiCRadiO3: <3 bartok
heyitsme3871: aw Hannah Q!
lunibug4: whatever. *hurts whatever
lunibug4: *
heyitsme3871: huts
macaRoni090: russian villians scare the crap out of me :-( byeeeeeeeeeeee
heyitsme3871: byeeee
d491210: lol
lunibug4: i love the dog has left the room.
macaRoni090: bye!!
macaRoni090: okay thats great
lunibug4: pooka
d491210: byee!
macaRoni090: the dog was so cute
heyitsme3871: TOO LATE RONI
MuggleNetLaura: lol, that movie was so historically inaccurate, but that's disney for you
heyitsme3871: lol jkjk
macaRoni090: lol true true
lunibug4: it's not a disney movie
lunibug4: lol
heyitsme3871: i love the story of Anastasia
lunibug4: ;-)
d491210: yeah
MuggleNetLaura: the cartoon movie?
lunibug4: yeah
macaRoni090: well, disney-esque
lunibug4: it's fox
MajestiCRadiO3: fox!
MajestiCRadiO3: 20th century fox
heyitsme3871: have you ever read those Royal Diaries books?
lunibug4: yeah i have
macaRoni090: it's very disney-esque
MuggleNetLaura: ah well, there's children's animated films for you then :-)
lunibug4: when i was like ten
MajestiCRadiO3: princess diaries
heyitsme3871: yeahhh!
macaRoni090: lol
lubbzcohen7 has entered the room.
lunibug4: lol
macaRoni090: hi
heyitsme3871: no Royal Diaries
lunibug4: i know what you mean
heyitsme3871: i have the Anastasia one
lubbzcohen7: hi ya'll! =D
heyitsme3871: someone said Princess Diaries
heyitsme3871: hey Lisa
d491210: hi
MajestiCRadiO3: yeah, that was me
heyitsme3871: gasp! i REMEMBERED your name!
MajestiCRadiO3: princess diaries!
heyitsme3871: Caitlin?
lubbzcohen7: lmbo.
heyitsme3871: right?
MajestiCRadiO3: yeesss
heyitsme3871: w00t
lunibug4: mark cohen?
heyitsme3871: i'm on a roll
MajestiCRadiO3: seth cohen
macaRoni090: seth cohen
d491210: lol
lunibug4: no
lunibug4: mark from rent
macaRoni090: is love on a bun
lunibug4: kthx
lubbzcohen7: me and my seth. =D
heyitsme3871: lol
lunibug4: awww
lunibug4: JUST KIDDING
lunibug4: as in JKr
macaRoni090: cassi, you are FUNNY
lunibug4: um am i?
heyitsme3871: hahaha
heyitsme3871: i've seen others Allie
heyitsme3871: there's one right next to my elementary school
Alikona0000: I took that picture.
heyitsme3871: that says something political
macaRoni090: thats too cool
heyitsme3871: so i won't say it here
heyitsme3871: :-)
MajestiCRadiO3: btch plz
macaRoni090: politics are gross
macaRoni090: and should not be discussed
macaRoni090: within these quarters
heyitsme3871: tht's why i'm not!
macaRoni090: kthx
heyitsme3871: lol
macaRoni090: lol i know
heyitsme3871: [ cracks knuckles ]
macaRoni090: 12:12!
d491210: *agree!
heyitsme3871: 21 12!
heyitsme3871: lol!
macaRoni090: Mars 2112
heyitsme3871: how weird.
macaRoni090: is awesome
heyitsme3871: okay?
macaRoni090: i love that restaurant
macaRoni090: its so cool that i die whenever i go into it
heyitsme3871: rofl
heyitsme3871: have you ever been to the Rainforest Cafe?
macaRoni090: yes!
heyitsme3871: i love that place!
macaRoni090: thats also cool
heyitsme3871: so cool.
macaRoni090: yahh
macaRoni090: i bought a monkey there
heyitsme3871: hahahaha
macaRoni090: and
macaRoni090: yeah
heyitsme3871: no way.
heyitsme3871: lol
macaRoni090: yeah i know how ridiculous is that?!
lubbzcohen7: lmbo.
heyitsme3871: shocking.
heyitsme3871: wanna play a game?
macaRoni090: limbo?
heyitsme3871: lmbo
heyitsme3871: laughing my butt off
macaRoni090: i know
macaRoni090: i know
heyitsme3871: lol
heyitsme3871: oh right
macaRoni090: it just reminded me of a game
macaRoni090: called limbo
heyitsme3871: LOL!
heyitsme3871: oh
lubbzcohen7: ohh...
macaRoni090: and now i want to play
heyitsme3871: have oyu ever played that game where each person says a word
macaRoni090: but thers no one here to play with me
heyitsme3871: and it makes a sentence?
heyitsme3871: i'll play Roni!
macaRoni090: yes!
macaRoni090: aww thanks =)
heyitsme3871: wait what are you Yessing?
heyitsme3871: the word game
heyitsme3871: lol
heyitsme3871: OKAY got that cleared up
macaRoni090: yeah i know the word game
macaRoni090: i know every game ever
heyitsme3871: lol
macaRoni090: almost
heyitsme3871: i love the word game
macaRoni090: its fun
heyitsme3871: we always come up with the most random crap ever
macaRoni090: haha i'm sure
macaRoni090: its kinda hard not to
heyitsme3871: seriously.
lubbzcohen7: randomness is an artform. =D
heyitsme3871: w00t
macaRoni090: mais oui
heyitsme3871: french
lunibug4: ADD
macaRoni090: ADD?
MajestiCRadiO3: ADHD
heyitsme3871: ADHD.
heyitsme3871: gasp!
MajestiCRadiO3: lol
heyitsme3871: lol
macaRoni090: lol
heyitsme3871: great minds think alike
macaRoni090: that was good
heyitsme3871: ;-)
macaRoni090: i was about to ask whether she meant the disease
heyitsme3871: the phone is ringing.
macaRoni090: sorry not disease
heyitsme3871: it's not a disease
macaRoni090: wow i'm tired
macaRoni090: disorder
heyitsme3871: lol it's FINE
macaRoni090: sorry
macaRoni090: or like, the word
heyitsme3871: i don't like how some people are labeled ADD
macaRoni090: yeah i know
macaRoni090: my mom is a psychologist
Chlojo3 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: i want to be a psychologist!
macaRoni090: and she works with people who have learning disabilities and whatnot
MajestiCRadiO3: aww, chloeee
macaRoni090: bye chloe?
heyitsme3871: that's cool..
x sweet harmony: Laura, have you guys ogtten tickets for Lumos yet?
macaRoni090: so yeah...
heyitsme3871: [ covers ears as to not be tormented by Lumos goers ]
macaRoni090: *covers ears so as not to cry when people start talking about how theyre going to lumos
and i'm NOT :'(*
heyitsme3871: lol!
heyitsme3871: the itsy bitsy spider
heyitsme3871: went up the water spout
heyitsme3871: down came the rain
macaRoni090: down came the rain
heyitsme3871: and washed the spider OUT
heyitsme3871: out came the sun
macaRoni090: out came the SUN
d491210: lol
macaRoni090: wow
heyitsme3871: and dried up all the rain
heyitsme3871: and the itsy bitsy spider
macaRoni090: went up the spout again
macaRoni090: haha i did it
heyitsme3871: went up the spout -- LOL
macaRoni090: finally
heyitsme3871: fine
macaRoni090: :-D
heyitsme3871: my nosie itches
heyitsme3871: i scrathed it
heyitsme3871: scratched
macaRoni090: =(
heyitsme3871: i got a pickle
macaRoni090: scrathed
macaRoni090: lol
heyitsme3871: i got a pickle
macaRoni090: i dont know this song
heyitsme3871: i got a pickle
heyitsme3871: HEY HEY HEY HEY
heyitsme3871: lmao
d491210: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: whatever
macaRoni090: colleen is back!
Cannonsgirl2008: yes
Cannonsgirl2008: yes I am
heyitsme3871: yo.
macaRoni090: jolly
Cannonsgirl2008: yaaaaaaaaaaay
Cannonsgirl2008: hahha
macaRoni090: haha edward
heyitsme3871: there are random noises in that last song on the Oh No cd
heyitsme3871: it's like. people sleeping.
macaRoni090: okay so i must go
heyitsme3871: and then like someone's palying pool in the background
heyitsme3871: RONI
macaRoni090: haha
macaRoni090: thats cool
heyitsme3871: wait waht
heyitsme3871: what
macaRoni090: i shall talk to you tomorroooww
heyitsme3871: bbbyeeee ROnnnnnniiiiiii
macaRoni090: love you allll
macaRoni090: bye byee
macaRoni090: whoa i couldnt get out for a second there
macaRoni090: everything froze
macaRoni090: okay now im really going
macaRoni090: bye
macaRoni090 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: and the chat left with her
Alikona0000: we're all ADD
heyitsme3871: yeah we are!
heyitsme3871: achoo
heyitsme3871: pitterpatterpitterpatter
lunibug4: we are allie
Alikona0000: rain
camel4792 has entered the room.
Alikona0000: we are allie?
heyitsme3871: rain drops keep falling on my head..
heyitsme3871: can i be the i in Allie?
heyitsme3871: i like the letter i.
Alikona0000: hahaha
heyitsme3871: and it's snuggled so nicely in her name
lunibug4: :-D
heyitsme3871: protected by the l and comforted by the e
heyitsme3871: ...
heyitsme3871: w00t
heyitsme3871: 1
heyitsme3871: 2
heyitsme3871: 3
heyitsme3871: [ waits to see if anyone notices ]
heyitsme3871: pshT well then.
Alikona0000: HAHAHAH
Alikona0000: sorry
lunibug4: yey
Alikona0000: I noticed
MajestiCRadiO3: happy birthday!
Alikona0000: hahahaha
heyitsme3871: to who>
heyitsme3871: ?
MajestiCRadiO3: sorry dude
heyitsme3871: happy bday to who?
Alikona0000: anelli
MajestiCRadiO3: yesss
Alikona0000: brb
heyitsme3871: oh it;s not here yet
Alikona0000 has left the room.
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: wb
camel4792: wat about anelli?
heyitsme3871: its her bday on the 27th
MajestiCRadiO3: birthday
camel4792: hppy b-day
heyitsme3871: its also my friend's bday!
heyitsme3871: GASP
MajestiCRadiO3: aw
heyitsme3871: well she's in vermont
heyitsme3871: so ANYWAYS
Alikona0000: camel...are you going to let the three kings ride you to bring baby jesus his frankenscence
and murr???
MajestiCRadiO3: allie!
Alikona0000: I was curious
heyitsme3871: ...
heyitsme3871: lol
Alikona0000: they rode camels!
heyitsme3871: ALRIGHTY THEN
heyitsme3871: i rode camels!
Alikona0000: I was wondering if she was offering her services!
heyitsme3871: lmfao
MuggleNetLaura: >;-|
heyitsme3871: ... Laura?
MuggleNetLaura: :-)
HarryPotter46198: LMAO
HarryPotter46198: >.>
lunibug4: :U
heyitsme3871: art thou pisséd off?
ECD22887 has left the room.
lunibug4: ^.>
camel4792 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: LMAO i canNOT believe i jsut said that
lunibug4: edward?
heyitsme3871: MOVING ON
heyitsme3871: invincibleeeeeeee.
d491210: lol
heyitsme3871: did oyu guys ever play Donkey Kong 64?
d491210: hey, take a look at emerson's myspace page
heyitsme3871: why?
d491210: the comments are getting crazier!
heyitsme3871: lol..
heyitsme3871: Stalkers.
heyitsme3871: fangirls.
heyitsme3871: i hate myspace
d491210: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: i hate myspace tooo
heyitsme3871: blegh
ECD22887 has entered the room.
d491210: i don;t really hate it.. just don't really care much for it
ECD22887: ugh, aim stucks today
MajestiCRadiO3: aww, poor edward
heyitsme3871: everyone's always like GET A MYSPACE :-D
ECD22887: *sucks
Alikona0000: yeah it stucks
ECD22887: haha
lunibug4: MELISSA
heyitsme3871: and i'm like NO :-D
heyitsme3871: Melissa isn't here Cass.
heyitsme3871: can i call you Cass?
heyitsme3871: i never asked.
heyitsme3871: hey, d491210
heyitsme3871: what's your name? or what can i call you?
d491210: yeah
lunibug4: cassi
d491210: errr... call me nora
heyitsme3871: NOre
heyitsme3871: Nora*
heyitsme3871: my name's noor!
heyitsme3871: Cassi
d491210: yeah
d491210: lol
heyitsme3871: okay.
lunibug4: yes cassi
Alikona0000: who is nora? she can't call you.
lunibug4: my name is cassandra
heyitsme3871: wha?
Alikona0000: what?!
lunibug4: lynn
lunibug4: mancini
lunibug4: i live at
heyitsme3871: lol way to publicize it Cassi
lunibug4: 123 MY STREET HERE
heyitsme3871: LOL
lunibug4: Something
d491210: lol
lunibug4: Maine
heyitsme3871: my friend's house is 1234
heyitsme3871: i think that's cool.
lunibug4: 0409*
lubbzcohen7: mine is 7765
heyitsme3871: you guys all know mine.
lunibug4: USA
lunibug4: the world
heyitsme3871: the mIlky Way
heyitsme3871: the Galaxy
lunibug4: my phone number is.
heyitsme3871: yeah we get it
heyitsme3871: lo
heyitsme3871: l
lubbzcohen7: lmbo.
d491210: lol
lunibug4: ### ### 1377
lunibug4: and
heyitsme3871: net just slowed down.
heyitsme3871: bloop.
Alikona0000: bloops
Alikona0000: bleeps
Alikona0000: bliips
heyitsme3871: c'mon c'mon do what you want!
lunibug4: MELISSA
heyitsme3871: lol..
heyitsme3871: dude.
Alikona0000: sweet
lunibug4: GIGGLE
lunibug4: EJS
heyitsme3871: hahagiglegigglefart
heyitsme3871: lol SORRY
lubbzcohen7: uggh. my itunes is being stupid.
heyitsme3871: insidejoke.
lunibug4: itunes hates you
lunibug4: lolz
lubbzcohen7: =D
heyitsme3871: but we still love you
Alikona0000: hee heee hee hee heh hehehhe
Alikona0000: ...
lubbzcohen7: awww thanks. =D
MajestiCRadiO3: <--- dead
Alikona0000: <--ALIVE
MajestiCRadiO3: lmao
heyitsme3871: ...
MajestiCRadiO3: deadjournal
MuggleNetLaura: <--coma
lunibug4: <--- ded
x sweet harmony: I'm out. Slowing down Skype. I'm be back later.
lunibug4: aw
lunibug4: lara
lunibug4: laura *
heyitsme3871: okayy
x sweet harmony has left the room.
Alikona0000: <--sober
Alikona0000: OMG
lunibug4: allie
heyitsme3871: <--- lost
lunibug4: your never sober
MajestiCRadiO3: allie, stop being sober!
heyitsme3871: loL!
d491210: lol
lunibug4: max
ECD22887: <------- dunk
heyitsme3871: dunk
lubbzcohen7: <-- lisa =D
MuggleNetLaura: <--coma
d491210: lol
heyitsme3871: LOL
heyitsme3871: it seemed like a good idea at the time
heyitsme3871: doesn't it always?
MuggleNetLaura: ahhh, love that song
heyitsme3871: hahaha
lubbzcohen7: goldfish are yummy. the snack that smiles back....
lunibug4: MEOOOWWW
magical maladies: comawha?
ECD22887: meowww
heyitsme3871: woof?
MajestiCRadiO3: like a cat!
MuggleNetLaura: quack
lubbzcohen7: mooo!
lunibug4: SHAWN
MajestiCRadiO3: shawn!
magical maladies: did you know
lunibug4: quack
magical maladies: that a friend of mine
lunibug4: moo
lunibug4: oink
magical maladies: is so screwed up by drugs
Alikona0000: comas > commas
lunibug4: allie
magical maladies: that she thinks she's a turtle?
lunibug4: allie
MajestiCRadiO3: allie PWNs
Alikona0000: haha
lubbzcohen7: wow...
lunibug4: remember that time i burned myself on your iron
Johnboy865 has entered the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: um alice? omg
MajestiCRadiO3: hotter!
ECD22887: JOhn
ECD22887: !
MajestiCRadiO3: john
doublebubble512: hi john
lunibug4: allie
lunibug4: do you?
heyitsme3871: hello there John
Alikona0000: Nhoj!
Johnboy865: hihi
lunibug4: hey yo.
Alikona0000: allie? do I?
lubbzcohen7: hiya!
lunibug4: ddooo you remember
MajestiCRadiO3: your dunk
lunibug4: that time
heyitsme3871: i had no idea you had a voice John
magical maladies: yes I know LOL
Alikona0000: hahaha
lunibug4: i burned myself
Johnboy865: :-)
lubbzcohen7: hehe.
Alikona0000: on my iron
Johnboy865: aw shucks
lunibug4: on your iron? X
heyitsme3871: very awesome John
lunibug4: D
heyitsme3871: lol!
lunibug4: damn
Johnboy865: thanks
Alikona0000: there are limits
heyitsme3871: anyway
lunibug4: lol
Alikona0000: YES
Alikona0000: I remember
heyitsme3871: are you getting Melissa something for her bday/
lunibug4: omg
Johnboy865: you thionk i should?
heyitsme3871: um heckyes
magical maladies: yes definitely
lubbzcohen7: yesh.
Alikona0000: I thionk you should
heyitsme3871: chipotle
lubbzcohen7: =D
heyitsme3871: [ evil cackle ]
lunibug4: lolz
lunibug4: allie <#
MajestiCRadiO3: lawlz
lunibug4: damn
lunibug4: <3 ***
KelAzMA: She's gotta wishlist on the cauldron shop [/shameless plug]
lunibug4: shawny
KelAzMA: hehehe
heyitsme3871: lol!
lunibug4: harrypotterfoursixonenineeight
lunibug4: :U
lunibug4: LMAO
HarryPotter46198: :|
heyitsme3871: LMAO
MuggleNetLaura: mreh
lunibug4: >:|
MuggleNetLaura: >;-|
Alikona0000: yeah, laura!
heyitsme3871: :|
lunibug4: lol
lunibug4: laura
heyitsme3871: that is my favourite face.
KelAzMA: Do you ever know those people
KelAzMA: who you just want to hope their internet fails
lunibug4: what?
KelAzMA: and never comes back
lubbzcohen7: i like =D and o.O
heyitsme3871: lol YES
Cannonsgirl2008: whats up people
lunibug4: am i one of those people?
lunibug4: hahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: sure
lunibug4: URDUNK
lubbzcohen7: im about to strangle i tunes. =P
KelAzMA: I mean...I KNOW I'm that to some people {john}.......but someone as annoying as me....actually
HAS one of those people
lunibug4: 3
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: DUNK
MajestiCRadiO3: dunk
doublebubble512: DUNK
ECD22887: dunk
HarryPotter46198: :|
Alikona0000: dunk
lunibug4: shawn
heyitsme3871: :|
Cannonsgirl2008: dunk?
Cannonsgirl2008: right
lunibug4: heyit'sme
KelAzMA: drunk's more like it
lunibug4: heyit'syou
MuggleNetLaura: :]
lubbzcohen7: brb =D
HarryPotter46198: >:V
Alikona0000: don't burn youself on my iron
ECD22887: heyitseverybody
lunibug4: ^.>
doublebubble512: :-}
MajestiCRadiO3: :U
Alikona0000: :-L
MajestiCRadiO3: ^.>
lunibug4: caitling
MuggleNetLaura: >:-{
lunibug4: <3
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahah
MajestiCRadiO3: chlnoe!
ECD22887: Yeah!
lunibug4: ... chloe?
Cannonsgirl2008: UGLY THINGS!
lunibug4: lol
Alikona0000: IS hizouz
lunibug4: IS IN!?
lunibug4: lmao
KelAzMA: *says swear words*
ECD22887: lolz
lunibug4: LAMBO
MajestiCRadiO3: guys, chloe is hizzzzouse!
Alikona0000: lmaonade!
lunibug4: allie <3
LordMarvolo7 has entered the room.
lunibug4: VOLLLDMORT?
lunibug4: :-(
Cannonsgirl2008: ITS A PARTY
LordMarvolo7: geez
lunibug4: *is scared*
MajestiCRadiO3: voldy!
Alikona0000: Volde*mart. Always Evil. Always.
MuggleNetLaura: >.>
Cannonsgirl2008: 3
MuggleNetLaura: <.<
Cannonsgirl2008: 2
Cannonsgirl2008: 1
lunibug4: *hides behind padma*
lunibug4: NO
MajestiCRadiO3: no
MajestiCRadiO3: parvati!
LordMarvolo7: a lot of people
MuggleNetLaura: Um, yes.
HarryPotter46198: Yes.
lunibug4: yes
MuggleNetLaura: wtf
HarryPotter46198: D:<
lunibug4: well i'm the hotter twin, so if he kills one of us, then it's you, padma
MajestiCRadiO3: you know what parvati
MajestiCRadiO3: no
MajestiCRadiO3: i'm cooler
lunibug4: stf
Johnboy865 has left the room.
lunibug4: ron didn't even dance with you at the yule ball
Cannonsgirl2008: oh by john
MajestiCRadiO3: *cries*
ECD22887: Greg?
lunibug4: at least harry danced with me
lunibug4: GREG?!
ECD22887: Greggers
MajestiCRadiO3: because mcgonagall made him!
lunibug4: no
MajestiCRadiO3: i hate you parvati
lunibug4: because
lunibug4: i'm hot
lunibug4: i hate you more
Alikona0000: waaaah
MajestiCRadiO3: *stomps foot*
Chlojo3 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: chloe.
Chlojo3: hello!
Chlojo3: *huggles*
lunibug4: *huggles*
lunibug4: mikers
MajestiCRadiO3: mischa
lunibug4: like sneekers
MajestiCRadiO3: exactly
LordMarvolo7: wow
Alikona0000: meeko
LordMarvolo7: exit stage right
lunibug4: meeka
Alikona0000: meeka
Alikona0000: whoops
LordMarvolo7 has left the room.
lunibug4: lordmarvolo
lunibug4: micha
lunibug4: cassi
MajestiCRadiO3: typp
lunibug4: CaSsAnNdRA
lunibug4: LyNnNnNnNnNnNnNnNnNnNn
lunibug4: MaNcInInInI
lunibug4: caitlin
lunibug4: g
MajestiCRadiO3: caitling!
lunibug4: alright
lunibug4: i'm out
lunibug4: bye
lunibug4 has left the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: byeee dudes
heyitsme3871: bye
MajestiCRadiO3: <3333
MajestiCRadiO3 has left the room.
ECD22887: well, i have to go me too, bye y'll
HarryPotter46198 has left the room.
d491210: bye
Alikona0000 has left the room.
doublebubble512: and they all died
ECD22887 has left the room.
d491210: awwww
heyitsme3871: poop went the world.
Chlojo3: and then there were 11
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
doublebubble512: Chloe aren't you leaving?
Chlojo3: in a few minutes
doublebubble512: oh ok
Alikona0000: I'm gonna go too, actually
Chlojo3: bye allie
doublebubble512: okay bye allie
Alikona0000: bye lovelies!
Alikona0000 has left the room.
d491210: oh well
lubbzcohen7: kk i'm back! =D
Johnboy865 has entered the room.
doublebubble512: hi john
heyitsme3871: wb John
lubbzcohen7: hi again!
d491210: hi
Johnboy865: wierd, my internet is bein ... wierd
heyitsme3871: heyhey i got someone to subscribe to PotterCast AND MuggleCast today
heyitsme3871: score
lubbzcohen7: cool =D
Johnboy865: yay :-)
Johnboy865: thanks
MuggleNetLaura: sweet!
heyitsme3871: ahah anytime.
lubbzcohen7: *sigh* brb again gotta go install my i-trip
d491210: spreading the HPmania, are we?
heyitsme3871: heckyes!
d491210: lol
heyitsme3871: Laura - this CD is too good omg.
MuggleNetLaura: I'm in love with it
heyitsme3871: Ok Go jsut PWNS
MuggleNetLaura: oh darling, you're a million ways to be cruel <3
heyitsme3871: ?!?!
MuggleNetLaura: oh geez
heyitsme3871: lol.
Johnboy865 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: i scared him
heyitsme3871: anyway
KelAzMA: I was going to ask him if he was still having problems with his internet
heyitsme3871: how was your christmas laura? did oyu get anything special?
KelAzMA: ......LOL
MuggleNetLaura: iPod
heyitsme3871: oh lol awesome.
KelAzMA: iPdo
magical maladies: which one, laura?
KelAzMA: heheh
magical maladies: ipedo
MuggleNetLaura: last normal one before video/photo
magical maladies: lol
KelAzMA: 'caue I'm such the old lady
magical maladies: ahh, okay
magical maladies: cool
KelAzMA: Eric called me a "FanGrandma" today
MuggleNetLaura: aww, such a sweet boy
Chlojo3: lol
d491210: lol
Chlojo3: eric...
heyitsme3871: how ... nice
magical maladies: what'd you forget?
heyitsme3871: ?
magical maladies: ally
magical maladies: come
magical maladies: on
gingernut17: haha
gingernut17: got a light?
magical maladies: i know you
magical maladies: you're shivering
MuggleNetLaura: I need to make it a goal to see rent
magical maladies: tee hee
magical maladies: you do
gingernut17: lol
gingernut17: you do
magical maladies: I need to see it
magical maladies: but I already know all the songs ;__;
gingernut17: This is weird without Eric
gingernut17: he's usually Roger
heyitsme3871: ..
gingernut17: lol
magical maladies: LOL sorry
gingernut17: hahaha
magical maladies: not masculine enough
magical maladies: ?
gingernut17: No
gingernut17: lol
magical maladies: LOLOL
gingernut17: That's a compliment
magical maladies: HAHAHAHA aaahahaha omg
magical maladies: okay good
magical maladies: ally's singing at me! =D
heyitsme3871: singing at you.
magical maladies: yes!
magical maladies: I'm not sure what
magical maladies: but it's been going on for like
gingernut17: haha
magical maladies: half an hour
magical maladies: we've been talking for nearly six hours
gingernut17: shut up
magical maladies: gosh!
magical maladies:
magical maladies: tee hee heeeeeeeeee
magical maladies: "i hate you now"
magical maladies: god she's mean!
heyitsme3871: who's that?
magical maladies: =P
magical maladies: AHAHAHHA
magical maladies: my best friend ever!
heyitsme3871: lol okay..
gingernut17: *headdesk*
magical maladies: heeeeeee
gingernut17: That's me in my ND hoodie
gingernut17: And my blowfish face
gingernut17: Evil evil Alice
heyitsme3871: lol.
magical maladies: :D
magical maladies: she loves me
magical maladies:
heyitsme3871: that's a hot picture Ally
magical maladies: ahahahahah
gingernut17: Thanks
magical maladies: you love me
magical maladies: admit it
heyitsme3871: ..
gingernut17: love you too
magical maladies: she does!
gingernut17: dork
magical maladies: I'm her bestest friend everrrrrrrr
magical maladies: :D
Chlojo3: i gotta go
Chlojo3: nite guys!!!!!
heyitsme3871: bye Chloe
gingernut17: God that pic was a joke...not ever to be seen by eyes
magical maladies: aw, okay!
gingernut17: bye
Chlojo3 has left the room.
magical maladies: bye chloe!
lubbzcohen7 has left the room.
magical maladies: bye?
magical maladies: LOL
heyitsme3871: leave your friends righteous and pathetic standing at the door.
heyitsme3871: Alice did you meet Peter Jackson?
magical maladies: yes I did
magical maladies: =)
heyitsme3871: where when and how?
magical maladies: at the prem
magical maladies: it was awesome =)
heyitsme3871: oh cool.
magical maladies: he signed my banana!
magical maladies: XD
heyitsme3871: snort.
heyitsme3871: wow.
magical maladies: ally knows what I'm talking about lool
heyitsme3871: ahh that's nice. lol.
magical maladies: dinner back soon!
heyitsme3871: alrighty.
gingernut17: lol
x sweet harmony has entered the room.
missee3 has entered the room.
doublebubble512: Happy Birthday Melissa
missee3: THANK YOU!
MuggleNetLaura: Happy Birthday!
heyitsme3871: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
missee3: OK, is anyone in here that was in on that file that I just got?
doublebubble512: Me!
x sweet harmony: Is Kel talking in here? She's not responding to me...
heyitsme3871: ...?
MuggleNetLaura: ...*raises hand*
d491210: happy birthday melissa!!!
doublebubble512: I would be the Kathleen
x sweet harmony: Happy birthday, Melissa.
doublebubble512: on it
missee3: Chloe, Edward...Shawn...Caitlin, Cassi, Allie, Kathleen, Laura!
Cannonsgirl2008: happy birthday!
Johnboy865 has entered the room.
missee3: THANK YOU! That was so amazingly sweet
heyitsme3871: wb john
x sweet harmony: I guess she's not...
x sweet harmony has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: KEL!
Cannonsgirl2008: where is she?
heyitsme3871: what was it?
doublebubble512: your welcome
heyitsme3871: i just realized i sent you a voicemail Melissa and i didnt say my name
heyitsme3871: im so smart.
missee3: LOL!
missee3: Is there voicemail int he pcast box? Oooh! I'm off to listen
heyitsme3871: yeah!
heyitsme3871: lol
missee3: Aww that was sweet, THANK you!
missee3: Gah, only an hour and a half into my bday and I'm overwhelmed. Thanks guys
missee3: Who'da thunk, overwhelmed by the mugglecast fans :P
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
d491210: awww
missee3: Who's with me for revenge?
KelAzMA: See it's not your birthday here yet :-)
Cannonsgirl2008: KEL!
Johnboy865: *raises hand*
MuggleNetLaura: oh no! what'd we do? *cowers*
heyitsme3871: lol did oyu hear the one " happy birthday melissa it snot your bday yet but i just wanted to
send it hope you have a great day"
heyitsme3871: or something like that?
KelAzMA: You know how I feel about it Melissa....figuring I...welll
d491210: revenge?
missee3: Hehehe
missee3: LAURA
KelAzMA: posted it to the LL the minute I heard it
missee3: your boy BEN
missee3: put the file of me and john SINGING
missee3: in withi the MC FILKS
MuggleNetLaura: oooh, that yea
KelAzMA: not just IN
heyitsme3871: it was BEE A OOTIFUL MELISSA
MuggleNetLaura: I thought it was lovely :D
missee3: that file that I almost made John's ears bleed over
Johnboy865: lol laura
d491210: lol
missee3: with bothering him about how nervous I was about it
missee3: how self conscious
missee3: HOW WORRIED
heyitsme3871: you were awesome Melissa
MuggleNetLaura: hey, better than ME singing
heyitsme3871: chilllll
MuggleNetLaura: you were FINE
missee3: and then my christmas present is that it's on MUGGLECAST. a;fdkjadskl;faksf;kas
missee3: oh man
missee3: oh man
missee3: no
missee3: no no o
missee3: I played it for my family
d491210: LOFL
missee3: Your family is the one that's honest with you.
heyitsme3871: LMAO!
d491210: so, revenge, eh?
missee3: Yeah.
MuggleNetLaura: but MN and TLC ARE family :D
KelAzMA: So who wants to send poop to ben?
missee3: Oh, yes. Yes, yes yes.
d491210: lol
missee3: We are family.
MuggleNetLaura: um, hell
heyitsme3871: lol
MuggleNetLaura: I'D send that to Ben
KelAzMA: the "take out knees" kinda family?
MuggleNetLaura: but... hmm
heyitsme3871: ahhahaaha
missee3: Family, that's right.
missee3: And I got enough family for US ALL
Cannonsgirl2008: Kel, we need to talk to you
Cannonsgirl2008: like no
Cannonsgirl2008: now*
KelAzMA: Colleen- you don't....really
Cannonsgirl2008: ....
KelAzMA: the LAST thing you want to do right now is talk to me
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahaha
KelAzMA: trust me on that one because if you were in my head right'd die
d491210: huh
Cannonsgirl2008: why?
Cannonsgirl2008: what?
Cannonsgirl2008: *is confused*
heyitsme3871: ...
KelAzMA: anyways.
heyitsme3871: i'm always lost when i come in here.
d491210: lol
DratonMN has entered the room.
d491210: yeah
DratonMN: hey guys
heyitsme3871: hey Kevin.
KelAzMA: Melissa I haven't made your birthday song well. yeah...I will later today
KelAzMA: Heya kevin
d491210: hi kevin
KelAzMA: Please don't IM me right now Colleen. I don't want to say something I will regret later
heyitsme3871: ... wow.
doublebubble512: hi kevin
missee3: oh kel
missee3: LOL
missee3: you don't have to
Cannonsgirl2008: hey kevin
missee3: but i have to admit that's osmething I'm looking forward to :-)
KelAzMA: :-)
missee3: omg it's kevin!
missee3: kevin we're just plotting revenge on MC
heyitsme3871: lol!
d491210: lol
missee3: we've turned all the MC fans against you ALL.
missee3: :P
heyitsme3871: raWr
Johnboy865: kevin smells
d491210: err...
KelAzMA: c'mon Melissa you know you wanna *fangirl* at Kevin
DratonMN: lol
missee3: they side with the weak and defenseless. ;(
d491210: jeez
missee3: cough, kelazma. cough.
KelAzMA: hehe
magical maladies: oh happy birthday melissa :D
missee3: :P
missee3: Thank you!
d491210: lol
missee3: I type too fast for this chat
magical maladies: =)
magical maladies: hahah
missee3: It keeps telling me I can't post anymore
gingernut17: And to jump on the wagon...Happy B-Day!
KelAzMA: that's why I type with one hand
magical maladies: LOL rate limited
missee3: even though I"mnot posting one worderse
heyitsme3871: hahaha
magical maladies: story of eric's life
gingernut17: lol
KelAzMA: otherwise I get rate limited
doublebubble512: ha
heyitsme3871: lol
KelAzMA: lol
magical maladies: eric's like
magical maladies: the king of being rate limited
KelAzMA: When Eric types "I" get carpal tunnel
KelAzMA: that's how fast he types
magical maladies: LMFAO
DratonMN: Eric? Oo
DratonMN: I don't think he types that fast
KelAzMA: just on a lot of lines?
MuggleNetLaura: he does when arguing about Barty Crouch Jr. XD
DratonMN: yeah, he just has a lot to type
heyitsme3871: lmao!
DratonMN: lol
MuggleNetLaura: ohhhh man good times
MuggleNetLaura: last night we were skyping and he went all silent and dead
d491210: lol
MuggleNetLaura: and I go 'Eric, Barty Crouch Jr. is NOT a good guy'
heyitsme3871: Eric? SILENT?!
missee3: LOL
MuggleNetLaura: and he freaked out
heyitsme3871: hahahaa
MuggleNetLaura: best.moment.ever.
heyitsme3871: way to wake em up Laura.
KelAzMA: Death Eaters aren't usually good guys, right?
missee3: I can't believe he's still hanging on to that one
KelAzMA: that's at least how "I" came to understand the story
heyitsme3871: death munchers*
missee3: I gotta go to bed guys :-(
missee3: Boring bda
missee3: Bday
missee3: I have work
heyitsme3871: poop.
magical maladies: aww
doublebubble512: awww
KelAzMA: Night Melissa
MuggleNetLaura: awww
magical maladies: I know the feeling haha
magical maladies: night melissa!
missee3: Night guys :-)
heyitsme3871: Have fun Melissssaaaaa HAPPY BIRTHDAYY
doublebubble512: Night Melissa
KelAzMA: I remember work....
missee3: :-))
KelAzMA: I remember it sucked
missee3: Thanks ya!
heyitsme3871: way to encourage her
missee3: (It sure will today!)
missee3: LOL
heyitsme3871: jeez.
KelAzMA: Hey I worked retail sales management
missee3: It's ok, I can "plead birthday" when I'm done with my story
missee3: and leave early :-)
heyitsme3871: w00t go Melissa
KelAzMA: and cry
KelAzMA: remember to cry
KelAzMA: that gets um
heyitsme3871: lol..
magical maladies: tee heeee
missee3: Ohhh, yeaeh. My editor's gonna get a guiltful for sure
missee3: Night folks
missee3 has left the room.
KelAzMA: it's always worth a shot
magical maladies: haha nice melissa.
heyitsme3871: what the heck am i listening to?!
KelAzMA: *shrugs*
heyitsme3871: yeah...
KelAzMA: as long as it's not the mugglenetgreg's prolly good
KelAzMA: wow I can't believe I actually brought that up
KelAzMA: I've been running from that for days
MuggleNetLaura: *puts it on*
KelAzMA: Maybe *dies* I'm over it
KelAzMA: maybe not
MuggleNetLaura: I put that in my iPod
heyitsme3871: nice Laura
heyitsme3871: " put sit on
heyitsme3871: lmao
heyitsme3871: "
heyitsme3871: puts * it*
heyitsme3871: 1/3 words right
heyitsme3871: w00t
magical maladies: did we die?
heyitsme3871: indeed.
heyitsme3871: do you like milk?
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: hey Allie
Alikona0000: I'm still flippin' awake
KelAzMA: me too
KelAzMA: isn't that weird
KelAzMA: I like mile
KelAzMA: milk*
Alikona0000: you're in....Arizona
KelAzMA: but it makes me sick to my stomach
KelAzMA: shhhh
heyitsme3871: lmao!
heyitsme3871: nice
Alikona0000: my sleep clock is messed up
heyitsme3871: mine always get screwed during vacation
heyitsme3871: oh dude i should do hwwww
Alikona0000: I should stop watching Carson Daly
Alikona0000: and listening to Cheech and Chong
KelAzMA: there was this one day
Alikona0000: k, cool.
KelAzMA: when I had 12 cups of coffee
KelAzMA: and it's weird
KelAzMA: because it was right now
Alikona0000: good job
Alikona0000: byeee
Alikona0000 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: byee
heyitsme3871: i gtg too
heyitsme3871: bye guys!
heyitsme3871: ...
KelAzMA: bye
KelAzMA: :-)
heyitsme3871 has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
magical maladies: my sister is so lol
magical maladies: magical maladies (8:00:24 PM): are you mocking me?fluffyredslipper (8:00:43 PM): no
actually, mum
x sweet harmony has entered the room.
magical maladies: gonna go to bed y'all
magical maladies: night guys
doublebubble512: night
x sweet harmony has left the room.
magical maladies has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
gingernut17 has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: is anyone here?
doublebubble512: me
doublebubble512: but not for long
DratonMN: im not
d491210: is it night time already?
d491210: *sighs*
doublebubble512: no it's only 2 in the morning
d491210: lol
d491210: it's 3 in the afternoon here
doublebubble512: where are you?
d491210: malaysia
doublebubble512: ?
d491210: lol
d491210: it's near singapore
doublebubble512: Oh okay, I don't know geography
d491210: that's ok, malaysia isn;t actually well known
d491210: i was in the chatroom till 5 in the morning last night
doublebubble512: wow
doublebubble512: That was like 4 in the afternoon here
Cannonsgirl2008: kel please respond. even if its an I hate you, its better than nothing
d491210: errr...
Cannonsgirl2008: not you
d491210: i know
d491210: lol
doublebubble512: And now I'm off to bed
doublebubble512: night everyone!
d491210: night

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