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									         Enrollment for Electronic Notification of Commercial Vehicle Inspections

Motor carriers may now elect to receive electronic notification via email when a vehicle and/or
driver operating under their authority has undergone a CVSA North American Standard roadside
commercial vehicle inspection performed by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and
Corrections. Carriers may elect to receive electronic notification of all inspections or just those in
which a driver was cited for a moving violation such as speeding. Only one email address per
motor carrier may be enrolled. This notification will not include any monetary civil penalties
assessed in association with the inspection. Responsible parties will continue to receive a Notice
of Violation by mail that will enumerate any monetary penalties assessed. Responsible parties
who wish to request an Administrative Hearing concerning any cited violations must do so after
receipt of the mailed Notice of Violation. To help us ensure the identity of those requesting
electronic notifications, please mail or fax the information below, along with a letter of request
on carrier or shipper letterhead. Upon receipt of your request, you will be notified via E-Mail that
the registration process has been completed. Participation in this program is voluntary.
Carriers are not required to participate.

Louisiana State Police
Motor Carrier Safety Unit
POB 66601, Box A-32
Baton Rouge, La 70896

Fax 225-925-3912

NOTE: This is not a form for requesting a hearing, only to receive notice that a North
American Standard roadside inspection was conducted.
Please type the information below:

Carrier Name:
US DOT #:                              ICC #:
Mailing address:
City/State:                            Zip:
E-Mail Address:
Confirm E-Mail Address:
Contact person:
Phone number:

Please check one option below:

Notify me of:      ALL North American Standard Driver/Vehicle Inspections

                   Only North American Standard Driver/Vehicle Inspections in Which a Driver
                   is Cited for a Moving Violation

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