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									                     Minutes for the 58th Annual Mayes Reunion
                               Sunday, July 12th, 2009

ATTENDANCE: Approximately 46 were in attendance. Of the 46 in attendance, 21
were first cousins. Considering that there are 39 living first cousins, we had an awesome
percentage of cousins in attendance – 54%. And we even had an abundance of FOOD!!!
Way To Go Cousins!! It was a beautiful sunny day!! Location, as usual, was Brookside
Park in Rensselaer, Indiana.

Meeting was called to order by Loretta (aka, Rufus!!) at 1:30pm. She gave a warm,
humorous welcome to Gary Reid and his family since it had been SO long since he had
attended a reunion! In memory of Aunt Lillis Donnelly, she also read a poem that
someone had given her entitled “Bowl of Beans and Prunes”!!

Treasurer’s Report was read by Frieda Mayes. Last year we collected $31.00. Expenses
paid out for the past year were $30 for the Park Shelter rental, $15.60 (2007) and $16.20
(2008) for postage, and $65 for Lillis Donnelly Memorial. Our ending balance is
$611.87. The “hat” was passed and it was suggested that $5/family be donated. Frieda
said she has combined the flower fund and expense account to make it much easier to
manage. Frieda also announced that this would be her last year as Treasurer, and that
she is turning everything over to her “competent” daughter, Marilyn Roy. Marilyn
appeared stunned over the announcement, but graciously accepted the role!! A very
warm thanks and appreciation was given to Frieda for her long-time devotion to being
our Treasurer.

   Larry Tolly, friend of Vicki Duberson
   Ed Davisson, friend of Nancy Donnelly Smith
   Cassidy, fiancé of Andrew Feldhaus
   Kaitlyn Kemmerling, friend of Rachelle Smith


   High School
    Trisha Tate – Daughter of Pam & Randy Tate; granddaughter of Kenneth &
      Geneva Reid. She will be attending Kish Junior College.
    Kari Feldhaus – Daughter of Jerry & Carol Feldhaus; granddaughter of Lois &
      Gerald Feldhaus. She will be attending Indianapolis University Nursing School.
    Alysia Mayes, Daughter of David & Tammy Mayes, granddaughter of Herbert &
      Mary Ann Mayes. She will be attending Southern Illinois University on a full
      Volleyball Scholarship!!

      Scott Johnson – Son of Becca & Tim Johnson, grandson of Robert & Shirley
       Mayes. Graduated from Illinois State University, with a Business Major.
      Kelly Tate, Daughter of Pam & Randy Tate; granddaughter of Kenneth & Geneva
       Reid. Graduated from Northern Illinois University, with a Major in Spanish. She
       is looking for work.
      Ashley Mayes, Daughter of David & Tammy Mayes; granddaughter of Mary Ann
       & Herbert Mayes. Graduated as a Radiology Technician. She is now in
       Ultrasound School at Danville Community College.
      Brandon Seto, Son of Marla & Brad Seto, grandson of Ivan & Lorena Petersen.
       Graduated from UCLA Dental School last year. He finished a one-year General
       Practice Residency at Cedar Sinai Hospital June 2009 and started a two-year
       endodontic program at University of Washington in Seattle on July 1, 2009.

    Laila Love Mangual, born July 2nd, 2009, Daughter of Bianca Feldhaus & Jose
     Mangual, Granddaughter of Phil Feldhaus & Esther Mendez, Great-granddaughter
     of Lois & Gerald Feldhaus.
    Laila Ann Ferree, born June 20, 2009, Daughter of John & Kelly Ferree,
     granddaughter of Roger & Pamela Mayes, Great-granddaughter of Enver & Bea
    Chance Kenneth Reid, born May 6, 2009, Son of Jason and Rachel Reid,
     Grandson of Gary and Lorelei Reid, Great grandson of Ken and Geneva Reid.

   Lillis Donnelly died December 14, 2008.

   Amanda Hanson & Jeremy Hight, Married October 11, 2008. Amanda is the
    daughter of Doug & Lynne Hansen, Granddaughter of Dorothy & Rick Hansen.
    They reside in Fort Stewart, Georgia
   Jenica Wensits & Trey Raney, Married October 18, 2008. Jenica is the daughter
    of Chris & Rick Wensits, granddaughter of Hubert & Cecelia Mayes. They reside
    in Des Moines, Iowa.
   Heidi Genenbacher and Matt Judd, Married August 23, 2009. Heidi is the
    daughter of Chuck & Carol Genenbacher and granddaughter of Kenneth &
    Geneva Reid. The couple resides near Cincinnati, OH.

    Rick Hansen, July 24, 2009, Pulmonary Artery Disease, Pooling of blood in leg,
     close off valve in artery.
    Sherry Stewart, June 24, 2009, Gal Bladder removed.
    Ken Reid, April 2009, Stent put in. Doing therapy and gaining strength.
    Mary Ann Mayes – Mastectomy and knee repairs. Doing well.

    Marla & Brad Seto, Celebrated 30 years of marriage July 14, 2009.

   The second girl “Cousins Reunion” was held in Bourbonnais, IL at Joyce
     Jackson’s home. Attending were: Joyce Jackson, Marilyn Mayes, Jackie Mayes,
     Loretta Mayes, Christine Wensits, Pam Tate, Carol Genenbacher, Leslie
     Winteregg and Debby Hendershott. It was very special and a lot of fun, but I
     believe it was unanimous that the next one will not be held the same weekend as
     the actual Mayes Reunion! However, we WILL be having another one. So those
     of you who have not attended one, you won’t want to miss the next one!!
     THANK YOU JOYCE (& Bob) for hosting the weekend. You were the perfect
     “host and hostess”!!

MEETING WAS ADJOURNED approximately 2:15pm


MINUTES for the 57th Annual Mayes Reunion
Sunday, July 13th, 2008

ATTENDANCE: Approximately 50 were in attendance at our usual Brookside Park in
Rensselaer, Indiana location. A little smaller crowd than usual, but all were welcome &
appreciated! Temps were in the low 80’s and quite breezy under the pavilion.

We began our lunch a little later than usual as we had to wait to make sure there was
enough to eat! At about Noon Loretta had consulted with several of us and feared we
would only be eating Chicken & Desserts and was preparing to make a run for the store
for some additional food. As usual the Mayes Family came thru and after some
“latecomers” arrived and everyone got their food from their “containers”, we all enjoyed
our usual bountiful & tasty lunch! And Loretta apologized for “Being of little Faith”!

Meeting was called to order by Loretta Mayes at 1:45 PM. INTERIM(Not Replacement)
Secretary Joyce Mayes-Jackson read the Minutes from 2007. She did OK, but not as
good as Christine would have done!

Treasure’s Report was read by Frieda Mayes. Beginning Balance was 432.01. We
collected $220.00 for the Flower Fund. It was asked in 2007 that each family contribute
$10, as the Flower Fund was diminishing. If you have not contributed, and would still
like to, Frieda will always accept your “contribution”! We had expenses of $62.80 for
Park Shelter and 2007 & 2008 Postage, which left the 2008 balance of $591.21. Frieda
reported that she & Marilyn had changed banks for our Reunion Fund and we are now
able to write checks with Marilyn as “Back-Up” Treasurer.

 Ed Davison & Kim, friends of Nancy Donnelly-Smith.
 Mary, Friend of Jackie & Betty Mayes

  Amanda Hansen – Daughter of Doug & Lynn and Grandaughter of Dorothy & Rick
graduated from College in Nursing and will be working at the Methodist Hospital in
  Kent Hansen – Son of Doug & Lynn and Grandson of Dorothy & Rick graduated from
High School and began serving in the Marines 7/7/08.
  Kevin Seto – Son of Brad & Marla and Grandson of Lorena & Ivan graduated College
from the Univ. of Redlands with a BA in Psychology. He is taking more classes and
applying to Grad School next year.
  Brandon Seto – Son of Brad & Marla and Grandson of Lorena & Ivan graduated UCLA
Dental School and started his 1 Yr. Residency at Cedar Sinai Hospital which DOES
include a paycheck but not tuition!

  Jenica Wensits – Daughter of Christine & Rick and Grandaughter of Hubert & Cecelia
is engaged to be married to Trey Raney in Iowa on October 18, 2008
  Amanda Hansen – Daughter of Doug & Lynn and Grandaughter of Dorothy & Rick is
engaged to be married to Jeremy(no last name reported!) on 10/11/08.
  Michelle Mayes – Daughter of Don & Sherry and Grandaughter of Earl & Frieda was
married to Dr. Berk Sensoy in Dana Pt, CA on 9/15/07. Beautiful pictures were taken by
Photographer extraordinaire Cousin Ed Lee! They just recently moved from LA area to
Chapel Hill, NC. Berk took a position at Duke University.
New Address: 111 Cabernet Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 Cell PH: 213/880-7738.

  Reagan Reese Lohnes – Born to Aaron & Donna 8/21/07. Grandparents David &
Deanna and Great-Grandparents Herb & Mary Ann.
  Ryan David Lohnes – Born to Aaron & Donna 8/21/07. Grandparents David & Deanna
and Great-Grandparents Herb & Mary Ann.
  Julia Danielle Polhans – Born to Lisa & Joshua 10/5/07. Grandparents David &
Deanna and Great-Grandparents Herb & Mary Ann.

  Ivan Petersen – Colon Surgery 2/3/08 in Naples, FL (Doing Well)

Happy to report – no Deaths were reported.
And no one reported they were GETTING OLD!(Not sure how believable THAT is!)
Joyce Mayes-Jackson reported that she & Bob had visited Union County,TN in May and
had gone to the site of Luther’s old Homestead, Lost Creek & Blue Springs Cemeteries,
Finie & Lonnie Taylor’s old Homestead site, Weaver’s Knob(Mannie B. Waever’s
Homestead Site) and adjacent areas in the Chuck Swan Wildlife Preserve. Joyce became
very emotional when they were able to locate those areas as she felt she wasn’t there
alone! She will be happy to share their experiences and information with anyone
interested. Joyce is working on the Mayes & Weaver Family Geneologies and is inputing
information into and will try to share with everyone in the near-future.

MEETING was adjourned in a record 30 Minutes at 2:15 PM!

Respectfully Submitted,
     Interim-Secretary Joyce Mayes-Jackson

                 Minutes for the 56th Annual Mayes Reunion
                           Sunday, July 8th, 2007

ATTENDANCE: Approximately 65 were in attendance. It was a beautiful sunny day!!
Location, as usual, was Brookside Park in Rensselaer, Indiana.

Meeting was called to order by Loretta at 2:05pm. She talked about us having the
minutes of EVERY Mayes reunion from the very beginning. And how these were always
safely stored in the original, antique, Uncle Enver Briefcase (aka school book bag!!). If
you ever want to go down memory lane, you are welcome to read all the neat history in
these minutes. Of course, now the minutes are stored on our Mayes web-site, which is
maintained by Debbie Hendershott.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Frieda Mayes. Beginning balance was $275.63. We
collected $54.00 last year. Only expense for the past year was for the Park Shelter rental
(Reimbursed Scott $30 for that). The flower fund is currently $130.38 (2 deaths this past
year; see “deaths” below). The “hat” was passed and it was recommend $10.00/family
be donated to build the flower fund. If your family did not pay your $10, you may be
hearing from our faithful Treasurer/Collector, Frieda Mayes!!


      Ben, friend of Adrian Mayes
      Kim, friend of Nancy.

High School

      Adam Kallal – Son of Ed & Cindy Kallal; grandson of Kenneth & Geneva Reid.
       He will be attending Clemson College in the fall.
      Brittany Feldhaus – Daughter of Jerry & Carol Feldhaus; granddaughter of Lois &
       Gerald Feldhaus. She will be attending Ball State in the fall.
      Elizabeth Feldhaus – Daughter of Phil Feldhaus; granddaughter of Lois & Gerald
       Feldhaus. Future plans undecided.

    Kimberly Wensits – Daughter of Chris & Rick Wensits; granddaughter of Hubert
       & Cecelia Mayes. Graduated from North Central College, Naperville, IL with a
       Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. She will be teaching Math at Yorkville High
       School, and coaching the Freshman girls basketball team.
    Joshua Parr – Son of Janice & Brian Hyde; grandson of Lois & Gerald Feldhaus.
       Graduated from University of North Texas with a Marketing Major. Future plans
       are undecided.

   Angie Lohnes & Clyde Bush – Daughter of Dave & Deanna Lohnes;
    granddaughter of Mary Ann & Herbert Mayes. Married March 31, 2007. They
    reside in Harold, KY.
   Amanda Mayes & Donnie Sifrit – Daughter of David & Tammy Mayes;
    granddaughter of Mary Ann & Herbert Mayes. Married June 5, 2007. Their
    residence is undecided at this time due to Military-Marines.

    Jonathon Robert Shelton, born April 7, 2007, Son of Bob Shelton; Grandson of
     Donna Fort; Great-grandson of Betty Mayes.
    Caleb Reid Skaggs, born July 2, 2007, Son of Roger and Kendra Skaggs,
     Grandson of Chuck & Carol Genenbacher and Great-grandson of Kenneth &
     Geneva Reid.
    Madison Lily Reid, born September 24, 2006, daughter of Jason & Rachel Reid,
     Granddaughter of Gary & Lorelei Reid, and Great-granddaughter of Kenneth &
     Geneva Reid.
    Elise Donnelly, born December, 2006, daughter of Mark & Deenie Donnelly,
     Granddaughter of Scott & Karen Donnelly.

   Stephen Smith, died February 5, 2007. Husband of Nancy Donnelly-Smith.
   Eugene Miller, died May 27, 2007
   Dottie Miller, died September 21, 2006

      Loretta Mayes– 2nd by-pass surgery in May, 2007 – doing well now!
      Bob Mayes – Mild Stroke – doing well now.
      Lois Feldhaus – Hip surgery July of 2006 (right after the reunion last year).
      Mary Ann Mayes – Will have knee replacement in one week (7/16/07)

   Alan Petersen – from Delta Airlines

    Loretta Mayes
    Ann Bayless (Mary Ann Mayes friend)
    Karen Donnelly
    Gary Reid
    Roger Mayes

   The first “Cousins Reunion” held in April in Lafayette, Indiana was a GREAT
     success and sooooooo much fun!! There were 8 first cousins there. We hope to
     do this every year, and sure hope to get more to come next year!
   Don and Sherry wanted to let everyone know that there daughter, Michelle, will
     be married September 15th in California, and that Ed Lee will be their



                     Minutes for the 55th Annual Mayes Reunion

                                 Sunday, July 9th, 2006

ATTENDANCE: Approximately 73 in attendance (24 of which were 1st cousins –
AWESOME Attendance!). It was a beautiful sunny day!! NO RAIN; NO HUMIDITY!!
Location, as usual, was Brookside Park in Rensselaer, Indiana.

Meeting was called to order at 1:55pm by Loretta Mayes who was "styling" in a very
unique "Hillbilly Nerd" costume! And if you have not seen the pictures of her, you must
go to this site and check her out!!

Loretta opened the meeting by going down "memory lane" and playing the "Beer Barrel
Polka" on her accordion. It was a great, classic performance, to say the least! Thank you
Loretta, for your sense of humor, talent, and leading the meeting!
In an effort to shorten the "business meeting", the group unanimously agreed that last
year’s minutes did not need to be read aloud. A copy was there for anyone to read if they
wanted to, and they are also posted on the Mayes web-site.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Frieda Mayes. She announced that last year at the reunion
we collected $122.28, which was a "huge" amount! Thank you to all! Expenses for the
year were $30 for the Shelter; $17 Postage. Money was also taken from the flower fund
for each of the 3 deaths that we unfortunately had over the past year (Gerald Feldhaus*;
Shirley Mayes; George Duberson). *Frieda mentioned that the money we gave for Gerald
had been returned to her. She said that we really would like (and should) do something in
Gerald’s memory, and that if anyone had a suggestion on what we could do with that
money, to please let her know. Current balance in the account is $275.63.

Frieda, as treasurer, mentioned that her daughter, Marilyn, is also on the checking
account. She said we could rest assured that in the future, should Frieda not be able to
handle the "Treasurer’s" responsibilities, that Marilyn would take over.


      No official "Guests", however, EDDIE LEE and CINDY REID were happily
       welcomed! It has been YEARS since either one of them have attended a reunion.
       A big THANK YOU to "Eddie" for taking so many wonderful pictures! They are
       all posted on:



High School

      Ashley Mayes – Daughter of David & Tamara, Granddaughter of Herbert & Mary
       Mayes. Ashley is in the OB Ultrasound program at Kankakee Community


      Emily Seto, Daughter of Marla & Brad Seto, Grand-daughter of Ivan & Lorena
       Petersen. Received Master’s Degree in Architecture from Tulane University.

      Jennifer Mayes, daughter of Don & Sherry Mayes, Granddaughter of Earl &
       Frieda Mayes, married Josh Graham August 27, 2005. Josh & Jennifer reside in
       Los Angeles, CA area.


      March 10, 2005 – Carson Allen Skaggs, Son of Kendra & Roger Skaggs,
       Grandson of Carol & Chuck Genenbacher, Great grandson of Geneva & Kenneth
      December 1, 2005 – Abby Hansen, Daughter of Derrick & Angela Hansen,
       Granddaughter of Dorothy & Rick Hansen.
      December 14, 2005 – Taylor Jane, Daughter of Daniel & Jennifer Hansen,
       Granddaughter of Dorothy & Rick Hansen.
      December 23, 2005 – Abigail Lynn Polhans, Daughter of Lisa & Joshua Polhans,
       Granddaughter of Deanna & Dave Lohnes, Great-granddaughter of Herbert &
       Mary Mayes.


      Lois Feldhaus scheduled to have hip replacement surgery the day after reunion.
       (July 10, 2006). She has been in a tremendous amount of pain, and has difficulty
      Ed Lee reported on his emergency hospitalization in Florida when he was on a
       business trip. He had CHF (Congestive Heart Failure). He feels very fortunate to
       have come through everything so well. He has lost a lot of weight, is eating better,
       exercising, and is doing "GREAT".
      Loretta had to have a stent put in her renal artery. Unfortunately, the blockage was
       not caught before one of her kidney’s failed. Hence one of her kidneys was lost.
       She also had back surgery. All things considered, she seems to be doing fine.
      NUMEROUS colonoscopies were reported! This would make sense, since so
       many of the 1st cousins have approached (or past the 50 mark!!)

DEATHS – Unfortunately, we have lost 3 loved ones this past year.

      December 1, 2005 - Gerald Feldhaus
      February 22, 2006 - George Duberson
      May 3, 2006 - Shirley Mayes

     Kenneth Reid requested that we all keep the soldiers in our prayers, and reminded
      us that he has 1 grandson that just returned from Iraq, and still has two over there.
      Delvin (Carol & Chuck’s son) recently returned. Colin & Jason (Gary & Lorelei’s
      sons) both are still there. The Reid family is very proud of them.
     Michelle Mayes, daughter of Don & Sherry Mayes (granddaughter of Earl &
      Frieda Mayes) recently got engaged to Berk Sensoy. They both have moved to
      Playa Vista, CA which is very near Michelle’s sister, Jennifer, and her new
     Mary Ann Mayes announced that David Mayes was recently referenced in the
      newspapers as he assisted the family of a 15 year-old neighbor boy who was
      tragically killed when he fell into, and suffocated, in a soy bin. A very traumatic
     Loretta felt impelled to give a testimony sharing how she came to know Jesus
      Christ as her personal Savior in 1971 while attending church services at Wheaton
      College. Then in 1972 when her father, Hubert Mayes, was shot and was critically
      ill, Loretta prayed that if God would spare his life that she would dedicate her life
      to following Jesus and doing what he wanted her to do. She shared the story of
      Salvation; how Jesus died on the cross for each one of us, so that we may have
      eternal life with Him. She shared "If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord,
      and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved"
      (Romans 10:9). She talked about the Mayes family, and how blessed we are to
      have had grandparents and great-grandparents who believed in Jesus Christ and
      have passed this faith down to us. We have a very special family. She also handed
      out booklets to everyone from important/well-known individuals who have shared
      their faith so that we too can experience the peace and joy that comes from having
      a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
     Bob Mayes thanked everyone for all the expressions of sympathy given during the
      loss of Aunt Shirley. He reported that many "memorial" donations went to the
      Daniel KelleyYoung Eagles Scholarship fund which was established in 1995
      when his grandson was killed by a train. That scholarship fund recently provided
      the cost ($1000) for a 15 year old boy to attend the Oshkosh EAA Academy. He
      also mentioned that memorials were also given to The Compassionate Friends
      organization that his daughter, Sherry is so involved in.
     Loretta mentioned how proud she was of her niece, Kimberly Wensits, who
      recently returned from a 2-week missionary trip to Bolivia. She mentioned that
      Kimberly was at the reunion and had her Bolivia pictures with her if anyone
      wanted to see them.



                    Minutes for the 54th Annual Mayes Reunion
                                Sunday, July 10th, 2005

ATTENDANCE: Approximately 53 in attendance. It was a beautiful sunny day!! NO

Meeting was called to order at 2pm by Loretta Mayes. Location, as usual, was Brookside
Park in Rensselaer, Indiana. Loretta announced that we had 2 new retirees since the last
year. Alan Petersen and Tyke Hendershott. CONGRATS!

Last year’s minutes were read by Chris Wensits.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Frieda Mayes. Last year’s balance on the General Fund
was $199.20. Expenses of $30 for rental of this "elegant" park location. $14.00 for
postage for the reunion post cards went to Chris Wensits. Leaving a Balance of $155.20
and Interest of 70 cents, which leaves a grand total of $155.90. Frieda was delighted to
report that the flower fund remains the same at $381.13 thanks to no deaths over the past
year. The "hat" was passed around again; Frieda did mentioned that last year when the
hat was passed that we barely had enough to cover the $30 park rental. This year
everyone gave generously, and we collected more than enough!


      Marilyn Roy introduced her friend, Alan Craver.


      Loretta mentioned that minutes from all the years past have been documented and
       are in the reunion "brief case" for anyone to read if they wish. They are interesting
       and fun to go through.
      GREAT praise and thanks were given to Debby Hendershott for the 2 picture
       DVD’s she made of the Mayes Family from 1917 through 2005. Debby gave a
       report on her "labor of love" which she referred to it as, starting from the web-site.
       She enjoyed it, and thanked everyone for submitting so many pictures, especially
       the "treasure box" of pictures from Ivan. 20 copies were distributed at the reunion
       and she'll be making more copies for anyone who would like one. Just drop her an
       E-mail at A total of 360 pictures are on the first DVD
       and 170 on the 2nd DVD. She has included wedding pictures of the original 13
       children, plus current generations.
      Loretta announced that when she recently did some thorough cleaning that she
       came across 2 never-opened Christian CD’s entitled "His Project" that were
       written and sung by Tari Penley. Tari is the granddaughter of Ivan’s friend,
       Jeanne Adams! The CD’s are beautiful, and Loretta presented one to Debby
       Hendershott, and offered the other one to anyone who would like it.

Junior High

      Trisha Tate, daughter of Pam & Randy Tate, and granddaughter of Kenneth &
       Geneva Reid, graduated from Sycamore Junior High School.
      Alisa Mayes, daughter of Dave & Tammy Mayes, granddaughter of Herbert &
       MaryAnn Mayes, graduated from Clifton Junior High.

High School

      Scott Johnson, son of Becca & Tim Johnson, grandson of Bob & Shirley Mayes.
       Will be attending Western Illinois, majoring in law enforcement.
      Kelly Tate, daughter of Pam & Randy Tate, and granddaughter of Kenneth &
       Geneva Reid. Kelly will be going to Lake Forest College in the fall, majoring in
       Communication, and hopefully playing soccer.
      Jay Hendershott, son of Debby & Tyke Hendershott, grandson of Herbert &
       MaryAnn Mayes, graduated from Clifton High School. Jay has obtained computer
       A+ and Network certifications and is currently employed by RadioShack.
      Jimmy Randall, son of Susan & Tom Randall, grandson of Hubert & Cecelia
       Mayes, graduated from Poolesville High School in Maryland. Currently learning
       and working in construction.


      Kendra Skaggs, daughter of Carol & Chuck Genenbacher, granddaughter of
       Kenneth & Geneva Reid, graduated from Univ. of Cincinnati, Doctor of
       Pharmacy. Will be taking her Boards next Tuesday.
      Jenica Wensits, daughter of Chris & Rick Wensits, granddaughter of Hubert &
       Cecelia Mayes, graduated from Univ. of Iowa, with a double major in Finance &
       Marketing. She is working at Morgan Stanley in DesMoines, Iowa, as a Financial
       Analyst Trainee.
      Jennifer Mayes, daughter of Don & Sherry Mayes, granddaughter of Earl &
       Frieda Mayes, graduated from Illinois State with a major in Communications. She
       is living and looking for a job in California, getting married in August, 2005, and
       "Don and Sherry are broke and taking donations!!"
      As reported from Beulah Winteroff: Paul Myron, grandson of Benny Miller,
       graduated from Birmingham, Alabama college and will be going in the Fall of
       2005 to Vanderbilt, studying to be a brain cancer surgeon.
      Pam Mayes, Roger’s wife, was ordained in January. And, after 7 years of
       marriage, Roger and Pam finally were able to take a belated honeymoon, and
       went on an Alaskan cruise! Pam’s schooling and ordination had to be completed
       before they had the time available for their Alaskan Cruise

     Ed Lee’s daughter, (granddaughter of Madonna Lee) Lauren and Rigo were
      married this past year. They are expecting a baby 7/25/05.
     TO BE marriage: Jennifer Mayes, daughter of Don & Sherry Mayes, getting
      married in August 2005.
     Kenneth Reid announced that he and Geneva will be married 60 YEARS
      September 26, 2005. CONGRATUATIONS!!!


     Patrick Donnelly Jr. had a baby boy (great-grandson of Lillis Donnelly)
     Evan James Randall, born 12/24/04, son of James Randall, grandson of Susan &
      Tom Randall, great-grandson of Hubert & Cecelia Mayes.
     Dan & Jennifer Hansen expecting there 3rd child near Christmas, 2005, grand-
      child of Dorothy & Rick Hansen.
     Derrick & Angie Hansen expecting a baby girl, there 4th child, near Thanksgiving,
      2005, grand-child of Dorothy & Rick Hansen.
     Lauren & Rigo, Ed Lee’s daughter, (granddaughter of Madonna Lee) expecting a
      baby 7/25/05.
     Lisa and Josh Polhans, daughter of Dee and Dave Lohnes, are expecting their first
      child at the end of 2005 or first of 2006.


     Frieda Mayes. Joyce gave a report on Frieda, and actually brought x-rays of her
      back for "show & tell"! Frieda has had a rough 8-9 months beginning in
      November, 2004 with extreme pain in the back. Eventually resulting in surgery at
      Rush Hospital in Chicago for vertebrae fractures. She was at Miller Rehab for a
      while, and is now home and almost pain-free and doing remarkably better with 2
      care-takers helping her out. Frieda is now 84 years old!
     Lois Feldhaus reported that she is doing OK, and that she does not want flowers
      on her casket when she dies!! "Put the money in her casket instead." Ann Bayless,
      (Maryann’s caretaker) said she would do Lois a favor and take the cash and just
      leave a check in the casket for safekeeping!!
     Gerald Feldhaus: Lois reported that "Gerald is in the hospital, but that he probably
      won’t be in there more than 24 hours because he wants her!" Lois is very tired
      trying to care for Gerald.
     Rick Hanson: Leslie reported that Rick is doing pretty good, living at home and
      still driving. Two of the kids think he should not be driving, and two of the kids
      think he should!
     George Duberson, Vicki’s husband: Loretta has been in contact with Vicki and
      reported that George has been diagnosed with Liver Cancer. He is undergoing
      chemo treatments now about every 2 weeks. He is pretty sick for a week after his
      treatment, and then does pretty well for a week before his next treatment. They
      have been told that his diagnosis is "terminal", but that they should never give up.
      The family is doing as well as can be expected, but could use a lot of support.



     Bob Mayes reported that his daughter, Sherry Stewart, is in Africa on a
      Missionary trip. They taught the children of Africa to play softball; and the
      children of Africa taught Sherry how to carry water on her head!
     Geneva Reid passed her driving test!! WATCH OUT FOR HER ON THE
      ROAD!! 
     Madonna Lee: Loretta reported that in May, her, Ivan Petersen and Marla Seto
      went to visit Madonna. They said she looked good; needs oxygen occasionally.
      They picked and ate oranges from Madonna’s back yard trees.
     Brenda Cox, Madonna’s daughter, is in another play in St. George, Utah. She is
      playing "Mrs. Potts" in Beauty and the Beast, running through October 14th.
     Ed Lee: Loretta reported that Ed is traveling all over the world taking pictures.
      They tried to talk him (and Madonna) into coming to a reunion. Ed’s response
      was that IF we could hold the reunion at grandpa’s old farm (David & Tammy
      Mayes’ dwellings now), that he would come to a reunion. We all agreed that that
      was an awesome idea!
     Debby Hendershott gave a report on her and Tyke’s son, Kyle. He is in prison in
      Milan, MI. She thanked everyone for all of the support and letters written in
      support of Kyle. The prison staff even commented that "never before has anyone
      received as much mail as Kyle has". The motion for appeal was denied which
      they expected. Kyle's attorney has resigned from practicing law and is instructing
      the family how to further pursue the case via petition for Habeas Corpus. Kyle is
      doing as well as can be expected. It's very difficult for him to deal with being
      labeled as something he most definitely is not. Thanks to their faith and the love
      and support of so many wonderful family members, friends, and co-workers, the
      family has remained strong and hopeful.


                    Minutes from the 53rd Annual Mayes Reunion

                                 Sunday, July 11, 2004

                    Submitted/Recorded by Chris Wensits (Secretary)

Attendance: Approximately 69. It was a beautiful sunny day until a short time after our
 meeting started, and then we got the traditional downpour of rain! And, of course, the
                    traditional HIGH humidity kicked in after that!

Meeting was called to order at 1:50 p.m. by Loretta Mayes. Location, as usual, was
Brookside Park. Loretta announced that she is now an "official bum" (aka, RETIRED).
She also commented that Tyke Hendershott will also be a "bum" next year!

Last year’s minutes were read (and accepted without correction or changes) by Chris
Wensits and Pam Tate (because they were so long!)

Treasurers Report was read by Frieda Mayes. Last year’s balance on the "General Fund"
was $198.05, plus interest of $1.15 leaves us with a current balance of $199.20 for the
General Fund. (Park rental fee of $30.00 still needs to come out of that I think.) Frieda
announced, with JOY, that the flower fund remained the same as a result of no deaths.
Flower fund is currently $378.29 plus interest. The "hat" was passed around this year for
the "General Fund, for everyone to contribute $1.00.


      Susan Randall & Brad Seto!!! Considered both of them a "guest" because it had
       been SO long since either one had attended a reunion. Brad and Marla celebrated
       their 25th wedding anniversary in the state their life together began. Because they
       were in Chicago, they were both able to attend the reunion.
      A special welcome went out to Eugene and Dot Miller & Buelah Winteroth for
       always attending.
      Also a special welcome to Gerald Feldhaus & Rick Hansen for making it to the
       reunion in spite of their health conditions. Both of them have had their share of
       illnesses and hospitalization throughout the last year. Many thanks were given for
       all the prayers that went up for them for healing.


High School Grads
      Amanda Hansen: (Daughter of Doug & Lynn Hansen): She will be attending
       Indiana State University in the fall.
      Kevin Seto (Son of Marla & Brad Seto): He will be attending the University of
       Redlands in the fall.

College Grads

      Rebecca (Mayes) Johnson AND her son, Nicholas Johnson (Bob Mayes’
       daughter and grandson) Both mother and son graduated with an Associate Degree
       from Waubansee Junior College! Rebecca achieved this goal while raising her
       family and working full time!
      Amanda Mayes (Daughter of David & Tammy Mayes): Graduated from
       Cosmetology School and received her license.


      Scott Roy (Son of Marilyn (Mayes) Roy): Married Nicole Lightsey on 4/24/04.
       They are currently living in Palm Harbor, FL.


      02/04/04…Sienna Jade Nodal: Daughter of Adriana & John Nodal. (New Great
       Grand-daughter of Bob & Shirley Mayes)
      02/18/04…Ashton Lohnes: Daughter of Aaron & Donna Lohnes. (Grand-
       daughter of Deanna & David Lohnes)


      Gerald Feldhaus: Had surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor. He is
       recovering very well at an extened care facility in Rensallear. He hopes to be
       home soon.
      Lois Feldhaus: Was in the hospital, but she is home now and doing well.
      Loretta Mayes: Had two more "stents" put in. She is doing GREAT. (Retirement
       probably helped that!!)



      Don & Sherry Mayes’ daughter, Jennifer, got engaged. She is a senior at Illinois
       State, and she will be going to Korea to study abroad for 3 months.
      Carol & Chuck Genenbacher’s son, Delvin, will be leaving for Saudi Arabia soon
       (for 3 months, I THINK!)
Officers for Next Year:

       President: Loretta Mayes

       Secretary: Christine Wensits

       Treasurer: Frieda Mayes



            Minutes from the 52nd Annual Mayes Reunion - July 13, 2003

                   Submitted/Recorded by Chris Wensits (Secretary)

  Attendance: Approximately 53. It was a beautiful sunny day with a nice breeze and
                          temperature about 80-85 deg.

Meeting was called to order at 2:15 p.m. by Loretta Mayes. Location, as usual, was
Brookside Park. Loretta acknowledged, with thanks, her friend Jeri Orth, for loaning the
nice microphone to us each year.

Last year’s minutes were read (and accepted without correction or changes) by Chris
Wensits (Secretary).

Treasurers Report was ready by Frieda Mayes. Last year’s balance on the "General Fund"
was $228.62. Less park rental fee of $30.00, plus interest of $2.43 leaves us with a
current balance of $201.05 for the General Fund. The "hat" was passed around this year
for the "General Fund. Last year we did not collect for the "General Fund." We only
collected last year for the "Flower Fund" because it had been hit so hard in the previous
year. Flower fund is currently at $378.29. If there is anyone out there (mostly cousins)
who never contributed there $10.00 to the flower fund, please mail it to Aunt Frieda at
her new address: 830 Gramercy Turn, Bourbonnais, IL 60914.


      Patrick Donnelly!!! Considered him a "guest" because it had been SO long since
       he attended a reunion. (NOTE to Brenda or Ed: See what happens when you don’t
       attend a reunion for many, many years!)
      Ann Bayles: Aunt Mary’s Caretaker
      Jeannie Adams: Ivan Petersen’s guest. Uncle Ivan mentioned, "as he did at
       Jeannie’s 80th birthday party a week ago," "that we better get used to her!" Loretta
       discussed how Jeannie & her family have been friends of Hubert’s family for
       many, many years, as a result of Loretta rooming in college with Jeannie’s
       daughter, Cheri.


High School Grads

      Kimberly Wensits: (Daughter of Christine [Mayes] & Rick): Graduated with
       honors from Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park, Illinois. Kim will be
       attending North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, majoring in Mathematics
       & Secondary Education. She will also be playing basketball on the Varsity
       "Cardinal" Team.
      Amanda Mayes (Daughter of David & Tammy Mayes): Graduated from Central
       High School in Clifton, Illinois. Amanda has almost completed her cosmetology
       courses and will be taking her license exam this fall.

                      *Speaking of Beauty School…..Aunt Geneva Reid wanted to point
                      out that when she was a young lady going to beauty school, her
                      dad said, "I don’t know WHY she wants to go to beauty school;
                      she is pretty enough!!"

      Ryan Parr (Son of Janice [Feldhaus] & Brian Parr): Ryan’s plans are to attend
       college, but his college choice is undecided at this time. He will most likely major
       in psychology.

College Grads

      Heidi Genenbacher (Daughter of Carol [Reid] & Chuck Genenbacher: Heidi
       graduated from Sinclair College in Dayton, Ohio with a degree in Radiology.
      Brandon Seto (Son of Marla [Petersen] & Brad Seto): Brandon graduated from
       Emory College in Atlanta, GA with a Bachelors degree in Economics and
       Mathematics. Brandon plans to take a year off before beginning his career. Marla
       had 2 awesome pictures taken at Emory College: One was taken in 1977 of Alan,
       Brad and Ivan at MARLA’s graduation. The second one was of the same 3 (Alan,
       Brad & Ivan) taken in 2003 at BRANDON’s graduation. It was neat to see the
       changes in all of them (My how one looks better with age!!)

        NONE: And, NO, Loretta OR Marilyn have not gotten married yet. And "Aunt
Betty is not looking."


      06/09/03…Kyla Genenbacher: Daughter of Delvin & Shana Genenbacher. (New
       granddaughter of Carol [Reid] & Chuck Genenbacher)
      08/18/02…Christopher Lohnes: Son of Aaron & Donna Lohnes. (Grandson of
       Deanna [Mayes] & David Lohnes).
      10/25/02…Matthew Winteregg: Son of Leslie [Hansen] & Mark Winteregg.
       (Grandson of Rick & Dorothy Hansen) He weighed 6 lbs 7 oz, 18 3/4" long- 4
       weeks early by C section due to low amniotic fluid, blood clot, & placenta previa
      04/22/03…Brandon James Hansen: Son of Derrick & Angela Hansen.
       (Grandson of Rick & Dorothy Hansen)
      09/??/03…. Dan & Jennifer are expecting baby girl #2 around Sept 24. Morgan is
       20 mos old


      Bob Mayes: Quadruple by-pass 11-4-02. Doing very well, and back to golfing on
       a regular basis!!
      Madonna Mayes: She was in the hospital 6 months ago for water retention, and
       she was just hospitalized again a couple weeks ago for the same thing. She is now
       home and doing better. Marla & Loretta had been there to see her just before the
       2nd hospitalization.
      Ken Reid: Gallbladder surgery 12/24/02. Doing well now.
      Sherry Mayes: Gallbladder Surgery May, 2003. Doing much better now.
      Rick Hansen: He now lives in an "Assisted Living" home in Kokomo. He had
       open heart surgery in April and has had difficulty since then. He is not able to live
       alone. Leslie had indicated in an email prior to the reunion that she hoped to pick
       him up and bring him to the reunion, however, neither one of them were present.
       NOTE/UPDATE From Leslie since the reunion: An email from Leslie AFTER
       the reunion indicated that Leslie had some very painful disc problems....and hence
       that is why she was not able to bring Uncle Rick to the reunion. (ANYTHING
       ELSE, LESLIE????) This from Leslie on 8/8: Rick Hansen: He now lives at
       Northwoods Commons "Assisted Living" home in Kokomo. (Address: 2501
       Friendship Blvd., Kokomo 46901) He has a cell phone 765-863-3460. It is free to
       receive calls anytime- he is at the dining room at 8AM, noon, & 5 pm and doesn't
       take his cell phone with him. He had open heart surgery on April 9 (his 4th heart
       attack on April 7. He was on the ventilator 12 days and came home from the
       hospital June 1. He has a severe memory problem and is not able to drive or live
       alone. He rarely remembers ANYTHING unless it happened more than 9 mos
       ago. He can't be responsible for taking a shower, changing clothes, taking
       medicines, filling a pill box, paying bills- we wouldn't know if they got done. We
       pay the institution to make sure he showers and takes meds. He is now an insulin
       dependent diabetic and we are having a hard time keeping it less than 200-300.
       He is not sneaking donuts either!! The kids have some major concerns and are
       trying to decide whether to sell the house, car, etc. Not sure if his memory will
       come back
      Jeannie Adams: (Ivan’s Guest) Had a "mini-stroke" 6-26-03. She is doing fine
      Loretta Mayes: Had a stent put in her right coronary arteries February 12, 2003.
      George Duberson: Cancerous tumor found during a colonoscopy. He is having
       chemo treatments. Vicki says they are very optimistic about his condition.


       December, 2002 - Junior Gonzalez (Husband of Linda Savage)


      Loretta Mayes & Marla Seto were out to visit Brenda Cox at her "beautiful" home
       in Lake Arrowhead, California. They had a few pictures they passed around.
       Brenda is continuing her acting career and is currently in Wichita, Kansas,
       playing "Aunt Ellen in the play "Oklahoma"
      Kenneth Reid got up and said he wanted to "brag about his grandsons":
           o Colin Reid (Gary’s boy) is at an army base in Florida taking aquatic
              training. He just returned from South America. He is a Green Beret.
           o Jason Reid (Gary’s other boy) is a Paramedic at the East Moline Fire
              Department. He was leaving today (7/13/03) for 3 weeks training in North
              Carolina. He is a Naval Marine Reservist.
           o Delvin Genenbacher (Carol’s son). Is a pilot with the Air Force in
              Germany. This is the son who just had the baby girl, Kyla. Carol just
              returned from a 2 week visit to see them in Germany.
      Joyce [Mayes] Jackson told (with actions) a funny joke about a deaf man getting
       on a bus (next time you see her, ask her to show you the joke! It’s a funny one!!)

Nominations/Officers for Next Year:

       Not necessary. Officers will remain the same until further notice.

       President: Loretta Mayes

       Secretary: Christine Wensits
       Treasurer: Frieda Mayes



            Minutes from the 51st Annual Mayes Reunion - July 14, 2002

                    Submitted/Recorded by Chris Wensits (Secretary)

Attendance: Approximately 53. It was a a beautiful sunny day with a nice breeze and
temperature was 85-90!

Meeting was called to order at 2:20p.m., by Loretta Mayes (for David Lohnes) Location
was Brookside Park. Loretta acknowledged and thanked Debby Hendershott for putting
together and maintaining the fabulous Mayes web-site, and asked everyone to spread the
word to get more of the family using it. We also thanked Debby for updating the "Luther
& Docia Mayes Family Directory". And also thanked Uncle Ivan for taking the initiative
to start this a few years ago! Debby announced that she had numerous copies of the 2002
edition available if anyone needed one.

Last year’s minutes were read by Chris Wensits (Secretary).

Treasurers Report: by Frieda Mayes: Last year’s "General Fund" balance $217.27;
Collected $37 last year for the general fund; Park Rental $30 Interest $4.35; Balance
7/14/02 $228.62

Aunt Frieda mentioned that the "Flower Fund" was hit pretty hard this past year as a
result of the three deaths. We need to build that fund up. In the past, it has been the
brothers and sisters that contributed money towards this account. It was suggested that
not only the remaining brother & sisters contribute to this fund, but also EVERY
niece/nephew (Luther’s grandchildren) contribute $5-10 as well. Money was collected for
this fund from all that were present. If you were not at the reunion, could you please
mail your contribution to Aunt Frieda, 2833 E. Rt. 17, Kankakee, IL 60901.
(Majority gave $10 per family). Thanks to everyone for helping to build this important
fund; and thank you to Aunt Frieda for always taking care of the flowers as needed.


       Mary Haynes – Friend of Rick Hansen

       Leona, Brydy, Cable & Emma – Friends of Phil Feldhause

                             Debby & Tyke Hendershott – "Almost like a "guest". They
                             admitted to the fact that they hadn’t been to the reunion in
                             15 years. YEAH – There is still hope for some of YOU
                             others that haven’t come in many years!! (I promise we
                             won’t embarrass you like this!!!)


       High School: Michelle Donnelly (Scott’s daughter)

                      (She will be going to a college in Chicago)

                                            College:       Michelle Mayes (Don &
                                            Sherry’s daughter) Michelle was elected as
                                            one of the guest speakers at her graduation
                                            ceremony! (Michelle is working and living
                                            in the Chicago/Lincolnshire area at Hewitt
                                            Associates as a Business Analyst.

                                                   Chris Ferree (Pam Mayes's son)
                                            Graduated from the University of Chicago
                                            (Math and Economics) and has taken a job
                                            in Japan with a Toyota Industries steel
                                        company where he will do computer

                                        Seminary:      Pam Mayes (Roger’s wife)
                                        graduated from Bethel Theological
                                        Seminary in Minneapolis with Masters of
                                        Divinity degree. After taking Hebrew this
                                        summer, she will be eligible for ordination
                                        as a minister.


      "NOT Loretta"

      Aaron & Donna Lohnes (Deanna & Dave’s Son) 3/16/02


      1/3/02 Morgan Mae Hanson Dan & Jennifer Hanson

      1/12/02      Kensley Lynn Genenbacher Delvin & Shana Genebacher

      4/28/02      Shay Lee Ryan Gill   Lacey Lee

      2/26/02      Myah Raine Nodal     Adrienne & John Nodal

      4/15/02      Adynston Sabree Hyde        Janice & Brian Hyde

      8/TBD/02     Baby Boy Lohnes      Aaron & Donna Lohnes

      11/TBD/02    Baby Winteregg       Lesley & Mark

       7/27/01        Bea Mayes

       8/17/01        Dorothy Hansen

       2/01/02        Lorena Petersen

              Loretta mentioned that we should all remember to pray for all of our
              family, and "extended" family. Loretta presented a gift of an "Angel Pin"
              to everyone at the reunion as a symbol to remind all of us to pray for one
              another. (She does have extras; if you would like one, give her a call or

Misc. Announcements:

      Lillis reported that Vicki & George Duberson had arrived in Rensselaer to attend
       the reunion, but had gotten a phone call from home that there "barn" which
       contained thousands of dollars of tools, etc. had burned. They left immediately to
       go back home, and unfortunately weren’t able to be at the reunion. The barn was
       totally destroyed.

      Pam Reid/Tate reported that August 7, 2002 is Aunt Geneva’s 80th birthday. Her
       address IS in the Mayes Directory – Cards, cards, cards!!!!

      Uncle Bob reported on Aunt Madonna. Madonna had hoped to come to the
       reunion, however her health did not allow it. She is 78 years old.

      Uncle Bob thanked all of the "young cousins" for coming to the reunion and
       keeping the reunion going. It is SO important for us to keep this tradition going,
       and is greatly appreciated.
      It was mentioned that one of the sisters re-uses and re-uses McDonald’s coffee
       cups to get coffee refills!!!!!!! Ken Reid confirmed this by saying that they had
       gone on a trip from Rensselaer to New Jersey and Lillis used the SAME
       McDonalds coffee cup for the entire trip!!! (Hmmmm, maybe that was supposed
       to be "off the record" – OOPS!!!)

Nominations/Officers for Next Year:

President: Since our "acting" President who was running the meeting (Loretta), forgot to
take nominations for the president for next year, it is my suggestion that Loretta remain
President indefinitely. She has done such a nice job of taking charge and running the
meetings for the past couple/three years (and providing the sound system), it seems
appropriate to have her remain president from year-to-year. If there is anyone who is
opposed to this, or would like to assume the position, PLEASE speak up at the next
reunion or email Loretta.

Vice President: Not really necessary. If Loretta will not be able to attend the reunion, I
am sure she will delegate someone else to run the show!

Secretary: Christine Wensits volunteered to continue to be the Secretary (indefinitely),
and, with the help of Aunt Frieda, she will update the post-card mailing list yearly. By
doing this, there will be more continuity from year to year. Nobody seemed to be
opposed to this. There was discussion about whether or not we need to add the 2nd
cousins who are living on their own to the post card list. We will NOT do that at this
time; it will be up to the 1st cousins to make sure there kids know about it. Most everyone
knows the reunion is ALWAYS THE 2ND SUNDAY IN JULY.

Treasurer: We all know what a fabulous job Aunt Frieda has done in this position for
many, many years. I believe it is understood that she will remain the treasurer


50th Annual Mayes Reunion…..July 8, 2001

Minutes from the 49th Annual Mayes Reunion (2000) read 7/8/2001:
Meeting was called to order at 1:37PM, Location was Brookside Park. Minutes
read by Marla Seto (President) and recorded by Tom Donnelly (Secretary-
Treasurer). Vice-President is Dave Lohnes. Next meeting will be Sunday 7/14/02.

Attendance: approximately 45-50

Minutes were not read from last year (Marla didn't forward them to Tom). Marla
used minutes from two years ago as a guide. Temp. was 96 degrees and very

Treasurer's Report by Frieda: Balance forward: $172…Collected $71. Expenses:
Park rental: $30. Balance Forward was $213 plus interest =$217.27 Balance.

High School Graduations:

Emily Seto…..Tulane University

Jenny Mayes…..Illinois State University

Jenica Wensits…..University of Iowa

Nicholas Johnson…Waubonsee Community College


Dan Hansen & Jennifer Voigt…..11/25/00

Adrienne Kelly & John Nodal…..9/15/00

Jason Reid & Rachel Leemans…..7/7/01

Birth Announcements:

Daniel James Nodel…..1/19/01

Misc Announcements:

Aunt Bea has hospice come to her house to help care for her. Very tough on
Vicki. Sent pictures of grandkids. (added note: Aunt Bea passed away on
Ivan has extra copies of Mayes directory. If you have MS Works, he has it on

Sent around collection hat. Funds received: $37.00

Nominations for next year - Christine Wensits (Secretary-Treasurer)

Don, Sherry & Jennifer Mayes went to see Madonna in California. Madonna has
lost 30 lbs but feels good.

Mary Ann Mayes couldn't attend due to health.

Michelle announced that Don Mayes turned 50 & Frieda Mayes turned 80 in

Sherry & Don Mayes celebrated their 25th anniversary (9/20/2000)

Meeting adjourned at 1:50PM and pictures immediately followed.

   51st Annual Mayes Reunion…..July 14, 2002 Brookside Park Pavilion -
                            Rensselaer, IN

               President-Dave Lohnes…Vice Pres.-Tom Donnelly

                     Secretary/Treasurer-Christine Wensits

           Hope to see you all there! (Meet at 11:30…Eat at noon)

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