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									         Pastor’s Message                  Why am I telling this story? Because I
                                           think it is helpful for to remember the
Last month I received a card in the mail   “bigger picture” of what we’re called to
addressed to Pastor Julie, Holy Trinity    be about. In challenging economic times,
Lutheran Church. It was from one of our    it can be easy for us to fixate on
“regular radio listeners.” She isn’t a     problems, turning our gaze inward, and
member of our congregation, and an         becoming spiritually near-sighted.
assortment of health issues means that     Reminding ourselves of the bigger
she is more-or-less home bound,            picture helps us stay connected to the
although she had been able to visit us     mission God has for us. As we enter into
once and found our congregation to be      the season of Lent, we are invited to re-
friendly and welcoming. She enjoys         center our lives in God. Lent invites us
listening to us on the radio (and          to refocus our vision so that we can
mentioned that she misses the organ,       become more attentive to the “big
now that it is away for its renovation),   picture” of God’s love for us, shown in
and finds our worship services and         the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
sermons to be meaningful and spiritually
uplifting, and thanked us for our          As we move into the season of Lent,
ministry. She had been listening to our    may we become newly re-centered in
service on the radio on the Sunday when    God’s grace and mercy for us. Let us
Bob Larsen gave his temple talk            reaffirm our call to minister to others
describing our financial situation and     through outreach and service. Let us
inviting the congregation to join the      seek to respond to God’s love for us by
pastors and vestry in increasing giving.   being a gracious presence, uplifting one
Enclosed with her note was a check for     another, practicing forgiveness, and
$1,000.00.                                 affirming one another’s gifts. Let us
                                           nurture a climate of hospitality and
Our ministry touches those beyond our      acceptance, and let us remember our
congregation. Our ministry of presence     calling to be the hands of Christ, through
in the community provides inspiration,     whom God is at work in our world.
comfort, and strength for those beyond
our walls. Occasionally, we receive the    In Christ,
gift of knowing when that happens.
                                           Pastor Julie
Those instances are but the tip of the
iceberg, because there are many more
whose stories we never will never know.             Thanks to all the radio
These are but a glimpse of what it means                broadcast sponsors!
for us to be Christ’s church at work in
the world.
                                                 Sunday Morning Adult
          Join us for                                 Education
    Lenten Worship Services
                                           March 1st – Book signing in library – by
   Prayers Around the Cross
                                           Margaret White, our newest author.
 Wednesdays, March 4, 11, 18, 25
     & April 1st at 7:00 PM                March 8th – Keeping Lent with Pastor

GUEST SPEAKER FOR LENT                     March 15th – Exploring a Labyrinth with
Port Townsend author, Margaret McGee       Don Corson
will be our guest on Sunday, March 22nd
during the adult education hour at 9:45    March 22nd – Guest speaker Margaret
AM. McGee is author of “Sacred             McGee “The Fall to Earth”—a Lenten
Attention: A Spiritual Practice for        discussion to encourage us to slow
Finding God in the Moment,” a book         down, pay attention
about hearing God’s word and
“Stumbling Toward God,” a book about       March 29th – All Church study of
her journey back to faith. McGee will      Communion
describe her effort to slow down and
take time to see the sacred in everyday    Also, in Room #301 upstairs- Faith &
life.                                      Society: PBS’ Religion & Ethics
                                           program: a weekly discussion group that
                                           views a current event video that sparks
EXPLORING A LABRYINTH                      lively conversation.
The labyrinth is a tool for spiritual
reflection as valid today as it has been
for centuries. Learn about it as a
personal opportunity for reflection and
deepening your spiritual walk during
these Lenten days of preparation. On
Sunday, March 15th at 9:45 AM, Don
Corson will lead this informative and
interactive class based on his own study
and opportunities to work with Dr.
Lauren Artress at the Vancouver School
of Theology.

              Preschool                           Congregational Life
         Jesus Loves Everyone
                                            The Retirees’ Lunch Group will meet
This month we learned how Jesus chose       on Tuesday, March 3rd at noon at
his helpers and chooses us, also, to be     Joshua’s Restaurant. $11 pays for your
his helpers. We learned about prayer        meal, tax and tip. All retirees are
and Jesus’ love for Zacchaeus and his       invited! Contact Esther Swenson 457-
love for us.                                4646 or Lois Larsen 457-9706 for more
Our theme for February was love: the
love of Jesus, family and friends. We       The Holy Bookers Book Club meets
emphasized love in our songs and            on the second Wednesday in the
stories. We decorated our room with         church library. New members are
February colors, red and pink. Each         welcome, Wednesday, March 11th,
class celebrated Valentine’s Day with a     5-6 PM. The following is a schedule of
party where we made frosting for our        books to be discussed:
homemade cupcakes and exchanged                  March: Eyes are Watching, Ears
valentine cards. We finished this month            are Listening: Growing up in Nazi
with counting charts and scissors                  Germany 1933-1946 by Eycke
practice.                                          Strickland. Eycke will lead the
Thank you for the interest in our                April: To be announced. Leader
upcoming Rummage Sale which is                     Elizabeth Christian
scheduled for Friday, May 7th and                May: Two Old Women: An
Saturday, May 8th. We will be able to              Alaska Legend of Betrayal,
bring items to the Fellowship Hall to put          Courage and Survival by Velma
                                                   Wallis. Leader Lu Meiner
on the stage starting Monday, May 4th.
If you have any questions, please call
Zorba at 417-5554.                          The Holy Bookers Book Club invites
                                            you to hear Eycke Strickland discuss her
Thank you for your continued support,       book, Eyes are Watching, Ears are
prayers and encouragement. Thanks to        Listening: Growing up in Nazi Germany
all who have provided your Albertsons       1933-1946, on Wednesday, March 11th,
number to support the preschool. They       5-6 PM in Room #301. Those who have
are appreciated as are each and every       heard Eycke talk about her life as a child
one of you.                                 in Germany, are sure you are in for a
                                            special treat. Elizabeth Christian is the
Peace, Mrs. Zorba and Mrs. Paula            leader for this meeting.

Bulk Food Repackaging Project                Holy K.O.W (Kids on Wednesdays)
                   Thanks to everyone        Holy KOW meets Wednesdays at 5:30
                   who contributed to the    PM. This fun evening for families with
                   bulk food project on      young children begins with a meal
                   Super Bowl Sunday         provided, followed by fun activities that
                   and to all the shoppers   vary each week. Our time ends at 6:30
who donated canned tomatoes. We really       PM with a Bible lesson and dessert.
do use all those cases and always need       Come join us!
more. In February we took 130 bags of
Split Pea-Lentil soup to the Salvation       Holy KOW report: What a fabulous
Army and Port Angeles Food Bank.             time we had on Feb. 12th when the whole
Soups are available in the church office     Holy KOW entourage visited St.
and can be purchased with a donation.        Andrew’s Place! The young children’s
                                             choir sang two jazzy songs, all the young
We will be assembling Mexican Bean           people handed out Valentines to the
Soup on Wednesday, March 11 at 5:30          residents, and kids and parents sang
in Room #1 downstairs and could use          Valentine carols. This annual service
more help.                                   trip has become a great event for our
                                             group and when we have about 40 show
The FOLK (Families of Little Kids)           up, we are an impressive group!
Potluck is on Thursday, March 12, 6:00
to 7:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall.           (No Kids ? – contact Vicki Corson about
                                             volunteering to support our young
Bring a main dish, side dish or dessert to
share. We will provide plates, cups,
utensils and beverages. All families
                                             Adult Bible Study meets on Tuesdays
with young children are invited.
                                             at 9:30 AM in the Fireside Room. Pastor
                                             Julie Kanarr is leading a new study on
Our Stewardship Project of the
                                             Exodus. You are welcome to join the
Month is items for the Lutheran World
                                             study at any time.
Relief health & layette kits:
    metal nail files, hand towels
                                             Lutheran World Relief Quilters –
    cloth diapers, baby sweaters
                                             meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays each
    footed sleepers or gowns
                                             month, March 10 & 24 at 10 AM in the
                                             quilting room downstairs. Many hands
The Men’s Breakfast Group meets
                                             are needed. No experience is necessary.
every Saturday at 7:30 AM in the
Fellowship Hall. All are welcome.

Friday Night Movie gathering meets in                   Holy Trinity Reads
the Youth Room at 7:00 PM. Popcorn is
                                               Holy Trinity Reads will begin as a
provided. A list of movies is in a large
                                               shared Lenten discipline of reading,
envelope on the bottom shelf just outside
                                               reflecting, and discussing topics related
the office. The ratings are listed with
                                               to our life of faith. This year we will be
each movie so parents can decide if the
                                               reading Practicing Our Faith, a
movie will be appropriate for their
                                               collection of essays edited by Dorothy
children. Child care is not provided so
children must be accompanied by an
adult.                                         A number of discussion groups are
                                               forming to accommodate our varied
If you would like to receive a list and        schedules and preferences. Please feel
description of the movies by e-mail,           free to start your own group!
send an e-mail to Bonnie Christianson at                             1. Tuesday evening at 7 PM - Fireside
       Tanzanian Infirmary                     2. Wednesday morning at 9:30 AM at the
                                               Blackbird Coffeehouse, 8th and Peabody
Fifteen people interested in furthering
                                               3. Wednesday at 6 PM at Holy KOW -
plans for an infirmary at a Lutheran
                                               Fellowship Hall
secondary school in Tanzania met
between services on February 22. The           4. Thursday at noon - Fireside Room
school has 900 boarding students and, at       Each group will begin by reading and
present, offers no facility for separating     discussing the chapter on Sabbath time.
the ill from the healthy population.           After that common starting place, each
There are two nurses on staff with plans       group will be invited to fill the next 4-6
to hire a medical practitioner. But first, a   weeks by choosing from the remaining
structure is needed. The cost is               essays. Chapters include: Hospitality,
estimated at $8,000 to $10,000. Our task       Household Economics, Shaping
force proposed creating a brochure to          Communities, Healing, Etc.
publicize the effort, inviting other
                                               We have chosen to begin with Sabbath
congregations to participate. Another
                                               time in part because it centers us in the
planning meeting will be on March 22
                                               gift of the time apart given to us in Lent,
between services in the Fellowship Hall.
                                               and also because it introduces us (again)
If you are interested, please join us.
                                               to the concept of sabbatical. As you may
                                               recall, the vestry has endorsed a
Lu Meiner
                                               sabbatical for Pastor Julie this fall. In the
Minister for Communications
                                               fullest understanding, a sabbatical is for
the MUTUAL benefit of the clergy            wage would have to work 65 hours per
person and for the congregation. It is my   week just to pay rent not including food,
hope that by reading and studying           utilities, medical and dental, child care,
together, we will not only deepen our       and gas or bus fare. We have families
Lenten time, but also collectively          with working parents living in
prepare the ground for our common           abandoned buildings, children not
sabbatical time ahead.                      getting enough food to eat and many
There are several copies of the book in     who cannot afford transportation to and
the church library. I have ordered a        from work because rent is so high.
number of copies. You can support a         Port Angeles and Clallam County have
local bookstore and have them order a       worked hard to end homelessness in our
copy for you ($18.95 paperback), or you     communities but your hands, your hearts
can order a copy through         and your gifts are needed to ensure that
($12.89 plus postage.)                      every family and individual in Clallam
Please call me if you need a book, want     County have a roof over their heads.
to lead or join a group or have any other
questions, 457-6121.                        Here are some ways you can help:

Elizabeth Christian, Minister for Youth     Volunteer your time and/or give your
and Education                               financial support to:
                                                 the Serenity House (whose goal
                                                    is to end homelessness in
     God’s Work, Our Hands                          Clallam county)
Some good news! The recent homeless              Dream Center for Homeless
count indicates that there are fewer                Youth
people experiencing homelessness in              Street Outreach Shelter
Clallam County than last year. This              Port Angeles Food Bank
year’s count totaled 632 down from 750           MANNA
last year and 1055 in 2006.                      HTLC Bulk Food Project
                                                 Habitat for Humanity
Though this is good news, there is still
work to be done, still people who need      The Street Outreach Shelter needs non-
housing or assistance that will help        perishable snacks like granola bars,
prevent them from becoming homeless.        oatmeal, instant soups, paper plates,
                                            bowls and cups, bus passes and hygiene
According to the Serenity House website     products.
the average rent for a 2 bedroom
apartment or house is $707 per month        The Dream Center needs hot meals, milk
and someone working for minimum             & juice, deodorant, white socks, canned
food, bus passes, bath products, non-              Advocacy in Action
perishable foods.
                                           In January a group of interested
You can give financial gifts to all of     individuals desiring to become actively
these through your church offering or by   involved in advocacy (primarily on a
contacting the agencies directly.          local and state level) formed. The
                                           Lutheran Public Policy Office of
Please contact Bryan Bell if you have
                                           Washington State says “it is part of our
questions about contacting these
                                           vocation as a church body and
organizations or would like to know
                                           individuals to advocate for and with our
more about them.
                                           neighbors in need. …we use our voices
May our Lord Jesus Christ bless us and     in places where important political and
guide us to share The Good News and        economic decisions are being made.”
serve our neighbor.
                                           Currently we are becoming better
Bryan Bell                                 informed of what our state legislature is
HTLC Minister for Christian Service        proposing in terms of budget cuts and
                                           bills proposed. We are expressing our
                                           concern, support or non-support to our
                                           legislators on issues that will signifi-
                                           cantly impact many who are least able to
                                           speak for themselves. Examples are:
                                           feeding hungry kids, payday lending
    HTLC’s Mission Statement               practices, cap and invest (has to do with
Called by God’s grace to share the         greenhouse gases).
           Good News,                      Interested? Join us! The next meeting is
   We are the hands of Christ:             Sunday, March 8th at 12:15 PM in the
          opened in love,                  Fireside Room.
      extended in welcome,
        joined in worship,                           Sign up to Serve
        offered in service,                There are sign up sheets in the narthex
       reaching for justice.               for you to volunteer in many different
                                           ways. We need many hands to make
                                           worship and ministry happen. Please
                                           look at the lists and sign up for
                                           something new. (You don’t need to sign
                                           up if you are already volunteering.)
       Winddancing Retires                              Room Setup
By now, most of you have heard that        When your group is using a room, you
Winddancing has retired as custodian       will be responsible for setting up your
after more than 18 years of service.       own tables and chairs and getting any
                                           special equipment yourself.
We thank him for:
   Years for faithful service as our      After use, you will need to return the
      our custodian                        room to the way you found it.
   Responding generously to our
      calls for help (even at odd hours)   We are all going to have to pitch in.
   Making so many constructive            Thanks for all you help!
      suggestions based on his astute
      observations                                Caring For Creation
   Supporting congregation history            Sunday Morning Coffee Cups
      with his gift of photography
   Sharing his knowledge of digital       Caring For Creation - HTLC is going in
      photography with many of us          a greener, leaner direction. Only re-
   All the other ways in which his        usable cups will be used between and
      work has brought blessing to us      after services. Yes, help is needed to
      (including making our coffee!)       transport cups up and down the elevator
                                           and to run them through the dishwasher!
                                           To volunteer for this important effort
      We Need Your Help
                                           toward a greener church, please call the
    Maintaining our Building!              church office, Don Schuba or Norma
Can you vacuum?                            Turner.
Can you dust?
Are you good at fixing things?
These volunteer jobs can be done one         Part-time Custodian Position
time or you can adopt an area. We          If know of someone interested in a part
already have the youth room covered        time custodian position, pick up a job
and care for the inside trees covered.     description & application at the church
Contact the church office or Don Schuba    office. Applications will be taken
to see how you can lend a hand!            through March 9th.

  Please remember to have a family                          Thanks!
 member or friend contact one of our
     pastors if you are hospitalized Bonnie Christianson for adopting
or need pastoral care. Their home and       the youth room vacuuming.
cell phone numbers are printed on the
calendar page of the newsletter if you      …to the Men’s Breakfast group for
     need to reach them during an           helping with “fix-it” projects.
                                            …to Carol Dunlap for volunteering to
                                            care for our beautiful huge ficus trees.

   SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER                    …to the vacuuming volunteers who have
               OPENING                      just shown up and gone to work!
Our delightful class of 4th & 5th graders
REALLY needs a teacher or teaching          …to all groups using our building for
team. YOU can help fill this opening!       your care and help during our time of
Call Vicki now to offer your help.          transition.

ALSO NEED ADULTS TO BE SECOND               …to Jim & Marianne Ude and Steve &
ADULT IN A CLASSROOM. Help us               Jill Snyder who shared with our Holy
create a Safe Sanctuaries environment       KOW kids about life in China as the
for our staff and children. Sign up to      group celebrated Chinese New Year on
help one Sunday a month or a quarter.       Jan. 28th.
Many hands will make this an easy task.
                                            …to our Dining With God High School
                                            class who baked homemade cookies and
                                            sent them to 14 of the HTLC students at

                Deaths                      Thanks to all who filled the pot on
             Jack Nattinger                 “Souper Bowl” Sunday. $545.32 was
           February 20, 2009                collected. $365.32 was directed to the
                                            Bulk Soup Repackaging Ministry and
                                            $180.00 was sent to the Lutheran World
                                            Relief Fill the Bowl appeal.

        Who is Your Vestry?                             Financial Situation as of
                                                           January 31, 2009
Patti Dunlap, Minister for
Congregational Life was elected for a                       General Fund Income:
two year term at our June 2008 annual                       Budget:      $47,962
meeting. Patti lives in Sequim and has                        Actual: $41,639
been attending Holy Trinity for 11 years.                    Deficit:   ($6,323)
She worships at both worship services                Fiscal Year to Date Deficit $29,309
and volunteers as an usher, communion
assistant, guitar player, helps at funeral               Mortgage Balance: $448,778
receptions and helped in the church
office. Patti served on the Vestry as
Minister for Stewardship last year and
served on the transition team.

                                                         Serving in the Military
The Minister for Congregational Life has
responsibility for oversight of the various        Please keep those serving in the military in
functions that seek to enhance the life of the     your prayers.
congregation. These shall include but are
not limited to providing oversight of the          Lt. Gregg Sweeney now stationed at the
Reception committee, the calling ministry,         Naval base in Kingsville, Texas. He is the
the Welcome Committee, the Healing                       son of Ken & Sue Sweeney.
Ministry, the prayer chain, the retirees’
                                                     Jeffrey Brown is serving in Baghdad.
luncheon, the men’s breakfast, visitation, the
Safe Sanctuary program, the recruiting and
                                                           He is the nephew of Peggy
scheduling of volunteers. The Minister for                    & Dwight Romero.
Congregational Life shall seek to encourage
people to use their skills and abilities for the   Japheth M. Dennis is serving in the army
good of the congregation and community as          in Basra, Iraq. He is the grandson of Levi
a response to the love of God expressed in                 & Mary Ann McFarland.
Jesus Christ.

            Library Notes                   hope the book inspires them, too, to
                                            strive to make the world a better place.
WELCOME to our self-service library.        by Vi Nixon.
Over 3400 books for adults and children
are available for you browse and check      LISTEN TO THE WIND, THE STORY
out. In addition, several timely and        OF DR. GREG and THREE CUPS OF
informative periodicals are available for   TEA by Greg Mortenson and Susan
you to read in the library.                 Roth. How Greg Mortenson’s life
                                            changed forever when he stumbled into
      Check Out The New Books               the village of Korphe, Pakistan, is
            For Children                    chronicled for adult readers in his book,
      By Vi Nixon and Eldora Pederson       Three Cups of Tea. In Listen to the
                                            Wind the children of Korphe tell how
                                            THEIR lives changed when Dr. Greg
CHILD OF HOPE by Nikki Grimes;
                                            came. “We are the children of Korphe,”
illustrated by Bryan Collier. Faithful to
                                            they write. “Not so long ago we had our
information in President Obama’s own
                                            lessons outside. We learned to write
book, Dreams from My Father, author
                                            with sticks on the ground. But then, Dr.
Grimes has written for young readers
                                            Greg came to our village, and he listened
this simplified biography about him.
                                            to the wind.” This book tells the story
Obama’s story is told by a mother who
                                            of how the village of Korphe got its
with her small son is seated in front of
                                            school. Everybody pitched in, including
the television screen watching Obama
                                            the children. Dr. Greg was asked to
campaigning for the presidency. They
                                            hammer in the last nail and then there
are black. In the end, the boy realizes
                                            was a blessing and a great celebration
that Obama has opened a door that up to
                                            attended by the entire village, even the
now has been closed.
                                            animals. Susan Roth chose to illustrate
                                            this story with intricate, colorful collages
The experiences that shaped Obama’s
                                            which were inspired by the women of
thinking and finally inspired him to run
                                            Korphe who use any and everything in
for president are brilliantly depicted in
                                            creating their designs. by Vi Nixon
collage and watercolor by artist Collier.
Author and artist hope that this book
                                            THREE CUPS OF TEA: THE YOUNG
about our 44th president will help
                                            READER’S EDITION by Greg
children understand that they do not
                                            Mortenson and David Relin. This
have to give up but should go on in the
                                            edition is an adaptation for young
same way as Obama did, seeking
                                            readers about Dr. Greg who has built
answers to their own life’s questions
                                            more than sixty schools in Pakistan and
while holding fast to their dreams. They
Afghanistan since 1993. Of special           services, for a book signing, and to hear
interest is an exclusive interview with      Margaret speak and read from her book.
Greg’s twelve-year-old daughter, Amira,      – by Eldora Pederson
who has traveled with her father and has
many friends in the villages where her             Check Out The New Books
father has helped build schools. She also                 For Adults
tells about an exciting project known as      By Janet Jenkins, Trudy Lalonde, Ann Marie
“Pennies for Peace”. One penny buys a                  Rahfeldt, Eldora Pederson
pencil, an important tool in empowering
children to read and write. There is a       Enrich your observance of Lent by
web site for readers who want to know        reading one of the new books introduced
how they can participate in this             below or make selections from many
endeavor. by Vi Nixon                        other books in the library and fireside
SAM AND EMIL (2008) by Margaret              PRACTICING OUR FAITH: A Way of
(Kintner) White. We have a newly             Life for a Searching People (1997)
published author at Holy Trinity! Many       edited by Dorothy C. Bass offers ways
of you know Margaret from her                of connecting our faith with our daily
participation in Tuesday morning Bibles      lives. It is the book chosen for HTLC
studies, 8:30 AM Sunday morning              members to read and discuss during
worship, and from other contacts at Holy     Lent. Everyone is invited to join one of
Trinity and in the community. Before         several reading groups that will meet at
her retirement, Margaret taught in the       different times to first discuss the
Port Angeles Public Schools. She             Keeping Sabbath essay and then choose
developed her engaging book from             among the following essays, each
stories she wrote to capture her 6th grade   written by a different author, for future
students’ interest in learning grammar.      discussions: Times of Yearning,
She states that her stories are for “the     Practices of Faith; Honoring the Body;
young and the ‘ever-young’ like me”.         Hospitality; Household Economics;
I agree. Although we are placing this        Saying Yes and Saying No; Testimony;
enjoyable work of fiction in the youth       Discernment; Shaping Communities;
section, I think the antics of Sam and       Forgiveness; Healing; Dying Well;
Emil, two black cats that were a lively      Singing Our Lives; Growing in the
and endearing part of Margaret’s             Practices of Faith. The topics are timely
household, will appeal to a wide range of    and relevant to daily living. If you
readers. Come to the church library on       cannot join a reading-discussion group,
Sunday, March 1, between morning             check it out to read privately. – by
                                             Eldora Pederson
DAILY BREAD HOLY MEAL:                       to “weave them together in a pattern of
Opening the Gifts of Holy Communion          meaning”. He speaks of being moved by
by Samuel Torvend. Dr. Torvend is            the inscription on an old Danish church
Associate Professor of European              bell: “To the bath and the table, To the
Religious History at Pacific Lutheran        prayers and the word, I call every
University in Tacoma. From his great         seeking soul.” Of special interest to
grandmother’s molasses bread to our          HTLC members is that Saralice Petersen
formal rite of the Eucharist we are led      has a piece of this old bell taken from
through the many meanings of bread in        her former church in Luck, Wisconsin.
our lives to the realization we are to       This book is recommended for all who
“give ourselves away as bread for the        are thinking about the ways we do
hungry”. In six short chapters Torvend       liturgy and worship. – By Ann Marie
brings the breaking of bread into our        Rahfeldt
daily living. Each chapter is
accompanied by questions for reflection      THE CROSS AND THE PRODIGAL:
or discussion. The apt phrase that comes     Luke 15 Through the Eyes of Middle
to my mind is “food for thought”. Chew       Eastern Peasants (2005) and JACOB
on this alone or with a friend or two.       AND THE PRODIGAL: How Jesus
(Many enjoyed Torvend’s Saturday             Retold Israel’s Story (2003) by Kenneth
morning lecture at Holy Trinity last year.   E. Bailey. The parable of the Prodigal
The library also has other recent            Son was always a problem for me. I did
excellent books by Torvend.) – by Janet      understand that my identification with
Jenkins                                      the older son was normal, and that the
                                             parable was about the love of God, but
HOLY THINGS: A Liturgical Theology           how to understand it without feeling that
(1993) by Gordon Lathrop. Much               the older son was somehow gypped; that
thought and reflection have been put into    was my dilemma. Then along came Ken
the practice of the liturgy here at Holy     Bailey. Bailey spent 40 years studying
Trinity. Lathrop, Professor Emeritus of      and teaching in the Middle East. As a
Liturgy at Lutheran Theological              result, he brings a wealth of research,
Seminary, helps us understand the            insight and knowledge of Middle
meaning of what we do in worship. He         Eastern culture to his study of the Bible,
reaches into ancient texts and art to        and most particularly the Gospel of Luke
illustrate his concepts, but at the same     and the parable of the Prodigal Son. In
time he speaks of them with clarity for      her review of The Cross and the
today’s people. In my favorite chapter       Prodigal, the Rev. Marian McClure
Lathrop speaks of the things of worship      says, “This book is for those of us who
and how we gather to use these objects       long to know what Jesus was saying to

his audience then, so that we can know       meeting her, “So this is the little lady
what the Bible is saying to us now.”         who made this big war!” The widely
And in his review of Jacob and the           read book attacked the cruelty of slavery
Prodigal, Craig L. Blomberg states,          and energized the anti-slavery movement
“Bailey is undoubtedly right that there is   in the North. Stowe was motivated by
more of the full-orbed gospel of             her Christian beliefs. She saw slavery as
redemption in this parable than first        sin in conflict with Christian love. A key
meets the eye.”                              theme in the book is that Christianity
                                             and slavery cannot exist together. The
In The Cross and the Prodigal Bailey         book has been translated into more than
guides the reader through the unfamiliar     30 languages and is the source of the
streets of the Middle East of the time of    terms describing someone as an “Uncle
Jesus, and in the process helps us to        Tom” or a “Simon Legree”. Consider
understand how Jesus’ hearers would          taking time to read or reread this classic
have heard the parable and therefore         from the middle of the nineteenth
how we might hear it. Jacob and the          century. – by Eldora Pederson
Prodigal penetrates even more deeply,
with Bailey’s intention being “to            Attend the book signing in the church
examine carefully the way in which           library on Sunday, March 1, between
Jesus takes the great saga of Jacob and      morning worship services. Margaret
reflects it in a new story composed with     White will speak and read from her
himself at its center…not as a different     newly published book, 18 LIVES: THE
Jacob, but as a transformed figure of the    ADVENTURES OF SAM AND EMIL.
father (Isaac)”, Bailey in the Preface.      Laughs and chuckles are guaranteed!
These two books contain so much meat
for study one reading is not enough, but     LIBRARY BOARD MEMBERS AND
already they have transformed my             VOLUNTEERS: Rachel Braun, Jean
understanding of this very important         Bussell, Melody Charno, Helen Harvey,
parable. They are most worthy of your        Janet Jenkins, Trudy Lalonde, Lois
reading time. – by Trudy Lalonde             Larsen, Vi Nixon, Ann Marie Rahfeldt,
                                             Trudy Rittenhouse, Caralee Rupprecht,
UNCLE TOM’S CABIN (1851/1981) by             Merry VanDeusen, Eldora Pederson -
Harriet Beecher Stowe is one of the best-    chair
known books in the world. In this year
of the bicentennial of Abraham
Lincoln’s birth, there is renewed interest
in the novel because of the comment
Lincoln reportedly made to Stowe upon

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