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Executive Member for Regeneration & Culture

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                                   WEDNESDAY, 25TH JUNE 2003


Beacon Open Day

As part of Middlesborough’s year as a Beacon Council for Neighbourhood Renewal, our third
and final Beacon event took place at Macmillan Learning Centre on Wednesday, 29th May
2003 (9.00 am until 3.30 pm). The event is being organised in conjunction with the
Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Trust – and the Middlesbrough Partnership.

The key theme for the event is ‘Communities Driving Neighbourhood Renewal’, and the
event will be resident led.

Delegates will have the opportunity of attending two of the three workshops: -


1. Youth Inclusion Project and Wider Youth Involvement. – this workshop will
   demonstrate how West Middlesbrough has engaged with excluded young residents and
   also how we are involving the wider young residents through Junior and Senior Youth
   Forums and representation on the West Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Trust Board.

2. Carter Park Development – this is a demonstration of how cross-generational working
   has now led to improvements to a green space for the enjoyment of the community. This
   workshop will go through how the project developed, the animated video produced about
   the project and a visit to the site.

d/executive member reports to council/2003/council 25.06.03/regeneration & culture 25.06.03     1
3. Easterside Community – an opportunity to learn how a once isolated community can be
   and has been transformed, by encouraging and directly involving the entire community,
   crossing age barriers, developing and supporting intergenerational co-operation and in so
   doing creating pride and a sense of ownership. The workshop will provide an insight into
   the community, why and how people became involved and the strategies used to
   overcome challenges in order to achieve success.

As well as the workshops, there will be keynote speaker/s (name/s to be confirmed) who will
talk about issues that affect the community and community organisations.

So far we have had an excellent response both locally and nationally.

Enterprise Academy

The major news since the last formal meeting is that the application for Single Programme
funding was successful, extending the Enterprise Academy’s operation until at least April

Complementing this core funding is revenue from the following sources:

LSC Co-financing             Riverside Reporters                               To Dec 03
Working Links                       R&C Schools                                To Aug 04
Stockton NRF                        NRF Schools                                To Apr 04

Bids are also currently being worked up after passing the first round for:

ESF                                    16+ Support                             To Apr 05
WMNDC                                  NDC Projects                            To Apr 05

A further expression of interest has been lodged with DfES to run ‘Enterprise Pathfinder’
projects with Middlesbrough & Stockton schools and bids are to come directly from the

The first priority is to expand the Enterprise Academy team sufficiently to cope with the
additional workload. Four positions have been advertised through ‘@t work Recruitment’, via
the council bulletins:

Administrative Assistant
YEW – Graduate Manager
YEW – Junior Business Brains Manager
YEW – R&C Schools

Further appointments will need to be made shortly for:

Mobile Unit Operative
Riverside Reporters Course Leader

d/executive member reports to council/2003/council 25.06.03/regeneration & culture 25.06.03   2
This obviously has an impact upon our physical space and we are currently exploring a
number of options. The ideal would be to have the Youth Engagement Workers team in an
area that lends itself to the preparation of materials and storage of pupil work. The current
favourite is the former St Francis Primary School in Whinney Banks, where we could convert
a classroom into suitable office / activity space.

                                                     Enterprise Academy

Courses continue to flourish with our current partner schools and organisations. New groups
this term include a group of 16+ students sourced from the successful ‘BT Football First’
project, and a cohort of ‘anxious pupils’ from Middlesbrough’s Stainsby Centre.

We have also benefited from some appealing venues for our classes this term, including the
Ayresome and Players’ Lounges at the stadium and the ‘Lion’s Den’ at the club’s community
centre in Eston. The environment continues to be an important factor in maintaining pupil
interest, a factor that should be further improved with the purchase of our mobile unit.

The Starship Enterprise should be ready for September’s courses and will provide us with the
‘halfway house’ that gives lessons a dedicated MFC feel without encountering the timetable
and transport problems that visits to the club create.

The scheme has been used for a number of case studies over recent weeks. The Journal
covered a lesson following a referral from ONE North East, OCR put us forward as an
example of good practice for a management seminar and Learn2Work included us in a report
on school projects conducted by the Image Group.

A follow-up visit has been arranged for Brian McCafferty, OFSTED’s Head of Curriculum
Advice and Inspection Division. He will observe lessons and talk to staff over two days in
mid-June. Similarly, OCR continues to advise us as we aim to gain ‘Direct Claim’ status. A
training and internal assessment session has been planned for June 12 th and our first cohort
of students should receive their certificates as a result of that day.

Anthony Emerson (Engagement Worker) and Michael Glenn (Enterprise Academy Project
Manager) attended residential training for the Prince’s Trust XL programme recently that will
allow us to be tutors on the two-year course to run in Macmillan College from September. This
is an exciting partnership as it allows the EA course to dovetail in to a range of other personal
development activities.

Finally, our pilot groups celebrated their success on the programme with a special event at
the Riverside Stadium recently. Students, parents and staff gathered with friends of the
Enterprise Academy for a short presentation where the guest of honour was Boro striker
Massimo Maccarone. We seem to be somewhat of a good luck charm for our players, as
following Szilard Nemeth’s improvement in form after helping out at our ‘Boro Boardroom’
competition, Maccarone scored two goals the following Saturday!

d/executive member reports to council/2003/council 25.06.03/regeneration & culture 25.06.03    3
Network of Intermediaries Events and Workshops

The Network of Intermediaries has secured £50,000 from the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund
for 2003-2004. This involves running 5 events and 3 workshops throughout the year. These
are planned to design and produce the marketing tools required to communicate all
membership services to the growing network and to their beneficiaries.

A “Dig for Gold” Fact Finder Event took place in early May. This gave the Network of
Intermediaries members an opportunity to find out what other members do, how they can help
each other and a chance to network with members they usually wouldn’t come in contact with.

Future events are:

   An Employers Awareness Event                           (9th July 2003)
   A General Networking Event                             (10th September 2003)
   A Happy Christmas Event                                (3rd December 2003)
   A End of Year Funds Event                              (17th March 2004)

A Jobs Directory and Website workshop will be taking place in early June. The aim of this
workshop is for the members to put together a jobs directory in conjunction with the Network
of Intermediaries website. The website aims to pull together best practice from all partners
via a password protected section but the site will be open to all, and hyper linked to partners
including Middlesbrough Council.

Future workshops are:

   Motivation ‘Training the Trainer’                      (15th October 2003)
   Matrix ‘Quality Standard for All’                      (14th January 2004)

Middlesbrough’s Community and Cultural Fund

This community grant scheme, administered by Adam Gray and Abdul Khan, continues to
meet every two months. At the 2nd June panel four grants were issued, totalling £14,000.

One grant of £3,000 enabled Cleveland College of Art and Design to open a temporary Art
Gallery in Middlesbrough Town Centre - using the new Psyche premises prior to its opening.
The Gallery displayed final year students’ work for three weeks, and was officially opened by
Ray Mallon, Mayor of Middlesbrough on 12th June.

Bicycle Recycling Centre

This initiative, bringing refugees and local young unemployed people together to refurbish and
recycle donated bicycles at a community premises continues to develop. A derelict premises
adjacent to the current centre is now being refurbished enabling expansion of the facility.

d/executive member reports to council/2003/council 25.06.03/regeneration & culture 25.06.03   4
Connecting Communities
Access to jobs and Services

Connecting communities’ main aim is to empower communities and enable them to have
greater access to, and influence, policy makers and service providers.

This project will advocate equality of access to opportunities and skill needs of those who
currently feel excluded from the labour market: in particular BME groups living in deprived
geographical wards in Middlesbrough.

Middlesbrough has a culturally diverse community of which 6.3% of the BME communities live
in the town centre wards; Ayresome, Gresham, North Ormesby, and Westbourne. 11.7%
from BME groups between ages 16-74 are unemployed. This is higher than the National
average. High levels of unemployment and variation in job opportunities can have a
detrimental impact in building cohesion.

Currently there are 900 asylum seekers, adults and children, living in and around
Middlesbrough; they come from around 55 different countries.
[Figures obtained from Asylum Seeker Unit]

Working to provide a better understanding between service providers and BME

        Complying with Middlesbrough’s Community Strategy 2002.

        Partnerships (Middlesbrough PCT*, One Voice Tees Valley, NISSAA Project,
         Becon, BME Network)
         To enhance existing skills and building confidences in BME groups

         * Middlesbrough PCT will be leading the project, creating work placements, shadowing,
         bursaries, and real jobs. Also, a number of individuals from BME groups with
         qualifications from their countries of origin should be provided with resources to enable
         them to convert these to British standards.

        Employer Forums
         To encourage employers to give opportunities to BME groups.

        Skills Shortage
         For example: under-representation of                                  BME            employees   in   construction.
         (Middlesbrough Council’s ‘Building Bureau’.)

        Developing equal access to employment for all sectors in communities.

        Understand current and future skill requirements for Tees Valley employers, (and
         encourage people to develop these skills.)

d/executive member reports to council/2003/council 25.06.03/regeneration & culture 25.06.03                               5
 Asylum Seeker Audit ( Teesside University)


The new arrangements with Tees Valley Regeneration co-ordinating progress have started to
operate with the lead taken by a specially appointed project director.

The first site in the reclaimed first 16ha (40 acre) will start on site in November this year.
Discussions are in progress with other potential developers,

Purchase by agreement continues in the older industrial area to the west of the Dock Basin.
A CPO is to be pursued as a back-up with ONE North East playing the lead.

The new grade separated junction at North Ormesby, which is led by the Council, will start on
site in September 2003.

A new project business plan has been prepared and the Master Plan is being updated to look
at the land along the river frontage and the relationship with St Hilda's.

Town Centre

Considerable progress is being made on the upgrading to Albert Road and Grange Road
following completion of the schemes in Corporation Road/Newport Road.

The improvement and extension proposals at Hill Street Centre are well advanced and
planning permission for the first stage of improvements to the Cleveland Centre have just
been submitted. Discussions are also underway with the owners of Captain Cook Square on
some improvement ideas. The important secondary shopping area in Linthorpe Road Central
has seen a boost with the opening of the new Psyche store in the former Uptons Building and
several other shop upgrades.

Garlands call centres continues its rapid expansion in Centre North East and now occupies
floors 12-16. Some 500 jobs have been brought to the town. Proposals for Teesside House
in Borough Road are expected shortly. Initiatives in relation to Gurney House and Zetland
House continue.

d/executive member reports to council/2003/council 25.06.03/regeneration & culture 25.06.03   6

Modernising Planning

I am pleased to report that the Council’s Planning and Development service was invited to
speak to delegates at a seminar organised by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister at
Gateshead on 22 May 2003. This was in recognition of its exemplary record over the years
and as a planning authority which meets the government’s requirements for modernising


Assessment of the Haltermann Chemical Plant’s application for variation of its planning
permission continues. This will achieve the removal of the ‘blight’ zone around the plant now
that the Health and Safety Executive’s positive comments have been received. In doing so it
will accelerate the imminent planning applications for new developments at Middlehaven and
North Ormesby.

Surplus Hospital Sites

The Poole Hospital residential development has commenced on site. This is a major
achievement in securing the future of the historic buildings (Grey Towers House) on the site
and the extensive parkland setting. Secondly, the Middlesbrough General Hospital planning
application for residential development has been submitted. This key development site is
attracting much local comment on the scheme and such comment will form part of Planning
and Development Committee’s consideration of the proposal in due course.

Middlesbrough Design Award

The preparations for the second Middlesbrough Design Award (2003) are well underway and
all the nominations have been made. This will be the subject of an award ceremony at the
Building Industry Forum in September, when the Council can recognise the contributions
made by the quality of recent new development in the town.

Electronic access to Planning and Building Control Material

The Planning and Development Service is to go on-line. Using Government, E-Government
money a portal is to be created that will allow access to service information using the Internet.
The public and Council departments will be able to use a dynamic viewing facility that gives
access to up to date information relating to both planning and building regulation applications.
Initially, access will be by the Council’s website but later people will have the option to use the
National Planning Portal.

d/executive member reports to council/2003/council 25.06.03/regeneration & culture 25.06.03      7
The North Ormesby Initiative:

Trinity Crescent - The proposals for Trinity Crescent redevelopment are currently going
through an intensive programme of community engagement. This started on 6 May 2003
with a meeting for Whickham Close residents and individual meetings for local groups and the
Steering Group to view the masterplanner’s initial ideas. A public exhibition was held from 27
May to June 3 which provided open access to the ideas being drawn up by the consultants.
Initial responses have been very positive with a high degree of satisfaction with the sketch
designs. Ideas from the community will be included in the scheme and a further round of
engagement is being organised once the masterplanner has drawn these together.

Tees Valley Housing Group - Tees Valley Housing Group has made a successful bid to the
Housing Corporation to fund the first phase of twenty units at Trinity Crescent with a grant of
c£970,000 in 2003-2004.        Discussions are continuing between the Council, the
masterplanner, Tees Valley Housing Group and private developers around the scale and mix
of the housing scheme.

Trinity Centre - Construction is progressing well on the Trinity Centre. It is currently
programmed to be completed by September 2003.

Medical Village - A planning application is anticipated to be submitted for the Medical Village
before the end of June. A presentation was given by the developers, Yttrium, to the North
Ormesby Initiative Steering Group, which was well received.

A66 - Following the granting of planning permission for the new A66 road junction at North
Ormesby five companies were invited in April 2003 to submit tenders. They are due to be
returned by the end of June and subject to approval by the development partners. The
commission could be awarded by the end of July, for construction to follow with a target for
completion of Autumn 2004.

Innovative Library Card for Middlesbrough!

As from 1 May 2003 we will be introducing an innovative new membership card for libraries
across Middlesbrough. It consists of two main parts, the credit card size library card and
what is called a key tag. The idea with the latter is for this to be put on a key ring, so hopefully
the borrower will have one or the other with them.

This will make it easier for people to use the library – you rarely leave the house without your
keys but can often forget the purse/wallet!

d/executive member reports to council/2003/council 25.06.03/regeneration & culture 25.06.03       8
Library Use on the Increase

Junior issues (those by 0 – 15 years) have risen by 11% on the previous year. Issues for the
Primary Link project libraries have risen by 53%. Total issues have declined by 3% - whilst
still a decline this is significant in that nationally the decline is by 11%. This represents a
significant increase in use of our libraries and library staff should be congratulated for their
hard work.

The introduction of free PC use – including access to the Internet – has also led to an
increase in overall visitor numbers. For the first three months of this year the PCs/Internet
were used for over 22,000 hours.

Music Live

Over 30,000 people attended this year’s Music Live event in the centre of town. Additional
funding support worth over 60K was raised from external sources towards the project this

Key partners involved in Music Live include: the Arts Council, University of Teesside, Re:
Generation, Studio 64, Isis Arts, Captain Cook Square, Culture North East, Stockton
Riverside College, Community Cohesion, Centre North East, Film Council, Radio Cleveland
and TFM.

The main event, held on bank holiday Monday, consisted of 9 stages (including a new major
town centre stage) which hosted a diverse range of music including Rock, Pop, Jazz and
Country. Internationally famous headline bands included ‘Reef’, ‘Junior Senior’ and Steve
Harley, the programme for the day being organised by local promotions agency, ’10 Feet Tall

This year’s Music Live also included:

   a week long fringe festival of 9 events operated in partnership with Stockton, involving
    both local and international bands visiting a diverse range of venues across the area
   a programme of classic music films (19th – 23rd May)
   the ‘Big M’, an inflatable mobile gallery that showcased a range of international digital and
    video artists
   ‘Soundbeam’, a visual and digital arts installation that enabled participants to compose
    music and sound pieces triggered through movements

A grant form Arts Council North East has also made it possible to expand the one-day event
into a longer programme entitled ‘Music’s Living’. A programme of ‘Music’s Living’ events will
last throughout the summer and into December, with bi-monthly music promotions of major
events, also including:

d/executive member reports to council/2003/council 25.06.03/regeneration & culture 25.06.03    9
   ‘The VyBE’ - a pilot music and arts festival throughout July on the theme of community
    cohesion, celebrating the positive contribution that young people make to the cultural life
    of the town (grants of £400 are being prioritised for ‘excluded’ groups)
   ‘A World of Music’ – lunchtime concerts from June to September promoting world music,
    with additional world music concerts included in other town events e.g. the Christmas

Plans are in progress to continue this expansion of Music Live as a longer programme of
activity, profiling the town as a seat of musical activity at a variety of levels: from
performances by top artists to opportunities for learning new skills.
Music Live achieved national recognition this year, including features on the BBC and NME
websites, Radio One and a listing in The Times. The Music Live website received a record
number of hits.

Following the production of the draft Tees Valley Vision, an exercise is currently underway to
compile the programme which will underpin the delivery of the Vision. This exercise is
looking for detailed projects for the next five years and more indicative ideas between 2008
and 2018. A number of services are contributing to this exercise which is being led by the
Economic Regeneration team. In addition, a report has recently been presented to both
CMT and Executive Board on the current situation with the Tees Valley Vision. This will also
be considered by Middlesbrough Partnership and in view of the significance of this work, the
Chair of the Scrutiny Board has requested that the report be referred to a joint meeting of the
Regeneration and Culture Scrutiny Panel and the Overview and Scrutiny Board, also involving
non-executive Members of the Council.

                                   COUNCILLOR BOB KERR

d/executive member reports to council/2003/council 25.06.03/regeneration & culture 25.06.03   10

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