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					                       Create Your Globaloria Personal Blog
   In this lesson you will learn how to set up your own blog, write your first blog entry, and add a link to your
blog on your Profile. We will use because it is free, runs from your Google account,
and is well supported.Set Up a Blog Account
    1.   Login to your Google
         Account. Remember to always login to
         Google at the beginning of every
         Globaloria class!
    2.   Go to
    3.   Click on the orange button that says
         "CREATE A BLOG."
    4.   Enter your information. Because you are
         already logged in to g-mail through, Blogger will know your e-
         mail and name. You will be asked to
         choose a DISPLAY (or author) name.
         This Blog ID should be the same as your
         Globaloria User Name.
    5.   Accept the terms of service and click Continue.
    6.   Once you complete this process, you'll be able to log in to Blogger with your Gmail address and
         password. You will use these each time you want to login to your blog.
    7.   Name the Blog by using your Blog ID (Globaloria User Name) as the URL of your blog. Before you
         continue, click "check availability." If the URL is unavailable, that means another Globaloria student
         with your first name has already signed up for an account. Add a "1" to the end of your Globaloria Blog
         ID in your URL (ex. RachelGlobaloria2011-1). If that still doesn't work, add a "2" and so on until you
         find an available URL. Give your Blog a title as well (making sure the title does not reveal your
    8.   Next, choose a style template for your blog. You
         can always change the style, so select any template
         for now. You can also change colors, arrangement,
         background picture, etc. as you later have time.
    9.   Your blog has now been created. Click on the
         orange arrow to start blogging.
                                                                         Create Your First Blog Entry
   1. Title. Give the blog entry a title that will
      help people know what you're writing
   2. Blog content. For your very first blog
      entry, write about what you hope to do in
      the Globaloria course. What kind of game
      will you make? What are you most
      excited or scared about?
   3. Keywords. You can type in keywords
      like "game, Flash, West Virginia"". This
      will help people looking for blogs on
      those topics to find your blog.
   4. Publish. Click "Publish Post" to publish.
      Click "Save" if you want to keep a draft
      version but not publish it yet.
   5. Confirmation. Congratulations, you're a
Create Your Globaloria Personal Blog                                                                     Page 2
       blogger! The confirmation screen let's you know that what you have just written has now been published
       to the internet. Now you can view your blog, create another entry, or edit the current entry.
View Your Blog
   1. View the Blog homepage by clicking View Post.
   2. You should be able to see the following:
       Blog Title: This was the title you gave the blog page in step 3 of Create Account.
       Posting Date: This shows when you posted and any and all postings you have done on that date.
       The Post: This is the post you just wrote. It also includes the author's name if more than one person
         is able to write to that post. This also includes the time the post was written.
       Labels: The labels (keywords) you created for the blog post are now links. If you click on one of the
         words, it will then show you all blog postings that share that label.
       Followers: Here, your readers can "follow" you to see your blog appear in their dashboard.
       Archive: The Archive lists all of your blog entries. People who visit your blog can see what has been
         posted and when.
       About Me: Here people can see your Blogger profile. (Filling in the profile is optional; just
         remember to keep safe.)
                                                                        Managing Your Blog Settings
    It is extremely important you follow these steps to
make the nuts and bolts of your Blog run smoothly
throughout your Globaloria experience and to protect
your privacy.
    1. Access Settings
          Visit your Blogger Dashboard. You can
            always access your dashboard by clicking
            the orange "B" in the upper left hand corner
            of your blog, or going to the URL
          Click on Settings.
    2. The first tab under Settings you'll be sent to is called "Basic."
          Please do NOT change the title or add a description for
            your blog.
          Scroll down the page until you see these two questions,
            “Add your blog to our listings?” and “Let search engines
            find your blog?” Select NO for each.
          Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Settings"
    3. Comment Notification
          To receive an e-mail when someone comments on your blog, click on the "Comments" tab under
          Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your Gmail where it says "Comment Notification Email."
            If you would also like to be notified at a different e-mail account, separate all addresses (up to 10)
            with a comma.
          Click "Save Settings."
                                                                           Set up your Google Reader
    A Google Reader is a management system for all the blogs you read. It is an important part of keeping track
of blogs, and managing information online. The Reader will keep track of the new posts on all the blogs you
read, and mark an "inbox" when a blog is updated.
    1. Login to Google through your account by typing in your username and
    2. Go to:
Create Your Globaloria Personal Blog                                                                      Page 3
   3. Click on "Add a subscription", type in the URL of the blog you'd like to add and click "Add"
   4. Add as many blogs as you'd like to keep up with. We will be watching all the blogs from this class. You
      may want to add the blogs of other Globaloria classes also.
   5. Organize these blogs in folders by clicking "Manage subscriptions"
   6. Click "Add to Folder" next to a blog. Add it to an existing folder or click "New Folder..." and create a
      new one.
   7. Click "Back to Google Reader" near the top of the screen.
   8. You now have clearly labeled folders to organize your blogs.
                                            Set Up Your Blogroll to Connect with Other Blogs
    A blogroll is a list of links to blogs you like to read, and recommend to your own readers. This is a great
way to keep up with your favorite bloggers and send "traffic" to
their blogs.
    1. To set up a blogroll, go into your "dashboard" by
        logging into your account in, or by
        clicking "customize" in the upper right hand corner of
        your blog page.
    2. Once you are in the Layout section, click on the page
        element: "Add a Gadget."
    3. Scroll down the list of Basic Gadgets until you see
        "Blog List". Click the plus sign to add it.
                                                      4. Give your bloglist a title such as "WHS Blogs" or
                                                         "Globaloria Blogs" (depending on the subject matter of
                                                         the blogs you're linking to), then click on "Add to List".
                                                      5. You can add an individual blog URL, or you can select
                                                         "Import subscriptions from Google Reader" to add many
                                                         blogs at once.
                                                      6. Be sure to hit Save before you close the Bloglist Gadget

   7. Add more than one section to your blogroll by going through
      these steps again (for example, you can have a list of "WHS
      Blogs" as one blogroll, and another list under the title "Friends’
      Blogs" and so on. Add as many blogrolls as you'd like!).
   8. Be sure to add all the blogs of your Globaloria classmates.
                                                  Update the Wiki
Update your Wiki Profile page with a link to your new Blog by going to your profile and look for the line in the
Personal info section that says "Your Blog:"
 1.    Click the edit tab
 2.    Click on the little globe in the row of buttons above the edit space to get the hyperlink format template.
 3.    Replace the example URL with your blog URL and the "link name" text with the name of your blog.
 4.    Save!
                                                                                                    Have Fun!
   Be creative with your blog. Add gadgets, customize the layout, and personalize your content. This is YOUR
space online. Have fun with it! Visit the Globaloria Guide to Blogging (http://www.globaloriaguidetoblogging. for more on writing great blogs.

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