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									Online English Tutoring Instructions, Spring 2007

Students at CSI’s main campus in Twin Falls can get free tutoring help with their writing
assignments by visiting the English Help Desk in the Learning Assistance Center. This semester,
the LAC and the English Department are offering an online version of that service to a select
number of students.

The online tutor can work with only a limited number of students a week, so you’ll need to sign
up for an appointment well ahead of time. The tutor reviews papers on Monday, Wednesday
and Friday afternoons, and returns papers to students on those days by 5:00 pm.

To use the online tutor, you will need
    reliable access to your CSI student e-mail account
    to be able to send your essay as an attachment
    to schedule the tutoring at least two days in advance of when you need the tutor’s

These are the steps for using the online English tutor:
    From your CSI student e-mail account, send a message to the tutor at requesting an appointment. In the subject line of the message, type
       “Tutoring Appointment.” In the body of the message, indicate the date by which you
       would like your paper returned. Remember that you need to schedule the tutoring at least
       two days in advance of when you need the feedback. For example, if you need your paper
       by Wednesday, you need to schedule the appointment on the Monday before. Be sure to
       sign your name and include your student ID number. If you send your message before
       2:00 p.m., the tutor will respond that day. If you send your message after 2:00 p.m., the
       tutor will respond the following day.
    Be sure to check your e-mail account for the tutor’s response.
    Once you and the tutor have agreed upon an appointment time, send your paper as an e-
       mail attachment. It’s best if you send either MS Word or *rtf (Rich Text File)
       documents. (See the instructions below for converting files to Rich Text Format.)** In
       the body of the e-mail, include a brief description of the assignment (the more specific
       you can be, the better the tutor can help you), and up to three SPECIFIC questions or
       concerns you have about the paper.
    Check your e-mail account for the tutor’s response, and feel free to respond back to the
       tutor if you have further questions.

Please note that the tutor will not proofread or edit assignments.

Instructions for converting a file to Rich Text Format

   1. ** From the “File” drop-down menu, choose “Save As.” In the drop-down menu next to
      the “Save as Type” box, choose Rich Text Format (*.rtf).
   2. Make sure that your filename doesn’t have two extensions, or periods, like this: .doc.rtf.
      If it does, it won’t come through when you send your e-mail. The filename should have
      only one extension: *.rtf.

To read more about what to expect from a tutoring session, visit the English Department’s Web

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