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					                                       Max Marmer
Admitted to Stanford. Class of 2014.

- Founder, Force For the Future; a startup for startups working on creating new models and tools to enable
entrepreneurs to more easily find what they need, collaborate, and share lessons learned.
         Established partnerships with student entrepreneurship groups at Stanford, Berkeley and Santa
Clara, Ashoka Youth Ventures, Sandbox Network, Entrepreneurs Organization, Maverick Business
Adventures, and Supercool School. (2009)

- Youngest member in the inaugural year of Palomar5— a 6 week Innovation Camp in Berlin sponsored by
Deutsche Telekom for 30 international young people under 30. Palomar5’s goal is to help design and build
the future of the working environment. (Fall 2009)

- StartingBloc Fellow. StartingBloc educates, inspires and connects emerging leaders to drive social
innovation across sectors. (2010).

- Ambassador for Supercool School’s Startup School and Sandbox Network. (Fall 2009)

- Consultant for SA5 Media; a startup working to integrate a modern news platform with a social network. I
consulted with them about the startup landscape, digital culture and engaging young people. (Summer

- Intern at The Institute for the Future. Worked on various projects including Signitific, Superstruct, Global
Lives. Started the Youth Action Research Network (Jun 2008 - Sep 2008)

- Member of the Leadership Council for YouthNoise—focusing on marketing, social media, website
design, and strategies to increase youth engagement. (2009)

-Founder, Technology Club at Lick-Wilmerding High School. Successfully lobbied for a Director of
Technology. Wrote a successful Grant for Laser Cutter. The club visited a number of professional and
technical operations including the Computer Human Interaction Lab at Stanford, the SETI Project at UC
Berkeley, Squid Labs, and Google. (2006-2008)
- Designed and built solar lanterns for the developing world. Junior project, Lick-Wilmerding High School.

- World Future Society Panelist. Spoke at Education Summit (2008). Spoke on “How Youth Can Change
The World by Making Education More Entrepreneurial” (2009).
- Accepted as member of Sandbox Network. Sandbox is a global community of hand-selected young
achievers and innovators under 30.
- Accepted Member of TEDxSF – The local San Francisco TED Community
- Attended the annual all day officer training for Stanford’s Student Entrepreneurship (BASES) group.
- Invited to Startup2Startup. An exclusive event for rising entrepreneurs in San Francisco who are paired
with entrepreneurial veterans, investors and mentors in dinner groups.
- Admitted to the Alliance Youth Network for 2009-2010 —A national organization training young leaders
from America’s leading youth organizations.
- Profiled in book by Duke Professor Carl Nordgren on Creatively Entrepreneurial Young People; in
production. (2009)
- Participated in planning meetings on the future of Humanity Plus and a new Long-Term Philanthropy
Initiative. Humanity Plus is an organization that explores how technology will exponentially enhance the
human condition. The Long-Term Philanthropy initative aims to make it attractive to invest in projects and
research with huge return on investment but longer time horizons than the traditional 5-10 year investment
cycle. (2009)
- Only high school student who participated in Singularity University Curriculum Planning Meeting, which
had representatives from NASA and Stanford’s MSE, Bio X and STVP departments. I also volunteered in
the office the week before the University started. (2009)
- Only high school student to participate in first Silicon Valley Node meeting for the Millennium Project at
SRI—discussed their involvement with Force For the Future
The Millennium Project is an international and institutionally dispersed think tank that assists in organizing
futures research by continuously updating and improving humanity's thinking about the future. (2009)
- High School Panelist at SD Forum’s Teens in Technology conference (2009)
- Attended nanotechnology course at Summer @ Brown University (2007)

- Helped Maverick Business Adventures organize their Young Entrepreneurs Workshop in San Francisco,
connecting them with entrepreneurship organizations that support underprivileged youth such as BUILD,
Young Entrepreneurs at Haas, Future Leadership Institute and others.
- Participated on organizing team for 3 conferences: WeekendApps, Startup Weekend, and SD Forum’s
Teens in Tech (2009)
 - Volunteered at Convergence. Convergence is an unconference on biotechnology, nanotechnology,
cognitive technology and information technology. (2008)
- Worked for Democratic presidential campaigns during the election (2004)
- Volunteered for Heifer International (2005)

Independent Learning
Books Read
The last few years in non-fiction:
- The Dip, Writing Tools, How to Change the World, LifeManual, Turning Learning Right Side Up, Never
Eat Alone, Tribes, You Call the Shots, Authentic Happiness, The Magic of Thinking Big, Outliers, Nudge,
Four Hour Workweek, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Execution: The Discipline of Getting
Things Done, Finding Flow, Black Swan, Blink, Fab, Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be
Persuasive, Letter to a Christian Nation, Getting Things Done, On Intelligence, I Am A Strange Loop,
Freakonomics, The Art Of Social Networking, I Am a Strange Loop, The Power of Full Engagement, Get
There Early, Presentation Zen, Valley Boy, A Whole New Mind, Atlas Shrugged, Discover Your Inner
Economist, Blink, Jack: Straight from the Gut, Personal Power II, My Startup Life, What We Believe But
Cannot Prove, Tao of Physics, Stumbling on Happiness, Think and Grow Rich, The Singularity is Near,
The Power of Now, The Age of Spiritual Machines, Philip K. Dick Reader, Metamorphosis, How to Win
Friends & Influence People, Decoding the Universe, Programming the Universe, How the Universe Got It’s
Spots, How the Mind Works, The Psychology of Achievement, iWoz, Johnny Bunko, The Pentagon’s New

Events I’ve Attended (Since Summer 2008)
Foresight: Singularity University Panel on Humanity’s Grand Challenges, Supernova's The Big Shift,
Millennium Project State of the Future Address, Convergence Café at Nasa Ames, IFTF’s Technology
Horizons, Long Now Seminars, O’Reilly’s ETech, World Future Society, BIL, Singularity Summits,
Future Salon, Convergence, Media X Lectures, Overcoming Bias Meetup, BioBarCamp.

Entrepreneurship: Tech Crunch 50, Hub SF Social Entrepreneurship Events, Crowdsourcing for Social
Good, Craigslist NonProfit Bootcamp, Silicom Ventures, SFNewTech, Microsoft’s BizSpark Mixer, The
Crunchies, Tech Crunch August Capital Mixer, Social Bootcamp, Startup Weekend,
SuperHappyDevHouse, Teens in Tech, Eben Pagan's 5 Day Seminar on Business Leadership, Macworld
Expo, Weekend Apps,
Other: Palomar5, Burning Man, Quantified Self, Maker Faire, Learning Irregulars, Focus Catalyst
Brainstorming Salons, Unclasses.

- TEDTalks & Pop!Tech (Watched over 250)
- Accelerating Change 2004 & 2005 (Listened to over 50 Talks)

Academic Achievements – High School
SAT: 2160 Critical Reading: 720 Mathematics: 730 Writing: 710
SAT Subject Tests Mathematics Level 2: 780 Physics: 710
National Merit Scholar Commended Student, AP Scholar
Average at Lick-Wilmerding High School

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