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					Introduction Changing IPs Multiple e-mail accounts Multiple PayPal emails Money-making sites Filling surveys That’s it!...almost Withdrawing funds


A lot of beginners need to make some quick cash to start with bigger ventures. This eBook will teach you how to make anywhere between $5 and $25 a day with zero initial investment. Before we start, I would like to make clear what this book involves: It involves using proxies(will be taught) It involves having multiple email accounts and multiple paypal accounts It involves 1-2 hours of work each day It involves filling out surveys with manipulated information

Here is what the book does NOT involve: Initial investment Clicking on ads Other slow, boring stuff
NOTE: The author is in no way affiliated with any of the websites mentioned in this eBook. They have been noted only for your reference. You are free to look up alternatives on a search engine. NOTE: You may not resell or redistribute this eBook without express permission of the author.

(use any one of the following methdos) 1. HideMyIP HideMyIP is a utility that will hide your online identity by faking your IP. You can download the 14 day trial which is enough to start with. You may buy a one year standard yearly license for $30, but it is not required at the moment. You will probably have made a lot more than $30 in the next 14 days and you can reinvest that amount into buying a license. Using HideMyIP is extremely simple and intuitive. Here is what it will look like:

Changing IP

I have, of course, covered my IP. All you have to do is click on the ‘Hide My IP’ button.

2. FireFox With FireFox, you do not need any utility to hide your IP. First, search for a proxy list. You will find a list updated daily at For more, do a Google search for “proxy list” or “socks proxies”. Remember to look for anonymous proxies, not transparent ones.

When you have a list, open FireFox, go to tools>options>advanced. You will see a ‘network’ tab. Click on it. Go to settings. Here is what you screen should look like now:

Go to Manual Proxy Configuration. If it is a HTTP proxy enter it in the HTTP field. If it is a SOCKS proxy enter it in the SOCKS field and select the correct version. This will be mentioned in the proxy list. Enter the correct port. Remember, many proxies won’t work. Don’t get disappointed if 9 out of 10 proxies don’t work. To make the IP changing process easier or faster, you can install the foxyproxy add-on. You won’t need the premium version. The free version is good enough.

3. TOR Go to and download their software. It is pretty straightforward to use. Unfortunately, it refused to run smoothly on my outdated computer. So I cannot show you screenshots for it. But it should be pretty simple and self-explanatory. You shouldn’t have any difficulties in using it.

With this done, you have now hidden your IP. It is not time to create multiple email accounts and paypal ids. The next page will take you through the process.

Multiple E-Mail IDs
It does not matter where you create the email ids. Use gmail, yahoo or hotmail. Which ever you prefer. You do not have to write your real details while create email ids. You are not going to use them in any case. Keep in mind, you have to change proxies every time you create 2 or 3 email accounts on one site. Since we are working with limited number of proxies, create 2 email accounts on each site- Google, yahoo and hotmail, and any other site you would like with one IP. Once you have done that, switch IPs and repeat the process. Note down all the email ids and the passwords in a file.

Multiple Paypal E-Mails
PayPal allows you to legally own two accounts- one personal type and one premier or business type. So open one of each type if you don’t have them already. What is useful about paypal is that it will allow you to have eight email ids per account. This means that for any of the eight email ids that the payment is sent to, the money reaches the same account. Use the email ids you created earlier and add 7 fake emails ids to each account. You will have to validate those email ids. In case you don’t know how to go about this, here are some screenshots:

When you click on “add email”, the new screen will look something like this:

Click on “Add”

Just enter the email id and verify it. Done! So, with two PayPal accounts, you have 16 emails. If you think those are not enough, use proxies and create more fake PayPal accounts with fake details. However, ensure that when you create a fake account, do not enter a US address. Otherwise you will have to verify it before u can send out any money.

Once you have done that, it is time to proceed. Go to the next page.

Money-Making sites!
One of the best sites I found was They seem to have tonnes of offers that you can exploit. Also note They will have at least one survey for you every day, for $1. With 5 PP accounts, that amounts to $5. And that just with one site. Other sites you could go through are,, etc. I haven’t tried out these two sites myself, though. To find more, you can use Google for terms like “best GPTs” or “no minimum payout GPTs”. We prefer sites with no minimum payout so we can cash out fast and disappear.

I cannot stress enough that you have to keep using proxies every time you visit one of these sites. Be very careful with prizelive. If they find you changing IPs constantly, you will get banned automatically. So when you are logged in to one account on PrizeLive, do not change IPs. My first test account got banned within 5 minutes. I guess they didn’t like it when I reached from US to UK in less than 4 seconds…. is comparatively less strict. I have often used different IPs for the same paypal address.

Filling Surveys
The initial set-up part is complete. Now it is time to start taking surveys. Continue using IPs. I will give you a quick run-though of how to go about filling surveys. Obviously, you aren’t going to reveal your real information while filling out surveys. Therefore you need fake info. You already have tonnes of fake email ids. But what about phone numbers? Addresses? Zip codes? There is one site I have found very useful while filling out surveys: It has a directory of every state in the US. Every time you need fresh information, do a random search for a completely random name and city. Copy the phone number, zip code, address or anything else you would need. Don’t worry about the poor dude you are ripping off. They probably won’t call him/her anyway. During surveys they will often ask you questions that only locals would know the answer to. Questions like which is your favorite restaurant or which school did you go to. The answers to these can easily be found with a simple google search. For example, if you have claimed to be from Texas, and they ask you which school you went to, do a google search for “schools in texas” and copy-paste the first result.

That’s it!...almost
Once you fill out your first survey, the rest will be pretty easy. The initial surveys will take you about 10-15 minutes, but once you get used to them you will be able to complete them in less than 2 minutes each. The first survey on DollarSurveys will probably be from edurg, or Education Research Group. I have completed that one more than 4 times! Here is the payment I received each time:

Again, that is only from DollarSurveys for completing one survey, that took me about 1 minute. Be on the watch out for optional fields, and keep skipping them. You won’t receive more payment for wasting your time on them. Oh, and by the way, Samuel Jones is not my name. After you complete the edurg survey successfully, you will be invited to register on their own sites, which will have even more surveys. I would recommend trying that out. Besides, you get $5 bonus for signing up. Minimum cash out is $25, however.

Keep creating new paypal accounts and keep taking surveys! Rinse and repeat, as they say. There is only one more thing you need to know now, and it is the most important. How to take out the money spread over different Paypal accounts. Turn the page.

Withdrawing funds
If you have two legitimate accounts on paypal, withdrawing/using the funds shouldn’t be a problem. However, you should read this section if you have created fake accounts. It is obvious that PayPal isn’t run by dumb kids. If you create multiple accounts from public proxies, do not validate them, and pour all the money into one account immediately, they will get suspicious. Do not pour all the money into your account immediately. Instead let it stay in the fake accounts for some time. You can transfer them at seemingly random times, and in random amounts. The best thing would be to use it for something else, of course. If you want to buy a domain, buy it with one of your fake accounts. Or maybe do some shopping on eBay. The best way to withdraw would be to keep the money in the fake accounts. Transfer all the money from different accounts to any one fake account at seemingly random times. Then transfer the money to your original account later. Try it out yourself, and good luck.

Ragards, BoxieBlue

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