PowerHouse Dance Company Application by itOvFnM


									                               PowerHouse Dance
                             Company Application

Application must be turned in to PowerHouse Dance two days before audition dates..

Dancer’s Name_________________________________________________________________

Audition Time______________________________

Age at time of audition.__________________________ Birth date_________________________

Parent’s Names__________________________________________________________________

Home Phone Number_______________________________ (mom/dad) Circle One or Both

Cell Phone Number________________________________ (mom/dad) Circle One

How many routines do you wish your dancer to be a part of? Each Company member is
required to be in at least 3 routines including Production. (1-?) ________________
PHD will invite you to be in different routines. The number you write down does not ensure
                          your placement in that number of routines.

I, ___________________________________, (parent’s name) understand the time and financial
commitment that being a part of PowerHouse Dance’s Company involves. By signing
below I understand that if I or my dancer fail to abide by the rules of the Company
that my dancer and will be pulled from PowerHouse Dance’s Company.

________________________________________              _______________
    (Parent or Legal Guardian Signature)                            Date

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