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									What Is The Use Of Pool Pump?

Pool pumps are a must for every swimming pool as it the main machine pumping water and
allow it to use. It also facilitates easy cleaning. Pool pumps save electricity and time. These pool
pumps ease the cleaning process and assure safety as it stirs water and keeps the risk of building
up bacteria away. It comes with a skimmer basket that facilitates filter process. This is because of
the pool pumps that the swimming is enjoyable and helps in keeping your pool clean all day.

Intelliflo pump offers high performance and is the smartest pool pump. It has intelligent software
that automatically programs and calculates the flow requirement for each pool and does the task
of heating, filtering, spa jets, cleaning, water features and also optimizes performance, thereby
reduces the use of energy. Intelliflow pump maintains optimal flow rates and self-adjusts to
further energy savings. The excellent features are:

      Automatic monitor that facilitates adjust of flow rates that optimizes performance,
       decreases energy consumption up to 90%.
      Permanent magnet motor design that assures silent operation.
      Compatible with Easy Touch, IntelliTouch and SunTouch control systems.
      IntelliFlo has built-in diagnostics protecting overheating and voltage irregularities
      Sturdy on board
      NSF certified and CE certified.

Saving factor

Standard pool pumps consume the same energy as other home appliances costing over $1000
annually. IntelliFlo pumps come in variable speed that typically cuts the energy costs to nearly
85%. It practically saves nearly half the amount and operates at 1/6th horsepower, utilizing nearly
200 watts of energy. The result is low electric expense and saving and this is possible as this is
the fundamental pump law of Intelliflo pumps. The pool pumps objective is running a pump such
that it allows water to flow through filter and to avoid 24 hours ultraviolet disinfection systems.

Intelliflow pumps take advantage of its fundamental law. The secret to minimize the energy costs
of the pump is done by operating at the minimal flow rate so that the need is accomplished. The
resistance in the accessories, filter and plumbing system is low. However, even if the pump is at
a low flow rate, the pump is efficient. Reducing the speed of motor to half of its regular speed
helps in reducing power to 1/8th of its actual consumption at higher speed. The pool pumps of
Intelliflow pumps take a new approach offering quietest pumps with enclosed fan cooled design,
magnet motors, low stress on components and produces less heat.

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