Anti Money Laundering (PDF) by Shymand


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									  Anti Money Laundering
Anti Money Laundering.
Political Corruption.
Terrorist Financing
Anti Corruption.
Financial Corruption.
 Fraud Detection
Advanced Fraud Detection.
Fraud Detection.
Credit cards.
Fraud in Politics.
Online fraud.
    Identity Resolution
•   Identity Resolution.
•   Identity Resolution & Similarity Search.
•   Research With Social Relationship.
•   Anonymous Data Resolution.
•   Identity Never Come Back After left.
 Facebook for Kids
Facebook is the part
of social network site,
And its related site are
Orkut, Twitter         etc.
Social networking site has become a hobby
  of every youngest children. There are lot
  of traffic in this root.

Cyberbullying is the bullying that is the lake place online,
The Cyberbullying bad affect in the youngest children,
They also find to internet for using to social network site,
More time its heart to them.
 Parental Control Software

Now a days who don’t know to social network site, There
are lot of traffic and mostly the youngest are using to
these site, For the parents have to need best internet
control software than they can secure to their children.
And they can save to their children form here.

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