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					                   How to Choose a Free Home Design Software
Free home design software makes it easy for you to set up a room, kitchen, living room or
perform online landscaping. Instead of relying on paper sketches, these free apps give you a
detailed look of the place. Some even let you walk around the house.

Where to Find Free Design Programs

You can find these apps online. You can look the programs up in a search engine. However,
you need to make sure the app is really free. Some of the so-called free programs are really
trial software. Make sure also your computer meets the system requirements of the

What Features Should I Look for?

Free home design software should have the following components. Not all of the programs
will have them, but look for the one that has most if not all of the following.

There should be tutorials (online and offline). The most advanced design programs are useless
if you can’t understand how it works. There should also be online help. A forum dedicated to
the program will also be helpful. This way you can get advice from other people who use the

Sample files should be included, as well as house / room templates and some house wizards.
The wizards function like the ones in Microsoft Word. They aid you in designing a project.


Photos of home interiors and exteriors should be included. Libraries of furnishings, cabinets
and appliances must also be part of the program. A cabinet designer tool is vital. The app
must give you the option to select various wall colors, floorings and paint / stain finishes.

Program Tools

A good design program will let you move walls, doors and other parts. Multiple views are a
must. 3D glasshouse, 2D and dollhouse views are the most crucial. A blueprint view would be
nice also.

The design program should have landscaping and terrain tools. Foundation set up tools,
framing, roofing and automated stairway generation will be nice also. Addition of elements
like gardens, pools, driveways and decks must be easy to do.

Equally important would be a spreadsheet that totals the costs. Aside from a cost calculator, it
must also have a tool for determining the amount of material needed. The ability to determine
how much cement or lumber is needed is usually found in high end apps. However, there are
some free design apps that can do this now.

Tips and Warnings
Give yourself some time to learn the software. The more feature laden the app, the more time
it will take to learn how to use.

If you want to build your dream home but don’t where to start, free home design software can
help. It will give you a good idea of how the house will look.


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Description: Designing your dream house is easier than ever thanks to home design programs. While some apps cost a lot of money, some of these programs are actually free. If you are going to use free home design software, several factors have to be addressed.