Three files included
Smittys_black_stallions_HSC.rwp = Requires all DLC mentioned above
Smittys_black_stallions_HSC_AMTKprr.rwp = Requires all but Amfleets to play.
Smittys_black_stallions_HSC_DEFAULT.rwp = Requires only DEFAULT stock.

Scenario list:

Bring on the power

Bring some refreshed power from the test tracks out to a waiting outbound. Before you return
please bring a few locos back to the test tracks for pre service inspections.

Cresson Local

Use your pair of SD40-2s to complete a few pickups in the Cresson area. Once you have all the
loads make your way to Altoona.

Dash 9s on time...

This morning you will run a heavy mixed manifest from Altoona to Johnstown. Keep your
speed up as you climb the hill to avoid major delays. You must be in Johnstown for 12:10.

Johnstown jockey

Work a few of the local industries in the Johnstown area. You will be running the branch line
to Picardi Gravel today.

NS coal drag

Start with 4 engines and add 2 more before you head out around the curve. You will use your
sander and pull against the brakes several times. This is a heavy train so keep it under control.

NOTE: The easier version is the same run but with 50 less loads. The 105 car drag is very
hard. If you use even a bit too much throttle you could get the “consist tilt” error or “player
train derailed”. The slack action makes it very tuff to get this train moving and even harder to
stop. Work the throttle, brakes and sand at the same time to get off to a smooth start. Use extra
caution when baking up to collect your helpers. SAVE often with this run. Also while going
around the curve aim for 25mph with a about 10 percent train brake applied and 10 percent
throttle. This should keep the train tight and avoid any crashes. It can be done in one run but
trust me, you will curse my name while you try.

Pennsylvanian to Altoona

Today you will run an Amtrak passenger service direct from Johnstown to Altoona PA. Keep
an eye on the signals and traffic. The rails are wet so allow extra stopping time. Keep to the
track speeds so you are not late but be careful.

Pennsylvanian to Johnstown

Run a direct service from Altoona to Johnstown at the controls of Amtrak’s Pennsylvanian
service. Move safely and swiftly or you will be late.

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