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			 launched new crystal
            large hole beads
Guess what new lines we have brought for this summer?

it’s Crystal Roundel Large Hole Beads. The first sight at these beads, I am

completely infatuated with splendors colors and shinning effect reflected

by facets of precisely cut and polished.

Solid colored crystal roundel large hole beads are calm and gorgeous

while transparent ones are breezy and energetic. You can also see them

in AB plated effect and special effect. The most beautiful kinds I want to

recommended are those with assorted and mix colors. Unlike solid color

ones, any one is different from each other even though they are in the

same category. The combine of the colors and the new manufacture

craft all create a brand-new look on them.

All together 50 colors and 100 beads on your choice!!
Be the first to add them to your jewelry design and it’s really good

treasure that worth you to belong with.

Don’t forget to use our coupon “FlowerMe” to save 10% for your order.

It’s only three days left before it goes invalid.

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