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									 Our sustainability
Information based on our externally accredited sustainability report 2010/11
                                     Our accreditations

 ISO 14001 - The International Standard of Environmental
  Management - across all sites

 ISO 14064 - for Management of Greenhouse Gases and
  Recycled Waste Oil

 BS18001 - The British Standard for Occupational Health
  and Safety Assessment Systems

 BRC Global Standard for Storage & Distribution

 Externally Verified Sustainability Report to Global
  Reporting Initiative level C+.
                      Our carbon management

Working with our customers we have achieved a
20% reduction in our CO2 emissions over the last 4
Our initiatives have included:-
    Waste oil recycling
    Telematics
    Driver training
    Route consolidation
    Vehicle refrigeration systems
    Voltage optimisation
    Sensor lighting, roof lighting and LED lights
    Rainwater harvesting
    Waste recycling
    Electricity from renewable sources
   Healthier choices and our Own Brand
  We provide detailed labeling information per 100g
 to support customers in providing calorific information
 on their menus
  Our 3663 products are free from all artificial
 hydrogenated vegetable oils, MSG and artificial
  We have made average sugar reductions of 20% in
 our range of desert pie fillings
  A sample of our average saturated fat reductions
 include of 20% in Burgers, 40% in Muffins and 30% in
  We have reduced lots of Own Brand packaging
 weights, for example removing shrink wrap provided
 a 40gm reduction in weight on the cling film box
*as identified in the FSA Southampton report
                                          Our product provenance
   Our price list now identifies over 1300* British
  products with a union jack symbol and we intend
  to keep growing this range
   We have ranges of local and regional produce
  in Wales, North Wales, East Anglia, Scotland,
  South West and Yorkshire
   Swithenbank foods provide local produce from
  a number of growers within the UK
   Our exclusive Giffords fine foods range
  provides a range of high quality traditional British

*containing 65% or more British produce
                           Our ethical and accredited
                                        food products
 We have Grade A BRC accreditation on our fresh
 Members of EBLEX Beef & lamb quality standards
 Red Tractor license holders for Farm Assured UK
beef, lamb & chicken and we stock over 120 Red
Tractor products including potatoes, dairy, meat and
 We stock 23 fish products with MSC accreditation
 We have over 75 Fairtrade lines
 We are the main foodservice stockist for ‘onewater’
                          Our ethical and accredited
                                  non-food products
 We stock over 140 accredited non food lines
 100% recycled napkins and toilet tissue
 Recyclable & compostable disposables
 Ecological cleaning solutions which are
completely biodegradable
 Sustainable catering equipment including
cookers, dishwashers & fridges that save energy &
 Energy saving design and layout of kitchens, to
help customers reduce operational costs and
environmental footprint
                                     Our communities

 We have supported over 230 local and 42
national charities
 …and raised over £235k for good causes
 …giving more than 5,300 hours to community and
charity initiatives
 We have provided over 23,000 meals provide
through the Fareshare food network

 Over £7,500 raised through a charitable lottery to
support Hospitality Action
 15 water projects have been funded giving life
support to 250,000 people in 75 South African
                              Our recent awards
 Green Business Awards 2011, Partnership with ISS

 Motor Transport Awards 2011, Environment Award

 him! Best Wholesale Awards, Best Delivered

 Sunday Times Best Companies - ‘one to watch’

 Catering Equipment Suppliers Association (CESA)
 Utensils Supplier of the Year award
If you would like to know more,
 our full report can be found at

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