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Employee      Employee
              Accident Cover

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              Life Cover


              Holiday Pay
at-a-glance   Scheme

              Dedicated to
              the personal
              and financial
              wellbeing of
              everyone in
B&CE                                  Product overview
Benefits                              B&CE’s employee benefits plan is a comprehensive, flexible
                                      and cost-effective way to provide your employees with valuable
                                      financial protection.
Dedication and Security
B&CE has been championing the
provision of affordable financial      Stakeholder                                      Employee
benefits for the construction
industry and its workers for more      Pension                                          Accident Cover
than six decades. And we remain
as dedicated to the personal and
financial wellbeing of everyone        What is it?                                      What is it?
in construction as we were over        EasyBuild, is the construction                   Employee Accident Cover
65 years ago.                          industry’s leading workplace                     provides a tax-free lump sum
Today we are responsible for           pension and one of the largest                   to your employee if they suffer
over £1.7 billion of employee and      Group Stakeholder Pension                        a qualifying injury at work or
industry funds, prudently managed      Schemes in the UK1.                              whilst travelling to or from work.
by skilled investment managers.        All employees not just operatives                Why provide it?
                                       are eligible to join, making
Why provide employee                                                                    Even the most cautious working
                                       EasyBuild the right solution for
benefits?                              your entire workforce.                           practices cannot prevent accidents
Providing an employee benefits
plan, which is regarded as best        Why provide it?                                  B&CE’s accident cover takes care of
                                                                                        your employees’ immediate financial
practice throughout the industry,      From October 2012, every employer                worries following a qualifying injury,
shows existing and potential           will be required to provide a workplace          which may result in them having
employees that you take their          pensions scheme, make minimum                    months off work or being unable to
welfare seriously. B&CE’s              contributions and automatically enrol            return to work.
employee benefits plan provides        employees into it. EasyBuild already
                                       meets these obligations making                   •	 Pays out a tax-free lump sum for
many advantages for
                                       automatic-enrolment simple.                         qualifying injuries.
your company:
                                                                                        •	 Wide range of accidents covered.
•	helps	attract	quality	employees      Currently, as an employer you are
                                       required to provide your employees               •	 Cover applicable to accidents
•	helps	retain	quality	employees       with access to a stakeholder pension,               whilst travelling to and from work
                                       unless you qualify for exemption.                   as well as at work.
•	enhances	your	reputation             This requirement will be superseded              •	 Claims can be made for multiple
                                       upon the introduction of automatic-                 injuries up to the maximum
•	improves	productivity                enrolment. Further details are in our               payout.
                                       Guide to Pensions Reform brochure
•	protects	your	most	valuable	         and information on EasyBuild can be              •	 All employees 16 and over
  asset – your workforce.              found in our EasyBuild brochure.                    can be covered.

Using the National Insurance           •	 Hassle-free, simple and flexible              •	 Immediate cover.
holiday pay concession, available         administration                                •	 Simple claims procedure.
to eligible operatives in the
                                       •	 Suitable for all employees                    •	 Low cost benefit.
construction industry until October
2012, you can offset the cost of       •	 Simple fund choice                            Full terms and conditions available on request.
providing a stakeholder pension,
accident cover and life cover.         •	 Fair and cost-effective charging
This can make B&CE’s employee             structure
benefits incredibly cost effective.    •	 Designed specifically for
                                          construction industry

                                       •	 Requirements in line with the
                                          industry’s Working Rule
                                       1 EasyBuild is the Construction Industry Joint
                                       Council pension scheme of choice. With over
                                       500,000 members, it is the largest pension
                                       scheme in the construction industry.

                                       It is not available to Isle of Man employees.
   6,400 employers                             209,000                                            We are a not-for-profit
                                                                                                  organisation, so our profit
   trust us with their employee                employees are protected                            benefits the industry, not
   financial benefits provision.               by our schemes.                                    shareholders.

Employee                                    Employee                                           Holiday
Life Cover                                  Healthcare                                         Pay Scheme

What is it?                                 What is it?                                        What is it?
Employee Life Cover provides                Employee Healthcare from B&CE                      B&CE operates a centralised
a tax-free lump sum to                      provides cash benefits towards                     holiday pay scheme on behalf
an employee’s nominated                     routine healthcare plus access                     of the construction industry.
beneficiaries if they die for any           to diagnostic scanning and an                      The scheme is approved by
reason whilst in active service.            employee assistance programme                      HM Revenue & Customs and
There is also an element of                 from just £1 per employee                          allows employers to save the
cover in cases where death was              per week.                                          National Insurance on holiday
preceded by certain periods of                                                                 pay provided to their operatives.
unemployment or continuous ill              Why provide it?                                    To qualify for the exemption,
health up to the state retirement                                                              operatives must be ‘personally
                                            In the construction industry, the
age. The maximum sums payable               average cost of absence per employee               engaged’ in eligible construction
double* if the employee dies as             is £582 per year with employees                    operations.
a result of an accident at work or          taking on average nearly six days sick
travelling to or from work.                 each year1.                                        Why participate?
Why provide it?                             The Health and Safety Executive
                                            estimates that over 2.4 million
                                                                                               The B&CE holiday pay scheme
                                                                                               ensures you and your eligible
Life cover is a valuable component          working days are lost each year due                operatives benefit from the National
of any complete benefits plan. It’s         to illness and injury2.                            Insurance concession currently
reassuring for your staff to know that                                                         allowed on their holiday pay. This
                                            • A corporate paid plan for
their nominated beneficiaries will be                                                          concession is being withdrawn in
                                              companies with five or more
supported at a very difficult time.                                                            October 2012, so it’s important to
                                                                                               maximise your savings before that
•	 Pays out a discretionary tax-free        • A comprehensive but flexible                     date.
   lump sum on death to nominated             healthcare product relevant to
   beneficiaries.                                                                              The money made available by not
                                              construction employers and their
                                                                                               having to pay National Insurance
•	 Maximum payable sum doubles                families provided by Westfield
                                                                                               currently at 12.8%s can offset the
   if accidental death occurs at work         Health and offered by B&CE.
                                                                                               provision of your employee benefits
   or travelling to or from work.           • Covers your employees’                           plan.
•	 All employees 16 and over can              pre-existing medical conditions.
                                                                                               •	 Exempts you from National
   be covered.                              • Provides 100% reimbursement up                      Insurance on your eligible
•	 Cover starts immediately when the          to set limits for routine healthcare.               operatives’ holiday pay.
   employee joins the scheme.               • Employees can choose to upgrade                  •	 Offset these savings against the
•	 Claims can be made up to a year            the level of cover you provide or                   cost of other benefits.
   after death.                               cover their partner at their own
                                                                                               •	 Scheme approved by
                                              expense (different premiums
•	 Low cost benefit.                                                                              HM Revenue & Customs until
                                                                                                  October 2012.
•	 You can also increase the levels of
                                            1 CIPD Absence management report 2010.
   life cover for different categories      2
                                                                                               •	 Industry-wide scheme.
   of your employees.*                                                                         •	 Eligible operatives also save at
*See the EAC/ELC Technical Guide for more                                                         currently 11% s s on National
                                                                                                  Insurance payments for holiday
                                                                                               s 13.8% from 6 April 2011
                                                                                               s s 12% from 6 April 2011
Since 1942, B&CE has provided financial welfare benefits
to those working within the construction industry and their
dependants. Today it manages assets of over £1.7 billion and
provides financial benefits to more than 209,000 operatives on
behalf of over 6,400 construction employers.
B&CE’s current product offering includes a workplace pension,
employee accident cover, employee life cover, employee
healthcare and holiday pay. B&CE’s workplace pension
EasyBuild is a Group Stakeholder Pensions Scheme. Designed
for the construction industry it is the largest in the UK with over
500,000 members and £670 million under management.
The above information is correct as at end December 2010.

for more information:
tel             08457 414142 or 01293 586790
To help improve our service, we may record your call.

Building & Civil Engineering
Holidays Scheme Management Ltd
Manor Royal, Crawley
West Sussex, RH10 9QP

Building & Civil Engineering Holidays Scheme Management Limited is an appointed representative of B&CE
Insurance Limited, which provides the stakeholder pension and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services
Authority. Employee Healthcare from B&CE is offered by B&CE Financial Services Ltd, and provided by Westfield
Contributory Health Scheme Ltd, which are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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