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					                                             AMERICAN COUNTRY INSURANCE COMPANY
                                             AMERICAN SERVICE INSURANCE COMPANY, INC.

                                             150 Northwest Point Boulevard
                                             Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007

                                             FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
        THE ATLAS GROUP OF COMPANIES         Online Colorado Light Commercial Business Auto Program

  Q     What do I do if my login or password does not work?
        A Please contact our main number:
          847.472.6700, prompt #2, then prompt #1 for English, then prompt #3

  Q     Why is the “Commercial Auto” link grayed out or not showing?
        A This means there is an issue with access security. Please contact our main number:
          847.472.6700, prompt #2, then prompt #1 for English, then prompt #3

  Q     What do I do if the applicant does not meet the criteria for the Underwriting Guidelines?
        A This risk would not be eligible for the Business Auto Program. Please call your
          Underwriter if you think an exception is warranted.

  Q     What goes in the “Applicant” box? Owner name or business name?
        A The name of the company. If there is not a business name, then the owner’s name
          would go in
          this box.

  Q     What are the definitions of “Business Type”?
        A “Business Type” refers to the type of company you have.

            “Individual” is a type of business entity which legally has no separate existence from its

            “Corporation” is a business organization which is chartered by a state and given many
            legal rights as an entity, separate from its owners. This includes Incorporations,
            Limited Liability Companies, and Corporations.

            “Partnership” is a type of unincorporated business organization in which multiple
            individuals, called “general partners,” manage the business, and are equally liable for
            its debts.

  Q     What is the Credit/Debit button for?
        A This area is for an agent to add any scheduled credits or debits to the risk. This will
          become a “submit” item, and Underwriting will need to approve. Underwriting may
          request additional information.

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  Q     What do the numbers under “CO” and “USA” represent?
        A “CO” refers to the number of driving months in Colorado, and “USA” refers to the total
          number of driving months in all states. These fields will default to 36 months, and
          should be updated with the correct data.

  Q     What do I do if my family member is my employee?
        A This driver would be listed as “Family.”

  Q     Where do I note a driver with an international driver’s license?
        A In the “State” drop-down box, there is a category at the bottom of the list, “INT’L” –
          You do not need to enter anything in the “Driver’s License #” box.

  Q     What is the “Driver Info” box for?
        A This box contains a number of different items. This would be used if an agent would
          like to quote without an MVR, but would like to get a more accurate quote by entering
          violations. Also, this is where an excluded driver, expired license, restricted license, not
          licensed, and less than two years of driving experience would be identified.

  Q     What is the definition of “Use Class”?
        A “Service” – Autos used for transporting the insured’s personnel, tools, equipment, and
          incidental supplies to or from a job location. This classification is confined to autos
          principally parked at job locations for the majority of the working day, or used to
          transport supervisory personnel between job locations.

            “Retail” – Autos used to pick up property from, or deliver property to, individual

            “Commercial” – Autos used for transporting property other than those autos defined
            as service or retail.

  Q     What if I do not see my “Industry” listed?
        A There is a category called “Not Otherwise Classified” – this would be your choice.
          Selecting this category will trigger the rule to “submit” to Underwriting. Underwriting
          may require additional information.

  Q     Why are there limits that I cannot select?
        A The Business Auto Program will only allow limits up to 300CSL.

  Q     What is the definition of “Actual Cash Value” and “Stated Amount”?
        A “Actual Cash Value” is a method of determining the value of a vehicle by taking its
          Original Cost New (OCN) value, less depreciation. “Stated Amount” is the value that
          you place on your vehicle. If you sold your vehicle today, the stated amount is the
          price you would ask the buyer to pay. So, it’s important to be as accurate as possible
          when estimating the value of your vehicle.

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  Q     What is the “Exceptions” button for, located by each vehicle?
        A This button will allow you to define the use of each vehicle, if it is different from the
          section above.

  Q     What is the definition of a “Fleet”?
        A “Fleet” is defined as a risk containing 5 or more vehicles.

  Q     What do I do if I don’t see my “Model”?
        A There is a category called “Not Listed” – this would be your choice. A button will
          appear that shows “Enter Model” – you will need to click on this and complete the
          requested information.

  Q     I selected “12-Month Policy” – why does it show “Semi-Annual”?
        A This will show both, always.

  Q     What is the “Financing” button for?
        A This is a tool that helps calculate different payment scenarios. Payment terms will be
          entered after you bind the policy.

  Q     What is the difference between “Quoted” and “Actual”?
        A “Quoted” is the premium that was presented before bind. “Actual” is the premium
          calculated after bind. This might change is you quoted without an MVR, and the
          system had different violation points than those entered during the quote process.

  Q     What is the “Radius of Operation Routes”?
        A This is a place to provide information about vehicle routes. This is not a mandatory

  Q     Do you offer cargo coverage?
        A We do not offer cargo coverage. This space is for informational purposes only, and is
           not mandatory.

  Q     What do I put in the “Remarks” section for question 1?
        A If question 1 is answered “Yes,” this does not require an explanation.

  Q     Do I have to print all of these policy forms?
        A Yes, it is the agency’s responsibility to provide the insured with all policy documents.
           You MUST print the application and have the insured initial the UM/UIM
           selection-rejection section in the correct places and the insured must sign and
           date the application in all appropriate places.

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