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					Star of the Week
Dear Parents,

       Each student will be honored as “Star of the Week” during one week of the

school year. I have attached the class schedule to the back of this page. Please

make a note on your calendar of the week that is designated for your child. We

will provide the information stars that you will put on the poster. We will send the

stars home the Friday before your child’s week begins. You will need to provide a

poster board of any color to make their project (about 18” by 20”). You can

purchase poster board usually at any grocery store, Target, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid,

etc. In the middle of the poster board should be a current picture of themselves.

This can be an actual photo or a picture they drew themselves. Then decorate the

poster board with the information stars, any extra photos, or drawn pictures.

Suggested photos include: picture(s) of him/her as a baby or toddler, a family

picture, a picture of pets, or pictures showing the child pursuing a hobby, sport, or

interest. During their week as star, their poster will be displayed in the classroom.

Thank you for your support and participation to help make your child’s week special!

**This activity is part of our kindergarten standards for oral communication. Please practice
reviewing information with your child so they can make a fun and interesting oral presentation to
the class. Of course, the teacher will assist and prompt your child but, it is our desire that they
relay as much information as possible without assistance.**

                                  The Kindergarten Teachers

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