HSM FA 500.3cc Cross-Cut Industrial Shredder - Level 4 Review

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In-Depth Review of the HSM FA 500.3cc Cross-Cut Industrial Shredder (7.5 x 80mm)

The HSM FA 500.3cc Cross-Cut Industrial Shredder (7.5 x 80mm) appears to be a solid
machine with very competitive specs relative to the competition. Used properly I’m not sure
why you wouldn’t have this machine for quite some time. Below we break down the
individual specs.

At a level 3 security, this cross-cut shredder gets the job done. Although there are higher levels
of security, a level 3 machine provides a sufficiently small cut size to put your identity theft
worries to bed. We also like the cross-cut because it takes up much less space which means that
you won’t have to empty your bin as frequently as you would with a strip-cut machine. There is
really no reason to jump up to a level 4 machine unless you have some ultra-sensitive
documents you need destroyed.

Shredable Material
The HSM FA 500.3cc Cross-Cut Industrial Shredder (7.5 x 80mm) can shred CDs, Credit Cards,
DVDs, Floppy Disks, Paper, Paper Clips & Staples. If you need to be able to shred something
else then we recommend that you look at a larger machine and/or look for something with a
little bit lower security (the higher the security the less likelihood that the machine shreds
something other than paper).

Bin Size
With a 140 the HSM FA 500.3cc Cross-Cut Industrial Shredder (7.5 x 80mm) is going to take
quite some time to fill up unless you are shredding non-stop. Your bags will be pretty heavy so
go ahead and cut off your gym membership to save a little bit of money. Just make sure every
time you empty the bin that your machine is getting enough oil!

Throat Size
A 19.7 inch throat means that you can fit just about anything into this bad boy. Gone are the
days of folding your oversized paper or crumpling and jamming your machine with regular-sized
paper. This guy gets 2 thumbs up for the often underestimated large throat size.

Auto Oiler
This machine gets a huge bonus for having the automatic oiler already installed. This means
that you don’t have to worry about oiling the machine or figuring out who oiled it last. It is a
fact that well oiled cutting heads will prolong the life of your machine. All you have to worry
about is changing the oil in the reservoir and you’re good-to-go.

The MSRP is $47,250.00 but you can find it for much less online if you look around. Don’t let the
price deter you until you do a little bit of comparison shopping first.
About the Manufacturer
HSM products are specifically designed to meet the needs of end consumers across all market
segments. This includes our full line of German engineered and manufactured products, as well
as, our value line of products specifically tailored to meet the needs of the small and SOHO
market. Our specialty products include an impressive range of optical and digital media
destruction products providing a complete end to end solution to your security and destruction

Manufacturer Jargon
Mobile, very high performance model with large collection volume, for use with three-phase
power supply. Also suitable for shredding CDs and floppy disks, can even shred entire files and
folders. The sturdy technology has been especially designed for a large throughput and long
total operating time. Integrated, automatic oiler for cutting unit. Material intake via loading
table and electric conveyor belt. Stand-by mode with LED indicator. Multifunctional keypad
control for constant operation and reverse. Automatic stop and reverse in the event of paper
jam. Emergency stop-rail in front of loading table for more user safety. Made in Germany.

I hope that our break-down here has helped you make your decision on the HSM FA
500.3cc Cross-Cut Industrial Shredder (7.5 x 80mm). We are always available to answer
more specific questions that you might have, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. As always,
remember that the manufacturer stated specs do not always match up to the real-world
performance that you get from the machine so keep this in mind when deciding on what to


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