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									                                                       Region: London
                                                       Date(s) of Regional Platform:
                                                       U.Dance London – LaunchPad, Sat 7th Jan 2012
                                                       U.Dance London, Sat 17th March 2012

Application Form for a place at U.Dance 2012

Please complete this form if you would like your group to be considered for a place at U.Dance 2012. For more
information about U.Dance 2012 go to This one-page form will be separated from the rest of the
application form and sent to Youth Dance England, which manages the national event, so that your details can be
logged. Information here is not used to inform the selection process.

Name of Group Leader

Correspondence Address

Daytime Telephone No.

Email Address

Name of Group

Number of Dancers                            Males:
Where is your group based?

Have you applied for a place at              Yes / No (delete as applicable)
U.Dance England or a National                When?
Youth Dance Festival before?


I understand that by completing and submitting this Application Form, I am agreeing that Youth Dance England can
store my details for the purposes of organising U.Dance 2012 and associated activities. I understand that if my group
is selected for U.Dance 2012:
  Each group member and chaperone will need to pay YDE a contribution towards catering and accommodation of
     £130 (or £50 for London based groups) by 22 June 2012 or we will not be able to attend the event.
  Groups will need two chaperones who are aged 21 or over and they will have responsibility for the dancers in the
     group whilst they are at the event.
  Chaperones will need to represent the gender of the dancers in the group and therefore if there are both male
     and female dancers, there will need to be both a male and female chaperone and that all chaperones will need to
     have had a CRB check.

NB: Groups applying from outside of London will need to have 15 or fewer dancers in their group. London based
groups are able to have up to 25 dancers, as they will not be provided with accommodation during U.Dance 2012.

Signed:___________________________________              Date: _____/_____/_____

Name: __________________________________
Hand written signatures only, typed signatures will not be accepted.
                      Application Form: U.Dance London 2012

                               U.Dance London – LaunchPad
                  Saturday 7 Jan 2012, The Clore Ballroom, Southbank Centre

London Youth Dance is running a shortlisting performance platform at the Clore Ballroom,
Southbank Centre on Sat 7th Jan called U.Dance London - LaunchPad. This event will provide a
large number of groups with the opportunity to perform at this unique venue*, watch other work
and participate in a finale workshop.

A small number of groups will then be selected by a panel of experts to perform at U.Dance

You will be informed by Monday12th December if you are invited to perform at U.Dance London
– LaunchPad on 7th Jan.

*Please note, due to the nature of this event, there will be no technical/ run through time in the space. The
day will be a rolling carousel of performances with one group performing after the other. If you wish to
submit the same piece by video footage please feel free to include a web link within your application or a

                                        U.Dance London
                              Sat 17 March 2012, Lilian Baylis Studio,
                                         Sadler’s Wells

Groups invited to U.Dance London on 17th March will take part in workshops, work on lighting and
run through their piece in the space and perform in two performances in the 180 seater theatre.

Four groups will then be selected to represent London at U.Dance 2012, Southbank Centre in July
                       your group must be available on both dates listed above

                      Applicants must complete all sections of this form
               Deadline for applications: 5pm on Wednesday 30th November 2011


Name of Youth Group / Organisation / School:

Name of Group Leader:

Name and short biog of choreographer who will create this piece:

Age of Group Leader if under 18:



London Borough in which your group is based:

Please note – this application is for London based groups only. Visit to apply for
information on other regional platforms.



Where and when does your company meet (how often and times):

Tell us a little about your company’s history:
Total number of youth group members:

Do any of your group members have access requirements?

If yes, please specify:

Please specify the age groups of boys and girls in your group:

Boys:                                                Girls:
KS3 11-14 yrs                                       KS3 11-14 yrs

KS4 14-16 yrs                                       KS4 14-16 yrs

17-19 yrs                                           17-19 yrs

20-25 yrs                                           20-25 yrs

Please note – U. Dance 2012 is only open to young people aged 11 to 19 years on 13th July 2012, (or aged
up to 24yrs with a disability)

 Please remember we are seeking imaginative, creative and inspiring work.

What is the name of the dance piece?

How long is the dance piece?
Maximum of 7 minutes

Is the piece completed?

What dance styles are included in the piece?

Please describe the dance piece in no more than 100 words

Please state, in no more than 300 words, the reasons why you and your group would benefit from
taking part in this regional event:

I have completed this form to the best of my knowledge. I understand that by submitting this
application I am committed to my group attending U.Dance London – LaunchPad at The Clore
Ballroom, Southbank Centre on Sat 7th Jan and at U.Dance London at the Lilian Baylis Studio
on 17th March if successful.

Signed: ________________________________

Hand written signatures only, typed signatures will not be accepted.

Name: _________________________________

Date: _________________

Please return this completed form and to London Youth Dance, Sadler’s to the address below or
via e-mail This form needs to arrive by 5pm on
Wednesday 30th November 2011, or it will not be processed.

Hannah Dye
London Youth Dance Co-Ordinator
Sadler’s Wells
Rosebery Avenue

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