Baptismal Data Sheet by 2ERC62sG


									Date:_________ Family Name:_____________________________ Telephone No: ______________________________

                                          Basilica of the Sacred Heart
                                           University of Notre Dame
                                       Coleman Morse Center - Room 322
                                             Notre Dame, IN 46556
                                574-631-4288 / Fax 574-631-5445/

    Please complete this form and return to this office. A letter of permission to Baptize the child
from the parish in which you are registered is required and must be forwarded to the Basilica office
two weeks prior to the Baptism. Also, a pre-baptismal class is required for all parents (first born child
only). Please contact your local parish regarding this class. For those required to take the class, a
letter stating the class was taken should also be turned in two weeks prior to the Baptism. This
information may be emailed (, faxed or mailed to the above address to the attention
of Rev. Peter Rocca, C.S.C. Thank you.
                                      DATA FOR BAPTISMAL REGISTER
                                      (Before Baptism, please complete form)

Name of Child:                                                                   First Born:     Yes or No

Date of Birth:

Born in (City and State):

Father’s Name:                                                           Religion:

Mother’s Name (Maiden Name):                                             Religion:

Address:                                                City:                    State:          Zip:

Telephone Number: (         )                           Email address:

Date of Baptism:


(If this is a Log Chapel Baptism, you will need to make arrangements with Sharon Harwell at the Basilica 574-631-
8029 to pick-up the key during business hours (M-F)(8-4).


(one Godparent MUST be Catholic)

Godfather’s Name:                                                        Religion:

Godmother’s Name:                                                        Religion:

Name of Celebrant:


Is Godparent represented by Proxy?              If yes, name of proxy:

Was the child adopted?                          Was the child privately Baptized?

Deputed to confer the sacrament by:___________________________________________________, Rector
                                         (Rev. Peter D. Rocca, C.S.C.)

or______________________________________________________________,Director of Campus Ministry

______________________________________________________                    __________________________
Signature of Celebrant (to be signed the day of the Baptism)                  Date

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