or PBUSE Property Book System Unit Enhanced by dethfT



                                                                                             Volume 1/Issue1
                                                                                                23 June 2006
Are you ready to deploy?
Helpful hints for deploying units

                                                             Chief Darryl L Nesbitt asks an important
                                                             question, “When was the last time you
                                                             scrubbed your property book? Before
                                                             deploying you are required to split your
                                                             property book/hand receipt. At a minimum,
                                                             you should review each monthly,” he said.

The purpose of splitting your         behind. The highlighted items must     property is transferred to the correct
Property Book is to identify the      be initialed by the incoming           hand receipt.
equipment you are deploying with      Commander.
and leaving behind.                                                          6. Both the forward and rear hand
                                        b. Assumption of Command             receipts will be signed by the
1. The deploying unit must identify   Orders                                 appropriate Commanders. Copies
a Rear Detachment Commander.                                                 of each hand receipt will be given to
                                         c. Delegation of Authority(DA       both Commanders for their records.
2. The Property Book Officer will     Form 1687)
brief both Commanders on Change                                              7. The Property Book Officer will
of Command procedures. (Note:         4. The Property Book Officer/Team      then prepare a Unit Transfer and
please allow at least 30 days for     Chief will use the highlighted and     send the AA unit to the Property
inventory purposes.)                  initialed hand receipt to transfer     Book Officer in the AOR.
                                      equipment from your AA hand
3. Upon completion of the             receipt (Hand Receipt going            NOTE TO THE
inventory, the incoming               forward) to your HD or RD (Home        COMMANDERS:
Commander and his/her designated      Duty or Rear Detachment).
representative will bring the                                                Once all equipment arrives,
following to the Property Book        5. Once the rear hand receipt is       conduct a 100% inventory. This
Office.                               compiled, the rear and forward         inventory will verify the accuracy
                                      Commanders will verify their hand      of your hand receipt before you
   a. Hand Receipt: Highlighted       receipts for accuracy. Keep in         begin your busy deployment. It’s
with the equipment that’s staying     mind, the objective is to ensure all   best to be safe, than sorry.

Who’s using my DODAAC?
DCSLOG Supply and Services reviews DODAAC usage

Department of Defense Activity Address Code               cannibalization or lateral transfers, as well as fund
(DODAAC) A six-position alpha-numeric Address             reductions. Commander must manage their
code which identifies who can requisition and receive     DODAACs, reconcile monthly and ensure only
supplies or billing. At a minimum, it is suggested that   personnel on DA Form 1687 (Delegation of
each unit have 3 DODAACs; one for the Property            Authority or Signature Card) are allowed to use your
Book Officer, one for the Supply Sergeant, and one for    DODAAC.
the motor pool. These DODAAC’s will be aligned
with the appropriate STAMIS (Standard Army                Property Book Officer’s Responsibility: The
Management Information Systems): The PBO                  Property Book Officer (PBO) designates, by Informal
DODAAC is aligned with SPBS-R (Standard Property          Memorandum, those elements within a unit
Book System Resigned) or PBUSE (Property Book             authorize-ed to request expendable and durable
System Unit Enhanced), Supply with ULLS-S4 (Unit          supplies. They will ensure the document numbers are
Level Logistic System) and Maintenance with ULLS-         not duplicated among unit elements. The informal
G.                                                        Memorandum will specify class of supply,
                                                          DODAAC, and block of document serial numbers to
Commander’s Responsibility: Each unit maintaining         be used by that element.
a document register will validate and reconcile all
open requisitions at least once every month. The          How to check on your DODAAC: Log on to
validation is the most important step in the SAVAR        https://weblog.logsa.army.mil on the right side of the
(Standard Army Validation and Reconciliation)             web page, near the bottom, Click on PIPELINE (In
Process. There are many changing conditions or            Transit). Type in your LOGSA LOGIN and
requirements that affect the need for an item. These      Password; next, click on DODAAC, enter your
include changes in mission, personnel reduction,          DODAAC and this will allow access to see what’s on
equipment changes, inactivations or reorganizations,      order.

                               Before packing up for the big move, DCSLOG recommends
                               looking at the details and making several checks
                               before proceeding. Check your Hand Receipts and DUEL thoroughly.


What is SLAMIS?                                                      Classification and sustainment experts to
                                                                     generate synergy which pulls together
A Standard Lin Automated Management                                  multiple organizations to support the Army.
Information System (SLAMIS) provides
visibility and supports management of a                              Commander’s/Hand Receipt holders
System’s Life-Cycle Process through                                  Responsibility: Commanders and Supply
automation and embedded centralized/                                 Sergeants must identify the NSLIN (Non
                                                                     Standard Line Numbers) on their property books
standardized business rules. SLAMIS
                                                                     and request the new SLAMIS line numbers
leverages existing systems, Web                                      through their Property Book Officer.
Technology, and the Army’s Type

                               What SLAMIS Does
     Data Mart
     Database                  Business Rule                      People                      Information
   Synchronization              Standardization                 Coordination                  Reconciliation
   … to Integration               & Visibility                   & Visibility                   & Linked

                      SLAMIS embeds these
                      processes to simplify,
                      standardize and facilitate
                      coordination of Life Cycle
                      Management                     Makes Visible Life Cycle Management
                                                    1. Provides CARD Status
                                                    2. Standardizes & Centralizes SSN Management
                                                    3. Standardizes & Centralizes ZLIN and SLIN processes
                                                    4. Standardizes Type Classification Process
                                                    5. Links Requirements, Funding, Fielding & Sustainment
                                                    6. Manages FD-LIN List
                                                    7. Manages CTA changes; feeds to WebTaads
                                                    8. Centralizes Substitute LINs, TC-Exempt, BOIP
                                                       Deferrals and LIN Retirements
                                                    9. Ensures Data is credible, consistent & accurate

                                              * Centralized Management of NSLINs/On-line NSLIN Request Process



             Army Direct Ordering (ADO) Program
1. What is ADO?                                               o Transported via air to Bahrain APO Hub for
                                                           distribution to designated APO
A: Army Direct Ordering Program (ADO) is the
Defense Supply Center Philadelphia’s (DSCP) web               o Unit mail pick-up and delivery to Unit POC
based program developed to support the Army Chief
of Staff’s request for an online L.L. Bean type               o Estimated shipping time: 7-10 days to OIF
program. This website was developed to provide             units and 10-14 days to OEF units
support to deployed Soldiers in the CFLCC AOR
with direct shipping of OCIE for sustainment. The          3. Can my unit use the ADO Program to receive
program is for all Army units while deployed               ACU initial issue or fill shortages from initial
supporting OIF/OEF 05-07 and beyond. ADO is not            fielding?
designed to sustain units in CONUS or units not in
the CENTCOM AOR.                                           A: No. ADO is for sustainment only! It is not
                                                           designed for initial issue or to fill shortages.
2. How does the ADO Program work?
                                                           4. What types of items are found in the ADO
A: It works as follows:                                    Program?

The unit opens an account through CFLCC C4.                A: There are over 45 items found on ADO. The
                                                           most common items are:
Once the unit establishes an account, Soldier places
order by size via AKO link thru DLA E-Commerce                         ACUs/DCUs (based on fielding)
to Kentucky Logistics Operations Center (KYLOC)                        Name/US Army tapes
web site. The website is www.army.kyloc.com .                          Belt, Rigger
o Unit designee can order for Soldiers if internet                     Patrol cap/sun hat/helmet covers
access is limited. The orders must be placed in the                    Cold weather gear
Soldier’s name.                                                        Insignia (rank, flags, some unit
The orders are held in the system until the Unit POC
                                                                     Goggles
validates and approves the expenditure of funds.
Unit POCs are usually Supply Sergeants or a                          T-shirts (brown and sand)
representative appointed by the Commander.                 5. How does my unit receive initial issue of
Validated orders are pulled from DSCP inventory at
the KYLOC. DSCP/KYLOC is not the same                      A: Units receive their initial issue through PEO
                                                           Soldier. CFLCC Message dated 130800Z Dec 05,
organization as Program Executive Office (PEO)
Soldier. KYLOC will:                                       para. 2 states: PEO Soldier was funded with
                                                           Operations and Maintenance, Army (OMA) dollars to
o Package the complete order for the Soldier               ensure soldiers within the OIF/OEF AOR were
                                                           fielded the ACUs. FY05 deployed Soldiers were
                                                           fielded according to HQs DA G3 fielding plan. All
o Post shipment date to the KYLOC website
Estimated wait time: 3 days (order to shipment)            FY 06 deployed Soldiers (those deploying after 1
Orders are sent parcel post to Unit POC’s TAC 1            OCT 05) are fielded ACUs at home station, Power
address (APO mailing address). The shipping                Projection Platforms (PPP), Power Support Platforms
process consists of:                                       (PSP), Mobilization Sites, CONUS Replacement
                                                           Centers (CRC) or upon arrival to the OIF/OEF
   o Ground transportation to APO NY Hub                   theater. Contact PEO Soldier (Mr. Kevin Deibel or
                                                           COL Paula Renshaw) at kevin.deibel@us.army.mil
                                                           or paula.d.renshaw@us.army.mil .

                                               //UNCLASSIFIED//                                               4

What’s New News?
The new Report of Survey, now called Financial Liability Investigation of Property

The financial liability investigation of property loss    the publication of DOD 70000.14-R, and adds a new
prescribed by the DOD Fianancial Management               checklist, DA Form 7531(Chapters 13 and 14)
Regulation, volume, 12, chapter 7, replaces the report
of survey system.                                         Replaces the survey officer with the financial liability
                                                          officer (Chap 13 and 14)
A FLIOPL documents the circumstances concering
the loss, damage, or destruction (LDD) of                 Adds the use of electronic/digital signature on
Government property and serves as, or supports a          investigation of property loss (chapter 13 and 14)
voucher for adjusting the property from accountable
records. It serves as documentation for a charge of       Adds policy for investigations against general
financial liability assessed against an individual or     officers or senior executive service members (para
entity, and/or for the relief from financial liability.   13-17)

The process for initiating a financial liability          Provides guidance when financial liability is assessed
investigation of property loss will be the same as        against an individual of another military service (para
processing the old report of survey. One key change       14-35c)
is, all DD Form 200’s, will be accompanied with a
DA Form 7531 (checklist). Please read AR 735-5            Permits the approving authority to assess financial
Chapters 13 and 14.                                       liability in an amount less than the cost of repair for
                                                          damaged vehicle involve in an accident in lieu of
Some highlights from AR 735-5 dated 28                    relieving all concerned of financial liability (para 14-
February 2005 include but are not limited to the          32c)
                                                          Provides procedures for the primary hand receipt
Replaces DA Form 4697 with DD Form 200                    holder to prepare a statement documenting the
(Chapter 12 of AR 735-5)                                  expenditure of ammunition for adjusting accountable
                                                          records (para 14-26g)
Revises policy addressing their lost, damage, or
destruction of Government property resulting from


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