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									Avoid I-9 Verification Compliance Failures by Hiring Experienced Immigration Counsel

Conducting a self Form I-9 and policy compliance audit can pose many challenges.
The purpose of an audit is for an independent party with expertise in assessing
realistic I-9 compliance liabilities to provide an objective perspective.

If audits are handled incorrectly, the penalties that companies face can be much more
severe than a civil monetary fine. Employers that engage in a faulty self-audit of their
Forms I-9 can face felony charges such as falsification, perjury, discrimination, and
tampering with a government record.            During ICE (Immigration and Customs
Enforcement) worksite enforcement raids, company managers and owners can be
apprehended and information gathered from confidential government informants can
be used against a company during litigation.

Since internal audits have a higher error rate, it’s recommended to hire an experienced
immigration attorney during the I-9 verification process to protect your company and
your employees from employment eligibility verification compliance failures. An
experienced immigration attorney can properly guide companies through an I-9 form
audit, fix correctable errors, and protect the company from liability issues.

Internal audit responsibilities are typically given to the HR department, a risk
management department, or I-9 “consultants”. The laws are often too complex to be
fully understood by the HR department. The laws are often changing and there are
many “gray areas” that leave HR employees confused. An HR audit often results in
gaps and overlooked errors. It can be risky hiring a consultant because there is no
controlling law that states what is necessary to become a consultant and there are no
set duties that they owe to their clients. Companies should be wary of an I-9
consultant that is not a licensed attorney because only attorneys can provide legal
advice and recommendations. A consultant that is not an attorney can only offer

To avoid oversights and errors and ensure compliance with lawful hiring practices,
businesses should implement an audit led by an external immigration attorney.
Electronic employment verification databases have weaknesses and it’s easy to be
unaware of issues. An experienced immigration attorney can aid in correcting
violations contained in the forms and the business can be protected by the attorney-
client privilege.

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