2010 July AHEC Minutes

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					                                                 AHEC Advisory Board
                                                           July 6, 2010
                                                          12:30-2:30 pm
Attendees: Deborah Lerner-MD; Jo Marie Reilly-MD; Michael Rodriguez-MD; Roderick Seamster-MD,MPH; Kenneth Wolf-Ph.D;
Yvonne Banzali-MBA, Sharon Leffall-NP (teleconference)
Staff: Lisa Holmes, Louise McCarthy, MPP, Joan Watson-Patko-MSW

Absent: Hector Flores- MD
Topic / Person        Discussion                                                                                  Action
Introductions         Members introduced themselves and were welcomed to the meeting by Joan Watson-
                      Patko, Community Development Manager/South LA AHEC Director at CCALAC. Dr.
                      Lerner, Chair, called the meeting to order at 12:45pm.
Review and            The agenda for the July 6, 2010 meeting was reviewed.                                       Dr. Wolf made a
Approval of                                                                                                       motion to approve the
Minutes and                                                                                                       July agenda and the
Agenda                                                                                                            May 4, 2010 minutes.
                      The May 4, 2010 minutes were reviewed.                                                      Dr. Seamster
                                                                                                                  seconded. The motion
Updates on Health    Health Care Reform
Care Reform (HCR)    Louise McCarthy briefly discussed the following with the group and answered member
& Workforce          questions:
                           Comment letter to HRSA from CCALAC regarding Designation of Medically
                            Underserved Populations and Health Professions Shortage Areas was handed
                            out and discussed in detail. A committee is being put together to revisit the
                            HPSA designation process. This comment letter discusses issues in the
                            designation process and provides recommendations to HRSA when choosing
                            committee members.
                           In 2011 each state will redraw its boundaries for state legislative districts based

Topic / Person       Discussion                                                                            Action
                          on the new 2010 census data.
                         There is a 14 member “California Citizens Redistricting Committee (CCRC),” a
                          state agency that was created through the passage of California’s Prop 11
                          (2008) and will draw the new boundary lines for California’s state legislative
                         This may go on the 2010 November ballot as “California Congressional
                          Redistricting Initiative, Prop 20”, also known as the Voters First Act.

                     Workforce Provisions
                         A handout was provided to the group summarizing the implementation timeline
                           of HCR.
                         Increases in funding for the NHSC will enable primary care providers to
                           practice in underserved areas.
                         Increases in Scholarship and Loan Repayment Programs. Excludes payments
                           made under the state loan repayment or loan forgiveness programs from
                           taxable income for health care professionals serving in underserved or health
                           professional shortage areas (HPSA).
South LA AHEC        South LA AHEC Program Updates
Program              Joan Watson-Patko discussed the following:
                        CCALAC distributed 13 physician resumes/CVs to CCALAC’s Clinical Advisory
                           Group (CAG) so far in 2010. CCALAC is tracking interviews and placement of
                           interested applicants.                                                          Joan will create a
                        Discussed current process for clinics to post job openings on CCALAC’s            template for job posting
                           website and what improvements can be made.                                      and for getting clinic
                        Recommendation for CCALAC to gather clinic HR contacts to get updated             HR contact information
                           information on what jobs are open and to inform them of the process for         and will forward to the
                           posting positions on the NHSC site.                                             group.
                        A recommendation was made that when future surveys are re-sent, as a
                           reminder to complete, they are only sent to non-respondents and not a whole

                     Information Sharing
                         Representatives from the HRSA Region IX Office that work with the NHSC           Dr. Lerner to discuss

Topic / Person   Discussion                                                                               Action
                      program attended the June CAG meeting to discuss program updates and                with the Clinical
                      answer questions.                                                                   Advisory Group
                     CCALAC will invite a HRSA NHSC representative to participate in the                 possibly having a
                      November CAG meeting as a guest speaker to provide NHSC updates (since              presentation from
                                                                                                          NHSC in Nov.
                      there will be a new round open at this time).

                    CCALAC’s outreach to residency programs in LA started in January and we’ve
                       gone out to 5 programs so far. Out of this outreach we received 6
                       resumes/CVs from residents within these programs. CCALAC received no
                       resumes/CVs from residents outside of the programs we went to.
                    Starting this summer CCALAC will begin reaching out to residency programs in
                       order to get on program calendars in the fall of 2010. CCALAC will also be
                       expanding outreach to other residency programs in LA to include family
                       medicine, ob/gyn, pediatrics, and internal medicine for this year.
                    It was suggested to reach out to the Residency Program Coordinators in
                       addition to the Directors and Chief Residents to discuss the possibility of        CCALAC will gather
                       posting presentations to their school’s website and to ensure that our outreach    Residency Program
                       can be institutionalized to allow us to have a “standing” presentation each year   Coordinators contact
                       without having to start over every year with introductions.                        info
                    Joan Participated in the Mt. Sac 4th Annual Health Professions Conference
                       which included students high school aged through post-bac, and everything in
                       between. There were approximately 1000 students in attendance at the Health
                       Professions Conference and they were very interested in learning more about
                       internship opportunities and loan repayment. Dr. Lau, CEO, Northeast
                       Community Clinic was the Key Note speaker and got students very interested
                       in working at community clinics.
                    Joan has been invited to attend a meeting with the East LA AHEC (AltaMed) in

                     CCALAC’s Member Services and Governmental Affairs Departments are
                       working collaboratively around the workforce provisions in Health care Reform.
                       A joint department meeting was held to discuss how to best collaborate and
                       strengthen efforts.

Topic / Person      Discussion                                                                                 Action

                         CCALAC is currently in the process of recruiting for a summer Graduate
                           Student Consultant who will help work on several projects; $1700 is in the
                           budget for this position.

                    Planning for South LA AHEC for the 2010-2011 Year
                        The CA State AHEC Office asked for a draft budget from us based on being
                          funding at $120k for the year. We wrote in for a ½ time program coordinator at
                          this level of funding. We do not expect our funding to increase to this level this
                          year and it seems more likely that we will be funded similar to our current year.
                        Joan will work to develop relationships with the Workforce Investment Boards
                          (WIBs) in LA County since federal and state workforce grants are requiring
                          relationships with the WIBs for funding.
                        The group looked at our current year’s Scope of Work and objectives and
                          made recommendations for changes for the 2010-2011 year.
NAO                 National AHEC Organization (NAO)
                    Joan provided handouts on this topic.
                        Joan discussed the Annual NAO Conference including the New Directors’
                           Training and NHSC Ambassadors’ Training she attended.
                        Section 5405W of the “Patient Protection and Affordability Act” provides
                           language that creates the Primary Care Extension Program (PC Extension).
                        The purpose of this program is to provide support, assistance and education to
                           primary care providers with Community-Based Health Connectors referred to
                           as Health Extension Agents (local, community-based health workers).
                        A handout about AHECs role in promoting Effective Teaching Health Centers
                           was also looked at briefly.
Primary Care Week   Primary Care Week
Planning            Yvonne Banzali with USC provided a brochure to the group.
                        This year’s Primary Care Week is tentatively scheduled for October 18, 2010.
                        This will be a collaborative effort between Charles Drew University (CDU) and
                          the University of Southern California (USC).
                        Events taking place as part of Primary Care Week were discussed.
                        The invitation list will be out sometime in mid to late August.

Topic / Person   Discussion                                                                    Action
Next Steps       The next meeting is scheduled for September 14, 2010 from 12:30pm-2:30pm at
Adjournment      Meeting adjourned at 2:25 pm.


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