; Secrets of Google Chrome Browser
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Secrets of Google Chrome Browser


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									Secrets of Google Chrome Browser

Are you using Google Chrome?
If you do not have, you can download at http://www.google.com/chrome
Google Chrome is a browser released by Google.
Google Browser output is said to have the capability and more advanced features than the
About speed, for example, Google Chrome is claimed is unmatched by any browser.
Here are a few secrets hidden in the Google Chrome browser:

1. Incognito Window (Control + Shift + N)
This feature allows netter to securely browse through browser windows, because with
this feature will not leave traces netter as' browsers and search history "and cookies. So if
you are unsure netter sites visited or do not want other people at work know netter visit a
site, this feature is certainly useful.

2. Alt + Home or Control + T
Showing all sites and bookmarks that were never opened by the previous netter in
thumbnail form. This feature is found on the Opera browser and add ons in FireFox. Alt
+ Home to open a site on the same page, while the Control + T on the new page.

3. Control + Shift + T
Reopen accidentally closed tabs by netter when browsing. Google Chrome can remember
up to 10 tabs accidentally closed.

4. Control + Tab (Control + Shift + Tab)
Try using this shortcut to switch tabs rapidly, Control + tab to move forward and Shift +
Control + Tab to reverse. Another way to go directly to that position in the order is with
the shortcut Control + 1, Control + 2 to + 9 Control.

5. Opening a Link Site Quickly
To open a link site quickly, Google Chrome offers the same features with FireFox 3, with
the click of a mouse scroll or click and drag netter direct link to the browser tab.

6. Bookmark Site Quickly
Click the star to the left of the address bar of your browser. Chrome's address bar can also
directly serve as seacrh page directly to search engines that we want

7. Control + B
Eliminate and show Bookmark browser quickly.

8. Control + H
Open all the sites visited (history) quickly. On the right there is the option delete history
for this day, if you want to delete history netter sites visited that day.

9. Control + J
Open the windows download file. These shortcuts are the same as in FireFox

10. Shift + Escape
Open the Google Chrome task manager to quickly view the memory consumption and to
turn off the tab that has the potential to make the browser freeze (hang)

11. about: plugins and about: crash
Enter the word about: plugins in the address bar to see what plugins are installed on
Chrome. And about: crash to see which ones make the Chrome tab crash, freeze or hang.
Other features: about: stats, about: network, about: histograms, about: memory, about:
cache, about: dns, about: internets

12. Access the menu in Chrome
Netter can access the menus to customize or optimize on the right side of the browser.
Choose a menu that is image 'key UK' and choose the option. In it there are many options
such as to make Chrome as default browser, change the default Search, change the
language, and so forth.

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