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10 Shortcut Editing MS Word to Accelerate


									10 Shortcut Editing MS Word to Accelerate

Microsoft Word application users often spend a lot of time doing various office jobs. As a
result, much time is wasted just for editing and smoothing fonts, paragraphs and words.
For example, you've already typed two lines of the document's title in small letters.
However you want to change the title to uppercase, and you had to retype the title is from
the beginning. Your time must be wasted.
There are many secret keys in Microsoft Word that you can apply to edit documents so
you do not waste much time. Here are 10 short alias shortcut keys that can simplify your

Ctrl + Shift +>
By pressing the three buttons on the keyboard combination, then you want to change the
font size will increase.

Ctrl + Shift + <
In contrast, the three key combination is pressed then the size of the font you want to
change will grow smaller.

Shift + F3
Combination of the Shift and F3 keys, allowing you to change the words that you type
from that originally written in all lowercase letters to uppercase prefix word or all words
are written in uppercase, and vice versa.

Ctrl + Shift + k
With these three keys, in a short time you can change the words you select from the
initial lowercase to uppercase and vice versa.

Ctrl + Del
To delete the word the cursor is located on the right.
Ctrl + Backspace
The opposite of Ctrl + Del, Ctrl + Backspace key combination is used to remove the word
the cursor is located on the left.

Ctrl + c
To copy a selected word.

Ctrl + v
To paste the word that has been copied.

Ctrl +1 and Ctrl +2
The key combination Ctrl +1 and Ctrl +2 lets you change the spacing of one (single
spacing) to two (double spacing).

Shift + Alt + (arrow up or down)
By pressing the Alt + Shift + arrow up or down, you can quickly move the paragraph up
or down (according to the paragraph where the cursor is placed).

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